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06/19/2005 2:32 PM

OOC: just post your OOC at the top of the page, post a char. Sheet either in your story like I did or the way I posted under this.
Use whatever way you like and as for rules just try to keep the spelling and grammar readable. You dont have to be the best speller just try your hardest or copy and paste it in word,and let there spell check do it for you.


A small girl chase her dog down the dirt trail, her little legs finding it hard to catch up to the puppy. The sun was setting behind the girl as she turned the bend. The dog stood still licking from the clear stream the little girl puts the tiny silver chain back on the dog.

Some where up the Road by a broken bridge:
The driver had been killed instantly but that didn’t stop his body from twitching. The transport truck lay on its side in the stream, the sound of police sirens somewhere in the distance. A large spilt lay in the roof of the truck a small wooden box lay in the river only one vile of the clear liquid remained UN-smashed.

Small sub-urban house:
The woman had Just put the food on the table when the small child entered the house. The puppy ran upstairs as the little girl entered the dining room....
Some where up the Road by a broken bridge
The two men stood inside the truck "what do you think it is Jim?" the man he called Jim bent down "I don't know, but the driver seemed to have fled the scene, doesn’t this look like medical fluid Joe? ". Jim stood up "J-Joe, what the HELL!" a man stood biting into Joe’s neck. Jim pulled out his gun as the man let go of Joe "Put your hands up!" Jim shouted at the man advancing toward him. Jim began to walk back "I said hands up!" Jim pointed his gun towards the man. Jim let off a show towards the mans leg, he didn't stop, Jim shot towards the mans arm but he continued to advance. Jim fired three more shots before silence....

Ricky Hallaway ran down the small hallway he could feel that something wasn't right. His cell was open and he and some other prisoners were left alone no guards to be found. Ricky searched the dining hall, the library, the weight station, but know guards. Most of the prisoners were confused but took no time to make their get away from the building.
Ricky stood in the warden’s office "where the hell is everyone?" Ricky mumbled. He looked out the window silence seemed to be everywhere, Ricky turned around and looked at the walls the wardens shotgun still hung there. Ricky walked over and took it off the stand that was holding it, was loaded. Ricky went back to the desk and smashed the top desk drawer with the butt of the gun. Ricky slid open the drawer a belt with an ammo stash lay there Ricky put on the belt discarding the ripped on he was previously using.
Ricky walked outside of the office the prison stood empty, Ricky looked around one last time before heading outside. An empty prison truck was in the yard to men Ricky slightly knew were hot-wiring it. The engine roared to life " I got it!" the thin one everyone called "Frankers" said to the bigger man. Ricky walked up to the door "mind if I come?" the two of the looked at him "get out of here you dam ex-cop" Frankers said sitting in the drivers seat. Ricky pointed the twelve- gauge at the two men "get out"....
The drive to town would take about twenty minuets their Ricky would get a fake ID, and new car and set of clothes from a set of people he knew. Something was going on the streets were clear of cars and the radio was all static. "Were the hell is everyone?" Ricky mumbled unaware that someone or something else was in the truck.

06/20/2005 5:52 PM

OOC" Ok here is my person but I have one question is this rpg kind of like Resident Evil?

Name: Hiro Sema
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 119
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes/Noticeable Fetchers
Head: White Headband
Torso: No shirt
Left Arm: Black wrist band
Right Arm: Black wrist band
Left Hand: nothing
Right Hand: nothing
Legs: Black Torn Pants
Feet: Bare

Primary: Kadochi
Secondary: Shrunken
Description of Weapon: Each engraved with kanji. The kanji reads an ancient spell.
Fighting Styles: Ti-qwan-do

History: Koji is an extremely smart kid. At age 15 he entered collage. Today he decided he would rather be with his friends then in collage with out them so he went back to high school and continued his studies there.

06/21/2005 7:57 AM

OOC" Ok here is my person but I have one question is this rpg kind of like Resident Evil?

OCC:Resident Evil and Dawn of the dead are basically the same anyways, except the fact one has an evil corporation and the other doesnt, so in a way yes this is like resident evil except we aren't going against Umbrella.

IC:Ricky reached over with his right hand and began twisting the radio knob, nothing it was like all the radio stations stopped broadcasting. A strange stound came from begind him, Ricky looked back. A man made his way towards Ricky, his face was very pale and his eye were light gray. Ricky looked back towards the road "I didn't know anyone else was one this bus" the man kept quiet but Ricky could here him move closer and closer. The man put a hand on Rickys shoulder, it was cold, colder then any mans hand should be on a summer day, Ricky loooked back as the man brought his head in to what looked like bite Ricky.
Ricky jerked the steering whele as he moved his head away from the man who was trying to bite him. The bus flew to the left side of the road and began to roll down the hill Rickys body was tossed from side to side of the bus.
OCC:Sorry if theres alot of spelling mistakes but i gtg so i typed this really quick.

06/21/2005 8:56 AM

OOC: thats all I wanted to know so I knew how we have to kill them lol

IC: IT was late and like always Koji had stayed after in school but today something was wrong there was no one else here the school was conpletly empty. as Koji walked along he herd a noise just thinking it was a rat he moved on his way but to his surprize a man jummped out of a locker. "Hello" Koji said woried. The man just stood there. "Hello" Koji repeted. Still nothing from the man as Koji was walking away the man attack trying to bite him. "He what the heel get off." Koji doged the man and remenbered back to his vedio games. He thought to him self [i]is this a zombie[/i]

06/21/2005 11:32 AM

The bus lay on its roof, Ricky pushed his body up and forced himself to stand. A gash above his right eye made Ricky rub his face. Ricky heard the man get up he turned and faced him "what the HELL is your problem, buddy?" the man kept the stupid look on his face as he advanced towards Ricky. Ricky had enough of this guy "I’m gonna knock you the hell out" he said walking towards the man.
Ricky brought his left arm back and slammed his fist into the mans face, the man fell to the ground. Ricky spit towards him, the man got back to his feet "Oh, ya want some more do ya" Ricky said jabbing straight at the mans face. The man said nothing, every time he fell he just got back up "what kind of freak are you?..."Ricky mumbled as the man got back up for a forth time.
Ricky brought his fist back one final time and struck the man again with all his might, the man crashed into the front window with his head, glass falling all around him. One chunk of glass remained it was about to fall on the mans head Ricky lunged forward trying to grab it but he missed be inches, the piece of glass pierced the mans head.
Ricky stood still he had just killed a man, he breaths were deep, he didn't want to kill him just rough him up. Ricky looked around his shotgun lay behind him he went over and picked it up. Ricky walked over to the man and pulled open the lever for the buss door it creaked open. Ricky was about to leave when the man grabbed his foot, Ricky looked down the man was trying to bite his foot. Ricky was stunned the man should have been dead, this was impossible. Ricky point the gun towards the mans head...

06/22/2005 7:40 AM

Koji ran the man was getting closer and trying to bite him. "Get the hell away from me." Koji yelled. Just then more came out of room 108. "Who the hell are you." Koji ran as fast as he could bursting out of the second story floor. As he fell to the ground he saw all the people gatherd around the school. "What the hell." koji landed right on top of two guys got up and ran befor any of them could get him. He ran as fast as he could he got to his house knowing alredy his mom had gone to the next town. He grabed his Kodochi from under his bed he grabed a bag and filled it with stuff he would need. He grabed his book on zombies to see if the people he saw were zombies. Koji saw a big fire ball go into the sky. He hopped on his bike and rode over to it. When he got there he saw the man get attacked by the other one. "He mister are u ok." he yelled

06/22/2005 12:06 PM

Hmm, a zombie RP? Not a bad place for newbies to sharpen their skills.
Mind if I give you guys a hand?

06/22/2005 1:25 PM

Hmm, a zombie RP? Not a bad place for newbies to sharpen their skills.
Mind if I give you guys a hand?

Occ:Ya sure the more the better.

06/22/2005 2:48 PM

yeah it should be better now

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