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06/03/2005 8:18 AM

Serenity. A planet in the Merida galaxy has been attacked by the Veriad planet. The inhabitants of Serenity are outraged at their once sister planet betraying them. Veriad's new leader has ordered Serenity to surrender the 5 Garnet Orbs, each orb holds a special power that controls each of the elements; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.If the Orbs are united in the Silver Septor of Light the person in pocession of the staff has all control of Merida Galaxy and the Dragons.

Serenity's leader has sent out notices through out the land for the ancient guardians. They were said to be able to destroy anything that opposed them or save anything that was in great peral. The Guardians much find the Orbs and the Staff and destroy them to make sure that peace remains.

Middy walked along the rivers edge. Her companion, Mally, a green and blue miniature dragon, weaved its way between the tree branches. Middy glanced up and saw black smoke billowing into the sky. She ran toward it to see where it was coming from. Her neighboring town was on fire. She ran to the town and saw her friends helping the people put out the fires.

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06/03/2005 8:36 AM

Hunter sees the smoke coming from the buring town. He runs to help. He grabs a bucket and begins pumping water from the spicket and throws it on the fire.

06/03/2005 7:35 PM

In a normal looking forest, Kyro was walking, wandering around to see if he can find a town to rest. As he walks, he thought about the last things his masters said to him:

"Kyro, when you set out into the world, you'll encounter perilious obstacles that sometimes to normal warrior can go through. But I taught you everything to become a strong warrior that you can overcome these obstacles. Now listen closely, theres a war between our world and the sister world. You must try to help end the war and bring peace to both the worlds. This will be your greatest challenge yet, Always know the ways of the warriors and knowlege of combat. Good Luck Kyro, and may the spirit of guardians be with you."

"Thank you master,"thought Kyro,"I will try to stop the war from destruction. I will succeed protecting the world." Suddenly Kyro saw a black smoke rising from a village at the outside of the forest. Kyro races towards the village and will help the villagers. But he hopes to reach there in time.

06/03/2005 7:39 PM

Lexain ran through the town trying to find a way out. Finally he feels something. A small drop of water lands on top of him then quickly turns into steam. he knows there are people close. He starts running but then hears something. A baby crying. He looks down to the people then to the house of which the noise was coming out of. He soon turns and rams down the door with his shoulder. he looks around and sees the baby. he quickly grabs it and runs. He runs down the street trying to dodge the flames. He even ran through them. He hit off the fire that was on the baby's blanket that it was wrapped in. He finally got out and handed the baby to someone and started to help with the fire.

06/04/2005 4:36 PM

Middy grabbed a bucket and went to the well and started filling it with water. She threw the water onto the fire and filled the bucket again. Mally went in search of people trapped inside the house nearest them. Middy continued to throw as much water onto the burning houses as she could. She could see it wasn't helping. Mally returned with a nod indicating that the house was clear.
"It's not working Mally." Middy said "I guess i use magic."
Mally flew behind her friend and sat down on a chared tree branch.
"Here goes nothing. 'A água de Raging encharca o fogo(Raging water douse the fire[portuguese])'" she said pushing her hands out infront of her.
A swirling mist formed and raced towards the burning house. After repeating the spell a few times the fire was gone from the house and she began to run to the other buring houses.

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06/04/2005 5:45 PM

Flame lands in the woods close to a village that she has seen before. She changes back into human form and heads toward the village. When she gets there she sees someone using magic to douse a buring house. Flame runs forward not taking notice of the green and blue dragon. She turns into and elephant and starts to help.

06/04/2005 6:28 PM

Sen awoke to dancing flames in his room. Quickly putting on a tunic and pants he hopped out of his room only to find the front door locked, the flames licked as high as the ceiling and as Sen pondered a way out of the house. Sen picked up a hammer off of a table and began to smash a window open, then suddenly the supports for the roof burned off and the ceiling collapsed on top of him....

06/05/2005 9:34 AM

Middy ran around the town helping put out the fire. Mally flew into the houses checking for survivors. They came across a collapsed house and Middy began putting out the fire with her spell and Mally tried to get inside. Middy looked over at her dragon, who was frantic. That could only mean someone was inside.
"Help! Someone is inside this house! I need help!" Middy yelled trying to contain the fire.

06/05/2005 10:06 AM

Hunter hears someone yelling that a person is traped and runs to investigate. The house is encased in fire and the ceiling has collapsed. He watches the girl send some mysty stuff at the fire and it doesn't seem to be helping much.

'The person'll die if someone doesn't get in there and help.' he thought
"Keep trying to put the fire out and call for others! I'm going in!" He yelled to the girl and ran around the house to find an entrance.

He came to a door that wasn't on fire, much. He tried the handle but it was locked. Hunter backed up and charged for the door. Nothing. He tried again and the door burst open allowing smoke, fire and ash billow out of the house. He ran inside and imediately started coughing from the smoke.

"Hello? Can anyone here me?" he yelled avoiding a burning crossbeam that had fallen.
"Is anyone in here?"

06/05/2005 10:15 AM

Middy nodded and watched the guy run to the other side of the house.
"Mally go get help!" she yelled to the dragon. "A água de Raging encharca o fogo"

The little green/blue dragon flew off into the city and found a couple of men. She start flying around their head and back towards her master, trying to get them to follow her. She did so a few times but they ignored her and continued to work in the house infront of them. Mally flew to a differnt group of people and flew around them trying to get help.

06/05/2005 1:06 PM

Kyro finally reached to the village.
He was shocked to see that a village is on fire.
Some fires were put out, leaving burnt buildings destroyed.
All the people in the village were desprately trying to put out the raging fires on other buildings. The mayor was watching the fires, helplessly and in fear. He saw Kyro and ran towards him.
"Please sir, help us. Save our village" he cried.

"All right," answered Kyro.

Kyro ran in the village to the center. He heard someone shouting and he saw a dragon flying, trying to recuit people to help. Kyro ignores it and assumed it was helping to put out the fires. Kyro was hoping for everyone in the village to escape so he can cast his powerful water spell, but if the villagers were still trapped or something, he'll cast another spell to put out the fires.

06/05/2005 5:57 PM

Sen coughed and awoke as he heard a man yelling from the door, there was a wooden beam on Sen's back restricting his movement.

"Right here!" Sen yelled as he stuck his hand out for help. There was a gash on his head from the fallen beam and unbeknownst to him his left arm was broken.....

06/06/2005 6:31 AM

Hunter heard the man call out and ran towards the voice. He sifted through some of the debris and found the man under a fallen beam. He tried lifting the beam but it was to heavy. He found another beam and used it as a sort of lever to lift the beam off the man. After a few minutes of pushing the beams the man was free. He wrapped the mans arm around his neck and half carried half dragged him out of the house. Just as they got out the house collapsed and a giant puff of smoke billowed out of the rubble.
Hunter gently laid the man down on the grass and began checking him over.

"Sir? Are you alright? What's your name?"he asked

06/06/2005 7:41 AM

*keriuri walks by and watches Hunter try to help the man under the fallen beam. Walks over*


"Is everyone alright? What happened?"

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06/06/2005 7:50 AM

Hunter looks up at Keriuri.
"He was trapped in the house and it started collapsing. I pulled him out. I think he might have a concusion and he has a broken arm." He said "I think he'll be fine though."
He looked over at the girl who was doing magic.
"She was the one who found that he was in there."

06/06/2005 7:59 AM

Mally flew over to her master and landed on the ground with a thud.
"Thanks Mally. I know you did your best." Middy said as she watched light in the embers fade into backness.
Middy picked up her dragon and walked over to the others.
"Hi. Thanks for the help. I hope he'll be ok."

06/06/2005 8:21 AM

Flame turns back into a human and runs over to where some people are gathered around a hurt guy.
"Does he need immediate medical attenttion? If he does then I can get him to the next village quite easily."

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06/06/2005 8:31 AM

Hunter looks over at the two girls.
"I think he might need medical help. I'm no doctor or healer so i don't really know." He said "My name is Hunter."

06/06/2005 8:33 AM

"The name is Flame. Here put him on my back and I can fly him to the next village for help. Afterwards I'll come back here to help as much as I can."
Flame changes into a large dragon with a pentacle on her forehead.

06/06/2005 8:40 AM

Hunter is shocked that a person could transform like that but doesn't say anything. He helps lift the guy onto her back.
"I think the nearest town is the Great City. It's 3 miles north of here."he said

06/06/2005 8:44 AM

"I'm Middy and this is Mally." Middy said pointing to her dragon. "Yeah the Great City isn't far. You should take him to Zayla. He's a Mage in the northern tower of the castle. Don't bother searching throught e castle for hime. Just fly up to the tower balcony and tell him that his student Middy sent you."

06/06/2005 9:43 AM

"Ok thanks. I will be back as soon as I can."
Flame takes off into the air swiftly. She arrives at the northern tower balconey just like Middy said. She waits for the mage hoping he wont be gone long.

06/06/2005 1:53 PM

Sen stirred while on the dragon's back, he suddenly awoke and looked at his ride. Out of surprise he fell of Flame's back, he had never seen a dragon before.

"What are you? Where am I? All I can remember is my name, I am Sen."

Sen got off the floor and extended his hand.

06/06/2005 2:31 PM

The wizend mage, Zayla, was working in his study. He had piles upon piled of paper and scrolls everywhere. The candles were buring low in their holders and the mage was sitting at his desk reading an anceint looking book. He took a sip of his tea and heard something from his balcony.
"Who dare come to my balcony unasked?" he called from his desk.
When no one answered he stood up and walked over to the doors and opened them. He saw a dragon standing before him and a man on the floor. The man looked battered and weak.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Zayla asked "Who sent you? Or are you here for your own purposes?"

Middy watched the small burnt town. The people were milling around trying to find loved ones now that the fire's out.
"I hope he'll be ok." she said, more to herself then the others "So where are you headed? I'm going to the Great City. You're more then welcome to join me if you're heading that way."

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06/06/2005 3:21 PM

"I'm going to the Great City as well. I'm going to train for the war." Hunter replied "I guess i'll join you. Walking 3 miles alone won't be fun. I just wish there was more we could do for these people."
He looked around. The people were gathering what they had managed to save and were leaving for other towns. None of the buildings had survived.
"Shall we get started?" he asked

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06/06/2005 6:08 PM

Kyro saw almost everyone escaping safely from the burnt village.
He hardly did anything since a couple of warriors help out the villagers.
He thought its a waste of time just to help checking the villager's injuries since the warriors took care of that too. So Kyro left into the forest to continue travel to the great city.

06/07/2005 7:48 AM

Hunter started walking into the forest and saw someone going in their direction.
"Hey you headed to the Great City?" he asked "If so you should join us."

06/07/2005 8:01 AM

Middy walked behind Hunter. She wasn't sure if she could trust him. He seemed nice enough, but her mother had always warned her about nice guys. She walked on with Mally flying between her and hunter and then the other guy.

06/07/2005 3:38 PM

Kyro heard someone calling him, he turned around and saw a group of warriors(don't know how many). One of them told Kyro is he going to the great city. "Yes, I am traveling to the great city." answered Kyro clearly.

06/07/2005 5:24 PM

Middy walked over to the new guy.

"Do you want to join us? The more the merrier." she said "I'm Middy, this is Hunter and the dragon is Mally."

06/07/2005 6:14 PM

Kyro look away from them for a while to think about this.
Then he made up his mind and look at them to answer them.
"Well, since traveling to the great city through the forest will be dangerous because of monsters and the footing will be poor," explained Kyro, "All right, I will join with your companions to travel to the great city together safely for the both of us. I thank you for letting me travel you."

06/10/2005 4:30 PM

Flame looked at the mage that just entered the balcony. He was already demanding questions before she could get a breath out.
"My name is Flame. This is Sen. Your student, Kiddy, sent us. She said that you..."
Before she finished her sentence she decided that it would be best if she changed bcak into human form.
"Anyway, Middy told me that you could help him. He was caught in a burning building."
Flame put Sen's arm around her neck so she could stabilize him.

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