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06/04/2005 4:06 AM

Serina walked out of the small hut called her home for the past 8 years. The sky was turning red in sign of the sunrise. She yawned and stretched her aching muscles, they were cramped and sore from her previous day's training. She pushed back a few strands of black hair that fell before her eyes and slowly turning around to face the hut. She stood motionless, serina let her energy reach out to everything living around her. She sensed peace then turned quickly towards a large oaken tree next to her house. Serina took one step forward, her steps were fluidlike with careful placing. She extended her hand and jumped forward hitting the trunk with her palms the tree exploded into matter nothingness. She bowed slightly and smiled. "I have mastered the shadow spirit's.."
Serina walked back towards the hut and walked in. She stopped at her bed and picked up her chainmail off the rack next to it. She quckly took off her shirt and pants and slid on the Shirt and skirt mail. The metal was forged black to withstand some force elemental damage. The skirt barely covered half her thighs and the shirt covered barely any of her upperbody. She touched the leather collar around her neck and frowned remembering the days of her slavelyhood. She quickly strapped on her sword to her hip, the mani katti. Then she walked over to a door on her left and opened it slowly. she walked into the room, It was dimly lit by three candles that never burned out. They had an errie feeling when you pass them. Serina walked to a Crate standing up vertical and punched it, the wood shattered effortlessly. She reached out and wraped her fingers around the halbird, she grasped it tightly untill her knuckles turned white. She pulled it out of the shattered remains of wood and other debreis and walked out of the room quickly passing the unlit candles... Serina stepped outside and looked at the halbird for the first time and smiled. the blade was black as a starless moonless night. She turned and flipped her halbird two times and let it slide down her spine, she hit the notch build in the wood and let go putting her hands to a small rucksack on her belt. She opened it and pulled out a pair of earrings. The earrings looked like they had a black cloud swirling inside them. She put them on then pulled out a small gemmed necklace. It had the same gems inside it, she put it around her neck and let the small jewel hang between her breast's. NExt she pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses , black and put them on to sheild her eyes from the afternoon sun. Last she pulled out a red ribbon with the words in japanease Honour, Valor,Justice and Vitality. She pulled her hair up and tied the ribbon in blace. She let a few strands hang infront of her face on the sides.
Serina put her hand on her sword for reassureance and bagan walking down the dirt path towards the town...

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