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06/17/2005 5:02 AM

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The fully automated USS Halcyon now performed a silent, low geo-stationary orbit of LV-426, which was also know as Acheron. Minutes earlier, the crew had been released from their hypersleep capsules, where they had hibernated throughout the long journey.

Already fully briefed with the mission, the crew ran around carrying out final checks of their weapons and equpment. The soldiers took their positions inside the APC, which was then revesred up the ramp and locked into position inside the Drop-Ship by Corporal Smith.

As soon as everything was secured, a klaxon sounded as the Drop-Ship was moved into the airlock. Slowly the inner door closed behind the ship. Once sealed shut, the outer door slowly opened revealing the harsh world of LV-426 below them.

"Three..Two..." pilot Freuyh counted down.

"Steel yourselves," Sergeant Stevens encouraged his small squad around him.


Stomach were in mouths as the small ship lunged down towards the planet, but their harnesses held the crew firm throughout the temporary zero-gravity. The whole ship rocked and rattled as they hit the planet's harsh atmoshphere. LV-426 was well known for it's awful weather. Dark skies, howling wind and torrential rainfall were the norm here.

It didn't take long for the Drop-Ship to home in on the colony, now know as 'Hadley's New Hope'. The new colony was at least twice as big as the old 'Haldey's Hope', although different parts were in various stages of completion.

The Drop-Ship performed a quick combat landing on one of the many landing bays. The APC roared out as soon as it touched the ground, then the Drop-Ship quickly disappeared back up into the dark sky.

The APC stopped and six heavily armed and armoured marines dispersed. The marines split into two small squads of three. Squad one consisted of Sergeant Stevens and the two relatively new recruits, Ripkins and Crowe. Squad two consisted of Levine the Smart-Gun operator, Summerbell the medic, and rifleman Zephaniah.

Corporal Smith slowly drove the APC towards the colony, Captain Krennon sat at the rear in the small command centre, monitoring the soldiers actions through their helmet cameras.

Using the APC as cover, the two squads cautiously advanced on the mass sprawling network of buildings in front of them. The APC stopped.

"First squad, move out right, second squad left. I want you to split up and search individually. We have a lot of ground to cover and I want this done as quickly as possible," came their Captains orders over each soldiers helmet mounted com unit.

Sergeant Stevens tried to hide his uneasy feelings about this command, "You heard the man, let's move out!" he barked.

06/17/2005 4:46 PM

Leon crouched on the roof of the APC, removing the rebreather. Although the Dropships were kept pressurized during flight, they weren't kept at levels that human lungs could tollerate. He looked up through the heavy rain and flciked his visor down, immediately spotting a few sources of electronic irritation, but since they were completely still, they were probably control pads for the various moving machines used by the construction crew. He pulled the small directional mic off of the APC's roof and didnt bother clipping it back on his belt. Even if he had needed it the rain had turned it into a mulfuctioning piece of scrap. He checked to make sure the rain seal on his comm unit was working before tuning it into the marines comm chanel.

{eep frosty, we dont know whats out here. Squad two reporting a large entry door of to the left of the unit. Suggestions?}

Leon tuned them out, checking the safety on his repeater rifle was off. He leaned against the turret, using it as a rain shadow.

06/17/2005 5:58 PM

The weather was a lot different from the training sims and civil rebellions that Ripkins had grown accustomed to. He knew it would be different, but he hadnt expected this. It ws all new to him, but he welcomed every bit of it. Picking off targets from a distance was getting boring, he wanted some action, and hopefully this would do...

His mouth was moving as he chewed his gum, a good nerve calmer for him if there ever was one. It was too quiet for a colony, way too quiet. Something wasn't right, something deep inside told him that. He had heard rumors, but he wasn't even trying to think of those. Right now he was concerned on the mission at hand. ..

He had decided to grab a general grade pulse rifle before he exitted the APC, figuring that a little extra fire-power couldn't hurt. He moved with the others until he heard the voice over his com. He hated the helmets, he'd rather be wearing his tobag, but regulation regulation regulation. That was all he ever heard, so right now he would have to keep it on...

He moved on to the right, turning the safety off on this pulse rifle. He only had the clip that was in it, but he still had his other pistols and his trusty rifle strapped to his back. He moved forward through the rain to a security door, though apparently it had been jammed open. He didnt like the looks of it...

'You gettin this Cap'n?'

He said into his mic, looking over the door that on closer examination appeared to be bent inward, so that it couldnt be opened or closed. He flipped on the tac light on front of his rifle, since the flickering lights served to do little more than cast shadows that appeared to move. He kept moving through the halls, on the inside a bit nervous, but he wouldn't show it, his gum was a good magnet for that. If he saw anything he'd be ready for it...

06/17/2005 10:16 PM

Leon's visor registered a new moving point, but it was probably a tac light. Still he aimed down his rifle, using the small scale zoom abilities of the tri-view electronic visor to see that it indeed was a tac light. He switched back to the regular zoom and pulled the filter lense aside, only to see a bent up door. Wow. He rotated the filters back on, noting the multitude of still signals. He switched to private comm, reporting directly to his contact on the Halycon, who would forward the info to WY. The encryption trace ran down the side of his visor.

"This is Bug Hunter Leon Gareth on an espionage mission aboard the Halycon. I am currently sitting on a USCM APC watching two heavily armed marine squadrons examine a bent panel door. Now heres the big deal, its raining. And it doesnt rain on troop ships. My current location is just uuuuuh," He refered to the compass in his wrist watch," Just south of landing bay Gulf on Hadley's New Hope. Fowards to headquaters, middle man it back to me."

He hung up his encryptocom and then tuned his normal com back on. They were discussing the smashed door. Leon was fully in view but wasn't about to give a damn. He blanded in completely with the top deck of the APC and the only thing that would give him away was the light emanating from his Tri-View. He was made as long as he looked away and used his peripheral vision sensors.

06/19/2005 1:47 AM

Pulse Rifle at the ready Crowe advanced on the sprawling mass of the colony ahead off him. Not wanting to get too seperated from the rest of his squad he followed Ripkins to an entry point into the complex. Heart pounding fast in anticipation he leaned heavily on the wall alongside the entrance and pulled out his motion tracker...

06/19/2005 10:29 AM

Leon decided that inaction wouldn't help for now. He calmly dropped off the APC, avoiding the window bays. His cobat suit blended in with the environment wall enough so he wouldn't have to worry. He began moving swiftly but silently up behind the squad of marines. He made sure his repeater rifle was hot and that his motion tracker was working. When he reached the netrance, he didnt look back at the APC, because his Tri-View would give away his position. Nothing like three green lights in a triangle to pinpoint a man. He crouched, aiming his rifle at a Marine leaning against the wall and hopin he wouldn't turn around on him.

06/19/2005 11:30 AM

'You gettin this Cap'n?'

"Hold it there soldier," ordered the Captain, "Sergeant, form up squad one and proceed inside...Use your motion trackers."

Sergeant Stevens darted towards the door where the two soldiers waited. Crowe had his motion tracker ready, while Ripkins was providing cover. Stevens approached the heavy security door, then stopped for a second to examine it. It certainly didn't seem to have been made by any type of firearm.

"We're in position." he told the Captain. Giving his two new soldiers a quick reassuring nod, he moved himself into postion to take point. "Ripkins, watch our back," he whispered. "We're going in," he told the Captain.

06/19/2005 12:45 PM

Leon adjusted his target as each marine moved into position. They seemed to think they were fighting a human adversary. He stiffened as his company comm chipped in.

"Bug Hunter Gareth, this is WY Relay on board the Halcyon. Your orders are to aid the Marines as far as possible while leading them into a trap. Word of this can't get out. You are also to disable any ground to ship communications devices you can on their APC."

"Roger, Over and out Halcyon."

He turned and switched off his visor, lifting it off of his head and placing it in a pouch attatched to his web belt, which also held a day pack, canteen, sidearm and various pouches. With very little sound Leon began to creep back towards the APC, pulling a bolt cutter from his boot. With a slight scrape he hoisted himself onto the APC's roof and pulled his visor back down. Immediately he found the antena and it's feed wires. He noted the plate covering it and smiled, nothing he couldn't fix. There was a slight hissing noise as he used a liquid nitrogen spray to freeze a square of metal. He used a suction cup to suck off the brittle steel. The mess of wires that suddenly fell out of the oppening were confusing enough. Damn armored antenaes. If it had been standard a quick clip would have finished it but noooooo. He sighed and calmly reached in, fishing for the wire bundle leading from the antena. With a sudden jerk, he disconnected it and ripped it clean out of both ports. He shoved the wire into his daypack and readjusted the other wires in the hole. That done, he placed a small door opening charge he had found in his bag. Also he attached a remote beacon to it. All he had to do was hit a button, which he would do shortly. He dropped off of the APC and sprinted towards a smaller access panel he had seen earlier. He activated his remote, hearing the mild whump from behind him. The charge would merely shatter the panelling around the hole and wreck some of the wire bundles. Their tech would notice the missing comm wire, but Leon would just have to deal with that. He cracked open the access panel and checked for mobile signiatures before moving in rifle first. He came to a small fan opening and stashed the wire bundle from the APC's antenna and the charge remote. Leon geussed he was a hundred yards east of the Marine squad. He calmly began moving that direction, checking both his visor and motion sensor. After about ten minutes, he saw movement thirty meters away on his tracker and a tac light shining on the wall. He flicked his own tac light and crouched against the wall, aiming for the hall way, although his rifle's safety was on.

06/19/2005 2:02 PM

Captain Krennon blinked a few times in surprise as all the video screens in front of him suddenly fizzled into static.

"Holy shit, what now?" he cursed, "Stevens? Stevens? I've lost visuals, what's happening, can you hear me?"

Stevens stopped short, just as he was about to step into the doorway, "Loud and clear, sir. Must be a technical problem...Shall we proceed?"

"Hold on. Squad two, what's your status?"

"Loud and clear, sir. We're all okay here." medtech Summerbell answered.

"Okay, proceed with caution...and keep me informed." commanded Krennon. "Corporal Smith!" he shouted back to the APC driver. "See if you can find out what the problem is. I need visuals fixing asap."

06/19/2005 2:09 PM

Leon decided to change his roll as stalker to survivor, although it would be unlikely for him to have evaded the swarm, these guys didnt know that. He turned his tac light onto solid beam and shined it down the hallway so he would see any marine who came around the corner better. While his visor had some Light enhancing capacity, it wasn't nearly as strong as USCM issue and any marine on night vision would get s urprise when he rounded the bend. There was a slight scrape as Leon pulled his kinfe from his boot and started scrayching a bulkhead with it. The acid resistant blade made a hollow scraping noise that echoed up and down the hallway. Leon looked behind him, pretending he didnt know the marines were there and that he was looking for signs of hostiles.

06/19/2005 2:57 PM

'Roger that.'

He had said with out hesitation when he was told to watch the rear. He'd rather be taking point, but that was for the commanding officer to decide, and rear was fine with him for now. Not much was happening besides a few noises that he passed of as normal, though he still wasn't sure what they were. He didnt want to sound paranoid, however, because he knew if he had heard them so had the rest of the members on his squad...

Either way what happened next he wasn't really prepared for. His captains voice over the comm. caught him off guard when he announced visuals were down, but he had learned not to think of the worst thing that could have happened...

'Could be some sort of interference, Sarge.'

He said, trying to reassure himself as well as the others. He had been walking with his back to the others, at more of a slant rather, so he could keep a good eye on what was coming up behind the squad and at the same time get a good look at where he was going. At the moment his back was to them, talking to them wit hhis head cocked back a bit...

His rifle was leveled up about chest high in case anyone approached them, the safety off, trusting his steady finger which had helped him through so many situations before. Right now, however, his finger wasn't on the trigger, rather just above to allow for quick movement...

Now he heard something unsual, somethign different from the other sounds he had been hearing, but deep down he thought they were all related. Either way it sounded like a scraping noise, btu he wasn't quite sure what it was...

'Crowe, what are you gettin on that motion tracker? Yall hear that?'

He wasn't taking any chances, things were already weird enough as it was. The sound appeared to be coming from in front of them however. Maybe a decoy he thought? Who knew, but he was ready for anything, or so he thought...

06/20/2005 8:33 AM

Stevens put a steady finger to his lips, to hush his men. A quick glance over his shoulder confirmed that Crowe was picking up movement ahead of them.

As the three moved slowly and cautiously forward, Crowe suddenly nudged at the Sergeant. The one signal that they had been homing in on suddenly started to dart away from them. It was quickly replaced by multiple signals, further away, but coming towards them, fast.

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06/21/2005 11:40 AM

Crowe hesitated for a second stunned at the sheer number of signals he was picking up and more importantly how fast they were moving towards them. "Clear behind Ripkins, but we got one hell of a welcome party here and they seem all to eager to greet us". Letting the tracker fall to his side where it sat face up on its sling Crowe positioned himself to the side of Stevens. Weapon up in the aim and finger on the trigger he waited with a smile on his face and a look of excitement in his eyes.

06/21/2005 3:46 PM


It was the only word he could utter when he caught a slight glimpse of the scanners screen before Crowe let it drop to his side. It was more out of sheer disbelief than fear as he moved to the right side of the hallway, turning his attention to the front of the squad. By now he was chewing his gum pretty fast...

He barely had time to lean his pulse rifle against the wall in front him and draw his sniper rifle, switching to thermal, readying it to his shoulder and looking through the scope before something cut the corner ahead of them. He didnt really know what the hell it was, but wasn't looking to give it time for introductions...

A single shell casing hit the ground as the semi-automatic rifle sent a bullet down its barrel, loading a new one as the lead target dropped, now headless. He quickly turned his sights to another, doing it just the same as the last...

"Looks like we got ourselves a party boys, and they wanna dance!'

He said before turning his sights back on the targets, taking another clean out. He was excellent at long range warfare, but with the enemies closing there wasnt much he could do, except pick off more and more as they drove nearer. He had seven rounds left in the clip, if all else failed he could collapse the tunnel with a few explosive rounds...

06/21/2005 4:32 PM

Stevens urged his men to slowly retreat back down the hallway while still firing at the oncoming enemy.

"Second squad, what's your status?...We could use back-up here!" he managed to shout into his headset between bursts of fire.

"Roger that, Sarge, we're on our way!" replied the Smart-gun op, Levine.

Relieved that the other squad weren't under the same kind of attack, Stevens felt confident that the combined fire power of the three of them could hold off the attack until the others arrived.

Stevens took down target after target, but failed to notice a small shadow lurking in an air vent near to his left shoulder. Suddenly something sprang out towards his face, its long tail coiled firm around his neck. Stevens dropped his rifle and clutched at the thing. Too late. The face hugger's legs wrapped around his head with an iron grip. He dropped to his knees struggling and gasping for air.

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06/22/2005 10:35 AM

Leon had been about to give the marines a shock, standing up and exposing his filter. Nothing like a three eyed humanoid packing a rifle to startle someone. But suddenly multiple signals appeared on his visor's input screen.

"Oh crap."

He turned and ran as fast as he could. His suit had ampoules of a strong after shave attatched to the outside and he crushed one, blocking out his pheremones. With a violent swear, he crawled into a vent.

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06/22/2005 11:44 AM

Crowe spun round to his side just in time to see his Sergeant fall to his knee's. "Sarge is down, we need that back-up now Levine" he screamed into his comm unit before turning back to the approaching threat. Burst after burst he fired into the oncoming tide of alien creatures until, realising that it wasnt enough he took a chance. "Grenade" he shouted to Ripkins as he started to empty his grenade launcher into the horde.

06/22/2005 12:56 PM

He was able to down two more but it wasn't helping any, for they seemed to just keep coming. 'What in the hell are these things?,' he thought between shots as two more went down. 'Three shots left,' he thought as he looked over to the Sarge just as he heard Crowe's words...

'Damnit, Sarge, hang on!'

He said as he quickly knelt down, unloading one of the tranquilizers hoistered in the clips on his thighs as he slung his rifle over his shoulder, stabbing the thing that was on Stevens face with it in hopes that it would loosen its grip. He grabbed the back of the collar of Stevens armor with his left hand as he helped him back through the tunnel, at the same time grabbing his rifle with his right...

It wouldnt be accurate, but it was sure as hell better than nothing he thought as he shot into the dark, the tac light and grenade explosions only providing erie shadows only seen in nightmares. He had a good grip on the Sarge and for now seemed to be making good ground, with his fire and Crowe's grenades...

'Crowe, nail those rafters. Cave the bastards in!'

He screamed as he fired. If they could do that they may very well survive for now, at least with enough time to re-group and gather what was going on...

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06/22/2005 3:42 PM

Any response over the radio from the second squad went unheard as Crowe's grenades shook the whole corridor. Huge shards of metal flew in all directions as one of them hit the rafters above. The sound of grinding metal filled the corridor as the ceiling finally gave way almost crushing Crowe in the process.

By the time Ripkins managed to drag Stevens back outside into the howling wind and rain, the Sergeant's legs had gave way completely. He slumped heavily to the ground unconscious, the facehugger still holding firm, seemingly unaffected by the tranquilizer.

There was no sign of the second squad yet, but Corporal Smith had already pulled the APC up just outside the doorway.

Captain Krennon flung the APC door open. "Get in!" he screamed.

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06/23/2005 10:14 AM

Crowe covering from the rear was hot on Ripkins' heels as he reached the doorway, a look of relief could be seen on his face as he spun around and caught sight of the APC. Satisfied for the moment at least that the aliens could'nt reach them he quickly helped Ripkins scoop up there unconsious comrade and heave him into the vehicle. Once inside Crowe got his first clear look at the 'thing' attached to Stevens' face, "what the fuck!" were the only words that could escape his mouth.

06/23/2005 11:11 AM

Captain Krennon watched in stunned horror as the two marines heaved the Sergeant's body into the APC. He opened his mouth as if to ask something, but stopped as the sound of automatic gun fire grabbed their attention.

Cries of help and panic filled their radio headsets as the second squad we're now attacked by more creatures.

"They've got us trapped, we can't get out!" one of them screamed.

"Second squad, what's happening?" Krennon pleaded into his headset.

In the confusion of combat, none of the three marines could managed a reply that made any sense, the devastating Smart-Gun drowning out the sound of their Captain.

06/23/2005 12:47 PM

70 miles above the fight scene, a large, rather muscular man got into a space pod. He closed the door and was jettosened out into space. It floated there for a few minutes before a jet came on, hurtling the pod towards the planet.

Back on the planet of the surface, a small part of the clouds were ripped open as a small silver and red speck flew threw them. The pod landed into the mountains about two miles away,sending up a huge cloud of snow. The pod could no longer be seen, but anyone in the bounty business knew exactly what it meant. With it's distinct markings of a gun and an arrow crossed, Chris Semples, the bounty hunter, had made his way to the planet. Apparantley, there was some sort of treasure to be had on this planet.

Chris stepped out of his pod, and looked up. It was a rather good landing this time, having only gone fifteen feet down through the snow, he gave himself a small congradulations. Usually it was thirty or forty, which meant he would have to dig his way out of his hole. This time, however, he could merely fly out. He switched on his jetpack, and a few seconds later, was standing on the surface of the snow. He had chosen his favorite suit for this particular job. It was a form fitting suit, made of a metal that was as light as any normal shirt and shorts, yet as strong as the chromium armor from the planet h-034. He had spent quite a pretty penny on this particular one, but it was worth it. He switched his helmet to a scope mode. He looked around and spotted the battles scattered around the land. One in particular, though, was the one he was looking for. He turned off his helmet, and his sight went back to normal. He pulled a small disc out of his pod, which promptly turned into a board about four feet in length and two feet wide, shaped in an oval. He took off his jetpack and attached it to the oval and stepped on. He pressed a button on his arm, and a little computer screen popped up. After entering a few commands, the pod shot back into space. His jetpack then turned on, and hovered there for a few moments before shooting down the mountain side, Chris keeping perfect balance on it. He would be at the battle in no time.

06/23/2005 10:06 PM

The run down the corridor seemed like an eternity, with whatever the hell was after them only yards away and his Sarge being strangled by something. He wasn't as worried about the pursuers, however, for he always had confidence in his comrades, and Crowe was doing a fine suppression job...

When he finally did reach the door he was glad to turn and see the APC, and even more glad when Crowe helped him get Stevens into the APC. The damn thing was still on his face when they finally got the door closed, and all Ripkins could do was try to get it off...

'I dunno, but help me get the damn thing off!'

He said to Crowe as he pried his fingers between its tail and the Sarge's neck. He couldn't tell if he was doing any good, but knew that if he didnt do something that Sarge was definately a goner. At the same time he heard the voice of Squad Two, along wit the rapid fire of guns...

'Cap'n, get this damn thing as close to them as you can!'

He said as he took a brief second to look up towards the driver. He wasn't about to let anyone else die here today, and he was willing to give his life if need be to save his other marines...

06/24/2005 10:45 AM

Corporal Smith turned the APC around and started driving towards the building where the second squad had entered.

As Ripkins tried to pry the creature from Stevens's face, it's tail only proceeded to become tighter around the unconscious Sergeant's neck.

"Stop or it'll kill him!" shouted Krennon. "We need to get him to a cryo chamber, or the colony med lab."

Smith stopped the APC right outside the building. It was the water purifying plant, a huge tall building, with a labarynth of underground tunnels and pipes below it. These tunnels and pipes also coincided with the colony's sewer system and stretched out spanning below the whole of the site.

Smith jumped up from the driver's seat, grabing his rifle and entering the passenger area to look at his befallen Sergeant.

"What now?" he asked the others.

Krennon just shook his head in disbelief. "I don't know?"

06/24/2005 11:17 AM


He said, realizing the same thing that the Captain must have as he released his grip of whatever he was holding on to. The Sarge was still breathing at least, but that thing sure wasnt letting go until it felt like it. He sat back in a seat as Smith began to talk, waiting for him to finish before he started to speak, someone had to take charge...

'Me and Crowe go check on Squad Two... You two get Stevens to the nearest cryo chamber, theres gotta be one somewhere.'

He said as he looked at the others, not wanting to take charge so abruptly...

'Unless you've got a better idea?'

He said, raising his rifle as he moved towards the door, waiting to see what the others wanted to do...

06/24/2005 11:43 AM

"I like your spirit Ripkins," said the Captain, regaining some of his composure.

"I think you've got a bright future ahead of you, if we make it out of this shit alive." he said, grabbing the pulse rifle from Corporal Smith's hands with a wry smile.

"Officially I'm still in charge here, and I'm not going to let you two go in there alone. I'm coming in too. Smith, forget the med lab, it's too dangerous. Get the APC back to the landing site and recall the drop-ship. Get Stevens onboard and the pilots can fly him back to the Halcyon where they can freeze him in one of the cryo chambers onboard. Once you've got Stevens into the drop-ship, get the APC back here where we'll meet you once we've found the others. All going well, we can drive back to the landing site and wait for the drop-ship to come back for us and get the fuck out of this place."

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06/24/2005 10:10 PM

Semples surfed along the landscape, dodging obstacles and the occasional small animal. He pulled out his backup rifle, an automatic machine gun - bad at long range, but the standard issued weapon back on his homeplanet. As he neared his target, the APC became larger and larger in his view, until he was only a quarter of a mile away. He took a look around the building, and jumped off of the board. He attacked the backpack to his back, and pressed a button on the board. it folded up until it was the shape of a very narrow triangle about three and a half feet long. He attatched that to his wrist. He then made the short jog towards the building.

After a few short moments, he was over at the water purification plant. He pulled out his small theft kit and took a small tube with a metal hose pointing straight up, below the main tube. The small hose shot out gas, while the tube created a spark, making a small flame. He used his backpack to fly up to the second story of the building, where he cut a hole in the wall. He climbed in and began to make his way to the second squadron's fight.

After a minute or two of walking through tangled pipes, he came upon them. They were barely holding off some monsters, which were attacking agressively. He put his battle rifle away and took out his pulse rifle. He sat down, taking his time, and set up the stand. No one in this fight was important, but they would be here soon enough, and he had to make sure it was safe enough for them. He took aim and began picking off some of the creatures, making sure his bullets blended in with those of the marines.

06/25/2005 9:40 AM

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06/25/2005 10:44 AM

(OOC: Back for a day, oh, and how would they recall the drop ship? I dissabled the comm aray on the APC. Unless you can get to the comm post or a guard post in the colony. And yes there is snow at higher altitudes, although its a deserted world, no life at all.)

Leon punched the loose grate out, scanning for neural signals before squirming out into the rain. He turned and looked around. He was at the purification plant. The marines were heading towards him. He jogged out into the open, waving his arms. He began running towards the APC, his rifle raised. He was hoping he could get to the APC before any Aliens showed up.

"Specialist Leon Garret requesting permission to tag along."

He jumped and pulled hiself onto the roof one handed, plugging an alien who had crawled out of a grate high on the wall. It fell in a spray of acid and crumbled on the ground.

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06/25/2005 1:58 PM

Captain Krennon jumped out of the APC, pointing his pulse rifle at him, he eyed up the stranger suspiciously.

"Explain yourself? What are you doing here? Are you Weylan-Yutani?"

He glanced across at the remains of the felled alien, watching the acidic blood eat into the ground, then tured back to Garret questioningly.

06/25/2005 2:55 PM

Leon answered by pointing his own rifle down at the captain. His expression was inscrutible behind the three green lenses of his filter.

"Yeah I'm Weyland-Yutani. I managed to survive these bastards. They've been tormenting our ships and colonies for a while. You shouldn't have come here."

He lowered his rifle, clicking on the safety.

"So, you gonna let me in Captain, or am I going to have to stand up here and get soaked even worse than I am?"

06/25/2005 11:22 PM

'I think we'll all be getting medals outta this one, Cap'n'

He said at the captain's previous statement about his bright future. He was only doing his job, only trying to save his comrades, and he'd do that any day. Over these past few years of training and such he had learned to clal them family, brother, and he would do anything for his family, even a new one like this...

'Sounds like a plan then'

He said chambering a round as he turned to the door, only to see Leon outside it. His rifle instinctively targetted his head as the captain moved out to talk to him. He was glad to see his rifle lower as Ripkins himself clicked his safety on. He studied him for a moment as him and the captain spoke...

'He looks pretty well armed for a normal survivor, Cap'n. Id opt to play dumb now though, we could use all the men we can get, lets just keep an eye on him.'

He said turning his mouth away from them as he spoke into his com to the captain, hinting at the various equipment Leon had across his body. This way he figured that Leon wouldnt be able to hear him. He really didnt care where he was from, as long as he wasn't against them. The more bullets flying for them, the better he figured.

06/26/2005 2:16 AM

Pulse rifle reloaded and ready to enter hell for the second time today Crowe looked over at Smith "just remember to come back for us ok" and then glancing down at the creature "and be careful, there's alot worse out their than these 'facehuggers'".

Just as he was about to exit the vehicle Ripkins' words came over the comm unit. Pulse rifle up and ready Crowe waited at the door of the APC for his Captain's next move.

06/26/2005 8:59 AM

"Too right we shouldn't have come here," said Krennon, lowering his rifle. "Three of our fellow marines are in big trouble inside that hydro plant, and we're not leaving here without them," he said pointing at the open doorway which was silent now.

"You seem well armed and must be capable of looking after yourself to have lasted this long. Help us find them and you'll book yourself a ticket out of this hell hole along with us. What do you say?"

06/26/2005 2:39 PM

Leon snarled into his comm at the sniper.

"I can hear you buddy. Yes I'm well armed for a survivor, but thats why I survived."

He looked at the plant, fiddling with his rifle as he did. His tri-view picked out the tac lights and the scope of the marines weapons. He clicked his tounge thoughtfully, rotating the max zoom into the view position.

"Trust me, if you cant hear anything from in there, theyre already past help. Do any of your men have a spider looking thing attactched to their face?"

He dropped off of the APC, keeping his rifle pointed at the hydro plant. There would probably be a few scout drones headed for them now. Either that or a swarm of xenomorphs.

"Captain, I suggest you get your men back into the APC and get moving. You don't want to stay on this planet any longer then you have too."

His encryptocom vibrated in his ear.

"Hold on Captain."

He switched his comm unit off and began conversing with the WY higher ups.

"Bug Hunter Garreth, new orders. You are too infest the marines in anyway possible, lead them too the hive maybe. Either way, they can't leave this planet alive."


He flicked his comm back on, smirking beneath his mask.

"Ok, better Idea. We'll go see if we can save your men, but nobody goes anywhere without the rest of the unit. That includes the command staff. Saddle up Captain, your friends wont last long where they're being taken."

He began strolling towards the plant doors, looking around for aliens all the while. Damn he was good. Hopefully the marine captain would insist on the command staff remaining in the APC. Then they'd all get eaten.

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06/26/2005 3:46 PM

Krennon chose not to mention the facehugger. He was already starting to dislike this guy, but hell, they needed all the help they could get right now. Either way, he wasn't about to start taking orders from him though.

"Corporal Smith, proceed with the plan to get Stevens back to the Halcyon, then meet us back here asap. Ripkins, Crowe, let's do this."

Krennon turned and began following Garret into the plant.

"Levine?...Summerbell?...Zephaniah?...Are you recieving me?" he checked again on his radio. Still there was no reply.

Corporal Smith wished his comrades good luck, then slammed the heavy APC door shut. He gave the unconscious Sergeant Stevens a final glance, before seating himself in the drivers seat in order to make his way back to the landing site.

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06/26/2005 11:33 PM

Semples' helmet made a quiet chime. He pressed a button and began to intercept some words. "They...Be...Dead..."

He didn't gather much other than that, but he DID get a lock on who sent it. Once he got close enough, he would know exactly who it was. He packed up his gun, reassured that the marines would get reinforcements. He began to make his way out, to find out who had sent that message.

06/26/2005 11:56 PM

Leon switched on his tracer light. Each of his bullets was coated with tracer dust that showed up well in high lighting. The only difference between his lights and the marines, was a couple of watts of output. He crouched in the doorway, ignoring the other marines. The less contact he made, the less likely he was to give a shit. With a mild grunt, he pulled up one of the floor panels and looked under it. Ok. His visor was showing distant activity, and he didn't like it one bit.

"You guys may want to keep alert. And if your crazy enough to wander off alone, bring a grenade."

06/27/2005 2:57 AM

Captain Krennon moved up close behind Garret. It had been a long time since he had been 'on the ground' involved in a real combat situation. He knew what to do, but he was a little rusty. More used to being sat in the command centre watching the monitors and giving out orders.

Gripping his rifle tightly, his heart pounded fast and his eyes darted around the dark water purifying plant. He wondered if all the moving machine parts and flowing water pipes would affect the use the motion trackers. He didn't feel too confident they would be much use here.

06/27/2005 11:00 AM

There was still something that stood out about this new 'survivor.' The simple fact that he intercepted their comm. transmitions stood out a bit, but that wasnt impossible. He was curious what was going on under that mask, but he figured for now he would just go with it, but keep an eye on him nonetheless.

'Yes sir, Cap'n.'

He said, ignoring Leon's smug remark as he moved up to cover the flank. He was better at that, because he cold see what was coming from a distance and take them out before they came within a dangerous range, but he really didnt like Leon leading them. It wasnt his team, so why in the hell was he taking point? Cap'n knew best he thought, for now anyways.

His rifle was levelled to the rear as he moved, ready for anything that would come from behind, and turned so he could see in front of him a bit. He heard Leon's words but didnt say anything. It was obvious he didnt like or trust him

06/27/2005 3:49 PM

Leon glanced at his motion tracker and snorted. It was registering motion left right and centre. He flicked it off and returned his gaze to the surroundings. Even though he had been trained to do this, he hated hunting for the hive. It was always the hardest part of exterminating these little black bastards.

"Damn it's getting warm in here."

He had never had to hunt in this kind of complex. Usually these guys were in a ship, or a swamp or some odd forest setting, but he had never done colony warfare outside of a sim. Still he knew what that meant. He pulled off an ampoule of aftershave and smashed it against his chest, splashing himself with the pheremone nulling scent. He clicked off his tracer light, there wasn't a point to tracing his shots. He didn't need lighting anyways, his visor provided enough light amplification anyways.

"Anyone here using incinerator units?"

He loved burning these bugs, although they stank when they roasted.

06/28/2005 9:24 AM

"Anyone here using incinerator units?"

Krennon shook his head in response to Garret's question.

As the four moved deeper into the dark hydro plant, the sound of fast flowing water got louder and louder. They noticed quite a few bullet holes here and there, some of which had hit a number of the larger pipes. The high pressure of the water made it spray out from the pipes in jets of various different directions all over the place.

Next they came upon a small staircase. Looking down they could see that this part of the plant was slightly flooded. Krennon was the first to slowly move down the staircase and into the waist heigh water. No sooner had he stepped off the last step, then something grabbed at him from below, pulling him down under the water.

The others aimed their rifles to shoot, but there was no way they could without the risk of hitting their struggling Captain.

06/28/2005 3:11 PM

Lance Corporal Sipes crept slowly through the water towards towards the diection that where he had heard the gunfire from. He was sure, certain, that he had heard pulserifle fire farther down. He had heard splashes earlier, but figured it was just those things passing by, until now. He moved stealthily, slowly, and cautiously despite his own urge to charge forward screaming to try and catch the attention of whoever had come. Though his trek was, to him at least, long and uncertain, he did not wish to go back to that cramped room of which he had been holding out the last little while.

No, he needed to move, that was one of the first rules of survival, keep moving. for hundreds of years, SERE school had saved lives of men in all services. Though the picture had changed from icy forest or infinite desert to add the void of space did not change the basic principles of Survival, Evasion, Resist, Escape had not changes. One of the biggest in the Evasion catagory was to keep moving. Or maybe that was his own impatience talking, but it didn't matter now, hope was just up ahead.

Sipes stopped dead in his tracks with sudden horror sprawled across his face. He hadn't noticed before, reflecting on the 'old days', but now it was harshley clear, he was being stalked. He hesitated but for that singel second then turned sharply with his pistol out, making a single quickdraw motion. There was nothing in his immediate sites, but something was back there, fallowing him. 'Run!' he though to himself as panick began to seep into his head 'No, stay calm, your just being paranoid'. He knew somewhere in the back of conscious thught that he was lying to himself, but whatever it took to keep him from panicking would work.

He heard something further off, back the way he was facing. The noise he heard was violent splashing, but not much else. This he decided was not paranoia. He fried several shots in the direction the splashes were coming from, not really expecting to hit something, but maybe to make whatever it was hesitate. 'Hesitate!' he bagan telling himself 'Its not fucking human it wont hesitate, it wont hesitate to rip your fuckin' head off now move!' He turned sharpley now and bolted in the opposit direction of the noises hoping to god that whatever was up ahead would be human.

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06/29/2005 12:07 PM

'Okay, I think I've lost them' Lance Corporal Sipes tried to stop himself in mid-sprint by bringing his left foot down abruptly. This was a mistake. His right leg continued to move forward, faster and farther then the opposite leg could balance, ending with the lifesaver slipping in the water and tripping himself. His legs flew out from under him and he fell squarely on his back. He sat staring at the ceiling for what seemed to him, to be quite some time, but was really not even a minute. He blinked hard then sat up slowly before straightening himself completely “Shit…”

He took off the BDU jacket he was wearing and shook as much water off it as he could before slinging it on his medi-pack and continuing to walk in the opposite direction of the previous noises. As the pain subsided and he decided on the option of just keep moving, he began noticing traces of a struggle that carried on down the hall as far as he could see.

Bullet holes of different sizes littered the hallways, and every once in a while a much larger hole would show up. The green residue around the holes, the way they were cut, and the size were a bit puzzling to the medic, but it wasn’t the time to be investigating holes. Whatever was back there was moving too, and no matter what Sipes told himself, he was sure it was fallowing.

The holes that sprinkled the corridor seemed to become less frequent, and not as scattered. Maybe some security or marine forces had fought it out until at this point the aliens had begun to thin out. That was all the medic could think of, that’s all his brain would allow him to think of. He had sworn he’d seen body parts and the blood that was splattered ever so apparent in neat crimson spikes on the walls was to obvious to just wisp away like a bad dream. But his brain simply wouldn’t accept it, and that’s the only reason he was able to continue his job.

He decided it was enough after this point. The bullet holes were all but non-existent, but the corridor just kept going on and on into uncertainty and darkness. He checked all the doors as he moved until he found one where the access console was broken off and the locks read green. He entered the door with gun drawn and immediately tried to lock the door behind him. It was useless, someone had obviously hacked the thing, but did it hastily and without much care, it would be impossible to close it without professional training, equipment, and time.

He checked the room and found a couple of empty magazines and not much more. He seemed to be in a small waiting room that no doubt led to a much larger room, maybe an office, or more likely a security checkpoint in this place. The door to the next room had been hacked, but was locked. No problem.

06/29/2005 1:19 PM


Out on the landing field, Corporal Smith waited inside the APC, as the Drop-Ship made a quick landing nearby.

Luckily Pilot Freuyh had insisted on doing a few sweeps over the colony and surrounding area before returning to the Halcyon. After hearing all the trouble over the radio, they had decided not to return to the Halcyon at all, but to keep patrolling over the colony incase they were needed. They had enough fuel to last several hours before having to return to the Halcyon to refuel.

Corporal Smith had contacted them using his standard wireless personal radio, without having to use the APC's sabotaged off-world comms antenna. He explained the situation that they needed to get Sergeant Stevens into a cryo chamber as quickly as possible.

The Drop-Ship touched down, then lowered it's loading ramp. Smith quickly drove the APC into position on the ramp, it lifted the APC up inside the Drop-Ship, then shut again.

Pilot Freuyh stayed in the cockpit ready for take-off, while Pilot Barker moved to the APC door to help offload Stevens.

Corporal Smith had insisted on himself and the APC remaining at the colony and not going back to the Halcyon without the other marines. They could come out of the purifying plant at any time, and would need him back there as quickly as possible.

Smith opened the APC door and the two of them heaved the unconscious Stevens out into position in the Drop-Ship. As they set him down, Barker suddenly turned upon hearing a noise behind the APC. All he saw were teeth coming towards him, as an alien smashed it's inner jaws into his skull, killing him instantly.

Corporal Smith's quick reactions saved him as he emptied his pulse rifle into the fiend before it could do the same to him. The armoured piercing rounds tore the creature to pieces and ricoched around the hull.

"Fuck!" screamed Smith ducking to avoid bouncing bullets. He jumped back to his feet in horror as he realised he'd shot clean through the side of the Drop-Ship. Acid blood from the alien had sprayed all along the hull too, and was eating more holes right before his eyes. He looked down at the remains of the alien. It was bubbling and hissing and slowly sinking into the floor!

06/29/2005 10:04 PM

Semples jumped out of the building just in time to see the creature fly into the drop ship. He jumped off of the building, landing near the ship, only to hear the sound of bullets ripping through the hull of the ship. He ran to the door, and saw the alien, dead, sinking into the floor. He grabbed the part of the alien that was least covered with blood and flung it out of the ship. The acid got onto his hands, burning his skin a little, but it wasn't much, so he wiped it on the ground, and stood back up.

"We need to get this stuff outta the ship before it destroys it. By the looks of this place, we have about a minute before the damage is too extensive to make it into space, or even off the ground."

He looked around for a moment.

"Well? Don't just stand there, help me out!"

06/30/2005 12:24 AM

He was starting to get worried now. The noises seemed to fade then reappear just as the Lance Corporal thought it was gone. Was it one of the monsters? A survivor? Or it could even just be his own paranoia taking over again.

The door should have been easier to hack since someone had already gone through it once, but irritation was starting to grow on him as he continued to struggle with it. Hacking simple computers, consoles, and locks was part of AIT which all marines had to go through before being deployed. Unfortunatley, the ability to hack this door had been drowned in the knowledge of his other skills.

There was a low beeb then a hiss as the doors began to slide open. The corporal unholstered his sidearm and studied the room from the other side of the door. He shifted from the left side of the door to the opposite side to try and see as much inside the room as he could. He didn't take this much caution entering the room he was in now, but he felt something this time. He wasnt' sure what, but it was there.

He moved to the left side of the door one more time and took a step forward when he suddenly withdrew. There was a dark sillouette out the corner of his eye. He couldn't tell what it was, but if he could see it, it would surley be able to see him. He prepaired himself for a fight, checking how many bullets he had in the gun despite the fact that he had not fired it more then a few times.

He lept into the room and froze. His eyes widened at what he saw before him. Standing not 2 meters from him, right where he placed the dark figure, was a fellow USCM marine. He also seemed shocked by the arrival of another human because he was shaking ever so slightly with his pulserifle leveled right at the corproals unarmored chest. He hadn't noticed it until just now, but Sipes had been holding his breath, and this marine had probably done the same. The marine opposite of him seemed just as nervouse as him, and the lance corporal didn't know how the other would react. So he stood there, a pistol pointed at his comrade, a pulserifle pointed at him, the only real working door wide open and solid silence for the first time.

At least this told the corporal that it was his paranoid mind he was hering.

06/30/2005 9:08 AM

Private Summerbell's finger half squeezed at the trigger. A tiny fraction more pressure and the guy infront of him would have been a goner.

He should have realised that the thing to enter the room was a human, by the way he hacked the control console to gain entry. Surely these creatures weren't capable of that.

Unfortunately Mark Summerbell wasn't capable of thinking straight right now. His panic filled mind was slowly giving in to the sedative drug he'd taken minutes ago. His uncontrolable shaking was now beginning to ease off.

Summerbell removed his finger from the trigger, lowering his rifle, he pulled the man inside.

"Shut the door," he snapped. "Don't let them get in here!"

06/30/2005 10:24 AM


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06/30/2005 3:29 PM

Sipes does not respond to the other mans demand immediatley, but soon he also begins to calm down. He puts away the pistol then turns quickley and shuts the door locking it once it seals.

He turns back to the other marine and sudies him, looking over his uniform for identification. The first thing that catches his eyes is the badge of a combat medic. A grin slowly crosses his face and he grabs the mans hand and starts shaking vigorously. "Lance Corporal Sipes, Combat Lifesaver."

He wasn't sure how the other would react, but stumbling onto another human at all was a bit unusual, much less another medic.

07/01/2005 9:28 AM

"What?...er...Private Summerbell...Mark...erm...What are you doing here?" he muttered. Summerbell's eyes were becoming glassy and unfocused as he spoke. "We need to get out of here. If we stay here, they'll think we're dead. They'll leave without us. We can't let them leave without us." he continued mumbling. Not waiting for Sipes to reply, he stumbled over to the control pannel of the door and began fumbling at it clumsily.

07/01/2005 4:38 PM

'Oh shit! Captain!'

He screamed as he jumped down the staircase after his captain, of course only to miss him as he hit the wall allowing water to splash all over him. He had managed to switch the rifle in his hands, jumping with his right hand out and he rifle in his left, landing on his shoulder as he quickly positioned his rifle to shoot...

The water was moving, btu that could have been from a number of things. The whole experience was starting to get to him now as his captain was no longer in sight. He moved to a prone position as he watched over the waters, looking back up to Crowe as he did so...

'Crowe, watch my flank...'

He said in a lowered voice, restraining all base actions to scream. The Sarge was already gone, and he wasn't gonna let the Captain go... At least not without a fight anyways. He stood up, moving down a small staircase into a waist deep death trap of water...

Lights flickered above him and every piece of debris that hit his foot seemed like something was grabbing him. He turned his scope to thermals as he watched ahead, waiting for Crowe to follow him before he moved on. This shit was going all wrong as he scanned the waters ahead of them. THERE! Something had just passed around a corner ahead of them...

'Up there... Come on Crowe, follow me and keep an eye on that motion tracker.'

He said calmly, trying to bring some relief to both of them...

'And try to keep the chatter down, these bastards aren't taking us. Well be back at base in no time.'

07/03/2005 5:00 AM

"Lets do this Ripkins" Crowe replied as he slowly descended into the murky water below. "Trackers no good, too much interference from the water pipes", he said before letting it drop again to his side. Heart pumping fast with a mixture of adrenaline and fear Crowe followed Ripkins into the tunnel ahead. 'This is a bad idea' he thought to himself as he tried his best to cover all directions at once.

07/03/2005 11:58 AM

The vice-like grip of the alien pulled Captain Krennon along under the water by his ankle at a frightening speed. The creature's tail had already slashed the pulse rifle from his grasp and now he was helpless, unarmed and unable to see in the dark gushing waters.

Thrashing and struggling for his life, but to no avail, Krennon could hold his breath no longer. His lungs filled with cold water, and consciousness slowly slipped away from him.

The alien quickly made it's way deeper into the twisting, winding dark tunnels, towards the hive.

07/04/2005 8:43 PM

'Well shit...'

He whispered as he kept moving, keeping his rifle leveled on his shoulder as he clicked the scope over to thermals. In the cold water, anything with the least amount of heat would show up, and thats why he did so...

The lights flickered and flashed, white lights flickering and red emergency lights flashing. It was just like every horror movie he'd ever seen, and he was just waiting for something to pop out and scare the shit out of him...

At this rate he was more in the mood to shoot first and ask questions later, and his finger was rested solemnly on the trigger, safety off. It was a good thing he had a steady finger, and patience at that, but right now he was just trying to hide his true feelings...

Truth was his heart was racing and he was starting to sweat. He unstrapped his helmet and eased it into the water, where it blended in perfectly with the other debri. He kept his opticals and comm, however, though he wasnt sure if they would be any use...

He kept moving towards the corner, and when he got there braced himself on the wall. He quickly shot into the hallway to see nothing but another long corridor. His thermal scope was blurred by hot water pipes but he would still be able to see anything hot that moved...

'Where the hell did he go?'

He whispered, more to himself than anything. The eerie silence had begun to get to him, and he just wanted to hear another voice besides the clanks and clings of pipes and moving metal. He tried hard to keep his composure, but he was sure that Crowe could tell he was a bit shaken...

It really didnt matter, as far as they knew they could be the last living members of the ground party, and they had to stick together. His fear was beginning to merge with the adrenaline that began to pump through his veins, and he was ready for something to happen, instead of nothing at all, and to top it off he still had to find his captain...

07/05/2005 9:04 AM

The alien dragged the unconscious Krennon to a dead end in the corridor. Half above, and half below the water level, was a busted metal grill leading into a very dark tunnel. The tunnel was the entrance to the colony sewer system. The alien scurried inside, still dragging it's victim.

Inside the tunnel, the walls were lined with a strange web-like material, which sort of resembled some kind of solidified liquid resin or glue. It was probably some foul creation of the alien creatures, to mark the territory of their nearby hive.

Smaller tunnels, feeding in filthy stinking water connected from the left and right at regular intervals. Still, the alien continued along this downward sloping main sewer tunnel.

The tunnel finally opened into a large chamber where the water was being filtered away into large drains in the floor. Beyond the drains, the floor was relatively dry, where about twenty to thirty knee high egg shaped objects were scattered around.

The alien dragged Krennon to this dry area, where it immediately began fixing him into the web like structure on the wall. In the darkness, off to the left and right, two more figures could be seen already secured in this way, they were the marines Levine and Zephaniah. Beyond them, there was a large archway leading into a second chamber where it was too dark to see what lurked inside...

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07/08/2005 4:10 PM

Alan was sure he was lost in this seemingly endless maze of tunnels, running and turning and wading through water, but it all looked the same. WAIT! What was that? As he rounded the last corner he managed to catch a glimpse of a tail vanishing into a smaller tunnel at the end of the dead end hall...


He whispered back to Crowe who was not far behind. He scanned the hall over with his thermals quickly before strapping his rifle on his back. He drew both pistols on his hips as he walked forward, clicking the tac lights on each of his pistols as he neared the smaller tunnel...

He shined the light down the dark tunnel, and saw nothing that appeared immediately dangerous...

'Crowe, stay here and cover this end. Ill make my way down and radio you when alls clear...'

He said before taking a deep breath, he thoguht about the situation. It seemed alot like a trap, but his captain was down there, and that was enough incentive to drive him forward. Sticking one leg into the tunnel and easing the other in, he braced himself with his elbows as he eased down...


He said rather loudly as he lost his footing, his elbows following as he began to slide down the slick tunnel. The water and whatever the hell was all over the walls made it damn near impossible to keep footing...

As he slid his left arm hit against one of the other tunnels branching from this one, creating a rather large gash on his upper left arm as he lost grip of the pistol in his left hand. Thank god the he could see the end now, as he tried to slow himself down but to no avail...

He hit the floor and rolled, landing on his stomach as he quickly jumped up and moved back to sit back against the wall under the tunnel he had came from. It seems a stealthy approach hadnt worked for him as he looked up, an alien was running straight for him...


He screamed as he raised his right arm, firing off six shoots right into the chest of it. The damn thing just kept coming. He fired twice more and he could tell it was dead, though the momentum kept it coming straight for him...

Luckily he had seen the others like it before after they were dead, and smartly lunged out of the way to avoid the acidic blood which ran through their veins. He picked up his other pistol and holstered it as he looked at his arm...

It would need some stitches, but he wasnt all that worried about it now as he scanned the room. He knew he had alerted other aliens, but he wasnt worried about that either as his lights flashed on his fellow marines, stuck to the wall with the same stuff that was in the tunnel...

'Crowe, high tail it down here, and watch your footing. The first bastard you see is already dead, and his body's at the foot of the tunnel exit.'

He said in a regular voice into the comm. Stealth was out the window now, and he was just concerned about getting His captain and others off the wall as he holstered his other pistol and starting pulling away at the stuff on his captains body...

He and the others appeared to still be breathing, but it could just be the adrenaline pumping through his viens. He was counting on Crowe to cover him as soon as he exitted the tunnel, thoguh he was still watching both of his sides for other enemies that might show up, especially the tunnel that was just beyond where he stood...

07/09/2005 10:35 AM

Ripkins tore franticly at the strange web like substance with some success. Krennon's eyes flickered, then he started coughing loudly, water spilling out from his lungs. His arms and legs began flailing, as he fought to break free from his hold.

"Ripkins? Is that you?" Levine croaked weakly from over to the right.

"Get us out of here!" cried Zephaniah, to the left.

Ripkins heard a strange cracking and pealing sound come from Zephaniah's direction. He turned in time to see a facehugger leap from one of the many eggs scattered around the chamber, towards Private Zephaniah. His screams were muffled as the thing latched itself on the young soldier's face.

Krennon's arms were free now, but his legs were still stuck fast as he continued coughing loudly. A few more seconds and Ripkins could surely have him free.

07/10/2005 1:19 PM

The water that came from Krennons lungs splashed off of his face as he worked to get him free. He was sure he could have him out in just a few more seconds, if his damn arm would stop hurting...

Just then he heard Levine, and shortly after Zephaniah from the other direction. At least he knew where they were, and that made him feel a bit more relieved, thoguh it would only get worse soon...

'Yeah guys, its me. Im gettin you guys outta here, just hang in there.'

He said as he dropped to his knees in front of Krennon, skinning the rest of the mold off of him as Krennon fell on top of him. He quickly raised up and sat him back against the wall as he realized what had happened to Zephaniah...

'Hang on Zeph!'

He screamed as he rushed towards him, realizing it had come from the egg like thign in front of him as he drew his pistol. Two quick shots and the each egg in front of Krennon and Levine exploded, leaving him one shot in his right pistol as he holstered it...

He knew tranqs wouldnt do anything, and the more he had fought the one on Sarge it just got tighter, so he focused only on freeign him from the sticky stuff that held him there...

His arm was aching now, and it was getting hard to pull anything with it. It would be practically useless with a pistol, and whats more he was getting worried about Crowe, who still hadnt shown up...


He said over the comm, hoping to get something out of him...

'Ive foudn the others, I need you down here ASAP...'

He said, a bit of panic in his voice thoguh he fought to hide it. He would have to get Levine out as well before the other eggs hatched, then they would be in really deep shit...

'Cap'n, think you could help Levine out?'

He said, not able to turn and see his facial expression. He was focused on getting Zeph free as he finally freed his arms. He quickly caught them incase they tried to go to the thing wrapped around his neck, like every instinct would tell him to do...

'Zeph, you gotta trust me on this one. Dont fight it, trust me...'

He didnt know what else to say, but he wanted to try and give him some bit of hope until he could get them free and out of harms way, or of the eggs at any rate...

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07/10/2005 2:28 PM

'Cap'n, think you could help Levine out?'

"Im onto it," answered Krennon, still half choking. He staggered over to Levine and began ripping at the web.

Ripkins felt Zeph's arms become weak as the facehugger began to incapacitate him. Ripkins removed the last of the web from Zeph, and he slumped forward into his arms virtually unconscious now.

Krennon managed to free Levine's arms quite quickly, then the determined soldier managed to forcefully wriggle free. Once back on his feet, Levine pushed the Captain over towards Ripkins and Zeph.

"Quick! Get him out'a here! I'm gonna blow this place!" shouted Levine. Having lost his Smart-Gun when being captured, the only weapons he had left were a bunch of grenades. He removed a couple from his body harness and turned to face the archway behind them.

The now unarmed Krennon ran over to aid Ripkins in dragging Zeph back towards the slippery water filled tunnel.

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07/10/2005 2:55 PM

'Hang on Zeph.'

He said as Zeph fell onto him. He moved to pick him up with his right arm, stopping as he turned to hear Levines words...

'Here, grabbed him and help me out.'

He said rather loudly to the Cap'n as he nodded back to Levine, pulling Zeph back to lean him against the wall next to the tunnel. Once there he moved over in front of Zeph, trying to figure out how to get it off...

'Damn it! How do we get this thing off!?'

He said as he looked over at Krennon, realizing he was unarmed...

'Here, take this.'

He said, grabbing the loaded pistol from his left holster and handing it to him...

'I cant use the damn thing anyways.'

He said, looking back over at Zeph's limp, helpless body, and the thing that appeared to be somehow keeping him knocked out...

07/10/2005 3:21 PM

'Damn it! How do we get this thing off!?'

"There's no time for that now. Let's just drag him up the tunnel." answered Krennon.

'Here, take this.'

He said, grabbing the loaded pistol from his left holster and handing it to him...

'I cant use the damn thing anyways.'

Krennon took the pistol in one hand. With his other arm he grabbed Zeph around the waist and set off up the tunnel.

"Ripkins, help," he gasped, struggling. Private Zephaniah was quite a big guy even without all his body armour.

"Shit! They're coming!" Levine screamed from behind them. Moments later there was a huge deafening explosion from inside the archway where he had already throw one of the grenades.

07/11/2005 1:01 PM


He said as he started up the tunnel, behind both of them so he could push him up and still keep a good cover fire. He knew it would be hard, hell, it was hard enough to keep a grip goign down, but up? His legs were still sticking out the tunnel when he heard Levine...

'Hang on to him Cap'n!'

He yelled as he slid back down and out, luckily landing on his feet this time as he realized what he was talking about. He only had one round left in his pistol and there was no time to reload...

'Levine, into that tunnel, on tha double!'

He screamed as he quickly unloaded the last clip, taking the single round and sticking it in his pocket before loading a new magazine. He raised up his pistol in his right hand, and swung his left hand up to steady it, whatever help it did...

He saw what Levine had been talking about, and quickly popped off two shots at the lead Aliens heads. He wasnt sure if it had killed them, but he knew it had slowed them down none the less. They would have to get into that tunnel if they were ever goign to survive...

07/11/2005 2:01 PM

'Levine, into that tunnel, on tha double!'

"After you," Levine insisted with a grin. The transformation in the Smart-Gun operator's appearance was remarkable. From looking near to death's door not minutes ago, now his eyes were wide and looked almost like he was enjoying himself.

He lobbed another grenade not quite so far this time. It landed amongst the eggs where the marines had been trapped. More aliens were coming through the archway and approaching this area quickly, while a couple more of the eggs were starting to hatch.

"Move!" he screamed, pushing Ripkins into the tunnel before the grenade could go off.

07/11/2005 2:10 PM


He screamed as he saw the grenade land in the middle of the eggs...

'If you insist'

He managed to pop off as he jumped into the tunnel scuttling up. As he caught the weight of Zeph he slowed down a bit, but he had planned on it anyway. He was waiting for Levine, to make sure he was alright and could make it up the tunnel...

07/11/2005 2:46 PM


The whole tunnel seemed to shake as the grenade went off behind them. Krennon lost his footing for a second, but luckily Ripkins was close behind to take Zeph's weight.

Finding his feet again, Krennon continued to heave the unconscious Zeph upwards with Ripkins's help.

Levine wasn't far behind either. He nudged up close behind Ripkins and began fumbling around with another grenade.

"Bastard's won't take us alive this time!" he snarled.

07/11/2005 3:00 PM

Ripkins already knew too well what happened if you lost your footing, and it wasnt going to happen again, dispite the explosion or Zeph's weight. Adrenaline was kicking in now, driving out the pain from left arm thoguh he still wouldnt be able to use it much...

In all the comotion he barely heard Levine, managing to catch a glimpse of what he was doing...

'No Levine, they ain't gonna take us at all. Calm down, Ive gotcha...'

He said, reaching down with his right arm to help him out, both up the tunnel and mentally. He had been through alot, hell they all had, but Ripkins hadn't even begun to go through what they had...

'Crowe... Crowe? Come in! Damnit!'

He screamed into the comm. Whatever was keeping Crowe from replying couldnt be good, and he was afraid whatever it was might still be at the head of the tunnel...

'Cap'n, heads up at the top of the tunnel. We might have company.'

He said, not wanting to frighten anyone, btu they had to know. There was no use in holding anything like that back now. The shit was flying, and they were right in the middle of it...

07/11/2005 3:24 PM

Krennon continued to lead the way up the tunnel. With one arm he dragged Zeph, while in the other hand he held ready the pistol that Ripkins had given him.

Each of them slipped a few more times, but working together they managed to finally reach the broken grill at the top.

Pistol first, Krennon climbed through and stumbled back out into the corridor. Checking quickly, it seemed clear but there was no sign of Crowe. He turned around to help drag Zeph through the grill.

Levine glanced over his shoulder and saw something moving behind him at the foot of the tunnel. "Quick, they're on us!" He frantically pushed Ripkins forward with one hand. With the other hand he flicked the detonator switch of the grenade with his thumb, then threw it behind him.

07/11/2005 3:39 PM

He quickly pushed with his legs, enough to force Zeph out of the tunnel as he heard Levines words. He shuffled around to place his feet outside of the tunnel entrance, so he could reach back down full length to grab Levine, though at the same time keep a grip and allow the others to help pull them out...

'Levine quick! Grab my hand!'

He shouted back down to Levine, extending his hand as far as it would go. He still wasnt quite sure how he had positioned himself the way he had, but he was glad he did. He knew he could get Levine out, if only he would grab his hand...

07/12/2005 9:35 AM

Levine slipped as he sprang forward.

'Levine quick! Grab my hand!'

Luckily he managed to extend his hand in time and clutched onto Ripkins for his life. From behind, Krennon pulled Ripkins out of the tunnel, and naturally, Levine followed.

Just then the grenade went off. The explosion sent a jet of flames up through the tunnel and into the corridor. The three of them splashed into the water on top of each other, narrowly avoiding the flames which lasted only a second.

The three of them quickly got back up onto their feet.

"Levine, help me with him," ordered Krennon, rushing over to pull Zeph back up out of the water where he had left him. "Ripkins, lead the way. Get us out of this place!"

07/12/2005 7:31 PM

Garret had calmly slipped into a maintenance tunnel and left the group to die. all he had to do was get to the surface and remove the APC command staff. He began to climb up the ladder. He spoke once into his comm unit.

"Good bye captain."

He began the short climb that would bring him to the main floor and exit. His visor's periferals were scanning movement and ranging it as too far away to be a threat. He had completed his objective! He was sure

07/13/2005 9:25 AM

Corporal Smith stood shocked, watching the acid melting through the Drop-Ship floor. It was like nothing he had ever seen!

Pilot Freuyh darted out of the cockpit to find out what was going on. She stopped short just behind Smith. Looking down, she first noticed the body of Elliott Barker, her co-pilot and friend. Then she saw the alien remains melting into the floor!

"Come on we've got to get out'a here!" shouted Smith, coming back to his senses.

"The fuel tank's under there!" she cried.

"I know! Move!" he snapped.

Smith grabbed at the unconscious Sergeant Stevens, he heaved him up and almost threw him back into the APC. Freuyh sprinted over and hit a button to lower the ramp, before hopping into the APC just behind him. She slammed the heavy APC door shut behind her as Smith jumped into the driving seat and started the engine.

The APC rumbled down the ramp and shot out of the Drop-Ship and across the landing field. Smith began heading back towards the water purifying plant as fast as possible.

They were no sooner clear of the Drop-Ship, when it burst into flames and then exploded...

07/13/2005 12:57 PM

Leon reached the surface only to see an APC roaring right for him. He ducked into a niche and pulled himself out of the path as fast as he could, barey evading death. Crazy driver would be dead soon anyways. Aliens would get in no matter what. There was always a way in. He heard a muffled explosion and guessed that was the dropship going. Easy work now.

07/13/2005 2:07 PM

Private Summerbell staggered out through the door, not waiting to see if Lance Corporal Sipes was following. In all the confusion when his team mates had been captured, he couldn't exactly remember which way he had came from? Lights flickered on and off in every room and corridor.

Reaching a T junction, Summerbell stopped to wipe the sweat from his brow. He had no idea how to get out of this place, and if he didn't soon, he was sure he'd be left here to die.

A dark shadow caught his eye down the corridor off to his left. Summerbell fired his pulse rifle aimlessly as he ran off in the opposite direction.

07/14/2005 1:45 AM

Corporal Smith drove the APC right up to the main entrance of the water plant. He parked it side on, with the side door right opposite to the entrance.

He stayed seated in the driver's seat, keeping the engine running, ready for a quick get away.

"Freuyh, how the Sarge doing?" he called over.

"I don't know? He's alive still. What the heck is that thing? And what's it DOING to him?" she called back.

"Just keep an eye on it, okay?" he warned. "Why don't you try the command room, see if you can get in radio contact with anyone? Tell them we're right outside here waiting."

"Okay, I'm on to it," she replied.

07/14/2005 2:57 PM

Leon swore as the slug smashed through his canteen. He had moved from the APC encounter to the complex to stalk any survivors. And one had ended up shooting at him. He dropped into the crawlspace under the walkway and began moving quietly through the shadows , following sumerbell along with his rifle leveled at the end of the crawl space. His visor wasnt seeing anything and his motion tracker was only catching summerbell. Good, Leon could play with this one. He hissed loudly, imitating an alien egzactly.

07/14/2005 3:19 PM

Upon hearing the loud hiss behind him, Summerbell actually tripped over his own feet. He quickly but clumsily got back up again, then ran off blindly down the corridor, firing a few more pulse rifle bursts behind him without turning to aim.

07/14/2005 3:24 PM

Leon smiled and ran faster, moving past summer bell and grabbing the panneling of the floor. With an enormous wrench, he pushed it up right infront of summerbell, hoping to trip him. He pulled out his knife and prepared to stab through the floor grate with it.

07/15/2005 8:17 AM

Unfortunately for Private Summerbell, he happend to glance over his shoulder again at this vital moment. He turned back just in time to see the floor grate lift up in front of him, but he had no time to react.

His shins whacked painfully into the grill, tripping him, and sending his pulse rifle flying from his hands across the corridor.

07/15/2005 10:06 AM

Leon shoved his knife through a gap in the panneling, putting it right where Summerbell's stomach would land. He pulled out his combat magnum and rose out of the hole, aiming at the hopefully wounded Summerbell's head.

"I told you you shouldn't have come here."

07/17/2005 12:05 PM

Even thought Summerbell fell directly onto the blade, it couldn't penetrate his tough body armour. He quickly rolled over onto his back to face his attacker.

"I told you you shouldn't have come here."

"Wait! What are you doing?" Summerbell raised his hands as if to surrender. The look of terror on his face was replaced by that of confusion.

07/17/2005 12:59 PM

Leon sighted down the barrel of the two stage magnum, squeezing to the first stage point.

"We told you to stay off so we could come in and bombard the place but you dumbass military guys just dont ever think right."

He smiled behind his face mask.

"Good bye."

Leon squeezed the trigger to second stage, releasing the seers and sending the bullet straight at Summerbell's head.

07/17/2005 2:08 PM

"We told you to stay off so we could come in and bombard the place but you dumbass military guys just dont ever think right."

"Good bye."

Summerbell's dumb, confused look turned back to that of horror as he realised the man's intentions. Staring helplessly down the barrel of the magnum, he watched the man squeeze the trigger, unable to react, his life was ended in an instant.

Summerbell slumped down onto his back, his arms out wide from where he had been holding them up to surrender. The entry hole in his forehead was small, but the bullet tore right through his head. The back of his head ripped wide open and blood poured out, through onto the floor grill and down below.

07/17/2005 3:15 PM

Leon re-holstered his handgun. He grabbed the marine's feet and dragged him back, dumping into the hole from the missing floor panel and putting the panel back in place. His visor showed a couple of moving signiatures off in the distance and they weren't tac lights. He decided now would be a good time to leave and find the rest of the Marines so he could finish them off and flee to the surface. WY would advise him from there. He turned and began jogging back the way he had came, his rifle out in front of him and ready to fire.

07/18/2005 12:30 PM

(OOC: Robinson has informed me he doesn't have time to continue with the RP. He has asked me to either take control of Crowe, or to kill him off).

Crowe watched Ripkins disappear through the broken grill into the dark tunnel. Before following, he scanned the corridor behind them again with his motion tracker. Although it was still being hindered by interferance, he was sure he was picking up a strong signal moving around not far behind.

"Ripkins, wait a second!" he called down into the tunnel.

Crowe heard a sudden slipping sound followed by a splash far down below.

"Shit," he cursed under his breath. Just as he was about to climb into the tunnel after Ripkins, when he heard a burst of what sounded like pulse rifle fire in the distance. Quickly double checking the motion scanner, he was sure it must be one of the missing marines, and by the sounds of it they needed help right away. Crowe had but a split second to decide what to do.

"Ripkins, hang in there, I think I've found one of second squad!" he said, charging off down the corridor.
"Ripkins?" he tried again. For some reason his radio didn't seem to be working, but he didn't have time to figure out why, just yet.

Crowe turned a corner, he headed up a set of stairs onto a dry walkway, still following the reading on his motion tracker. He heard another burst of pulse rifle fire as a second reading came into range. Both of the signals seemed to be moving away from him at high speed now, the second one quickly gaining on the first. As they met, they both seemed to stop dead and disappear for a few seconds. Crowe heard a single gunshot not too far away. Seconds later, the remaining signal darted away quickly.

Crowe slowed right down, he approached the area where the one had disappeared more cautiously. Strange, there was no sign of a dead alien. Crowe checked around on the walls and ceiling, half expecting a facehugger to spring out from somewhere any second...

07/18/2005 12:37 PM

Leon looked down at his motion tracker and blinked. Someone was following him. He stopped and crouched in a niche, scraping his knife on the wall silently to attract the marine or whatever it was. His repeater rifle aimed along the hallway as he waited for his next victim.

07/19/2005 9:27 AM

Before Crowe had the chance to notice the bloodstain on the floor panel, he was suddenly alerted by a scraping sound up ahead. He quickly dived to one side for cover, aiming his pulse rifle up the corridor in the direction of the sound. Keeping one eye on the motion tracker, he waited...

07/19/2005 9:47 PM

The blast had of course knocked him on his feet, but he was able to get up rather quickly as he surveyed the area. Not a trace of Crowe, damn. At any rate he had to get him and the others out, and as fast as possible. His pistol was still holstered, and his rifle was on his back as he raised his hand to press the comm. earpiece against his ear...

He thought he could hear something, but couldnt tell much aside from the entrance of the water plant...

'What was that? Repeat that last transmition, whoever you are...'

He wasnt quite sure who had sent it, with all this metal in here and the other problems they were having it was nearly impossible to tell...

'Alright, come on you guys... We're gettin' outta here.'

He said with one last look back at his squad mates as he unholstered his pistol, using it in his right hand, the tac light on. His left arm was bleeding quite well now, and to add to it it was hurting quite a bit but he had to push through, he had to. He allowed it to hang limp as he stalked cautiously through the tunnels...

The damn things all looked the same to him, the lights, the debris, the pipes, EVERYTHING. His rifle was useless at such close quarters, and that just served to piss him off more. He hoped that there was nothing around him and his squad but without a motion tracker that was impossible...

He thought he was headed onto the right track as he saw a set of stairs, stopping as he talked to the others, his pistol still leveled in front of him...

'This looks like where I came down at, but I cant be sure, so more of those things may be up there. Levine, take my two grenades, and Krennon, you already have my pistol. We may need to leave Zeph here til we give the alls clear, that may be best...'

He whispered back, half talking to himself as he did to them. So many decisions and no time to think, and its not like these were ordinary decisions, but they had the same basis He unstrapped his two grenades as he holstered his pistol, giving them to Levine as he quickly drew the pistol again. Little did they know that the stair case they were looking at was the one Crowe had just ran up minutes before...

07/20/2005 8:29 AM

'This looks like where I came down at, but I cant be sure, so more of those things may be up there. Levine, take my two grenades, and Krennon, you already have my pistol. We may need to leave Zeph here til we give the alls clear, that may be best...'

"I'm not sure about that Ripkins? Those things seem to have made the tunnels and lower levels their lair. Right now they could be looking for another way up since we blew that tunnel, back there? I think we should stay together and get Zeph outa here as quick as possible. I'm willing to gamble the route ahead's clear. I don't want to leave anyone behind." said Krennon.

'What was that? Repeat that last transmition, whoever you are...'

"Ripkins! This is Freuyh. The APC's waiting just outside. What's happening in there?" the transmission crackled into his ear, becoming slightly clearer now.

07/20/2005 5:35 PM

'Your right, we're not gonna leave anyone else behind. I think your right about the tunnels anyway, I doubt they would come this way after a blast like that anyway, if any are still left down there...'

He said, moving his hand back to his earpiece, deciphering the radio transmission as such...

-"...kins! Th.. is Freuyh. T.. APC's ....... .ust outside. What's happening .. ..ere?"-

It wasnt the best but he was sure it was Freuyh, and he could understand enoguh to reply back...

'Freuyh, this is Ripkins. Ive got the Cap'n, Levine, and Zeph, and Zeph has the same problem as Sarge. Motion trackers are a negative with all this machinery down here, even if we had one, and all these damn tunnels look the same. Anyway yal can get a read out on our local? I repeat, anyway yall can get a read out on our local...'

He said, starting to move forward, not wanting to stay in the same spot for too long. He got to the stairs, and stopped, waiting for the others to get to the foot of them...

'Ill take point, yall watch my back and keep about a stairsets distance apart...'

He whispered back as he walked up the first set of stairs, exitting the water as it dripped to the floor. He quickly moved the pistol in his right hand up the other set of stairs that was above him. It seemed clear and he gave the all clear sign, signalling the others to move up as he walked up the other set...

At the top was another hall way, where they could either turn left or right. He peeped out against the right wall of the staircase, not seeing anythign that stood out as he waited for the others as well as a radio transmission reply from Freuyh...

07/21/2005 9:48 AM

'Ill take point, yall watch my back and keep about a stairsets distance apart...'

"You got it. I hope you can remember how to get out of here, coz I sure to hell can't" said Krennon.

Levine was busy removing Zeph's body armour to make him easier to carry. He stopped for a second and shrugged, obviously having no idea which way the exit was either.

Once Levine had finished, the pair began slowly following Ripkins while still dragging Zeph along between them. Levine took most of the unconscious man's weight, while Krennon regularly checked over his shoulder with the pistol Ripkins had given him. So far, so good, the coast seemed clear.

* * * * *

Inside the APC's command room, Private Freuyh tweaked with the unfamiliar consoles and monitors. She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair as she flicked a few buttons and switches. The comms controls weren't too dissimilar to the ones in the Drop-Ship, after a few moments she quickly figured them out.

"Ripkins you're breaking up a bit. You asked for read outs? I can't get any read outs. The scanner, cameras and bio-read outs are all dead. I think there must be an antenna problem. Maybe Smithy can fix it but we really need to get away from here first. Are you anywhere near the exit yet?"

07/21/2005 8:18 PM


Was all he could manage when Freuyh told him that all the scanners were on the blink. Not only was he lost, but now he was practically blind as a bat and didnt know what was waiting around the next turn. Whats more he wasnt sure where the rest of his squad was, and that just made things worse...

Right now he was just suprised that he could get a pretty clear read on what Freuyh was saying, at least from where he was standing and waiting right now. He figured it worked both ways, and quickly replied once she was finished...

'I dont know Freuyh, its a damn maze down here. Im reading you pretty well from here, so maybe if I keep moving in a direction that keeps the comm. clear of static we'll get closer to you, eh?'

He said, trying to figure out any way to locate the exit. He hated waiting in one place for too long, but he didnt have any choice. At least here he was getting a pretty clear reading for some reason, and he just wanted to get things clear between both parties. He turned back to the others once they had got to the bottom of the other set of stairs...

'Come on up, its clear... We're going to hold here for a bit, Ive got good comm. readings and then we are moving out... I dont like staying in one place any longer than you do, so we'll be gone in no time. Just keep your wits about ya and we'll all be fine.'

He said, fighting a practically useless battle with both his and there morales he feared. He didnt really know what to do as far as commanding the other man in situations like this, just the drills and procedures he had been taught. The rest came with experience, and he hoped that Cap'n Krennon could pick up his slack there if he made any bad decisions...

07/22/2005 6:20 AM

'I dont know Freuyh, its a damn maze down here. Im reading you pretty well from here, so maybe if I keep moving in a direction that keeps the comm. clear of static we'll get closer to you, eh?'

"Okay that's worth a try, good idea. I'll just keep talking to you then. If you're busy in there then don't bother answering, but I'll just keep rambling on anyway." said Freuyh. "Ha ha, lucky, you've got the perfect choice in the only woman on the team for this job." she joked.

'Come on up, its clear... We're going to hold here for a bit, Ive got good comm. readings and then we are moving out... I dont like staying in one place any longer than you do, so we'll be gone in no time. Just keep your wits about ya and we'll all be fine.'

Still dragging Zeph, Captain Krennon and Levine caught up with Ripkins and waited.

"You're doing a damn fine job, Ripkins. Come on, let's go see if this idea works?"said the Captain.

07/22/2005 8:29 AM

'Never thought that would be a good thing.'

He laughed back, keeping his tensions down as he joked back with her. He looked back at the others, giving a nod to Krennon at his compliment, obviously meaning thank you. He soon realized they may be having a hard time with the extra weight...

'Alright, lets move out. Stay close behind, Ill walk slow for you guys, and if you need any help with Zeph let me know. Otherwise, if you see, hear, feel anything that doesnt seem right, tell someone...'

He said as he moved out, turning to the right as he checked the left as well. Everything seemed normal, so he decided to test out his theory on the radio...

'Freuyh, keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. I dont know how smart these things are, but we cant underestimate them. Don't shoot 'em on the APC though, the damn things bleed acid...'

He said, moving at a slow pace, able to shine his flashlight in all of the dark spots of the hall and hear other noises besides their own. Up ahead he could tell by the flickering lights that it was a left turn only, so they were either on the right track or needed to turn back...

07/22/2005 10:09 AM

Don't shoot 'em on the APC though, the damn things bleed acid...'

"Errm, yeah we know. There's something I should really tell you guys. I don't know how to break this to you, but, I didn't just stay back on the APC to help Smithy out. You see, one of those things got onboard the Drop-Ship when we loaded the APC to collect the Sarge. It killed Barker before Smithy shot it to pieces. That thing's body melted clean through the hull. Me and Smithy only just managed to get the APC out before it reached the fuel tank and blew. Sorry guys, but the Drop-Ship's gone and so is Barker. We've still got the Sarge here in the APC with us." explained Freuyh over the inter comm.

07/22/2005 10:27 AM

'Roger that...'

He said, not sure whether to tell the others or not about the bad news of the ship. As far as he could tell they didnt have any communication, so he decided not to tell the others, not just yet. Right now he just wanted to focus on getting out, and not deter their hopes anymore than they already might be...

He slowed up as he reached the end of the hall, peeking around the corner to see nothing too out of the ordinary, though a couple more bends around unknown to any of them they may stumble upon the body of the late Summerbell...

He turned back to the crew as he spoke on the comm...

'You still readin me ok Freuyh?'

Hesaid in the comm., then decided to speak to the others...

'Everything ok?'

07/22/2005 10:36 AM

'You still readin me ok Freuyh?'

"Loud and clear, Ripkins. You must be getting nearer!" answered Freuyh.

'Everything ok?'

The pair looked extremely tired, but they both nodded to say they were still okay.

"How the comms sounding? Do you think we're heading the right way?" asked Krennon, glancing over his shoulder again to cover their backs.

07/22/2005 10:48 AM

'Freuyh says we are loud and clear Cap'n, which means we're gettin closer to the door outta this shit hole... Lets move out.'

He said back to Krennon and the others as he swung around the corner once more, this time to move forward down the hall way. Damn, this next intersection was a four way, so this wouldnt be good...

He slowed down substantially, because up ahead anything could come from four directions, and thats nto good at all. He went over to the wall and leaned against it, allowing the shadows to mask his presence a bit...

'Theres a four way up ahead, which means we have a decision to make... Left will take us back where we came, right will keep us going the same as before we turned on his hall, and straight will take us in a completely new direction... Any ideas? Left is no good, so I figure right, maybe straight?...'

He said, wanting to get a group decision, though he didnt want to wait here too long, because then they may find them, if they hadnt already...

'Any more static Freuyh?'

He said on the comm. If there was then maybe they should go straight, but it may just be because they were against the wall. Either way, he was beginning to hate these damn tunnels...

07/23/2005 9:00 PM

Leon silently aimed his repeater rifle down the hall at the figure. The light here was shit. And Leon doubted that the marine's thermal screen was down. If it was there would have been a shout or a pulse of fire. With utmost care, First Class Bug Hunter, Leon Garret sighted down the barrel and aimed at the guy's shoulder. He put a round down the barrel, nearly removing the soldier's arm, when a face hugger jumped directly intto the bullet, turning into a pale acidic mist and deflecting the slug at such an angle that it smashed into the armor of the lucky fellow. Instead of killing him, the slug expanded in the chest plate, driving the marine against the wall with both the impact and the explosion and leaving a large hole in his armor, but merely bruising him. With a curse, Leon emerged from hiding and sent a hail of explosive slugs down the hall.

07/24/2005 8:13 AM

Crowe glanced down as the motion tracker pipped at some slight movement up ahead. Suddenly something thumped into his chest knocking him backwards. A small explosion ripped a hole in the chest plate of his armour, sending him spinning to the ground.

Crowe landed face down on the floor, now facing the opposite way. Still clutching his pulse rifle, he rolled onto his back, ready to fire down the corridor at whatever had blasted him.

* * * * *

'Any more static Freuyh?'

"Not much, Ripkins, you seem to be getting clearer all the time." said Freuyh, he voice also sounding clearer over the radio now.

'Theres a four way up ahead, which means we have a decision to make... Left will take us back where we came, right will keep us going the same as before we turned on his hall, and straight will take us in a completely new direction... Any ideas? Left is no good, so I figure right, maybe straight?...'

(OOC: Cheers for the help with the directions, Tamachi, I've edited slightly)

"I'm fairly certain this must be the way out," said Krennon, pointing down the corridor to the right. "It's starting to look familiar now."

Just then they heard what sounded like a gunshot or blast come from the corridor up ahead.

"What the hell was that?" said Krennon, raising an eyebrow.

"It came from that way," said Levine pointing straight ahead. "What now?"

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07/24/2005 12:07 PM

'This just keeps getting better...'

He said as he heard the gunshots, as well as his teammates. He looked back at them after they were done speaking as he thought to himself. He knew they were in no condition for a battle, and he just needed to get them to the APC...

'Freuyh, Im sending Krennon and the boys to the APC. If Im not there in thirty minutes, I want you to leave...'

He said, removing the comm. from his ear and handing it to Krennon as he began to speak...

'You guys head back to the APC, Im gonna see whats going on up there. You shouldnt have any trouble, Im sure whatever is after us have been attracted by all the noise, and wont notice you guys. Wait thirty minutes for me, and if Im not there by then, get the hell outta here...'

He said as he emerged from the shadows, holstering his pistol and taking out his rifle. He couldnt really shoot with it, but at least he could see thermals with it. He started to walk and turned back to the others one last time...

'See you top side.'

He said as he nodded, turning back to go straight at a slow pace, keepign to the shadows as he kept an eye on the thermals. He could read two signs moving, but that was about it, and he didnt even know what those were...

07/24/2005 5:52 PM

Leon ducked into an air vent. He had looked over most of the structural drawings of the facility and knew most of how it should be laid out. He crawled up a vertical shaft as soundlessly as he could and then entered a horizontal main duct. With little effort he quietly shimmied along the vent, coming to another grate. Before he could drop out and finish the marine off, his motion sensor vibrated. He looked down at the wrist mounted object and saw a group of pings moving towards him. Leon quietly dropped into a vertical duct behind crowe and scrutinized him from the dark. He looked scared. At this range there was no way that his armor would save him. He aimed through the grill and whispered.

"Got yer wallet bitch."

He suddenly fired three quick shots and jumped back into the horizontal air vent again, hoping that Crowe was mortally wounded this time.

07/25/2005 5:32 AM

Crowe aimed down the corridor, but there was nothing in his sights.

"What the fuck was that!" he mumbled to himself, slowly getting up. His shattered front chestplate was burning hot, so he quickly unclipped it, letting it fall to the ground.

He quickly glanced up and down the corridor, his nerves starting to fail him. He wished to god he'd just stayed with Ripkins.

Crowe turned to run back towards where he'd left his team mate. Just then three more shots come from nowhere, two of them ripping into his unprotected chest. Luckily the third shot missed as Crowe began to run.

Crowe dropped his rifle and clutched with both hands at the wounds in his chest. Somehow found the strength to keep running. Blood frothed out from his mouth as one of his lungs had been pierced by a round and he rasped and fought for air. His head began to feel light as he lost blood and choked and struggled to breathe. Somehow his legs kept running.

* * * * *

Krennon didn't have time to argue, he didn't like the idea of one of his men heading back in there alone, but he knew Ripkins had already made his mind up.

"For god's sake be careful Ripkins!" ordered Krennon, "First sign of trouble and get the hell outa there!"

Levine nodded in agreement, then two of them turned and continued on their way towards the exit, carrying Zeph.

07/25/2005 10:20 AM

Leon's motion detector showed the marine moving sluggishly. Excellent. The wounds the bullets would have left would be mortal, as the expanding tips would have turned his lung to jelly. He saw more units moving down the hall towards his position and began to quietly crawl over their position. Suddenly more motion signiatures apeared on his watch. The APC! He tried to move quicker without making much noise. He needed to get to it and incapacitate it any way possible.

07/25/2005 11:59 AM

He kept moving silently down the hall. He heard several more gunshots and both thermals were still there. He just hoped that the others got back to the APC alright, and that whatever was up ahead hadnt attracted too many of those things...

As one of the thermal signatures came running towards him he quickly strapped the rifle at his back, as it was useless to fire with the way his left arm was. He drew his pistol and aimed it down the corridor, the tac light on so he could see whatever was fixing to round the corner...

He wasn't sure what it was going to be, and his finger was already on the trigger as Crowe clumsily moved around the corner. He could tell it was him, and was relieved at that but since he was running that scared him a bit...

He started to take off running himself btu then noticed that he was injured, and it appeared to be fatal. He instead ran towards him, holstering his pistol as he stopped him, trying to craddle him as he fell to the ground...

'Hey man, calm down, your gonna be fine.'

He said, looking down at his chest to see that it was pretty much a lost cause, but he wasnt goign to lose hope. He moved to Crowes right side and used the last ounces of strength in his left arm to try and help him walk...

'Come on Crowe, try to walk...'

He said, fighting back the tears as he watched him, practically dying in his arms...

07/25/2005 12:28 PM

Blood oozing out from his mouth, Crowe used the last of his strenght to speak.

"Someone shot me Ripkins...Not the aliens...someone...shot..."

Crowe's body went limp as he died in the arms of his comrade.

* * * * *

Krennon and Levine saw the exit just up ahead. They were relieved to see the APC parked outside right by the entrance. They made their way as quickly as possible down the last stretch of corridor and back out into the howling wind and rain.

"Freuyh, it's Krennon, open up!" he screamed into the inter comm.

Seconds later, Freuyh slid open the heavy APC door and helped pull Zeph inside.

"Get in Levine! I'm going back for Ripkins!" ordered Krennon.

"I'm coming with you sir." demanded Levine.

"No way," insisted Krennon. "Get in the APC, that's an order!"

Levine reluctantly did as he was told, sliding the door shut behind him.

Krennon turned and sprinted back into the Hyrdo plant with his pistol drawn and ready.

07/25/2005 12:51 PM

'Crowe! Crowe, no, stay with me!'

He said, trying not to scream as Crowe died in his arms. He eased him back down to the grated floor and moved his hand to close his eyes...

'Damn it! But wait, someone shot him?'

He said, looking down at his chest. It was obvious they were gun wounds, and that was not something that Ripkins wanted to know...

'That bastard!'

He said, remembering their little 'comrade' from when they first landed. He knew there was something fishy about him, and he figured this was his work, since they hadnt seen him in a while...

He moved his hand down to take hold of his motion tracker, he knew that it would be a very useful asset. He looked at it, and was quite confused. One target was running towards him, and another was moving to the place the other one had just left...

He assumed from the location it was one of his squad mates, and figured that the other blip was his little assassin...


He said as he jumped up, unlatching the motion tracker as he holstered it on the left side of his belt, running back towards the hallway that led to the APC. He had to get there in time or they were all in for it...

He slid around the corner to get onto the hallway that led to the APC, nearly falling though he managed to stay on his feet and continue running. He had already drawn his pistol again, and the taclight was waving back and forth as he ran...

He should meet up with whoever was running towards him anytime now, he figured...

07/25/2005 1:19 PM

Krennon stopped as he saw a figure running towards him out of the darkness up ahead.

"Ripkins!" he screamed, as he recognised the figure approaching. "Thank god you're okay! Come on, the exit's this way!"

Krennon turned to lead the way back to the APC.

"Did you find out who was firing?" he called back to Ripkins, who had quickly caught up and was right behind him now.

07/25/2005 1:29 PM

He kept running as Krennon spoke to him, though he was relieved to see him since the others must be ok as well. He kept running until he was right behind him...

'Yeah, my moneys on that bastard Garret. Crowe's dead, and theres a blip on the tracker heading to where you just left from...'

He said as he continued to run, right behind Krennon who was leading the way. He was no doubt covered in Crowe's blood, and his left arm was still in the same shape as last time. Probably not a good thing at any rate...

07/25/2005 2:01 PM

"Shit! You think Garret killed Crowe? Come on, fast as you can, let's leave that bastard to rot here!"

They ran as fast as they could, and taking the more direct route down the corridor, the pair managed to beat Garret to the exit. Levine slid the APC door open as the two approached. He helped pull the two tired marines into the safety of the APC, before slamming the door shut behind them and locking it.

"Go, go, go!" he screamed at Smith, as he made his way up to the driver's cab to join him.

Smith slammed on the accelerator. Wheels screaching, the APC quickly sped away. The Corporal had no idea where he was heading, but he was sure anywhere would be better than here.

Ripkins and Krennon both collapsed onto seats exhausted. Opposite them, Sergeant Stevens and Private Zephaniah were strapped into another pair of seats, the hideous creatures still attached to their faces.

Elane Freuyh emerged from the command room carrying a first aid kit.

"Ripkins...Let me take a look at that arm?" she insisted.

07/25/2005 2:15 PM

Levines help to get into the APC made it alot easier, and before he managed to sit down he was able to unstrap the rifle at his back, strapping it on a holster above his seat as he holstered his pistol as well, looking around at the others...

They didnt look too badly hurt, except for the Sarge and Zeph, who still had those things on their faces. When Freuyh emerged from the command room he was relieved. At least he had accounted for most of the squad...

'Sure, but I think the best youll be able to do is stop the bleeding, but Im not the doctor.'

He said as he moved to the edge of the seat, allowing Freuyh more room to work with. He didnt want her to spend too much time on him if others were hurt, but the bleeding at least had to be stopped, though that arm probably still wouldnt be usable...

'Still havent figured out how to get those damn things off?'

He said to Freuyh as she was working on his arm. They had to get them off, they could only be hurting them, and definately not helpign them...

07/25/2005 2:46 PM

Freuyh cleaned the wound as best she could before applying the bandages.

"Sorry if it stings a bit. It should help stop any infection." she said. "If only Summerbell was here, I'm sure he'd do a better job than me. Maybe he'd even have an idea how to get those damn creatures of the Sarge and Zeph?" tears welled up in Freuyh's eye's as the true hopelessness of the situation seemed to hit her all at once. "What are we gonna do now?" she sobbed.

Krennon sat silently in his seat with his head down, staring at the ground. He did not answer. He had been a strong, proud man, but he took the loss of the other marines lives personally. Now he looked almost broken, unable to take the weight of command on his shoulders any longer.

07/25/2005 2:58 PM

His eyes squinted a bit as it stung, but it was better than having to get the whole thing amputated due to infection. He feared the worst for Summerbell, but deep down he knew that he was already dead. He managed to catc ha look at Freuyh's face, giving him a moment of relief. He hadnt realized it before, but she was quite the looker...


He said to Freuyh as she finished with his arm, looking over at the captain to see that he wasnt taking any of this good at all. He didnt quite know what to say, but he had to say something...

'Now we get the hell off this planet. Theres got to be some ship still left on this hell hole, we just need to find an inventory log or something...'

He said, surveying the rest of the squad. He hadnt told them that the ship had been destroyed, he had decided not to, but now he figured they needed to know...

'I didnt tell you guys out there... Barkers gone, and so's our dropship.'

He said in a low tone, waiting to see the others reactions before he continued with anything else...

07/25/2005 3:18 PM

Corporal Smith drove the APC well away from the hyrdo plant and parked up around the back of a large building. He and Levine re-entered the main seating area to check on the team and figure out a plan of action.

'I didnt tell you guys out there... Barkers gone, and so's our dropship.'

Krennon remained motionless, the others weren't sure if he'd already figured this out by himself or not. Either way, he wasn't taking the situation well at all.

Levine was the only one surprised by the news.

"What? What the fuck? What happened?" he raged.

"It was me." said Smith. "An alien got on when I tried to get the Sarge onboard. It killed Barker. I shot it to pieces, but those things have acid blood. It melted clean through the hull and blew the fuel tank. Me and Freuyh were lucky to get out alive."

Levine grabbed the Corporal by the chestplate and thumped him into the wall. "You fucking idiot!" he screamed in his face.

"It wasn't his fault!" cried Freuyh still in tears.

"You're a fucking idiot Smith! We're all gonna die here now stupid fuck!" he pushed Smith to the ground with fury.

07/25/2005 5:42 PM

Garret dropped out of a busted fan grate near the exit. The APC had moved off in a hurry. Someone must have been made aware of his prescence. He thought he had an idea as how to keep his neck in one piece, claiming that Crowe had run around a corner and Leon had thought him an Alien at first. He doubted it would work but there was no evidence he had fragged Summerbell and Crowe's armor plate with the hole in the front was gone. Leon moved back towards the main colony, taking the straight up and over route. Along the way he pulled out the gas tipped slug magazine and shoved it into a pouch. He pushed another mag into the rifle. This one was filled with adapted pulse rifle slugs. Being that they were fitted on a slimmer shell but the explosive tip was still in tact. Garret began to take inventory of his equipment on the run, counting his grenades (two) His extra magazines (five and a half) and his computer data pads that could be plugged into any port and used to store info (two). That done he approached the colony and crawled into a fan grate from before, moving quickly to the pathetic armory. He wanted these marines as hopeless as possible and he was going to do two things to keep them that way. Blow up the ammo dump, and leave in the corporate drop ship that had brought the last load of people here before the incident. It wasnt even marked that it had come in and was concealed in one of the minor hangers, harder to find. He refered to his motion tracker and began to crawl.

07/26/2005 1:43 PM

'Shit! Levine, calm down!'

He shouted as he jumped up and lunged for the others, too late to stop Levine from slamming Smith to the ground but just in time to stop anything else from happening. He got around to the back of Levine, and managed to put both of his arms in front of his from his back, and then lock them at the back of his neck. In theory this would force Levine's arms into a cross formation, and subdue him from causing any further injury to Smith...

Of course, Levine was a big guy, and one good smash into a wall might do Crowe in, but he had to try, he didnt want anything bad to go down...

'Levine, com'on man, its no ones fault. We're all just a little on edge, you gotta chill though, especially if yo uwanna help us get off this rock...'

He said a a quieter tone, trying to calm him down. If he couldnt do that he would have to use a tranq on him, and that wouldnt be could cause they could use all the hands they could get...

07/26/2005 2:00 PM

"Yeah okay. Right I'm chillin!" snorted Levine. He still sounded angry but he didn't try to fight or struggle.

Smith picked himself up from the ground. He gave the big man the evil eyes then spoke to Ripkins, "It's okay. Let him go. I shouldn't have expected anything else from him anyway."

"Come on guys!" pleaded Freuyh. "I know we're all tired and emotional right now, but let's not waste our time and energy fighting each other. We need to figure out what we're gonna do? These two need our help right now, time could be running out for them!" she pointed down at the Sarge and Zeph.

07/26/2005 2:17 PM

Ripkins let go of Levine as he moved him a bit to face a chair, moving quickly to get between he and Smith as he began to speak...

'You quit it!'

He said pointing and speaking to Smith as he motioned for him to have a seat. He moved back to stand at the head of the vehicle, still somewhat between Levine and Smith in case anything else breaks out. He moved his right hand up into the air to hold onto a rafter, noticing his left arm had began to bleed a bit again, tainting the white bandage a shade of red...

'Freuyhs right, they wouldnt want this, now come, lets take an inventory of what we have available...'

He said, unholstering his pistol and laying it onto the table, along with the five clips of ammo he had for it and still six unused clips of sniper ammo next to it. Two pistol clips were normal hollows and the rest were armor peircing rounds. Four of the rifle clips were armor peircing, another was explosive tips and then the other was the tranqs, and one of those had already been used out of there...

'Alright, theres the full extent of my arsenal, my rifle might as well be useless with this arm. I might be able to fire but I dont know how accurate I would be, not without something to rest and steady the barrel on... Whats everyone else have?'

He said, looking around to see everyone else's reaction...

07/26/2005 2:44 PM

Rather surprisingly, Krennon was the first to answer. He stood up as he spoke, "All I have left is this pistol you gave me, Ripkins."

"I've got three grenades...That's it." said Levine with a frown.

"A pistol with three full clips of ammo." said Freuyh.

Smith waited until everyone else had finished. He was the only one of the three wearing body armour. "I've got my pulse rifle with four and a half mags still left, and I've got four grenades."

Smith moved over to the APC's storage cabinet and opened it.

"Here, we've still got a spare pulse rifle with three mags. There's a flamer with three refills. A pack of four more grenades, a welder, a spare motion tracker and that first aid kit Freuyh was using. Oh, and the Sarge has still got four grenades on him, someone might want to take those."

07/26/2005 6:01 PM

Leon crawled into the ammo dump only to come face to face with three sleeping xeno morphs. Carefully, he pulled a few items out of the dump randomly, a few survey charges, more incendiary grenades, and a plasma grenade. Damn colonists had just piled everything up, he could have made off way more heavily armed if not for the disorganized method of the colony. He blinked and set the timer for twenty seconds on one of his incendiary grenades. He pulled the pin and depressed the spoon, stopping the grenade from timing. With great care he snuck up and placed the grenade against a barrel of high explosive. He let go of the spoon and ran back to the grate, crawling in and moving fast. He heard a shriek behind him and turned to see the alien's crawling towards him with lethal intent.

"Kiss my ass."

He fired four rounds into the lead alien's head, the first bullet vaporized the silicone based cranial case. The second put a hole in the middle alien that the other one could have crawled through, provided that it hadnt been separated from it's legs when the third round impacted it's spine. There was a muffled crump and Leon was suddenly propelled towards the end of the vent. He smashed against the turn, his combat armor taking most of the impact. Garret shook his head and ran as fast as he could in the main duct. He must have hit one of the explosive tanks with the last round. There was a few more bangs and hisses and pops as various items exploded and rounds went off. There was a brief klaxon and a computerized voice declared blatantly.

[I] Air conditioning systems disabled. Air recyclers disabled. backup power grid disabled.[/I]

He moved out into the hall way and set his motion tracker on a computer terminal. With quick expert stabs of his fingers, he opened up a diagnostic check. Wincing as the computer blared its results through the whole colony. Some idiot must have left it on PA mode.

"C'mon, c'mon."

[I]Main power grid active, air production active, terraforming machinery disabled, ai- diagnostics of terraforming machinery..... main atmospheric processor cooling systems functional. Back up cooling systems active. Main Power reactor active, backup power reactor passive. Mai- Machinery diagnostic check.... Atmospheric refinery diasbled. Vap- Diagnostics of Atmospheric refinery.... Main particle accelerator blocked. Main energy piston blocked. Main power conveyers disconected. All power couplings have been disengaged.[/I]

Leon stabbed a few more keys. He violently hacked his way into the Atmospheric Processor's main computer.

[I] Command?..... Activating stasis lock down. All elevators sealed. All doors Sealed. All lighting de-activated. Active machinery de-activated. Maintenance hatches sealed. Atmospheric Processor sealed. Stasis lockdown complete. Unknown command. Unknown Command. Venting coolant. Atmospheric Processor's core temperature is currently negative 150 degrees centigrade. Life readings negative. Probability of survival for terrestrial colonists 0%. Logging off.[/I]

Leon began talking to himself as he worked.

"Open colony map, display personel locators. Perfect, theyre all in the processor. Activate radio lock down. Change master computer code to uh.. Halcyon. Open the PA system, activate all feed back terminals."

[I] Radio lock down active. master computer code changed. PA Active, feedback terminals online. Two way communication active.[/I]

"This is operative Leon Garret, is anyone alive out there? Please, someone respond. Fuck, I'm near the ammo dump. The Xenomorphs caused some sort of explosion when i was trying to acquire some more equipment, I dunno. I froze the atmospheric processor, mainly because their main nest will be located there. The explosion destroyed the climate controls so things might get muggy in here. And god I hope you guys made it out ok."

He shut off the PA and pulled off the motion detector. With an expert flip, he lifted the main case of the terminal and put a survey charge in it. He walked away, ignoring the blast. Now to find that corporate ship.

07/28/2005 1:42 AM

'Alright then, now we need to sort out who gets what...'

He said, looking around the room, reaching down to the table and grabbing his pistol and all three armor peircing mags as he slid them each and his pistol back into the holster...

'So we...'

He started to speak but a rather large vibration that caused the APC to rock back and forth a bit caused him to stop mid sentence...

'What tha hell!?'

He screamed as he moved to the back of the APC, near the door as he drew his pistol. The motion tracker wasnt showing anything so he laid it onto the table before he had began to move for the door...

'Someone keep an eye on that, and Ill need someone to come with me...'

He said as he opened the door, pistol ready and levelled just in case as he stepped outside, only to hear a bunch of alerts and technical jitter that didnt mean much to him, although the last section did...

-Operative eh? And Xenomorphs? Who the fuck is this guy?-

He stayed close to the APC, closing the door after whoever had decided to come out with him as he waited to hear the end of the transmission...

07/28/2005 9:23 AM

Leon calmly walked into the offices of the hanger control and blasted the Alien sleeping on the receptionist's desk. It literally turned into an acidic mist, melting the entire work station. Leon passed by the smoking mass and walked into the head office, going straight for the computer. He began going through the ship logs for the last week. There was one landing without a coresponding launch. The WYC issue craft would be in this hanger somewhere. He picked up his gun and walked out, his visor making a small noise as it turned on.

07/28/2005 9:57 AM

Smith jumped out of the out of the APC, followed by a suddenly lively Captain Krennon.

"Garret!" Krennon cursed the name as soon as the transmission ended. He glanced around looking for smoke, trying to determine which direction the explosion had came from. "That bastard's up to something!"

Krennon flung the door back open and jumped back into the APC. He grabbed the spare Pulse Rifle and loaded one of the spare magazines into it, pocketing the other two. He then also took the spare motion tracker, and the grenades from Sergeant Stevens, before jumping back out again.

Freuyh and Levine stared at each other in confusion, then followed him outside.

"Corporal Smith, you're in command now. I want you to find the colony med lab and do what you can for Zeph and the Sarge. I'm going out alone to find that bastard Garret. He's bound to have a ship hidden somewhere. Set up whatever defences you can in the med lab and wait for me there. I'll return when I've found us a way out of this shit hole."

"Sir, you can't go alone, I'll..." Levine began.

"NO! I AM going alone. This is between me and him." Krennon insisted. He turned and ran off into the descending darkness. He never stopped to look back.

"Oh shit, he's fucking lost it." whispered Levine shaking his head.

"We have to trust him. He'll get us through this. Come on, get back in the APC and let's find the Med lab." said Smith, trying his best to sound confident, but not really convincing anyone.

07/28/2005 1:05 PM

Leon smiled as he saw the small personel shuttle. He walked up the loading ramp and hit the close door button. With a smile, he noted that the cargo bay was loaded with egg crates and weapons covered by crates of computers that had 'stopped' working to cover for the contraband export. The eggs were in stasis and the weapons were locked, but he could figure a way past that if need be. With an expert motion he swung into the seat of the shuttle, hitting keys and warming up the computer. With some hacking and a little effort, he managed to change the computer code to Halcyon and put the ship on lock down, exiting throught the pilot's hatch and locking it. He piped up his WY comm unit.

"This is Operative Leon Garret. I have successfully recovered the shipment of supplies and neutrilized the main hive. I'm in the process of killing the marines off, but by the sounds of their radio chatter two of them are infested, a couple have been taken to the hive, and I've managed to off two myself. I can take off now, but I need you to disable the Halcyon's auto turrets, they'll fire on me if I leave the atmosphere to head for HQ, and I'm not flying to Centauri and missing forty years of my life in hyper sleep."

"But Garret, that could take hours." The other operative on board said. "I dont have pass codes and your the better hacker here."

"You were trained to do it, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to secure the hanger and try and find the rest of the marines. Out."

He walked out of the hanger, sealing the doors from the master CPU outside the massive ship garrage. He then blew the computer up with a survey charge after downloading the neccessary programs to open the door from the panels into a data pad. That done he walked deeper into the complex, looking for motion and alien neural activity.

07/28/2005 2:24 PM

Darkness was quickly closing in around the Captain. The rainfall had stopped now, but the wind still whistled eerily throughout Hadley's New Hope.

Captain Krennon stalked in and out of the various building towards where the sound of the explosion had came from. Most of the building he passed through were empty and unfinished. Some were simply hollow shells with no interiour walls. These buildings were most probably due to be extra colonist living quarters, as they were all identical and quite small.

Up ahead Krennon saw the vast area of the main landing site and headed towards it. There were two large hangers lining the outskirts of the site. These would obviously be the first place to check for ships.

Although Krennon figured the alien's strike on the colony must have been fast and effective, he guessed some of the colonists must have escaped on ships. He suspected the chances of him find a ship in the hangers were quite slim, but he had to check. It still puzzled Krennon as to how Garret had arrived at the colony. Maybe he had a ship hidden somewhere? Krennon knew the lives of his team depended on him, and he refused to fail them again.

07/28/2005 6:09 PM

Leon walked into central command and immediately was beset by the weirdest sight he'd ever seen. There was a face hugger hanging from a cieling fan by a wire loop. It span lazily around the room, twitching. He ignored it and went straight to the colony main frame computer. With some searching he shunted the security camera feed to here and watched amazed as Krennon approached the hangers. He wouldn't be able to get in though. Not only did the main bay doors only open from the inside but the doors were all passlocked and Leon was the only one who knew the key. He rolled his eyes and shunted all the security controls, door locks, cameras, systems, into the hanger's main office. He also searched around and found out where the temperature was highest. Unfortunately he had to pass by the hive's main entrance to access the hanger again. He was lucky he hadn't been besieged on the way by. He watched Krennon absently, tracking him with the security camera before turning to leave. He barely avoided being smacked in the face by the facehugger as it continued it's many revolutions around the roof. With a grunt of disgust he threw his last survey charge onto the desk infront of the main computer and headed for the med-lab three doors down the hall.

07/28/2005 8:34 PM

He started to say something about the time as Levine, but even before Krennon could scream his reply back he knew it wouldn't do any good. He decided to keep his silence as he turned back towards the APC after nodding to Krennon after he had given his orders. He was just in time to catch Levine's whisper...


He said stopping as he turned to him...

'He's finally found it. Now come on, you heard 'em both, let's get back into the APC and find that lab.'

He nodded to Smith on his way into the APC, as if trying to assure him of his role as he took a seat, waiting for the others to do the same. He would've stayed out longer, but with the tracker dormant there was no need for alarm. He had already holstered his pistol as he walked over to the two that still had facehuggers attached to their faces(Go figure, lol)...

He looked at them for a bit, feeling about as helpless at them when it came to helping them. He moved to check the pulse on their hands, careful not to disturb the creature that had wrapped around their necks. It was steady, and they were still breathing, so he decided it was best to leave the things be, for now, anyways...

He moved back to take a seat as he looked up at the others...

'Any ideas on how we can find the lab?'

He said, not wanting to take too much of an authoritative position, but at the same time he didn't want to feel useless...

07/28/2005 9:12 PM

Leon stalked into the medical lab and looked around. He placed an un-armed incendiary grenade on a table between two face hugger tanks and went to the supply cabinet. After a brief mental battle he reached in and pulled out some bandages and pain killers, as well as antibiotics and base powders to counter acidic blood. He sat on the counter, rolling up his sleeve and pulling a piece of metal out of his bicep with a wince. Crowe's rifle hadn't hit him but a bullet had hit a pannel and sent shrapenal into his side, although only his arm had been hurt because of his armor. He quickly cleaned the wound and bandaged it, leaving the bloody cloth behind as he walked out, tucking the left over supplies into a pouch and crushing a ampoule of after shave on his arm to negat the pheremones his blood would have left on his skin. He also left the explosive behind, remembering it only as he walked by the stairs that led to the hive. Thankfully the aliens would probably be busy trying to get back to their queen. He made it into the hanger and locked the door behind him, flicking on the lights as he entered and looking around for neural activity.

07/29/2005 12:01 PM

'Any ideas on how we can find the lab?'

"I'll take a drive around, I'm fairly certain it should be signed. There's usually always a sign outside of medical facilities." said Smith, taking to the driver's seat.

Levine moved over to the storage cabinet. "No one minds if I take these, do they?" he asked, picking up the flame unit, the refills and the four spare grenades.

Freuyh ignored him and moved over to sit beside Ripkins. "How's your arm feeling?" she asked, trying her best to manage a smile.

07/29/2005 10:47 PM

Leon sat down in the main office of the hanger after walking around it with a fusion welder and sealing the vents to prevent alien intrusion. He also rousted a few face huggers, killing them with quick practiced shots from the hip. With a few glances around the office, he closed the blast shutters and left the torch by the door. The hanger itself was made of heavy duty titanium plates, instead of steel grill like the office floor. But he could weld the office door shut and be safe from harm. The Aliens wouldn't wast a perfectly good xenomorph on one man. He placed his motion tracker on the desk and began writing his report, watching the computer terminal, where images from the security camears flashed.

[I]Opperative Leon Garret, Report number 110.

Classification: Black Knife Division eyes only.

Mission Spec: Follow Marines to LV-428, disable communications, infest if possible, seal hive from colony, Exterminate all Marines in any way possible.

Report: The colonists, as suspected, have been infested by hostile Xenomorphic parasites refered to as Bugs. Sil. based, pheremone detection vision, see Appendix 50 of WY xeno-bio library. USS Halcyon disregarded WY orders and sent two squads of USCMs to investigate. Mostly killed by Aliens, suspected at least two infested, two KIA by Operative's hand. Colony radios cut off, all computer codes changed, vital systs. shunted to hanger office. Hanger secured from threat. Marine APC is seemingly looking for facility of some sort, suspected Med-Lab. One WY issue carg shuttle, cargo inc. Bug eggs, weapons. Locked down. Op's intent to exterminate roving Marine Captain Krennon, return to hanger, allow paraites to over run APC aft. escaping in shuttle. Op. waiting for inside man on Halcyon to disengage auto turrets so shuttle may safely leave atmosphere. Alt. is to fly around planet, enter cold sleep, fly to Centauri Reasearch Stat.
URGENT: Bug hive frozen in Atmospheric Processor. Recomend handling team to extract queen bug and retreat to WYC Reasearch Stat in Centauri.
URGENT: Recommend bombard of LV-42 surface w/ Large Scale Fusion Warheads. Alt. is to retrieve bone-ship frm Planet surface, extract to Centauri.

Report End

WYC Operative Leon Garret, Bug Hunter 1st Class. On assignment LV-428.

07/30/2005 7:09 AM

Captain Krennon peered into the darkness of the first of the two hangers. The door had been left open and Krennon immediately saw that it was empty of any ship inside. His motion tracker picked up some subtle movement deep into the darkness of the hanger.

Krennon stepped inside, moving slowly and cautiously towards the signal, hoping that he'd finally cornered the elusive Garret.

Suddenly a black shadow charged towards him. Krennon let loose with a long burst from his pulse rife, the muzzle flash illuminating the hanger. He saw the closing alien being ripped to pieces before it could reach him.

Krennon's heart thumped in his chest as the hanger returned to darkness. The motion tracker went silent as Krennon heard the hissing of acid melting into the floor from the remains of the alien.

Garret obviously wasn't in there. Krennon turned and left the hanger, heading towards the second one.

07/30/2005 7:57 AM

'Not at all, you are the heavy weapons expert after all...'

He said, hoping that the weapons would give him a sense of security in all of this madness. Levine wasn't the most patient of men, but in the heat of battle Ripkins wouldn't trade him for the world. Thats why he had tried so hard to keep him under control...

Freuyh had came and sat down beside him mid-sentence, allowing him to finish speaking before she spoke herself. He looked over at her, and then back down at his arm. It was a bit red where blood had beginning to seep through, and it still hurt a bit, but even if it didnt he still wouldnt be able to accurately hold his rifle. That did piss him off a bit, but he didnt show it as he looked back up at Freuyh, matching her smile...

'Better, alot better thanks to you, but what about you? Im more worried about how your doin through all of this.'

He said, still smiling, looking at her. He hoped to get their minds off some of the current stress and ease the ride to wherever the med-lab was located. In the back of his mind he was thinking about Krennon, worrying about him and Garret, but as pissed of fas Krennon was he doubted a full army coudl stop him. He just hoped that there would be something in the med-lab that they could use to help Stevens and Zeph, because with each passing minute Ripkins felt more and more useless to them...

07/30/2005 8:34 AM

'Better, alot better thanks to you, but what about you? Im more worried about how your doin through all of this.'

"I'm okay thanks," said Freuyh giving Ripkins hand a comforting squeeze on his good arm.

"Found it!" shouted Smith from the driver's seat, interrupting the moment between the two.

Freuyh jumped up and grabbed the first aid kit, she then moved over to Zeph and began unstrapping him from his seat.

Smith stopped the APC right outside the front of the med lab.

As Freuyh moved over to unstrap the Sarge she suddenly screamed and fell backwards onto the floor. The face hugger that had been attached to Stevens sluggishly came off him and scurried towards her.

Levine jumped forwards and booted the thing across the room before it could reach her. The facehugger smashed into the wall a lay for a second. Dropping his flamer, Levine jumed forward and grabbed the thing in his hands. It's legs and tail swished frantically as it struggled in his grasp.

"Ripkins! Open the fucking door!" he screamed.

07/30/2005 9:18 AM

He matched the comforting squeeze, though it didnt last logn before they both heard Smith. He rose from his seat and began to walk towards the drivers area, as if to get a look around, but quickly stopped when he heard Freuyh scream...


He said, his hand moving towards his pistol though he stopped midway. It was too dangerous for a pistol, with everyone moving and the chance of it ricocheting. It was a good thing that Levine was able to grab it, and Ripkins quickly moved for the door, opening it without second thought...

'Quick, throw it out!'

He said as Levine managed to get a good grip, tossing it outside just as Ripkins drew his pistol. It landed on the ground and starting trying to get its bearings, though a quick shot from Ripkins pistol quickly ended that as it exploded into several smaller pieces. He quickly shut the door in case something else was out there, turning to the others as he looked them over, particularly at Freuyh...

'Everyone ok?'

He said, holstering his pistol as he started over towards them, offering them both a hand to help them up before he started trying to figure everything else out...

07/30/2005 9:39 AM

'Everyone ok?'

Freuyh and Levine both nodded, as Smith came into the room looking confused. He leant over to check on Stevens.

"He's still breathing. Come on let's get him into the med lab quick, maybe we can wake him!" said Smith, sounding quite positve. "Ripkins, you stay here and watch over Zeph, we'll be back in a minute."

Levine moved over to help Smith lift up the Sarge. Freuyh opened the door for them and followed them outside, covering with her pistol. She shut the door behind her.

A few minutes later, Levine and Freuyh returned to the APC.

"The med lab seems safe enough. Smith stayed behind to watch over the Sarge." Freuyh explained to Ripkins.

"Help me with Zeph." Levine asked Ripkins.

"I'll cover you." said Freuyh, opening the door again.

07/30/2005 9:50 AM

'Can do'

He said as he watched the others leave, sitting down across from Zeph as he watched the facehugger. The one on the Sarge had came off, and he wasn't taking any chances with this one. It had only been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours, when the others returned...

'Alright, lets do it then.'

He said, walking over to Zeph's left side, using his right arm to hold up most of the weight as he lifted him up with the help of Levine, heading to the door...

'Lead the way.'

He said, not entirely sure where to go...

07/30/2005 10:05 AM

Freuyh shut and locked the APC behind them, then lead the way towards the med lab.

Inside the med lab, there were large jars filled with liquid, containing Facehugger specimens. Sergeant Stevens was on sitting up on a bed as Corporal Smith stood over him. To their amazement he was wide awake, yet looking a little worse for ware.

"He just came round right after you guys left." said Smith.

"Sarge! How are you feeling?" said Freuyh looking relieved.

"I've felt better." he croaked with a wry smile. "Any chance of a drink around here?"

Ripkins and Levine lifted Zeph onto one of the other beds.

07/30/2005 10:52 AM

Ripkins was relieved when he saw the Sarge awake, helping lift Zeph onto the table as he walked over towards him...

'Glad to see you awake Sarge, Im sure theres some water around here som...

He stopped mid-sentence as he started looking around, noticing the tanks that were housing the things that had been attached to two of his comrades faces...

'What in the hell!'

He said as he walked over to them, completely forgetting about the water as he looked inside...

'What are these doing here?'

He said curiously as he tapped the glass...

(OOC: Im nto sure if they are alive or not, so I it up to you if they move or not when I tap the glass.)

07/30/2005 11:11 AM

Garret heard the stautaco thudding of a pulse rifle in the next hanger and was up like a shot, grabbing his rifle and motion tracker. He strapped the tracker back to his wrist and holding his rifle up one handed while he did. He crept out of the office, leaving his report on the desk but not having time to get it. He cautiously moved nearer to the inter hanger door, which he realized he'd forgotten to lock. Before his motion tracker could ping, he moved to the door, sighing in relief as his motion tracker didn't show anything yet. He moved into position, placing himself in position so that when the door hinged open, he would be blocked from view. He stayed perfectly still, waiting for krennon. His motion tracker began to ping as something moved towards him.

07/30/2005 11:21 AM

(OOC: I wouldn't have minded either way)

The facehuggers inside the tanks appeared dead and didn't react to Ripkins tapping the glass.

"Hey, what's this doing here?" asked Levine, carefully picking up an unarmed incendiary grenade, which looked somewhat out of place amongst the various medical implements scattered around the desktops.

Freuyh had walked over to a water dispenser in the corner of the room and brought a glass to Sergeant Stevens.

He gulped it down in seconds.

"Do you mind bringing me another please? Sorry, but damn I feel parched." said Stevens, his voice still sounding rough and croaky.

"No problem," said Freuyh, walking off again.

Meanwhile, Corporal Smith was walking around shutting and locking doors to make the med lab a bit safer.

07/30/2005 11:40 AM

Krennon cautiously approached the doors to the second hanger, checking his motion tracker all the while. He was picking up no movement from within, but just as his hand moved towards the door control panel, his motion tracker bleeped.

Krennon stopped, looking down at it. There were multiple signal closing in on him quickly from behind.

Krennon ran over to look around the corner of the hanger. Aliens were charging towards him from the darkness outside. They must have been alerted by his firing just then. Krennon emptied his magazine on them, then fumbled to do a reload, knowing that his life depended on how quickly he could perform it.

07/30/2005 11:52 AM

Ripkins snapped back into reality when he realized the facehugger must have been dead, remembering that Zephs little buddy still hadn't let go as he started looking through cabinets for anything that would help get it off...

'What about Zeph, should we just wait like with the Sarge?'

He said, rumaging through cabinets and drawers. Finding nothing that he could figure would be useful he turned to Levine, walking over towards him and the grenade...

'Can you tell anything about where it came from?'

He said, not really knowing much about grenades other than how to use them...

07/30/2005 12:12 PM

'What about Zeph, should we just wait like with the Sarge?'

Freuyh was the only one to respond to this question, and her response was merely a shrug. She returned with another two glassed of water and handed them to the Sarge.

'Can you tell anything about where it came from?'

Levine stared blankly at the grenade. "It seems unlikely that one of the colonists would have owned it. Especially one of the medical staff? I don't know?" he shrugged.

Stevens was busy gulping down more water. He finished off both glasses in a matter of a minute.

"Shit, now I feel sick." he said, his face turning quite pale and almost greenish. "Help me get this armour off." he asked, beginning to cough a bit.

Smith had finished closing off all the doors. He and Freuyh moved over to assist the Sergeant.

07/30/2005 12:24 PM

'Yeah, but who else... Garret'

He said as he remembered Garret. He figured it was his, but with Krennon already after him and the Sarge and Zeph still not up to par he couldn't run off just yet. He turned back over to watch the Sarge as he walked towards the water dispenser, grabbing a cup of his own as he downed it again a couple of gulps...

He noticed the Sarge's face didnt look good at all, a bit too bad just to be sick from water. He wasnt sure what to think, but he was still busy trying to figure out what the thing on his face had done. It hadn't killed him so what had it done?...

07/31/2005 10:53 PM

Garret opened the door quietly, hitting the control pannel's auto lock before he did. The second the heavy guage blast door shut, it would lock and krennon would be at his mercy. There was a good wind blowing into the hanger, so that might explain a suddenly open door.

08/01/2005 5:17 AM

'Yeah, but who else... Garret'

Levine shrugged, "Could be?"

Smith and Freuyh helped the Sarge remove his armoured chestplate.

"That's a bit better. Damn, that thing felt tight." said the Sarge, his coughing subsiding a bit as he rubbed his chest.

Corporal Smith walked over to the middle of the room to grab everyone's attention.

"Okay, listen up pepole...

Freuyh, I want you to stay here in med lab to keep an eye on Zeph and look after the Sarge. I'll leave you to fill the Sarge in with what's been happening. Remember to keep an eye on that facehugger.

I'm going outside to see if I can patch up the APC's antenna problem. If I can get it working again, we can hopefully send an SOS to the Halcyon where it'll be automatically rebroadcasted. I'll try to get us back-up and a rescue ship sent here asap.

Rpikins, Levine...While I'm out there working on the APC roof I'm gonna be pretty exposed. I'll leave it up to you two to sort out what you do between watching my back and guarding the med lab.

I know we're all tired and stressed out, but stay alert. We'll think about getting some rest as soon as I've sent the transmission." Smith explained, before he headed off towards the APC.

* * * * *

Krennon managed the reload just in time before the aliens got within clawing distance. He opened fire on them at close range, ripping them to pieces. Luckly the acid from their bodies sprayed away from him, but he jumped back and rolled away just to be sure.

Getting back up on his feet again, Krennon spotted more aliens closing in from distance. He pulled a grenade from his belt and quickly armed it...

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08/01/2005 10:39 PM

Leon tensed, if Krennon died out in the second hanger, he wouldn't know if he died. The next thing through that door could very well be an Alien. Leon prepared to kick the door closed, cursing under his breath at his current situation. With a sigh of disgust, he booted the door.

08/02/2005 7:28 AM

Krennon lobbed the grenade towards the masses of oncoming aliens, then turned and ran deep into the hanger. The grenade quickly went off behind him, but he knew this would only delay the creatures for a matter of seconds.

Fearing he had become cornered, he frantically ran around the dark hanger, trying to find a way to escape. Without looking back, he sensed the aliens were right on his heels. Suddenly he noticed the inter hanger door, Krennon sprinted for his life towards hit, praying that it was not locked...

08/02/2005 9:48 AM

His motion tracker vibrated. Leon glanced down to see something coming at the door. He smirked as he pressed the unlock button. Since he was in the shadow created by the hinge Krennon wouldn't know what had hit him. The door slammed open and he hit the auto lock button as Krennon slammed the door. Leon was there, his gun leveled right at Krennon's forehead.

"Captain, what a surprise. Would you please drop your rifle and kick it over there for me."

His finger tightened on the trigger.

"Dont screw with me, this gun leaves a very big hole. You like your head attached or do you want it on the floor behind you?"

08/02/2005 10:01 AM

Krennon had no other option that to do as he was ordered. He dropped his rifle on the floor and kicked it over to where Garret had motioned. He raised his hands and turned to face Garret.

"What do you want, Garret? Why are you doing this?" Still breathing heavily, Krennon eyed the man with distaste.

08/02/2005 10:25 PM

Leon cautiously moved around Krennon, not paying mind to the sounds of Aliens slamming into the door. He pulled the sidearm out of Krennon's holster and threw it over his shoulder.

"Why? Why huh. As in 'Why should I explain myself to you?' Get on your knees and put your hand behind your neck, NOW!"

He kept his gun leveled at Krennon's skull ready to slam bullets into him if he did the wrong thing.

08/03/2005 12:24 AM

'Ill take APC duty then...'

He said as he drew his pistol, checking to make sure the clip was full before heading to the door right after Smith. He stopped at the frame as he looked back at Levine...

'If he's not done in an hour, we switch shifts, eh?'

He said as he walked out the door, not really waiting for a reply from Levineas he closed the door behind it, expecting the others to lock it once he left...

-Levine has a flamer anyways, it's more for close quarters, and what could be more close quarters than in that room?-

He thought to himself as he walked out the door, half remembering the way and half following Smith who was a bit ahead of him. He drew his pistol once more as he exitted the building, heading to the APC as he opened the door to grab his rifle, checking the motion tracker before taking a look around...

He was getting any strong signals, at least not anything that would be immediate harm right now. He holstered his pistol and took the rifle in his good hand, climbing onto the roof of the APC to get a better look around. He didnt know how good of a shot he would be, but he was going to try either way...

'All's clear up here sir.'

He said with a look back down towards Smith before turning to keep an eye on both the surrounding area and his motion tracker. Krennon passed his mind, and he made a mental note to try him on the comm. when he got back to the med lab if Krennon had kept up with Ripkin's comm, that is. Hopefully this wouldnt take any hour anyways...

08/03/2005 1:49 AM

Slinging his pulse rifle over his shoulder, Smith climbed up onto the APC roof to join Ripkins.

"Shit, look at it..." he cursed, pointed at the APC antenna.

The housing around it looked black and charred.

"The aliens didn't do that, that's deliberate sabotage! It looks like someone's ripped the wires out and stuffed a small door charge into it."

Smith knelt down and got out his portable tool kit to begin working.

"This could take a while." he said with a sigh.

* * * * *

Krennon did as he was told, he got down on his knee's with his hands behind his kneck. His anger at being caught out so easily distracted him from feeling any real fear of death.

The sound of Aliens slamming against the door got louder as more of them gathered outside.

"That door won't hold forever Garret, they've got this hanger surrounded!...You won't make it out of here on your own, not without my help." he warned.

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08/03/2005 11:59 AM

Leon chuckled at Krennon. He pulled out two zip ties and used one hand to fashion them into mock handcuffs while keeping his rifle pointed at Krennon.

"Thats a heavy guage blast door, all the ones in this hanger are. They think theres one person in here so They aren't going to work too hard at it. Besides, if they do get in, they can't see me or smell me. You might have noticed the pungent odor of strong after shave?"

He bound Krennon's hands together, pulling out three more ties. Suddenly he pushed krennon onto the ground with his booted foot.

"Bring your feet as close to your backside as you can. I intend to enlist your help, but not in the conventional means. You see, the Aliens don't touch people who have been infested."

He made mock handcuffs with his free hand, putting them around Krennon's ankles. Then he bound his hands and feet together, forcing his arms to bend at such an angle that he wouldn't have much leverage.

"Hurts a little? Good. Now stay."

Leon delivered a good kick to Krennon's head.

"Sweet dreams."

He turned and went to the ship, opening the cargo bay.

08/06/2005 3:41 PM

As the night fell steadily on, it became increasingly darker and darker outside, though fortunately it had remained dry and the wind was much calmer now.

The hour went by without incident as Corproal Smith continued working away at the APC antenna. He cursed quietly to himself frequently as he struggled to repair the extensive damage with his obviously inadequate tools. A few times he had climed back down into the APC to check comms, but each time had been unsuccessful. Still, Smith tried to remain fairly upbeat and confident that he could fix the problem eventually.

Private Levine cautiously poked his head around the corner, then stepped outside of the med lab.

"How's things? Any success?" he asked, strolling over to the APC.

"We're getting there. It's not working properly yet, but we're getting there." answered Smith, not looking up from his work.

"Ripkins, wanna swap shifts now? The med labs quiet enough, there's nothing happening in there. I'll just borrow Smithy rifle while Im out here, if you like?" asked Levine.

08/06/2005 6:18 PM

Leon dropped a stasis crate in front of Krennon. After a few seconds of waiting he became impatient and went to get his report. He returned and began writing again, adding in the capture of the unit's Captain and the situation he found himself in now. The Xenomorphs had now way in, all the blast doors and shutters were locked, the vents were welded and the floor and roof were solid titanium plating. He Leaned against the crate, avoiding the control panel, and waited for his captive to awaken.

08/08/2005 11:27 AM

After a few moments, Captain Krennon slowly came back round again. Unable to lift himself back upright because of his ties, he remained motionless on the ground. As his vision quickly became clear again, he stared at Garret with intense hatred, but said nothing. The ties had became extremely tight and quite painful as he lay in such an awkward position.

The sound of the aliens pounding on the blast door had ceased now. Krennon suspected that they were already looking for other ways in. That, or they were simply waiting.

Krennon did likewise and waited to see what Garret would do next.

08/08/2005 2:20 PM

Leon smiled when he saw Krennon awake and glare at him.

"Well, good morning to you too. Wanna make a deal?"

He rose from the ground and picked a communicator up off of the stasis crate, he flicked it on and off, spraying bursts of conversation from the local marines. He avoided the transmit button, but continued flicking the power switch.

"You see, in this crate is a face hugger. What they do, is attach to the face of a living being and insert their proboscis into the oral cavity, thats the mouth you ignorant backwater, and insert a small embryo. They remain there for most of the gestation period, feeding the organism and the embryo air. Eventually the little parasite gets big enough to not require sustainance and the face hugger falls off. After a few hours, the embryo hatches. Now, WY has termed the young embryo a chest burster, and I assure you, its not because they pop a few skin cells and crawl out your throat. They take the most direct route, right through your rib cage. It's very painfull and no one survives it. Now WY can surgically remove them at this stage and prevent them from killing the host, however they only do this if the subject is retained in a WY VIP cell, which is maybe the size of your office on the Halcyon. Full amenities, three squares a day, entertainment, no contact with the outside world of course, and of course theres a biosphere complete with a tennis court. I hear it's like a country club. Now what I can do, is put you into one of those stasis capsules in the shuttle, and ferry you to Centauri research station where this will happen, or I can just throw you in the capsule and wait until the thing hatches before I activate the stasis feild. Now the reason WY would be willing to do this is because the embryo in this egg is undoubtably a queen, since the one in the local hive has been iced."

He stopped to let what he had said sink in.

"Now either way, theres nothing to stop me from taping you to a wall and opening this crate in front of you. However, you should find me quite agreeable when I get what I want. And really its better if you do this for me. All I want is for you to send a false message to your squad saying you've killed me and ordering them to pop smoke because you need to check something on the APC, seeing as I may have placed an explosive in a place only you can access. Now what will it be, country club or slow and painfull death? Oh, and if you do things my way, I can warn them of their current predicament from orbit, seeing as how two of your men are in the same position your about to be."

He grabbed Krennon by the back of his armor and began dragging him to the nearest wall, where a few rolls of duct tape waited.

"You have until your taped up to think, once I've got that crate in front of you, your screwed and I let your troops die."

08/10/2005 1:43 PM

Krennon stared at Garret blankly for a moment, his eyes cold and his face unreadable.

"Give me the communicator, I'll tell them." he stated coldly.

08/10/2005 4:15 PM

Leon's smile was humorless. He pulled out his hand gun and checked to make sure it was loaded.

"You say anything to give away where I am, and I put threee rounds in your knee and make you do laps around the hanger, got it? Tell them egzactly what I told you to. Nothing more, nothing less."

He plugged Krennon's ear with the communicator and stepped back, leveling his gun at Krennon's knee. He nodded, cocking the gun.

08/10/2005 7:44 PM

Ripkins had knelt atop the APC in his own little word, not paying much mind to Smith unless he spoke directly to him. He was busy watching the scanner and his sights, making certain that all was clear. The hour dragged by rather slowly, but not as slowly as he thought it may...

When Levine started moving the scanner pulsated to life, snapping Ripkins back into reality as he moved his sights to the door, not realizing the hour was up until Levine had poked around the door. He quickly raised his rifle up when he realized it was Levine, speaking to him after he had finished...

'Works for me, just keep an eye on the scanner...'

He said as he moved the rifle to the shoulder strap, unlatching the scanner as he slid down from the APC, handing the scanner to Levine...

'Good luck you guys, we'll be in the med lab...'

He said as he turned to the door, walking down the hall with his pistol drawn as he reached the medlab door, knocking in a undeniably human rhythm as he entered thereafter, closign the door behind him...

'Smith is still working on the comm.'s, but I dont know how much luck he is having...'

He said as he holstered his pistol and laid his rifle against the counter, turning back to them once he had finished...

'So hows things here?'

08/11/2005 8:19 AM

Private Freuyh stood alone in the med lab, with her pistol drawn, looking somewhat edgy. As Ripkins entered the room she visibly relaxed, then re-holstered the weapon.

'Smith is still working on the comm.'s, but I dont know how much luck he is having...'

'So hows things here?'

"It's good to see you're okay. That thing still won't release it's hold from Zeph. The Sarge went to sleep a little while ago. I think he's going to be okay, but it's probably best if we let him get as much rest as possible," she said in a hushed voice.

Suddenly a loud speaker in the corner of the room crackled to life, followed by a transmission...

* * * * *

Krennon's mind scrambled as he frantically tried to think of a way to warn his squad. Before he had chance to come up with anything fancy, Garret thrust the communicator upon him.

He knew he'd only get a second or two of transmission time before Garret reacted. He hoped they'd hear the shot and presume him dead. Krennon didn't want his squad to come looking for him.

"GARRET'S ALIVE, DON'T TRUST HIM!" he shouted with a wince, expecting the gunshot any second.

* * * * *

"Hey Levine. Fingers crossed, I think I just might have fixed it!" announced Smith, turning to face him with a grin. He slid himself off the roof and disappeared into the APC.

Levine remained on the roof keeping watch. He wasn't about to let himself be distraced now, but he hoped to God that Smith was right.

Corporal Smith tweaked at the transmitter settings and his eyes light up.

"IT'S WORKING!" he exclaimed.

Smith switched the settings to transmit a message for the Halcyon to rebroadcast, in an attempt to contact any ships within range.

"This is Corporal Smith of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, 2nd battalion, 9th regiment. Transmitting from the colony Hadley's New Hope on the planet LV-426. We are stranded and require urgent assistance. On behalf of space regulations we request any ships within range to please respond..."

08/11/2005 12:23 PM

Leon booted Krennon in the face, enjoying the sound of breaking teeth.

"Dumb shit, I wasn't intending on going over there anyways."

He ripped the communicator out of Krennon's ear and spoke into it.

"Well since there was an unfortunate hitch in that plan, your commander is going to suffer a little. Don't bother trying to save him, I have all the prisoners I need. Now I was going to warn you of some danger your in, but thanks to your noble idiot of a superior, your going to have to find out the hard way. Ta ta. Oh one more thing, you may notice theres no proof I was here. WY will deny my egsistance, blah blah blah, in short, don't bother telling stories about me."

He dropped the communicator and left it on transmit. The look on his face as he turned to the bleeding commander spoke of murder, torture, and other unpleasant things.

"Did you know that a man can survive for hours on end with his stomach cut open. Oh of course, the hydrochloric acid would spill out into the rest of his abdomen, but we're not talking about severe burns here."

He pulled out his combat knife and adavanced on Krennon, grinning like a maniac.

08/11/2005 11:57 PM

'That's good for the most part. I think a good nap could do us all some good...'

He said as he started to walk towards the others, the transmission on the intercomm stoppin him dead in his tracks, both literally and in speech. He didnt know what pissed him off more, the fact that Leon was still alive or the fact that he let Krennon go off alone. His voice sounded stressed of course, and Ripkins half expected the gun shot as well, if it hadn't been for Leon's little follow up speech, that is...

'Do anything to him and Ill gut you myself, you bastard!'

He screamed back at the speaker, not for sure if they could be heard or not. He was still looking at the speaker as if it was going to do anything when he looked back over at Frueyh...

'Stay here, and lock that door. We've got to get moving before he figures out where we are...'

He rushed to the door, almost tripping as he grabbed for his rifle. He stopped himself just as he opened the door, looking back at Freuyh as he spoke in a less rushed and angered tone...

'And be careful, Ill be back in no time...'

He said as he rushed out the door, his rifle half slung over his shoulder and half held in his right hand. He slid around the corner as he neared the APC, sprinting down the straight stretch as if it were only a light walk. He reached the APC and noticed Levine on the roof...

'We've got trouble!'

He said in a slightly out of breath tone, turning to the APC door as he rushed to it, opening it as he remained outside, though talked to Smith nonetheless...

'Smith, Leon's still alive, and he's got Krennon, and only God knows what he's going to do with him. The bastards with WY...'

He said, pausing to allow him to reply as he caught his breath...

08/12/2005 12:19 AM

This is Corporal Smith of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, 2nd battalion, 9th regiment. Transmitting from the colony Hadley's New Hope on the planet LV-426. We are stranded and require urgent assistance. On behalf of space regulations we request any ships within range to please respond... >

Stone flipped the communications switch and glanced nervously at the digital readout on the shuttle display panel with grey eyes. 00:26:56. He cursed under his breath and flipped the communications open to the "salvage" crew aboard the USCMC vessel Halcyon.

"Miller we got a distress message from the surface, garbled but still understandable. You want me to respond?" he asked glancing at the clock and then at the navigations panel, scanning it quickly for any other ships in the vicinity but finding nothing but the cold, vacant expanse of empty space.

Nah, screw that. Let's just get as much of this stuff aboard the Runner as we can and get the hell outta here. If the Colonials are havin' trouble, fuck 'em we don't need their problems. >

The pilot frowned and glanced again at the ball of dust known unimaginatively as LV-426 through the viewport. He hated terraforming worlds like this one, they somehow felt wrong, as if man had overstepped its boundaries and were messing with something too cosmic for his own good or understanding. Or maybe he hated them for the simple fact he grew up on a dust ball just like this one. It had taken him joining the Marine core to get away, he somehow found the irony somewhat amusing.

Sighing, he flipped the communications switch to Miller again.

"You sure this is what you want sir?" he asked simply and waited for the reply as he glanced back at the planet and wondered what might had happened to the colonists that required a fully loaded marine frigate to respond. He doubted it was a revolt, his own time in the Colonial Marines told him the planet was too underpopulated and underdeveloped to rebel against the Administration.

Stone, I said fuck that. And that is my final say. I don't give a shit about any jar-head grunts dumb enough to get them stranded on a crap hole like this one. Besides, it makes sense someone will come for them eventually, just not us. >

Stone sighed again, the sound betraying his frustration as he ran a hand through his blonde hair and leant back into the pilot's chair his eyes still fixed on the planet below. With a final grunt of anger, aimed more at himself than anything else, Stone quickly leaned forward and flipped the communication switch to the planet below.

"Corporal Smith, this is the Salvage vessel Fringe Runner we are in orbit around the planet. We tried contacting the surface and your vessel hours ago but there was no reply. What is your situation?" he said in an even tone even as the ghost of a smile flickered across his lips. He quickly flipped the switch for Miller's headset.

"Miller you there? Damned if I know how but the marines know we are here, they just asked the unidentified vessel in space to respond." He lied trying not to smile.

What the Fuck? You've got to be kidding me! How did those bastards know... oh fuck this. Me and Colton are heading back to the Runner, let the marines know we are here, maybe I can wrangle some sort of reward outta this. Make sure the gear we already took is stowed safely. See you in twenty... >

Stone nodded at Miller through habit even though the old salvage captain was well out of view, his pale grey eyes still fixed upon the planet below as he waited for a response from Smith...

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08/12/2005 4:48 AM

"Garret! Wait, I'm no good to you dead! What are you doing!?..." Krennon screamed as the maniac advanced towards him with the knife. He fought and struggled against his ties but it was hopeless...

* * * * *

'We've got trouble!'

Levine slid down off the roof to stand beside Ripkins as he spoke through the door to Smith.

'Smith, Leon's still alive, and he's got Krennon, and only God knows what he's going to do with him. The bastards with WY...'

"Shit! Hold on a second..." cut in Smith as a reply crackled from the tranceiver.

[i] [/i]

"Fringe Runner, this is Corporal Smith. We have successfully neutralized a terrorist attack on the colony Hadley's New Hope, but our Dropship was destroyed in the conflict. We desperately need transportation back to our ship, the Halcyon as we have a couple of casualties and inadequate medical facilities here." he lied.

"Levine, get back on med lab duty! Ripkins get in and drive! Krennon headed towards the hanger area. It makes sense they'd be over there." he barked quickly.

Levine threw Smith's rifle into the APC and unslung his flamer. He gave Ripkins a reassuring slap on the back before turning and running back towards the med lab.

08/12/2005 4:31 PM

"Your right, your no good to me dead. But who said I was going to kill you. I was just going to do a little, weight reduction."

He pressed the knife's tip to Krennon's stomach.

"Now your friends are going to be here before too long. I heard your last ammo check over the radio. What I didn't hear, was what you have in that little tonka toy of yours. Now, your going to start telling me usefull things, or I'm going to teach you the meaning of agony, suffering, and all out terror. I can do some scary shit when agravated and right now, I'm on the brink of removing your entire digestive tract."

He let his voice filter over the communicator, ignoring the startled reply from the med lab. With a slight smile, he pushed the kinfe's tip slightly in, drawing a small trickle of blood.

"Start talking."

08/12/2005 4:50 PM

"Start talking."

"Argh! What the hell do you want to know? We've hardly anything useful left in the APC! We redistributed the spare weapons and ammo after we made it out of the hydro plant. That weapons check you heard was everything we have left, I sware."

Sweat poured from Krennon's forehead and he visibly trembled as he spoke. He was scared now and knew better than to mess this guy around any more. He was willing to tell Garret just about anything right now.

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08/12/2005 11:23 PM

"Is there a self destruct device in the APC that can be activated remotely? Or is there any way to activate an air strike from the Halcyon from anywhere?"

Garret twisted the knife ever so slightly. He'd have to run over and shoot out the circuit pannels in the doors pretty quickly. The marines would likely bring their tech guru and Leon knew that codes could be bypassed with these damn control pads.

"Ah hold that thought, I gotta go do some re-wirring."

There were several gunshots and the sound of scattering silicone chips. Leon sure hoped knocking out the interior pads would disconnect the exterior chips from the servos that controlled the doors. The hanger entrance door was different. He did a sloppy bypass, disconnecting the exterior wire connections and leaving the wires hanging. That door was guaranteed to stay closed if someone tried the outside. Only the secondary entrances would work. He turned back to Krennon. That would give him some time.

"I hate it when stuff goes sour on me. So you better tell me everything and anything I can use against your squad at this point, or when your men find you, they wont recognise you."

08/13/2005 1:44 PM

'What tha...'

Ripkins whispered to himself, and probably Levine as the reply from the Runner far overhead came to life through the radio. Well, at least the radio was working he figured as he continued to just listen, through Smiths reply to runner as well as the orders he soon dished out, nodding to Smith signaling he understood...

He gave Ripkins a reassuring slap on the back before turning and running back towards the med lab.

'Give 'em hell!'

He managed to get out before he headed back into the APC, shutting the door once he was in as he set his rifle against one of the seats and headed to the cockpit ahead. He could have put his seatbelt on, but disregarded it as he quickly flicked a few switches to bring the APC cockpit to life with a miriade of colored lights...

'Hang on!'

He said to Smith as he looked back briefly, quickly turning back forward as he slammed the gas pedal and turned the wheel, doing a complete 180 degree turn as he headed back to where they had came from. The turns were rather fast, but since Ripkins was ready for most of them he was able to stay pretty well in his seat...

'Who's on the radio, sir?'

He said, still keeping his eye to the 'road' ahead. It wouldnt be long now before they reached the hangar area...

08/15/2005 11:35 AM

"I hate it when stuff goes sour on me. So you better tell me everything and anything I can use against your squad at this point, or when your men find you, they wont recognise you."

"Wha..what?" stuttered Krennon, "I don't know? There are only three marines and our Dropship pilot left...We have two more marines with those things attached to their faces. All we have left is the APC and barely enough weapons and ammo to go around. Our squad's finished...Those creatures will probably take care of them for you in a few hours anyway..."

* * * * *

"Fringe Runner, this is Corporal Smith, are you reading me? Over."

'Who's on the radio, sir?'

"Shit! It was a Salvage vessel orbiting the planet, but I think I've lost them. The signal's breaking up. I hope driving on this rough terrain hasn't dislodged something in the antenna again. I'll keep trying, but don't slow down, it's more important we get to Krennon asap."

"Fringe Runner, this is Corporal Smith. I repeat, we have successfully neutralized a terrorist attack on the colony Hadley's New Hope, but our Dropship was destroyed in the conflict. We desperately need transportation back to our ship, as we have casualties and require use of the Halcyon's medical facilities." he tried again.

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08/15/2005 9:37 PM

Leon growled in Krennon's face.

"You better hope thats true, or once my superiors are done with you, well I'll just let that hang. Have a good sleep 'sir'."

Leon walked over to the crate, hitting the open switch and backing away to let the egg inside do it's work. His grin was apparent as the spidery thing crawled up onto the rim of the crate and seemed to preen before turning to Krennon. Leon turned away and cocked his rifle, waiting for the marines heading his way.

08/16/2005 8:56 PM

'Shit... Roger that...'

He said as he continued driving, not wanting to lose the signal anymore than Smith did. He was actually a bit worried about those things getting on the ship, but planned on keeping his piece for now until a better tiem arose for the subject...

He hadn't kept a good eye on the road during his last visit, and was going off of reverse memory as well as symbols that were placed up at various places, but it was coming back to him a bit now as things started looking more familiar...

'Almost there sir.'

He said as he continued to drive and keep his eyes on the path ahead...

08/17/2005 12:55 AM

&Stone glanced over at the communications system and tried differing bandwidths in hope of finding a better signal. The crackling, garbled voice of Smith came through, disappeared and then crackled to life again.

&destroyed in the conflict. We desperately need transportation back to our ship, as we have casualties and require use of the Halcyon's medical facilities&>

He gave himself a small smile which faltered quickly upon hearing the rest of the transmission. The pilot quickly flipped the 'send' switch on the aging vessel's flight board and leant forward to speak.

"Lost you there for a minute Smith. Too much interference from the atmospheric generators I think, it's the high ionisation of the new atmosphere. We are currently enroute to your location but we need some kind of signal to home in on your exact location. ETA, I guess, would be around 15 minutes can you hold for that long?" he inquired glancing at the chronometer and wondering how long it would take Miller to get back to the Runner&

08/17/2005 5:41 AM

"Lost you there for a minute Smith. Too much interference from the atmospheric generators I think, it's the high ionisation of the new atmosphere. We are currently enroute to your location but we need some kind of signal to home in on your exact location. ETA, I guess, would be around 15 minutes can you hold for that long?"

"We can meet you at the main landing field, you'll see the remains of our Dropship still ablaze there. 15 minutes should be fine, as we'll need time to collect our casualites from the med lab anyway. Look out for us, we'll be in an armoured personnel carrier." replied Smith.

"Holy shit Ripkins. This is gonna be tight. They'll be here in fifteen minutes and I really don't want to risk keeping them waiting any longer than necessary. I guess I'm gonna have to try to take care of Garret on my own. You'd best head back to med lab and collect the others." he suggested, not sounding too happy or confident with the idea.

08/17/2005 11:22 AM

The facehugger crouched and sprang for Krennon's face. Leon heard it's light squeal and smiled. With an exper flick of his wrist he opened the small computer there and flipped through the wireless camera feeds he had uploaded into the small terminal. He could see the APC stopped with one of the doors open. They were splitting up. The Aliens would be happy about that and he was too.

08/17/2005 7:04 PM

He saw the hangar as he let up slightly on the gas pedal, turning the wheel and then gassing it to swing the tail end around and end up pointing the opposite direction they were before. He began to move back to the back as he heard Smith's conversation...

He was happy that the radio was working and even more relieved when he heard that they could be there in fifteen minutes, but the orders given next he wasn't pleased at all with. He couldn't help but disagree, even if it didn't help any...

'Sir, I cant do that. You know as well as I do you can work the radio better than any of us, and drive this thing better than me, and what if something happened? If this radio bugs out or something they'll need you...'

He paused as he picked up his rifle and slung it over his shoulder...

'I'll go and get the Cap'n, you go get the others and get to that dropship...'

He said rather sternfully, not in a disrespectful tone but in a determined tone. He walked over to the door, not opening it just yet but his hand was on the lever to do so...

OOC: Sorry B_P, I didn't want the door open just yet, I doubt it matters but I saw you said the door was open. No big, just wanting to clear any confusion that may exist or come to exist soon. Thanks.

08/17/2005 10:39 PM

OOC: No leons watching you on a camera, the hanger doors are all closed. I was assuming the APC would stop and open it's doors eventually)

Leon smiled as he walked over to a light switch and shut the overheads off. That done he pulled down his visor and quickly jumped to grab the maintenance ladder on his shuttle. With three quick moves he ascended and perched on the roof. He didn't make any moves or noise save to raise his rifle and aim it at the door.

08/18/2005 3:48 AM

'I'll go and get the Cap'n, you go get the others and get to that dropship...'

Smith got up and moved over to the door beside Ripkins. He paused for a second before speaking...

"I guess that makes sense, you are the sniper after all. Remember though, there's a fair chance that the Captain could already be dead by now. Don't go getting yourself killed. No heroics, just make sure you're near the landing field in fifteen minutes. Once I've got the others I'll come looking for you in the APC if you aren't already at the ship."

Smith turned and grabbed the welder from the APC's storage cabinet, it was the last piece of equipment left in there.

"Here, this could come in handy if you need to cut your way in." he said, handing it over.

"Take these as well," he said, removing three grenades from his equipment harness.

"Good luck, Ripkins."

08/18/2005 10:50 AM

Leon's grin widened as his camera showed the sniper drop out of the APC. He laid prone on the shuttle and shut off his tri filter. That done he set himself up to fire down at the door the second it opened. He began taking deep breaths, his smile faltering. He hated fire fights, open engagement had been one of Leon's lowest scores at the academy. With a resigned sigh, he stayed still, watching his wrist mounted motion tracker intently.

08/31/2005 8:35 PM

'Thanks sir...'

He said as he managed to strap all the gear across his body, having the welder next to the motion tracker and the grenades where he once kept his. With a deep breath he slung the rifle over his shoulder, drawing his pistol as he opened the door and jumped out, not suprised at all by what he saw, though he wasnt the least bit happy about it...

He could see at least five of those damn abominations near to the building he was fixing to enter. Two were next to an apparently locked door, one was looking right at him, and two others were rushing towards the APC whose parking meter had apparently ran up...


Was all he could shout back to Smith as he slammed the door shut, beginning to fire at the alien that had already spotted him and was starting towards him...

Three shots stopped him in his tracks, each hitting him in the chest, but it had merely stopped him momentarily. He quickly fired two more, both aimed for the head. One hit and merely grazed the long appendage, but the second ripped cleanly therein, more than likely killing it...

Next he turned to the two that were near the APC, the ones that were closest to him, and began firing. Three shots fired cleanly, doing nothing but piss the things off as the fourth shot jammed the pistol...


He said as he began backing up, dropping the pistol where he stood as he realized he was more than likely fucked. His pistol was the only thing he could use with much accuracy, with his left arm being injured, and it was almost too close for a grenade. He had to try it though, as soon as Smith got out of the way. He grabbed a grenade, continuing to back up as he waited for Smith to get out of the way...

09/01/2005 3:09 AM

Hearing the gunshots outside, Smith slammed the APC forward and wheeled it around in an arc behind Ripkins. As the two aliens came into view, he could see Ripkins was about to throw a grenade towards them and had been waiting for him to pull the APC clear.

"Now!" Smith screamed, even though he knew Ripkins couldn't hear him.

He kept the APC moving round in a wide arc, ready to crush the fiends should they somehow survive the explosion.

09/06/2005 10:48 PM

He saw the APC wheel forward as he activated the grenade, counting aloud as he continued to step back, the aliens beginning to run as he did so...

'3... 2...'

He threw the grenade as he said two, which allowed the grenade to get right between them before exploded, incenerating the aliens, which kept from the blood splashing around too much. He quickly dropped onto his stomach, slinging his rifle around as he set his sights on the last aliens near the door...

He moved his sights and killed the first one easily with one shot, but by that time the second has already started to run towards him. He tried to roll over and get a better firing view but it was useless, and before he could raise up the alien was right on top of him...


He said as the alien jumped on top of him, trying to eat him alive as a smaller mouth came out from the larger one taht was staring at him. All he could do was brace his feet against the beast and try to keep it away, which would have been a useless effort had he not scrambled around and found his welder...

He quickly switched it on, eating into the skin of the beast and melting it alive, melting a clean hole through the neck of the beast as it fell limp, right on Ripkins' chest plate. He quickly moved to get it off of him, and soon realized his chest plate was melting through, and tried to remove it as well...

All the while it seemed to be getting hotter as he finally got it off, tossing it aside as he tried to stand up, realizing it was no easy task. He hadn't realized it with the adrenaline rushing, but the tail of the creature must have pierced deep into his right thigh, drawing blood and causing a hinderance in his walk, not to mention pain...

'Fuck, keeps getting better and better.'

He said as he slung the rifle over his shoulder, grabbing the welder just in case as he tried to stand again, this time able to do so as he hobbled to the door the other aliens had been guarding. He leaned against one side on the door and gained his strength, reaching to the handle that was strangely unlocked as he opened it, bracing against the door as he moved his rifle up, trying to get a better view of the hangar using his thermals and night vision sensors...

OOC: I know that was really long, and I hope none of its cheap. Im just trying to get it moving along, and its been awhile since Ive been able to role-play. I guess its just kind of an overload, sorry. Hope if no problem, if there is just let me know. Thanks...

09/07/2005 8:19 AM

Moments after Ripkins's grenade went off, Smith plowed the APC straight through the area where the aliens had been standing. It proved to be unnecessary as the explosion had already ripped them to pieces, leaving burning hard shell-like fragments of flesh scattered all around.

Heading away from the hanger now, Smith didn't see the last pair of aliens lurking just by the entrance. Assuming Ripkins was now in the clear, he quickly sped off towards the med lab to collect the rest of the team.

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