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06/21/2005 6:48 PM

I saw some other people that are new here introduce themselvs so I guess it's only proper for me to do the same. You can call me Surge for short if you'd like. I'm not too new to roleplaying, I've never done it on this scale at least. Um...I guess thats all, see you guys around I guess.

06/22/2005 3:23 AM

Hi there, welcome aboard.

If you wanted a really interesting introduction to the RPGC, you should have posted this in the 'Welcome and Announcements' section over in the community forums. It never takes too long for the guys over there to turn your thread into something wierd and wonderful.

No matter, if you're here mainly for the RP's, this will do nicely.

Enjoy your stay, matey, may it be long and prosperous. :)

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06/25/2005 8:45 PM

Well hiya Surge - welcome to the RPGC! :) Glad you found your way here - it's always nice for folks to stop & introduce themselves before they start RP'ing.

Enjoy your time here!


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