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09/03/2000 10:13 PM

Tavern located in the great city of Waterdeep.
Barkeep - Belgar Bigurp, renowned ex-adventurer/cleric/alchemist, boastful fellow.
Description - your basic tavern..(hey, lets make it up as we go along...)


Telvin walks into the tavern and proceeds over to the bar, taking a stool and ordering a mug'o'ale from the Belgar. Telvin is normal sized, with a scar down his face over his left eye. He wears a brown cloak, and his tunic is a rich red color, with his pants a dark purple. He carries a staff which is higly ornate, covered with markings, runes, and even a few feathers and trinkets dangle from the end.

"Aye...so any new comers in town of late?" he asks, and Belgar lets out a laugh.

"Ho ho what? No, not fer the last few months I might be say'n, must are still set in for the winter, er a few have made their way to the docks"

Telvin just nods, and takes the opportunity to glance around the room...
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09/03/2000 10:54 PM

[ooc: this is a "strange" character, he looks exactly like a Drow, but over 9' tall check "Mauler" on my webpage for more info}
The massive drow sitting in the corner pulls the hood of his scarlet cloak further down over his face and watches Telvin, then motions for another mug of ale, not speaking, only waving a coin at the waitress.

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09/06/2000 2:12 PM

A kender walks in. He sits down with his head in his hands and sighs. "I'm Bored!"


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10/14/2000 8:29 PM

Soon after the kender enters a petite figure inters the tavern. The figure is heavily cloaked and has gloves on to hide the color of skin. Underneath the cloak you can see what looks like red eyes, yet when the figure's head turns the eyes seem to flash amber color.
The figure heads to a table srounded with shadows and tries to become as unobserved as possible while watching the room.

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