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06/17/2005 10:59 AM

(( ok I guess I will start this thing up))

In the past time humans and demons lived in peace. Until the day were the unthinkable was done a human and a demon had a kid. This was never to happen for the good of man kind for the people had no idea what would happen if this were to happen. So the humans declared war on the demons.

As always the humans were scared that something unnatural might be there savior. The humans never thought that the offspring of them could save them from what was coming. For in the mitts of the unknown there was a plot by the dark lord the evil of all for he was going to rid the world of good.

((Later on in the rpg there will be more on what happens it going to be like Josh finds some of his history or some thing like that.))

Its been 15 years since his birth. Hidden from civilization Josh. He knew what he was and he was afraid of what might happen.

"Mom, Dad were are you. Well I am going to town see ya later."
"Fine be back before dark"
"I will"

As he walked in to town he saw dark nights, servants of the dark lord.
"We have to find that kid" Josh could hear on of the knights talking. And he knew they were talking about him. "Got to stay low" He said to him self.

"Hey kid." On of the grads said to Josh.
"Yes" He replied trying to stay calm.
"Do you know of a Josh Umiaku of the Unichi Clan." ((He adopted by his aunt there will be more on that later.))
"No I don't sorry I can't be of surves." He said in a lie which he was told never to lie to an adult but he knew they wanted him for some reason.

As night hit the town and a day of playing with his friend Josh was tired and wanted to go home. On his way he saw smoke that came from his house. "NO" Josh yelled. His heart pounding. Racing to his home he saw his dad dead. The knights had beaten him to death. Then he saw his mom laying there almost dead. He ran over and held his moms head in his lap. Mommy...no Tears dropped from his eyes.

"Don't cry nephew. I will be going to a better place... take th...is." She hands him a map and a book and slowly fads away.

"Mommy..." Just then the knights came

"Come with us kid."

Josh just stood there petrified as they came he saw a shadow hidden about ready to do something.

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