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06/05/2005 7:29 PM

((ok this is attack of the shadow demons I am just making it into a general rgp))

Draco was staring at the girl hoping she would wake soon. Foe she might be the one that can free him from the shadows. Draco stared to give her some of his energy hoping it will help. "Hey girl can you her me."

06/07/2005 7:00 AM

Unbeknownst to them was a secret. Although Kinsung was entrapped in the Darkness. Darkness was consuming all of the demons that came within 15 feet of them all.

06/07/2005 8:39 AM

"Oh come on girl wake." "Hold on Kinsung."

06/10/2005 2:27 PM

The girl moaned and slowly opened her eyes to see a man standing over her. She grouned and sat up looking around quickly and murmering " where am I....?"

06/10/2005 7:42 PM

"Your in the middle of a battle feild right after my friend over there got capcherd in the darkness."

06/11/2005 1:16 AM

battleground?... She got up quickly letting her energy course though her healing her minor wounds but not her interal ones. She held her hands infront of her. The air seemed to fill with a moving presance as she moved them to her sides. A dagger in the form of blackness formed in her left hand. Then a long blade with a golden hilt miteralized in her right. " YErkiminos... I will Banish you for all eternity.. Begone from this real also or die by the shadow princess!" she souted at the large deamon, he hesitated. "Kelorninos Fares tedashi!" She chanted. The words formed infront of her and the guy like a sheild. "Let's end this... I wanna rest in peace for once... my body aches,,." She started tiwards the darknedd as the runes bagan to hun and give off a blueish green light, The shadows began to sink slowly down. " Come... help me..." She dropped the dagger and it made a sparkling noise before tunring into ash. she started to limp forward.

06/11/2005 1:53 PM

Draco just lookede at her "Um whats going on here I am so lost."

06/14/2005 9:24 AM

OOC: What do you mean "The shadows began to sink slowly away"?

06/15/2005 7:25 PM

HEr power is Shadow controll She is Sucking them in making them weaker. In other words Shinking Lifeforce...

06/17/2005 6:59 AM

Shadows.. as in... Kinsungs Shadows??

06/18/2005 8:38 PM

omg... ANy shadows... lol Jebus lol... Just rp...

06/20/2005 5:19 PM

draco just stood there totaly lost. "So you can help him?"

06/21/2005 6:50 PM

She nodded slowly." Shadows from the Unbound, I call upon you. The angel of death Beckons you to her will." She slowly moved her palms together and thrusted them foreward her wrist's flaring with enrgy. She screamed " Denostious farewar!" The shadows bent and weaved untill It vanished. A man was standing in the middle of the room. She collapsed down to her knees and passed out.

06/21/2005 9:48 PM

Charles scaned the Battlefeild. So many dead. Most of his Brotherhood had been killed. His strong but weathered face spoke of many battles. He was foolish for letting his monstary get involed in such a battle. He walked to a young boy he knew and touch his face with his bare hand. It was Luke the boy han't even reached monkhood yet. He knew that Warroir Monstary of Darous would have to recuit new members. But this wasn't time to think about such hallow things. His His head Chaplin ran over to him.
"father Some woman has expeled the Shadows and Deamons"
"I know Brother Franics I saw it Who else is alive"
"Yes some of the older brothers are alive."
" who?"
"Remy,Greg,Steven,Darik, and their acolytes "

8 members he thought. 10 counting him and Franics. He made samll prayer asking for Forgiveness for his foolish. Why did he let his brothers get in this war? For rightous cause? No.

06/24/2005 3:15 PM

Serina slowly woke up her arms deeply trobbing. She curled up into a ball holding her knees with her hands. She started a small prayer... Achant of sorts... Musical notes hung in the air as she sung a song that started to invigorate the very air around her. Her body's wounds slowly began to close and the blood stopped completly. She stopped for a moment then the tune changed. The air around her felt static like. She stood up her body glowing with a feing whiteness to it. She looked at the two boys, They were wounded. She walked over to the one collapsed in the middle of the room, His arms and legs were bruised and cut raggidly. she walked over to him and sat on her legs sitting on them seri reached over and pulled the boys head on her lap. She studied him for a moment then placed a hand on his chest she slowly sung a tune that made verything turn calm... The air slowly stopped hussling around her. She felt his intentions were good. She began to hum something that sounded liek an old fairy tale " The Old die quick" (Random hehe).
She put a hand over his head and one over his mid-section. His body began to glow a feint red. His body's regeration bedan to speed up his wounds healing. She smiled at him as he opened his eyes. " Im serina... who are you two?... I am a Bentriah"(Combo of a Bard, Warrior. Shadowknight, And cleric =). Anichent Heritage, VERY few of them remain... About 3 are currently alive.)

06/24/2005 7:00 PM

'I'm draco thanks for the help.'

06/27/2005 8:21 AM

OOC: Okay, I'm really getting totally confused here. Can someone please explain to me, "What the hell is going on with my character?". I don't even know what condition he's in. Is he still entrapped beneath the darkness or what?

06/27/2005 9:12 AM

OOC: Um I think hes out?

06/29/2005 5:55 PM

.... Man thi sucks -.-. LOL yes he is out. I am the Angel of Darkness/death. I command shadows. I collapsewd and have tons of scratched and bruises. I saved your lolife. -_-

06/30/2005 5:56 PM

OCC: I am Father of Monastary of Fighting Monks. my charater is here to fight the war for holy causes

07/04/2005 9:05 PM

OOC: Ok um so we are all not lost here why don't we all put up a quick profile on are people

Name: Draco
Age: 500 (Looks 19)
Element: Ice
Race: Imortal Demon/Human/Angel
Fighting: Samurai

((You know something like that))

07/05/2005 10:01 PM

Name: Father Charles Del'ul
Powers: Holy powers such as Heal,bless, Etc.
Race: Blessed Human
Uses a Moring Star (type of Mace)
works as Father in monstary

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07/06/2005 9:13 AM

Can i join if yes:

Name: Shane
Age: 16
Element: Fire
Race:Human/ loner
Fighting: Ranger/warrior
Weapons:Lance and and a spell to turn into a fire spirit

[Edited by Warrior93 on Wednesday, July 6, 2005 9:16 AM]

07/06/2005 7:37 PM

I dont care if you do the more the better lol I will wait a few days to start this up again so we can see if any one new wants to join

07/15/2005 2:28 PM

Serina Kyrubi::name::
Eye color:: Sea blue
Hair:: black
Height:: 5'9
Weapon" Halbird.
Element:: Darkness/Shadows
Occupation:: Assassion for hire, and Angel of Death (She doesent know it fully yet...).
Weight:: round 109
Appearance/clothes.:: Black leather tube top and black leather miniskirt just above fingers reach. Gold hooped earrings, Golden white sapphire necklace and a black leather collar around her neck.
Age.....:: 19 :)

Married?single?:: Single.

My pic is my Avitar))

07/15/2005 7:14 PM

OOC: OK OK why don't we start it up now?

07/16/2005 1:09 PM

Then start it aye?:P

07/16/2005 7:30 PM

"Ok. So were did you come from?"

08/11/2005 9:34 AM

*Smiles and shakes her head sitting up?* "I am from... Where am I..." she said confused a frightend look on her face. she scooted back away from him. Her body was covered in dry blood and scratches. "W-who are you?" She said everything completly gone from memory.*

//ooc// Hey Draco try something like.... *Looks at her and smirks slightly. "So,where Did you come from?" He said looking at her. Almost confused. // ooc //

08/11/2005 11:05 AM

((OOC: Ok I will remember to do stuff like that more often.))

"Your...well that i don't know." draco looks at her confused. "I am Lance but call me Draco." Draco gave a slight smile.

08/12/2005 7:12 AM

Smiles slightly at him and lowes her head makign a small courtisey. "My Name Is.... Saku.... Sakura.." She said slowly saying her name. "Call me Saku if you want." She smiled shyly and stood up still dizzy she swayed for a moment.

08/17/2005 7:09 PM

" Nice to meet you Saku." Draco said with a smile then he moved forword alittle getting ready just in case she falls.

08/18/2005 5:59 AM

*Stands up for a moment without swaying and regians her blance. She looks around and quickly rabs her head."Augh my head hurts." She started crying.*

08/18/2005 7:21 AM

Draco just stood there looking at the girl kind of thinking she was nuts. "Hey now don't cry/"

08/18/2005 9:38 AM

Looks at him and attemps to stop for the moment she smiled slightly and shrugged.

08/21/2005 1:12 AM

((OOC: I hope nobody minds if I join the party. If so, please let me know))
Name: Chaos
Age: 312
Powers: Energy blast, read souls, telekenesis, and minor energy shield
Race: Thanin (the equivalent to a "good" demon/human)
weapon: Ninja sward
Dress: In all Black- shirt uner a tunick, pants, boots, gloves, liquid steel guantless that exetnd from his upper forarm to his hand, and a cloak. His sward is conseald by his cloak with the handle down insted of up. His glowing red eyes are all that can be seen from under his hood.

[Edited by Thanis on Sunday, August 21, 2005 5:53 PM]

08/22/2005 6:39 AM

Sure join us. Fine by me, Sword Tunic. xD. I dont know if you cant speeeel them or just dont feel liek it so :P.

*Smiles slightly* Fine by me,...

08/22/2005 9:18 AM

((OOC: Umm...ok. Thanx...))

There wasnt a cloud in the sky and a gental breeze flirted with his cloak. He wasnt quiet sure were he was going next and Fath was off on his own for then next two months. He stated to draw nearer to and odd feeling that lay in the house acoss from him. A soul that lured darkness to it.

He teleported into the attice and heard voices, "Ack, my head hurts," "Hey dont cry now..."

He made a short energized jump down to the room below to see a young looking girl and a monk at her side.

"Are we...OK? Or do we need help?"

His 6'3", 260lb body demaned notification. The two of them were just staring at him and you couldnt tell from the darkness of his hood that he was geting impatient with the lack of quick response.


08/22/2005 10:28 AM

"So Saku do you remember anything. Like how you got here or were your from?"

08/23/2005 6:10 AM

Sakura shook her head no and hit her head on the wall behind her. Shelooked at theman who just poofed in and looked at him and started crying. She whiped her eyes and looked around again still confused on where she was. " W-where am I?..." She murmered to herself.

She Closed her fist's and her eyes glowed red slightly, She closed her eyes to try and not let them see. She sniffled and said " And who the hell are you?!?" She said. She held her hands next to each other, a stave formed in her hands about 5"10 long. A blade formed on the end of the stave and it steamed slightly. She held it tight, she held it so hard her knuckles were white.

08/23/2005 7:43 AM

"We will take about this later right now we got some uninvited visitors." Standing outside was a masive army of demon. Draco got up and started to change his eyes becam red fangs popped out, two black horns came from his head his nails now were claws and demonic wings came out. "Lets get these guys"

08/23/2005 1:47 PM

As fast as "...visitors" was anounced the projected himself back onto the roof. There were hundereds of these basterds and every one of them needed to go back to hell.

Chaos met to the air as he unleashed a barage of small energy blasts right infront of the door was to make some space for the other fighters. When the ground and his feet reaquainted themselfs he had his sward in hand and was already at work agains the beasts.

08/24/2005 9:21 AM

Sakura walked outside, her eyes flowed red. Her body surpassed anything normal. "Let's start this...." She said. Her hair bounched with her step, broken branches and dirt crumbled under her steps. Her body moves with an elegant design but somewhat unstable. She quicklu planted a foot infront of her and pushed off darting towards the deamons. She smirked and stoped, her body sizzled with heat as the sweat dripped down and dried up. She laughed silently And swing her halberd foreward. At the same time she darted again, her arms swung the halberd with lust. She turned her head around and looked at a giant figure standing there.

"Come young one... You could be so powerful with the right training." He said and raised his hand, her eyes flashed once and she fell down to her knee's dropping the halberd. The choker around her neck started to tighten. She smiled and her body collapsed, She stood up again, blood trickled down her chest from the choker cutting into her neck. Sakura reached down and grasped the halberd tightly and flung herself at him, the vision of the grim reaper appeared behind her and flashed she cut straight down. " GO BACK TO HELL!" She screamed and attacked.

08/31/2005 6:00 AM

A dark figure watched fromt he tree's her body molding with the shadows. She smriked as she watched the woman attack. She shifted her body some and jumped down. She weaved her hands backwards and the earth around her began to shake violently. Her balance was kept. The woman fell down right after she landed her attack. Tentacles of barbed thorns and lava whips snapped out of the gound whiplashing the deamons. They whritherd in terror and fell to the ground in heaps their body's disentegrating within moments. She smiled as the woman lay there held to the ground with vines and lashes. Her head was held upright and steady. She turned around towards the deamon lord as he backed away. "Do you're worst...." She said.

The girl weaved her hands backwards and forewards in a figure 8. The ground rumbled and the wind picked up greatly. The wind roared and the sky began to turn grey. Her hands moved in swift motions. She cloased her eyes and extended her hands in the hair as in she were trying to grab the clouds. Lighting bolts flashed and struck the ground near her and the woman. The lighting flung itself at the Deamon lord slamming into it. The deamon lord yelled and breathed out something black smokelike. She scremed as it surrounded her making her eyes water. It had the stench of death. She grasped the air as her voice cut out leaving nothing to speak. She fell over unmoving. She curled up into a ball as everything grew dark from the clouds. She whimpered to herself and stopped moving from the pain. She laid there silently as he gazed at both the women.

09/05/2005 12:48 AM

Chaos watched the attack trying to make his way through the sea of demons over to help the woman curled on the ground. His techniques were falling short of usful as he was swarmed so he reverted back to a simple hack and slash method. He pushed a dozen of them out of his way with simple thought and fraged a few more with his blasts. There mass was almost overwhelming.

"there's just so damn many of them!" he said not able to contain his anoyance anymore. The demon lord glared at both of the women with a dark lust.

"Get away form them!" blurted out of his mouth as time once again seemed to slow down for him. Light dimed from all directions as it was swallowed by the green electric charges spewed from his metal gauntlets and into the small gap that was created by his hands. As his charge got bigger his red glowing eyes burned with fury, time became placid. He slid his right foot behind the other turning his body to the side to re-enforce himself from the energy that was ripping and clawing to get out. His head did not waver from the dark form all at once time caught back up to him as he unleashed his beam of green energy at the dark lord.


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09/07/2005 6:07 AM

Sakura's body went still and she closed her eyes passing out.

**Short post nothing I can do atm. I aint superwoman.**

09/07/2005 7:13 PM

Draco Just stands there looking and counting in his mind.

09/08/2005 9:25 PM

Chaos sent a message of anoyance right to Draco's soul: 'So, are you going to join in the fun or just stand there and let the lady die?'

Right after the message was relayed half a dozen demons clobbered him. He fought desperately to gain control and make his way out of the Chaos "dog pile". He let out a few more small blasts and leaped out leaving a small pile of dead evil behind him that slowly disintagrated. "Stupid demons," he said once he regained his hacking and slashing of shadow comatents.

09/09/2005 6:10 AM

Sakura laid there unmoving her eyes were desolate and black like an endless pit. She started to quiver as she stood up unabe to stop herself. Her back streightened and she smiled lightly to herself. "I will fell you once again." Her voice had an echo, not normal. A radiance echo radiated from her and fire leaked down her arms crackleing with energy. HEr eyes flared with fire seeking a new target. She raised ehr hand weakly and sent a burst of fire towards the deamons. The ground began shaking in violent tremors, She craid out in pain and rage.
A form appeared infront of her. A lady in a black dress with long blonde hair stepped towards Sakura. She stood their as the form passed through her and vanished against her. She stopped and collapsed again. The area around in in smolders. She sighed and blacked out completely.

09/11/2005 8:33 AM

Chaos barely dodged the flame that Sakura sent out. Thanks to his cloak he hardly even felt the heat. He looked around quickly and realized that there were only about a hundred and a half of these bustards left. Most of the demons where lined up in a formation, while only a few others where scattered.

Stupid demons, Chaos smirked. He teleported next to the unconscious Sakura and placed his right foot behind the other and his right hand over his left. His body faced the girl and his head towards the on coming demons. Once again every thing grew dark and time slowed down for the man in black. Green electricity crawled out from all over is body and into the gap made by his hands. As the energy ball grew bigger time stood still. All Chaos could hear was the energy ripping from his body and his own breathing.

Ssssiinnnnkkkkkeeetttttt boooooooommmmm!

All of the energy was released in a single beam of green light as he extended his arms and opened his hands. The beams took up Chaoss entire body and then some. He struggled to control the blast but he slowly started sliding back as the energy rushed out of his hand and pushed against his torso and legs.

When he was finally done only those few demons that were scattered were left. The ground where all the others had been was scorched and black.

09/12/2005 4:42 AM

Draco pulled out a little bomerange..."This should be enugh. Demon blaze Bomerange!" The rang quickly went through most of the demons...."Hmmm they are stronger then I give them credit for...." Draco pulled out his sword and slashed through the remaming demons he had...."Pathetic..."

09/12/2005 6:26 AM

Sakura felt the immense energy flaring out of him. She weakly opened her eyes completly exsausted, As she got to one knee she was breathing deeply. Her chest was heaving in and out. Steam rose from her body and sweat dripped to the ground sizzling on contact. She closed her eyes and with major effort stood on both feet. She put a hand near the energy she could feel The energy gathering and expanding. She pressed her hands closer her hands so near the blast her hands started getting small cuts. She screamed and the bolts began to flow into her. She felt the energy flow into her she began to step backwards feeling the power. She was breathing heavily. "Draco you aren't all might and mofo powerful." :D. She smiled and raised her sword gently flipping feet and switching them backwards she sprang through the blast going directly through it, she came out of the other side to meet a deamon who was learching nearby with a ready bolt. She muttered a few words and moved her hands around in the air before her. Two flashes of light leaped out of her hands racing towards the deamon. It stiffened and fell down seared. She raised the sword looking around, her eyes flashed red and turned back to normal.

Sakura looked around once again curiously The sword in her hand ablaze as if the metal skin itself was on fire. Her hair floated and moved around her hair easily as if their was a breeze or a gust. The air was still but her body radiated with the newly captured energy. she smiled, "If so.... I will finish this..."

She spread her legs apart about 2 feet and her feet sunk into the ground as if it was mud. She closed her eyes and weaved her hands around ina a figure 8 infront og her face. A small book appeared in her hands, It was black and had markings on it. "Senothi Jeis Normi Canshi Fori, Shadows uncover the dead. Rise, Fight for me!" She yelled The book levitated infront of her face the pages turning. She arched her back as wings shot out of her back. She grew small fangs, one hung over her lower lip. Her eyes grew catlike red. She laughed quetly to herself as the ground began to unearth around her. Skellies and Dracoliches began to raise and roar.

The Dracoliche was a nasty monster, It was thick bonened and scaley. The Dracoliches began to fly towards the deamons it's Breath foul and Posionous. A small Spell Binding Circle appeared under her formed by the summoning on these great beast's. She grinned as four orbs appeared infront of her. One was red, one was yellow and the other was white. The White one spoke, " What Is you're buisness in this world, Sakura Deamoness?" The deep voice sounded.... manly... Like a king. Somone who knew how to force their voice to sound Higher to sond more commanding. "I am here.... Because I am. I have no reason for you." She said quietly not paying much attention to the orbs. This time the yellow one spoke, "We ask you to leave. We will allow you two warning before we use force." The red one said then they vanished. She smiled slightly to herself and watched as the moon became full. "Power of the moon, Fill my energy." She said quietly and her body glowed slightly white.

09/12/2005 8:40 PM

Chaos felt a cold presents behind him, but befor he could turn around black smoke engulfed him.

~Sleep now dark one...~

"What the hell...?"

The red lights in the dark good extinguished. He fell to his knees, then flat on his face.

09/13/2005 6:00 AM

Sakura heard the thud behind her and felt the chill rise around her. She turned around the wings gone. The fang still overlapped her bottem lip. She smiled lightly and bent down and put her hands around him she lifted him up and carried him towards the little cabin Draco had taken her. She stepped in letting Draco fight the left over deamons. She was still sweating, her body glistened as the candle light hit her open parts. She laid him down on the bed and sat down next him. She let his head rest in her lap, She smiled slightly and let head head lay back against the wall and waited hearing the clank of swords and the ground shaking every once in a while. She thought to herself.

"Who the hell was that, And do they want from us?" She said quietly...
She leaned back and gently stroked his face then fell asleep exausted from the energy drain. Sakura Heard the Dracolich roar then heard it fly away, it's bony wings hitting air.

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10/21/2005 4:23 AM

Draco looked around as the Dracolich passed. "I heard it to.." Draco looks at his fallen fighter the to Sakura. "So Sakura" Draco walks by the bed, "What do you think happened to him.

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