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06/12/2005 1:08 AM

On the eve of the morning a lone women sat with a wool blanket draped over her shoulders. A glimering fire layed lit glowing red from the sindering coals under. She hunched over in the shade given by the forest she had nestled herself in that night.

This all took place north of Luruar in The Moon Woods.

She held within the grasp of her two hands an orb that glowed purple reflecting the dark cloud within its self. Her eyes glazed by the lack of sleep she had encountered for the last nights were spent restless. The orb was being chased after and she knew it now.

"Oh orb," She carrassed the sphere admiring it's internal beauty and essence, "Why dost thou seek me?" She held the orb closely to her bossom trying to touch the mystical artifact with her soul.

With the morning on the rise she too rose still cluching the Orb to her chest and began her journy to the Spine of the World.

Mean While Greylen's main Character in this story, Aashu, is veiwed elsewhere.

Aashu was a beautiful half elf with a love for adventure that had been gifted to her by her beloved, Leon, who had but lost his life in struggles long past Aashu. Her hair was a short and semi wavy colored a dark brown that glimmered like silk under the sun. Her body was firm yet toned but appealed to the generic human porportions.

She wore light clothing strapped down but a multitude of belts. The belts had been her strange idea of armor, which in her opinion was versatile. When more armor was needed, just add another leather studded belt where it was needed instead of hauling around heavy armor.
She was quick with her rapier which did infact benefit her idea of armor. The rapier had been the only gift she received from her Elven father before he disapeared after atempting a journy toward Luruar.

Aashu had not been informed on why her father had left to Luruar and at this time she bore little feelings to care either. She felt abandoned by him.

But Aashu was wandering the streets of NeverWinter, in search of suplies to set back to the journy she had at hand, Adventure, even if it had not point intended. When she then was ushered to a near by shop on the street.

"You have a wonderful future young half elf!" An old lady called out to her. Aashu was always interested in her fortunes even though she had thought such fortunes would be a rouse.

"The spine will cry when the earth shakes!" The old women called to Aashu who stood right in front of her.

Aashu giggled upon hearing this proclaimation. "Anything for my future old lady?" Smiled Aashu still giggling.

"That would cost you young one!" The old lady called out again.

Aashu played around in her pockets and her money pouch to find something that would be worth a cheap lie. Finding a copper peice Aashu forced the peice to land swiftly with a thud on the table only using two of her fingers to guide it's fall. "One copper peice!" Aasu called back out to the fortune teller.

"Your path will lead you east of here to a small shrine in Luruar. There truths will be told."

"Thanks." Aashu kindly replied. "You gave me a dirrection to head."

"You poor thing." The fortune teller said calmly with a smile embracing her face.

After the conversation with the fortune teller, Aashu collected her suplies from various tellers across the city. Most of her suplies dealt with food, some for her infamous belts of armor. She carried on her suplies enough to last 4 nights, making her pack somewhat heavy with all the camping equipment.

Aashu decided it was best to stay a night in the ever expensive hotels in Neverwinter before she set off west in the morning. Spending a majority of time in the saloon down stairs of her room. She seemingly waited for anyone to converse with her.

06/12/2005 7:27 PM

Crion read everyone the second they entered the room, poking absently at their minds while he waited for something interesting to happen. Suddenly a young half elf wandered in with thoughts of the spine. The spine had been one of the places he had found a Nightwalker, and that fellow had been an abomination, too obsessed with killing to care for his own kind. He rose to his feet and adjusted his light cloak, calmly and quietly settling beside the half elf.

[I] So the spine rests on your mind eh?[/I]

He absently ran one of his long claws over a pattern etched in the bar. Crion's eyes reflected nothing of his intention, and indeed two glass orbs would have shown more emotion.

06/12/2005 10:22 PM

[I] So the spine rests on your mind eh?[/I]

"Well that was an interesting...." Aashu turned to glance upon her visiter and was startled to his apearance. She should have been well aware of the many variations of life on the planet yet she could not hold her surpise to her face, gasping in awe. "You're a strange looking fellow, but I do not intend that to be an insult." Aashu perked up and rotated her shoulders.

"My path is to the east of here, to Luruar." Aashu smiled at her guest. "Thouch bringing up such a subject matter, I am quite curious on what that Fortune Teller meant by, [I]The spine will cry when the earth shakes![/I]." Aashu looked at the long nails of the creature next to her as they ran absently over an etched pattern in the table top.

Aashu chreeful as she could be, turned to the stranger. "Would you wish to join me on my travels east?" She asked graciously. Soon after she raised her arm for a bars maid to fetch her order.

"I would like some food. Possibly a stew?" Aashu smiled while she continued her order. "And a mug of Ale." Turning back to her guest she smiled and asked, "Would you like me to get you something, or did you come over here for some other reason?" She waved the barsmaid to fetch her order and jingled her money purse as to let her know a tip would come for good service.

06/13/2005 7:53 PM

Crion chuckled through his nose, making a sort of sighing noise.

[I] Your not the first to be amazed by my appearance, but at least you aren't afraid.[/I]

He suddenly began to casually search her upper, less private thoughts and came up with the memory of the fortune teller instantly, reading it through then withdrawing from the girl's mind.

[I]Luruar used to be known for many earthquakes, but what connection they have to you eludes me. I believe I will take you up on your offer and tag along, I've become curious.[/I]

Crion began to absently push a fly around in mid air, until the offer of food came up.

[I] A gracious offer, but I cant consume solid, or liquid, nourishment. It's hard to do that without a mouth, but thank you for your offer. I came because your destination is fresh on my mind. It's the only place I've met my own kind, and I'm hoping theres a trend.[/I]

06/16/2005 8:35 PM

Aashu smiled at her guest just as a bowl of steaming stew was slid across the table carefully towards her side. In response she reached into her money purse and pulled a silver coin out then slid it across the table towards the Bars Maid.

Turning back to face the Nightwalker, Aashu spoke to him. "I hear the legends in my travels that there is a Dragon nestled in the earth there. Its roar is suposed to make the eath tremble and your ears bleed from the intensity." Aashu smiled at the Nightwalker. "I wanted to see what...." Just at that moment Aashu made for the first time in her life a connection to that dragon and her fathers disapearance. "Stupid fool..." Aashu muttered under her breath and pushed the bowl of Stew away from her. She stood then after the moment and worked her way around from behind the table and looked her what she now considered to be her companion in her travels.

"Well aren't you going to tell me your name Nightwalker?" She snickered. "Mine is Aashu, and though I dont see you as the best of company, I think you will be reliable enough to at least push that fly around." Aashu winked at her guest and waited for his response.

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06/16/2005 9:53 PM

Crion smirked as the girl made some kind of connection. He caught a part of it but it was gone so fast he didnt bother to chase it.

[I]Dragons are a myth my friend. I'm Crion. Your name is Aashu, I'm pleased to meet you.[/I]

He extended a long clawed hand to shake the humans.

[I]I've pushed larger things around.[/I]

There was a small splat as the fly imploded suddenly.

06/22/2005 11:51 AM

Reni yawned, pretend to be sleepy while looking around the inn. It was semi-full, enough noise and people for the short brunette to go unnoticed, and certainly not to be connected with a few missing coins....

She made her way towards the bar.
"Right, um, I need a room and something to eat."
The innkeeper eyed the girl, silently sizing her up. He named his price.
"Whaat? I don't have that kind of money!"
He shrugged. The girl frowned.
"Argh. Fine."

She dug out the coins and slid them over the scarred and pitted bar. He accepted them, and then nodded, popping them in the till and turning to get a key. The girl quickly leaned over and palmed the ones she could reach, shoving the coins into her gloves, praying to any gods that might happen to be listening that they wouldn't clink together.

The frumpy innkeeper turned back, handy her a tarnished key that the girl accepted, turning away. She wove her way through the inn, halting in a dark corner to pull the coins out of her glove. She stared at them sadly....not too many left. Reni shoved them in her bag, and looked around for a table. She slid through the crowd (for once her small size made something easy...) and turned her head, hunting for a table. Which resulted in her walking straight into an elven woman.

Reni stumbled backwards and slipped, falling on the floor.
She looked up.
"Agh! I'm sorry!"

06/25/2005 7:43 AM

Aashu turned to face the human female that had just bumped into her. Smiling down and giggling Aashu offered a hand to help her up.

"A bit clumsy are we?" Aashu joked gently toward the women. "Need help? Aashu continued to hold her hand out to the human female.

Meanwhile north of the Moon Woods a women made her way north. Sleep deprived and hungry the women's clothes had began to rag. Tattered from the woods behind her.

What she could see ahead was the tall moutians from the spine of the world. She was running from someone or something. She clung dearly to a purple glowing orb which rested on her fingers and spoke with madness creeping its way up into her mind.

"I will never let you go!" She spoke ethusiastically to the orb. "I have you now, there is no reason I should give you up." She smile softly to what was seemingly her partner, that orb.

The flow of light would ripple as she spoke to it, as if in reply to her, encouraging her to never let go of it. That soft texture illuminating the night, as if it had taken the place of the moon in the heavens.

"Why do such fools continue to follow us?" She spoke to the orb gently. Rubbing the orb in her hands she stumbled her way across the rough terrain further towards the spine of the world.

OOC: For your information Blaack Plague, Forgotten Realms does have Dragons, they are rare but they are all powerful in most aspects. Also the "nightwalker" race is a ethereal race in the world, they are usually only seen at night or really dark places like Caves.

06/25/2005 11:24 AM


Forgotten Realms does have Dragons, they are rare but they are all powerful in most aspects

But does Crion know that? The nightwalkers I use in rollplaying come from different settings then forgotten realms and dragon lance, which is why most of my charchters dont mesh with the stories well.)

Crion looked quizically at the female. He calmly began to trace more of the patterns on the bar surface. He tried to read this one, but she was smart enough to hide her thoughts. Oh well. He politely waited for the two to finish their interaction.

06/27/2005 8:38 AM

Reni flushed.
"I-I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."
She stood up, and brushed off her clothes.
"Again, I'm sorry, Miss-?"

07/10/2005 3:20 PM

Xurdreera stepped out of her room and stood on landing as she scanned the people below. Only her amber red eyes could be seen from deep within her hooded cloak. She picked up her packs and started down the stairs. She had been here for three days already, and though there were no sign of the hunters, the drow thought it safer to be moving on.

Stepping from the stairs, she scanned the room again. A human, a half elf, and a strange looking black skinned creature she couldn't identify. Walking past the human and half elf, she made her way to the bar and set her room key down.

"A light ale." she told the bartender in her husky, almost seductive, whisper.

The human male nodded and scooped up her key. He returned a few moments later with her drink.

X took it silently and made her way to a table. Setting her packs down, she sat down and whispered a few words. Feeling her Mind Protection spell take hold, she smiled deep within her hood. No need for anyone to know her private business.

She sat back and sipped her ale.

07/10/2005 10:35 PM

Selina silver moon walked into the Tavern, flinging the wooden door open, it flung open and hit the stone wall with a very loud thud. Coverd in the Shadows of the night she moved in quickly, ignoreing the stairs upon her from her entrence, as she moved firther into the light she could be seen much more easily, as the light moved from her head down.

Her eyes were dark blue and gave a strange feeling when one looked into them, like their was sumething hidden within them, they seemed to have a dark sparkle within them as well. Her face was flawless and unscarred, her features were very soft, her lips were full but dull in color and her ears though having an elven look, seemed slightly less rounded to the knoligeable eye. Each ear had a chandelear style earing with small silver dragon with emerald jewels set into it's eyes. The dragon looked back over its back its wings at its side and its moulth slightly opened showing sharp teeth.

Her Light blue hair was elagently done and styled, and looked a bit strange in the setting she had put herself in. The sides of her hair were braided and brought back weaved into eachother around a hair ornament that had leafes coming out from under the braids with the leave bent so it came over the top of the braid and came down ever so slightly, the center of the ornament was black a lotus like flower that stuck out from the back of her head, out from under the center of the flower came the rest of her hair which hung down straight untill it was pulled back into a ponytail, with a short green ribben, tied into a small bow, just above her pelvis then braided falling to right between her knees.

Her dress was silver and silky in its look, and fell to her ankels, it was very form fitting upon her slim and slender form and showed off her figure very well, the slitless dress clung to her, coming to two/thirds up her back and was low cut in the front somwhat falling midway between the top of her breasts and neck. The dress was also sleeveless held up by straps that were each several inches wide.
Around her neck was a silver necklace that hung to just below her collerbone, hanging from the chain was a crecent moon shaped ornament, made from pure emerald. Her nails were a dark blue as well, and slightly long as well.

Their was a bow behind her back as well as a quiver full of black arrowes, as well as several small pouches around the quiver. Thw Bow itself was made from ironwood and and is painted a midnight blue. Each arrow was an identicle black down to its tip, even the feathers on the ends were black.

She gave off a starnge aura, to the casual person it felt like a normal elven aura, but to a even slightly more trained person, her aura had a destict draconic feel to it, that seemed like a shadow to the upper elven layer of her aura. She did not hide this at all, simply becuse she had never been trained to.

She walked through the tavern, glanceing at the three at the one table, she frowned seeing the male nightwalker and becuse of him chose to avoid the group for now and seeing the drow girl sit down at the table smiled gently and made her way quickly to the bar, paying for a large glass full of a starnge smelling blue liquid, she made her way quickly over to the table and sat down sweepibng her hand under her pushing her dress forward, she kept her smile and looked at Xurdreera sweetly and sincerely.

"So whats a beauitful drow like you doing in a place like this?" She said quitly but her voice was still gentle and yet had a hint of playfullness in it. Still she looked back at Aashu, even if only to make sure she did not over hear, she then looked back at the drow waiting for her responce.

ooc- i will be on as shana now, chung validated my acount.

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07/12/2005 7:50 PM

Crion turned on his stool and studied the newcomers. He was still getting used to elves, as their minds were radiant, yet hard to read.

[I]It seems youve attracted quite a crowd Aashu.[/I]

He fiddled with his belt clasp and ignored the glowers of humans around the tavern.

07/12/2005 9:56 PM

Aashu was forced to raise an eyebrow to all the movement abroad, still puzzled at the women beneath her, the strange creature next to her. Some elfen maiden that was hitting one what she thought was a drow, but passed the thought off as she was just some dark hooded person. Looking around she spoke to the women beneath her, "It's ok." and smiled brightly in exchange for the girl's clumsy action. "We all make some stumble or another."

Something hovered over Aashu's thoughts and began to overlook the table in which the elfen maiden was now heading, her actions drew attention to the still hooded character.

"So whats a beauitful drow like you doing in a place like this?" She said quitly but her voice was still gentle and yet had a hint of playfullness in it. Still she looked back at Aashu, even if only to make sure she did not over hear, she then looked back at the drow waiting for her responce.

"A drow aye?" Aashu muttered to her self while extending a hand down to the human girl below her offering her some help up to her feet.

Later looking around the half elf made her way to the table in which the Drow now sat and bowed in front of her asking without words an audience.

07/12/2005 11:04 PM

Crion rose from his stool and pushed his way out the door. He stood outside and studied the stars. there was one exit, he would leave the elves to play their little games and catch up with them here. His mind briefly brushed across Aashu's every now and then to let him know if she needed his help. He sat down and crossed his legs, meditating calmly.

07/13/2005 7:37 AM

The women ran through the rocky plains toward the Spine of the world, seen within the distance. She could not get past the whispers she heard from all around her and that is why she ran, paranoid.

"STOP! Stop following me" She ran huddling close the the orb. "I did nothing wrong!" She kept running, her battered clothes beating raggedly to the winds fury. "Why here? Why now?" She took a stop and turned viciously around only to see the long stretch she had previously ran, the Moonwoods seen as nearly as a distant memory.

"Yes! I am Rane Sylphi!" The women yelled across the rocky plains. Sylphi could no longer bare her burden and fell to her knees cutting them viciously on the sharp rocks below her, a muffled scream of pain came from her lips as she fell forward unconcious.

Her mind was consumed with images forgien to her, peoples voices she never heard, and knowledge she thought was long dead. She was at rest though, after nearly weeks of not having it. She was resting at last even if it wasn't her choice.

07/13/2005 8:56 AM

X's red eyes flittled across the elven woman in front of her. "Are you always so blunt with strangers, elf?" she commented in her whispery voice. Looking the exotic looking female over, she smiled. "But then again, you aren't just a normal elf are you?"

Noticing the half elf approach and bow, X raised an eyebow at the woman, then nodded her consent and offered both females a seat.

Looking at the Human girl, she silently gestured at a third seat, wordlessly asking if she wanted to join them. Then she looked t the other creature, seemingly the only male in the room. But, seeing him in meditation, she left him alone.

Turning back to the three females, she asked, "So what brings you all here?"

07/18/2005 7:09 PM

Selina silver moon smiled ever more at the question about her being a normal Elf, but she chose to ignore this question and instead adressed the first after a moment of careful thought.

"My people sent many out across the land, to see how things have changed" She said not really answering the question but adressing it all the same.

She then took a long drink of the strange fluid, careful to spill none of it, she enjoyed the rich full aroma coming from it as well, but made no move to mention anything upon the subject.

Turning to Aashu, she gave a gentle smile, in greeting, she looked over this women closer this time, then turned and took another drink from her glass, setting it down slowly.

"Though i know not what brings this fair elf maiden and the young human female, i come simply to see how the land has changed since my people isolated themselfs over 500 years ago and as you were both, gorgous and drow, i figured you to be a intresting compainion with perhapse a few adventurers" She said seemingly not realizeing she had repeated have of what she said a moment ago, but this time being a bit more fourth coming.

As soon as her sentence ended she looked over at the strange male that had been talking to Aashu earlior, her sile vanished, but returned just as quickly as she turned back.

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07/20/2005 7:15 AM

"Interest in you." She smiled then lowered her voice and got closer to her. "A Drow in Neverwinter? Things must me rough for you." Aashu slid next to the drows and started to play with her fingers nervously. "I should be asking you what brought you from Underdark, but instead I'm looking for more compians to my trip to Luruar. You seem like a sturdy person. But also mysterious."

Aashu looked at the liquid the strange elf in front of her had, then up at the elfs eyes when she noticed something abstract. Giving a smirk she let the thought die out to be revealed another time.

"Seems like everyone wants you Drow." Aashu giggled.

07/20/2005 12:12 PM

"It would seem so." X replied with a hint of amusement.

Here, she finally took down her hood, revealing her phyical form. Stark white hair flowed down her back mid way against her ebony black skin. Amber red eyes were curious as she once again looked over the people at the table.

"My name is Xurdreera Coloara, or simply X. I am a socererous who was trained as an assassin for Lloth, but decided this was not my calling. For my betrayal I was expelled from the Underdark and made to be hunted for death by m former clan mates. Four of them. All female, all Assassin-Mages like me."

All this was said in her usual low toned, seductive whisper. Again she looked at each of thefemales at the table, holding each gaze for a few seconds. Then she continued.

"I was actually planning to move on today, but admit I'm intrigued by all I see here. An elf who's pople who have been isolated, a half elf journeying to Luruar." she smiled. "I think I may just stick around after all..."

07/23/2005 9:17 PM

Crion had been listening in by tapping the minds of the elves lightly. He broke in at the mention of elves.

[I]A Nightwalker too. I'll introduce myself when you come out. Continue your discussion please, it's rather intriguing to eavesdrop on.[/I]

He began to absently sharpen on of his daggers, keeping the air around him cold so people would not approach him. He didnt like humans, they figured his kind to be brutal. Usually they weren't.

07/24/2005 11:44 AM

Aashu looked that the Drow and saw her to be modest, and somehow considerate, this fact alone was strange. "I am Aashu Willwind." She replied to X's statement.

"I am a wanderer of sorts, skilled in many areas. Adventure is my game" Aashu continued on, her giddy side apear before she noticed local tavern people giving X odd looks, which quickly took hold of Aashu herself.

Wincing at the painful idea X was not liked she reached over and hooded the Drow elf in cautious approach. "I hope you do not mind." Aashu spoke to X, "But you are drawing the attention of the Tavern, beautiful as you may be, ground meat is not what I want out of someone as capable of a companian as yourself" She complimented while still giving her, her fears on the current matter.

"I think it best that we seek shealter outside this tavern. " Aashu gestured toward Crion hoping his mind was not too distracted, that they had to take their leave.

Aashu stood from the table and walked to the tavern counter. Luck had it that the tavern manager was not biased against Drow and she paid for the drink she had earlier.

Aashu looked behind to all who was there, then to Crion to observe their movements and behaviors. Then she peered over the table tops around the room to observe who was there. Not many were there, most tables were emptry and after the Drow veiwing most had returned to their lives, drinking marrily. It was getting dark outside and Aashu found this the best time to move outside of Neverwinter, but her observations caught one unlucky table who dared to stare at Aashu herself. Aashu saw X and her was being watched as well as the Elven maiden who still sat next to X, but she played dumb and waited for the others.

07/24/2005 6:08 PM

Crion rose as the elves exited the inn. He absently sheathed his dagger and turned to the new comer. He crouched down to the drow's level and extended his hand calmly.

[I] Hello there. I'm Crion. And damned if I dont feel conspicuos. We should leave Aashu, before someone decides they dont like our kinds.[/I]

He rose back to his full height, glancing around and letting the air warm up around him a little more.

07/25/2005 6:26 PM

Looking around she had also spotting those stareing, at the gorgous women in front of her and she breifly entertained the idea of teaching them a lesson, but she put the thought aside as quickly as she thought it. This was a town and blatently murdering people for looking at you wrong wa suseually considerd bad. Becides they had not truely attacked, she let out a sigh and thanked her mother for teaching her some form of pationce. She finnished her drink she realized but made no move to get another, she instead just wiped her lips of the strange fluid. She also noticed her leg was starting to cramp up but ignored this entirely.

She closed her eyes for a secound, she knew her father was alie out thare somwhare, and though she hated him for abandoning her before she was even free of the womb, she thought maybe she could use her peoples orders to travel to find him, she atleast wnated to know why he left, and her mother telling her that wa sjust their way was not going to fill the need to know.

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07/26/2005 7:47 AM

X had tensed when Aashu had approached and put her hood back up, immediately reaching her own hands up to stop the half elf. This motion caused the drow to lay her dark hands on Aashu's for a split second. Finally, she relaxed and nodded at the woman's explanation about the tavern people.

She quickly finished her ale and stood up from the table, hefting her packs. She, too, noticed the staring people and her eyes narrowed inside her hood again. She could feel her anger starting to raise, but forced herself to calm down as she smiled over at the blue haired elf woman.

"Coming?" she asked.

She watched as the black skin male approached. Now seeing him up close, it looked more like scales than skin. She examined his hand before slowly extending hers to shake it.

"Xurdreera." she said smoothly. "Call me X."

Still feeling the prying eyes of the tavern people, she moved over to Aashu and said, "I agree with Crion. Wherever we go, lets go."

07/26/2005 9:12 AM

Crion nodded. He was about to suggest they start by exiting the tavern but his head snapped over towards a human in the corner with his eyes narrowed. He clenched his fists, trying to keep calm before he acidently gave the man frost bite. He blinked and turned to the elves.

[I]I suggest we start by leaving this tavern, before the human over there makes good on his thoughts. I'm sure we could handle him, but it would be unpleasant to have to deal with such a thing.[/I]

He pushed open the door and held it for X and Aashu, glaring ath the human who was smiling back at him knowingly.

07/26/2005 12:40 PM

The night time was coming round and the Tavern keeper sent his bar maid to light the extra lanterns. Aashu and the group made their way out side, all while being relitively undisturbed.

A few paces down an alley close by releaved to Aashu that something was going to happen, or it could have been her parania. Looking over her shoulder she saw the group of men pass in front of the Alley, all while giving the entre group dirty looks. Though they continued to walk past. At this point it was obvious to Aashu, quickly was the way to go.

"I think we should move out of this city." Aashu looked around smiling at everyone,

"So where are we all headed to? I know Crion and me are headed to Luruar, but you X? Seem more intreiged but you never said you would. I like company so you are welcomed to join." Aashu smiled and giggled, she was showing her care free side but deep inside she was worried about the drow named X.

"I'm sure that we will be able to help you out X." Aashu continued.

"At the very least we can be fodder for your Assasians as you run." Aashu joked with the drow.

Something caught the corner of Aashu's eye as they left the alley onto a main street. Not many people where there and most merchents were closing up shop. But something disturbed her as she thought she saw someone move quickly away from the group. It was almost as the person had expected them to round that corner.

Aashu continued to lead the group, hoping to avoid conflict, but something was after X. Aashu continued to play dumb and continued to lead the group past a merchant on the far end of the street and into another Alley way.

"Something supicous is after you X." Aashu said as if it was a normal conversation, Acting as though no one was watching or listening.

07/26/2005 2:02 PM

She nodded to X and began to stand, glad to get up, she followed them with her natrull soft steps, however she soon fell a number of paces behind the group, not on purpose but becuse she was looking around alot, curious about the town. She had stayed silent during the bantor, but decided to answer Aashu's question anyway, even though she was not entirely sure Aashu had really acepted her.

"I was planning on following X for awhile, my people sent me to explore the outside world but, i also wish to use the opertunity to find my father" She said her voice loseing its normal cheerfulness when she said the word father, her displeasure in even calling him that.

Upon hearing Aashu's statement she began looking around herself, her hand already on the bottum of her bow, just in case it was needed, she looked around enough to be a bit more obvious then Aashu, subtileness was not her thing. She smiled softly to herself, as they went and waited, wondering how strong her oponents would be, amoung their adventuers..

07/26/2005 7:23 PM

Crion shouted back to the third elf. This was a bad place to straggle.

[I] Theres more safety in numbers. Keep up, i dont want to use my powers in town.[/I]

He was trying to find hostile thoughts towards him or the three elves. Three females and one was a drow. That didnt egzactly scream brawn. Not to mention he wasn't very physically strong himself, it would be bad to encounter the wrong type of person. Although he did feel akwards being the only male.

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07/27/2005 10:30 AM

X followed the group through town, pausing to think of her answer to Ashu's question on her travel plans. "I had not decided where I was going from here, actually. If you don't mind, I would indeed like to come along with you to Luruar. I feel the trip could be exciting, and my magic skills could help."

The drow kept walking, keeping her gaze straight ahead, but she sensed the movement of the one Ashu meant. Pretending to look in a shop window, X cught the person out of the corner of her eye. Just as she had thought, the person was a tall drow looking figure, dressed in the same black cloak she herself was dressed in. The only different was the red insignia of a spider on top of two crossed daggers. The sign of X's clan. The sign X had removed from her cloak when she left the Underdark.

"Lets get outside the city." she calmly directed her companions. "She won't attack here, but be sure, my other former sisters will be waiting as well."

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07/27/2005 12:34 PM

Crion spotted the reflection of the drow and locked onto her thoughts. He smiled internally.

[I] I've got her, hm. I thought your kind protected their minds better. If she decides to make a hostile move, I'll let you know.[/I]

He tried to rifle through her mind but was suddenly blocked. She was protecting her motives but not her next intentions. Crion tried everything he had learned about mental defenses, but they wouldn't break. He squinted and suddenly felt something smash into his mind, with a silent hiss he pulled back from the force and hid back in the drow's intentions. His ear was beginning to drip black ichor from the sudden mental insult.

[I] Oh, that was really painfull.[/I]

08/02/2005 3:45 PM

She nearly growled at the male for trying to tell her what to do, he was right but it still did not make a peaceful indent on her mind and X's telling that her sisters would be wishing to fight helped calm her anger before it got to an uncontrollable point. Folding her arms below her chest she walked with the others keeping pace with them though her thoughts wanderd as she looked within the shops from the windowes.

She then looked over at X and smiled, she was not quite sure what it was about the woman that made her wish to follow her, but it was strong, looking around at each of her party members, she smiled gently and when no one was looking stole a quick glance at X's figure, she had not had time to truely look at anything above the womans stomach before. She noticed the woman had a very nice figure and she couldent help but smile a bit wider even as she pulled her eyes away.

She thought to herself that she liked bringing up the rear of the party, it had benifits. She brushed a small stray grouping oh hair from the side of her face and thought to herself, that becuse she was an archer and a mage she would be kept back, but then she thought, maybe that wouldent be the case, after all their werent any fighters in the group.

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08/02/2005 9:23 PM

The group lead from one corner to another as Aashu seemed to keep them mainly in the darkness of Alley ways. She seemed to slow to a stalk upon every bend and would slide out normally as if it was a typical day to her.

Each bend showed the night sky to be darker, each bend showed they where slowly leaving Neverwinter but in the distance, hovering around each stall, hovering behind each corner Aashu noticed the same men. They where in each street, almost waiting for the group. Peering from the distance and each corner the group took, they got more and more suspicious.

The trees of the forest outside neverwinter could be seen from here, the smell of the breeze emiting from the sea could be smelt running its way dow the cobble stone street the group stood on.

This is where Aashu stopped suddenly halting her position, she laid her hand atop her rapiers handle and bent her knees. Calling outloud she faced forward strong and stern, it was moments like these you could see the muscular build in Aashu's body. "Do not approach any further!" Aashu demanded without flinching her eyes from in front of her. This was a stance of hers, taught by her dad before he Orphaned her. Her eyes did not move, but she could see every man that was following the group, since two blocks past the Tavern. Every threatening glare reflected in her eyes. "I do not wish to kill any of you. Leave us be!" Aashu called out for a final time. With this the men quickly recoiled to their weapons holding them in their own spacific stances. Counting them, Aashu found 11 men from up and down the street.

Darting down the left side of the group, darting down the street to the nearest man. Her speed was nearly professional and rings of dust would settle to where her previous step laid. She was quick and with a single upward slash she had unsheathed her sword and cut the mans belt in two before he could react aggressively. The man, who held a long dirk, dropped his guard and grabbed at his pants to keep them up.

Aashu then flipped the blade downward toward the man seeing as her blade still remained raised from the upward slash, and came peircing down into the mans shoulder. The pain made the man drop his blade and pass out from shock.

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08/02/2005 10:33 PM

Selina Silverstar turned around and found, one of the men behind them as well, he was rushing her, a knife in his hand,as he got close he tried stabbing her but she easily slipped aside, then with her hand on the mans shoulder, her hand began to glow white as she quickly called her spell from memory. Lightning shot from her palm and lanced into the mans body, within secounds smoke began to rise from the man as his fleash slowly cooked, he began to bleed from his eyes, and nose. She took her hand away and for the first time since she cast the spell the lightning could be seen draining from her hand into the already dead man, closeing it gently as she stopped her strike.

As the man fell before her a pool of blood formed under him from various minot open wounds the lightning had created, whare his shoulder was, their was no clouthing only a hand shaped burn mark, though the burn looked nearly claw like.

She then Drew her bow, and an arrow and began quickly looking around for another target, strinking her arrow even as she looks, she quickly found another target aproching them, trying to stay in the shadowes, he looked nervous as well though he held a long sword. Selina took careful aim and let her arrow fly, but the man was quicker then she thought, and the arrow only drew a thin line across the mans left shoulder, then hit the wall behind him making a clinging noise as it hit the ground. Selina growled gently at her mistake, she sighed as she quickly grabbed another arrow, but she lost track of the man as she grabbed her arrow.

08/02/2005 11:10 PM

Crion had been slightly rummaging the upper thoughts of his female companions, mainly to avoid having to ask for directions and instructions. Suddenly he picked up on the third girl's thoughts and his eyes drew together a little. Ah, one of those. He continued following everyone's though patters, also tapping the minds of the enemy group that he could see, not hard enough to bring notice.

It all happened so fast that he was surprised to be in a confrontation. All he saw was a man rushing towards him with a short sword. Crion barely had time to react, pushing the sword with his mind and imbedding it into his oppressor's thigh. The man's mental defenses dropped and Crion was free to rip into his mind with as much brutal force as he could muster. A dagger appeared in his hand and he left the man to suffer, pinning him there by imprissoning him in his own mind. Over the screaming of the man, and the sounds of conflict, coupled with the shadows and his skin color, he was a literal ghost, errupting from darkness on an enemy elf fighter and eviscerating him with a savage jerk of his knife.

[I] Next[/I]

08/06/2005 11:37 AM

Her new friends surrounded by battle, X soon found herself circled by three of the men. One on each side, and the third trying to sneak up from behind. The drow grinned as she threw back her hood.

Each man on her sides had a bastard sword. As they were drawn, the female Assassin-Mage lifted each hand and muttered a chant in drow. Blue energy shot from each hand and wrapped around the weapons of each ruffin. They swore as their swords began to melt, trying to let them go. But, it was to late. The energy had now entrapped their bodies, ziggzagging around them as it began to fry them inside out. The men dropped to the ground, sizzling.

"You bitch, I'll kill you for that!" came a dark vioce behind X.

She spun, jumping into the air as she did so. Her heal caught the man in the jaw, and he fell to one knee, spitting blood. X landed, standing over him and held her elven blade to his throat as he tried to get up.

"Look around you, Human. Your friends are dying all around you. Be stupid and you will join them."

The male grunted something and shifted his weight, Lifting his hand, he tried to plunge a dagger into the drow's shoulder, which X easily dodged.

She growled and her red eyes flashed dangerously as she looked into the man's eyes. Seeing the expression on her face, he froze in fear.

"Have it your way." she hissed.

With one quick movement, X slit the man's throat. His blood spurt aross her as he fell to the ground, dead.

The drow calmly stepped over her victim as she moved onto her next target. Seeing Selina easily take out a couple targets with her bow, X threw a friendly smirk in her direction before killing a forth man.

08/06/2005 1:04 PM

Crion peeled a man's face off with his claws and was about to turn when something bit into his back, he stepped forewards and turned around, focusing on the human's head. The guy's grin dissapeared as his face caved in and his head flew off his shoulders and into a wall. Crion felt his black and his claws came away covered in black ichor. With a snarl he grabbed the last human that wasn't being dealt with and slit his throat ear to ear. That done he turned back to the human who he was mentally torturing. After a few seconds of thought, Crion grabbed the man's head and wrenched it off of his shoulders, dropping it on the ground.

[I]You girls are ok with the rest?[/I]

08/08/2005 9:45 PM

Aashu saw the death occuring around her. "This is too loud, this place it too obvious!" She growled to herself while pulling her blade out from the mans shoulder, the blood trailing off the tip of the shining mithril blade.

She jumped back quickly and took all the enemies left into veiw. Sternly she stood and timed seemed to flow slowly for her, each foot step felt like minutes flew by. She was in the heat of her battle. The adrinaline pumping through her veins, heart pounding, resounding with that of her enemies. Three men close enough to her where she could attack, they where close together, swords drawn and aggressive stances taken.

"I declare your surrender!" Called out to the men and charged them even more swiftly then she had before, she entered another trance where every footstep she heard or saw seemed to last minutes. Her body stiffened trying to push faster, run faster and then she saw them charge. They were obviously slower.

Her sword drawn she leaped to the air above them, to her it felt like she was flying because it took so long to reach them. Her honed body flexed and stressed against the belts wrapping her arms as she came down on the larger of the three men. He was tall, about 6'5 and well built. In her mind he was the biggest threat.

She swore she could see the wind warp around her blade as she came close to impact, the trails of white rippling and pushing against her then a spray of blood came from the mans arm, hitting the ground she quickly turned and striked his other arm, she was falling out of the trance and everything was quickening around her. Just then a broad sword came down and knicked her shoulder blade. She quickly jumped back away from the group. The feeling of blood drenching her clothes brought uneasiness and rage.

The man she just attacked was almost incapable of holding his swords anymore. But Aashu could now feel the pain begin to worsen and blood flow mor freely. She had almost forgotten she had companions. Gritting her teeth she jumped back again, they where holding their ground no longer advancing. Blood drained freely down the large mans arms, he was still standing. "Lets go now!" The man spoke to the others and they slipped into a near by alleyway quickly, trying to avoid anymore confrontation.

08/08/2005 10:06 PM

Crion's souless eyes flickered as he watched Aashu fighting. She was faster then even the last of his kind he had met. Her speed had been insane and he had barely been able to track her visually or mentally. Suddenly his eyes alighted on Aashu's wounded limb and acctually seemed to hold an expression for a second. Empathy. Although most of his race were unable to physically portray emotion, most of his race were either indifferent to others, or downright sadistic.

[I]Your hit. Want me to nudge your mind so you don't notice it until it's properly dressed? It's hardly any trouble, and I'd more then understand if you turned my offer down.[/I]

One of the retreating humans suddenly stopped, seeming to fight against an immense weight. Crion suggested deep in his mind that he remain still and maybe return to him. The human stopped, although he made no move to approach. Crion walked over to him and while his eyes didn't change, his body went slack and he sagged to the ground.

08/09/2005 9:09 PM

A creature of shadow watched the battle scene from high in a tree. It watched as the females and the strange male fought against the Men. It shook it's shadowy head as it watched three Men escape from the group.

Deftly and silently climbing through the trees, it was quick to catch up to the Men. [i]Pathetic[/i], it thought to itself, seeing the bloodpath left by the wounded.

As silently as before, the creature of shadow jumped before the Men, in a shadowy corner. As the Men rounded the bend, it stuck a foot out and tripped the wounded one.

"Hey!" the man yelled in startled surprise.

Before they knew what was happening, the shadowy creature sliced it's sword through the air. One man looked at it in surprise, as the other one said, "You missed."

"Did I?" the shadowy figure asked in a soft, whispery voice.

As the wounded man and the other man watched, the third man fell into two cleanly cut pieces. "Holy..."

"If you wish to join your friend, stay. If not, I suggest you leave," the creature said to the man standing.

The man was quick to run away. The other man moved to scrabble up, but the shadow stopped him by pressing it's sword to his chest. "You are coming with me," it told him.

The man's eyes widened, but he did not argue with the creature. "What are you?" he asked as he got up.

The creature grabbed his unwounded arm and led him back to the companions. "That is none of your concern," was all it replied with.

They walked back to the group. The man trying to hold his wounded arm, but the creature would not let him. As they walked up to the group, the creature threw the man at the drow's feet.

"One is dead. The other escaped. Two prisoners. Which is more willing to answer your questions?" it asked Aashu behind it's deep, dark cloak.

08/09/2005 11:34 PM

Crion stirred, his thoughts reaching out with a puzzled inquiry. He suddenly rose to his feet and regarded the Human he had just been examining. His snort of disgust was audible as he suggested the man commit suicide with his own sword. He looked puzzled and made no move to doing that. Crion tried again and the fellow's hands twitchily moved to his sword and slowly drew it. After a few seconds of befuddled thought the guy suddenly stabbed himself in the stomach, dropping to the ground.

[I]That one has been affected by some form of thought disrupting magic. I had to leave my body to do that. Wait, what? A shade? I'm not touching his mind, I flat out refuse.[/I]

His voice did not reach the shade, and Crion took a step back, glaring at the being before him.

[I]This human doesn't know anything. His memeory has been tampered with. It was like crawling through a garbage heap filled with the most primitive thoughts I wont repeat to women.[/I]

His eyes flicked to the second human. Crion's head didn't move so he appeared to still be looking at Aashu. The man twitched and Crion did not fall this time. He started to browse the human's thoughts, although they were befuddled. He only caught a flash of the spine. There was an annoying knot in his mental defenses but Crion was not sufficiently skilled to rip into it, although he tried forcefully, causing the man to wince and even cry out. He withdrew.

[I] This ones either mentaly handicapped, or damn good at protecting thought. I can't get him, can one of you three do it?[/I]

His head turned to the shade and his eyes narrowed distrustfully as he took another step away. None of what he said had even buzzed in the fellow's mind and Crion made no attempt to brush it.

08/10/2005 5:37 PM

The battle now basically over, X stood with the rest of the group as the decided how to preceed next. She was going to suggest they move on, when one of the wounded men who had attacked them was thrown at her feet by a shadowy figure in a cloak.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she reconized the creature as a Shade, but she said nothing. The drow dragged the Human in front of her to his feet, and he groaned as she pressed a dagger to his throat.

"Shut up!" she warned as her grip tightened on him. She looked to Aashu. "There are to many unknown's. I highly suggest we get some answers."

08/10/2005 8:07 PM

Crion turned to X, his eyes smiling.

[I] I suggest you find a rat or rodent of some sort, this ones scared of them. Threaten to shove it down his throat and he'll probably cry like a baby.[/I]

He quickly glanced around, looking for garbage or even rats. Since none of either were present, his thoughts wandered for a second.

[I]We could always just start cutting his face off, people in general start talking when that happens.[/I]

The cold point of Crion's dagger pressed into the human's cheek just in front of his ear. There was a small trickle of blood that ran down to the point of his jaw before falling to his shoulder. He looked out of the corner of his eye at Crion, who Pushed the dagger all the way to the man's jaw bone.

[I]This knife is a little dull, as I haven't sharpened it for four days. Did I mention I enjoy whitling iron wood? Now, save me the effort of holding you down while I do this and tell the nice drow with the knife to your throat who sent you.[I]

08/10/2005 8:55 PM

Aashu's blood was dripping and even though the battle was techincally over, there was still commotion around. A new, interesting character had apeared in front of her with the man she let go. Tortured by twisted means, yet another life was lost in front of Aashu by then eyes of Crion. Generally she didn't care after they died, knowing they would get their justice, whether heavenly or of the hellish sort, but Aashu seemed troubled, she sat down with her back toward the party and her legs crossed in front.

She sat there, even after hearing Crions offer of aid, but made not thought ot gesture to say yay or nay. She pulled out a big roll of cotton fabric from her bag packed with goods. With the fabric she tried to dress herself, but the location was hard to get at. She tried to contort herself, bending her body in occward postitions. All the movement was making the bleeding worse when she finally gave up.

"It's nice to see that man returned, but can someone help me out? I cant get this wound dressed properly." She called out relucantly, she felt hopeless and a wee bit dizzy from the loss of blood. Her blood was pooling under her and she knew this was not a very good thing. "Damn it I may have to get my wound carterized!." She complained in a muffled voice.

08/10/2005 9:16 PM

The shadowy figure stepped close to Aashu. It bent down to her level and touched her wound with a cloved hand. The wound went dark as did the shadow's hand. It took it's hand away to show the wound had closed.

"My people are known for their ability to heal and self-heal," it said softly behind it's hood. It's voice was masculine, though, anything other then that could not be recognized.

It stepped back and stood.

08/11/2005 11:51 AM

SHe just watched, putting her bow back on her back and putting her arraow away as well, she then went to man she had tried to shoot and gatherd the arrow from near him, cleaning off the blood on the cement. She said nothing of the matters, though this new force worried her a bit, she was unsure exactly what a shade was however. However she was helping Aashu sp it couldent be all that bad. She looked over at X curiously and smiled softly, then looked back to the shade. This group wa sintresting, few seemed to have any reservation of killing a person who attacked them, and she thought of this as a very good thing, becuse she did not know why but she senced all of their strengths would be needed eventually.

08/11/2005 6:25 PM

The man's eyes flicked first to Crion, then the other way to the female drow who had her dagger to his throat. He gulped in fear as she smiled at him, then wimpered as the blade grazed his skin slightly.

"3 female's hired me...all drow, dressed like you." He stammered out to X. "No names, only this location. We were to kill you. They've been watching you. Tracking you."

"If that's so, they already know you failed." the drow hissed in his ear. "You're dead already."

The male's eyes widened nd he began to shake. Shifting her weight, X used her free hand to touch the man's head. Whispering a word, she dragged images from his mind of her clan sisters. She saw them meet with him and give him this location. If the group failed to kill her or her companions, they would see him dead in 24 hours.

X let go of the man roughly and he fell to the ground in front of her. "What will you do to me? " he asked.

The drow knelt beside him. With deft skill, she stabbed her dagger through both of his kness, hobbling him for life. The man screamed as she yanked the dagger out of him and he passed out from the pain.

She wiped his blood of her dagger and sheathed in in her boot and stood. She told the group what she had seen in the Human's head. "I suggustwe keep moving. And quickly, before my sisters catch on." She advised.

08/11/2005 7:37 PM

Crion palmed his dagger, inserting it into it's wrist sheath. He had caught the images X had pulled from the human and raised his eye brow.

[I]Are all of you ok to move?[/I]

He looked thoughtfully down at the crippled man before adding his own touch. There was a slight cracking noise as his eyeballs froze. When they thawed they wouldn't function. He cast a glare at the shade then walked to the end of the alley, looking out into the street casually.

08/12/2005 7:47 AM

The shadowy creature stood next to Aashu, almost as if he were protecting her. He watched as the drow and mind-reader tortured the man. Shaking his head, he whispered, "I don't understand why you don't just kill the bastard. Show him the mercy those drow bitches won't."

He looked down to Aashu and held out his gloved hand. "Would you like assistance? I only work at night, but I will give you what I can," he said to her.

Still, he did not remove the hood off his head, nor his cloak from his body. Underneath, he remained invisible to those around him. And it seemed his only true interest lie in the elf he had healed. He paid the others no attention as he waited for her words.

08/12/2005 4:43 PM

Crion's ears weren't sensitive enough to catch the shade's words, and his mind was far enough away that he didn't read them. A theif ambled towards him, intending to cut his purse, but Crion's audible snarl turned the man around quickly. He hated humans and their four fingered discounts.

08/12/2005 8:51 PM

She leaned against the brick wall and closed her eyes softly, she had no idea what to do at the moment so she just stayed out of the way and kept her eyes closed, her hands at her sides, however she did not hold the pationce to do this for long and quickly walke dover in time to see the man passed out. She could only smile, though it had never happoned to her she ebeleived a female would have heald up better.

"Humen men, so pathetic" she said shaking her head softly and amuseingly, she then looked around at the other members, and glanced over at X once quickly then headed down the allway torward crion.

08/12/2005 11:46 PM

Crion's ears pricked as the elf approached. He instinctively brushed against her mind, finding her identity before withdrawing. His eyes swivelled to look at her as she stepped to his side. Having solid black eyes was occasionally an advantage.

[I] You fight well little one.[/I] Crion had a huge height advantage on everyone here. One he enjoyed thoroughly [I] I sense you dislike me because of my gender. I guess theres a reason for this eh?[/I]

He looked down at his claws, which were caked with blood. He scraped them off on the wall, leaving a tacky red smear.

08/13/2005 1:33 PM

Showing him mercy would be to quick." the drow said to the Shade in her whispery voice. "Besides, playing with him will most likely keep my sisters busy and buy us more time."

Glancing at Aashu, she put her hood back up. X did not trust this Shade and she vowed to keep an eye on him. She re-sheathed her agger and made her way down the alley toward Crion and Selina.

08/13/2005 4:47 PM

Aashu looked up to the Shade who had recently offered help. At that time Aashu was unaware of what Serq really was, she only veiwed him as a shadey character and with his kindness she gave him the consideration of not indulging her curiosity.

"Thank you." Aashu replied to Serq and took his hand that was offered. "What is your name by chance?" She continued on hefting her body up with his help.

Turning and looking over to the rest of the group she saw Crion, X, and Selina near grouped away from the Shadowy man they had just met. She knew that they wanted more help with interogation, as previous calls asked of her. She didn't want to be involved in anything brutal.

Turning back she looked Serq over, taking in basic physical details. "I would love your help, but I would like to know your name as well." She smiled at Serq.

08/14/2005 6:58 PM

The shade drew back his hood and revealed his features for the first time. Long, thick dark gray hair framed an inky black face. His obsidian eyes looked at Aashu. There was no expression on his face as he spoke, "Forgive me, elf. My name is Serqasri Mojpse. Serq is fine enough by me. I come from the City of Shade."

He looked at the drow and the Nightwalker. He did not seem concerned with either of them, nor the dragonkin. He turned back to the elf, the one he knew to be in charge. "I know what it is you seek, for I seek it as well. I shall accompany you to our destination. We will part ways after," he said to her. "I move only in the shadows, or at night. Should you decide to travel during the day, worry not. I shall catch up with you once the moon rises and the night falls."

08/14/2005 10:23 PM

Crion sniffed the air. He could smell something strange. It was some form of food, diluted by sweat. He shrugged, not mentioning it to anyone. A paranoid, he wasn't. Something was bothering him though. Shades rarely ventured out into the world and they didn't help much when they did. This one either had a hidden agenda or he was an abberation of his kind.

08/15/2005 12:40 PM

Aashu tried to wipe some of the blood off of her, with mild cursing and failed attempt she looked down at her blood coating fingers in thought.

"I think we should take up on the offer to continue our leave of this foresaken place, I think we caused enough trouble." Aashu mentioned to the group.

Refitting her bag to her shoulders and after making sure her mithril rapier was clean and properly secured Aashu began to walk hoping the others would get the point to talk and suspect on the way instead of hanging around a massacure scene in the middle of a city.

"Serq, I trust you, but I have to let you know, I have no idea what I am after or what I will get into." She said then gave a laugh, "Plus with this group, something is bound to be attracted to us, I'm just hoping it's not too much trouble."


Meanwhile, near the moutian range so deservingly name "The Spine of the world." Tamesis Astra was wandering near the base, the terrian was rugged and cold as the wind swept violently down the slopes of the Spine. Her wool blanket wrapped tightly around her shoulders kept the main of her body warm, yet the numb sensation in her cheeks remained overwhelming. With the situation at hand had allowed her to regain some of her senses that had been lost to the ORB's influence, she was recoiling back inside her mind, the beleif she could die here was almost driving her to return to Luruar.

"I have to protect the ORB." She tried to reasure herself. "I have to continue on." She kept driving herself to say.

Listening to the violent wind she swore she could hear her name called. "Tamesis!" She listened closer, "Tamsis!" Each time the wind blew she could hear her name called, riding out each passing wave.

"NO!" She cried out and huddled into a cave near by. She could hear her name spoken more so loudly within the cave. "TAMESIS!" Wind would gush out almost aluringly, drawing her to aproach the calling voice.

She began to venture deeper inside the dark cave. As she ventured deeper she could see the cave lightened by a multitude of fugus covering the ceiling.

(OOC)I will be making a character profile for Tamsis Astra soon. ^^ (OOC)

08/16/2005 2:29 PM

Crion stepped away from the wall, falling in well behind the shade. His hands hung by his side, ready to spring to his wrist sheaths at the slightest provocation.

[I] Well, if its as easy to kill as a human then I'm not complaining.[/I]

He glowered at anyone who came near him, flexing his claws threateningly. After a while he fell into his thoughts, reviewing what he had found in the two human's heads. One's memory had been wiped clean and replaced by a false one that had nothing to do with elves. That one had been modified to attack him and any he was travelling with. The other had been reluctant to reveal his memeory and what he had revealed had been useless.

08/18/2005 2:01 PM

Hearing Aashu's reply, the shade tilted his head to one side. He then gave a small laugh, that sounded somewhere between a chuckle and a snort. "Of course you know nothing. You are of elven descent. Human descent as well. I would not expect someone like you to know what it is you are looking for," he said to her, showing for the first time just what he thought of those in the group.

He looked up at the sky. "The moon is waning. Which means soon the sun will come up from the east. I suggest we move. I can make use of my powers until the sun rises, and then I shall drift back into the shadows. If you shall need me during the hours of light, simply call my name and I shall come," he said to her.

He looked down the road the companions had been traveling on. "You know nothing at all about what you seek?" he asked Aashu. "Not even where to find it?"

08/18/2005 4:57 PM

Aashu gave a soft smile toward the Shade and spoke as softly to him, "Luruar, even though I thought that fortune teller was a fraud, my bones and muscles strain to go there." She paused and a grim look came over her face, "Also, that place is where my father, the bearer of my elfen heritage, was lost."

She turned from the group still walking down the path, she was a serious soul but didn't like others to know just how indepth she thought. "There are answers in Luruar, even if I have to turn over every rock from here to there." She was gritting her teeth.

The moon was definate overhead, mild cloud cover was ahead, and the end of the city was coming round, the thought Aashu carried was the sisters X refered too. Something churned her stomach at the thought of something as diabolical as a narutal Drow Elf.


Tamesis vetured deeper into the cave, it grew warmer as the voice grew louder, "TAMISIS!" it would call out.

The erie green glow from the fungus seemed to overwelm the orb's purple light, it was a green misty glow now, and swirling as fast as a hurrican inside. As she noticed the flow of the orb she rounded a bend in the cave and noticed a large, and she was pretty sure, humaniod constructed cavern. It extended high above her and stretched further then she could see. Pedistool with holes bored down the center seemed to be placed every 12 feet apart. She leaned back against the wall in back of her and sat down exhausted. Some reason she felt as though she could rest.

08/19/2005 4:57 PM

X moved silently with the group as they neared the edge of the city. Her adrenaline had lowered since the end of the battle, but th drowess was still on edge. Her thoughts turned inward as she remembered her last meting with her clan before being exciled.

She stood, chained and in rags, in front of her Matron Mother and her 3 clan sisters. Two of them, the youngest were looking at her and snickering. Once and awhile they would spit. Finally, the oldest and most deadly, Talia, hushed them with a glare as the Matron began to speak.

Her red eyes seemed to bore into the drow in front of her. " Xurdreera Coloara, you have been brought in front of I, your Matron, on charges of being a traitor to your Clan. Being one of Lloth's Silencer's is a high honor, but you have chosen to throw it away."

The elder female stepped from her seat and approached X. She stroked the younger drow's cheek, smiling as X flinched. "You know X, you were always my favorite. So gifted, so tempered. So much lost skill."

Then her eyes hardened. "You my leave the clan if you wish, but remember the penalty for such an act. Death. From this day forward, Xurdreera Coloara, you shall be exciled from the Underdark and hunted until the day your head will be brought to sit on my alter as a gift to Lloth."

The Matron then slapped X, causing her head to snap back. The young Assassin-Mage glowered at the older drow with hatred. If this is what it is like to live under your rule, I rather die!" she spat.

She was then dragged from the chamber, the city and left to fend for herself above ground.

X snapped back to the present as the wind seemed to hiss in her ears. "You will never get away from us, X." the wind whispered, the voice of her former sister Talia.

"Just watch me, bitch!" X growled, picking up her pace.

08/19/2005 5:16 PM

She ignored crions comment about dislikeing him for his gender that was none of his business and she did her best to steer her thoughts away from the subject, doing her best to erect mental walls within her mind, though she was sure crion could get through with littile effort atleast it was somthing. And she knew she had no spells tuely protect against his power, though she heald distrust for it in great quantaties.

Salina knew her own past but tried her best to leave it barried deep, her father, though a great Dragon of SIlver scale, would pay dearly for abanoning her and her mother, that was why she wa son this journy, she wnated answers of her own, she knew her father was alive somwhare, she would soon slay him, as he did her mothers heart. She did not realize that she to had slipped into thought. Snapping back to reality she looked around.

She smiled at Aashus comment and nodded slightly in agreement, she was right, they were a strange group at best and X being drow atracted still more attention as did he rown personall strangeness and her blue hair which seemed to draw an awful lot of attention for some reason Salina just did not recall.

She looked over at X as they walked and saw her deep in thought, and Salina thought she looked troubeled and hurried to catch up with her, though she stayed behind X, she then as X seemed to come out of it put a hand intended to comfort on X's shoulder. The mere touch was enough to make Selina's heart flutter, but she ignored this and gave a gentle smile.
"You seem troubled X, if their is anyway i can be of assistence...." She trailed off unsure of what to say, she was at a loss for further words. A lock of her blue hair fell over her right eye barely blocking it as she searched for her words and then sighed softly.

She imagined X was thinking somthing of her past and wonderd what it could be, if she could find out then maybe she could help X in some way.

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08/20/2005 1:24 PM

Crion smiled inwardly and withdrew as the elf threw up her mental sheilds, but not before he caught a flash of a dragon. With a sigh he stepped out into the street, tailing X and Salina thoughtfully. He blinked as he caught X's thoughts and immediately stopped touching her mind. Personal things were not his to meddle with. He pulled a small knife from the sheath on his belt and studied the inscribings carefully as he walked, ignoring the startled looks he drew from almost everyone.

08/20/2005 8:12 PM

The shade listened to what Aashu had said. He nodded, but kept silent. No one, not even the nightwalker, could read his thoughts. He knew what it was the half-elf sought, for the High Prince sought it as well. Why the High Prince wanted it, Serq did not know. But, this was his mission.

His face remained expressionless as he walked by Aashu's side. It almost seemed as though the shade would stand as her protector. He casually kept his hand on the hilt of his sword. It seemed as if he was used to walking like that. Possibly around his city.

He walked by the half-elf's side as they walked to the edge of town. He looked around the group. "Were you a full elf, I would cast a spell of shadow over us. It would keep the light out and allow me to walk further with you. As it stands, I shall soon depart. But, I will meet back up with you when the day turns to night. As the sun drops below the horizon, look to the shadows. I shall be there," he said to her.

He took her hand and kissed the back of it. Then, it almost seemed as if he just disappeared. So complete did he melt into the shadows, it was almost as if he were never there to begin with.

08/21/2005 12:11 AM

Crion's snort was quite audible. It was obvious he thought the shade to be quite over dramatic. Although he was glad when the fellow left.

[i] I hate their kind. I always have and always will. Anyways, since it seems nobody is tired, my vote is we push on until maybe noonish?[/I]

He tried to block out the screams that were re-surfacing in his memeory, but after a few minutes of struggle, he gave up. He was the only one of his kind in the area.

Crion's mind circled around the drain of his memory and then plunged.

He awoke on that fatefull saturday to hear a loud shriek. The power of the scream suggested imense pain and suffering. He was out of bed, grabbing the first thing that came to hand, which was a kitchen knife as he fled from his house to the street. He turned to see three young shades, who were raiding the encampment seemingly for fun. They were laughing and whooping like crazy. One of his kind, an odd wizard who had done horrible things to that young urchin from last move, was busy flinging weird spells everywhere, which were ricocheting off everything. One particularily murderous one passed his ear with a cold whoosh and he turned to see a shade advancing on him, stepping over a frighteningly farmiliar body and...

Something interupted him, someones voice.

[I]Huh, what?[/I]

08/22/2005 10:45 AM

X looked up sharply as she felt a hand touch her shoulder, her hand going to her blade. But, seeing it was Selina, she withdrew her hand, though she stayed on guard. There was something strange about this elfmaid.

"I suppose I shouldn't let my thoughts get away from me," she said with a sneer, noting Selina's concerned look. She had just met these people, knew hardly anything about them, and wasn't ready to open up quite yet. She has told Aashu what was needed anyway.

As the half elf came to mind, X looked over at her, seeing the Shade kiss her hand before dispappearing. It made her skin crawl.

She looked back at Selina, starting to walk again. "Dark nights bring dark thoughts." she said with a sigh. She pulled her hood deeper over her head to block out the soon coming rays of daylight. "Tell me about yourself elf. You've been pretty quiet this far."

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09/22/2005 8:43 AM

"Their is not much to know really, that i have not already stated, my people wish to know of the world, so i was sent out with others, when i saw you..." She stopped with a slight girlish blush though she tried to hide it and continued quickly.
"well i had an urge to follow you and journy with you" She said finnishing what she had began saying.
-Amoung other things- she thought with a silent inguarded thought acompnied with a rather graphic mental image that left littile to the imagination.

"but i do have another motive, My father abandoned me and my mother when i was very young and in doing so put me and her through much pain, i grew up hearing tears when people spoke of him, i wish to meet him myself, and make him pay for the pain he brought my mother" She said her voice growing colder as she talked about her father, her eyes also grew a bit thinner.

She then smiled softly, she already knew she would follow the dark elf anywhare she could, though she like Aashu and the others she would have never of joined the group if not for the dark elf

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10/03/2005 6:37 PM

Aashu rubbed her chin and gave a serious look unsuited to her face as they walked through the woods outside Neverwinter, about a half a days way in their journy.

She was puzzled as she felt the constant blood thirsty pressence that made Aashu think what ever gave her that feeling would wind up attacking the group. Though by this time the group should have been if that was the truth.

"So are these sisters of yours X, patient people?" Aashu questioned X and she spun playfully around as if a skip.

The wrinkles in her forehead returned as she bowed her head for a moment and began to rub her chin in thought again. "Why would a shade help me?" Aashu mumbled to herself then looked to the canopy the tall trees made overhead.

Still looking up Aashu decided to question Salina and Crion, "I have to know why you Salina and Crion over there decided to even accompany me?" Aashu gave a pause in her question. "Though I dare not ask why a drow, I should say X, decided to follow the group, I'm just happy she's here." Aashu said happily.

10/06/2005 11:47 AM

The drow smiled thinly at Selina's explanation of hy she was travelling with the group. The female was not very good at hiding her attraction and X was amused by it. But, she only smirked, "Well here's hoping the meeting with your Father is all you want it to be."

She then looked to Aashu and laughed darkly. "My sisters, patient?" she said. "They will play with me...with us...then strike at the most unforseen time. They have no arguement with you or the rest of the group, Aashu, but if they think you will defend me, they'll try to kill you as well."

X stared into the shadows made by two trees, then shook her head and moved on. "Just be on your guard." she warned the half elf.

10/12/2005 7:01 PM

"Becuse the more i travel the better chance i can find my father, he has much to answer for, he abandoned me beforre i was even born"She said looking away from aashu has she told her, her story.

still at the mere mention of her father her fists already balled and a feirce look seemed to take over her eyes for a breid secound.

She knew their was more she could say, but saw no reason to explain it, if it was needed then she would explain, untill then only her thoughts knew the truth of her faathers origens, of his Draconic nature.

10/12/2005 8:18 PM

Aashu gave a soft smile to X's reply, "I see, that is why this weird sensation disturbs me so much, and it seems the wild life agrees with me." Aashu watched as a flock of bird took to the air some distance away. Turning to Salina, Aashu listen to what she had to say.

"Oh?" Aashu smiled at Salina, "But that sounds so much different from how you introduced yourself." Aashu playfully said before speaking seriously.

"I am on a quest as well to find my father, and the killers of my beloved Leon." A tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly fetched a stick in front of her and threw it into the distance. It was then when she noticed how much time had passed.

It was nearly night and it was going to be a new moon out, an expecially dark time was upon them. "Luruar is my destination, it was where my father was last headed before he disapeared."

10/22/2005 3:31 PM

X nodded to Aashu and pulled her cloak tight around her body as the night wind blew again. "If that is where you are to be, then I highly suggest we get moving. My blood sings a warning." With that, the drow female slipped deeper into the woods, leaving her companions to catch up.

Unknown to the group, even to X herself, they were being watched from the hidden sanctuary of the Assassins of Lolth.

The Matron turned from the vision bowl with a growl, facing the members of her clan. You've had her in your sights, why have you not killed her?" she snapped.

The other two shrank at the anger in her voice, but spoke up. "You've seen what The group did to those men, Mother. And the group themself - a Shade, a Nightwalker, one we even think is dragonkin. They are..."

"They are nothing to your abilities!" the elder drow swore. Then she turned to Talia, who had yet said anything. "Talia, I want X found and killed. But, more importantly, this group of misfits seek something. I feel it. I must have whatever it is. In two days time, they will leave the forests and come to a village to rest. Be there. Disguise yourself magically an join the group if need be. Just be there."

Talia looked slightly confused. "What of X? Won't she see through such an illusion?"

The Matron Mother laughed darkly. "Ordinarily yes, but not this time." She held up a simple tear drop shaped pendant on a silver pendant. It glittered with a soft light that made all in the room cringe back from it. The Matron Mother stepped to Talia, and put the pendant around her neck. Talia groaned in pain.

"The pendant is of light magic and untraceable by X's powers. Once you cast the spell, the pain you feel will ease and you will appear completely as human female warrior. But, you will not e able to use your powers. Is that clear?"

Talia nodded. "Yes Mother."

Chanting a few words, the young drow closed her eyes and cried out as she was surrounded in light. When the light faded, in Talia's place stood a human woman of 19, with chin-length blonde hair and green eyes. She wore simple leather armor, with a green cape and boots. When she spoke, her voice as light, but strong as a warrior's spirit.

The Matron looked her over, pleased with the result. "Perfect. Now, the group will soon come to small village once they leave the forest. That's where I'm sending you. Make sure they accept you, especially the half-elf leader. Understood?"

The drow turned human nodded. Without another word, the Matron waved her hand, and Talia disappeared in a flash.

The Matron turned to the two remaining sisters. "You two - you every power at your disposal and find whatever they are looking for. I want it first!"

In union, "Yes Mother."

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10/22/2005 4:24 PM

A soul shattering thunder clashed within the matrons walls, shortly after the 3 assasian sisters left. "There's something I want, something I am willing to come to a compromise on." Followed the wicked sound. Foot steps, muffled, resounded within the great Matrons walls.

"Oh?" The matron turned toward the person, the female sorceress wearing a purple cloak and the Broach of a high mage, the symbol deeply scared. Her brown hair waved gently in the dark breeze within the room.

"Luruar holds something very powerful I desire."

OOC: With that said, we come to the clasic scene break. OOC:

Aashu and the party pulled across the Woodlands of Neverwinter where they finally made their exit. The tree line stopped suddenly and a land riddled in hills and slopes covered in rich, tall grass was all that could be seen.

Aashu ran out into the open feilds dancing, she loved these types of grasslands and it was also a sign to her that they made progress toward luruar, most of the terrian would be much like this on their travels forward.

"We're close to a town, it's about a day, day and ahalves journy." Aashu called out to the group who she nearly left behind. She was sure her ethusiastic displays were not as welcome to the group as it was to her.

10/22/2005 6:24 PM

As the darkness came, the shade stepped out of the shadows. He gazed up into the moon's glow and sighed. It didn't take much for him to find the odd group.

He slipped between shadows as he approached the group and silently fell into step with Aashu. He said nothing as he followed alongside her. He knew where they were going and he knew what they would find. His problem was, getting the item back to the City of Shades afterward.

He focused his attention on the half elf. She was the one to get the item, he knew. Without her, none of them stood a chance. He hated relying on lesser beings, but he knew there was no other way around it.

He showed none of his inner feelings or inner conflict. His face was a mask of indifference and carelessness. His hand rested on his sword. He knew there was danger nearby, but knew nothing bad will happen... yet. That did not stop him from being instinctly cautious.

10/24/2005 11:39 AM

Salina was bit starteled by the sudden apearince on the shade but said nothing and let out not a sound. Instead she swiftly made her way, making littile sound herself, she was growing a bit board. She knew what she had to do was needed however and so she kept looking around as they went.

She then pulled a scroll out from somwhare and began reading it, The text was a bit odd to her, having been somthing she picke dup in a human town, the charicters were elven but slightly diffrently then she was used to, it had been a scroll she had looked at a few times before and had nearly memorized.

She then put the scroll back behind her hair while moving, still saying nothing, however she wa sbeginning to notice increased agatation within her, she ahd no idea why this was but it seemed a sif her skin was a bit to small for her.

10/26/2005 8:27 PM

Aashu's eyes fluttered back and forth within the darkness. "Somethings there!" Her mind spoke to her cautiously. Her face widened in shock and surpise that quickly converted to a smile.

She turned and quickly hugged the shade, even against his wishes. "I found you!" She chirped cheerfully, but a part of her was still startled, for a moment she didn't even know who it was, it was like grappling with fate.

"It seems you have kept your word." Aashu smiled and slowly backed away from the hug. She knew how big a commotion she made, she was sure to have attracted to much attention.

Her eyes shot from one side to the other while her face maintaned the cheerful smile.

"Deceiving everyone again?" Her mind spoke out to her, it was like at that moment her mind was another entity. Years of loneliness had driven her to create something of the simular. She didn't let it show, she couldn't without becoming a target of unwanted attention.

She sighed a long, stressed out sigh before speaking to the entire group. "Do you wish to camp soon or continue traveling?" She looked into the distance over her shoulder, judging the terrian. "It seems if we continue to travel now, we can make it upon the mid day, but I recemend we rest now and arrive at night time. It can be hard to keep track of several individuals at one time so it's best to limit that. I have a few reasons to arrive at night..." Aashu paused and listened to her racing heart. "But I have some sort of instinct that enforces that fact."

10/27/2005 6:05 PM

Serq glanced down at the half elf when she hugged him. Never before had the shade been hugged and he wasn't sure he liked it. In fact, he didn't. He said nothing, however, and patiently waited for her to remove herself, not once taking his eyes off of her.

When she mentioned him keeping his word, he tilted his head slightly. Of course he would keep his word. What kind of person wouldn't? He sniffed when she mentioned deception and wondered briefly if she spoke of the nightwalker.

He nodded his agreement. "If you wish to rest for the night, I shall keep vigilance over you. You will not have to worry about any harm coming to you, or your companions," he softly informed her.

He didn't even bother looking at the other two females. They were none of his concern. He would protect them, for they were Aashu's companions, but beyond that, he remained aloof.

11/06/2005 10:06 PM

The group finally having caught up with her, X stopped as the group was deciding wether to move on or not. Seeing the Shade materialized, she glanced at him, but said nothing. She would have bet anything he was up to something, though.

She then glanced at Selina, noticing that the female had seemed engrossed in a scroll. But, before she got the chance to see what it was, Selina stuffed it away again.

Looking at Aashu, the drow's expression was a mixture of boredom and fear. "Fine, if you must rest, then do so. I suppose I could use some rest as well." She glanced curiously at the half elf. But, why would you choose to arrive at night, Ranger? Are you in trouble?"

After a long meeting with the mysterious sorcerous, the Matron Mother sent the human away. Once she was gone, she yelled for the two remaining clan sisters. Both came running, looking quite nervous.

"Calm down," the Matron chastised them with a sneer, "I know you haven't found out anything yet. No matter, since some of the information has come to us anyway. What this pitiful group and their half elf leader search for an enchanted orb. I have reason to believe that this orb aids in time travel, though the full details of it are yet unclear. Or, the reason they want it."

Serena, the second oldest of the three sisters, spoke up. "Shall we strike the group, Mother? They have stopped to rest, and will not reach the village until night tomorrow."

"Of course not, you fool! If this group dies now, they will not reach the village and Talia will not join them." She went silent for a few minutes, then spoke again. "But, keep an eye on them. And, contact Talia - fill her in on what we know thus far. I will not have her caught unaware."

11/07/2005 9:10 PM

Aashu looked upon X and her question. "Am I in trouble?" Aashu laughed. "No, not to my knowledge, but I have a plan so to say..." Aashu drifted off into thought and turned her back to the shade and X so they could not see her face. She rubbed her chin like a middle aged man would do, creases formed in her forehead. She was thinking.

"Life is like a chess game, a pawn should not be moved until the time is right, for a lot like us, and those sisters abound. Night time is the right time." Aashu giggled, twirled, and let herself fall backwards with her arms spread wide.

"Besides, I wish to take time for something personal." Aashu smiled up while staring are the stars which laid uncovered by the partial clouds. "You may do as you please here, it is safe, no one near. But you better not stray far."


Rane Sylphi snickered after she left the matrons home. "It's not the ability that interests me, its the knowledge and forbidden magics which fallen empires left within!"

Rane was far away at this time as her magic made great work of the distance between there and the Moon Woods. She was, after all, one of the high mages of Abeir-Toril.

Unknowing of Rane now, her body lay with clothes in tattered ruins mearly north of the moon woods. Herself, though somehow different.

11/08/2005 10:07 AM

Serq glanced at Aashu curiously. "Are you planning on going somewhere, my lady?" he asked, in a soft, cool voice.

He did not like the idea of her going off on her own and stepped next to her. Like a protective dog, he stayed with her. Whereever she walked, he was beside her.

It wasn't that he cared for the girl. In his mind, she was the key to gaining the orb, the object his High Prince wanted. Without her, the whole journey was useless. He, like the others, needed her. So, he protected her. No need for her to get killed... yet.

But, no one needed to know this. Especially if they did not already know. He glanced at the drow. He did not know much about her problems. Just that some of her family were hunting her. Typical.

He and the drow shared the same skin, yet they were complete opposites. The drow lived in disorder and chaos. Family members live to kill each other.

His kind? The shade worked together. Everyone had a purpose and a place. They did not fight amongst themselves and family members were close.

Serq figured with her sisters following her, the drow was in trouble. This put Aashu's life in danger. For the shade, that would not do. Whether the drow's siblings were nearby or not, he was not willing to take that chance.

"I do not care where you go, my lady," he told Aashu. "But know, I will be with you. It may seem safe now, but that could change in a heartbeat. I am not willing to risk your life, even if you are."

11/09/2005 1:42 PM

After hearing the idea to rest, Salina quickly scaled a tree, moving up it with grace and speed, and then she sta thare crouched over on the branch with only the balls of her feet touching the tree and her toes to grip.

She was not quite tired yet, but she agreed to herself that rest was a good plan, she preferred to rest up high, in the comfort of three, and though she knew safety was relative, she felt safer up in the trees as well.

She watched the others as she leaned back softly against the tree, she was illuminated just enough so she could be hazily seen, though she could see everyone else quite well.

"be safe, Aashu" she called over the half elf, with a smile and a slight yawn. She began to wonder what the next day would bring.

11/29/2005 2:39 PM

Aashu looked toward the shade, a smile engolfed her face. "So you want to follow me?" She teased slightly. "If you follow me where ever I go, you'll know my secerts." Aashu playfully dashed away, but there was a essence in her playful steps that begged to not be followed, like it was best for her to be alone.

She got some distance away from the group and looked over the plains ahead to find a creek. She needed to bathe herself, but it wasn't that she didn't want to be seen nude.

Thinking back on her past, her body trembled where scars laid hidden under her array of belts but was interupted as she smelled the sweet sent of a nearby stream.

She dashed playfully toward it as if trying to forget her woes that was closed to being revealed again, this thought caused her to stumble and rest to a walk the rest of the way there. She could hear the stream now.

"How can I be happy when I have these scarred memories." Aashu spoke to her long dead love, the one who lives only in her memories. "This scarred flesh to remind me of my memories." Aashu aproached the stream in from of her stripping off the belts from her body and letting them rest upon the grassy earth below her feet.

Most of Aashu's revealed scars where artistically carved. They where mystical symbols with no power left over her. She kicked off her boots and waded ankle high into the water. The stream had parts that could submerge her to her waist, little edies that would swirl away from the moving stream. She was located in front of one of these.

She stripped all but her under clothes off and dipped into the deeper water. It was cool yet warm. Some of the symbol lit up on her body as she began to rub and bather her body.

*Meanwhile, somewhere else less perverted.*

Rane was within a middle class tavern, her head lingered over a map over looking the Luruar area. She noticed a few places seemed empty on the map, like there was information left out. Though this would be expected seeing one of such places was where the ORB was located. Or so she had thought through gathered information.

*Back to Aashu seeing she is done with her bath -_- I should disipline you all for thinking naughty thoughts.*

Aashu was quickly dressing herself, she knew over an hour passed by, this worried her because she suspected the rest of the group would look for her soon and she didn't want to be caught vunerable.

She quickly hustled over the hill tops back to the group, but at this time, she knew more time then an hour passed as she saw the sun on the horizon. "The goddess of my sanctuary shall be heading off to bed now. I wonder if I can catch some sleep before we continue on?" She questioned herself.

She made over the final slope toward the group.

12/01/2005 2:09 PM

X watched as the Shade and the half elf conversed quietly, and the drow rolled her eyes from beneath her hood. She had been around smooth-talking trickery all her life, and knew it when she saw it. She only wished she knew wht the Shade's true motive with Aashu was..

But, see the half elf dash of, laughing, it occured to her that maybe Aashu either did't notice the mysterious ways of her "bodyguard", or she didn't care. Either way, X somehow felt that the half elf had secrets of her own. There was times, when Aashu thought nobody noticed, when X could see pain in her eyes.

The wind hissed through the trees again, X watching her Rnger companion until she disappeared into the darkness. Listening for any sounds of distress and hearing nothing, the Assassin-Mage finally sat down, settling against a tree. Pulling out her array of daggers and knives, she began to sharpen them, keeping alert.

In the distance, she heard someone approaching, and sniffed the air. The half elf, returning to camp. X looked up, a silent acknowlegement of the female, then turned bck to her weapons.

12/06/2005 11:52 AM

As Serq watched the half elf leave, his eyes narrowed. He knew what dangers lay out in the wilderness. He flashed the drow a dangerous look before literally vanishing into the shadows. All that remained was his heat imprint where he had stood a moment before.

He had followed the half elf, unnoticed and undetected until he found where she was going. Once he was certain she was safe, he turned away to survey the area. He wanted to ensure all was safe.

After he secured the area, he returned to the camp. He nodded once to the drow and then looked up when the half elf approached. "You should practice more caution before leaping away like that," he softly reprimanded the half elf.

"Whether the land is safe or not, danger still lurks in the most unexpected areas," he told her. "I assure you, my intentions are not on your person, but rather to protect you. Nothing more, nothing less."

He slipped a glance to the drow as if to challenge her before he commented to Aashu, "I will not bring danger to you. Only keep it from you."

12/07/2005 9:31 AM

Aashu lowered her head as if to show she felt bad, but still in her own misery of memories she glared down at the ground trying not to grind her teeth at being reprimanded. "I know Serq, I have seen those dangers, it was foolish of me to do that but I needed to none the less." Aashu looked up to Serq and smiled.

She looked behind her to the rising sun. "Maybe we should move now." Aashu seggested while rubbing her belts with the palms of her hands. "We should continue, it is only a ways away." She commented and took point, she knew this land, and she knew she could lead the group to the next town and planned on doing it safely, but the issue that had come up in Aashu's head, was that she still was not used to being around others yet.

The nearly 7 years of staying away from humans and other centient beings had made it hard for Aashu to cope with people in general, she was not used to being reprimanded nor was she used to hearing other peoples seggestions, whcih she had found them to be useful. But she remembers what they did to her life, if not these people, the ones that took her Leon away from her and scarred her body with mystical symbols. She still did not know who they were or where they came from, she did not remember where she was when that all happened, but she can remember the face of Leon as he died.

Thinking of this, the memories forced her to hold her tears back. She knew she had to look strong, she also knew that she had to move on but every once in a while, a tear would slip her guard but she did well to hide her own pain.

She moved on leading the trek towards the town ahead.

12/12/2005 11:21 AM

Salina quitly followed Aashu, but for once her eyes did not wander onto X, instead they seemed to glance up ocastionally, as if their should be somthing thare. She could not explain it, even to herself, but the feeling that was washing over her was growing stronger, it was famillyer and powerful and felt close. Shaking her head Salina sighed, figuring it to be just her. No one else seemed to feel it.

The town would be a welcome change she thought trying her best to distract herself. She had littile luck in this and began thinking about the strange feeling she felt and how it almost seemed to have form. The feeling grew neather weaker nor stronger as they came closer to the town.

Salina struggeed to find whare she recalled the feeling from, but despite her repeated attempts she came no closer to an answer. She decided to try and figure it out later, and continued on their path.

12/12/2005 8:42 PM

X had spent the night in silence, though the drow was very observant of her surroundings, as well as her companions. Aashu, and Selina too, both seemed upset about something, and very agitated. Wanting to help them, but not knowing how, the reclusive drow maiden remained silent, and for the remainder of the night, teanded to her weapons and spell studies.

Drawing her hood deep over her head as she glanced at the rising sun, X silently thanked Aashu for wanting to get moving. The drow wanted some real food and drink, a break from ration, but she also wanted away from this place. It made her uneasy; the way the wind seem to whisper threats, the shadows dancing ever closer. Wether this was caused by her former Clan Sisters or not, she did not want to take the chance.

The grop moved on for hours it seemed. X, as usual, did not say to much, but stayed on her guard. Eventually, she looked up from her inner thoughts and squinted her red eyes, as she saw a medium sized building in the distance, within the gates to the upcoming village.

Calling out to her companions about it, she quickened her steps. Inside the village, she saw humans and others going about their business,and she ightened her cloak around her as one man gave her a side-long glance. Within minutes, she saw the building she had spied from the road.

She turned to the group. "It is indeed an Inn, as I had thought." she said, in her whispery, accented common. "I suggest we use it to gather ourselves and rest. Get supplies as well. Perhaps information on our destination."

Glancing in a window, she saw a few humans drinking and sharring conversation. "It seems quiet enough." she concluded with a shrug.

12/13/2005 7:05 PM

As always, when the sun began to rise, Serq disappeared. Before he had left, he gave Aashu a look that meant he would return come nightfall.

02/20/2006 10:30 PM

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