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06/15/2005 9:03 AM

well if you have played this game, heard of it, or at least think it sounds interesting i think it could work.

Basically we will have three armies, the first will be a brand new Chapter of Space Marines (name pending), the second will be a large chunk of a Chaos Legion (Iron Warriors), the third will be a mob of Orks led by a warboss.

It will require a few people per army, and i would select one person to lead each army. The RP will go on until one army is left standing. the whole thing will be in the eastern fringe, ill do a little research to see what each army has at its diposal, i advise everybody to do a little bit of thier own research to see what kind of tactics would suit thier own army best, because i will keep that information in mind when considering what happens at the end of a battle, also i will be head command for each army (ecclesiarchy for Marines, Peturabo for Iron Warriors, and Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka for Orks). i am aware that this still needs tons more details, please ask all questions that come to mind, if it is something that you can't get for yourself i will answer them.

06/15/2005 3:53 PM

Here are the problems:

1) You're still too green. You haven't really been here long enough for many people to be confident in your style. You should actually join in, and participate in, other roleplays before trying to start your own.

2) This requires too many people. Even in the best case scenario, you won't have enough players to do this any justice. This is not a huge website with thousands of RPers waiting to play a Warhammer 40K game. You're unlikely to generate interest with more than 4-6 people. And an RP will get really boring if all you're doing is fighting other people and talking to two others that happen to be on your side.

3) Games that pit player-against-player aren't generally very fulfilling. They require a lot more abjudication on the part of the person running the game, and they can end in hurt feelings or outright hostility (no pun intended).

4) No Eldar, Dark Eldar, etc? Psh.

5) Orks should not be "playable." They'd be too hard to do any justice too, except in the case of a REALLY good RPer that can get their particular dialect and poor intellect down.

If you want to run a game like this, you're much better off having all the players be part of an elite squadron - whether it be an allied group of different factionaries, or all members of the same faction. That way they can do what you're intended to do in an RPG - work together.

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