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06/28/2005 7:58 AM

The sun sparkled on the silver runes that lined the hem and cuffs of his prestine white robe. A belt of woven metal, more silver, and intertwined with gold, twisting around one another, rested around his waist. Dyed blonde hair fell to jaw length, and emerald green eyes glittered as they the book that rested on his knees, fingers lightly tracing over certain words and paragraphs, the slender fingers of a spell caster. The courtyard in which he sat was beautiful, white marble collums, trees and flower beds, various and exotic scents rising in the air to greet the nostrils of all passer bys. Green and lush grass gave way to the several white stone paths that snaked their way through the gardens. All in all, a peaceful day.... on the surface at least. For there was little to be happy about during these times, when War darkened the sky and tinged the sun with blood.

Martin sighed, closing the book. He could not study, his concentration wavered as his thoughts strayed to other matters, like the well fare of his family, those that were still alive at least, his lover, though that person was never really far from him. To the Gods that watched over everything, to the armies that massed daily, to the images of death and darkness that were always on the fringes of his mind. He had come to close to embracing that darkness, almost welcomed it. A life had been taken from him and the darkness was willing to give him the power to exact revenge, but at the last moment, he chose a higher road. What was he going to give for the Magic, to gain the strength to hep save the world. Many would give their souls, their health, the life of their most Loved Ones.... but then there were those like Martin, that gave up his on Life for the Magic. He had been rewarded, placing the hope and and the lives of other before himself to save the newly returned magic that now danced and sung so strongly in his blood. Still though, he often wondered if Solinari had asked to great a price for his magic, but he always came to realise that there could be no price to high where Magic was concerned.

A figure brushed his senses, someone close and standing in the shadow of a tree, robed in black, he may as well have been one with the shadows himself. Stepping out and into the sunshine, the black robe mage spoke, a soft and chilling voice that still sent shivers up the white mages spine. " Good afternoon, Martin, you're looking somewhat troubled Sir mage. ", Martin rose, holding the spell book in both hands, and bowed his head, " Nothing that you should trouble yourself over, my Lord. My thoughts tend to be full of concerns these days, but that is hardly surprising. If I may be so bold, what brings you to the Gardens this day? I did not think you were one for basking in the light. ", there was no smile on his lips, but his comments brought on to the black robes own. " Careful, white robe, you wouldn't want to upset the Head of the Order of Black Robes, now would you? "

Martin frowned at this, then pursed his lips and pretened to sulk. " I wouldn't have thought you to pull rank on me, Daniel. ", the black robe moved forward, " If it was the only way to curb that disrespectful tongue of yours, then of course I would. ", the black robes breath was warm on Martin's cheek, and the white robe flushed furiously. " You do realise someone will be watching, someone always watches us. ", Daniel obviously didn't care. " And who would be stupid enough to challenge my actions? "

" Why, I would think Natasha could, and most certainly would. The Head of the Conclave after all, she could whip your ass big style. Besides, Daniel, she has spoke to us before.. ", Martin recalled the experience, he could not think of a more embarrassing situation. Daniel, the Leader of the Black Robe Order, pulled away, putting some distance between them. " Very well then, public displays of affection are striken. ", his voice had become cold and hard, Martin could only roll his heads dramatically, " Not again! We've talked about this you idiot.... ", wrong word. Daniel strode forward, his breath once more hot, yet this time it did not rouse passion or excitement, " You will refrain from addressing me so, White Robe. You forget your place. I am the Head of the Order of Black Robes. You are a little more than an apprentice Wizard compared to me.... ", Martin stood back, his own face had drained of colour, not expecting this sort of attitude, obviously what he had said hurt Daniel, but the man was an evil mage by all accounts, and the friction that built between them was easily raised. Good and Evil sharing a bed, it would come to nothing but pain in the end, the words spoken by the Head of his own Order, the Mistress of the Tower, Natasha. " Very well then, my Lord. I bid you good day, I have studies to attend to! ", his voice rose ever so slightly in pitch and tone. But with a word of magic, Martin left the Courtyard on the wings of magic, silver motes twinkling like stars in his place.

Daniel sighed heavily, shaking his head before leaving on the same wings, with whispered words.

Martin reappeared seconds later, within the Tower, pacing his room, he hurled the book onto his desk, he wanted to blast everything black, but he knew such a transgression of the rules would place him in serious trouble. He needed a friend right now, to calm him. Walking to the window he stared out over the vast forest that surrounded the outer wall, the breathtaking sight helping to lower the boiling of his blood, and clear his clouded mind. Apprentice mage! I'm far more than an apprentice and he knows it wel and good the stupid prick! I didn't risk my fucking life to gain the power I did from Solinari himself, only to be called an apprentice from a Black Robe!, his own thoughts shocked him, and Martin knew he had alot of built up anger. Just over a year had passed now since he had taken the White Robes, but even now he could still feel the hurt of losing his sister, his twin...... he let out a sigh, deep and long. " You took her from me, Paladine, but your Son gave me something in return.... ", a gift it had been and a wonderous one it had been. It rested in the cupboarded, guarded by the most powerful spells Martin could conjure.

" Solinari, Silver Son of Magic and my true Lord. Help me.... ", the words were choked off with a sob, tears falling freely as the frustration and pain and fear broke out from the dark place in him. He had chained them for so long now, they had gnawed through the shackles of self constraint, but they were needed, for tears could heal, in a way.

06/28/2005 10:12 AM

Natasha was one of those lucky elderly woman, whom had aged gracely over the years, her soft skin held only the thinest of lines around her eyes, the odd liver spot that marred her otherwise elegant hands. Her eyes though, held no truth to her age, they were young and bright, showing her mind to be even sharper and stronger that many women half her age of 62. Flowing robes of white hung about her, soft slippers adorned her feet, golden stitching sparkling on her robe, rings glittered on her fingers and around her throat, for she was given to being somewhat vain, a trait everyone forgave her for, as she was most caring and self sacrificing, always thinking of her Wizards, and of magic on Earth. But for now, all her thoughts were turned to a single white robed mage, whom even now stood weeping in his room as he gazed out over the forest. He had endured much over the passed year, smart comments came from the black robes, who all knew they had be deprived of a powerful young mage who would have furthered their own causes greatly.

As it was, Martin chose to sacrifice his life at one point, for the world and magic, for the people he loved. No black robe would ever risk his own life to save that of another, the only thing worth risking their lives for, was the Magic. Understandable, for the magic in mny ways was mother, father, sister, brother, son and daughter, friend and lover. It was everything. The World and more.

Solinari had chosen this young man though, Natasha felt the touch of the God of he Silver Moon on Martin, she knew the gift He had given the young mage and couldn't help feeling slightly envious. At any rate, she cared for every one of her own Order, and even for those of the other two orders....even the black, for they were still mages, and answered to Her. She stopped suddenly on her way up the stairs to Martins' room, stopped short by the dark robed figure infront of her. " A pleasent day, Daniel, might I help you with something? Was there some Conclave business you wanted to discuss? ", Daniel regarded the woman for a few heartbeats, she knew full well why he wanted to see her, but he held too much respect, and fear, for her power to loose his temper on the Head of the Conclave, " Leave Martin alone, Natasha, whatever goes on between us two, is to be left between us, I want to make that clear. "

Her face never lost its small polite smile as she listened, but the elder wizardess could feel her own ire rising, and it charged her words, " I'm afraid I can't do that, Daniel. With all due respect, Martin is of my Order, his wellfare means something to me, plus, you and I both know whom has touched him with his favour, I will not risk the disappointment of my Silver Lord for not going to Martin when he is upset. The young man has suffered alot, and he has bottled it up inside of him, I thought you would have cared enough to at least allow his frustrations and anger to pour out, but then again, what can be expected of one whom has dedicated his life to Evil. Do you truely believe that you can give him happiness, Daniel? You two stand at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet you have a common love, shared by all mages, to the Magic, but apart from the magic, what can this relationship amount to? I'm here to make sure Martin is strong enough to endure what must inevitably happen, remember that Lord Daniel. ", he was excused, and Natasha continued walking the stairs, her bones giving a creak of protest every now and then, signs that she was definately starting to age.

Natasha whispered to herself, " And he is not alone, I will not always be there to help him....but he has friends. ", her mind turned to those friends, a feeling of satisfaction welling in her.

Arriving at Martin's door, she rose her fine hand to knock once, the Mistress of the Tower had access to every room in the Tower, yet it was only polite to knock. But before her hand landed on the wooden door before her, she stopped, her head cocking to the left slightly as though listening to something, and it was not the sobs from within the room she heard, but something farther away. A look of sudden horror and something else, indescribable crossed Natashas' features, she muttered a word and vanished from sight.

06/28/2005 5:44 PM

Kalia sat beside the dying fire, it's coals lending only heat now, but not genuine warmth, and no light. She watched her daughter sleep, looking so vunerable in that selfsame slumber. Tears stung her eyes and she looked away, staring up at the cold unfeeling stars.

She heard the horses snort and stamp their hooves at some minor irritation, but she payed them little heed as her gaze focused on the stars above. Gone was the Hourglass, though the skies she had known as a child were gone forever, the stars different. It made her feel desolate and alone, as if the very earth she had believed in when she was younger had betrayed her to these new, careless Gods.

"We're not so careless...." Murmured a soft, aged voice. An elderly man sat at her side, bright blue eyes looking kindly at her.

"We only came to help the gods of your world." He said softly.

"And ended up destroying them. My Gods no longer exist. Destroyed by the Chaos of your Returning. My Goddess, the pale white moon that once graced our sky is gone. Replaced by your children, the gods of magic."

She fought down the anger at this deity, even though she knew by instinct alone that he never meant to harm her or her beliefs or this world at all. Serenity wimpered in her sleep, plauged by some dream.

"My daughter will never know of Artemis's touch, she will never know what a precious thing was lost to our world. My magic was gentle, of healing and protection. Now it is vicious and offensive."

The elderly man shook his head. "No...It has not changed. The power was always there, only now you have something worth the world to protect." Paladine gestured towards the sleeping child.

Kalia looked to Reni, a smile softened her features. "She's my world now..." A hint of a threat could be heard in her voice.

Paladine nodded sadly. "I know. You one of only a handful who still clings to the old magics, and in it's way is more powerful than any arcane ability we can grant. Don't forget that. You're a key, just as much as that child was a doorway. Your power is needed in this world...needed badly. But always guard that child, no matter what, her role in this world isn't over yet."

"Please... I beg you, leave her out of this!" Tears once again stung her eyes, her hands reaching forward, grabbing the man's robes, not caring for what ever wrath he may decend upon her.

"It is not my doing that she still has this role. I would not put such a burdon on one so young. Others do not care as I do. But I cannot directly interfere... You know that better than any other. Your true self is your power, even if you still cannot accept it. One day, sooner than you think, you'll realize it." He turned his gaze at the sky. "Beautiful night..." he murmured.

Kalia looked away from him and again stared at the sky, her tears blurring the stars and the two moons that she could see. When she looked down again to speak, Paladine was gone.

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and glanced again at the sleeping girl. Her hope, her life....her only reason for remaining in this desolate world. At dawn they would ride for the Tower of Sorcery, to meet up with an old friend....

06/28/2005 7:08 PM

Serenity lay awake as she heard her mother talk. Carefully schooling her features, Reni made sure she didn't betray the fact that she was awake. A suffocating feeling gripped Reni's chest as she heard who she knew was a god speak. After a few moments she carefully breathed again, slowly and evenly.

Things were difficult for her mother, she had known this since she was very small, and even though she had a power that she herself didn't understand, she couldn't figure out a way to ease her mother's pain.

When silence again decended their small camp, Reni listened to the soft sounds of the night around her...trying not to hear her mother's soft sobs. Finally, all was silent, as her mother's sobs eased into an exausted sleep, Reni sat up silently. Her blue eyes fixed on her mother's sleeping form, and then swept upwards to the same cold silent stars she had known all her life.

Mother claimed that these stars weren't the stars of her childhood, and Reni often wished she could see those stars, return them to their night sky if only to see her mother smile with real genuine joy.

::Why are you still awake youngling?:: came a soft purring voice. Startled Reni looked up to see her mother's familiar, Nakisa peering at her through the darkness. The black Jaguar's emerald eyes stared at her unblinkingly.

"Nakisa..." Reni whispered, not wanting to wake her mother. "You startled me!"

:: Why are you still awake?:: He repeated, not to be shaken.

"Mother had a visit from one of the new Gods... Paladine I think..." Nakisa bristled at this news, as a surviving guardian spirit, he was not too fond of these new gods. He didnt' have to ask Reni what she had heard, she knew he wanted to know.

"He said my role is unfinished, that others will still seek to use me. He refered to mother as a 'Key' and me as a 'doorway'. I do not understand what he meant by that."

Nakisa growled, baring his fangs. Reni could hear his claws tearing into the grass and earth beneath his paws. ::Do not worry yourself on that...:: He growled.

Reni knew this tone, a finality that bore no room for question. Silent, Reni nodded and pulled the blanket up to her chin, her gaze tracking the path of the moons as she drifted back into slumber.

Dawn broke with its usual silent splendor. A shaft of sunlight playing across Serenity's face made her blink her eyes and turn away. She heard her mother humming to herself as she saddled the horses. As different as night and day, Reni watched her mother cheerfully saddle blaze, the american paint gelding that reni herself rode. The chestnut and cream horse nickered as Kalia fed it a handful of grain.

Nytehart, a black arabian mare snorted and shoved her nose under Kalia's arm, and Reni smiled, as Nytehart wasn't one to be ignored. "Come on Reni! Get up, wash up and get dressed. We should've left some time ago!" Kalia called to her daughter. Sighing, Reni flung the blanket away and scrambled to get ready. Twenty minutes later she sat crosslegged on the grass, eating a meal of oat-porrige and fruit, while her mother combed through her freshly washed hair.

"We're headed for the tower to see your uncle Martin..." Heather said softly. Reni paused for a moment, then smiled. It had been some time before she had seen Uncle Mertty... last she had heard was that he shed his inner darkness and was chosen by the god of white magic, Solinari.

"Good.... lets hurry then..." She said, and finished her meal. Kalia put the remaining items away in a saddle bag, and kicked plenty of dirt on the small fire before mounting up. Reni sat upon Blaze's back well, comforable now with riding him. Nytehart stamped her hoof impatiently, eager to be on the road again.

"Lets get going..."

Kalia turned Nytehart's nose towards the rising sun, and allowed the mare her head as her mind wandered ahead.

06/29/2005 11:06 AM

He had moved from the sunlit window, brushing tears from his now red cheeks. " No more crying you tit...come on. ", busing himself, Martin rearranged several books that were scattered across the study desk, un-necessary, as they would end up disorganised soon enough anyway. There was a swish of robe against the rug, a scent of rose petals and more unpleasent things wafted by him...Martin didn't need to turn to see who stood behind him. " If you've only come to flaunt your higher status, put me down and humilate me, then you can bugger off Daniel, I'm not in the mood. ", his words were cold and hard, as the black robes' had been earlier.

Martin felt an arm encircle him, which he promtly shook himself free of. " Martin. ", Daniel sighed, but Martin gave no response. " Look, I'm sorry, alright! You should count yourself lucky that I even apolgised, I can count on one hand the number of people I have said sorry to, and it includes Natasha herself. ", the white robe couldn't help but smile.

" Well, if you hadn't went mental at me earlier, then you wouldn't have had to apologise in the first place. But its to be expected I suppose.... ", he let the comment drop, as did Daniel apparently, given he remained silent. " Ok, I accept the apology, but you can sleep in your own room tonight, I've got things to do. ", turning, he saw for a flicker of a second, a look of curiosity and confusion fall on Daniels' expression, but then he smiled, " As you wish, but I think you'll be interested to hear that you have visitors on the way, and they have travelled some distance to come see you. ", this brought Martin up short, as his mind travelled over the many remembered things on his mental list, dates and appointments. " I don't have anyone scheduled to see me, Natasha said I was to skip tonights studies with her in the Chamber of Seeing. ", very few mages in the Tower had access to that room, he was one of the lucky ones as she favoured him, and all knew it.

" Oh, I don't think they were expected, Martin. Heather and her br...kid...are on their way to the Tower, they have been granted access for when they reach here. ", Martin's face broke into a smile, wide and genuine, his eyes lighting up with excitement. " You're having a laugh! Cool! I haven't seen them in ages! ", the fact he smiled, obviously brought Daniel some comfort, for his own face relaxed with a small, but tight, smile. " Yes, well, at any rate, I thought I would bring you the news.... Natasha was supposed to come see you herself, but she was called away at the last minute. ", at this, the relaxed look faded, replaced by something chilling in Daniels' eyes. " Oh, right...well...thats cool. I'll just wait for Heather to arrive. ", he walked over and placed a kiss on Daniel. " Im sorry aswell, ok? ", the black robe merely nodded, brushing a hand up Martin's arm. " Of course. ", with a whispered word, the head of the black robes left. Leaving the white robe to do a little gig to himself before starting to tidy up the small study off his bed chamber.

An hour later, he dusted himself off, and uttered a phrase, taking the corridors of magic back down to the courtyard, where he sat on a bench near the Golden Gates that were thin and decorative, opened at the slightest touch, yet no army would ever break those gate down, for they were held with the most powerful of magicks. Enjoying the warm sun on his face, he waited.

06/29/2005 1:21 PM

a whisper of wind and a soft purr was the only thing to announce the presence of Kalia's familiar. Nakisa slipped out of the shadows of some decorative shrubs, his piercing green eyes locking with Martin's. The Jaguar's purr was loud and rough as he sauntered to Martin's side.

Just as Nakisa sat at Martin's side, Heather and Reni came into view. Their horses were well lathered, proving that they had rode hard to get there. It didn't take much time for Heather to slip free of the saddle stirrups and set both feet on the ground. She made her way to him at a jog, happy to see the one person left in this world that she considered family.

Reni watched her mother with a curious expression, smiling. "Good to see you Uncle Martin!" Reni called, waving as she too slipped off of her mounts' back, making her way towards him after her mother.

07/02/2005 7:14 AM

Martin made no reaction as the large cat appraoched, he merely nodded his head and then stood, waving Heather and Reni over. As Heather approached, the white robe embraced her with a tender fierceness, it had been so long since they had last seen each other, let alone spoke, and he had missed both of them greatly. Releasing from Heather, Martin hugged Reni, giving her a radiant smile, genuine and open, for she had grown,not just physically, but that aura and sense of power that leaked through every so often, it had increased. He glanced to Heather, making sure Reni did not see it, a questioning rose in his features but he would ask it later.

" You have no idea how good your timing is. ", he laughed, " I was just thinking that I needed to see a few friendlier faces about here. ", there was something in his tone that was an almost forced humour. " What brings you to the Tower anyway? I had been told you were making your way here, and the Mistress granted you both access, though I doubt she would have stopped you either way. "

He glanced up the Tower, one of the upper windows, feeling the intensity of someones gaze boring into the back of his neck. Martin didn't need to know whose gaze it was, it sent a chill up his spine. Daniel was always watching. Turning back, " Are you staying long? I'll ask Mistress Natasha if quarters can be aranged if you are, would be good to spend some time talking. ", another smile, another chill up his spine.

Up in the Tower, Daniel was indeed watching, a certain amount of jealousy coursed in him. Martin never really displayed this sort of cheeriness and outright joy all the time, and the black robe had seen the way his face lit up when he mentioned Heather was on her way with Reni. What did the Cleric possess that Martin found so uplifting? Of course, it was a stupid question, her soul was not stained with blood and dark deeds, the two mages stood at opposite ends of the spectrum, one day they could perhaps have to face each other and not as lovers or friends, but as enemies, as often occured outside the Tower walls. Perhaps that was the reason why Martin rarely ventured outside he Tower, spending his time in study and practice.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind him, " Its considered ill mannered to simply appear in ones Chamber, Natasha, and could prove dangerous, especially when entering the chamber of a black robe. ", he turned with a smart smirk on his lips, which vanished as he looked at her face, " Whats wrong? ", his professional position switched on, he was Head of the Black Robes, and he was his Mistress in Magic. " We have a .....situation, Daniel. Dragons have been spotted converging on the Towers location. Green dragons use there magic to try and by-pass the obscuring spells so two wings of red and blue can assualt the Tower itself. ", Daniel reeled at these words. " Thats....its... its impossible. None have ever found the Tower, even in the Ancient Days, and now only mages and a few others know its location. How could they know where we are? "

Natashas' face was whiter than her robes, " I don't know, Daniel, and we haven't the time to find that out. I have two of the red robes watching the pool in the Chamber of Seeing, they will keep me informed of the dragons movements. ", she was clearly disturbed and concerned. " We shall be fine, it will take more than two wings of Dragons to break these walls, no army, dragon or otherwise, ever has. We are Mages of High Sorcery, the Tower itself will fight if necessary. ", Daniel was comfused by the latter statement, but let it pass. " What about those outside? ", namely he meant Martin. The Tower Mistress replied. " Leave them for now, I do not want to worry everyone until it is certain they will find us, they may still not, I am working against the Greens' Spells. They may become deterrred if they believe they are not being successful. But knowing how ravenous for Magic a green can be..... ", she shook her head, " Dragons! And the dark queens ones at that. I did not think they would return to the world, but obviously your Queen intends to make another attempt at world domination. ", a sneer crossed her lips, it was not an expression that suited Natasha, for it meant she was angry, and when she was angry, even Daniel had cause to fear her power.

" Ok, I shall start quiet prepartions in the dungeons, the apprentice mages should be taken there if an attack is to come. There is little they will be able to do against a dragons magic and deadly breath. ", Nastaha only nodded at Daniels words, as she then moved to the window, looking down, " They have only just arrived.... should I send her and the child away? It would upset him greatly. ", her voice almost shook, but Daniel ignored it, saying, " Leave them be I say, I think the woman can fend for herself and her br--child. ", he joined the white robed, and looked down. Allowing Martin this moment of happiness, for now at least.

07/03/2005 12:41 PM

Heather smiled in response to Martin's warm welcome. But her gaze turned thoughtful as she noted a slight change in Martin's stance when he had glanced back towards the Tower.

"We'd love to stay-" Her smile abruptly vanished, and she tilted her head, her eyes scanning the skies. Her posture changed from relaxed to cautiously alert. Nakisa's warning snarl was audible seconds later.

"Something is wrong." Reni whispered softly, her eyes scanning the southern sky.

07/09/2005 7:09 AM

He stopped short of himself as both Heather and Reni regarded the skies to the south of them.... but then he could feel it, the stench of evil was carried on the soft breeze that seemed to grow stale and dank around them. " Perhaps we should get inside the Tower then. ", he cast another nervous glance to the south, " Is probably nothing, remember, only those invited can enter the Tower let alone reach it. ", he smiled wamrly, trying to banish the darkness stealing over him. With a gesture and a word, they all reappeared within his own chamber, a tad rude perhaps, but Martin did not want to face staring faces as they asceneded the stairs, and also incase they bumped in Daniel, that was an ackward situation he wished to avoid if possible.

" Come one, sit down and I'll bring some iced tea. ", he looked to Reni, " And some juice. ", moving from sight for seval moments, the bustling of glasses and plates being moved drifted to his guests' ears, a few choice curses and he was back with them. " There we go Reni! ", he put down a glass of orange juice, suitably chilled due to the heat of the day, and for himself and Heather, Ice Tea, plus a shot of something stronger into his own glass, which he left out of Heathers. He doubted she would have wanted the alcohol in hers.

" I'll arrange some sleeping quarters in the Guest Wings for you both later on, I think The Mistress is busy at the moment so I won't disturb her. ", the sense of creeping evil left him as the scent of rose petals covered him, in his room of books and ink spell components, Martin visably relaxed. Settling down, and opening his mouh to pose a question, the rustle of robes behind him disturbed his train of thought as he turned to see who would enter unannounced, now this was rude. But seeing the black robes and dark eyes, Martin rolled his eyes, silently thinking You were to stay out the way! , Daniel approached, standing between the ring of chairs, " I hope I'm not disturbing you all? I wished to bid Heather and young Serenity a....warm....welcome. ", the words may have been welcoming, but the chill tone was not.

" You might as well sit down then, Daniel. You already know Heather, and as you said, this is Serenity. Serenity, this is my friend Daniel. ", he smiled at her, then looked to Heather, trying to judge wheather or not the young girl knew what the situation was.

07/10/2005 12:15 PM

Down in the Seeing Room.
"damn the situation is getting worse, those dragons are not kidding, we need to mobilize."
Mahotsukai's mind raced, this was the frist time he had every seen dragons in person and it was everything he imagined it to be. his heart raced at the thought of doing battle with such majestic beasts beside the greatest of the Order.

A sharp pain penetrated Mahotsukai's head, he was being attacked mentally, the attack was coming from the inside, tryingto draw the knowledge to reveal the Tower. the pain was unbearable and he tried to banish the presence but to no avail, he fell to the floor, writhing in pain. the red robe next to him rushed to his aid not understanding what was going on.

Maho fought back and right before the presence retreated from his mind, he took valuable information from his enemy. it was all over in a matter of seconds.

"alert the Misstriss, the dragons are going to attack the tower directly."

07/10/2005 1:48 PM

Heather fixed Daniel with a cool, calculating stare, her Empathic abilities back in full-swing, not that she really needed them. She knew almost imediately Daniel's opinion of her and her daugher, and within she felt that alter-personality slip firmly into place.

Kalia continued to stare unblinkingly at Daniel before reaching out her hand. "The pleasure is entirely mine, I'm sure." She said cooly. She may be a cleric by the worlds' new standards, but she was a witch first and foremost. And while Paladine seemed to favor her, her footsteps followed the old paths, of pure balance. She wanted the war to end, yes, but she simply wanted the scales of good and evil to balance themselves again.

She glanced away from Daniel, her hand still out as she glanced at Martin, shaking her head once, curtly, showing that Reni didn't know much about the situation.

Reni noticed the change in her mother's demeanor, and her blue eyes fixed on Daniel, the scrutiny in their depths evident. "Pleased to meet you, Daniel." She said automatically, politely.

07/10/2005 5:46 PM

Erica was in one of the many libraries within the tower when all the commotion started. "Well, I guess I picked a bloody good time to come and visit, now didn't I?" She murmured to herself, getting up and looking around. Techniqually, she shouldn't be here, but... with her magics and tie to Airiana, the mages allowed her in their study rooms, which she found very useful. Some of the things she found in their texts helped with her own magics.

She touched the pentacle at her throat and her just-showing stomach and sighed. Well little one, let's hope all of this isn't too serious... she thought more to herself than the child she carried in her womb, though she also knew that the baby probably could at least get the emotion of what she was thinking. She had found that while she was no longer telepathic as she had been during the fight, she could usually transmit feelings within a short distance of herself.

"Perhaps I should go talk to Martin... he'll know what all the fuss is about... no one else here will probably tell me," she mused to herself. While the mages were generally friendly towards Erica, and even helped her out, very few had she become friends with. Martin was one that she fought alongside, and so Erica got along better with him than some of the others.

Erica looked up to find a white robed figure nearby. She smiled when she saw it was one of the magi she had become friends with, a girl a couple years younger than her by the name of Jana. "Jana, could you do me a favor?"

The white-robed magess looked up and smiled, seeing Erica. "Sure, what do you need?"

"Oh, nothing much... I've been a little afraid to work much in the way of magics since I've become pregnant... would you mind terribly teleporting me to Mage Martin's door?"

The magess set down her book and came over. "Of course not. Give me a moment..." she trailed off, then traced a ruin in the air and said a couple words.

Erica faded from the room, waving thanks to Jana as she did. A moment later and she was in the hall outside Martin's room, where she knocked tenatively. "Martin? Are you in?"

07/10/2005 9:01 PM

Outside the tower.........

"what is taking so long!?" a black robed woman, astride a giant Black Dragon, yelled in frustration. her hood was up obscuring all of her face except her bright blue eyes. "REPORT!" an adult male red flew up to her "your slave was unsucsessful in his attempt to gain acsess, my lady." he said in draconic.


the dragon flew away with a look of hatred on his scaly face.

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07/14/2005 2:44 AM

OOC: Gaymage, I will be asking Kalia to delete your last post, please do not assume that the dragons have found the Tower of High Sorcery, you do not control the dragon army, that will be my job. I should have explained everything to you sooner, so I will now in the OOC section. Aso, no black robe mage would be riding the dragons. In this age no black robe will ally themselves directly with the dark queen if it means the Tower of Sorcery is at risk. The Mistress of the Tower is the only one that can allow entry to the Tower


Martin gestured and the door opened to reveal Erica. " Come in Erica! We seem to be having a small reunion now. ", he laughed, brushing off Daniels presence for now, whom had slipped back into the shadowed corner, watching everything. " Its good to see you again, when did you get here? Please, sit down and have a drink with us. ", standing, he moved another chair into position, thinking that if anyone else turned up, he wouldn't have anymore chairs to give them! At any rate, he settled back down, waiting for Erica to be seated. " So how have you been? Heather and Reni only just arrived so we're having a catch up. ", his radiant smile returned and it was obvious he was more comfortable now that his friends were around him. A fact that Daniel did not fail to notice immediately, and yet he remained silent, merely watching them all and not deeming it fit to introduce himself to Erica, she would know who he was, the Master of the Black Robes was not someone you forgot.

Natasha appeared in the Seeing Chamber, walking swiftly to Mahotsukai. Her face was enraged. " And what did you think you were doing, Mahotsukai! ", her voice trembled with anger. " You were told to watch, nothing more. ", she moved aside and watched the Water, dipping her slender fingers into a pouch and withdrawing silver sand, muttering words of power, she threw the sand into the Water, a final word and a shower of silver motes sprang up. " There, problem solved for now. I think it best that you leave and study in the Library for now, someone else will cover your watch. ", she gave him a piercing stare, and turned, vanishing on the wings of magic.

07/14/2005 1:30 PM

Martin gestured and the door opened to reveal Erica. " Come in Erica! We seem to be having a small reunion now. ", he laughed, brushing off Daniels presence for now, whom had slipped back into the shadowed corner, watching everything. " Its good to see you again, when did you get here? Please, sit down and have a drink with us. ", standing, he moved another chair into position, thinking that if anyone else turned up, he wouldn't have anymore chairs to give them! At any rate, he settled back down, waiting for Erica to be seated. " So how have you been? Heather and Reni only just arrived so we're having a catch up. ", his radiant smile returned and it was obvious he was more comfortable now that his friends were around him. A fact that Daniel did not fail to notice immediately, and yet he remained silent, merely watching them all and not deeming it fit to introduce himself to Erica, she would know who he was, the Master of the Black Robes was not someone you forgot.

Erica smiled at Martin and entered at his invitation. A quick glance around the room showed that she was not his only guest, and she positively glowed when she set eyes on Heather. "It's so good to see you, Heather! It's been so long. How have you been?" She then looked to the child seated next to her friend. "By the Gods... is that Reni? She's gotten so big!" she smiled warmly at the little girl and seated herself in the chair that Martin indicated, one hand at her stomach, always conscious of the child within her.

"I arrived only yesterday," she explained to her friends. "I wanted to get some studying in while it was quiet. But apparently I chose the wrong time to do it! What's all the commotion about? There are robes fluttering everywhere and half of them seem paniced out of their wits..."

It was then that Erica noticed Daniel and she stopped speaking a moment to look at him. "Oh, I did not see you there, my apologies, Archmage... I hope all is well with you," she said in way of greeting before turning back to her friends. The Master of the Black Robes had always given her the creeps, and she had wondered on more than one occassion why Martin had any feelings for the dark mage.

07/14/2005 5:33 PM

"I WAS JUST WATCHING!!!!!" He called after her. he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "calm yourself Maho." he said to himself in japanese. "to the library then, besides I need to look something up." he went on the highway of magic and appears in the library. he quickly moves through out the library and finds the book he was looking for. he fliped through it and found it. "it can't be...."

07/16/2005 9:17 AM

Daniel nodded at Erica's greeting, but said nothing to indicate he reciplicated the welcome. As she seated herself, Martin smiled, then frowned as her words dawned on him. " There is a commotion? In the Tower? ", his eyes, confused and unfocused then sharpened suddenly on Daniel, " What's going on? What happened? ", by this point he was on his feet, circling the chairs. Daniel took a step out of the shadows, revealing himself fully, tall and imposing, an intimidating figure to those younger and more unwise, prone to fear. Luckily, there was not a single individual in the room that were prone to such feelings. Each had their power, their security, even Reni for the strange power in her would no doubt ensure her own safety.

The black robe looked troubled though as he started to speak " It is nothing severe, yet. Dragons, of the Dark Queen, have been spotted flying over the Forest, searching for the Tower. Green dragons are using powerful magics to try and break the spells of concealment and confusion, dark Clerics are shouting prayers to the Queen to reveal the Tower. The power of my Queen is stronger than it has been in countless eons, she may very well grant their desires..... in fact I beleive it is She that has enabled them to come this far already. ", anger burned in his voice, his Queen, despite serving her Son first, was still the Queen of Darkness, and she had betrayed the black robes, again. " If it is her doing, she has gone too far this time. I may serve her, but all know the Magic comes first, and she is threatening the balance. Natasha is doing all she can to counter the dragon magic, and may succeed, you know her strength. "

Martin could only nod, the thought of Dragons attacking the Tower was beyond comprehension, no army had ever breached the wards and walls surrounding the Twer of High Sorcery. Hopefully none ever would.

" We may have a battle on our hands, many of the senior Mages are making prepartions if it comes to that, making sure those that are too weak and untrained to fight will be safe from the fight. ", Daniel eyed Martin intently, and the white robe knew exactly what he meant. " Oh no dark stuff! I ain't leaving, don;t even think to order me away, you can't, only Natasha can and you know it. She won't sent me away at your request either. Besides, I have strength enough to take a couple dragons down. ", he glanced to the cupboard behind Daniel, who looked also, recognition dawning on him eventually. " Perhaps, but maybe you should consider your guests before making any rash and impulsive decisions. ", with those words he left, his shadow fading slowly afterwards.

The white robe turned to Heather, " Well, looks like old times die hard eh? I can arrange for you and Reni to be sent from the Tower by magic if you want? "

07/16/2005 4:46 PM

Heather shook her head solemnly. Her gaze lingered on her daughter for several moments before she spoke. "I was never one to run and hide. Reni needs more experiance if she is to survive in new ways our world how turns." The words she spoke wore heavy on her heart.

Nakisa growled, baring fangs. :: But dragons? Surely that is too much for her! :: Again Heather shook her head, and again seemed to undergo a slight change in personality.

"No. For soon other dragons will fly these skies, ones of metalic and jewel colors. These dragons will not sit idly by either." She spoke wistfully, then closed her eyes...

07/18/2005 1:09 PM

Heather shook her head solemnly. Her gaze lingered on her daughter for several moments before she spoke. "I was never one to run and hide. Reni needs more experience if she is to survive in new ways our world how turns." The words she spoke wore heavy on her heart.

Nakisa growled, baring fangs. :: But dragons? Surely that is too much for her! :: Again Heather shook her head, and again seemed to undergo a slight change in personality.

"No. For soon other dragons will fly these skies, ones of metallic and jewel colors. These dragons will not sit idly by either." She spoke wistfully, then closed her eyes...

Erica felt a stirring within herself, and became conscious of another mind alongside her own. Airiana had awoken, at least for the time being. Erica could feel the dragoness spreading her mind out to notice everything around her, farther than could be seen at the moment and silently confirmed the presence of chromatic dragons. A part of her also acknowledged that there were other dragons awakening as well.

Erica nodded to Heather, sending the feeling of confirmation and agreement to her. “They must be awaking,” she explained to Martin, “…It’s not very often that Airiana makes herself known, and she just woke up… she searched and has confirmed the chromatics, as well as the fact that there are other dragons awakening…” She said, her right hand lying on her stomach protectively while her left clutched the pentacle at her throat, the wedding band on that hand sparkling when she moved. “It looks as if we are to have another battle on our hands…”

07/20/2005 11:13 AM

Lady Raistlin sat upon her dark horse under the shadow of a large vallenwood watching the people gathering, silently the wind whips her long silver hair around, her golden eyes so much like her fathers survey each one of them

07/20/2005 11:18 AM

She sighs as she turns her horse around watching the people no longer apealing to her. Silently she urges the horse forward, her stomach rumbling and her head held low in fatigue.

07/20/2005 12:39 PM

Maho ran to Natasha. "Lady Natasha! i know where the Artifact is. i took it from the mind of the person who attacked me. i think that the Dark Queen is also after the Artifact, as such we must retrive it at once. but there is also the matter of the Tower. what will you have my do My Lady."

07/21/2005 9:56 AM

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Natasha turned, having had her back on Maho as he made his way to her in another part of the Great Library. A large and old book lay open before her, the pages turning of their own accord one at a time as the White Robed Mistress read its contents. Raising an eyebrow, " Quite a statement, I must say. ", she fell silent, seemingly musing over his words, " The Higher Mages are well prepared to defend the Tower, Maho. This Bastion of Magic has not stood for countless eons now, only to fall at the breath of Dragons. ", there was a fury in her eyes and anger burned in her voice. " If the need arises you may very well play your part in defending the Tower of High Sorcery, more and more dragons seem to be joining their fellows in the attempt to over come the magicks held over the forest. And they are proving rather successful. "

"As for the Dark Queen. The Heads of Orders are well aware of what her Majesty may intend, and preparations are being made..... ", she eyed him curiously, " To which you may make a suitable edition. Wait until the dragons have been dealt with and... ",Natasha stopped talking, her head cocking to the side as though listening to something. "Damn them to the Abyss! "

" You will have your chance, Maho, at heroics. The Dragons of the Dark Queen are converging on the Tower of HIgh Sorcery. ", she whirled, her sparkling robes flaring wide and swiftly. " They will arrive within the Hour. "

In Martins' room, the small gathering of friends and....well, 'friend', stood for a moment in silence. " Yes, looks like old times. Always fighting. ", the young white robe gave a weary sigh, then straightened. " Yes, just like old times! And we have each other, together we're something to be reckoned with, Raistlin found that out the hard way. ", he smiled, a fire lighting his eyes, his face seemed younger, a rekindled youth and memories of better days perhaps. " Daniel, if you don't mind... ", he stopped as a loud voice ecohed within the room, not his own, but one strong and female.

All Mages, Higher and Apprentice, the Dragons of Takhisis have broken through the enchantments of the Forest and are converging on the Tower of High Sorcery. Higher Mages are ordered to the upper levels of the Tower were we shall battle the beasts. Apprentice mages to the dungeons where safe transport from the Tower has been arranged, this is my commands, Natasha, Lady of the White Robes and Mistress of the Tower.

Her voice died out and Martin stood still, staring at Daniel, " Oh well, looks like we are all going to the Upper levels. ", he turned to Heather, Reni and Erica. " Are you three ready? ", Daniel moved forward, " You are not fighting them, Martin, neither are these three! This is the concern of the Higher Mages to deal with, you are to leave immediately, and take your friends with you to safety! ", anger thundered in his expression, but all of them could hear the concern and raw emotion in his tone. He didn't want to see Martin hurt.

" Like I told you, Daniel, I have help... ", he moved aside and opened the cupboard, withdrawing from it a wooden staff, the top which held a crystal, clutched in a golden dragon claw. " It was givento me for a reason, to help the World and Magic. That is what I'm going to do. ", Martin smiled as he regarded the Fabled Staff of Magius held within his hands. " You don't even know its power, Martin! Don't be a fool! "

Martin eyed Daniel, this time his expression darker than normal, " You have no idea what I know, Archmage. No one does. You forget that I have been the Darkness of this World, the Ancient Old Ways, long before Sorcery returned. I have seen things even you would balk at. ", with that, he turned and opened the door swiftly. " Heather, shall we? "

07/21/2005 5:55 PM

Her voice died out and Martin stood still, staring at Daniel, "Oh well, looks like we are all going to the Upper levels," he turned to Heather, Reni and Erica. "Are you three ready?" Daniel moved forward, "You are not fighting them, Martin, neither are these three! This is the concern of the Higher Mages to deal with, you are to leave immediately, and take your friends with you to safety!", anger thundered in his expression, but all of them could hear the concern and raw emotion in his tone. He didn't want to see Martin hurt.

"Like I told you, Daniel, I have help..." he moved aside and opened the cupboard, withdrawing from it a wooden staff, the top which held a crystal, clutched in a golden dragon claw. "It was given to me for a reason, to help the World and Magic. That is what I'm going to do." Martin smiled as he regarded the Fabled Staff of Magius held within his hands. "You don't even know its power, Martin! Don't be a fool!"

Martin eyed Daniel, this time his expression darker than normal, "You have no idea what I know, Archmage. No one does. You forget that I have been the Darkness of this World, the Ancient Old Ways, long before Sorcery returned. I have seen things even you would balk at", with that, he turned and opened the door swiftly. "Heather, shall we?"

Erica stepped towards Daniel a moment. "Pardon me, Archmage, but I don't see as you have much right to tell Heather, Serenity, or myself what to do. I've fought against dragones before, and against a God, as have Martin and Heather, and when the powers available to us were much more limited than they are now. We can handle ourselves, thank you very much." Erica said curtly, green eyes ablaze in anger as she tried to control her temper. She knew that talking like she was to the Head of the Black Robes was a bad idea, but she'd found that pregnancy caused her to get angry much easier than she used to, and so she really didn't care too much.

Erica turned back to Martin and Heather, an almost-excited grin on her face. "Well, y'all ready to unlease some hell?"

07/22/2005 10:32 AM

Maho's eyes lit up at the thought of battling dragons and the praise that Natasha had given him. he stood there stunned. he slapped himself so as to check that this was no dream, dragons.......tower......he spun on his heel and apeared at the top of the tower. the odor of dragon and the stench of evil filled Maho's nostrils causing him to gag. he could sense their approach and the Tower's falling sheilds. some of his fellows were studing their spell books with haste, Maho chukled mockingly, "i have all the spells i need, and studing now won't help." his robes, blood red and glisting in the dying sun, whirled around him as great gust of wind tore threw the battlements, it came stronger and stronger untill he had to brance himself against the wind and in the distiance u could see the dragons of the Dark Queen.

07/25/2005 10:11 AM

Heather nodded, her features set with an expression of grim determination. Outwardly. Inwardly, however, was a completely different emotion.

Complete Fear.

Not for the present situation. Quite the contrary. The prospect of fighting again exhilirated her. No... It was fear of this other 'self'. Not even the persona of 'Kalia'. But rather this other...deeply rooted self that scared her to the very sacred depths of her soul.

'Kalia' was more of a mask. One she could normally remove at will. This other, however, seemes much, much more powerful. What scared her was, if this persona were to surface, could she control it? She felt something deep within her coiling tight like a spring. Like a snake coiling to strike.

In fact, it seemed to coil ever tighter as each second sped by. Something was going to happen.

Very soon now...

07/26/2005 10:14 AM

Daniel looked at Erica, sneering, " Very well then, you can all burn for what I care! ", he eyed Martin intently, and the white robe wondered if that statement included him also. "If you survive, I shall see you later. ", he left on a muttered word, and the friends were left in silence. Clutching the staff tightly, Martin shook, not for fear of dragons and death, he had overcome it before, he had been fear before. No, it was something completely different and selfless, emotions running as he stared at the vacant space where Daniel stood moments before.

" Yes Erica, I think we should show the invaders what these friends are made of. ", his tone was much harder than it had presently been, something steely and firely flaring. Power. It was what he lived for, though of course it was now attained through different means. Stepping out the door, Martin ascended the many, many stairs to the upper levels, his companions and friends following his steps. Many a Wizard dashed up the stairs, or downwards to the dungeons. Fear gripped them, and he knew what the fear was.


Already it came in waves from the south as the dark dragons advanced steadily, fighting their way through enchantments and protection spells, some rather offensive and would take out a number of the beasts before they even reached the collective power of the Conclave and many other Mages waiting to fight them. This was not going to be easily won, but Martin was determined they would.

Reaching the upper levels, Martin advanced up one further flight of stairs, leading to the pinnacle of the Tower of High Sorcery. Here, the Conclave assembled, and the sight was inspiring. They stood in a ring, backs facing inward so their faces and hands were arrayed to the surrounding area and sky. Black dots could be seen on the horizon. Wizards of every order were present, white, red and black. Some of the younger mages, brave and bold, stood at the top also, awaiting to unleash their magic in a deadly scene of fire and lightning, ice and raw power. Martin took up a position on the outer rim, a small outcrop of a balcony which would hold himself and his friends. " Heather...", he glanced to Reni, " Are you sure about keeping Reni here? She is still only a child, we know she has power....but.... ", he winced slightly at whatever thought entered his head. " You're her Mother, and you know best.. ", he smiled, and let the matter drop.

Natasha stood in the centre of the ring of conclave wizards, tall and imperious, she was an intimidating and fearful sight. " Let us, the Wizards of High Sorcery, show these foul creatures what Magic we possess! Send them back to their Queen!! ", her voice echoed loudly through the air, and no doubt was left in Martin's mind that the Dragons heard her also.

Within moments, the Dragons attacking, and darkness covered the sky.

Voices rose in chants, dragons roared, and the fight for the Tower of High Sorcery commenced.

Raising his fingers, Martin bellowed several words and forks of red lightning leapt from his hand, striking a blue on his underside. The beast roared in pain as blood fell to the ground, raining red over trees and marble, staining the ground in death.

07/26/2005 11:09 AM

Heather reached for Reni's hand, but the girl shook her head, and buried her fingers in Nakisa's fur. A small smile played on Heather's lips for a brief moment before she turned towards the battle that loomed ahead of them.

She could hear the gasps of those who struggled to overcome the Dragonfear... and blinked in surprise as she realized that it didn't have any effect on her at all. She watched with a detatched feeling as she watched Martin attack and fall a blue dragon. She even heard Reni shout out her own spells, of a language that this new, torn world had yet to understand.

She watched as a sheild so much like a child's soap bubble appear over all of them. Defensive magic, so like her own, though Heather knew Reni was capable of much more. Nakisa stood his ground, allowing the child to draw power from him as she continually strengthened the sheild. It would protect those within it from any magical onslaught, and those within would be able to cast freely. But just how long could Reni hold it?

With that thought, in that single instant, she felt that coiled presence suddenly launch itself forward. And suddenly she understood her words about the good dragons that were hiding....

With a cry she fell to her knees as her magics spun out of her consious control. A prismatic light shone around her, consuming her...

Reni watched as her mother fell, and while she was afraid for her mother, she knew somehow that this was meant to be...

Both personas, Kalia and Heather felt themselves pushed backward, as a third more powerful one fought for ground. Her human body began to fade, revealing the creature that had slept within since the fall of Krynn...

As the magics slowly faded, the crystal dragon that stood in Heather's place stretched her wings, and roared in triumph, startling a nearing white dragon. Not caring of the startled faces around her, the dragon lept into the air, catching the white dragon like a hawk would catch a wandering dove, driving the vile white to the ground, where its neck snapped like kindling.

Blood stained the crystalline claws black as she roared again, giving several of the smaller dragons, whites and greens pause, uncertain if they should attack such an adversary.

07/26/2005 5:34 PM

Maho gaped....he had a dream like this when he was small and he had forgoten all about it until now...he came out of his shock quikly and summoned a black mass in his hand and threw it at a gigantic black, it knocked it out and fell to the ground.

he saw Reni and ran to her side, he thought "that must be Martin's friend's daughter." he put his hands on her back and tried to strenghthened her to keep the life saving shield, as the dragons were breathing their deadly wepons upon the battling wizards.

and from below came a sound more frighting then any dragon, there were the screams of dying apprentices. "primal magic sorcerers..."

07/26/2005 6:42 PM

Erica was startled momentarily by Heather's transformation, but as the crystalline dragon emerged she only nodded. She knew the spirit of her friend when she saw it, having fought alongside the dragoness once before.

She noticed that Reni and Nakisa were making a shield to protect them all and saw several of the lesser skilled magi go over to the young girl to add their magics to hers to help strengthen and prolong the shield.

It was then that Airiana became alive fully, and with a moment's warning, took control. The ancient dragoness changed Erica's body to suit her a little better, though the differences were slight, and then arcane and draconic words were flowing from her tongue as runes were traced in the air. Airiana's magic combined with the substantially lesser ones of her host/creator to attack the dark dragons flying overhead.

Eriana's (Erica and Airiana combined) eyes glowed a moment, her arms outstretched. From her fingertips bolts of lightening flashed, and a moment later bolts of fire followed, igniting the sky with light. The delicate wing membranes of several dragons were torn and burnt by these, and three dragons screamed in pain as they plummeted from the sky, wings no longer able to carry them.

07/29/2005 5:08 AM

As Heather fell and transformed, Martin gave her a mere glance, his expression one of non-plussed understanding. He didn't care about the shield, though there was a twinge of concern for Reni, and a spark of anger as other Mages rushed to her. " She does not need your strength. ", his eyes were focused on one of the Red Robes whom he faguley recognised, Maho was his name? " Her magic is beyond Sorcery, leave her be! ", with a snarl, the white robe turned his eyes back to the sky, watching the Dragons and adding his magic to bloody feud. Fire roared, lightning screamed, ice hissed as spells and breath weapons were exchanged between magi and dragon.

Daniel stood some distance away, dark magic rolling from the evil mage in wave after wave of black energy, sickening and deadly, it ripped through any dragon that ventured close enough to encur the Black Wizards rath. And Timothy, Head of the Red Robes, jet black hair, streaked with white, danced and whipped in the winds of magic as his power, like a rampaging bull, thundered in the enemy above.

Mistress Natasha, the most powerful Sorcerer on Earth, aging, but with a command of magic that many of her fellow mages regarded with jealousy, pride and respect. She stood tall, white robes shimmering with silver light as her arms moved in the dance of sorcery. Words fell heavy from her lips, and the elements bent to her will. The clouds darkend, lightning obeyed her thoughts, and she felled an number of the beasts before they could draw breath to attack. She turned her gaze to Martin briefly, and the staff he held. Shaking her head, she turned her thoughts and concentration fully back on the dragons.

High in the sky, an enormous red dragon, whose name was known to no human, only a handful of other red dragons, and the Dark Queen herself, was the General of this battle. The small minded and pathetic mages battled on againt his brothers and sisters, but he had to admit, they were putting up on hell of a fight. High Sorcery had not been seen on Earth for countless eons, and now here it was in its raw fury, unleashed against Dragon-kind. The Red watched as he floated on magic and wings, itching to enter the battle, but waited to see when the Mages would fall weak and distracted. The White Robe Mistress of the Tower, his strongest enemy amongst the mages, had to die. She was killing dragon after dragon..... the sun glinted off crystal, catching his smouldering red flaming eyes.

The Staff of Magius.

Destrustos dived for the white robe holding the staff of Magius, his roar drowning out all others.

Martin turned at the roar, his eyes wide. The massive red was diving for him, but the mage steeled himself and sneered, his hands rising with the staff. Words, not heard nor spoken for a very long time, escaped Martins' lips, and the world was lit with power as silver lightning blasted from the crystal and his finger tips, rising to meet the Red Dragon Destrustos.

07/29/2005 8:10 AM

Maho heard Martin's snarl and although he met him only weeks ago he could tell that this was not like him. He quickly put distance between himself and Reni.

He saw the dragon come at Martin, and sickening feeling of worry and panic fell in his stomach. Maho quickly wispered the words that would protect Martin, and then sent wave after ice magic trying to protect the one he secretly loved.

08/01/2005 3:45 PM

Glimmer raised her head from her most recent kill, a young red, her feathers slightly scortched from the red's raging flames, but she was still otherwise unharmed. Her bluish-silver eyes swept the skies for another enemy.

And her gaze settled on the large red. Her roar of challenge echoed off of the valley that hid the tower, and the trees around the tower seemed to reiterate the cry. She launched herself into the air, her powerful wings keeping her aloft, nearly hovering, a feat that no normal Krynnish dragon could accomplish.

Again she shrieked in challenge, and finally the Red turned his smouldering gaze towards her. She circled, roaring again, claws raking the air as she began to climb higher in the sky, allowing the sunlight to reflect wildly off her scales... providing just the distraction that Martin needed......

08/03/2005 7:50 AM

Caught up in the bliss of his casting, Martin only barely heard the roar of challenge, bellowing from Heather, or rather Kalia. His mind was focused on the silver lightning that rose in screaming arcs to slam in to the Red Dragon, for Kalia's distraction was successful, and Destrustos raged in pain as he was struck. It did little to deter the Dragon though, the surprise registering on Martin's face giving sign that the spell should have killed the winged beast. The giant Red was no ordinary Dragon, he was the first to rise to his Queens call after so many dark and silent centuries, and he grew strong in her Unholy power and blessing, large and powerful, Destrustos was not one to be felled by a single magling.

" Pathetic Mage! I shall have your head and that blasted Staff! ", the memory of the Staff burned bright as golden flames in the dragons mind, a memory of pain and anger. Every dark dragon knew this staff as a slayer of dragonkind. Destrustos however had glanced the new threat of Kalia, a strange dragon she was, but the power coming from her was too much for the Red to ignore. The Mage could wait for now, " Female, you challenge me and I accept! Put your glittering scales away and face me! "

Martin watched as the red veered and headed to Kalia/Heather. The white robe had other pressing matters, the first being the ice sheild that surrounded him. Whipping around he glared at Maho, raising an eyebrow. " Drop the shield, I have no need of such protection, not against meer dragons. Thank you for the assistance....but I do not need it. ", not entirely true, but still, he had his pride. Daniel had positioned himself closer to the younger mage, having seen his display of magic. " Be more careful whom you target, white robe! ", it was obvious the Dark Archmage was still angry at his lover for remaining behind to fight. Martin retaliated, " Be mindful of your own hide, Master Mage, and I shall mind my own! ", he turned once more with his arms raised and his voice chanting powerful words, each gestured and flick of the wrist sending deadly waves of sorcery cascading out to meet the enemy dragons with vicious effects.

He prayed that Heather would be able to face the large Red.

Natasha was still fighting, many of the dragons were targeting her, knowing she was their strongest foe amongst the Mages, but every one was rebuffed, her magic too strong for even a flight of dragons to contend with. Even the Greens, whose love for magic rivals a Wizards, could not overpower the Mistrss of the Tower, which seemed to be lending the Wizardess the strength and resolve to continue on fighting, for though she was drenched in sweat and panting with exhaustion, still she battle the Shrieking Hordge. Several mages had already fallen, a few scattering the grounds below, their remains spread over the white pavements, staining them red with gore. A few more were littered over the roof top, their fellow mages simply stepping over their bodies where need be. Now was not the time for grief, it was a time to show the Dragons and the Dark Queen the full force and might of High Sorcery.

08/03/2005 8:05 AM

Glimmer roared again, her contempt for this large red wyrm evident in the sneer that twisted her face. Her wings kept her aloft, beating almost lazily as her control of her magic, magic of the Gods, supplimented her flight.

"You're a fool, Wyrm..." She goaded, her laughter echoing through the skies. A lapdog who does the biddings of his mistress. No better than a slave to the Gods." She hissed, her blue eyes narrowed in hatred.

"While I too am a child of Gods, I know better than to follow blindly. I choose my own destiny. So, find me... Fight me if you can." She snarled, again using the sun to blind her opponant, watching him closely for his reactions.

08/03/2005 8:33 AM

" How dare you! I serve my Queen willingly, but I am no lapdog! Your Gods are weak and so are you if you think to hurl insults at me. You have no idea who I am, and it matters not, for you will die this day, only with your dying breath will I mutter my name in your ear before you pass into your Gods embrace! ", with those words and no hinderence of the blinding sunlight, Destrustos launched himself through the air, powerful wing strokes closing the distance between the two mighty dragons.

Breathing in deeply, the Red then exhaled, bright searing gouts of flame rising into the air, the very heat of these flames would melt rock as though it were soft butter, and the air popped and sizzled as the fire passed through it as it rose to meet Glimmer, seeking to enfold her glittering scales and wings. " You are mine, bitch! "

Destrustos' anger could be felt as he poured his hate and rage into his fire and magic and sheer physical bulk.

08/03/2005 8:50 AM

Crystal dragons... in other worlds they were masters of Ice and flame... such proved true for the only crystal dragon that inhabited this world. A shimmering wall of ice appeared before her, many inches thick, reinforced by the silvery-white flames that leapt and danced from Glimmer's maw.

The oily flames struck the fragile wall, and both attack and defense vanished with the hiss of steam. Quickly, she performed a complicated wing-over, completing a barrel roll with ease, avoiding Destrustos' angery charge. Knowing that with his bulk it would take nothing short of a magic spell to stop his flight quickly.

"And you have no idea who I am." She hissed in defiance. "To think that such an attack could finish me."

Reni watched the battle above them, her fingers clenching Nakisa's fur in what had to be a painful grip, but the large feline never flinched. "Mother..." The child whispered, as a tear fell from her cheek, striking the stone beneath her feet. A sphere of multicolored light rose up from where her tear struck... and hovered before Reni's startled eyes for a moment, before speeding off towards Glimmer.

Glimmer was so intent on watching Destrustos, that she hadn't noticed the sudden rush of magic overtake her. Perhaps it was more that she hadn't sensed any malicious intent in the magic before it struck her.

A roar of surprise was torn from her throat as the magic struck, but instead of something dreadful, as she was half-anticipating, a power unlike any she had ever felt before began to fill her. Till her clear crystal scales radiated with every known color and some nearly invisible to human eyes, but stood out clearly for all others.

"Run, Infernal Wyrm... while ye still have the chance...." She hissed, turning her golden eyes towards the Red.

08/03/2005 11:02 AM

Airiana had let her human alterego have most of her power for long enough. The dragoness grew impatient with the casting of spells. Without a moment's warning, she took over full control, pushing Erica to the back of their shared body and whispered a draconic word that transformed the human body to Airiana's own draconic form.

The large dragoness lept into the sky and roared mightily, her reddish scales shining with silver. Her eyes were glittering with a fire of their own as she flew towards the larger part of the attacking dragons who hovered near the Tower's Mistress, Natasha. The Heart-Emerlad around her neck, as well as her scales, colored so differently from the rest, marked her apart from those dragons attacking the Tower. She hoped it was enough that the magi did not mistakenly think she was against them.

She roared a challenge to several of the dragons, and three of the smaller ones were bold enough to answer her call. They attacked in unison, a blue and two reds. Airiana flexed her claws a moment before diving towards them, snapping powerful jaws and raking claws against delicate underbellies as she twisted to fly under them. The blue was able to land a blow to her rips with his powerful tail, knocking the dragoness off course.

An aerial roll helped her recover and she pumped her large wings to gain altitude over the threesome. She dove from her height, and while doing so, cast a spell of cold on one of the reds, freezing up its wings and causing it to plummet to the ground below. If the fall didn't kill it, those mage students who snuck from the dungeons below would, in its weakened condition.

As her dive steepened, Airiana opened her wings at the last moment, causing her to stop nearly in midair right in front of the blue. Dangerous jaws clamped at the other dragon's throat while claws tore at the wing membrane of his nearest wing. As they started to fall, Airiana deepened her bite, tearing out the throat of the blue before pushing off of him to fly upwards again.

The third dragon was diving down on her, intent on using her breathweapon of fire on Airiana. Seeing the intake of breath that signalled this, Airiana took her own, unleashing her fiery-ice up at the other dragoness. Fire caught in her throat, the red bellowed in pain as the fire overtook her, then the shock of ice spread across her body. Airiana flew upwards and raked claws on the hurt dragoness's underbelly and landing a heavy blow to the area of the red's chest that was just hit by Airiana's breathweapon. That combination proved to be too much, and as the red's chest began to cave in, she fell from the sky, life already having left her body.

Airiana roared again, pumping wings to gain altitude and looking for another opponent.

08/04/2005 4:25 AM

"that damn Daniel," Maho thought to himself."Martin is more then capable, he doesn't even need my sheild....." Maho lowered the shield and saw the battle taking place above, between the strange glittering dragon and the giaganitc red.

A burning desire to prove himself to Martin over took his emotions. He went up to the edge of the battlements, beyond the sheild, and felled dragon after dragon with his magic, and he was getting tired, but he needed to impress his secret love and out shine his competion.
A blue fell to his wrath and while he was preparing another spell, a black came flew right to him and spilled its deadly acid. Maho had escaped with his life but at a price, his whole body was seared by the acid, his clothing was stripped away, and his agony was unimaginable. he fell in front of Martin and his last thought before he was taken by the darkness was "i failed, he will never love me....."

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08/27/2005 10:33 AM

Martin glanced at the fallen mage at his feet, then stepped over him. Raising his arms, with staff in hand, Sorcery bloomed all about him. " This ends now, Dragons, run back to your Queen, let her know what She faces! She faces me! And all the might of High Sorcery. We have bested her Beasts! ", wave after wave of deadly cold and searing flames and concussive power surged from the small white robed mage. Dragons were scolded, wing membranes frozen, knocked from the skies like flies...... many started to retreat, fleeing from the rage of the Mages.

After the sky had cleared of the bringers of Chaos, Martin stopped his casting, and promptly fell face forward on the hard stone. A figure in black robes was at his side in a heart beat. " Martin! Can you hear me? Get up, come on...they've gone! ", was it emotion in his voice, had the Master of the Black Robes succomb to something as paltry as fear? Fear of loss?

Martin could only moan.

Natasha was ordering her Mages in some semblence of stucture, aiding those that were injured, removing those that were dead to the lower catacombs where a procession would be carried out at a later date to honour those Wizards whom died for the existence of Sorcery. " Get that mage some help! ", she pointed to Maho, " He's near death by the looks of him. ", Maho was taken away on the wings of magic to the Healing Quarters. Though mages had no healing spell that would be effective enough on this many wounded, they knew of poultirces and the modern miracles of medicine.

Destrustos still wages his battle against the strange dragon, and her power was all the stranger to him. " How can you possess such magic and might? Tell me! I am the Favoured of the Dark Queen, I am the strongest dragon on Earth! ", her sudden rise in power startled him somewhat, but he would not admit defeat or fear. Yet again he charged her, fire and spells flying in wild array towards the female dragon.

08/27/2005 4:47 PM

Glimmer dodged the attack, the flames merely dancing along her scales, spells striking shield after shield.

"I am the child of a God! Whilst you are only distantly decended from one..." Glimmer Roared, and abruptly switched tactics, from defending to an onslaught of Claws and magic...

Reni had dropped the shield, looking up at the remaining two dragons, then glancing at Martin, she made her way to the fallen mage.

"Do not fret... he has only exhausted himself, pulling the power from within instead of what is around him..." Reni said softly as she reached out, resting one hand on Martin's chest. Almost instantly, his breathing evened out, and deepened into sleep...

"There, he'll need plenty of rest after such a feat..." She said and again turned her blue gaze skyward.

08/28/2005 11:46 AM

Darkness, silent, still and calm darkness enveloped Maho. "am i dead?" he thought to himself, "obvouisly not.......what did i do, what possesed me to do what i did, never before that moment have i felt anything for Martin....but now it seems that......."

"ugh......." Maho opens his eyes a crack, and sharp lances of pain stabbed his head mercilessly. he quickly closed his eyes again."bah!!!" he thought to himself "i am like a helpless animal. i won't be reduced to such a satis!!" he rose from his bed rapidly alarming the nurse on duty. he blanked out and before he knew it he collapsed in front of Natasha, muttering Martins name.

09/09/2005 8:56 AM

Airiana bugled in triumph as the dragons fled the sky. Only two still battled on; Crystalamira and Destrustos. The dragoness was tempted to go to the fight and help to destroy the powerful red, but it seemed as if the crystal dragoness had everything under control.

The hybrid circled down to the tower and transformed back to look again like the human whose body she had taken over, but the dragoness still held control over the body. She went around to those fallen mages to help transport them to the infirmary.

Erica sat, pushed back into the back of her own mind, fuming. Airiana knew it, but continued to have full control of their shared body. Taking control as she had had angered the woman whose body she was apart of now, she knew, but the dragoness was more powerful and her ego could sometimes match that power, as it did right now.

How dare you just take control like that!! Erica screamed in her own mind. You may be apart of it now, but this is my body! You hear me?! Mine! You have no right to take full control like that!

The projected image of Airiana within the body's eyes flashed red. And what right, pray tell, human, hast thou to tell me what to do? You are a mortal; beneath me. I shall take control of this pathetic excuse for a body when and wherever I wish!

I created you!! Erica screamed, exasperated.

Then thou shouldst not have created something too powerful for thee to control. Thou mayest have created me, but thou hast made a being stronger, faster, and more intelligent. `Tis thy own fault.

09/13/2005 2:29 PM

He was not prepared.

Not for this.

The Great Red, Favoured of the Dark Queen, quailed.......almost. " You may be birthed from a God, but I am Destrustos! ", as he yelled, he rose to meet Glimmer, his own power surging in wave of magic and fire, rage and brute strength. Flashes of red and white, light and dark, all clashed. The very air burned with the intensity of the struggle, each great beast trying to gain the advantage over the other, both too stubborn and power filled to admit defeat.

The Tower shook violently as the concussions from their fighting carried through the air. This lasted but several minutes, as a red object fell heavily from the sky, the ground rushing up to meet the falling dragon, only at the last minute something opened to swallow the Red Devil Dragon. His Mistress most likely, saving her most loyal and powerful servant.

Glimmered had won. Naturally.

Martin's eyes opened slowly, Daniel looming over him. " You ok? ", the concerned tone in voice was enough to disarm the white mage completely, even as he struggled to rise on his own accord. " I'm fine... ", evidently not, a bout of dizziness seizing him so suddenly, the black robe reached out and caught him before hitting the stone. " Leave me, I'm fine I said! ", what had changed in the white robe? He would have accepted help at any other time. Even Natasha, having overheard the brief heated conversation, note the change in tone from Martin. " Martin, let him help you, that is an order. Daniel, take him below for now, to his chamber, make sure he rests as the child suggested. ", cool eyes of the Mistress rested on Reni, then a glance to her Mother in the sky.

" His friends will need rest also. ", at this her tone wavered somewhat, " I give you my thanks, this Tower would have surely fallen without your aid. ", she took in Reni and the two dragons. Turning on swift heels, she went back to seeing about bringing order to Chaos.

" Heather... ", Martin's voice was weak, but still he managed the word, " Where is she? Is she ok? ", at this, Daniels' eyes seemed to blaze with a cold ire, " I'll get her.... ", before he could finish, Martin grasped the black mages robes, who in turn looked to his lover, " Thank you Daniel....", a small smile reached Daniels lips, but it swiftly vanished.

11/06/2005 3:32 AM

Several hours had passed and Martin found himself once more in his room, sitting quietly. True he was tired and drained, but such was not what stilled his words, for there were many that roamed about in his turbulent mind. No, it was his actions that kept him silent, the power that staved off the questions he wanted to raise, the memories of holding that staff and exploding with the ecstacy of magic..... the spells, how had he known the magical words that would ignite the power? Only half remembered visions came to him, whispers uttering in his ear and mind, from a distant voice he did not recognise and yet it was all too familiar to him.

A shadow fell over him, raising his eyes, he suppressed a long sigh. " Daniel... what can I do for you? ", the dark mage merely glared at Martin, saying nothing for several moments until the right words caught up with him, " How did you manage to pull off a feat like that? No one has wielded the Staff of Magius in countless centuries, were did you pull such power from, White Robe? ", so this was not to be a lovers spat, it was a challenge from the Archmage.

" Does it matter, my Lord? ", he rose from his seat, all definace and arrogance. " The battle is won, at a mighty cost, but we are the victors. I would have thought you would be more concerned about the mages within your own black ranks? Surely a good number of them were killed in the assualt?! ", heated words, stars crossed his vision but he remained standing. " I don't know how I managed to use the staff, I don't know where the magic came from... I have never studied the spells I cast this day, yet I feel that I have known the words for a very long time... ", he paused as his throat constricted, tears came unbidden to his eyes, blurring his sight, he coughed..... then broke. " I don't know.... "

Daniel regarded the white robe with nothing more that an expressionless appraisal. Hard, cold eyes held no warmth or tenderness, envy and rage burned behind them though, at a cost. " You don't know? Those spells were once used by the Greatest Mage of my Order...of any Order! AND YOU DON'T KNOW?! What sort of idiot do you take me for Martin? ", he stopped as another presence entered the room, and Martin looked up from the spot he had fallen to.

" The kind of idiot, Daniel, that does not know when to stop. Especially as his lover is breaking before him. Leave us. ", Natashas' voice could have chilled a block of ice.

" I will not! "

" You will.", a muttered word and Daniel was forced to leave. " He's gone, Martin, get up now son, I have need of some answers. ", the more kindly words reached the young mage and he struggled into the seat once more. " My Lady, I'm sorry but I have no answers for you. I...I don#t know what happened up there, how I knew those spells or were the strength to cast them came from.. ", he sounded defeated and most definately tired and the Wizardess did not want to push him too far, for altogether different reasons. " I see. Well, I'll let you rest somewhat and then if you remember anything, come to me.... and stay away from Daniel for now. Let me deal with him. ", she smiled and edges closer, placing a hand on his shoulder, " You have always been my favourite apprentice, Martin, you did me pround up there and I have no doubt that many lives were saved thanks you and your friends. ", she left then on etheral wings.

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