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06/25/2005 9:34 AM

Because of my boredom and lack of knowing anyway else of appeasing it, I have decided to start a new thread. This thread is going to be based in Forgotten Realms.

For those who know Luni and mine characters, this thread is gonna start Talas and Darria Bo'Lilthe and is gonna take place after my thread Followers of Eilistraee that's on my site.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, lemme clue you in.

Talas Bo'Lilthe is a drow who came to the surface with his daughter, Utica, a few years ago. They lived in a small apartment in Waterdeep. There they built a small jewelry shop where merchants come and give them their jewels and the two drow make commission on the pieces while giving the merchants a good bit of what they make.

The Followers of Eilistraee found the two drow and introduced them to the church and the Dark Maiden. Talas and Utica were enthralled with all they learned and wanted to become part of the church. So, to prove that they were pure of heart, the Followers gave the two drow a mission to retrieve the Moonsword, the sacred sword of Eilistraee, in Evermeet.

While pondering how they were going to get on the surface elf island, they met a moon elf who had been attacked by bandits. They gave her a home and a small job to pay them back. However, Talas saw her beauty and knew how the people who lived around the area would react to her. So, he had her pretend to be his wife.

The Vhaerun priests found out about this deception and two of their priestesses went out to find the moon elf's father. They found her father and threatened that if the drow and moon elf didn't marry for real, they would kill him.

Fearful of her father's life, Darria agreed to marry Talas. And Talas agreed to marry her. And so they did in the Church of Eilistraee. It was one of the rarest times a drow had ever married. But, Talas didn't care. He had already grown to love Darria.

However, the Vhaerun priestesses decieved Darria and killed her father anyway.

All the while, Utica did not like the idea of her father getting married. When they finally sailed out to Evermeet, Utica began plotting her stepmother's death.

To make a long story short, they went to Evermeet, got the sword, and then Utica went about her plot. She almost had her stepmother when Talas stepped in and fought with Utica. It was a hard fight and both had suffered slash wounds. But, in the last instant, Utica had tripped and slid off the side of the cliff. So, Talas went to save his daughter. Utica looked up at her father and told him that she couldn't be saved, for she was in Lolth's clutches. She let go and died on the sharp rocks below.

With heavy hearts, Talas and Darria made their way back to Waterdeep.

And this is where our story will begin...

06/26/2005 4:45 PM

I'm in, of course. Here's Darria. :D

Name: Darria Starcatcher
Race: Moon Elf
Age: 258 years old
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Silver
Skin Color: Light Blue
Height: 5 foot 5
Family Origin: Silverymoon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Wizard

Background: Darria Starcatcher was born and raised in Silverymoon under the girth of the aristocrats. When she decided to become a Wizardress, her family was very happy, since they were all Wizards. Darria didn't like all the pampering she received from her family, so with her families blessing, she traveled to Waterdeep.

Once in Waterdeep, she met a drow family, Talas and Utica Bo'Lilthe. Seeing she had been attacked by road banits and had no food or home, Utica suggested to her Father that thet they take the Moonelf in. At first, Talas didn't like the idea, hating surface elves. But, then a plan formed. Since the drow pair had to go the the elven island of Evermeet, why not take the moonelf with them as the wife of Talas? So, upon Darria agreeing to help them, Talas and Darria married. At first, it was a fake marriage of convience, but soon the two actually fell in love.

Utica hated the moon elf loving her father, and vowed to kill her stepmother. She almost succeeded in Evermeet, but Talas intervined. In a hard fought battle on a cliffside, Talas defended his wife from his daughter. But, that's when the tragic happened. Utica slipped. Talas tried saving her, but the female refused, saying she was a child of Lolth. Utica O'Blithe fell to her death.

So, with sadness in in their hearts and the Sacred Moonsword in hand, Darria and Talas headed back to Waterdeep.

Personality: Good hearted. Being raised in an aristocrat household, Darria Starcatcher is used to being soft-spoken and polite, though she has a fiery spirit in her and has learned to fend for herself on her travels.

Appearance: Darria stands at 5 foot with an elegant grace about her, and has sharp green eyes and flowing silver hair. Preferring to cover her light blue skin in clothing in shades of white, green and brown, Darria also carries a longbow with her at all times.

Weapon(s): Elven Longbow, Elven Long Sword, Daggers

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06/27/2005 10:13 PM

As Talas hands the priestesses of Eilistraee the Moonsword, they, in turn, let him become a part of the church. But, they have a mission for Talas Bo'Lilthe and his new wife. The sacred Moonstone of Selune needs to be brought to the Moonwood in the Silver Marshes.

This task will bring them far more inland than Talas had ever been. But, on a happier note, the Moonwood is a large forest just north of Silverymoon, Darria's home. The followers of Selune live in the southern part of the Moonwood. Many evil lycanthropes will try to stop them, for the Moonstone has the power to control lycanthropes.

I don't want to give too much away, because then that would ruin the story. Besides, most of this will be revealed in the story itself.

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