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05/28/2005 5:34 PM

I want to get a Star Wars thread started up. If anyone is interested, reply here.

Also, I will be gone for a week and upon my return, if there is sufficient interest, I will start it up. I am going to work on the story while I am gone.

05/30/2005 9:04 PM

I'm interested as usual!

because I always play Star Wars to the end!

06/02/2005 7:03 PM

If there's a good plot and some serious players involved, I'll play....

06/12/2005 2:51 PM

Two people?

I'll post the prologue but be warned, it is a little rough around the edges.

A pair of robed figures stood on the bridge of a flagship, the cowls of their cloaks turned downward toward the planet that hung in space below them. Its surface consisted mostly of water, though a few land masses dotted its exterior. Its atmosphere had little cloud coverage and allowed them to view the surface effectively.

“Apprentice, take the fighters and scourge the surface of this disgusting planet,” the larger figure said as he pointed towards the largest landmass, his voice icy cold and composed. It almost sounded like a calm brook, but the undertones that it carried were much stronger, as if the ocean currents rested below that tranquil voice, ready to rise to the surface at any moment.

“Yes Master,” the other replied with a bow before turning on his heel and leaving. His robes fluttered on the air behind him as he silently made his way from the bridge. The sound of a sliding, pressurized door could be heard seconds later, and again a moment after that.

“What is it,” the master said aloud, feeling the presence of his general enter the bridge. The general strode up to the figure, chin held high. The black cap that donned the general’s head did little to hide his graying hair. Already, his thin beard was salt and peppered and his eyes had begun to take on a hazy appearance from the toll of many years. Wrinkles creased his aging face and his brow seemed to be locked into a furrowed position, further wrinkling his forehead. He was garbed in a sith military suit. Its material contrasting sharply to the general’s paling skin.

“Our victory will be swift and unproblematic,” the general replied, his voice monotonous and unfeeling. The first figure turned to regard his general, revealing an intricate red mask with ancient symbols and writing along the edges. He leaned toward the general, bringing himself face to face with the man.

“I expected nothing less,” he replied before chuckling to himself. The general smirked in amusement at the sound and irony of his leader’s action.


The entire city turned their faces skyward as a wave of unknown ships entered the atmosphere and dotted the heavens. A single fighter was in the point position, distinguishing itself as the leader. The rest flew close behind as if waiting for it to make a move.

In one sweep, the lead fighter broke off from the pack, flying downward towards the towering buildings of the city. The people on the ground turned to run, while a few could only stand open-mouthed in awe as the first wave of attacks commenced.

The fighters circled above the city, gun turrents and bomb bays leveling the cityscape below them. Above, the flagship loomed ominously in the sky overlooking the destruction that was taking place. The city lay in ruins, buildings collapsed and smoldering. On the ground, people ran from building to building, some looking for loved ones while others were concerned only for themselves.

Inside his fighter, the apprentice searched the wreckage of the city, seeking any signs of his target. He noticed the building up ahead, a tan, and many windowed tower. It had suffered minimal damages and was still upright. He smiled to himself as he circled above the structure and slowly began his descent. The steady hum of his engine slowly abated as he began to de-accelerate, preparing to land. The robed figure flicked a switch, bringing forth the fighter’s landing gear from inside.

The fighter touched down and the pilot quickly exited the ship, jumping out of the cockpit before it had fully opened. He landed softly on the ground, his black robes flowing behind him on eddies of wind created by his landing. The hilt of an exotic weapon could be seen on his belt.

The robed figure lowered his head as he approached the building, gaining speed and momentum as he neared the wall. Suddenly, his legs kicked out, sending him flying into the air and into a second story window. Shattering the glass, he rolled onto his side as he hit the floor. Continuing his roll, he grabbed the hilt of his weapon and jumped to his feet in one motion. The weapon flared to life, emanating a beam of pure red light and untamed energy. A steady hum came from the weapon as the robed figure investigated the room. The light was extinguished from the weapon as its wielder turned it off, stalking through a nearby door.

He found himself in a stairwell. Above him he could feel his target and with a swift bend of his legs, jumped. Three floors flew before his eyes before he finally landed on the top floor. Directly in front of him loomed a large, metallic door. With a smile, his weapon came to life, shedding an eerie red aura around him and illuminating the different pieces of furniture that littered the hallway.

With a decisive thrust, he plunged the weapon into the center of the door. At first, nothing happened. Within seconds the metal turned red and slowly began to melt. The robed figure pushed harder as the door began to melt more rapidly and fall away in large molten blobs.

After creating a hole large enough for a man to fit through, the figure withdrew his weapon and jumped through. Inside, a brown robed man stood by the window, his hands folded peacefully behind his back. His brown hair hung freely down to his shoulders and as he turned around, it wavered in the air. The two men locked eyes and the brown robed man slowly shed his attire, leaving his robe on the floor and revealing a khaki set of clothing and the same odd weapon that the other man bore.

The khaki clothed man drew his weapon; a green blade of energy immediately flickered to life. Threateningly, he held the weapon in two hands out before him, pointing it almost directly at the intruder that had entered his world. The black robed figure jumped forward, clearing the distance between himself and his combatant.

As he flew by, the two locked blades and the black robed figure took the opportunity to kick his adversary in the face. The khaki clothed man immediately recoiled from the harsh kick, flailing his weapon before him blindly.

The apprentice stalked in, raising his weapon above his head and bringing it down towards his opponents head. The green blade darted upward, intercepting the attack before its wielder launched a lame counterattack. The apprentice spun around the thrust, his robes following closely behind him. Swiftly, he jumped over his opponent, slashing downward with his weapon. He landed behind his opponent, soundlessly touching down. With a quick, decisive upper slash, he cleaved his opponent’s weapon arm off, leaving him defenseless.

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06/13/2005 11:53 PM

Out of curiousity when is this set? You don't normally get more than 4 players to an RP thread unless you know them well enough that they join cause they know your writing style and enjoy it. And the last few times there was only really two players Exile...


06/14/2005 6:51 AM

I'm still In, just so you guys know...

06/14/2005 12:58 PM

You don't normally get more than 4 players to an RP

Yeah, your right.

It is going to be set in Old Republic times, about 2,000 years before the Battle of Yevin. Also, I wanted more than two other players because I wanted to have an arc going on in the beginning (one with the Jedi and the other with the non-Jedi characters).

Basically, the Jedi arc will involve the Jedi being charged with the assignment of what happened to their comrade and to investigate this new unknown enemy. The other arc will concern my character, a bounty hunter, who has been given a mission to investigate this new threat to the galaxy. As you could have guessed, the two arcs will eventually come together.

06/14/2005 11:12 PM

Other available arcs:

Sith Trooper
Republic Trooper
If you have an idea for one, drop me an e-mail.

06/15/2005 8:59 AM

I'm interested in joining. I'd prefer to be a Bounty Hunter. You know, something more challenging then a lightsaber wielding jedi/sith.

06/15/2005 1:09 PM

There is also the Sith or Republic Trooper. You may be of rank also.

06/16/2005 7:48 PM

First of all by what kind of rank do you mean? Like a normal trooper or squad commander or anything of the sort? also whould we post our characters here so we have them ready for the actual rp? anyway I will probably join. I am trying to find a star wars rp that will be replied to a bit.

06/16/2005 8:05 PM

Any rank you want. Sure, you can post your characters. Also, I want to point out that this is not my RP but the people who play in it. So it is pretty much up to the player what they want to do and their job to have a good time.

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