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05/31/2005 1:05 PM

Anyone brave enough to sign up for the US Colonial Marines?

If I can generate enough interest, I'm hoping to do an RP based on the movie 'Aliens'.
I don't really want to give too much away at this stage, but if you've seen the movie, then you'll pretty much know as much as I want you to at this stage.

If anyone wants to post any ideas or suggestions, I'd be interested to hear them. Although I do have an idea in mind, but am hoping to keep an element of surprise. I doubt the likes of Hicks and Hudson really knew what they were signing up for, did they now?


1. Sorry, but you must have seen the movie 'Aliens' to take part here. I'm not asking for experts or anything, just a basic knowledge of the setting will do.

2. All player characters must start with the rank 'Private'. Higher ranks must be earned through combat experience and the completion of missions.

3. You must choose a specialist skill for your character, (unless there is a huge amount of interest for this RP, with the exception of Rifleman, can we only have one player per skill). Choose from:

*Rifleman (Basic soldier, but definitely not a waste, you will be the most skilled in basic combat).

*Smartgun Operator (Large heavy weapon specialist, but you will be expected to lead the way into any danger).



*Communications and computer specialist.

If you're interested, post your character's full name, chosen skill, and a BRIEF description please.

05/31/2005 6:08 PM

Yeah, Id be interested in this I believe. Im always up for a good role-play. Here's my profile thingy...

Name: Alan Kavar Ripkins

Specialism: Sniper

Description: He wears black tactical pants and boots, with extra-durable pads made of a hard material covering his knees. Wears a long sleeve black tactical shirt as well, but rolls the sleeves up and most always prefers to brandish the black muscle-t he wears underneath. Well-built of course, and his face is normal, save for the cool, unwavering icy blue eyes. If he had hair it would never be seen, as a black tactical toboggan/beanie covered his cleanly-shaved head most always. His face is cleanly shaved as well, and most always moving as he chews gum, even though regulations tend to sway against it. On each side of his waist are holstered a pistol, and located on the straps that go downward across his chest are two more clips, two of each strap, for the pistols. Under the magazines on his chest straps is one grenade a piece, standard issue. At his back is fastened his pride and joy, and in theory his life: His sniper rifle. It is fastened here until needed, where it uses a shoulder-strap for easy access. The magazines for this are strapped on his thighs, and total three for each thigh.

Weapon Specs: His pistols are standard issue, and look like a Glock 45 does, if not larger bit larger, though the ammo held in the magazine which hold twelve rounds is not standard. Armor-piercing rounds are his preferred type, and thus he loads his first magazine with these, as well as one on each of his chest straps, even though these do have the chance of jamming more so than normal rounds. The other magazine on his each of chest straps are standard issue rounds, though they are hollow point. Loaded standard into his sniper rifle, which looks like the sniper rifle from Halo or Halo 2, are armor piercing rounds, which can easily penetrate one or more targets at once. These account for two magazines a piece on each thigh, and each magazine holds five rounds. The other rounds are different, for the extra magazine on his left leg holds tranquilizers and the extra magazine on his right leg holds explosive tips, making the end effect much more lethal.

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06/01/2005 8:59 AM

Hi Tamachi, nice character. If you really want to elaborate some more it's ok. The main reason I asked to keep it brief was because unless we get a few more players, my idea wont really work. Just didn't want you wasting your time was all. Also, it's sometimes nice not to give too much away about your character at first. Letting us find out about him as the RP gets going should work just as well.

06/01/2005 12:24 PM

O I know, I didn't mean giving details about his personality or anything, just about his weapons and such so that people dont find it cheap if I use rounds different from standard issue. But dont worry about me wasting my time, because when Im bored I need something to do anyways, and If I dont use him here Im sure Ill use him elsewhere. I do hope it picks up though, cause Im actually very interested in this, its something new to me.

06/02/2005 2:37 PM

Okay, due to the current lack of player interest, I’m going to have to change how I was planning to run this RP. Therefore, here is some mission information, and your fellow NPC marines now.


After the destruction of the colony on LV-426, combined military forces along with the co-operation of the Weylan-Yutani Corporation, carried out a full sweep of the blast area and its surroundings. No evidence of alien life forms or survivors were found.
Some years later, the Weylan-Yutani company began re-building the colony and atmosphere processor. This re-building process was in its very early stages, when yet again, suddenly contact was lost.
The Weylan-Yutani Corporation have tried to play down this incident as a temporary loss of power. But when the military offered to send in a squad of Colonial Marines to check out the situation, the company refused them access, raising suspicions.
Fearing the worst, the military have decided to go ahead with the operation anyway, without the authorisation of the Weylan-Yutani Corporation.

Leon Krennon
Rank: Captain
Spec: Commanding Officer

Leon is the new commanding officer. He is a very intimidating and tough individual, and his style of leadership reflects this. Leon seems very determined to prove his worth and move his way up the chain of command.

Ian Stevens
Age: 36
Rank: Sergeant
Spec: Sniper

Ian is the newly promoted squadron Sergeant. He has 10 years service as the squadron sniper. Due to his new role as Sergeant, a new sniper will be drafted to the squad as soon as possible (that's you Tamachi!). Ian is renown for his reliability. Although due to his quiet personality, some questions have been raised over his suitability to this new role.

Nelson Smith
Age: 34
Rank: Corporal
Spec: Coms and Comp.

Nelson’s is sometimes referred to as ‘The Gadget Man’ or ‘Mr Fix-it’. He is both reliable and experienced in combat as well as his specified field. Although all soldiers are trained to drive the squadron’s armoured personnel carrier (APC), Nelson is usually the designated driver.

Kurt Levine
Age: 28
Rank: Private
Spec: Smart Gun Operator

Kurt is one of the squadron’s heavy weapons specialists. He is a violent and aggressive character, who spent some time in jail before enlistment. As well as being trained with the use of the hi-tech Smart Gun, Kurt is very competent with the use of grenades and the flame-thrower.

Mark Summerbell
Age: 29
Rank: Private
Spec: Medic

Mark is a new member to the current squad. He has previous experience with another squadron. He is rated as a highly capable field medic with some combat experience. Although the reason for his sudden transfer is not know.

Luke Zephaniah
Age: 26
Rank: Private
Spec: Rifleman

Luke has been with the current squad for a handful of regular missions now. He is physically fit and very strong. Luke appears to have the potential to be a great soldier. Although he still lacks any real combat experience as of yet.

Elliott Barker
Age: 27
Rank: Private
Spec: Pilot

Elliott has been the squadron Drop-Ship pilot for 2 years now. He is highly regarded, although his air combat experience is limited.

Elane Freuyh
Rank: Private
Spec: Pilot (Gunner)
Elane has been the squadron Drop-Ship pilot and gunner for 3 years. She is a very popular member of the squad, not only because she is the only female (Note: More female players are VERY welcome) and is very attractive. But also because of her obvious skill and confident demeanour.


How does it sound?

Any ideas, questions or feedback will be appreciated?

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06/14/2005 12:54 PM

Hiya mate sounds good and as always im keen and eager to join in the fun. Not sure exactly what your wanting from me at the moment but here goes:

Joe Crowe
Age: 22
Rank: Private
Spec: Rifleman

Let me know what else you need and i'll be happy to provide...

06/14/2005 1:43 PM

Good to see you made it here, bud!

A little description of your character would be useful please. You don't need to give too much detail if you don't want. Just maybe a little about your basic personality and appearance, something like I've done for the NPC's. You could also tell us about any weapons or equipment you character has other than the standard colonial marine set-up, eg. grenades, pistol, motion tracker, welder, etc.

( Standard for rifleman being; Pulse Rifle and Armour. )

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06/14/2005 2:12 PM

Guys...Obviously a few more players would have been ideal, but how do we feel about starting with just the three of us? Someone else did seem interested, but she has had to take time away because of personal commitments. I suppose more could always join later...

It'd also be appreciated if someone can help me out with the name of our Frigate, (eg. Sulaco) because I'm really struggling there? Cheers

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06/16/2005 12:09 PM

Joe is a highly trained Rifleman but has only limited combat experience. He is fast on his feet and his reactions are second to none. Joe is always the first to volunter for a task and prides himself on always 'getting the job done'. He carries the standard equipment and weapons asking only that he gets plenty of ammunition to play with.

Lets get this party started !

06/16/2005 12:32 PM


Tamachi, are you still with us?...

06/16/2005 1:25 PM

Course I am... Bring on some aliens!!!

06/17/2005 5:21 AM

I've set up the RP now. It's in the General RP forum, called 'Aliens: Return to LV-426'.

Lock and load people,

"Let's rock!!!"

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