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06/14/2005 10:32 AM

To celebrate finally finishing my history course, and thus having more free time, I'm re-starting my beloved anthro RP, Darkness Within!

I TOLD you I was going to!

For those who don't know:

Anthros are animals blended with human characteristics. Their humanoid appearance can range from being a catgirl, to essentially a regular animal that can stand and talk. Think Redwall.
Unicorns and dragons also count as anthros, since they can use their magic to turn into a more humanoid form, but are technically animals, albeit intelligent and magical ones.

The story:

Roughly five hundred years before the story takes place, the world of Emarran was dominated by a council of extremely powerful mages, both anthro and other races. Finally, the people banded together and drove back the mages, trapping them in various artifacts. The last to be captured was a dragon-mage named Serast Icewing, who was captured by a unicorn-mage in a mirror. The effort killed the mage, who passed guardianship of the cursed mirror onto his apprentice, a unicorn named Ekarra Greynight.

In this thread, Serast somehow broke free of the mirror, and returned with all his powers back. Ekarra, while powerful, was unprepared and the evil dragon-mage now plans to regain his realm.

The thread was cut short when I left the RPGC briefly due to a lack of time :(

I'm back, now, with plenty of time, and I hope most of our players can come back! The thread is in the general role-playing section.

Oh, yeah, only fair to warn you. The thread is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and implied "situations".

06/17/2005 11:34 AM

Okay. This isn't funny.

Is nobody interested in coming back?
Or, heck, anybody new interested? It's certified 100% newbie friendly.

06/28/2005 4:36 PM

Okay. This isn't funny.

Is nobody interested in coming back?
Or, heck, anybody new interested? It's certified 100% newbie friendly.

Hi, ummm...I wasn't in the first thread...(Im sorry for replying so late...)but this sounds pretty interesting...i would join of course, but is this based on any book series, or is it 99.9% original? no matter which ill join in

06/28/2005 4:37 PM

Okay. This isn't funny.

Is nobody interested in coming back?
Or, heck, anybody new interested? It's certified 100% newbie friendly.

Hi, ummm...I wasn't in the first thread...(Im sorry for replying so late...)but this sounds pretty interesting...i would join of course, but is this based on any book series, or is it 99.9% original? no matter which ill join in

I wasnt in the first one because i joined the RPGC about 5 days after you posted this...

06/28/2005 6:36 PM

I'm back in as long as you understand I may not be able to post everyday.

Here's my main character:

Name: Kelia Darkspirit
Gender: Female
Race: Anthro Unicorn
Age: A Human 30ish
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Snow White, Long and Flowing, Slight Wave
Skin/Fur: Smokey Grey; Horn: Black
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 200 pounds
Build: Sleek, but toned and well muscled as all horses/unicorns
Family Origin: The Forests of Emarran
Alighnment: Neutral-Evil
Rank: Magic-User

Background: Like all unicorns, Kelia is very powerful in the ways of magic, those of light that come natural to her kind as well as any learned magic. She has retained her natural powers, and has also learn many ways of elemental spell magic from her world. Because she is a unicorn, she was sought out by an evil ice dragon, to serve him. She only does his bidding because he is holding her two young children in thrall in order to gain her services.

Appearance: Kelia is tall and toned, with smokey grey fur, and snow white hair, as is her tail. Her eyes are a piercing sky blue and her horn is like black onyx, as are her hooves. She has a black and white marking of a star on her right back flank (hip). She prefers not to dress, considering this the purest form, but when she does, she chooses a long, flowing robe of black with silver trim.

She can shift into a more humanoid form using a natural ability, but chooses not to most of the time, considering this a weaker form. In her humanoid for hair remains its snow white color and her skin the smokey grey, but her tail receeds. Her muzzles receeds into a human female face. Her front hooves turn to black-gloved hands; her black hooves to black-booted feet. Her onyx colored horn receeds from her forehead leaving the mark of a lightening bolt of the same color. As in her animal form, she chooses to only cover herself with her black and silver robe.

Personality: Alternating somewhere between Neutral-Good and Neutral-Evil, depending on her needs. She can be as warm-hearted as easily as she can be cold and calculating. She adores her family.

Weapon(s): Magic, Horn, Hooves, Teeth

Other(s): Kelia's magics: A few Natural Abilities (including mindspeak, shifting to her humanoid form, minor healing powers) as well as her learned Elemental Spell Magic. (Greater - Darkness, Fire, Air, Water; Lesser - Storm and Ice)

And maybe, if they fit in with my needs. Haven't decided yet:

Name: Sable and Sabastien Darkspirit
Gender: Female and Male Twins
Race: Anthro Unicorns
Age: Human's 10 years old
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Onyx Black
Skin/Fur: Smokey Grey; Horns - Golden
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 160 pounds
Build: Sleek and toned
Family Origin: The Forests of Emarran
Alignment: Neutral-Good (both)
Rank: Magic-User (both)

Background: Sable and Sabastien Darkspirit were born to parents Darius and Kelia roughly 10 years ago in their home deep in the Forests of Emarran. When an evil Ice Dragon was released from his magical prison, and their Mother was sought out as one of his servants, the young unicorn twins were taken by the Ice Dragon as leverage. The evil one killed their Father, though their Mother does not know this.

Appearance: Sable and Sabastien are intentical twins. The both have their Mother's smokey grey fur and sky blue eyes. Their hair (mane's), tail, and hooves are onyx black. Their horns are a golden color, from their Father, and the star markings on their flanks (hips) are golden and white. Sable's marking is on the right side; Sabastien's is on left. They have both been taught not to dress whenever possible, but when they do Sable prefers a flowing, ankle length wine colored gown. Sabastien favors black pants and a dark blue shirt with a black vest.

As their parents have taught them the natural ability of shifting, both Sable and Sabastien have the power to take a Humaniod form. Though they have the ability they both very rearely take this other form. When they do, the results are a 10 year old boy and girl with smokey grey skin, sky blue eyes and onyx black hair, which Sable wears to her waist while her brother wears short. Their tails and horns receed and their hooves change to black-gloved hands and black booted feet. The loss of their horns leave a golden star on Sable's forehead and a golden blaze on Sabastien's. They prefer the same type of clothing in their Humanoid forms as in their trueanimal forms.

Personality: Neutral-Good. Adventurous, spirited, open and friendly. Sabastien is more likely to rush in and try anything, taking things for what they appear. Sable is slightly more cautious.

Weapon(s): Magic, Horn, Hooves, Teeth

Other(s): The Twins Magic - Natural Abilities (including mindspeak, shifting to humanoid form, minor healing), Greater - Light, Air, Water; Lesser - Ice

PS: Are we starting over, or just continuing the original thread?

06/29/2005 12:09 PM

You're welcome to join, Blood_Lace. This is a completely original world:D

*hugs Luni* Yay!
And we're just continuing the thread. I'll see if Exile's back in or not.

06/29/2005 9:15 PM

Name: Leon
Race: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: Does this mean that their lifespan is around the same as humans? If so... 22
Fur: Silver
Eyes: Red
Weapons: Scythe, two sickles (they are the weopons with the hooked end right?), claws
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185
Rank: ???
Magic: Greater-Darkness, Fire Lesser- Storm
Personality: Withdrawn
Background: ???
Appearance: Black cloak, hood pulled up over his head (most of the time)

06/30/2005 8:18 AM

*hugs Exile*
You rock. Seriously. *slaps sticker of approval on his forehead*
Yes! Alright, let's get this show on the road!

06/30/2005 5:49 PM

It is a pleasure to be of service to you.

Now. Are you going to create a new thread or are we going to keep on from the old thread?

06/30/2005 6:37 PM

Keep going from the old thread. I tried to post earlier in it but the server decided to be malicious and it didn't work.

07/04/2005 6:54 PM

Can i join?

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