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06/02/2005 5:13 AM

(This role play is before all the movies came out and the time oh lets say 100 years before episode one. Before I start the story I want peoples profile first.)

06/03/2005 10:42 PM

((Well I will get this started and people can join in later but before you join please make a profile. Thanks))

It was a time before the world was in peace the Sith were powerful and numberus. The Jedi were at a limit of there race. For the Sith ruled the force and try to rule the universe.

The day that changed his life. He would never forget this day for his master Jin Ren an excellent and one of the most powerful Jedi around was murdered by a Sith Lord. After that day Damon swore a pledge that no matter what even if it is against his code he would have revenge on that Sith Lord.

The force was strong in Damon but as the years had past his will of finding the one Sith that wrecked his life died.

Now Damon is 19 highly spirited and one of the few Jedi Masters around.

He lives in Corashont a planet with beautiful life, extraordinary lakes and forest, and a few cities here and there.

Damon had given up his Jedi training only for the fact that his life was now pointless and dull. He now spends time with his brother a young Jedi knight. As they were sitting down to lunch a bang came through out the house. The Sith were attacking!

Damon quickly pulled out his light saber and went for the Sith lucky these Sith were only apprentices and not much trouble then out of no were their leader came forth.

06/07/2005 10:06 AM

OOC: Would u try to add more description to the battle sequences though. Like actually post your battles with the aprrentices. (Just for future reference)

IC: Their leader was dressed fully in black.

Drazen pulled out his lightsaber and had begun to strike at Damons brother. However, when he saw Damon, Drazen felt a sudden chill of Hate run down his spine.

He didn't stop his assault on the kid. When Damons brother looked up at the Sith Lord he saw the lightsaber come down toward his face.

06/07/2005 5:09 PM

As fast as he could Damon blocked the lightsaber that about hit his brother. "Who are you and what the hell do you want here."

((ok I will try sorry about that))

06/07/2005 5:20 PM

Havilion awoke to a fiery blast. He looked out his window and saw a fleet of ships attacking the nearby town of Letshia. Havilion quickly got dressed into his jedi uniform and headed outside. Master Klenon Asnar was already outside looking at that very same site. Kingon and Yensin were getting the ship ready.

"Master... master what is happening?" Havilion says to his superior.

"The sith have come." Master Asnar said.

"But how did they find us? The entire area is covered from all radar." Havilion says in a questioned voice.

"I... I do not know." Master Asnar says in a shaky voice. "Yensin is the ship ready yet. We must head out soon or Letshia will be destroyed by the sith."

Soon a yellow hovering macanical ball with short robotic arms and a blue laserish looking thing as his scanner came out from the ship.

"Almost. We still have to get the engine power output device ready and thats about it."
The robotic ball says in a robotic voice.

"Fine. Just hurry up." Master Asnar says.

As Yensin goes back to work Havilion and Master Asnar look out upon whats happening to the town. Then they see a ship turn toward the farm. The ship soon heads toward them.

06/08/2005 6:10 AM

"That is none of your concern, DAMON," Drazen quickley replied.

Drazen then headed back for his ship. He had done what was needed of him. For he had to return to training his apprentice, Praetz.

The ship heading toward yensen had reached its droppoint. It had begun to drop sith soldiers and sith apprentices.

06/08/2005 7:55 AM

"Bro are you ok?" Damon asked "I am fine. Thanks for saving me." Damon nodded his head and went outside to see if there were any more Sith left. When he got out Sith were every ware. They were like flies on a thrown out piece of candy.

Damon quickly got his light saber and charged at the Sith. Slicing through them with easy none could touch him. Through his head he wondered if the Sith that attacked him and his bro was the one that killed his master...

06/08/2005 2:47 PM

The ship lands and a small group of enemies came out followed by a sith. Quickly both Havilion and Master Asnar got out their lightsabers. They charged at the group.

The group of enemies shot at them. Havilion and Master Asnar dodged and blocked the shots. Master Asnar reflected a few back at them with his lightsaber. Soon Master Asnar got to the group and he slashed straight through one of them. He soon attacked one on his left. He sliced off his head.

"Attack Havilion! Attack!" Master Asnar yells as Havilion gets to the group.

Havilion jumps high in the air and lands in the middle of the group sending a shockwave around him. The shockwave sends a row of men around him flying high in the air. One hits Master Asnar in the head and he falls to the ground. Soon a soldier comes up to him and puts his gun to his head.

"Master!!" Havilion yells then holds his hand toward the soldier. The soldier quickly drops his weapon stunned and Havilion sends him flying into the crowd of men hit many.

Havilion jumps out of the middle of the group and lands near Master Asnar. He helps him up and they look at the group. They had surrounded them and had their guns ready to fire.

06/09/2005 3:34 AM

[I will jump in as Master Asnar]

"That's great, we're surrounded. Havilion! See if you can get help, I'll take care of things here"

While he is talking Asnar uses a force push to knock over about 10 men while stabbing them with his lightsaber. He quickly turns around and attemps to pull the sith lord toward him. As he does this a soldier fires a laser and it hits Asnar in the shoulder. When more shots are fired the Sith is used as a sheild and hit, causing the soldiers to ceasefire

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06/09/2005 4:31 AM

Damon saw the two knights surrounded. He quickly rush toward the group slashing through the Sith. Chopping off legs, arms, and heads. "Are you two ok. I am Jedi master Damon and you two might be."

From near by a Sith jumped at Damon trying to pull a sneak attack. Damon quickly moved out of the way and slashed the Sith with his light saber. "You Sith are so predicable."

06/09/2005 6:38 PM

Yeah, fine, but I feel the force is telling me their is more Sith to come. We must get out.

06/10/2005 7:19 AM

Master Ansnar was right. There were more Sith coming there way. In fact it was Drazen and his "Mini-Armada" that was headed straight for them.

06/10/2005 3:24 PM

Damon saw the two knights surrounded. He quickly rush toward the group slashing through the Sith.

I am sorry to say that you would not be able to get over to them so quickly since if you look at one of my earlier posts it said that the enemy ship headed toward the farm. With this I doubt you got over there so fast since it seems that you are in the town. Else you would have to be at a farm near there. Also whoever is master asnar can change his name if he wants to.)

As Master Asnar fought the troopers Havilion took the ship(even though it was not finished) and left toward the town. The whole town was overrun by troopers. he quickly decided that he would not be able to find anyone and headed back. On his way he comes behind a seperatist ship.

Quickly Havilion says "Kingon get to the blasters."

Kingon hurries up and shoots the ship in the rear a few times and blows a hole in it.

"Kingon! Yensin! get to the door!" Havilion says and they do. "I am going to speed up there and you two are going to jump in."

"Okay I guess" Kingon says.

Havilion speeds up the back of the ship and gets hit a few times by blasters. Suddenly they slowly start to go slower.

"Damn it. Whats wrong with this thing." Havilion says

"We have not finished repairs yet. That could be the only explaination. I must go work on it." Yensin says

"No! Kingon when I turn to our side you are going to have to quickly throw yensin into the hole. Then yensin you will have to activate selfdestruct." Havilion says

Then both say "Fine."

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06/10/2005 7:54 PM

(OOC: I am sorry I thought you were in town. I will fix that.))

Damon saw the ship that came from the farm. "What it is a Jedi ship. Bro get the speeder now." Damon demanded. "Right brother." Damon's brother quickly ran and got the speeder and came in front of Damon. "Lets go brother." Damon jumped in and they made toward the farm and the ship. "It looks like they are going to self-destruct." Damon said. "JEDI CAN YOU HERE ME." Damon yelled.

06/11/2005 6:01 PM

Quickly Havilion turns the ship to its right side.

"Now! Do it!" Havilion yells.

Kingon opens the door and throws Yensin as hard as he could. But he did not get in and he used his floating ability to hover for a moment.

"Havilion it didn't work." Kingon says

Havilion jumps out of the cockpit and while the ship heads toward the ground he uses force push to shove Yensin into the hole. Yensin gets in and he quickly activates his
self-destruct sequence and explodes in the enemy ship blowing up the back half of the ship making it plunge to the ground.

Then Havilion jumped back into the cockpit and pushes up with the front of the ship but slides into the ground. Him and Kingon survive. With the ship wrecked they get out and look toward the farm. Master Asnar was still fighting. He then hears something behind them. Havilion looks toward the town and sees two people coming in on a speeder.

Havilion says to Kingon "Get the emergency speeders out of the back."

"Fine enough." Kingon says and heads to it.

Havilion then watches as the two people come.

06/13/2005 7:50 AM

"Are you two ok?" Damon asked. "I am Jedi master Damon. What is your names?"

06/14/2005 9:19 AM

Before Drazen's ship hit the ground, a smaller ship flew out from Drazen's ship and landed somewhere near Damon's position. When the hatch opened Drazen and 15 Sith apprentices exited. 10 of the apprentices were wielding double bladed lightsabers and the other 5 wielded twin lightsabers.

All the apprentices made a group formation around Drazen. They were headed toward Damon and his party.

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06/14/2005 6:54 PM

Before the two could reply, Drazen's and his mini-armada of ships halted just above them. Each ship was dropping Dark Jedi like crazy. Each Dark Jedi were weilding either double-bladed sabers or twin-sabers. Once there were like 100 Dark jedi at the drop-point then all the ships moved onto other drop-points to drop off more Dark Jedi.

First of all it is Sith not Dark Jedi. Second, I highly doubt that they would send over 100 Sith to Fight a jedi master, his little brother, a padawan, and a mechanic. Sorry to say it but that was kind of dumb. Third, I posted that I pretty much blew up Drazen's ship. I mean that I said that I saw a ship that was heading toward the farm and before that someone(forgot who it was) put that Drazen's ship was heading there so if you put two and two together that means that I attacked and blew up the rear end of Drazen's ship. Then it crashed to the ground. So edit or delete your post please.

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06/15/2005 8:14 PM

As the Sith lord and his seemingly many apprentices walked towards them the padawan Havilion yelled out something.

"Activate Reconstruct program!!" havilion yelled

Soon Yensin's parts as if magneticly came toward the hover module and core memory bank and created Yensin's bottom and top half of his body. They then come together and he comes back to life.

"Come on! head to the speaders!" Havilion yells to Damon and everyone else as Kingon finally got out the speeders.

Kingon and Havilion got on the speeders and left. Yensin used his boostpack to go. He heard another speeder right behind them. They did not care to look only to assume that it was Damon and his brother on it.

06/16/2005 7:21 AM

Damon and his brother were right behind them. As they left they could see that the Sith would do anything just for evil. They could see their home and their village being destroyed.

As they left anger filled Damon's heart his past was coming to he knew that the Sith that attacked his brother was the one who killed his master.

"Havilion." His name was repeated through the communication system. "Havilion cam you here me. We must get to the Jedi consul at once."

06/16/2005 4:06 PM

"I can here you yes." Havilion said trough the communication system. "Okay we will but we must save my master. He is fighting a group of troopers and a sith."

Havilion sped up on the speeder. He soon got close. He saw his master. he was surrounded by the few troopers left. Havilion got off before they heard him. He headed into the trees surrounding the farm house.

he then jumped off one of the trees after climbing up and yelled "I'm here master!"

he fell and slashed through a trooper then slashed one on his right while using force push on another on his left. The troopers except the two on Master Asnar's right and left pointed their blasters at the padawan.

06/17/2005 6:56 AM

"Praetz, send some speeders down to my position," Drazen commanded his apprentice over his comlink,"We have some jedi that need to be taught a lesson."

"The speeders are on there way master," Praetz responded.

As Drazen's group waited for the speeders to arrive, they decided it best to activate their cloaking devices.

06/17/2005 10:46 AM

"Brother should we help." Damon's brother asked. "No Josh he can handle it." Just then a Sith and troopers came in. "Oh man we were trapped come on lets take them." Damon said to his brother. "right bro." Josh takes out a blue light saber. Damon sends a force wave at the trappers. "Josh take the troopers I got the Sith." "Right Damon."

Josh went toward the troopers and started to slash them. The troopers started to blast at Josh.

The Sith pulled out a Red double blade saber and went toward Damon. Damon pulled out a blue saber and slashed the Sits saber in two. Using the force the Sith pushed Damon toward his brother. Damon quickly responded with his force witch was a lot more powerful them the Sith. Damon quickly charged at the Sith and Sliced him into. "Pushover my little bro could have taken you."

"Josh you ok" "Yeah I am fine Damon."

06/17/2005 11:36 AM

(OOC: I will once again play as master Asnar as well because the other guy has not been posting since.)

The sith other sith left came up to Havilion and said "Do you dare to defy us? If you even take a step the troopers will shoot and kill your master. Now what will you do?"

Havilion charges at the sith.

"Kill him." The sith says as he brings out his red lightsaber.

Master Asnar jumps up high as the two troopers shoot at him and kill each other. Master Asnar slashes a trooper and gets into a defensive stance.

"Troopers attack the jedi." The sith says and the troopers shoot at Master Asnar.

Master Asnar deflects the shots and makes many of them deflect into the troopers. He then uses the force to send one of the troopers into the pack of them and many of them fall and let off shots. Two shots head to Master Asnar. He deflects them back at one of the troopers and kills him. Another shot goes off and shoots one of the troopers ally's head off. Master Asnar charges toward them and sends a force wave at the rest of the troopers. He then sends his lightsaber through the bodies of the troopers killing them all.

06/17/2005 9:29 PM

"Should we get going." "Not yet Josh." Damon said. "Jedi master Do you need help." Damon asked the Jedi Master

((I forgot if they met or not.))

06/18/2005 6:55 PM

(they did not)

As the fighting between the troopers and Master Asnar was going on Havilion fought the sith. The Sith pointed his red lightsaber between Havlions eyes.

"You shall fall before me." The Sith said.

Havilion heard that and quickly charged at the Sith. As he ran he took out his blue lightsaber. He slashed downward at him. The sith quickly blocked it. Havlion then came at him with a barrage of slashes coming from almost everywhere. But yet the Sith blocked everyone of his attacks. Havilion backed away a few steps.

"Is that all you have? I should kill you now. You do not deserve to hold a lightsaber. Much less against a Sith such as me." The Sith said then attacked Havilion.

Havilion blocked then countered with a spin slash to the left that stoped with his back toward him. then he slashed behind him to his right. Then to his left again and surprised him by backfliping and slashing him in the back...

06/19/2005 10:26 AM

"Ahhh. You dirty jedi. I will bring to your grave." He said then used froce push to send Havilion flying into a tree.

Soon Havilion attacked again. He sent wave after wave of attacks at him and he blocked them all. Then the Sith sent Havilion flying again. He fell onto the ground hard. He got up and used force push to send a small, young tree flying at the Sith. The Sith dodged it but Havilion jumped up, slashed, and finally killed him before the Sith could notice.

06/20/2005 5:28 PM

"Are you ok Jedi?" Damon asked. "Damon we must get going to the consaul." Josh said. "I know I know. Jedi will you join us."

06/25/2005 9:14 AM

"I... I am fine." Havilion says. "Yes I will come. Me and my master."

06/27/2005 8:13 AM

Luckily, Drazen and his troops did not have to wait for long. Just as the speeders landed on the ground he and his accomplices unactivated their cloaks and jumped onto the speeders. 2 on each except for Drazen, he went alone.

As they were weaving around multiple objects, Drazen was looking for one specific Target. That Target jst happened to be none other than, Damon.

"Praetz, transmit me the location of each jedi. I will go to each of the different locations until I find the one I seek," Draazen commanded his apprentice as he approached a site in which a single jedi master took on many Sith and troopers.

06/27/2005 8:40 AM

Havilion looks back to where the ship crashed. He saw Drazen and his apprentices on their speeders.

"We have to go now. Before they find us." Havilion says while pointing towards where Drazen is.

06/27/2005 9:39 AM

(ok to make this part go faster I going to do some things for Havilion but it won't be for long and this is the only part its going to happen ok.)

Damon and Josh both jumped into the speeder. Damon yelled to Havilion "hurry up Havilion jump in and hold on." Havilion jumped into the speeder and heled on." Damon put the speeder into the highest speed it would go. As they were getting away the Sith troops shoot at them to stop them for their master. "Josh Havilion try to stop the blast." Josh and Havilion both pulled out their sabers and deflected the shots. "You two we are almost there." as they were approaching there engine got shoot by the troopers all three flew out of the speeder and laded near by. "Are you two ok." "I am brother."

06/27/2005 5:31 PM

(No problem that would have taken a long time to do if you did not do that)

"I'm fine. But..." Havilion said as two speeders stop in front of him.

Havilion quickly gets off the ground and steps back as the sith apprentices get off their speeders. Seemingly Drazen did not know where they were yet so he sent his apprentices out around the area to look for them. Havilion quickly used force pull to grab his lightsaber from the ground.

"I... I wonder where my master..." A huge explosion happens as he stops.

A large object supposedly Master Asnar flies high into the sky from the explosion while on fire and lands hard on the ground near them and breaks in two. Havilion looks at his master's burned face.

"Damn it. Damn it all!" Havilion says as he stands up and stares at the apprentices with an anger of 1000 suns burning within him.

07/06/2005 7:29 PM

Olivia was meditating in the woods while the sith attack was taking place, she was surronded by the Force, so much so that she did not notice, until Jedi Master Asnar was killed. Her eyes opened wide and the ground around her trembled, she quickly kept her emotions in check however.

She got up with blinding speed and drew her violet lightsaber. she moved quickly and appeared next to Jedi Master Damon, "we must leave quickly, he is to powerful for us, my ship is not far, make haste!"

07/06/2005 8:03 PM

(Um glad you joined I gess)

"And who are you any way and why should i trust you."

07/07/2005 6:44 AM

"Just trust her. She is the only one we can depend on right now." Havilion says. "But if you lie to us and turn us over I will personally cut your head off and let the Ewoks have their way with your body. Then I shall burn your body and piss on the ashes."

07/08/2005 1:17 PM

((no problem :D))

"such words from a Jedi? don't let your passions control you, such is the way of the Sith. and if i wanted to kill you or send you to the Sith i would have already stunned all of you. now we mustn't tarry." she had a gauntlet and she pressed a couple of bottons on it. "my ship is nearby, this" she points to the gaunlet, "will summon it to us." it arived 2 seconds after he words "get on we must go to the Jedi Temple, i fear that the Sith may have done something there."

07/08/2005 4:15 PM

"Fine." Havilion says as he gets on the ship. "Where are the ships blasters? I am going to kill the Sith scum."

07/08/2005 6:23 PM

"contol your emotions! u must learn to do so or you will fall to the dark side. and if we use the blasters then the Sith will find us and destroy us." she got into the cockpit and started the engine and soon jumped into hyperspace.

The group arrived at Corusant and saw that there was a battle taking place on the surface.

07/11/2005 8:25 PM

"I agree. But there was one Sith that looked formillar but nvermind about that. Josh when we get there I want you to stay with Yoda ok." "Right bro" ((Yes Yoda is around))

07/12/2005 9:53 AM


Oliva landed her ship right in front of the Temple and inside you can hear the sounds of battle. she jumped out of her ship, lightsaber drawn and ready. she rushed into the temple. Sith were everywhere fighting padawans knights and even children. she went and saved a knight from certain death, he said "get to the consuel room, save the masters."

07/12/2005 2:01 PM

Havilion got out of the ship as they landed and headed straight into the temple. He quickly slashed the head off one of the seemingly Sith Apprentices. He hears what the knight says. He then throws his lightsaber at one of the Sith and stabs him through the head. He then uses force pull to bring it back to him. He then dual weilds with one of the sith lightsabers and his own. He hacks and slashs his way through numerous foes. Trying to save as many as he could. More importantly the younglings. He saw that the sith were now very few and he ran to the counsel room.

07/12/2005 7:53 PM

damon ranu slashing through the sith as fast as he could. He was trying to get to the counsial room to see if that one sith was there. As they ran they were stoped bay a masseve army of Sith troopers. "Oh shit it was a trap. Josh go and hide well will take them." He blocked the shots they had given off with his saber and pushed some back with the force. "You two cover me I will try and open the doors."

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