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06/02/2005 6:44 PM

Kratos awoke to the sound of laughter and rolled over in his sleeping bag. The smell of smores on open fire filled his nostrils as he sat up and stared at his fellow mercenaries.....

06/03/2005 10:39 AM

Bothord smirked as Kratos sat up. He laughed again, stuffing tobacco into his pipe, then lighted it, inhaling deeply. "Good morning." He said, his ever-present grin never fading. Many people wondered why on earth Bothord was a merc. Sure he was big, and he had the skills, but he was just so friendly.

In his lap, layed his dog..no his puppy, York. An English Terrier. A small animal, another odd thing for a merc. to own. But Bothord wasn't your average merc.

06/05/2005 5:54 AM

The lively, arguably psychotic warrior watched their brother-in-arms wake. Behind him, the others kept joking.
"Kratos. It took you long enough to wake up." Maniac skewered his breakfast from the fire, its steel washed not long ago of enemy blood. "Have something to eat, so we can get started. I hate all this waiting around."
If the other men weren't busy laughing, they'd probably agree.
Taking massive bites from his meat, though an average-sized but incredible fighter, Maniac sat upright. Eager to start the day. But it'd most likely be a while before they continued on the road. He was used to it, knowing the mercs he'd been assigned to fight alongside. He was just impatient.

06/06/2005 2:07 PM

Kratos stood and stretched his arms, memories of last night's dream clouded his thoughts.

"Ah, be patient the nearest town is not far..."
Kratos picked a seat near Maniac, pulled a knife out of his belt puch and cut off a piece of meat. Roasting his meat on the fire he winced at Maniac's animal-like eating behavior.

"I assume you all sharpened your weapons by now? I suppose I did have a late slumber, I shall try to catch up.."
He took two bites from his meat before stopping.

"It seems my stomach fails me, I can't take more than two bites..."
Kratos stood up, picked up his sword, and sheathed it.

"Hascht awaits. Is everyone ready?"

06/07/2005 4:02 AM

"Naturally," Maniac rose. "Bring us the enemy."
With a grunt he stretched, taking in the fresh morning air. It would be a nice day to travel; even better to kill.

06/07/2005 9:52 PM

A squirrl rustled in the leaves a few yards off, an owl's cry could be heard piercing the silence. It had been a long night for this ranger, he had been tracking a pair of bandits that recently robbed several homes in a village that was rapidly disapearing into the countryside behind him. Kail Swiftsong was a ranger, and as a ranger, he had no home, but what he did have was a sense of justice, and he was not about to let a pair of good for nothing crooks get away with stealing from an already poor farming village. Finishing his drink he replaced the cork on his falsk and jumped swiftly down from his perch to took up their trail once more with renewed energy and purpose. "Here I come" he stated to the darkness. With one final sweeping glance of the area he head off down the obvious path the two trouble makers were leaving in their wake.

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