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06/09/2005 10:47 AM

Serina stepped into the small Arena her black hair swirling about her head from the wind. She walked into the middle of the middle of the Arena her sea blue eyes focused on the opposer. ( Im looking for a newb to train :) ::)

Her hair was moving slightly from the wind now and her sword on her belt was in it's Scabbard. She wore almost no clothes for the clothes would slow her lighting fast attacks. She wore a leather shirt tha was pulled tight against her body and a pair of leather shorts that were alos thight against her legs. She wore black thigh boots and a collar around her neck. It glowed slightly blue and green.

07/07/2005 3:52 AM

OOC: Heya, I'm up for it, Is it just gonna be a normal Fight?

A 22 year old Druid entered the arena. His shortish brown hair shifted as the wind hit his face. A small growl came from beside his left leg. His trusted animal companion; a Black Panther going by the name of Ragnarok, pawed the dust under him awaiting the coming battle.
"Greetings, I am known as Chrono Elbereth" Said the Druid as he caught sight of his opponent, A Good looking female weilding a sword. Chrono weighed up his instincts along with his first impressions. "It looks to me like this will end up being Melee combat" He reached down to a scabbard on his left side and removed his Scimitar, ready to do battle. Ragnarok extended his claws...

07/29/2005 11:20 PM

~)Seeming to have apeared in to corner of the female's vision standing at seven feet even is a male dressed in a blood red cloak that travels all the way down almost touching the ground give or take a few inches that seems to cover the out side of this person. His face mostly shrouded with a same colored red as his cloak is a wide brim hat tiped slightly forward on his brow hideingg his face from his nose upward. His mouth is a frim grin and streches slightly across his face. He clears his throat befor he speaks up."I don't like to call myself a noob but I'm willing to give his place a chance and maybe call it my new home. I am willing to learn from you...... if you deside to teach me what you know that is."(~

07/30/2005 10:34 PM

OOC: Striker, check the OOC thread of this topic. This RP isnt gonna happen

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