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05/30/2005 3:50 PM

Ajel was combing her hair in her dormitory room. As walked out, and went to see the younglings
be taught by Yoda. She was wasn’t jealous, but she wanted to be tought under Yoda then spoke.

“Tis a good day it is. We have a visitor we do.” He said

Ajel froze up, and began to back away. She didn’t want to disturb the class.

“You came to see us did you not?” Yoda asked.

Ajel walked inside slowly. She bowed, and stayed bowed to Master Yoda.

“I’m sorry Master Yoda, I did not mean to interrupt your class.” She said apologetically.
“It is alright, the younglings like you. Would you like to train with us?” He asked.

Ajel tilted her head up to look at the small green cloaked master in front of her. She slightly

“I”d be honored to Master Yoda.” She said.
“Very good. Ajel came to show us the basics that she did.” He told the class.

The class lined up, and bowed to her. This was unual because she was not yet an apprentice or a
master. She bowed back to them. She then threw her light saber accost the room. She looked at
the children. They did the same.

“Force pull.” She told them. “Concentrate your energy on your saber, if you concentrate to much
it will turn on, so be cautious.” She warned them.

She focused to much, and her light saber turned on, but floated in the air.

“That’s my saber. Do not do what I have just done, it could come back, and hurt someone.” She
warned again. “Now, watch closely.”

She put her hand back down, and the light saber fell. She raised her hand again, and the saber
rose, it quickly came to her. When she snapped her wrist. She turned to the class.

“You try.” She told them.
“Excuse miss Ajel.” A boy cried out.
“Yes?” She replied.
“How do you know which one yours is?” He asked.

Ajel was stunned, she wasn’t sure. She looked at her light saber. Then Yoda cleared his throat.

“There is a crystal that is inside the light saber, and it reacts to your force. Concentrate your
energy, and you well fell your light saber out, that you well.”Yoda said

Ajel nodded, impressed by how wise Yoda was. After the lessons, she ran in front of Yoda, and

“Master Yoda-

Before she could continue Master Yoda spoke.

“I have found a master for you. He is wise, and young looking, that he is.” He said happily.

Ajel was so happy she got on her knees and hugged Master Yoda.

“Thank you!” She screamed out.

She got up, and began bowing countless times, and then ran to a circular room, and awaited for
her master to enter. Until then she practiced using force push on objects, and for pull, to place
them back where they where. Hopefully not going to break anything in the room.

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05/31/2005 6:58 PM

*Drake walks through the doors to the council room.* "Ajel what are you doing? This is not what I asked you to do. I asked you to get information on the Chansler. Why havent you done that yet?" *Drake goes to his chair and sits down*

05/31/2005 7:33 PM

Ajel looks at Drake quizzically. Yoda then enters, with a smile to large for his face. She bows to
both the masters. Yoda takes his chair next to Yoddal. They nod to one another, and look at Ajel
who presents herself to the council with her head bowed down.

“They would not allow me to see him.” She told them.
“How many times have they denied you?” Asked Yoddal.
“Six, but I managed to see him anyway.” She replied.
“Really, what did he say?” Asked Yoda.
“Nothing, he was being attacked by a mercenary. This news was to be hushed, but I am not
permitted to hide anything from you.” Ajel replied.
“What did this mercenary look like?” Yoddal asked.
“Cloaked, hunched over. Lots of guns, and more then five hands. I believe it was fat as well.” Ajel
“I see, but that is not what is on your mind is it young Amenya?” Asked Yoda

Ajel looked at Yoda. No one had ever called her by her last name before. Was he going to be her
master? He stood up. Ajel quickly kneed to except him as her master, only to see him chuckle.
She rose to her feet.

“Master Yoda?” She asked.
“I’m afraid I gave you the wrong impression, I have. Master Gijin, your master shall be.” He

She bows to the council.

“I will go talk to the councils right now.” She turns to Master Giji, bows as says. “I will return
more information, and never fail you again. Accept my apologies.” She said

The was permitted to leave.

06/01/2005 6:19 PM

*Drake turns to master Yoda*
"Master, are you sure about having me be her master? She is quite young and I dont know if she is up to my tests"

"Much faith i have in you master Gijin. Ajel great things i see."

"Thank you master. I hope the Chancaler dosnt give her to many problems."

"As do i."

"She is very loyal though. She will do fine hopefully."

"Yes, very hopeful are you, but she will be well i know this."

06/01/2005 6:36 PM

Ajel walks into the canceller’s office. He wheels himself around on the chair.

“I hear you are now a padawan. I’m very proud of you. Who is your master?” He asked.
“Master Gijin.” She replied.

He looked at her with interest.

“The one who took over Mace’s spot I see.” He said to himself. “He’s rather new to it all. Wouldn’t you rather have a better-

Before he could saw the rest, a beeping noise was heard. It was Ajel’s communicator. She looked at the canceller.

“I’m sorry my lord, but I have an urgent message.” She said in a bow.
“Go ahead.” He said with a smile.
“My most sincere apologies.” She pleaded.
“Ha, forget it, go, go, you are needed.” He urged her.

She ran out, and answered her called.

“Lady Amenya.” She said.
“Yoda wishes you to go to Tatooine, he senses a disturbance, Master Gijin well be in pod number 28.” Said a voice on the communicator.
“Thank you.” She said turning it off.

She ran off to the pod, and buckled up for the ride next to Master Gijin.

"Sorry master, I failed you. I was called out quickly, but it is still my fault." She said apologiticaly.

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06/01/2005 6:41 PM

*Notices Ajel sit next to him*

"Hello Ajel, can you fly this thing? I need a good pilot in order to get it there in one piece. Master Yoda has told me that we need to look after a family. The Sith seem to want something to do with them and we are to check it out."

*with that the pod launches out and they are on there way to Tatooine*

"Ajel, it is alright that you havnt recieved any information from the Chansler, Master Yoda has another Jedi on it already. We just wanted to test your loyalty. You have pased the first test."

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06/01/2005 6:52 PM

As the two arrive safely, Ajel led the way to her home. A woman comes out, and smakes her in the face.

“Evil child!” She screamed.

Suddenly more women emerged from the house. Ajel did not look at them at all. They all scowled at her. The first woman spoke.

“You kill father, then you bring a sith to our house! He killed all the men!” She screamed.

Ajel’s eyes snapped open, and she looked at them.

“Sith?” She asked.

One woman took out a gun.

Ajel stepped in front of her master.

“Don’t tempt me sister.” She hissed.
“Hithing freak!” She screamed.
“Why don’t you understand that getting my power was not my choice, why don’t you understand I’m not here to harm you!” Ajel screamed.

Ajel’s sister was about to fire, but Ajel used force pull, and too the gun.

“Freak!” She scramed.

Ajel dropped the gun, and stared at the dust ground. Small drops of tears touched the forlorn land.

“Stop it.” She whispered. “I want to help.” She growled.
“Murderer!” Yelled some women.
“Please let me help you.” She whispered.

They still chanted freak, and harsh names to her.

“You’ll all me killed if you don’t!” Ajel screamed.

Everything seemed quiet. Ajel wanted to protect them, no matter how much they hurt her.

06/01/2005 6:57 PM

*Drake Raised his hand and the crowed was silenced*

"Now listion up, we are here to find this Sith and take care of him. Eather you will help us or your lives will end up the same as his. I have no time for this now tell me were the Sith is!!!"

*the people part and point the way*

"Thank you, Ajel lets go!"

*The two walk twoards the Bar*

"Ajel, let go of your fear and anger they will not aid you in this enconter. Please clear your mind"

06/01/2005 7:47 PM

She rubbed her face, and was surprised at the sting.

“Yes master.” She said.

Something wasn’t right to her. The men where there at one point. Her sister should not be that strong. It didn’t matter. She focused on her master. On is strength. She was soon relieved.

“Thank you master, you are kind and wise with me. I could not ask for better.” She told him.

Something had just hit her.

“Was that the jedi mind trick master?” She asked.
“No.” Gijin replied.

When they entered the bar Ajel stayed very close to her master. She wasn’t afraid, but did not trust bars, because of the reputation. She sat down with him, and a green slimy waiter came to them.

“What beverage well you have?” It asked in a raspy voice.

Ajel went off into thinking. Her mind had suddenly remembered something very strange.

“Where did she get the gun?” She murmured to herself.

Something didn’t seem right to her. The encounter that she had just had, had seemed out of place. Her sister would never be that strong, and she wouldn’t be carrying around a gun either.

06/02/2005 10:46 AM

Havilin headed down to the jedi temple once again that day to look for someone that may volunteer to be his master. He asked many jedi. He found no one that would once again. Then master yoda came by and spoke.

"Havilin you are?" The short green man said.

"Yes I am master Yoda." Havilin responded to the great man

"Understand me that you look for master is it not?" He kindly says

It seemed as if he may be his master. "Yes. Yes master Yoda very much." Havilin said to him.

"Come with me you may. Have master for you I might." He said to the anxioce teen.

He lead Havilin through a wide a range of hallways looking much the same. Finally they came upon master naytoo.

"Master naytoo. Padawan I have." master Yoda said to the tall man.

"Thank you master Yoda." He said to the green man then looked at Havilin.
"To who do I now owe apprenticeship." He said looking at Havilin.

"Havilin sir. Havilin Stunpor... Master Naytoo." he replied

"Good to have you as my apprentice Havilin. Come see my crew." he said.

06/02/2005 6:16 PM

*Drake looks at the Bar keep*

"Nothing for now. We are looking for someone. He is dressed mostly in black, and may have a weapon. have you seen him?"

"I have seen no one like this."

*Drake waves his hand to the bar keep*

"Are you shure?"

"Uhaa now that I think of it. He just went to the docks, I think his ship is there. If you hurry you may catch him."

"Thank you. Ajel, lets go"

*The two get up and walk to the Docks*

06/02/2005 6:25 PM

Ajel gets up quickly.

“You really must teach me that.” She told him happily.

As they walked to the docks, a hover cycle drew near them. Ajel stopped. It was coming right at

“Master?” She asked.

Ajel jumped off to the side as the vehicale came at her. She hoped she would be allowed to attack
this person. She outstreched her hand. Her aim had missed, and instead of using force push on the
rider, it was placed on cycle. It caused the cycle to go fly the other way forcing the attacker
down. If one had seen this without knowing her mistac they would thought it a great feet, but to
one who could sence the force they may have found that her mind acted to quickly without the
body to guide the force. It was not the sith, but a bounty hunter.

“Master, do we have a price on our head?” She asked Gijin.

Before he could replied the figure spoke.

“No, but I have a bone to pick with both of you.” It said in a mechanical voice.

The person was hidden in a robotic armor. So the person was very concealed. The armor also had
an extra set of hands. Giving this thing five total.

“You attacked the chanceler.” She whispered.

06/02/2005 6:29 PM

*Drake looks at the Hunter*

"Alright then, what is it that you want with up? I dont seem to recognize who you are, but my Aprentice dose so perhaps you are of use. Please in lighten me."

*Drake folds his arms but keeps a force pull on his saber just in case. The hunter dosnt seem hostile to him but he still dosnt trust him*

06/02/2005 6:37 PM

“Both of you killed an innocent being, that was dear to me.” It said.
“I wouldn’t harm an innocent person!” Ajel protested.
“You attacked me!” It screamed.
“You tried to run us over, are you innocent for doing that?” Ajel questioned.
“Silence!” It screamed.

One robotic hand made a quick movement, and Ajel flew backwards. The dust kicked up around
her. She emerged from the dust.

“You aren’t the one we are after.” Ajel said.

She could see a sith ship close by. Ajel was pushed again. This time she fell harder. She wanted to
reach for her light saber, but decided against it. How could her master not do anything? This
person isn’t strong enough to fight him. She was weak apparently. She got up, but felt herself
being pushed again. She countered with a quick force pull on the robot bounty hunter. As the
hunter neared Ajel, Ajel moved forcing it to go head first into the sand. Ajel sat down, and looked
up at the hot suns. Five guns emerged from hidden locations, and where aimed at Ajel. She knew
she couldn’t stop this.

06/02/2005 6:41 PM

*DRake noticing Ajel in truble pulled out his SAber and Cut all 5 guns off at the Barle*

"WE dont have time for this. Tell us what you want or your life is for fit. We have killed no one as of right now and if you are protecting the sith then you are in our way and must die!!!"

*Drake holds his blade at the Bounty Hunters head waiting for him to make a move. the glow of the black blades and the hum would have been enough to frighten any man to death, but this hunter had no fear of death*

06/02/2005 6:51 PM

The Major took his morning rounds and did his morning exercises, after he washed up, he dressed and had breakfast with some knights and a few padawans. It all went by quickly, he went out, checking in with the receptionists and locking down his quarters.

As he left the the temple, he skimmed the merchant quarter and purchased a nice loaf of bread which had a partially salty and a partially sweet taste. He broke it in half and shoved one half into his robe. He gripped the other half and bit into it, the tatse was heavenly.

he thought, mmmmmmmmm, best Dantooine bread, nice and warm too...

He looked up, and swallowed, He saw one of the padawans from the temple, and an assassin droid threatening her. He pulled out his saber (keeping it unignited) while slipping the rest of the bread inside his robe. He used the force and gingerly flung the droid away from the padawan, it landed on it's feet and stood there. Blasters still trained on the jedi.

"What may I ask are you doing, droid?"

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06/02/2005 6:52 PM

“Master, he isn’t our opponent. We can’t-
“Another time maybe.” The robotic thing said,

The sound of ships leaving had caught the ears of Ajel. Sith ships had been taking off. Ajel looked
at the gun, she remembered her sister.

“I don’t think I killed father. I think you did.” She said.

The robot looked at Ajel. The helmet fell, long flowing black hair, and orange eyes meet Ajel’s
green eyes.

“Amorah Amenya, here to kill you all, later.” She hissed.
“Don’t blame my master for killing mother either. A sith did it.” Ajel told her sister.
“Take a closer look at him.” She said.

With that she used a teleportation device on her suit to move her.

“Master, is there something-

She stopped her self.

“Master we have to get to that ship.” She said slowly.

06/02/2005 6:54 PM

"What -the--, where did she go?"

The Major saw the droid disappear! There was a pop of rushing air and the hunter left!

"What was that all about?"

06/02/2005 6:55 PM

*Drake senced the threat was gone and lowered his blade*

"Yes the ships, maby later. I sence we have a visitor at the council chambers. let us tell master yoda of our perdicament."

*With that Drake walked off to the ship.*

"Ajel, i am sorry about your family."

06/02/2005 6:57 PM

"My sister wants to kill jedi. She is being controled. She never acted this way until after the sith left. After father died. After it was my fault. After we where alone." She told him looking down. "I should have stayed home and watched them." She told herself.

She knew if that happened her sister would have killed her eventually.

"Master I wish to get on that last sith ship. It hasn't left." She told him
"Master please." She begged.

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06/02/2005 6:57 PM

"Can either of you hear me?"

The Major waved his hand in front of the Jedi's eyes and looked perplexed, he was there the entire time! He spoke as if there was no third Jedi...

06/02/2005 7:00 PM

*He senced the Presence*

"Ajel it is a trap you can sence it, we will be better off back home."

*He borded the ship and left for Coresont*

"Ajel I am going to rest please inform master Yoda of what has happined. Good night"

*with that Drake left to his room*

06/02/2005 7:06 PM

(Yeah she explained what happened on page one at the bottom, sorry but we are both going to go now. Can you fight your way back home, siths are in outerspace now.)

Ajel called master Yoda, and told him what happened.

"Strong you must be. You fear facing your past, that you should not." He told her.
"Both masters are here, I will attend to them." She told him.
"Very well, tell both masters what you have in your heart you shall." Yoda told her.
"Yes master." She replied.

She found Drake fast asleep. She placed a blanket over her master.

"Master Konig, I have told you about my sister. Is there anything else you wish to know?" She asked.

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06/02/2005 7:13 PM

Havilin followed his master outside. They came to the mans hovercraft.

"Master Naytoo this is very nice." Havilin said.

"What the hovercraft?" He replied in a questioned voice.

"No master you giving m apprenticeship." Havilin spoke to his master.

"Well my other apprentice is about to leave. So I wanted another to teach." Master Naytoo said.

They left in his hovercraft to the outskirts of town. They landed at a small house. Outside were about 4 creatures. They were working on some sort of ship. Soon Havilin and Master Naytoo got out of the hovercraft and headed over to them.

"Gensar, how are the modifications coming." He said to the orange creature that had three legs.

"Very well sir. We should have them finished in three days tops." Gensar replied

"Good. Havilin this is Gensar he is the chief mechanic of the crew." Master Naytoo said.

"Oh is this your new apprentice master Naytoo. Yes, very much Gensar." They said

Gensar then shook Havilin's hand.

"Guys come over here. We've got the new apprentice." Gensar yelled

Soon the other three creatures came. As well as one man out of the house.

"Is that him? Is that your apprentice Naytoo?" The man said

"Now Jen-far you are not yet out of my apprenticeship. You still have to call me by master." Master Naytoo said to Jen-far.

"Okay. Master Naytoo is this your new apprentice?" Jen-far said in a disgusted voice

"Yes Jen-far he is. Everyone his name is Havilin Stunpor." He said to Jen-far then everyone else.

"Havilin eh? Well good to have ya aboard the crew." A strange fat bluish creature says

"Havilin his name is Kingon. The one with the red dot on him is Ufsrer. And the very small yellow fellow over there is Yensin." Master Naytoo said to Havilin.

They all greated him with many "Hello"s and "Good to see ya"s. Then Jen-far came up to him.

"Heed what he tells you." He quickly said before leaving the house.

06/02/2005 7:17 PM

Ajel Looked at the Major.

"Don't wake him." She said.

She opened the platform. She used force jump to saftly land back on the ground. She began to run. When she come to the docks she stole the hovercraft.

"Sorry!" She told a master.

She began to go to the sith ship.

(We do have a sith player, so we may have to wait for them)

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06/02/2005 10:22 PM

They left to the retreat of the house.

"Master, what is it that they are doing to your ship out there." Havilin asked to Master Naytoo.

"Oh that they are just putting on newer parts and fixing some of the damages. Its not important." He responded.

Nothing much happened for the next couple of days except much training. Quickly he taught of the power and wisdom of the force. He taught Havilion many skills with the lightsaber. He taught mainly style number 2. This was against guns and such. He also taught him of style 3 in which is based on saber-saber combat.

Then the clone wars broke out. A master made a call.

"Master Naytoo." It was master Windle.

"Master Windle. What it is?" he said to the hologram.

"We need you. A large unit of sith droids are heading toward a jedi hideout. I can not tell you where I am but you should be able to look into my corodinats from the transmission." Master Windle said

"Fine I will." Master Naytoo replied.

"Bring Havilion. It will be good for him." Master Windle said

"Are you sure? He has only begun to learn how to use a lightsaber." Master Naytoo says in a worried but yet questioned voice.

"Well he needs experience facing actual opponents." Master Windle says. "Hurry."

"Fine." Master Naytoo says and the hologram stops.

Master Naytoo headed outside. Havilion followed.

"Come on everyone. We have a mission." He said to them.

They all headed into the ship. Followed by Master Naytoo and Havilion.

Kingon sat at the pilot seat. Yensin brang up the corrodinates and Ufsrer got ready at the guns. Both Naytoo and Havilion came up to the hologram of the universe.

Yensin explained where they were going. "Alright. From Master Windles transmission we got the coordinates to where he is. It seems he is on this planet here." He pointed to a bluish planet that had clouds everywhere over it. "This is somewhere in the Trinity nebula so we may have to go through a asteroid belt or two." He then zoomed in on the planet to where master windle is and the area around him. "Okay when we get there the droid unit will attack from the northeast. So we will pull our defences from the southeast to the North, East, and Northeast sections of the town. From there we can only hope." He said then closed the hologram.

"Sit tight." Kingon says. " We're going through an asteroid belt." They sat down and strapped themselves. They went around and over many asteroids big and small. It was about half an hour before they got out.

"Finally. We're here." Kingon says. They look at the beautiful planet for a second before heading down to the surface.

06/03/2005 10:56 AM

The Major witnessed the odd behaviour of the padawan, he didn't wake drake, but he did follow the padawan and her stolen speeder...

"IV-b7, get a lock on that speeder that Ajel apropriated, I wish to follow her..."

the Droid nodded and began to lock on that speeder's id code.

"It is ready Master Konig,"

The Major nodded as he caught the datacard and lept into his two seater airspeeder. He overrode the autopilot , and just ripped out of the hangar. He inserted the card and waited until the blinking light appeared on the holomap. The resolution increased and the dot focused into a common speeder icon. He skimmed the controls, and looked for the comm device... He held the button it while navigating the path Ajel took.

"Ajel, this is Major Konig, where do you think you're going? That's not your speeder anyway...Over."

06/03/2005 11:14 AM

Sellith observed the actions happening outside from the ship. He turned to a shadowy hologram standing beside him.

"Master your prediction was correct, there are Jedi approaching."

"Remember your training my apprentice, use your rage to defeat the enemy." the hologram replied to Sellith.

"Yes Master."

The Hologram blinked then disappeared.

06/03/2005 3:19 PM

As they got to the town Havilion looked outside to see Master Windle waiting for them. They touched ground and got out of the ship. Havilion and Master Naytoo went over to Master Windle.

"Master Windle. Have the droids come yet?" Master Naytoo says to his superior.

"No not yet. Our scout is out on his speeder at the moment. He should be back at any time now." Master Windle said to Master Naytoo. "So... how has the training with the young padawan here going?" He said to Naytoo.

"Very well Master Windle. Young Havilion here has really been trying hard to become a jedi." Master Naytoo says.

Soon a huge blast is heard from miles away and Havilion notices something in the air.

"Master... what is that?" Havilion points toward a object falling in the air.

"Thats the scout." Master windle says.

Master Windle, Master Naytoo, and Havilion head over to where the body landed.
They see the scout covered in rubble from his speeder.

"Master Windle. Sir." The man says looking up. "Sir the droid unit is not far from here. They were not two kilometers from here when they shot me." He said.

"Hhhmmm... battle positions everyone!" Master Windle yelled.

All the men and creatures got ready on turrets and machines. If not any left they got the best guns they could and set up at the gate. Master Naytoo ran to the ship and Havilion followed.

"Get ready everyone." Master Naytoo said to the crew. "Kingon stay in the ship and use it in battle. Gensar get to the blasters. Everyone else get out and do what you can. Havilion you come with me to the gate."

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06/06/2005 12:56 PM

"Master Windle! Master Windle the droid unit has come!" The captain says.

"Send out the ships captain." Maste Windle responds

"Deploy the ships! Deploy all ships at once!!" The captain yells.

All ships led off the ground.

"Attack the droids!!" The captain yells

The ships along with the Zion(Master Naytoo's ship) all flew over the gate and headed toward the droid unit. Master Windle followed by Master Naytoo and Havilion went to the top of the gate. Havilion watched as the ships attacked.

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