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06/21/2005 9:24 PM

First, anyone can join, just post ur char. in the OOC/RECR thread
this story is based on my handwritten/typed series of books, read my chars bio to understand the book series

06/21/2005 9:30 PM

The sky was a deep purple color in this late of night. Kly was hoping to find some trees to shelter under, for purple skies brought rain. He had been on the road for about a month now, in search of Turi, the Speech Wizard. Kly knew only a few select words, for he grew up on the outskirts of an illiterate town.

He hefted his huge shirt up more, to serve as shelter for a few hundred yards, there were trees in the distance.

06/22/2005 8:16 PM

Shaded by the trees, Kly managed to round up some twigs to make a fire. He leaned his spear on a tree and started to drift off to sleep, when he heard a twitching noise to his left. In one quick; leap, grab, spin, and and slash, Kly managed to kill the bear that was sneaking up on him, or trying to. The bears torso was almost cleanly cut in half. He carefully used his spears blade to skin the bears hide. He then cut the meat in many sections, and started to roast the left arm on the fire.

06/27/2005 9:28 PM

Kly was eating the left arm quite fine, until the tree canopy roof started letting in rain, and more and more rain.

Kly hurried to wrap the rest of the bear meat in cloths that he had brought along with him. when he finished wrapping it all up, he ran deeper into the woods where he found an underground house.

he knocked on the door and waited until someone opened the door. the man was a short chubby old man who had little hair and a big belly. He moved aside and ushered Kly in the house quickly.
"What are you doing so deep into the woods? And what is in those cloths?" the man asked quizically
"rain...ran...see door...come in" Kly replied to the best of his ability
"Oooook...well then, have yourself a seat, and, oh my!" the man suttered seeing what was in the cloths

"well, we ahve something to eat at least" stated the man
"me...sleep...bed?" Kly asked shivering
'yes, in here, the man replied taking Kly into a bedroom filled with warmth.

Kly undressed after the man left and leaned his Nbou Gai next to the bed. He then crawled under the sheets and fell easily into a deep sleep

06/28/2005 9:23 AM

Kly undressed after the man left and leaned his Nbou Gai next to the bed. He then crawled under the sheets and fell easily into a deep sleep

OOC: This is Kly's dream of when he got his spear. This comes into play for him later.

Beautiful rolling hills were mounted on each side of him, a copse of trees to his northwest, and water to his southeast.

Kly looked forward, at the group of assassins. They weren't after him, but they killed some people in the nearby Arvendir. He followed them to this open field, perfect for a battle.

The assassins were armed with swords and axes. There was no way Kly would be able to kill them and live.

Kly sat there, thinking to himself. how would he kill these assassins for their crime? the local authorities couldn't do it, they were not skilled enough. All of a sudden Kly heard something to his southeast, near the water. He turned quickly hoping to see what made the noise, but all he saw was a spear sticking halfway out of the water. An odd spear, black shaft and curved blade...

When Kly turned his view back to where the assassins were, they were gone. but at least he now had an item to teach them their lesson with, if he ever met them again.

06/28/2005 3:51 PM

Kly woke up from his slumber feeling well rested, he climbed out of bed and gathered all his items, but noticed something. the man was gone, and so was all the bear meat. 'Oh well' He thought. there were many more bears to be eaten.

Kly was out of the house and walking towards Blanchewood in no time. He walked about three miles before he saw a massive gathering of tollocs, big hairy monsters with heads like boars, and feet like horses. From away it looked like a simple group of four hordes. that would mean about 1,600 trollocs, and for every horde is one myddraal so four myddraal...If he could kill two of the myddraal, then half of the trollocs would be without their leader, causing them to attack each other. 'Boy, that would help alot' Kly thought.

07/14/2005 7:50 AM

((Sorry if I haven't posted at all))

Damon was walking through the woods when he came across the fire. "Hmm someone been heres. Huh blood hmm someone was ether killed or tryed to fight and got away wounded." Damon got out and continued deper into the woods. As he aproched the hut the old man lived in he saw the hurd of monsters. "Hmm looks like he could use somes help." He pulled out his blades and ran to the side of the guy. "hey need some help"

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