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06/07/2005 9:54 AM


Arlissah woke in the dead of night, someone pounding frantically at the door. Instinct mad her heart poind, knowing almost instantly that something was dreadfully wrong. Practically leaping out of bed, she pulled on her blue linen robe, running her fingers through her long, raven-black hair.

Her fingers towed wtih the silver chain that hung around her neck, upon which dangled a platinum disk. Imbedded within the disk was a small portion of the Syndarian stone, a rare blue diamond imbued with healing powers.

Arlissah's previous mistress, the Priestess Amara, told her that this small stone would protect her from any illness she would come into contact with. "After all," Amara said, "What help can a healer be if she falls ill to the same thing she's trying to cure?" Arlissah saw the wisdom in Amara's words, and never took it off.

Lighing a candle she rushed to the door. The heavy wooden door swung open to reaveal a woman around twenty-five years carrying a sleeping child...

"Lady Arliss! Oh thank the Mother!... It's Kindal, I can't wake her up!" The woman was sobbing hysterically. Without asking further question, Arlissah took the little girl into her ars, the Child's face cherubic in sleep. All of Arlissah's initial attempts to rouse the hcild failed; Calling her name, loud noise, even the acrid scent of sulphur. All the while the child's breathing was as deep and even as any sleeper.

"Lets take her into the temple..." Arlissah stood, cradling the child in her arms.

While the Lunaris Temple had a main entrance, Arlissah had her own private entrance. Her home opened up to a small alcove in the back of the temple, adjacent to the dias that displayed the Syndarian Stone.

Yet tonite when she opened the door, Arlissah knew something was wrong. THe soft light that continually emmited from the stone was gone.... Kindal's mother gasped, her sobs increasing, and Arlissah cluched the unconcious chld to her chest. The Syndarian Stone was gone.

Their Hope...

Their Salvation...


And it was only going to get worse.

06/07/2005 7:52 PM

Delcan woke to a strange, foreboding feeling. Something was wrong.

He jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. Not bothering with his armor, he grabbed his sword and headed out of his house in the middle of the night.

Almost on instinct, he headed for the Temple.

Once there, he slipped inside. The echos of sobbing bounded off the Temple walls, and the guard followed it, his stomache knotting. His free hand went to his sword hand unbidden and his fingers played with the ring on his finger. The simple silver band that all the Temple Defenders had been issued at the start of their duty.

Gods above, let everything be okay. He prayed grimly as he rounded the corner.

Entering the back room and seeing the scene of the unconsious child in the arms of Lady Arliss and the sobbing mother, Delcan's heart dropped. Then he saw what the two women were looking at, and he went pale.

The dias where The Syndarian Stone usually sat was empty.

"Oh, no..." the guard croaked.

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06/07/2005 8:19 PM

A long howl caused the small squirrel to skitter to it's hidding place in the hollow of a tree. A woodland elf jumped lightly onto the ground from a low branch. She peered into the hole the squirrel had scampered into.

She cooed and clicked her tongue. The squirrel peeped out of the hole and quickly ran up the tree's stem to the first branch. Angel gave a light laugh, "Well, that'll teach you for teasing Talathar."

The large wolf stepped softly up to his mistress. The elf patted the wolf's head and saluted to the squirrel.

The elf continued down the small doe path. Tonight a doe was to give birth and Angel predicted the birth will be difficult. She looked to her friend. "Find her fast, but do not intrude," she quickly warned.

The wolf snorted and then went ahead of Angel. A moment later, the wolf returned to the elf and lead her to the doe. She checked on the doe and saw that everything was going fine. Still, the elf was worried, so she sat and waited.

Hours passed before the doe finally gave birth to a small female fawn. The ranger smiled kindly to the doe and her fawn and left. Talathar joined her further down the path and looked at her curiously.

"She'll be alright. Gave birth to a female," she told the wolf as if reading his questions.

The wolf nodded and followed Angel through the forest.

Something stirred.

A strange...

Talathar lifted his head and howled. Angel looked at her wolf companion curiously. But, the wolf merely growled and bounded off into the forest. Not knowing the cause for his concern, the elf climbed a tree and quickly followed.

They came upon the small town of Syndar. Talathar headed to the temple with Angel in tow. The elf thought this strange behaviour for her friend, but as she approached the temple, she could feel the wolf's concern.

She went into the temple cautiously, telling Talathar to remain at the entrance. As she quietly walked through the temple, the weight of the world seemed to droop upon her shoulders. She could hear the sobs coming from the back room. The surprised gasps.

That's where she needed to go, that's where she went. She stepped into the back room and stopped. She saw no one else save the empty dias. The Stone was gone.

"What shall we do now, priestess?" she asked Arlissah.

06/07/2005 11:43 PM

Although the bar had long since closed, one patron still sat in a corner of the common room of the White Hart inn, his table illuminated by the glow of a single candle. Conrad Greycloak had been nursing his mug of watery ale for the last hour, and it was still only half empty. By the faint and flickering light he gazed rather despondently into his slack coin pouch for the fourth time that night,as if hoping to discover this time that some gold had magically materialized among the few pieces of copper and silver. He sighed.

The heroes in the bardic tales never had these problems. The legendary paladin, Sir Gaius of Pelor, never seemed to worry about money. He never had to sell his horse and travel on foot. And he would never find himself down-and-out with no money in a little town in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps in the age of heroes, good deeds were rewarded more highly, but all he had recieved for his two years of service to Pelor was an empty purse, and empty stomach, and a mug of thin ale. Why, he hadn't even been able to afford a room for the night.

And another thing: weren't great adventures supposed to start in taverns? Where was the warmth, the smoky air, and the sense of excitement of a group of travellers meeting around a table, examining an ancient map, and plotting a great expedition. But had been no adventures this night, only a few depressed locals (long since gone home) complaining of poor harvests and whispering rumors of a plague. How dismal.

Just then, he heard a wolf's howl. He had heard some earlier, but this seemed surprisingly close. Conrad strode over to the front door of the inn and stepped out onto the street. He saw an elf woman and a wolf, silver in the moonlight, walking down the main road, towards the temple a few doors down. The elf was small, but wore two longswords and moved with an easy confidence. Curious, Conrad followed, making no effort to conceal himself (he knew better than than when elves were involved, especially as one with a wolf companion was likely a ranger or a druid).

As he approached the temple he heard cries of anguish from within. Despite himself, Conrad felt a twinge of excitement as he entered through the open front doors. Perhaps adventures sometimes did start in taverns after all...

06/08/2005 2:44 PM

Hearing the howl of the wolf startled Geyli, but he had been awake, uneay for several hours before that, the howl it self didn't concern him, but the fact that it was so close. "The closest wolf herd, knows better than to stray into Satyr territory," Geyli started walking in the direction of the howl, to his suprise, he found a elf, and her wolf, "No wolf herd, just one wolf and his pet elf, I wonder where they could be off to so late at night."

Geyli drew his bow and grabbed an arrow, holding them in his right hand. He followed them to a town, where he put away his bow and arrow, "Going to town?" Geyli tought aloud, "How boring." He continued to follow them butwas less consered about moving silently or hiding, he simply walked casually at their pace.

Once they enter the town, he followed them fifty paces back or so, "...And strait to the temple, its getting more interesting..." seeing the gathering of people inside and just outside the temple, he desided just to go in and take a look, after all, he'd spent half the night awake finding this place.

Once inside he saw an empty alter, 'That's it, wait... everyones all freaking out and such, maybe some one took something from this magical alter of emptyness...' Geyli thought standing next to the elf, looking around, to see if there was any evidence of his theory.

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06/08/2005 3:52 PM

As Kyro entered the town at night, he saw people gathering in a temple.
There was a commotion about something missing in the temple.
Kyro decided to investigate this, he goes through the crowd and saw an empty altar.
He doesn't know what was missing so he decided to be silent and walked out from the crowd and looks around the temple to see anything suspicious.

06/08/2005 5:46 PM

The guard captain Jax came walking in followed by an out of breath, young cleric. "Please everyone return to your homes or jobs. This will be taken care of by professionals, nothing to worry about." It was the same thing whenever anything happened in town, calm the public make sure they didn't panic and damage anything.

Jax had come with a few other guards who now found themselves leading people away or blocking the door.

"Priestess Arlissah, I'm sorry to hear of the loss of the Syndarian Stone," he whispered low knowing that people were still about the room. "I know this is for the temple to solve but because it is considering the Syndarian Stone I feel that should you need it, the town guard will be at your service. Now, I suggest you call other temple leaders together so we can talk about a course of action."


Several miles away through a dark forest and atop a hill, at the base of the mountain a building stood. Inside the building the mage Thèrves watched as parts of his machine exploded and the Syndarian Stone fell to the ground with a clank.

"Damnit! I must have the wrong time period, that should have worked!"

"Back to reading then?" Poltha asked.

"Yes, we need to find out exactly where this thing originated. There are so many similar stories to that of the Syndarian Stone that it's hard to pick the correct one..."

"And you needed the stone to narrow the testing down...I was at the meetings too."

"Yes, get the others and get back to work. I need some air."

"Yes sir," Poltha left to gather the other magically inclined who were chosen to study the history books and find exactly how to change the polarity on the crystal.

Thèrves walked to a balcony and leaned on the edge.

"You hurt the stone," a voice behind him said.

"What?" Thèrves said turning around to see Yeron, the old man who constructed the hideaway.

"It will have already called out to the clerics. They will waste no time in finding it," Yeron spoke with no feeling and merely informed Thèrves of what he knew to be true.

"Very well, send Rasius and has Dracsis dealt with those annoying goblins yet?"

"He has yet to return but the last message we recieved said things were going well and that he and the tribal leader would soon reach an agreement."

"Good, that will be all," Yeron nodded and left to find Rasius.

06/08/2005 7:24 PM

Geyli was about to leave but he heard low voices of a gaurd and some who must have worked or lived in the temple, he stood still and listened carefully, e wasn't sure but he thought he heard something about 'the Syndarian Stone, thats interesting, I think I've heard something about that, but not resently.' Geyli left the back of the temple and went around to the front, he sat on the front porch, 'Stupid stone waking me up and makin' me follow the stupid wolf, grr. Well I have no money on me, all I have is my bow and I left that in some bushes...'

Geyli watched a bug crawl beneath his feet, 'well maybe I could spend the night in the temple, or just sleep outside, but if I could spend the night in the temple, I may be able to find more about this 'Syndarian stone.''

06/08/2005 7:38 PM

Kyro found nothing outside of the temple. He gave up and started walking back to the front of the temple.
Then he saw a man sitting down on the stairs of the temple. Kyro walked up to him to ask some questions.

"Greetings sir, may I ask you some questions?" asked Kyro," I want to know what was going on in the temple. I heard commotions that something valuable was missing."

06/08/2005 10:32 PM

Talathar laid quietly by the door of the temple, watching the people walk in. He nodded to the guards as they started escorting everyone out. He knew the importance of keeping the peace well enough.

The black wolf sat up and kept his head high. He, too, could play guard. Surely the sight of a large wolf would keep people at bay.

Angel walked up to Arlissah. She placed a hand on her neice's shoulder. "There must be something we can do. Any idea what might have happened to the stone?" she asked.

06/08/2005 11:16 PM

The guard captain Jax came walking in followed by an out of breath, young cleric. "Please everyone return to your homes or jobs. This will be taken care of by professionals, nothing to worry about." It was the same thing whenever anything happened in town, calm the public make sure they didn't panic and damage anything.

Conrad cursed silently. All he had been able to determine so far is that something had been stolen from the temple, and now he was to be thrown out by the guards. There was no way he was going to be kept out of this! He began to weave through the crowded room towards the guard captain and the woman in robes. He had almost made it when he felt a large hand take firm hold of his shoulder. Conrad turned his head and looked up into the face of one of the temple guards.

"Come with me please sir," the guard said.

Conrad hesitated. He could break the hold easily enough, but that would only start a fracas which would get him removed from the building for sure. Conrad sighed inwardly. Again, a real paladin would never have problems like this. He would have to bluff. Drawing himself up to his full height (still a good six inches shorter than the bulky guard) Conrad declared, "Good evening, young man. At least one person here seems to recognize my importance. I am Sir Conrad Greycloak of the Church of Pelor and I must speak to your captain immediately about this theft. Take me to him at once, if you please."

Bolun Tenbaum had only been a temple guard for a week and a half and tried (without much success) to conceal his uncertainty. This short fellow sure didn't look much like a paladin in his patchwork armour and ugly fur vest. But he spoke with such confidence... [i]Ah well[/i], thought Bolun. [i]I might as well take him to Jax to be on the safe side.[/i] "Uh, of course. Right this way Sir...uh...Conrad." The guard began to push through the thinning crowd towards Jax and Arlissah, with Conrad in tow.

[i]Great[/i], thought Conrad. [i]I'm in. But now what do I say?[/i]

06/09/2005 7:02 PM

"Your guess is as good as mine." Geyli said standing up and jumping off the porch, he peared through the window and watched the half dozen or so people left leave, "Huh," he said thinking 'I need to get in there, I will find out more about this stone.'

He then turnred to the human, "Its call the Syndarian stone, that is all I know."

06/10/2005 2:58 PM

"Hmm........Syndarian stone, I should look it up in a libary to seek info on this object," thought Kyro, "Thank-you for your help, by the way, are you investigate this situation too? If so, may I join you? We can work toghether."

06/10/2005 6:47 PM

Arlissah abruptly remembered that she was still cradling the unconcious chil din her arms. With the stone gone, only the Goddess Lunaris* would be able to heal the child. Sadly, the Goddess had been silent for several years.

A rustle in the nearby brush revealed a long-legged lanky cat, which promply trotted towards her. The Caracal was widely rumured to be a Fae Cat, and while he had never divulged such a fact to Arlissah, She respected such rumors.

Tugging in the hem of her robe, Kaze No Ki growled softly to catch Alirssah's attetnion. Jade green eyes met midnight blue, and a soft, slightly raspy voice filled Arlissah's mind.

:: Heal-stone gone. More are sleep-sick like that cub...:: There was no emotion in his voice, but every line in his body screamed aggression.

Arlissah motioned to a younger acolyte and gave the unconcious child to him. After brief instructions she turned to those gathered at the temple entrance.

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06/10/2005 7:54 PM

Snapping out of his momentary shock, Delcan began tending to those in the Temple. After all, he was a Temple Defender. He began ushering people out, trying to oothe the paniced towns people the best he could that the Sydarian Stone would be recovered.

Finally turning to Lady Arlissah, he looked at her concerned. "What now, m'lady?

06/10/2005 11:32 PM

Commotion Commotion Commotion… That’s all that ever seemed to happen above ground. Sure, Gravan thought, his Drow communities were not alien to acts of violence, and that sort of commotion, but these commotions here were always over trivial matters he thought, things that could be solved by a few required slashes of a sword or the like, though he always looked down upon bloodshed: it’s messy, but at times required, and when it was he was never one to shy from it...

This time the commotion seemed different, however, as the robed Drow stood in the shadows made by the edge of a roof that extended past the wall of a nearby building, possibly a shop of some sort, nothing that deserved his attention, the shop that is. His keen ears, draped by his silvery hair, picked up several voices as his light-sensitive red eyes read perfectly the night image…

Through the shadows he was most assuredly invisible to the naked eye, or to those not already looking for him, though even then it would be highly unlikely. He wasn’t concerned though, if he wanted to disappear he would, but that wasn’t his intention here, because he knew that this was something bigger, something he was sure was out of the ordinary. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on for sure, but he had picked up the words ‘Syndarian Stone’ several times, and from within the temple he could hear an even bigger commotion. From the looks of it they were trying to clear people out...

Several guards and apparently the same wolf that had accompanied the Elf that ran into the building stood watch at the door as people were scuttled out, some having to be ‘assisted’ by the guards to leave the building. Curiosity peeked as he wondered what it could, possibly some rare artifact he had missed and been beaten to the punch to. That simply wouldn’t do, and he would have to know more, though as he wondered he couldn’t help sensing a more ominous presence in the air, but he quickly passed it off as he decided to move closer to the temple…

His base instincts screamed stealth, and his instincts had never failed him thus far, but there are always a million ways to complete one job, and why turn down a perfectly good opportunity to test out his close range skills, right? He didn’t think so, and he never passed up a chance to better him, so he took to it, exited the shadows that had blanketed him to reveal his true self, a mesh of black skin against black Elven cloth...

He wasn’t like a normal fellow, his left arm sleeved but not his right, a separate hood and scarf covering his face, the weapons that he carried and the way his pants were tightened at the ends. No, he would need a persona, he would need to figure out a way to get past the guards, and an idea hit him straight away…

He quickly pulled back his hood and rushed to the door, knocking over one of the onlookers as he did so, all a part of his plan no doubt. He could have easily picked his pocket, but didn’t, instead continued running to the door guard, appearing to be out of breath as he began to speak. ‘Oh no, I'm too late… It’s already happened. Please, you must let me pass, I bring very important news from beyond of the Syndarian stone…’ He only hoped that the guard would fall prey to his bluff, for even he wasn’t completely sure what he was talking about, but as he mentioned this ‘Syndarian stone’ he saw an immediate change in the guards stance and facial expression, and he knew he had succeeded. ‘Yes… Please go, hurry,’ said the guard as he waved him in...

Gravan knew more than likely the wolf was smarter, but as he headed into the temple halls his footsteps grew dormant so as not to cause any echoes, and within the shadows he once again pulled his hood to conceal the silver hair that cascaded from his head. From here all he had to do was follow the noise, and from all the commotion that was very easy. He slipped in more than likely unnoticed as most attention would have been focused on the problem at hand as he found his way to a dimly lit corner of shadows, not so much out of stealth but as he was Drow light was not well liked by him. Slanting his eyes he watched, his hands rested across his chest, right hand lying on his throwing knives as he waited to figure out what was truly going on, and he seemed to be just in time…

All he could gather was that some stone was gone from some pedestal. He had never been one to dabble in the religious affairs of the surface-dwellers, and therefore saw no true need to be concerned, but obviously they did, and where something was missing there was always a thief, and it was obviously worth something, so maybe if he found out what this ‘stone’ was he could profit from it as well…

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06/11/2005 11:28 AM

Jax eyed Conrad as he came forward, "Why didn't you send this one outside?" he asked the guard.

"He says he's of the church of Pelor."

"Well, that's Lady Arlissah bussiness," he said turning to the druid, "I will get to the entrance and clear out any one else. When I return we can have the meeting."

Jax ran down the hallway towards the entrance and saw that his guards had began working with the temple guards and things were going smoothly.

"Sir, what did that cloaked figure have to say if you don't mind my asking," one entrance guard asked.

"Cloaked figure?"

"Yes he said he had something important to tell you..."

"You let him through?!? Damnit, get these people out of here and start looking for this guy."

"Yes sir..." Jax got things done fast and soon all the onlookers had been pushed outside. He went to the steps to say something so as not have them panic.

"The city guard will work with the temple to..."

"Where is the Syndarian stone?!?" one shouted who was then followed by numerous shouts.

"As I said, the city guard and the temple will work together. We will find the stone. You have nothing to worry about. Please return to your homes and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a normal day," the towns people scattered out and began walking home. Some thought to stick around for a bit but the looks from the guards pushed them away. Jax had the entrance guards still posted and had a search time going through the temple to find this cloaked figure that one guard had stupidly let by.

He found his way back to Lady Arlissah and the others.

06/11/2005 5:58 PM

"I'll keep you imformed," Geyli said knock ing on the door of the tenmple, 'I bet they won't even hear it. everyone in that temples got to be in that room.' Geyli thought leaning on the railing.

06/12/2005 4:40 PM

Arlissah heard the shouts of the people outside, and turned towards the others gathered. "I have to find the Syndarian stone. Sir Jax, we cannot keep the people from the temple, it is their solace... even with the stone gone." The compassion of her trade wasn't just an outside facade for her, but real and true, through and through.

Kaze made a sound that would've been mistaken for a growl by any who didn't know him as intimately as Arliss did. Their eyes met again and again his voice was heard.

:: Arliss... howl to the child of the moon? the Kaze-kun?::

"The wind child... he would know who may have stolen the stone... but the shrine to the wind is over the mountains to the east. Even if I am a servent of his mother, Lunaris, I doubt he would answer my call from this distance..." Arlissah mused softly, her dark blue eyes unfocused.

Her gaze focused on Angel. "Most rangers pray to the god of wind... think he may answer a plea from both of us?"

06/12/2005 6:37 PM

"Very well then," asnswered Kyro to Geyli. Kyro already saw the people leaving the temple and went back to thier homes. Kyro also saw guards, some warriors , and a girl with a child in her hands inside the temple through the window. Kyro wonders why theres a girl with a child inside the temple. She looks sad and hopeless because of the stone is missing and by the look on her face, Kyro assumed that she may know something about the stone. 'I may talk to her to see if I can find any info about the stone. probaly in the morning I'll talk' thought Kyro.
He looked toward the person leaning on the railing.
"Hey, do you know who is that person with a child and a wolf in there?" asked Kyro.

06/12/2005 10:58 PM

The elf looked to her neice. "I think it is possible," she said. "Better then waiting for something to happen."

She called to Talathar. The wolf, heedless of the guards, bounded into the temple and walked to stand next to his mistress.

The elf patted the wolf on the head. She then looked up at Arlissah. "Perhaps four of us praying will call his attention?" she inquired.

06/12/2005 11:10 PM

"I have to find the Syndarian stone. Sir Jax, we cannot keep the people from the temple, it is their solace... even with the stone gone." The compassion of her trade wasn't just an outside facade for her, but real and true, through and through.

"Forgive me, the temple will be reopened in the morning then," Jax stepped into the adjecent room giving the group privacy to pray. The other guards came as well.

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06/13/2005 1:07 AM

'Damnit... This isn't working,' he thought to himself as he listened to the useless words they all spoke. 'What is all this going to help? Leave it to upworlders to beat around the bush...' The thoughts continued to run through his head as he listened to them still, wondering if he would ever catch anything useful. As of now all he had were names. Some captain named Jax and an apparent healer who went by Arlissah, but wait, what was this? Now they are praying to one of their 'gods'?

Even after being above ground for almost a century he had yet to understand these creatures truly, only how to manipulate and elude them. Something may be happening now, however, as his ear picked up the sounds of something less domesticated, turning his vision to focus on the new comer to the room, the same wolf that had guarded the door before, just as the 'Jax' and, apprently, his guards left...

'A wolf...,' he thought, 'That could cause problems.' They are much more keen than other species, always alert even when there may be no need to be. He made sure to be extra cautious as he continued to watch, wondering what praying would do to help, and much less what they were even praying for, this same stupid 'Syndarian' stone. If it was so important why hadn't he heard of it before, why hadn't he beat this thief to the punch and taken it for himself?

The thought made him angry, but he was sure to steady his breathing nonetheless to keep from any sudden changes in noise that the wolf's, or Elve's for that matter, keen senses might pick up on, though he doubted that the Elf was very alert in such a 'dire' situation. He didn't know, and was never one to take chances, and wasn't going to start here...

Aside from wondering what in the hell this now gathered group of four was fixing to pray for he was pondering how long it would take before the guards realized they had made a mistake. Oh what he would give to see the look on their faces when they found out that there was no messenger, no important news, and most importantly that they had allowed their apparent 'garrison' for the moment to be breached.

The satisfaction of a job well done could not be mimicked or reproduced, but the thought of it would have to suffice for now. Patience was most definitely one of his strongest points, and right now it was doing its job as he stood in the same position, never moving, never twitching a muscle...

He would wait a bit longer until he knew just for sure what this was all about, although his hand was still rested on the throwing knives, just in case things did go afoul. He knew the the guards would soon be onto him if they weren't already, and something deep down said that they already were. Either way that would definitely lead to trouble, because that wolf would almost definately blow his cover snooping around, and with a nose like that, Gravin was sure he could catch some sort of scent, especially with the doors still open and allowing a breeze to carry air throughout the room.

He hated being secluded, 'Damnit what have I gotten myself into now,' he thought to himself, not in a panicked way but in a way such that he was disappointed in himself, but all the while his mind raced to find options in case he was caught...

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06/13/2005 1:07 AM

Conrad watched the two elves speaking, and hesitated uneasily for a moment. He didn't want to interrupt them; if they found out he wasn't officially with the Church of Pelor they might throw him out immediately. If he could win the trust of the captain, however, then he might have a chance of being involved with any missions to recover the stolen relic.

Besides, Conrad reasoned, this fellow was less likely to see through his...little bluff. Conrad refused to think of his claim as a lie; he really was a true follower of Pelor. He just lacked the official sanction of the Church, and what real difference could that possibly make in matters of faith? Half the clerics were likely corrupt anyway...

Inconspicuously, Conrad trailed along with the guards and Jax as they exited the room, leaving the elves to pray in peace. He sidled up to Jax and murmured, "Sir, anxious as I am to speak to your priestess, I would not dream of interrupting this holy ceremony. If you could provide me with lodgings for the night I will speak to her in the morning."

06/13/2005 3:23 AM

"Nope this is my first time in this town." Geyli siad knocking loudly on the Temple door.
He stepped off the porch and pressed his face against the cool glass of a temple window, he peered through, seeing that most of the temple workers were all in that room, he let himself in, through the front door, it turns out it was open the whole time.

(Shijinku remember, Geyli is a satyr in this topic!)

06/13/2005 2:50 PM

Delcan was starting to feel very uncomfotable, given the situation. The Syndarian stone was gone, and everyone wanted answers that nobody had at the moment. Jax, the captin of the town guard seemed to be getting things under control, but it was the Temple and it's defenders who were in chaos.

Waiting until Arliss was free, he approached the Druid quietly. "I'm so sorry that this has happened, m'lady. When I find the man that lacked in his duties, he will be punished. For now...when was the last time you saw the Stone? Who was here?"

06/13/2005 6:31 PM

(Shijinku remember, Geyli is a satyr in this topic!)

(Dude quit calling me that outside of class)

"All right, I'll talk to you later," said Kyro and then he turns around and and starts walking away and tries to find a new place: the libary. 'I don't know if there's a libary
here in this town' thought Kyro as he tries to walk through the crowd of people,'But I must investigate this stone.' Kyro moves his eyes to look different ways to find a libary.
He had no luck yet.

06/13/2005 10:24 PM

"Nope this is my first time in this town." Geyli siad knocking loudly on the Temple door.
He stepped off the porch and pressed his face against the cool glass of a temple window, he peered through, seeing that most of the temple workers were all in that room, he let himself in, through the front door, it turns out it was open the whole time.

"Where do you think you're going you little goat bastard?" a guard said. Jax had left guards at the entrance and apperently the satyr had been too short to see them. Another guard shut the door keeping the satyr outside.

"Captain Jax said it would reopen in the morning, you'll have to wait till then," he said.


Meanwhile inside the temple the search team still had found no trace of the cloaked figure but continued to search every room. They would reach Gravin's room within ten minutes at the rate they were going.

"Sir, anxious as I am to speak to your priestess, I would not dream of interrupting this holy ceremony. If you could provide me with lodgings for the night I will speak to her in the morning."

"Of course, although I'm sure the temple has extra rooms. Wait just a bit longer for things to settle down then we'll get you a bed," Jax replied intent on watching the druid and ranger.


Not too far outside of town...

"Are we going to enter the town?" Bernack asked.

"No, Thèrves didn't want us to openly attack the city," Rasius shot back with a hiss. It was unlikely that they would be spotted this far away from town but Rasius didn't want to take any chances. His orders were to wait for any group that may wish to stop Thèrves. He had taken 12 men with him.

"How long do we have to wait out here?"

"As long as we need to. Thèrves should find what he needs soon enough, we only need to keep the temple from getting to the mountains. Tomorrow we'll set up near the town. Now, get some sleep; Bernack, you take first watch," Rasius commanded going to his bedroll.

06/14/2005 7:06 AM

Arlissah shook her head in response to Delcan, her dark eyes unfocused again in memory. "Last night, after my last Prayer for the evening. No one was here save for my acolyte... Hopefully the Wind God will answer these questions for us." She turned and stood before the small niche set aside for the other gods in connection with Lunaris.

"Childe of the Sun and Moon, Brother of the Oceans, Kaze-Kun..." Arlissah's voice was soft and musical. Before she could continue, however, the musical laughter of a child could be heard, echoing through the temple.

The laughter continued, though it never seemed to come from the same place twice. "I am here. Long before you called to me, I've been here." A child's voice rang out.

"Please show yourself." Arlissah called.

A Golden light coalesced next to Kaze No Ki, revealing a young boy, seemingly no older than ten years of age, his hair of spun gold, his eyes a soft silver. Kaze purred and the young God rested his hand on the feline's back. The name "Kaze-Kun" was a general term for the Wind God, as he had many forms, from the gentle and playful Breeze he now was, to a horribly destructive Tempest. Korilis wa his true name in any form, and Arlissah addressed him as such.

"Korilis, we need your help" she started.

Immediately, the God nodded vigerously. "I know!! I saw it all happen!" Korilis giggled, his laughter like tiny silver bells, all the while clinging to Kaze.

"Will you tell us what you saw?"

"Yeah... creepy looking guy, thick in an aura of darkness... and Magic..."

"A Sorcerer?" Korilis nodded, silver eyes shining. "Do you know where he is?"

"The Syndarian Stone is precious, sought by many, for many reasons... and very few are for noble intentions. The sorcerer has fled to the eastern mountains, had you gone to my temple as you first thought, you would have found him." While the God spoke, he seemed to age, growing older, more serious. He paused and allowed his silver eyes to search the shadows of the temple.

"Besides... You have another thief in your midst..." Koril vanished in a gust of wind that made the lamps sputter in their glass holders, but they didn't go out. Kaze leapt to his fet, the fur on his spine standing on end.

Arlissah turned, following Kaze's gaze, immediatly wishing she had her staff.

"Who's there?" She demanded.

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06/14/2005 11:14 AM

'Well,' he thought, 'At least this 'Jax' fellow isn't head guard over all the divisions,' noting to himself the fact that Jax, his guards, and apparently a straggler had left the room while still remaining another being, possibly a temple guard from his attire. It really didn't matter to Gravin, because a guard was a guard, unless he was a bribed guard, something that was only a last ditch effort, an easy way out, something never taken by him...

This guard most certainly wasn't bribed, however, at least not by anyone that mattered to Gravin as far as he knew. He did find it strange, however, that when the other guards had left this one chose to stay, but he passed it off merely as some other custom set aside by the upworlders, sensing no signs of suspicion from him, but wait...

'What's that?' He thought to himself as he heard a myriad of footsteps coming another part of the building, the echoes ricocheting off the temple walls to reach his highly sensitive ears, and with the sounds of footsteps came the sounds of moving armor. 'Great, more trouble,' he thought, 'Damn guards are onto me...'

It was the only thing that remotely made sense, why else would a brigade of armored men be running through a temple? Of course they may be inspecting the rooms for intruders, but that failed still to move him into the clear. This wasn't working, by no means was his patience wearing thin, but a good rule of thumb he always followed was never to stay in one place too long, and it was approaching that 'line' where too little time met too much time at just the right time...

He knew he could move silently, even to the wolf's keen ears he thought, but it wasn't the ears he was necessarily so worried about, it was his nose, and even if he did have some sort of scent masking odor, which he considered an easy way out, it would do little to help if the air current caught wind of the suspiciously clean scent to the beast's attention...

He could disguise himself, but without any hosts that was of little use, just as ventriloquism was with nothing to say. He knew that the patrol was growing ever closer, and he still wasn't getting any information, just more more useless questions and no answers. His mind raced unrelentingly to find a way to get around the guard, but he couldn't seem to think of anything, and that's when something finally happened...

Where once stood nothing now stood a little boy, emerging from a flower of golden light as he began to speak. It must be their 'god' upon which they called, but it was a just mere boy, was this a joke? His gods, or the gods that was may have answered to him, were powerful, unmerciful, but this one seemed to be more naive than anything, laughing when questioned about the situation, something that was supposedly 'important', but wait, was he finally getting some information?

'A sorcerer, in the eastern mountains?,' he thought as he heard the seemingly aging child's words, and then as if things couldn't be falling in more now this Korilis had alerted Arlissah to his presence, and she had called him out. Any other time he would have been very mad at himself, disappointed most definately, in the way this had gone afoul, but this was no ordinary job, or he would have already spent weeks surveying the property for weeks, this was just his own curiosity and him responding to it...

Now, however, he needed a plan, and he was in no mood to reveal his location, not without a plan of course. Just then one hit him though, one that at the moment seemed the best that he had. Whoever these people were he knew there was no way to go toe to toe with all of them, one, two maybe but not a whole division of armored guards. 'Ill play it out,' he figured, 'See what this thing is all about and whats in it for me...'

He'd have to reveal himself though, but he had done nothing against the law really, and his hood concealed his true identity, and the alias would do the rest. He pushed off of his shadowed perch, leaned against the wall, with his elbow as he emerged from the shadows that he had blended with, moving to where the entrance way to the room was to lean against the wall near it, arms still crossed and hood still up...

'Name's Garreth,' he said with a pause, 'No need for alarm or weapons. The guards are already on their way as it is,' he finished, tilting his head to the doorway. 'If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead, and if I wanted something stolen you'd've never known I was here. Just like everyone else, I wanted my fair share of knowledge about whatever's goin' on, and if you wanna throw a guy in jail for curiosity's sake, then you have right at it...'

'That should do it,' he thought,'They have no reason not to believe it and no proof otherwise.' Of course his hands were still rested on the ends of his throwing knives, just in case the situation did go hostile. He was sure he could take out the healer at least, if not the Elf with her, and needed confrontation was not something that he shied from...

EDIT: Shortened paragraphs

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06/14/2005 4:35 PM

"Get the others, tell them we found the intruder," Jax said to one guard beside him. Jax had taken with him an excort of twenty men and with him he had five, the other fifteen were throughout the temple searching for the cloaked Gravin.

'Name's Garreth,' he said with a pause, 'No need for alarm or weapons. The guards are already on there way as it is,' he finished, tilting his head to the doorway. 'If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead, and if I wanted something stolen you'd've never known I was here. Just like everyone else, I wanted my fair share of knowledge about whatever's goin' on, and if you wanna throw a guy in jail for curiosity's sake, then you have right at it...'---'

"Very well, if there are no need for weapons then there should be no problem," Jax motioned for his men to stand down but in the back of his mind he knew this may be a trick and would be ready if the cloaked figure took up arms against them. "The temple has, however, been closed until morning. You are trespassing and I'm asking you to leave," Jax finished.

Edit: Fixed the problem with Gravin in the shadows

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06/14/2005 6:09 PM

Delcan nodded at the Druid's words, watching in silence as she went into prayer with the Wind God. The deities words caught the Temple Defender off guard and he quickly looked around.

Seeing the man that belonged to the vioce coming from the shadows, Delcan tensed. But, realizing Jax, of the city guards, had it under control, he relaxed.

Looking at Arlissah, he said, "Jax and his men have the theief under wrap, m'lady. If you wish, I can take a few men to the eatern mountains with the captain, or even your aunt?" he suggested, looking at the elfwoman.

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06/14/2005 6:39 PM

Angel watched as the god spoke to Arlissah. She looked down to her wolf and touched the top of his head.

Hearing about the thief, the wolf's ears perked up. He was ready to find the perpetrator. Seeing the drow, the wolf stepped between the dark elf and his mistress and let out a deep growl. It was clear the wolf did not like nor trust the drow.

Angel did not trust him either and nodded in agreement with Jax. "Yes, perhaps he should leave," she suggested. "His kind do not belong in this temple."

Talathar growled more. The hair on his back bristled with blunt hatred.

Upon Delcan's suggestion about the hunt, Angel nodded. "Talathar and I would be happy to find this sorceror. Anything to bring the Syndarian Stone back."

She looked back to her niece. "Arlissah?"

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06/16/2005 10:38 PM

Jax's words didn't suprise him as he listened calmly, waiting for his turn to reply, though he needed little time to think, for he had anticapted Jax's words before he ahd even began to speak. Of course, the 'honorable' guard would have to ask him to leave, and he couldn't show force to someone unarmed, all of which fell right into Gravin's plan. 'Yes, of course it's closed, but if I were to leave, the public may come to light of some very 'disturbing' facts...' He finished his words to the apparent head guard, turning now to the others...

He had caught Delcan's words as well, though he knew him only to be some sort of temple guards, guessing at that from his attire, and at the fact that he had remained in the room after Jax and his group left. 'Thief,' such a harsh word, amazing how people always assumed the worst, but he was used to it now, and he knew it best not to show aggression at this current moment. The elf, however, had stepped out of line...

'His kind,' he thought... What in the hell is that supposed to mean? The wolf was growling as well, but he wasn't the least bit afraid. for one thing this was some 'holy' place, and besides, the guards already had him 'under control,' so there was no need for his input. 'Nice mutt,' he said mockingly, removing his hood to reveal his face, the face of a drow, silver hair falling to about shoulder length, parted in the middle. 'Now by 'kind,' I take it you are reffering to that guard's -motioning to Delcan- false assumption and not my race. The latter may cause problems.' He finished, moving his hand back to cross his chest once moreas his red eyes slanted, partly because of the light, but moreso to cast an icy glare in her direction...

He may have gotten used to people's short-falled attempts to make fun of his profession, but he had never let go of the pride he held in his race. Guards or not there would be a fight here if that was the case, but somehow he had managed to restrain the hatred from his voice so he sounded calm, though the fingers on his right hand tightened their grip on the hilts of his throwing knives. 'And besides, who better to catch a thief than someone who knows the art better than any?'

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06/17/2005 11:41 AM

Angel slowly turned back to the drow. She could see that he was angry. She could also see that he was holding his knife.

"You do not want to start a fight in this temple," she warned him. "This is a holy and sacred temple. I wouldn't be the only one defending this place. Temple guards are all around you."

She patted Talathar on the head. "Drow are known for their hotheadedness and short tempers. And I will admit, they are known to be good with their weapons. But, you wouldn't fare well with all the temple guards plus myself fighting you, Drow. And you have both the druid and the town guards to consider as well."

She stared at his folded arms. She knew the daggars were hidden underneath. "It would be wise to put away your weapons and wait for Alissah to tell us what we are to do next," she advised.

The elf returned her attention back to the druid while Talathar continued to stare at the drow. Any wrong move from the drow would send the ready wolf into attack.

06/17/2005 12:54 PM

Mean while, in the dark streets of the town, Kyro was still trying to find the libary.
It was already night time and Kyro has a little trouble seeing in the dark, but he can see the buildings with the help of the street lantern lights glowing brightly. Kyro saw a large building far to his left. Kyro thought it was the libary so he walked towards it with more pace, following the lights of the street lantern lights.

Kyro got to the place and he inspects the building.
He was wrong, it is a museum. 'Hmm maybe I'll find more ancient records here' thought Kyro. He tries to open the door, but it was locked and he assumed the museum was already closed. He then pounds on the door with little strength, trying not to break the door. Kyro pounds on the door instaed of knocking on it because he would thought no one can hear him knocking inside. Kyro stops pounding on the door and thinks for a second.

'...I can't invade or break into the museum'he thought, ' I cannot break the law, maybe I should talk to the police to join them on the search for the syndarian stone. I can associate with them so I can enter the museum. I got no ideas left so no choice.'

Kyro walks away from the museum and head back to the temple. He remembered guards were there trying to evacuate the people. Kyro picked up the pace and looked up to the direction where the temple was. He slowed down to see a faint light glowing from there. 'No ordinary light can shine from the building.' Kyro starts to walk towards there with more pace.

06/17/2005 1:51 PM

'And Elves are known for their cockiness and need to feel superior to all other races.'

He snapped back instant, sarcasm in his voice as he mocked her. He already knew what she stated, about the temple and town guards, as well as the others that would be willing to give their lives to defend such a place. He didn't have a temper, however, only when it came to his race. That was why he hadn't done anything as of yet, but this had nothing to do with theft, now it was personal...

'Besides... I have no trespass with these guards as of yet, I would be content just to fight you.'

He said with a more sinister tone. One throwing knife would do her in, the rest he could possibly run from. No one had insulted her race, and he'd had no intentions to do so, but she had thrown the first stone. Normally the fact the he was a Drow startled people, but not her, and there was something about that arrogance, if it might be called so, that he liked. Either way, he couldn't have this vendetta interrupting his plans, however...

'We must put this aside, however, for now, at the least. Whatever is missing is obviously important to you, and from your frightened expressions it may do more than just harm this temple, if you could call it such.'

He finished, a calm tone in his voice as he spoke the words. He knew she had seen his fingers upon his weapons, and so had the wolf. If it wasn't for the wolf he could make a clean get away, but why kill such a magnificent creature that is only obeying the whims of its master, even if it is more intelligent than its master. He would have to show some sign of good faith, to persuade them that he was there to help...

'Here, if you still don’t trust me.'

He said, hesitantly, for what he was about to do next is something he had never done before, and never recommended to anyone. His arms moved from his chest in a non-violent way to remove both the sheaths of his wakizashis, and as well to remove the the straps that kept his throwing knives in place. He took one look at the Elf, more of a glare, however, as he moved the straps that held his life to his left hand.

With one fluid motion he drew the still-sheathed dagger that had been concealed under the bunching of cloth on his left arm. With it he hung the other weapons from the wall as he slid the sheath and its content, the dagger, in between the brickwork of the walls and hung the straps accordingly, about his shoulder height. He had never done such a thing before, but this was different...

This wasn't some pre-designated job, or some location he had scouted out for months. No, this called on his improvisational skills, something that anyone that wants to live from his profession must know very well. Now he would have to rely on his wits and words to persuade, or convince, the others to let him accompany them...

'There, is this a good enough sign of faith for you Elf?'

He said, still with a glare as he turned the Jax, the apparent head guard from what he could tell, though the glare subsided substantially. He was completely unarmed, and in addition he had removed his hood, came from his shadowy home and now stood in a lit room, all things a normal Drow would never do...

'Now, would you kill an unarmed man? I merely wish to hear what this is about, and if I can help. I believe this may reach far beyond just this town, and into places that could cause me grief as well.'

He finished, moving his arms back to cross his chest one again, crossing one leg over the other as he remained leaned against the wall.

EDIT: Made a quick note of his stance. For details sake only as far as I can tell.

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06/17/2005 5:00 PM

Delcan had watched and and listened to the drow hesitently. Seeing he had removed all his weapons, the Defender relaxed slightly.

"No one wishes to kill you, Drow. Tempers are just running high tonight with the disappearance of our Stone. In fact, we were just discussing who should go look for it, as you heard."

Again, he turned to the druidess, awaiting her instructions.

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06/28/2005 8:58 PM

Arlissah watched the drow remove all his weapons, and revealed his face to them. While he still seemed cockily untouchable, there was something about him that prompted Arlissah to trust him.

Kaze made that odd sound again, a soft crackle-purr and his tail twitched. "I don't care if he comes along..." Arliss started. "But I do know that every moment we delay, the stone is steadily being torn from our grasp. Don't ask me how I know, perhaps it's the small chip of the stone I wear around my neck, but something is being done to the stone... and we must hurry.

06/28/2005 10:43 PM

Angel did not like the idea of the drow joining them, but she knew the importance of swiftness. She would not argue with her neice. At least, not at the moment. "You are right. Let's get going," the elf said, patting her wolf on the head.

The wolf bristled his fur and continued to watch the drow. But, he did walk with Angel as she made her way outside. "If we hurry, we can catch up to whomever it is," she said as she started to leave the temple.

06/29/2005 2:03 PM

"As you wish, Lady." Delcan bowed to Arlissah, and motioned to four of his men. They nodded and followed him outside, after Angel and her wolf.

Once outside, he turned to his men. "Alright, we're going to the East Mountains to search for this sorcerer. He has the Synarian Stone. Work with Lady Angel and the others in the party. We must retrieve the Stone. And, watch your backs."

The four Defenders nodded almost in unison and drew their swords. They started for the Mountains.

06/29/2005 7:14 PM

Conrad had spent the entire episode with the drow intruder lurking uncomfortably among the guardsmen, keeping close to Jax. One the one hand, he felt that if he didn't advertise his presence soon he would be left behind, but after this incident he was worried about being viewed with suspicion by the two elves and the temple guards. As the group headed outside, he trailed along behind.

"Alright, we're going to the East Mountains to search for this sorcerer. He has the Synarian Stone. Work with Lady Angel and the others in the party. We must retrieve the Stone. And, watch your backs."

Realizing that he had waited too long, Conrad approached the elf priestess cautiously, preparing to announce himself once again as a representative of the Church of Pelor, and hoping that she didn't ask to see the holy symbol that he didn't have.

06/29/2005 9:12 PM

"Best wishes on your journey, I know if anyone can find and return to us the Syndarian Stone it is you. I will keep a few men here but the temple will be reopened in the morning as I said before. Farewell," Jax said to Arlissah as he went back to his guard and gave out new orders.


In the dark, up the road, Rasius and his men awaited the searching party. They were restless and couldn't wait for action.


"Poltha, have you found anything?" Thèrves asked as he walked into the study.

"I think so," he said standing, "Read this..." he raised the book and Thèrves glanced over. He took the book and found a seat. After several minutes of reading Thèrves smiled.

"I think we have it! Time to get to work on the machines again!" Thèrves ran back to the machine room. The others followed slower not looking forward to another set of sleepless nights.

07/01/2005 4:06 PM

((Its gonna take me awhile to get back into character now...))

The Drow was content to glare back at the beast that was attempting to stare him down. He knew better than to allow such a thing to happen, especially in such a setting if he had done nothing wrong. He knew that Arlissah may not care, but this Elf appeared to think otherwise...

'Typical Elf, even when offered help they still scorn in its face.'

He said as he moved his elbows back from across his chest to hit the wall that he was leaned against, pushing him off as he moved his arm to grab his gear from the wall nearby. He simply held it, however, not moving to re-position it just yet...

'Thank you miss, I aim only to help.'

He said to Arlissah as he nodded his head towards her, and he was telling no lie. Whatever the thing was it was obviously powerful, and he figured if there was no one left to steal from he was out of a job too. He only nodded instead of bowing, however, out of respect for his beliefs and disrespect for theirs...

He moved towards the door after the guards had left, re-applying his weapons to his exterior as he did so. He was a bit behind the wolf and its master, the Elf, and that was right where he wanted to be. He knew the wolf would be on edge, and that he would be a fun one indeed to mess with...

This was going to be one interesting trip he thought as he pulled tight the last strap of his equipment. He knew here pretty soon it would be time for more insults, but he would wait until he had the night around him, and could bet his abilities against them and bluff then out...

07/06/2005 4:09 PM

Arlissah took a deep calming breath, her gaze flitting around the temple before finally settling on the doorway to where the child slept. From what Kaze had told her, the sickness was seeping through the village, and it wouldn't be long before others came knocking on the temple doors.

She turned and returned to her sleeping quarters. She grabbed her staff, inlaid with silver and crystal, the age-whitened wood gleamed in her hand. "Lunaris, guide my steps... help us, or this village is doomed." She whispered softly as she removed her night-dress and dressed carefully for travel.

When she walked from her rooms, she was garbed similarily to her Aunt, A tunic layered with greens and browns, cut and shadowed to resemble leaves. She had another tucked into the pack upon her back that was of grays, browns and black, shadowed to resemble rock.

She had a cloak in there as well, one she kept hidden unless she really needed it. "Cloak of Heaven" was what it was once called, it utilized moonlight to hide its wearer. A long-knife tapped her right leg, her staff rested casually in her right hand.

"We're going." she said clearly, Kaze at her left, his peircing green eyes inspected those who had gathered to recover the stone.

07/08/2005 3:43 AM

ok the peoples in the OCC forum thingy said i could join ok?! ))

sam walked along a path that he didn't know to well, for all he knew he was lost. sam was trying to find a city, trying to escape the persucution of the Xkingdom of EbonyX that is where he was born, sence he wasn't near any one he took off his hood. it became very hot under his very thick cape, his ears twitched alittle

up the path he heard chattering of some kind, theives probly. hopefully they didn't suspect anything was under his cloak, they might accuse him of having gold and such. but sam was poor, all he could afford was food. he never stayed at an inn before so he always found a tree to sleep in. up in a tree he could take off his cape and let his tail hang from a branch while his ears twiched

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07/08/2005 3:59 AM

sam continued down the path, he stoped for no apparent reason. he leaned on a tree and panted heavenly, he was tired. it was very very hot in that cape of his, he was commpelled to take the whole thing off. so he did exposing his tail and his ears, his ears twitching alot now. usually when someone was near them.

sam was trying to find the town of syndar, he hadn't heard the rumors of the illness yet so he wasn't aware of the situation when he was to arrive

( the theives i was talking about are the ones that are going to get the search party, maybe they could try and see if sam has money??)

[Edited by kawai on Friday, July 8, 2005 4:08 AM]

07/08/2005 7:55 PM

he climbed the tree to get a better veiw of things, Sam was short. though he didn't like to be, but it had some advantegis(spelling?) to it. he took out a small flute like object and started to play a small melody, it was something his mother taught him before she past away while he was in jail.

after a few minutes playing his small flute, he yawned very loudly. "mmm.... i wonder what the town of syndar will be like?" he said to himself, he scratched his head and took a short nap. his cape hanging from a nearby branch, ears still switching. he started to dream about his past...

" sam go get a potion for mother" his younder sister called sam nodded and ran off with the money bag. wearing his bandana, he walked the streets of Ebony. he soon came to a man selling potions, though sam didn't have enough money he took the potion anyways.
when he returned to his home sam was arrested, and taken to jail. he was put in a cell to change yet he kept on his bandana and for that he was punished. sam was beaten then put with a young boy about the same age, his name was moon. through the 3 years they both enduered the prison time and escaped on sams 15 birthday. know one in ebony ever saw him again, occationaly moon shows up to get sam out of trouble but if sam really needs it.

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07/08/2005 9:11 PM

Unknown to Rasius Sam had found his way near Thèrves' men...

"Man I can't wait for those do-gooders from Syndar to get here," Gruff Voice said.

"Yeah, I want to test out my new daggers," Sly Pointednose replied.

"Do you think Thèrves will manage to turn the polarity on that crystal?" Gruff Voice asked Sly Pointednose.

"Oh, who cares. We're getting paid. Plus, the evil guy or the hero can always just change the polarity, I mean it's so simple in the stories."

"I hear ya'. Just the other day my sister was saying 'Can't he just pull a lever or something?' Thèrves is actually working hard and I don't think he and his men are getting credit."

"Yeah, but hey, we're still getting paid."

"Too true, Sly, too true."

OOC: There you go kawai.

07/09/2005 6:08 AM

sam awoke suddnly to hear voices

"Man I can't wait for those do-gooders from Syndar to get here,"

"mmmm.. maybe i should warn them" sam wispered

"Yeah, I want to test out my new daggers,"

"DAGGERS!? oh so there is a fight waiting to happen" sam wispered kinda loud, he put on his cape. sam looked around, then he jumped from the tree landing fine or so he thought and rushed down the path.

07/11/2005 3:37 AM

as sam was walking he tripped and fell for no apparent reason, he suddnly realized that he may have injured his ankle when he jumped out of the tree. he shifted his body so he was now sitting, he checked his ankle nothing was broken. ' must have taken a bad fall, nothing some rest won't help' he thought.

sam was almost at the village when he fell again, he looked for a stick he could lean on. there was a stick good for leaning on about 5 feet away, sam had to drag his body to it. he grabed the stick and got up leaning on it and limped off. he limped to the villadge where he saw know one except a chair in the road. sam limped over to it

sam looked around for a moment the grumbled a bit

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07/16/2005 11:26 AM

he suddnly realized that he may have injured his ankle when he jumped out of the tree

The wind swepped, and Ryari heard noises off to the distance. He dismissed them as a simple forest animal and paid no heed to it. He looked at the light reflecting off his harp. His face formed a wicked grin as he plucked a string and his blood gently flowed down the string. [i] It hungers for more death.[/i]

"I don't understand why we couldn't have just razed it all down to the ground. Left no one alive, that way, anyone who would have been searching for that stupid thing would have been killed in the progress" Ryari said with a sort of playful mood as he stood up and got off the rock he was sitting at. He slowly started to play his harp...

"You know we don't trust you to not try and start a fight with us yourself, so stop that." said one of the men.

"Fine... but what should be the funeral song of the people who will look for a stone, perhaps something slow, or something upbeat? I do hope they put up some sort of fight, a fight with no resistance is not fun at all." Ryari responded when he put his harp on his left hip. He started walking off towards a wooded area.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm no good fighting up and close, so I shall hide in the woods" responded Ryari.

He found a nice secluded spot, where he could still see the others, and sat on the moist ground and leaned against a moss covered trunk. He grabbed his harp again and laid it on top of his knee, hand ready to start playing a song at any time.

07/23/2005 3:37 PM

" THERES NO ONE HERE!!" sam yelled then looked around to see if there was a temple or anything about. " geez, all this walking to find that nobody is here" he stopped, there was a temple alittle wase from here, sam saw the south wall of it and started to limp there.

07/25/2005 9:18 AM

Arlissah rushed towards the newcomer, more intent on his apparent injury than any message he may impart.

"What did you do to mangle yourself like this?" She questioned crossly. "I've only a small shard of the stone, I do not know if I can be of any help..." She reached for the jewel shard that hung from the chain around her neck, and Kaze nipped at her hand.

Startled, Arlissah pulled her hand away with a gasp of surprise.

: I know a better way. : He growled in her mind. : Lay your hands on my back, and close your eyes.:

Obedient, Arlissah did as Kaze instructed. Immediately she felt a briefly sickening, yanking sensation that was quickly buffered by a cool emerald and golden haze. From without this haze, Arlissah could hear a rush and flow of what she could only identify with a heartbeat.

:: Where am I? :: She gasped.

: An old way of healing, taught only by the children of the wind and moon. I am of wind, you are of the moon, together we can perform this old magic. What you hear is the ebb and flow of the stranger's blood. Together we can heal his injury. :

:: How? :: She gasped.

: Follow your healer's intuition...: Kaze purred.

Arlissah felt herself reach out, feeling out the injury, knowing instinctivly that it would be fiery hot....

It did not take her long for her to find the swollen tissue, angry red to her new vision. Gently, tentatively she redirected the flow of blood, repairing broken vessles and redirecting the swelling fluid. She strengthened the muscles and the tendons while removing the dead blood flooding the tissue.

: Hurry : Kaze growled and Arlissah could feel him pulling her away, guiding her mind up and out. Only mere minutes had past, but she was kneeling at Sam's side, feeling decidedly shakey and surprisingly weak.

To all who watched, Arlissah hadn't moved from her position, but Sam would've felt the sudden change in his ankle as all pain faded and the swelling dissapeared.

07/25/2005 1:34 PM

"ummm.... that was alittle weird. but thanks" sam nodded as he stood upright " oh, i almost forgot there is ambush waiting for a group of travelers. rasius or somthing is leading them. why do you have such a sad look apon your face?" he questioned her, sam the looked at everyone else. sam felt the top of his head, his hood had fallen off! sam shuddered " oh and my name is sam" he trembled hopefully they didn't mind his ears too much

07/25/2005 2:51 PM

Delcan rushed to Arlissah's side, helping to steady her. Then, as the healed newcomer spoke up, the Temple Defender eyed him. He took in his strange appearance, but put it aside for the moment, the Syndarian Stone being a priority.

His hazel eyes narrowed. "Rasius, you say? How many did you notice with him?" the young warrior asked, hoping for more information. Then realizing that this Sam had no idea who he was, the Defender sighed. "My name is Delcan, and I am High Temple Defender here. Please, tell us all you know of this Rasius and his group."

07/25/2005 10:37 PM

" Umm, he said that they wanted this stone thingy. One of them is hiding in a bush somewhere, my ears could pick up all of what they said. or at least most of it." Sam said as he sat down to ponder his thoughts alittle

Sam then looked around at everyone " you guys don't mind my ears do you?" Sam said cautously, he was a little scared about what there reaction was going to be. His ears twitched abit, Sam thought for a moment' if i was to join them i could help them out! then maybe i could earn there trust' Sam was to wait for there anserws before asking such a question

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07/26/2005 9:17 AM

"We don't have enough strength the attack the whole town. The temple guard and city guard outnumber our warriors and they have their own magic users. Thèrves is going about it the right way," Rasius nodded agreeing with himself, "Make sure you all have your weapons ready, for now we lay low and wait."

08/09/2005 9:43 PM

"Alright, this should work," Thèrves said placing the crystal in the circular holder. He closed the cover and stepped back several feet, "Activate it!" he commanded. Poltha began flipping switches and turning nobs at a control consul. Thèrves began muttering words of magic and held out his hands to the machine. The crystal began to shoot off bolts of energy but was contaned by the blast cover, at least for a time.

Soon one shot blew through the blast cover. At first Thèrves ignored it and continued forth with the polarity change. This proved to be a mistake as several more blasts shot out one hitting Polath, throwing him back against the stone wall then to the floor. Thèrves stopped his magic and ran back to where Polath had been to stop the machine. Once he reached the control consul however the blast cover had completely blown off.

Thèrves looked back, "Oh shit..." a huge explosion errupted from the mountain side building causing debrie to fly off everywhere, including the Syndarian Stone. Rasius and his group heard the explosion and immedently headed back to base knowing the explosion had been caused by Thèrves' polarity device.

The Syndarian Stone flew through the sky, its combined magical energies and the force of the explosion drove it all the way to Syndar. In fact, the crystal landed right at the feet of the group that was about to head out and retreave it.

A day or so later Rasius and his group would arrive at their ruined headquarters to find many dead. Thèrves was able to save some with his magic and he gave out orders to seek Dracsis, his second in command at the goblin camp. Once Dracsis had been found Thèrves took what men remained and ventured east. The Syndarian Stone, he found, was too hard to work with. He may return one day, but first he needed to become more powerful.

The town of Syndar rejoiced at the return of their stone and soon all the illnesses of the people were gone and happiness reigned throughout the land.


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