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06/30/2005 12:21 PM

The streets of Waterdeep was empty of the general public. It was nighttime. The air was cool, crisp. The moon shown brightly in the sky, a beacon of pure hope.

Talas sighed as he looked up at the Temple of Eilistraee. The journey had been long and hard. He looked at his wife and wondered if it was worth it. Touching the pommel of the Moonsword, Talas thought back on that horrible night.


Utica launched herself at Darria. "I'll kill you!" the drow screamed.

Talas unsheathed his swords and intercepted his daughter. "Utica! Calm down!" he urged.

"Not until that bitch is dead!" she demanded and attacked, her blades meeting Talas's in fury.

"I will not let you harm her," Talas growled.

"Then you will die as well," Utica sneered.

The two drow danced their deadly dance of swordplay. Talas jumped on a boulder, gaining the high ground. Utica smiled and swiped at Talas's legs. Talas somersaulted and landed behind her. Utica spinned and met her father. They clashed.

The sun began to set. The two drow became shadows as they melted into the moonlight. Metal clashed with metal as they fought on. Utica continued to spew curses at Talas. Most of these curses featured around Darria.

Utica hopped onto a boulder and looked down wickedly at her father. She knew she won. "Well, Ilharn. I must say, it has been hell knowing you. And pure torture knowing that bitch," she said, as she swept herself in a backward somersault. She landed behind her father.

The ground gave way, then and she slipped. The female drow barely had time to catch herself.

"Utica!" Talas called, as he fell to his belly and looked over the rocky slope.

The male drow found his daughter hanging on for dear life. "Utica, take my hand!" he ordered her.

The female clasped onto the rocky holds. Fear shot through her eyes. "Ilharn! I can't hold on!"

"Take my hand," he said, reaching out to her.

"Ilharn, you were right. Lolth has me. Lolth has taken me. I can't get free. I'm a slave to her," Utica cried, tears streaming down her eyes.

"I can help you," he said, his own eyes filling with tears. "I love you!"

"I can't hold on. I don't want to. Daddy, she's there and she won't let me go. Please! Help me!" she cried, trying to hold on to the cliff.

Talas reached over and tried to grab his daughter. He knew he could save her.

"Let go!" Utica screamed suddenly as she let go of the cliff.

"UTICA!!!" Talas shouted in agony as he watched his daughter fall to her death.


Talas unsheathed the Moonsword and looked at it. He touched the cool, dark metal and sighed. This was what they went after. This was what the temple wanted. Had Utica's death really been worth this bit of steel?

The drow closed his eyes. He pictured Eilistraee standing there before him. Her obsidian body glistening in the moonlight while her shiny silver hair covered her most intimate parts. He knew the Dark Maiden was proud of him. He knew he had her blessing.

Talas opened his eyes. He held the sword firmly in his left hand and took his wife's hand in his other. Standing straight and proud, the drow entered the church of Eilistraee.

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06/30/2005 3:20 PM

Darria gave a weak smile to Talas, and squeezed his hand comfortingly as the approached the Temple. A smile she didn't feel in her heart. What she had in her heart, besides her love for Talas, was saddness. And guilt.

Her mind turned inward as the events of that horrible night played in front of her eyes.

Utica had tried to kill her on the cliffs that night, but ended up dying herself. Still, the moon elf did not know why her stepdaughter had hated her so much. She had tried to give the young drow nothing but love and kindness, but nothing had worked. Now Utica was dead.

And, it was Darria's fault.

A tear slipped down her light blue cheek and she brushed it away. Looking over at her husband once more, she stepped into the Temple.

06/30/2005 4:28 PM

The moment Talas and his wife stepped into the temple, they were greeting by two clergymen.

"We have been expecting you, Talas and Darria Bo'Lilthe. Come this way," they said in unison, taking note of the sword, but not saying anything about it being out.

They were led into the audience chamber, where a beautiful drow female sat on cushions on the floor. The drow looked up and smiled at the newcomers. "Please, come sit with me," she said, indicating the pillows on the floor. "But, please, take off your boots. I do not want the dirt from the streets on my pillows."

Talas bent down and took off his boots. He then joined the drowess on the pillows, his wife beside him. "I have brought you the Moonsword," he said, showing her the great bastard sword that is sacred to Eilistraee.

The priestess smiled and took the sword from Talas. "We are grateful for everything you have done, Master Talas," she said.

"Utica... she didn't make it..." the male drow said, sadly.

The priestess placed a hand on Talas's shoulder. "I cannot begin to imagine how much you grieve at this moment. Know that your pain is also Eilistraee's. She was so hoping Utica would've made it. We all had hopes for the young drow. She will be missed," she said, softly.

"Lolth had a hold of her. A hold she wasn't going to let go," Talas explained.

The female drow nodded. "It is common among the drow. Once Lolth finds a particular drow she likes, she is stubborn to let go," she stated.

Talas nodded. "So, will my wife and I become a part of the church?"

The priestess smiled and clapped her hands once. A clergyman came in and handed her a silver box that was decorated with stars and a moon. The priestess took the box and waved the clergyman away. She opened the box to reveal a pendant that was in the shape of a beautiful drow female. The female seemed to be dancing and the moon was set behind her. The entire pendant was made out of silver.

"This, I bestow to you, Talas Bo'Lilthe. May the grace of Eilistraee be with you," the priestess whispered as she took the pendant out of the box.

Talas dipped his head and the priestess put the necklace on him. "Wear it always, Talas," the priestess said to him. "And always you shall be protected."

The priestess clapped her hands again and another clergyman entered the room. This clergy held another box. The priestess took the box and handed it to Darria.

"Inside is a pendant of the Seldrine and one of Eilistraee. This will help guide you through your magical studies. We know you are not of Eilistraee. But, you are loved by her just as much as Talas. We will leave it up to you to decide whom to follow. But know, you have Eilistraee with you," the priestess told her. "You are both members of this church. Follow Eilistraee wherever she may lead you. And know to always look to the moon for guidance."

Talas began to rise, grateful for his gifts.

"There is something else, Talas," the priestess stopped him, placing a hand on his arm.

06/30/2005 5:08 PM

Darria sat and listened to the Priestess, and took the box when it was given to her. Opening it, she ran her hand over both pendants with reverence.

Early in their relationship, Talas and Darria had spoken about wether she would jion the Chuch of Elistreae with him, had they gotten the Sacred Sword. At the time, she had said she would indeed Elistreae, but also remain loyal to the Seldarine. Particularly to Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow. Each one of the two deities embodied many of the things Darria held dear, and she had no wish to insult either by joining Elistreae without their blessing. At the same time,she did not wish to anger Elistreae by not joining her Church after retrieving the Moonsword with Talas.

She would have to think on her choice. Closing the box, she turned her attention back to the Priestess.

06/30/2005 8:24 PM

Talas looked curiously at the priestess. "There is more?" he asked.

The priestess nodded. "There is a cleric of Selune here. He is carrying with him something called the Moonstone. It is a sacred stone of his goddess. This stone has the ability to control lycanthropes. More importantly, evil lycanthropes," she told the couple.

Talas raised an eyebrow. "This cleric wishes to control evil lycanthropes? There are no lycanthropes in Waterdeep. None that I know of," he said.

The priestess shook her head. "No, there aren't. Like yourself, it was a mission he went on to retrieve the Moonstone. Now, he must return to the Moonwood where his temple can put the Moonstone to use," she explained.

"And you want my wife and I to escort him there?" the male drow asked.

The priestess smiled and she pushed a silvery lock out of her eyes. "It would warm Eilistraee's heart if you help him out. This is important. Not just to the Temple of Selune, but to us as well."

Talas sighed, "So we get no time to grieve? My daughter just died. You have your sword. Why can't you be happy with that?"

The priestess stood up. "Come with me, Talas," she said. "You too, Darria."

Barefoot, the three walked into the gardens of the temple. The moon shone greatly, like a welcoming beacon in the still of night. A soft breeze played at the leaves and grass. It was a beautiful night.

"We are a part of the moon, Talas. Everything we do. All our festivities. The same can be said of those who worship Selune, for she is the moon. Moreso than Eilistraee could ever be," the drow priestess said, softly. "I know you miss your daughter. But, you will have plenty of time to grieve."

Talas snorted and looked away. His posture said that he wanted no part of it.

The priestess turned the male around and looked into his eyes. "You don't have to make a decision tonight. Go home and think about it. Then, once you have decided, you can come back and let us know. Know that we are counting on you, Talas. I would appoint someone else to this, but I feel that you are the only one capable of doing this job," she said. Then, she added, "We will give you coin to help you on your way. As well as supplies. You need not worry about transportation or food."

"I'll think about it," was all he gave her.

Taking his wife's hand into his own, he led her out of the temple. They walked the rest of the way to their home in silence.

When they got to the building, Talas opened the door and let Darria enter first. They walked up the stairs to their apartment and Talas looked at his wife.

"You'll have to disspell the spells before I can open the door," he said, giving his wife a small smile to show he was teasing her.

07/01/2005 2:47 PM

Darria chuckled lightly. She had nearly forgot about the Seal Spell she had placed on the apartment before leaving for Evermeet.

She put her packs down and put both hands on the front door. Closing her eyes, he muttered a few words in the language of elven magic. A blue light surrounded the door and seemed to spread throughout the building. Then it reversed itself, seeming to suck itself into Darria's body.

The elvenwoman gave a quick intake of breath at the sensation, then opened her eyes. She opened the door and led Talas inside with the packs.

"I'll be right out." Taking his packs as well, Darria went to the bedroom and unpacked. Then she undressed and took a bath to wash away the travel dirt, though it did nothing to give her more energy.

When she returned, she was clean and wearing her white night dress, her silver hair cascading over her shoulders. She went to Talas and wrapped her arms around him. She laid her head on his shoulder and just stood in silence.

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07/01/2005 10:11 PM

Talas sighed. His kissed his wife's hair and breathed it in deeply. He loved the smell of her. Something about her aroma relaxed him.

He leaned back and lifted his fingers to her chin. Bending down slightly, he kissed her ever so gently on the lips.

"I miss Utica so much. She was my world, my only child," he whispered. He stepped out of his wife's embrace and turned to the fireplace. "She was to be a Priestess of Eilistraee. How I had longed to see her dance under the light of a full moon. To see her snowy hair turn to silver by the graces of Eilistraee."

He lit a fire in the fireplace and watched the flames begin their dance. Tears stung the drow's eyes as he imagined Utica dancing amiss those flames.

"How could they do this?" he asked, quietly. "How could they expect me--us to go on this mission when we have barely grieved? Don't they know how much it pains my heart?"

The drow bent down to the floor and closed his eyes. His shoulders shook from the sobs he gave over the loss of his daughter.

07/02/2005 3:39 PM

Salis walked, his clothes dark green and bore the symbol of Selune branded in them. He was hooded with a shawl, which was brown, had draped over his shoulders. He smelt of earth and flowers, and with a trained eye one could see he was a druid, though anyone that knew the symbols of Selune could see he was a warshiper of her. Locks of wavy brown hair draped over his left eye and he stood proudly as a elf.

He was one of the care takers of Selune's shrine, located in the southern part of the Moonwoods. North of Waterdeep, he was a preist of hers shown only in the dedication he shown to her and his beleif for her.

He was in Waterdeep waiting for Eilistraee's response in his request for aid. He was waiting for her followers to aid him in returning the moonstone to his home.

He looked down at the palm of his hand, there resting the moonstone. First glance told little of its power over his kind. He laughed and smiled continueing to wander till he heard word of his time.

07/02/2005 4:16 PM

Seeing Talas's tears brought forth Darria's own grieve. She dropped to her knees by the fire and wrapped him in her arms as she weeped.

Everything she felt came out. The anger, the saddness, the guilt. She silently cursed Lloth for taking Utica from her family.

After what seemed like hours, she got up and wiped her face off. She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, as well as one for Talas. Handing it to him, she went and stood by the window, staring up into the moonlight.

"About this Druid of Selune," she started. "I think we should help him. If this Moonstone has the power to control evil lycanthropes, then it's important it gets to the Temple of Selune where it can be used."

She turned from the window to glance at her husband.

"We do deserve to grieve for Utica, we have and will. But. I don't believe she would want us to bow out on the wishes of Elistreae while doing so. She'd want us to go on."

Darria sipped her water. "I think we should help him."

07/03/2005 10:39 AM

"I know we should help him. I just..."

The drow took a sip of his own water and looked into the flames. "I just wish we were given more time. They'll want us to leave tomorrow. Tonight if we let them know right away."

He got up from where he had been sitting and walked to his wife. He looked out the window to the moon. "Eilistraee is with us. That much I [i]do[/i] know. And I have to believe that Eilistraee took Utica before Lolth could get her nasty appendages on her."

They stood there in silence for a while. Talas was content to just hold his wife and look into the moonlight. There was turmoil on the inside. Part of him just wanted to break down and cry for his lost daughter. Another part of him wanted to bottle it up and lash out against someone. And a part of him wished her the best of luck in the afterlife.

He looked at his wife and kissed her on the lips. "We should get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for the both of us," he said to her.

He finished his water and placed the glass on the coffee table. He then led her to their bedchambers. Weary, the drow undressed. "I'll take my bath in the morning. I am too tired to take it tonight. But it does feel good to get out of those clothes," he said, offering his wife a goofy smile at the last comment.

07/05/2005 11:08 PM

Darria nodded at Talas's words, standing a bit longer in silence. When he mentioned going to bed, she looked at the clock and nodded again.

"I didn't realize it was so late." she said as she sat her water glass down.

Following her husband into the bedchamber, she took of her nightdress and climbed into bed. As Talas joined her, she wrapped her arms around him. Soon, she was asleep.

07/08/2005 9:39 PM

The sun's morning rays touched the floor near the couple's bed. Talas's eyes flitted open. He turned around and looked at his sleeping wife. A smile played on his lips. It was always comforting to see her sleeping so peacefully.

He quietly got out of bed. He went to put on some breeches, but then remembered that Utica was no longer around. Sighing and shrugging his shoulders, he left the clothes on the floor and made his way to the wash area naked.

The drow washed well. It was rejuvanating to the drow to get so clean. The long road had been a hard one.

He knew this road will be hard as well. He did not know much about the goddess Selune, nor her followers. And he knew how people reacted to drow, no matter their station in life. He only hoped that Darria could ease the fears of most people.

That thought brought him to another. His reasons for marrying her. He knew he loved her. That much was certain. He only hoped he wasn't using her. It was his biggest fear. He couldn't imagine using Darria for anything, but he knew her vitalness when dealing with the goodly races.

It was hard to be part of an evil race when yourself was good-hearted. Deep inside, he hoped being married to a moon elf helped that a little. If people saw how much he loved her, they might be willing to accept him more readily. But, he knew the stubborness of some people.

Getting out of the tub, the drow grabbed a towel and dried himself. He wrapped the towel around his waist and left the wash area. Walking into the kitchen, he dipped a glass into the water pail. There was no food in the cabinet nor the freezer. And what was there, needed to be thrown out.

He took the glass with him into the living room, where he sat in his favourite chair and picked up a book. He set his glass of water on the nightstand next to his chair and flipped through the book. Finding where he had left off, he began to read silently to himself.

07/10/2005 2:54 PM

Darria had slept fitfully and did not awake until the morning sun draped across her face. Stretching and sitting up, she found Talas's side of the bed empty. Listening close, she could hear him in the livingroom.

She got up and chose her clothes for the day, a navy blue tunic and tights. Taking them into the washroom with her, she filled the tub with warm water and bathed.Once clean, the moonelf dried off and dressed, styling her silver hair in a single braid and secured it with a navy blue cord. Then she returned to the bedroom and straightened it up.

Finally going into the livingroom, Darria smiled as she saw Talas, lost in his book. She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips, then went to the kitchen. Finding it empty of eatable food, she cursed softly in elven and returned to the livingroom.

"What's say after we get some breakfast, we return to the Temple? See if they have any more news of the Druid of Selune?"

07/10/2005 11:54 PM

Talas looked up from his book. Putting the book down on the nightstand, he stood up. Immediately, the towel slipped from his waist. The drow took no notice of the towel, for it was just him and his wife. He had forgotten about the window that allowed his ebony body to be viewed by people in the apartments across the street.

"That sounds like a good plan," he said to his wife, walking to the bedroom. "Though, I should probably get some clothes. Walking around town naked will land me in jail."

He chuckled at that, and went to the room. He put on some breeches and a dark blue tunic. He slid his boots on and concealed a daggar inside each one. He stood up and grabbed a brush, running it through his white hair.

Reaching to where his travel breeches were, he grabbed his swordbelt and strapped it around his waist. Going back into the living room, he went to his weaponsrack and grabbed his two swords, placing them in their sheaths.

He turned to his wife and smiled goofily, "Ready?"

The drow was nearly colour-coordinated with the moon elf.

07/12/2005 1:21 AM

Darria nodded and took Talas's hand. Leaving the apartment, she locked the door. "Lead on." she said with a smile.

07/12/2005 1:39 AM

Talas led his wife through the streets of Waterdeep. He hadn't even bothered to check on his jewelry shop. Didn't see the need. He wouldn't be using it any time soon.

They walked up to the temple, and Talas hesitated. He really didn't want to go in, for he knew what awaited them. He still felt he wasn't ready for this yet. He wanted more time to grieve for his daughter. Just a little more time.

With a deep sigh and a slight squeeze of his wife's hand, the drow entered the temple.

They walked the halls to the central chamber, where the audience hall was.

The priestess who had spoken to them yesterday sat there with a most unusual looking person. Talas assumed this person was the druid the priestess had spoken of.

"Talas, you have arrived," the priestess stated more then asked.

The male drow offered the priestess a bow.

The priestess looked at her companion. "This is Talas Bo'Lilthe of Waterdeep and his wife Darria Starcatcher Bo'Lilthe of Silverymoon. They will be your escort back to the Moonwood," the female drow said, smiling.

07/12/2005 9:27 PM

Salis bowed politely towards the priestess, "Thank you for accepting my request, forever shall Elune be with you." Salis then lifted his eyes to meet that of Talas and Darria veiwing them over respectively but intent to gauge them both.

"I am happy to have assistance from such trained individuals. I have spoken with your preistess here about a Quest you have recently encountered, though I hear little in details." Salis's eyes took Talas into grasp, "Though there must be a good reason for that." The elfen looking figure unhooded himself to his new companions, "I hope that my appearance, being more rugged then the looks of yourself do not distress you. Nature is often rough." Smiling he bowed then stood slowly still unsure of his surroundings.

Turning to the preistess next to him, "Is there anything else you wish to discuss with your assigned individuals?"

07/14/2005 9:13 PM

The priestess turned to Talas and Darria. "I would offer you the Moonsword as a companion, but I know how you are with your two swords," she said to Talas.

The drow nodded. "The Moonsword would be too much for me to handle," he admitted. "But, I am honoured you offered it to me."

The priestess smiled and nodded her head slightly. "I have come to trust you, Talas. You and your wife. As has Eilistraee. We know you follow with a good heart."

Talas bowed low to the priestess. He was gracious for her praise.

The female drow stood up and waved her hands dismissively. "But, we waste time and our druid friend here gets nervous inside," she said. "Talas, we have horses prepared for you and your wife. I am sending Korel along with you. You remember Korel, Talas?"

The male drow smiled pleasantly and nodded. Korel had been the drow to find Talas those years ago when he and Utica first came to the surface. He genuinely liked the cleric.

Talas looked around curiously. "Where is my old friend?" he asked the priestess when he didn't see him.

She returned his smile. "He is awaiting you in the stables," she said and then threw a pouch to him.

Talas caught it and looked at it curiously. "Coin," the priestess explained. "Enough there for you to reach the Moonwood, if you use it sparingly. Once there, the clerics have agreed to offer you coin for your return voyage."

The male drow nodded appreciatively and looked at his wife and his new companion. "Shall we be on our way, then?" he asked.

"One last thing, Talas," the priestess stopped them.

She walked away from her throne and approached Darria. The priestess touched Darria's side, where the moon elf's sword hung. She whispered some words in a language that could not be understood. A soft blue glow covered the pommel of Darria's sword and the drow smiled.

"I have blessed your sword. When fighting, speak the elven word for 'moon' and your sword will shoot off a moonbeam which will cut through your enemy's heart," she said to the elf.

Talas stood in wonder over the priestess's gift. He knew then that he was truly blessed. For not only did Eilistraee smile upon him, but he could tell the Dark Maiden smiled upon Darria as well. Proof for this claim came when a single strand of silver hair fell along Darria's face.

Talas's eyes filled with tears. Bowing his head, a strand of hair fell in his face. It, too, was silver. The drow's eyes widened and he took the strand in his hand, looking at it closely. He looked up to the priestess. "What does this mean?" he asked her.

"You are blessed," was all she said before leaving the three.

07/15/2005 11:35 AM

Darria met the druid's eyes with a polite smile and nod. "We are honored to be able to help you with your ques as well," she said in elvish. "I'm sure togther, your quest will be successful."

Darria smiled when she heard the name Korel. She had never met the cleric, but had heard about him from Talas. She was curious to meet him.

Darria watched in we as the blue glow spread over her elven longsword. When the priestess told her how to use the new enchantment, Darria smiled, saying, "Thankyou so much for this gift. I promise you won't regret putting your trust in me."

The moon elf felt the stran of hair fall over her face and she lifted to look at it. Tears shone in her eyes as she smiled. Ellistreae had blessed her. Her heart sang at that realization, and she bowed her head in a silent prayer of honor and thanks.

Lifting her head again, she looked at her companions. "Shall we go?" she asked.

07/19/2005 6:47 AM

Talas nodded his agreement with his wife's question and led them out of the temple. They crossed the temple courtyard to the stables.

Once inside the stables, they found a strange-looking drow. He was a little shorter than Talas, though not much. His hair was braided in several braids of all sizes and then pinned back in a hastly-made ponytail. His hair seemed to be two-toned, white and silver. He was wearing a pair of black breeches and a silver tunic. He looked at the people approaching and smiled brightly, showing off a set of pearly white teeth.

"Talas!" he called out to his old friend. "It's so good to see you again!"

Talas smiled and nodded his head. "As it is good to see you, my friend. It's been a long time."

Korel nodded enthusiastically. Then the drow seemed to somber up. "I'd like to express my grief for Utica," he said as Talas approached him and shook his hand. "I had always thought she would become a priestess. And I know you don't really want to know this, but I had hoped that one day her and I would..." He let it go at that.

Again, Talas smiled. "You would've been the perfect suitor," he said to his friend. "And I'm sure Utica would have graciously accepted. Thank you so much for everything you've done."

Korel drew Talas into an unexpected hug. Talas, looking a little embarrassed, patted the drow's back softly and withdrew.

"Korel," the younger drow said, to change the subject, "I would like you to meet my wife, Darria."

Korel offered Darria a soft smile and took her hand. Kissing the back of her hand, he looked at Talas. "I had heard you married a moon elf. Never thought it possible for you, Talas. Always assumed you'd either hitch with another drow or a human, perhaps."

Talas gave him a curious look. He hadn't expected that reaction. "Nevertheless, Darria has managed to capture my heart," he said, looking at the drow curiously, to see what he would say.

Korel offered Darria a nod of congratulations. "Woe be to the female to capture that heart. I believe, Lady Bo'Lilthe, that you are in for the ride of your life," he said, throwing her a mischievous wink.

Talas rolled his eyes and blew a sigh of relief. Turning his attention to the horses, he asked, "So, did you get everything ready?"

Korel took his eyes off of Darria and nodded. "Aye, the horses are tacked and I have all the provisions we need for the trip there."

"And we are going to reload when we reach this other temple?" Talas inquired, wanting to make sure.

The older drow nodded. "Selune is good at keeping her word. Don't worry, Talas. Everything will be fine," Korel reassured.

Not entirely convinced, Talas nodded.

07/19/2005 8:12 PM

Darria immediately went to the horse that was to b her's, just by the look of her. It was a small black and white mare with a white tail and mane. When the elvenwoman approached and stroked her muzzle, the mare nickered and pushed into Darria's hand.

The moon elf laughed, and patted the horse on the neck. "Glad to meet you too, Zeela." she said in elven.

Walking back over to the male's as Talas introduced her to Korel, Darria smiled at the drow. "It's good to meet someone so important to my husband. And you're right - I have been on the ride of my life. And, enjoying every minute of it."

She looked at their druid companion, as she walked back to Zeela and mounted up. "Tell me of your Temple of Selune?" she asked.

07/19/2005 10:20 PM

Salis smiled to Darria. "It brings memories to me, plesant memories."

Salis looked around momentarly for a horse he could call his own then mounted up, continueing to talk to Darria, "Everyone would visit the shine within the town, though I pray to Selune in a grove not to far away. The sun there seemed to trickle in, it's warmth spread the feeling of life everywhere around me. Peace was all I felt there and I felt Selune's pressence strongest when the moons light would graze my face."

His hooded head hid many of his features as he hung his head low in thought. But his smile was great and a faint trickle of what looked to be a tear shown upon his exposed chin. He quickly brought an arm up wiping the evidence away. "The beauty there, in my eyes, was unparalled. The sight of the moon flowers at night would warm even the coldest hearts." The soft smile he exherted was warm.

"But if you wanted to know of the shrine, it was a stone layed building, veins covering its outer walls, inside was ploished marble stone with very few rooms set off to the side. Windows with Symbols of Selune hung high and large to let everyone know that she watched over those who beleived in her. A charming place if you ask me. As a caretaker of her temples grounds, I makes sure it stays as beautiful inside as the floral makes it look outside."

Salis looked deeply into the eyes of Darria. "But I am not a typical elf." He hinted and continued to beam a smile before turning over to Talas. "I do not wish to pry, but I have no clue on your relations here. Care to enlighten me as to spark conversation?"

07/21/2005 3:06 PM

Not wanting anyone to know too much, Talas did not answer the priest. Instead, he went to his own horse, a black horse with a white mane and tail. The horse also had a white blaze down his forehead. Like the other horses, he had braids of silver throughout his mane and tail. This meant these horses were protected and beloved of Eilistraee. "I haven't seen this horse in ages, Korel. You've been taking care of him all this time?"

Korel smiled. "I take it you've missed him? Renor Fuer'yon has been a noble steed. He will not let no one else ride him."

Talas shook his head. "I never liked that name. I don't believe he does either," he commented, patting the horse's neck.

"Then change it," Korel suggested.

Talas mounted the black horse. The horse pranced about for a bit before settling down. Talas gave a wide smile. "His name has always been Isilme."

Korel nodded, "And so it shall stay."

The older drow mounted his own horse and turned to the small group. "Mind you, not all people look kindly on drow. With this said, I would suggest we move only at night, finding shelter during the day."

Talas nodded. "Seems like an idea. After all, my wife and I travel better at night. As do you, Korel. But, what of our [i]shinduago abbil[/i] here?"

The older drow looked at his younger counterpart curiously. [i]He doesn't know[/i], he thought to himself. "I don't think he'll have a problem," he let out finally, after a moment's hesitation.

The younger drow nodded and sighed, "I suppose we should get on our way. No one in Waterdeep will worry us."

Korel laughed, "No, they'll probably be happy we are gone."

"Two less drow to worry about," Talas agreed. The two shared a laugh and nodded to their companions.

Korel kicked his horse into a gallop then, signaling they should be on their way. With a grin to his wife, Talas followed suit, not wanting the older drow to get too ahead of him.

The sun was just beginning to go down as the group heading to the gates of Waterdeep.

07/23/2005 7:53 PM

Salis rode on his horse, head down facing the road below them. Hooded and his shawl drapping over his shoulders as if hiding him from the world. His eyes glancing and watching over his companians. "What lays ahead in our journy Selune?" He spoke softly.

Somehow he felt uneasy but at ease and could not sum up the reason either way.

His smile hidden, his path clear. He continued to ride pridefully but fearing the others would eventually find out his seceret. Yet he still smiled.

07/26/2005 8:18 AM

Darria followed her companions to the edge of the city, smiling as the sun started to go down. She stopped for a moment to watch the colors spread across the sky, then got going again as Zeela pranced impatiently.

She looked at Salis curiously. He seemed to be thinking. She smiled. "Your Temple sounds wonderful." she said, commenting on his earlier description, "I shall enjoy seeing it."

"Speaking of," she said, turning to Talas, "Does anyone know how far the Temple is?"

08/08/2005 8:30 PM

Talas slowed his horse slightly, so that they were at a steady trot. Holding the reins with one hand, he went into his saddle pack and pulled out a map. He dropped the reins and the horse slowed.

Holding onto the horse with his legs, Talas unfolded the map and went over it. "By the looks of it, about five hundred miles. Possibly more. We are looking at anything from a few weeks to a couple months," he said, folding the map back up and putting it back in the saddlebag.

"A couple months?!" asked Korel incredulously. "I'm sure it won't take that long..."

Talas shrugged. "It depends. You have the weather to take into consideration. As well as the horses, stocking up, resting. A whole lot of things. Seriously, Korel. Haven't you travelled before?"

Korel sighed, "I fear I have not. Most of my life has been spent inside the Temple. That and helping others get out of the Underdark."

The younger drow chuckled softly to himself. He waved a hand to Korel. "Don't worry over it too much. All will be well."

"Here's the problem, Talas," Korel started. "I only took enough coin to get us through two weeks."

Again, Talas chuckled, "Don't worry over, ussta abbil. We'll manage. I am a pretty good hunter and wait until you have Darria's cooking."

The older drow looked at Darria. "Is that true? Are you a good cook?" he asked, licking his lips slightly at the prospect of a good meal.

Talas burst out laughing. "The way to Korel's heart is through his stomach," he commented.

"Can you blame me? A good drow needs a good meal to stay healthy," the older drow said, looking again to Darria. "I will say this much, Talas. You did a good job. Not only did you find yourself a pretty wife, but one that cooks."

Talas just shook his head.

08/12/2005 8:33 AM

Salis chuckled as he listened to the conversation between the two drow. It brought him a smile to see two people like them enjoying themselves.

"The terrian isn't all that rough, most of it is pretty flat with mild to moderate hills. If we keep heading northwest we should be fine." Salis asured Korel.

"Weather in the valleys and plains aren't much of a problem, it's usually quite pleasant, even the rain. But that might be personal opinion." Salis had smirked to his own comment

Salis looked over to Darria then to Talas and Korel, he hung his head low and mumbled to himself with discomfort. "Soon there will be a full moon."

Salis wasn't exactly happy to show off his hidden secret to everyone he had just met. He was hoping his training as a druid would allow him to control himself more ablely.

08/13/2005 1:20 PM

"A couple of months seems like a long time, but really it will pass quickly." Darria commented with a smile. "Plus, think of all the interesting sites we will see."

She roe in silence for a few moments, listing to the conversations of the two drow. She chuckled lightly as she looked at the older drow. "I thankyou for both your compliments, Korel."

Looking up into the night sky, Darria sighed happily. "It's so peaceful. It seems like nothing could disturb the beauty of this night."

08/14/2005 8:27 PM

Talas offered his wife a pleasant smile. Looking up to the stars, the drow raised an eyebrow. "The last quarter. The next couple days should bring us a full moon, and Eilistraee's grace," he said.

Korel nodded and looked at Salis. Like the other clergy in the temple, he knew what Salis was. He did not know if the other two knew or not. "It would be a good time to make ourselves scarce, then. When we reach the closest village, we'll have Darria run in and get supplies. Very few villages will welcome the three of us," he told them, indicating himself, Talas, and Salis.

Talas threw his friend a puzzled look, but did not question the cleric any further. He did not believe that people would not welcome Salis. Sure the elf looked ragged and barbaric, but that was hardly a reason for not welcoming him into a village.

Korel said nothing more, but his mood had shifted dramatically. He went from the happy drow, to someone dark and brooding.

"What troubles you, my friend?" Talas inquired, riding up alongside Korel and placing a hand on the older drow's shoulder.

Korel shook his head. "Nothing that should be discussed presently," he answered, rather seriously. "We should find a camp soon. I do not wish to travel in the daylight."

08/16/2005 12:03 AM

"If only it were to be so joyous to have the full moon rupture the skies." Salis smiled and looked up at Talas and Korel, to the moment he felt somewhat comfortable with the Moon Elf but was still uneasy and some of the more chaotic movements, even if joyful, of the two drows.

He had been brooding on the coming moon, what to do. After listening to Korel speak, Salis gave a moments rest after the seriousness. "There is something I need to do on the day the moon comes." Salis spoke serious, some fear creeped into his sentences.

It was true to Salis he did not enjoy his transformations, that he wished more control over himself then that. He feared each time but once he was and after he felt better, but the idea that his companions would find out, if they hadn't known, kinda gave him fright.

"I must pray to my goddess Selune on that day." He continued trying not to bring up any suspicion. "But I must do so alone."

Salis looked down at his steed, he had lied, even if it was true he had to pray, he knew he didn't need to be completely alone to do so. He sighed and kept his head low and under his hood, shamed he had lied.

08/19/2005 5:18 PM

Like Talas, Darria was confused about why people wouldn't welcome Salis, but she didn't question Korel. Instead, she just nodded. "Of course, I will get the supplies." she said.

When Salis mentioned his day of praying, Darria, agin, nodded. "I understand the peace needed while praying. In fact, I, too, will need to pray soon, as I have a decision to make." She looked to Talas, knowing he would know she meant her decision on which deity to follow.

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09/11/2005 7:43 AM

Talas nudged his horse closer to Darria and held out his hand to capture hers. There was a warmth in his touch. His eyes twinkled and he winked at her. The large smile on his face could only mean that he knew she would make the right choice. The choice of her heart.

Korel looked at the couple curiously. He had seen drow courtship and knew there was a vast difference between that and what he was witnessing now. This seemed a lot more innocent. And there was more pleasure in it.

The older drow shuddered. He remembered his days of courtship. In fact, it still happened when he felt the need. It was good that Eilistraee was not a celebate goddess. Not that any drow would know anything about celebacy.

They had been riding for hours. Talas could feel it in his legs and knew the others would be exhausted. He drew in his reins and looked at his companions. "I'm going to ride ahead real quick and see if I cannot find us a cave or outcropping."

With that, the drow kicked his horse into a gallop. Korel reined in his own horse. "I suppose that means we should sit and wait?" he called, but Talas was already out of earshot. The older drow looked at the two elves. "It's a good thing he trusts us."

10/03/2005 9:57 PM

Salis smiled at Korel as he made that remark. "I supose it is needed in our line of faith. We cant move forward with out own agenda's if we are constantly fighting amongst ourselves, can we?" Salis smiled as he looked toward the path Talas took.

"None the less, we probably should wait for him. I am sure he will find something." Salis had continued.

The druid looked up to the broad horizon trying to judge the time of day.

"But I am not used to riding these things and request a minor rest as we wait for him to return." Salis turned and showed his smile to the remaining group then dismounted his steed.

10/05/2005 5:15 PM

Korel nodded his agreement and dismounted. "I will never understand why so many people view them as a good means of transportation. I suppose they can be good in some circumstances, but still," he said, shaking his head. Then, he threw a bright smile, "I do love carriages."

He looked around. Not finding any boulders or rocks, the drow resigned himself and plopped down on the grass. There weren't even any fallen trees near the road they had taken. This depressed the drow a little, but he did not complain.

He reached into his robe and pulled out a some twine. He had been working on this elaborate braid for some time now, and thought now was the perfect time to work on it.

Talas rode through the forest. His keen elvish ears and eyes darted around him, searching for any kind of shelter. Soon, he found what looked like a small cave.

Cautiously, Talas geared his horse towards the cave. The horse whinied and threw it's head. Talas nodded. He could smell urine and feces near the cave and knew something big lived in it.

He silently dropped from his horse and left the reins on the saddle. If the horse needed to escape, Talas wanted to give him that chance. He silently drew out his longsword and approached the cave. Inside, he could hear the snoring of a large creature. Around the cave, he found carcasses of various animals. Well, now he identified the other smell... Rotting flesh.

He walked to the lip of the cave and peered inside. Sleeping inside was a large troll. Talas held his breath, trying not to sigh in relief. For a moment, he feared it was a bear or some such wild animal, which he had a problem with killing.

Killing a troll would help local farmers and towns. It would also provide Darria with a safe place to sleep for the night. Talas slipped inside the cave. His eyes flashed to a blood red as he grinned a very drow smile.

10/06/2005 11:32 AM

Darria smiled as she watched Talas ride on, then she too dismounted her horse. Sitting crossed-legged on a patch of grass, she lifted her head to the stars and closed her eyes. Letting the light breeze of the night dance around her, the moon elf slipped into a meditation, though she kept her ears keen.

10/31/2005 6:26 AM

Talas made short work of the sleeping troll. He grunted as he dragged the remains deeper into the cave. He hated the stench of dead troll.

It had been a fairly easy kill. A troll who is sleeping is a troll unaware. Talas wiped his brow with the back of his hand before continuing down the cave.

He found a deep ravine and decided that was as good a spot as any. Walking around the troll, he began pushing it towards the edge. With a final push, the troll fell into the depths of the ravine.

The tired drow made his way back to the front of the cave. That had to have been the hardest part of killing the troll, getting rid of the body. The drow was covered in sweat and troll slime. He knew before he could lay next to Darria, he would have to find a river or stream to wash himself off.

He got to his horse and remounted. Patting the horse's neck, he began a survey of the land. He was not disappointed. Trolls were a dumb lot, but they had some common sense. This one had taken refuge near a stream.

Talas quickly took advantage of this and dipped himself into the cool water. When he finished, he went to his horse's saddle bag and took out a clean pair of breeches. He didn't even bother with a tunic. His other clothes, he brought to the cave and deposited them there.

He smiled to his horse. "Shall we go back to them?" he asked the horse. The horse snorted in reply. With a laugh, Talas remounted the horse and made his way back to his companions.

Korel smiled at Darria. She was a beautiful elf, that much he agreed with. What he still didn't understand was why, of all the people, Talas chose a surface elf.

The drow sighed and shook his head. There were many things he and his friend had to discuss on this trip. He never knew Talas to be a fool, but this reeked of foolishness. The young ranger should have known better.

It wasn't long until the cleric spotted Talas coming out of the forest. He stood up. "It took you long enough," he playfully snapped.

Talas shrugged. "There was a troll. The stench was enough to put a human out for days."

Korel laughed, "Is that why you're soaked?"

"I refuse to sleep next to my wife smelling of rotting troll flesh," the ranger responded. "The cave is not far. Mount your horses and we shall be on our way."

Korel didn't argue. He had been trained around rangers and he knew this one was strong. Talas was also a weaponsmaster. This doubled the trouble for anyone foolish enough to take him on.

The cleric got up from the ground and mounted his horse. He smiled to his younger counterpart. "Lead the way."

11/01/2005 4:59 AM

Salis smiled and quickly mounted his horse upon the news of the death given to the Troll. "It seems that Eilistraee sent me well train help, but that was to be expected." Salis smiled visibly enough to show he was pleased with Talas's acheivements.

Following Talas and Korel who where already mounted, Salis took to overlooking the area around him. He remembered what day it was and how soon the next moon was by finding the shadow of the moon high above. He clenched the moon stone for this reason, he hoped that this powerfulstone could help him stay in control of himself.

"The full moon looks to be coming round again, I think it will be a marvlous site." Salis spoke outward trying to ease his mind from te preasure of hiding himself. Salis continued, with a cough, suposedly to clear his voice up a bit. "There is something I probably need to tell you all, later. It can wait now." Salis statement left him shifting in his sattle to feel more comfortable in it. "But you needn't worry yourselves now with it, it is trivial I am sure." Salis smiled trying to show some sign that gave them assurance in Salis's claims.

11/02/2005 7:49 PM

Darria opened her eyes as she felt her husband approach the group, and stood as Korel called out this friend. She brushed the dirt off her clothes, wrinkling her nose at th mention of the dead troll.

She mounted her horse, following the others to where they would sllep that night. Though she kept her ears open, the moon elf's thoughts were inward, on the decision she had to make concerning what deity to follow now tht she was married to Talas. She could either join Eilistraee along with Talas, or stay with the Seldrine, the group of deities that saw over surface elves and such. This was a decision that Darria did not take lightly, as she did no want to offend either.

She had worshipped the Seldrine all her life. Joining Eilistraee would be a change for her, though not a huge one as the moon elf respected the drow goddess, even before her union with the surface drow. Still, to officially take on Eilistraee as her goddess would mean change.

Hearing Salis speak of the moon, Darria looked to the sky. Here she saw the coming of the stars, their path bathed in a soft light as they travelled to their resting place for the night. It almost seemed like they, both Eilistraee and the Seldrine, looked down on her with a smile.

12/06/2005 9:20 AM

Talas led the group to the cave. It was great, the ride there. He and Korel jabbed at one another the whole way.

"So, young one, you look real slim. Doesn't your wife feed you?" Korel asked.

"And you, cleric, have gained some weight," Talas shot back. "Perhaps we should slim your rations."

"Good Eilistraee, no," the older drow piped with a frown. "Food is the spice of life, ussta abbil. Without good food, life is pretty pointless."

Talas raised an eyebrow. "You, my friend, need a few lessons in what's really important.... Here we are."

They approached the cave and Talas dismounted. He went to his wife and held his arms out to her to catch her.

Korel looked to Salis and gave a knowing nod. "Seems I'm not the only one..."

12/19/2005 8:44 PM

As the group came to a stop by the cave that would be their lodging for the night, Darria swung her legs over the saddle and slid down into her husband's waiting arms. With a smile, she kissed him lightly on the cheek, then turned to look at her surroundings.

It was quiet, though her elven hearing picked up the sounds of distant animals, and even the running of a stream near by. With the stars dancing in the nightsky over head, it seemed the perfect spot. Except, of course, the lingering scent of the troll Talas had killed, but thankfully he had moved it from the campsite.

Moving into the cave, the sword the Priestess had given her at her side, Darria looked around. It was dirty and a bit dank of course, but the cave was large enough to house the campanions comfortably. Looking up, she saw ome sleeping bats, and wrinkled her nose in distaste. Then, with a grin, she muttered a few words of magic. Outide the cave, in the distance, the call of another bat could be heard. Sensing it, the nest of bats in the cave woke up and made their way out. After a few minutes, they couldn't even be heard.

"There." the moonelf female said, turning to her friends, looking satified. "Now we cn camp in peace."

12/25/2005 8:26 AM

Korel chuckled, "Don't like bats, Lady Darria? Bats are pretty useful little creatures. They keep the bug population down. Among other things."

Talas shook his head and smiled. "I'm going to get firewood and see if I can't find a rabbit or deer nearby. I'll return shortly."

He kissed his wife tenderly on the lips and then turned to leave. Korel watched his young friend leave and then went to his saddle.

The older drow pulled out his blanket and sleeping roll. He then disrobed, revealing a simple black tunic with silver runes along the edges. His breeches were black as well and fitted tightly around his legs. He neatly folded his robes and put them away in a saddlebag. "I don't think I'm going to need my robes for this trip," he said as he gave a short chuckle.

Korel then found a spot on the floor near his things and laid out his sleeping bag. He smiled at Darria. "So, my dear, how do you like living with Talas? Not quite a royal palace or mansion, eh?" he asked her politely. "I had heard you were set to marry some elvish prince in Silverymoon. I suppose that changed when you met my friend. How did you meet him? And what happened to his lovely daughter?

"I loved Utica at one time. She was so beautiful and so caring. I remember taking long walks with her through the temple. She loved everything, from the trees, to the flowers, to the small animals that would scamper through the gardens. I don't know how she had survived in the Underdark. I was glad Talas got her out of there. Such a place could ruin one's spirit. And she had plenty spirit."

12/26/2005 4:25 PM

Darria returned Talas's kiss and watched him slip away from camp, then turned to her mount to get her bedroll. The mare nuzzled Darria's arm, looking for some treats, and the moonelf stroked the dark mane lovingly.

"We we all eat soon enough, Zeela." she promised the horse.

Taking down her bedroll, she spread it out. Sitting crossed-legged on it, she smiled at Korel. "Indeed, that is true," she confirmed, "I was to marry a Prince back home. But, I wished to study in Waterdeep first. However, once I met Talas, I knew I could never marry someone I didn't love, even if he was a prince.

That's how Talas and I met, actually - on my arriving in Waterdeep. I happen to stumble into the Inn that Talas and Utica were in; I was beat up, hungry and in dire need of a bath. They were nice enough to take me in." Darria paused, remembering back to her first few days with the drow family, and she chuckled. "At first, Talas and I butt heads on nearly every subject - we had some wonderous arguments! But, what they say about love and hate being a fine line must be true, because in time our passion of anger turned to the passion of love."

Here her eyes turned sad. "As her father and I grew closer, Utica grew more and more distant and anger. As much as we both fought to convince her that we loved her, and I truly did love my stepdaughter, Korel, she would not here it. Her anger grew into hatred. Hatred of myself. The night she died in fact, she tried to kill me. But, Talas intrevened, and they fought for long hours. It started to rain and Utica slipped from the cliffside. Talas and I both tried to pull her up, to save her, but she refused to take her father's hand. She said that Lloth had her now, and it was best to let her go. She apologized to both of us, then let go of the ledge."

Lost in the memory of that horrible night, tears slipped down the moon elf's cheeks. After a few minutes, seeming to remember that she was not alone, she brushed the tears away. She looked at Korel. "I had not realized your ties to Utica. I'm sorry for your loss, as well as ours."

01/01/2006 9:53 PM

Korel said nothing as Darria recounted her dreadful tale. He watched the tears slide down her cheeks and slowly nodded at her comment. "Lloth has that way with the drow. It is an unfortunate tragedy among my kind.

"Do not take Utica's hatred towards yourself to heart, waelin uss. You must realize the amount of hatred those from the Underdark are taught. It is quite a difficult task for them to learn new ways when that has been all they've known before.

"I suspect Utica took a great liking to you up until her father announced that he had as well. It was a great shock to the temple when it was heard he had taken a surface elf as his bride. It is quite a rare thing for a drow to take a spouse. Partner, perhaps, but not spouse. Even for those who follow the Dark Maiden."

He watched the elf for a moment longer before turning to the other elf present. "You have been awfully quiet, ussta abbil. The full moon is not for another three days. Relax, abbil. You'll have plenty to worry over soon enough," he reassured the lycan.

02/20/2006 10:32 PM

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