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05/30/2005 6:58 PM

This road is our destiny, ripping us apart.
Our hands have been torn apart...
Even when I sleep,
as I embrace my thoughts and dreams for you,
they reach to the ends of the world!

At times, love is strong,
so much it even wounds people's hearts, but Ah
in the midst of the courage that grants our dreams,
a light always shines forth,
becoming a single power...

This road is our destiny, leading us
to now meet once again.
Because I've never forgotten
our promise,
I've finally made it this far!

At times, love nobly
seeks out, to pierce people's hearts. Ah
The ones protected by the ones who protect
They always shine forth
To become a single power...

At times, love is strong,
so much it even wounds people's hearts, but Ah
in the midst of the courage that grants our dreams,
a light always shines forth.

Love is strong,
so much so that it can move people's hearts, but Ah
If we are together, then without a doubt
we can change the world, and everything will
become one power.

“Miasma… It is everywhere, choking the life out of any living creature, save for three things… plantlife, monsters and the most vile creatures to ever walk or fly in this world… Dragons. Histories point the blame at these demonic reptilian aviators, and they have not denied it. And in the accounts of the elders of each isolated village, the Miasma thickens each year.

Huge Crystals guard the towns, keeping the miasma at bay… Some say these crystals are remains of the only dragon race to deny the accusations. They swear that the dragons did not create the Miasma. Crystal dragons are all but extinct now, hunted down by the other dragons…

It is said that these huge crystals that creates a void of fresh air were the royals of the crystal dragons, crystalline scales of a rare color, prism clear. These dragons were said to be more avian than reptile, with their feathered wings, and aquiline heads. There are even old stories that these dragons are still alive, though in hiding… Their children are raised as humans, elves, sylvan, or even as selkies.”

The storyteller stopped and glanced around the crowd of children, finally singling one out and pointed to her. “Maybe even you!”

Aiwani remembered that day, and would forever remember it for the rest of her life. The old storyteller never knew the truth, and neither did her parents, she made sure of it. She was one of the legendary dragons… and as far as her travels had taken her, it seemed that she was the only one left…

Worst of it was, the old prophecies told that two royal prism dragons would destroy the Miasma, and save their world… if she was the only one… it would never come to pass.

Aiwani frowned, and tucked a lock of platinum blonde hair behind one slightly pointed ear. She had been raised a Sylvan, and in her heart of hearts, a Sylvan she would always be. But she knew even deeper than that lurked a creature who most people feared and hated, blamed forever for the choking Miasma.

Ai raised her bright violet eyes to the azure sky, the pristine color making her eyes water… The crystal that thrummed beside her made it possible to see such beauty. If one were to stand away from the large crystals, and squinted their eyes, yes… it did look a bit like a fallen dragon…

Standing she knew she would have to leave the village soon to keep her identity from harming her parents, and she reached down, to keep for appearances sake, and plucked one small crystal from the ground there, slipping it into her pocket.

She turned and stared back at the village… now or never, best to not say goodbye either… things could turn ugly.

She walked through the gates without looking back, allowing the miasma to swallow her. There were other villages, even some larger towns out there, she had to find the source, the truth of the Miasma, and put an end to it, somehow…. Even if she was alone…

05/30/2005 7:34 PM

Kyro saw a person about to leave the village. He was thinking if he needs to warn the persn not go out of town, into the miasma without protection. "She can't leave the town to the outside world. The miasma will kill her if she steps out." thought Kyro. He made up his mind and runs to catch up with the person before she reaches to the gate. But he's too late and the person already left. But Kyro was suprised when he saw the person
not suffering any pain from the miasma. "Wait!" called Kyro to the person, "Its danderous out there, comeback!" He doesn't know if the person can hear him or not.

05/31/2005 12:24 AM

No doubt right now he thought that the forest was the safest place to be, but his safety was not the only thing he was worried about, in fact it was last on his list. No, he was worried about his family, or what he called family anyways: the trees, the plants, the wildlife... All of it had helped to raise him in some way, and now all of that was being threatened, at least to his knowledge all was. He had to do something, and fast, and he only knew one thing that could be done, and even that was vague. He would leave the forest, something that had always protected him, and been protected by him as well, and in turn find whatever was causing this plague and stop it, once and for all...

Now he stood, staff within his left hand, deep within the forest, the cloak that covered his body billowing in the wind though for the time being he had chose not to wear his hood. It was out of respect for what he called family, as there were no secrets between them. Around him and the clearing made of loosely packed dirt were many trees, but the three trees in front of him were somewhat larger, and much larger in fact and that was why he was turned to them. Within the forest itself there were several trees like this, but these were located in the center, the center of both the forest and most wildlife of that forest... 'It is time,' he said to the trees, and as he did something truly amazing happened...

Just as he was done with his sentence, a short one though it was, the entire forest began to shake outward from the clearing, as if someone had thrown a stone into a pond and the clearing was its epicenter. With a gust of wind strong enough to blow a normal man over every tree shook, but none fell. With that wind was a distinct howl, distinct to any animal within the forest as it called them all forth. Fernan however was still in the center of the clearing, unscathed by the wind though it would not have harmed him either way. He could hear the wind, though to him it was a whisper, a whisper to every tree and with that whisper an audible howl that called every animal to him. He could hear the thousands of feet that now came towards him, though only a few would be visible, for most had stopped several hundred yards from the clearing and only a few ventured forth. Of those few there were only five, a deer, a wolf, serpent, and a field mouse, but where was the fifth? The hawk was last to come forth as it landed on Fernan's right shoulder, each animal coming in front of Fernan, between him and the trees. Each seemed bigger, more majestic than their counterparts, and for good reason, for these were the voices of the animals, and through these Fernan could quickly spread his message...

'You have no doubt heard of this 'plague' which kills our brethren,' he said in a voice understandable only to the animals and trees, 'And this is what draws me to bring you all here. This must be stopped, but that duty falls not on you...' He said with a pause, for what he was fixing to say he would not be able to take back, nor be able to take back what may come from it, 'That duty falls upon me, for I have decided to quest and stop this foul thing from killing any other living thing. Now you have a part as well, for it is your duty to keep our family safe, for this plague does not discern between species, it kills all...' He paused for a mount as he looked at the center tree, as if it was telling him something, and it had, 'All but plant-life, that is, which is but a relief to few, though a relief nonetheless. But I must go, remember that it is up to you to save your kin. Tell them of this plight, protect them, and guard them with your lives, just as they would do for you.' And with that a large gust of wind came, just as before, but as the wind came so did the animals leave to carry out their job, just as Fernan did...

Through the highest trees and lowest limbs he moved, quickly as a blur that only few could see, for it was his home and he knew his way around better than anyone. The trees seemed to sway with him and boost his momentum even more, and if ever he was to slip, which was not likely, no doubt some living thing would be there to correct his mistake. Either way now he was nearing what his ears would tell him to be a great gathering of people, a 'city', he remembered the trees referring to them as. They had told him much, and had even helped him understand the ways of of these 'city dwellers.' That is why he wore what he did, in hopes of drawing less attention than he might. Now, however, he knew he was entering the place where this plague dominated, and thus jumped from a high tree limb to the ground, without so much as a sound...

In front of him were animals, all dead. He quickly covered his mouth with his left hand and with his right touched the leaf-laden ground, and as he did a small light came forth. He raised his hand holding some sort of plant-like structure, which he quickly placed over his mouth, the vines of which growing and fastening behind his neck. He wasn't sure if it had worked or not, but since he was now breathing and still alive he decided to keep it on. No longer did he move quickly, however, for fallen before him was his family, and with that came sorrow. His hand were held to either side of him as he moved now, and each time an animal was passed vines came forth to bring the bodies to an eternal resting spot. He did this until he approached where the forest ended and the tree-barren ground began...

He had never left the forest, but he had to, for now not only did his family life depend on it but every living beings did, or so he thought, for what he saw next was quite strange. The girl that walked through the 'plague' with nothing on that he could tell to keep it out. It amazed him, and the thought crossed his mind that this may be a hoax, but the bodies of his fallen brethren did not lie, and nor did the trees, so he decided to keep his on. Behind her was apparently some sort of gate, and at it stood a man shouting. He heard his words perfectly as he drew up his hood to cover his face, and ventured forth for the first time from his home, his habitat, the only thing he had ever known...

With a sprint faster than most any other in the land he made his way to the gate, hoping to make eye contact with the one that walked unscathed, even through his hood. If he did she would most certainly be able to tell that he had questions, and thought that she had answers. Hopefully this would drive her come back to and through the gate for which he was now headed, a gate that led to a safe haven, or so the trees said. He made it to the gate in what seemed like no time, and had turned to look back at the girl, and then to the man that stood next to the gate. The trees had taught him some of how the peoples communicated, but he was more than likely still rusty as he began to speak...

'I... I am Fernan, dweller of the forest beyond those trees. Perhaps you can help me?' He said, removing his hood as he spoke so he as not to be rude, and at the same time removing his self-made breathing apparatus and dropping it to the ground where it formed a beautiful flower. All he could do know was hope that he had said the right thing, and hoped that the girl from beyond the gate would follow him as he turned to watch her, though still waiting for his hopeful response form the man he now stood by.

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05/31/2005 3:14 PM

Kyro was suprised when a person from a forest ran up to him in quick speed faster than
an ordinary person. He was also suprised the person can breathe through the miasma
besides the female person walking out of town. Kyro glanced to the girl walking away until he can't see her. Then he looked back at the strange person in front of him.
He never seen a wood elf before and he's a bit nervous meeting this one in person.
The person has greeted himself and asked for Kyro's help.
"Uh......Greetings Fernan,"said Kyro awkwardly, "and of course I can help you with something. What is it that you need help?"

05/31/2005 3:24 PM

Ai kept her pace steady when she heard someone call out to her... knowing that returning home this way would only cause more delay and even worse... feirce emotional pain, she didn't pause.

Several more paces into the Miasma she heard a sound that made her look upward. Through the thickening mists she could see a vauge shape... and that single glance made her heart race with sudden horror.

A dragon....

And by the wingspan, she'd guess it was a Fire dragon... not very intelligint, usually used as watch dogs, and advance soldiers. She caught a flash of dull red and that single color confirmed her fear...

another sound of wingbeats, and then another. Her sensitive ears could pick out three of these nasties... An advance guard perhaps... Her eyes screwed shut, trying to block the sight... but in her minds eye she saw the carnage and destruction that those three could cause the village....

06/01/2005 12:45 AM

He knew that he had not made eye contact whenever she never turned around, either that or there was something more urgent than him, though to her he was of little importance he was sure. He then turned his focus and face back to the one that had replied to him, and realized a hesitance in his voice, though he was not sure why...

He re-evaluated the circumstances and it all added up, and when he spoke he hoped to clear things up. 'Sorry to... 'startle' you if that is the word,' he said, easing his grip on the staff that was before firmly gripped in his right hand. He had not realized how tight he had been holding it, no doubt because of the fear of this 'plague,' though now he snappe back to his sentence. 'My urgency is this 'plague' that seems to be consuming the lands, for it... sweeps through the forest, killing all but the trees...'

He stopped mid-sentence, for his ear had heard something, something in the air. His hand gripped the staff tighter as he turned back to where the girl once was, though now all that remained was a deadly mist. The trees had spoke of them, but he had never truly believed them, not anything more than to please them anyway. Sure, the small dragons that inhabitated the forest were believable, but huge dragons of flight that soared high above? It was not possible, but these days anything seemed to be, and now he was starting to believe. He heard the flaps of wings, large from what he could tell through his Elven ears, though how many he was unsure, nor was he at liberty to give it a second thought, for if the trees were correct on their existance then they may very well be correct on many other things...

Entire cities destroyed... Whole populations enslaved... No, he would not let it happen here, especially while he was here. He was at first unsure whether to call out to the girl, at risk of alarming the winged beasts of above, but wit ha second thought he realized that they already knew they were here, but he was not sure if she knew of them. 'YOU MUST COME BACK,' he screamed as he moved his staff in front of the other, Kyro was his name, in case he had decided to run after her, and he then spoke to him, though still watching where the girl once was. 'If you have a weapon... I suggest you draw it,' he finished as he continued to watch, hoping that the one that stood beside him had some way to protect himself, and if need be others...

06/01/2005 7:57 AM

The dragons that circled the village were serpent like, with vicious triangular shaped head. Their wings were bat-like, a thin membrane attached to arm-like appendages. Wicked claws tiped the wrist of each wing. Their hind legs were well muscled, used to propelling themselves off of cliffs or even straight up off the ground into flight.

Ai watched them prepar their attack, and knew that there was only one hope to stop this catastrophe. Thankful for the mist that shrouded her, she focused inward... till all she could feel and hear was the sound of her own heart-beat.

She heard one of the others behind her call out to her, and she hesitated... shaking her head in frim denial, she refocused...this time all pretense to her form dropped. This time the miasma couldn't hide her comepletely. Ironic... the only salvation from the attacking dragons was another dragon.

Her head came up, sunlight glittering off of each prismatic scale. Feathered wings unfurled, white feathers almost phosphorescent in the bright sun. A shrill cry reverberated through the Miasma, and the crystal dragon launched herself into the air.

At the sound of the challenging roar, the three fire dragons turned mid-air. The lead answered her challenge with an ugly bellow, tiny flamelets licking at his jaws. The other two hung back for a moment, then turned their attentions back to the village.

::Betrayer!!:: The fire dragon hissed, the fringe of scales around his head standing on end.

: We are here to protect them! Not enslave them!! : The prism dragon's shrill plea fell on deaf ears

:: Crystal dragons betrayed the Call, disobeyed the council. By law and decree of the council they are to be hunted down, especially the Royals!! ::

Ai wheeled around, narrowly avoiding a blast of flame from her opponant. She flew high, using the sun to her advantage. The fire dragon roared in rage, abruptly blinded by the light that was intensified by her bright scales. The roar changed to a scream of pain as Ai plowed into him, slamming him into the unyeilding ground.

She pushed herself off of him, back into the air, it only took a single glance to know that he would not get back up.... She banked sharply, heading for the Village.....and the remaining two.

06/01/2005 2:57 PM

Kyro was shocked to find out Dragons are flying in the sky. Then Kyro glanced at the villagers, worried. People in the village were running around, screaming in fear and panic. They ran into their homes for protection. People can't escape of the village because of the miasma. Kyro glanced back at Fernan, he told Kyro to draw his weapons in order to defend against the dragons. Kyro understood and he only can use magics.
Kyro just gathered magic energies from his hand, ready to cast powerful magics.
He then looked up to saw 2 fire dragons circling around the village. He was in fear
as he keep watching the dragons fly around. Kyro knows he must protect the village
and to fight against these dragons. So Kyro was keeping his guard up, he waits until the
the dragons strike first on the village or him.

06/01/2005 3:41 PM

As he watched to the area where the girl once was he saw now only what appeared to be another dragon, but with a quick glance up to spot the other dragons, three to be exact, it was gone, as was the girl apparently, but when he looked back up all would be cleared. He saw a glimmer out of his eye as Kyro drew his magic, and thus moved his staff from in front of him, knowing now that he could defend himself. His attention was still to the skies though, seeing now another dragon, much different from the others. The screeches were foreign to him, but he knew that they were not friendly, and nor was what happened next...

The dragons had turned from the village but now to face the other dragon, and soon after the apparent leader had launched a ball of fire at this seemingly 'friendly' dragon, though the trees had spoke of no such thing, only in fables and the likes, but that was the last thing on his mind now, for that ball of fire had confirmed his fears, for fire did only one thing, and that was consume. It would consume all in its path, especially plants or the like, and now he knew that his magic would be near worthless...

Small vines that had come to the grounds surface subsided as he watched them battle, the 'friendly' dragon dodging the blaze narrowly as she flew high into the sky. What happened next he wasn't sure of, for a bright light had come from where the dragon once was, and added with the sun behind it he had to look down, closing his eyes for an instant, though it was long enough for him to miss something, for next he heard a loud noise...

Not just any noise though, the kind that might happen when a large tree falls in the wild, the kind of thump that things do not rise from, as was apparent from what he could make of the scene when he looked up. He saw coming towards them the dragon that had fought the other 'fire' dragons he thought them to be, but now could only hope that his assumption of it being friendly was not misplaced, for from what it had done to the still body of what was once a dragon behind it, he knew the same and much more could be done to the village. Either way he stood ready, wondering where this new dragon had come from, all the while remembering the fables and legends that the trees had told him as a boy, for if one was true then many more may be as well...

Now his attention was divided, however, for all around him people scurried, and his pointed ears suddenly twitched... ABOVE THEM! His eyes shot up to the skies, but he already knew what he would see. He had hoped that when he saw them no more that possibly the other dragon had disabled them as well, but in the back of his mind he never truly believed it. Either way now they were here, but most people had already seked shelter in their houses, so their would hopefully be less casualties. He could do nothing but wait now, and look around to see if there was anything he could use, clutching his staff in his right hand, watching now the dragons above him, hopefully the 'friendly' dragon would go after them again...

06/01/2005 7:35 PM

Geyli lay sleeping in a tree at the edge of the town, screams woke him, and cold sweat flowed down his brow, his sharp eyesight confermed the sreams of terror, 'Dragons! but what the hell do they want with our little town?' He thought gliding to the ground.

06/02/2005 5:12 AM

the remaining fire dragons turned their attentions to the village. Only when they heard the crash and Ai's trill of triumph did they turn back towards her. Their body language was all Ai needed to read into as they both charged at her.

Divide and conquer wouldn't work now, She wheeled around and tried to lure them away from the village. Strangely enough they wouldn't leave the vicinity of the crystal's protection. They didn't want to be suprised in the thick miasma. Ai's cry again challenged the other two, and while they answered her call, they didn't advance.

Frustrated, afraid for the Villagers below, she circled the pair. A single fire dragon she could handle... two? in what would probably not be quite a fair fight? Probably not.

06/02/2005 11:36 AM

Kyro heard a roar from another dragon. He turns around and looked up high and saw a crystal dragon flying toward the village. Kyro thought this could be more trouble and more disaster. But he saw and heard the crystal dragon calling out the fire dragons for some reason. Kyro thinks the crystal dragon was trying to lure the 2 fire dragons out of the village but failed. Now the crystal dragon was about to fight them both. Kyro doesn't know what to do now and wonders why the crystal dragon is protecting the village and fighting it's own kind. Kyro turns to Fernan for help, "Fernan, do you have a plan?" asked Kyro, "and should we fight both of these dragons, or should we battle the 2 fire dragons and help the crystal one?"

06/02/2005 4:10 PM

In the skies the battle of a lifetime was unfolding, but all Fernan could do was watch, and that irritated him. He knew his vines could not reach that high, and even if they could what use would they be against a dragon which breaths fire? His mind raised with possible ideas on how he could help, for now he was sure that this 'crystal' dragon, or so it appeared to be of crystal, was on their side, at least for the time being. He watched as they circled in the air, two on one was by no means a fair fight, even he knew that, but just then he heard something behind him...

Something had landed, no doubt, as to what he was not sure. It was no like most other footsteps, and had a distinct sound to it. Soon after he heard words from apparently the same being, but did not turn to face it for there were more important matters at hand. He was still somewhat puzzled as to what it was, maybe in a less stressful time he could have deciphered it, he was sure of it, but even if he tried now Kyro had just began to speak...

He heard his words, and took a couple of seconds to think on them. A plan? He had been thinking on it ever since he had arrived in the village, but nothing was sticking out to him in particular, but then something hit him, Kyro could use magic. It was a long shot, yes, but he had to ask, 'The enemy of my enemy is my ally, or for now at least, but I must ask of you something. That magic of yours... Can it make one fly?' He finished as he waited for a reply...

If he could get into the air with the beasts then he may be of some help, but decided against calling out to the dragon of crystal as he did not want to break any concentration that may be had within. He was sure he could be at least of some assistance if he could just get up there, and his grip on his staff tightened even more with the anticipation of it, as for such foul beasts no mercy was to be awarded...

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06/02/2005 6:18 PM

'The enemy of my enemy is my ally, or for now at least, but I must ask of you something. That magic of yours... Can it make one fly?'

Kyro gave a confusing look to what Fernan has said. He doesn't understood what Fernan meant. But Kyro understands the second part of what Fernan said. He wants Kyro to use wind Magic (gently not destructive) ,and carry Fernan into the air gently to reach the flying height of the dragons so he can attack. "All right, I think I get your plan now," answered Kyro, "You want to hover or fly using my wind magic, okay I think it'll work.
Stand a few feet out in front of me and I'll cast a gentle whirl wind to you and it'll carry you high enough to those dragons, I'll control the winds movements to help guide you the dragons. Ready?"

06/04/2005 3:13 AM

Fernan caught Kyro's confused expression out of the corner of his eye, and also noted a bit of confusion when Kyro had started speaking, but listened to what he had to say until he was finished nonetheless. 'Wind Magic'...? Sounded good to him, and how else would he get within reach of the dragons, until it was too late that is. Either way he pondered on his words for a moment, for he had a bit of trouble with what was planned. If he was merely lifted into the air, he was have no footing, and would be at the mercy of this 'wind magic,' something that he wasn't quite fond of, but with a quick look around he had solved his problem, but not before he had explaining himself. 'It means for now, we help that 'crystal' dragon,' he said, trying not to talk in too many riddles, though the trees he was accustomed to often did so...

He began to walk over to what appeared to be some sort of store house, talking as he went. 'This 'wind magic' you speak of should do the trick, but I will need some sort of footing if I am to stand anywhere near toe-to-toe with those beasts,' he said, switching the staff to his left hand as he quickly drew his katana, cutting the hinges in one distinct motion as he fluidly moved to cut the doorknob as well. As he sheathed his blade only seconds later the door began to fall, just as he moved out of the way. The metal door hitting the ground stirred up dirt, and underneath it something else was happening as well...

Fernan was controlling several vines underneath the door as it raised a bit off the ground, the vines springing from the ground like a cobra from the woven basket of a skilled charmer. They brought the door back near to Kyro, a few feet away as he had asked, just as Fernan started walked back, his staff back in his right hand now as he began to speak. 'I think that should do good,' he said stepping up onto it now as he looked up once again...

The beasts were quite high, and one mistake would most surely not be good. There was no time to ponder mistakes, however, as he slanted his staff diagnolally so as to grab it with both hands, tightly, as he looked back at Kyro. 'Ready when you are, just watch out for where this door might land if something is to happen,' he said firmly, no notion of fear in his voice, only cautiousness if anything. This was it, what happened next no one could foretell...

06/04/2005 10:24 AM

"All right, this can work. If you fall off or something goes wrong I will save you" said Kyro as he saw Fernan standing on the door. He wants to surf in the air to fight those dragons with Kyro's wind magic. "Here goes" readied Kyro, as he clasp his hands together and gather wind energy. 'Whirl wind' Kyro opens his hands and then he raises his hands up high and the wind energy turns to a big whirlwind from Kyro's hands. The tornado is big and unleashed strong winds and Kyro tries to minimize the strong power. Then Kyro gathers the tornado into his hands again and the
winds are whirling around around Kyro's hand. Kyro then thrust his hands forward and launches a gust of Wind towards underneath the door Fernan is standing on. It hits below the door then a giant tornado was unleashed instantly. The tornado's winds are powerful and it picks up the door and Fernan on it up in the air quickly and gently in the tornado's spiraling winds. Kyro controls the tornado's winds to hold Fernan and the door steadily and balancing him. Kyro controls the tornado's path to the fire dragons, the rest is upto Fernan.

06/05/2005 5:18 PM

Geyli ran, rage build ing up inside him, he closed his eyes still running and thinking to himself, 'What's going on?' He tripped sliding on the ground. Panting he got to his knees, he looked ahead and saw a mage and a warrior, "And who are they? could they be on the dragons' side?!?" He stood up, pulled out his knife, and though 'To bad I don't have my spear with me, but I won't need it if these guys really are on the dragons' side...' He ran twards the two warriors. but just before he got there, the mage casted a wind spell, Geyli hid. "I'll find out more about my prey before I strike."

06/14/2005 7:26 AM

Ai wheeled around, again trumpeting her challenge. The pair of fire dragons were wary now, as they had seen what she had done to their leader. Moving with agile speed, Ai decided to rush the remaining pair. The smallest didn't see her in time, and Ai's claws tore ribbons of flesh from each delicate wing.

The fire dragon squealed in pain, and Ai's wings labored to keep them both in the air. Her jaws closed over the wyrm's throat, tasting the hot copper of blood in her mouth. Grimacing in distates, Ai bit down with determinatio, till she finally heard a satisfying Snap, and the fire dragon ceased his struggles.

Once she was clear of the city wall, she dropped the corpse. About to turn and deal with the last, a flash of red was her only warning as the remaining fire dragon slammed into her. Ai tried to spread her wings, vainly trying to slow her fall, but she was pinned by the fire dragon's more flexable wing-apendages.

All she could to was snarl, and glare, with hatred burning in her gaze, at the fire dragon as they plummeted. Then all she knew was pain, White hot and searing. She forced herself to lie still, forcing her breath to quiet, it hurt too much to breathe anyway.

Alone now, the fire dragon had no desire to continue the attack. Launching itself into the air, it roared in triumph as it flew away. Once the dragon was out of sight, Ai reverted to the form she had known all her life. Blinking away the tears of pain and defeat as she struggled to stand.

06/15/2005 10:18 PM

The sensation of flying was something that Fernan had never felt, and as he and the door were lifted into the air he could not help but fall to one knee, rising again trying to steady his balance, an attainable feat with the help of Kryo's magic. The battle was still raging above, and Fernan still wasn't sure if what he was going to do, but improvisation was one of his strong points, and he knew it, too bad he wouldn't have time to use it though, because before he was barely twenty feet off the ground the apparent ally dragon had already made a charge...

It tore through the wings of the apparently lesser dragon, holding it in mid-air before ending its defiled life with a crunch of its neck, but that wasn't enough to stop the second dragon, however. It piledrived the prismatic dragon to the ground, where it lay dormant until the other dragon had retreated, though Fernan was sure if it was a retreat or a victory, but either way Fernan couldn't believe what he saw next, the defeated dragon turned back into the woman that he had seen leaving the city earlier, just minutes before...

He couldn't help but feel useless as he jumped back to the ground, no doubt slowed somewhat by Kryos wind magic, but easing the land still with a small bed of vines, moving to have a trampoline like effect when he landed. He rushed to the girl, seeing the apparent wounds of the battle upon her. Any other time he would have inquired as to how she could change into such a beast, but not now, now there was pain, possibly something that he could do something about...

'Your hurt,' he said, bringing his sprint to a stop in front of her, 'Please, you must let us help you.' He finished, looking back to Kyro before offering a helping arm for Ki to lean on if needed. He didn't touch her, however, not wanting to invade any personal boundaries which she may have set up. He merely waited for her reply, though he was close enough to catch her should she fall...

06/17/2005 12:20 PM

Kyro saw the fire dragon had defeated the crystal dragon. Fernan had hopped off the platform Kyro was carrying with wind magic and Fernan landed safely to the ground.
Kyro saw the fire wyrm flying away. Kyro canceled his magic and his cyclone disappeared. Kyro ran towards to the crystal dragon and Kyro was suprised the crystal dragon was transforming back to the girl he saw earlier. Kyro kneeled down next to the girl to check her if she's badly injured. "Miss, are you alright?" asked Kyro as he saw few bruises on her. Kyro looked towards to Fernan, "We have to help her," said Kyro. Kyro stood up and walked backwards a bit. Kyro streched out his hand toward the girl and ready to cast healing magic. "Heal" a large blue energy rune circle was surrounding the girl. The healing circle begins to heal her as a blue light was surrounding her to heal. Once she was nearly recovered, the blue light had faded away. Kyro then kneeled down to her to check if she's okay now.

06/17/2005 4:00 PM

Ai grimaced as the healing spell settled over her, and her injuries grew uncomfortably warm as they healed under Kyro's care. The four cracked ribs healed as if nothing had happened, and the bruising faded.

Slowly she sat up, hesitantly as if expecting pain. When no more pain announced itself, she took a deep breath, then let it out in relief.

"Thank you so much..." She breathed, though heat of embarrasment stained her cheeks red. In the next moment, she forgot her embarrassment, remembering the lone Fire Wyrm who escaped.

"I've got to go after it! If it warns the Council, this Village will never be safe!" She exclaimed and got to her feet unsteadily.

06/17/2005 4:29 PM

Fernan had moved back quite fast as the blue markings appeared on the ground from nowhere, though he moved forward again. Hesitantly, however, but he knew it was more of Kyro's magic, so he was more comfortable with it. Amazingly he saw before his eyes the wounds on the young woman heal almost instantaneously, though he oculd tell she was still somewhat tired...

'You need rest.'

He said, offering her his Bo staff. He could tell she was still a bit wobbly when she tried to stand, but her words had frightened him. More dragons? She may have been able to handle two, but now she was in no condition to handle anymore. Maybe there was some way that they could help, however...

'Isn't there some way we can help you? Surely this would be better handled by three than one.'

He finished, hoping that there was a possibility that he could help.

06/17/2005 9:41 PM

"I agree with Fernan," said Kyro, "Let us help you fight those dragons, I don't know how this happened or what happened before but I can't let any disaster happen to our lands." Kyro also forgots that he doesn't know the girl who can transformed into a crystal dragon. "Oh yeah by the way, who are you and what is your business with those dragons?" asked Kyro.

06/28/2005 9:11 PM

"My name is Aiwani Kitsurai. Call me Ai if you will. I was born in this village... well not really. My parents found me swathed in silk next to the crystal one morning years ago, when I was just a babe. My business with those dragons is one of complication. They have exiled my kind a millennia ago. And I fight to protect the villages of this misbegoten world."

She took Fernan's staff with a smile of gratitude. while the cracks in her ribs were healed, the muscles were still sore. "I need to sleep... changing forms like that wearies me. We can talk more in the Tavern... I could use a bite to eat as well..."

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