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05/29/2005 1:16 PM

Hi.... I'm new. And lost.
lol I've been role-playing for years, like 6, and the set-up here is mind-baffling. Your styles of writing are so very different to what I'm accustomed to. *whimpers*
Any chance that one of you could give me a boost on what's up??

05/29/2005 5:31 PM

Eh? What kind of role-playing have you been doing? D&D? Video game? Chat-rp?

05/31/2005 4:57 PM

Hiya - check out the link we've set up for folks who are new here & would like to know how things work. It should answer most of your questions! Shallandra

Free Form RP Forum Guide (http://www.rpgconsortium.com/roleplaynow/ffrpforumsguide.cfm " target="_blank)

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