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05/24/2005 10:30 PM

Rumors fly through Carradoon of news from Shilmista and the Edificant library. The creatures of the mountains have been gathering of late, an unknown presence or force is to blame, but no one knows specifics. The Library, being the main protectors of the lands outside Carradoon, is determined to discover the reason and put a stop to it. With that in mind, the priests of the library send out messangers from Carradoon across the land, that any tamed goblinoids or giantkin should be brought directly to the library. As a few of the tamed creatures come in (PC creatures arriving at the edificant library) the head priest will request that the creatures become spies, going into the mountains, learning what they can, and if possible ending the threat. Danger awaits however, for if they are discovered, it will surely come to combat.

Now for the specifics of characters. This is not set in stone, so feedback might change any number of things.

Races allowed: goblin+0, hobgoblin+1, orc+0, orog+1, ogre+2, bugbear+1, ettin+5, and hill-giant+4. ( I'm only going to allow 1 giant, 1 ettin, 1ogre, 2 bugbears, 2 orogs, and 2 hobgoblins as a max for each of those races. I want to get about 6 or 7 characters in this rp max.)

Classes: Just keep it reasonable, no ettin wizards, or hill-giant rogues. Unless you weave a very interesting (and detailed) tale in your characters description. A 5 paragraph history about a bugbear's transformation into a paladin, as long as the history sounds goods, I'll allow. Don't have to be a set D&D class, but if you could kinda tend towards one it'd be easier. If you can't think of a class bias just put N/A, especially for those who aren't familiar with D&D. Any questions about character power based on this just ask here or mail me.

Class lvl: I'd like to keep characters somewhere around 12th character level taking into account each races ECL. So an ettin can be up to a 7th level character, while a goblin can be 12th level. If you have a 3.5 PHP and MM this'll be easy on you, if you don't, feel free to ask questions.( in race list, it's Race+ECL)

I'd like characters to be set up in this form:



Class bias:



Armor and weapon(s):

Physical appearance:


~~~~~my character~~~~~~

Name: Tranquil (actually Train-Quill)


Class bias: Monk

Age: 23


Armor and weapon(s):Wears a dark green robe with a hood, enchanted to be hard as iron, but still as flexible as silk. The robes are extremely billowly to allow for normal, full range of motion, but the extra space seems to always form nice little folds. Has a bo stick that can magically alter into a pair of short clubs, the weapon has been altered to way a considerable amount more than a weapon it's size would warrent, although the powerful beast wields it as a human would a normal staff.

Physical appearance: Tall by human standards, but short by the standards of ettin, Gormesh stands at 11' 2". His skin is light green, his hair only a few shades darker. Lean, toned, and well trained muscles cover the ettins body, showing the training of his lifetime. The creature's long arms dangle down, and his long legs make him almost look gangly, even with all the muscle surrounding the beast. Two heads rest upon Gormesh's incredibly wide chest, each one well distinguishable from the other. The right head, named Train, looks almost handsom, even by human standards, an almost normal face with a pronounced eyebrow ridge, running almost straight from side to side. The obviously inhuman parts of his head ar the small, yet powerful, ears set low on his head, and a pair of tusks, which jut up several inches from his jaw. The left head, named quill, looks much different from his powerful looking counterpart, having a more pig-ish appearance, his nose much wider and flatter that Train's. The ettin's left face his also a little pudgier than his other, his eyebrows more pointed down, and his tusks further apart.
Train sports a well shaved goatee of short hair around his mouth and chin, while Quill has a fu-man chu, the hair of his mustache kept long on the sides to hang down a little passed his jaw, and his chin hair hanging down a little further than that. Both heads have been shaved except for a round spot of hair in the back middle of their skulls. The bit of hair they have is braided down to the bottom of their necks, and then the braids intertwine into a larger braid to run down the middle of his back.

Backround: Tranquil was originally named Ogrumsh by his parents, a pair of average run of the mill ettins. The pair of ettins had been preying on a small village near the spine of the world when Ogrumsh was just old enough to walk. The determed young ettin followed it's parents out one night, barely managing to keep up with his far older and bigger parents. When the trio arrived at their target, they did not encounter the pitiful farmer attempts of attack they had been used to, a band of highly trained warriors from a temple some miles away had come to the town's aid. Ogrumsh watched as his parents were slaughtered. Somehow knowing he had no where to go, Ogrumsh rushed the trio, and was quickly subdued, knocked unconcious by a powerful kick to the temple. The townspeople cried for the demise of the creature, but the honorable monks argued that it might not grow to be as it's parents had, if under the proper tutelage. The townpeople disagreed, and at the end of a long arguement, the monks agreed to take the creature to their temple to see if he could be taught their way.

For months, the monks could hardly get through to the creature, barely managing to get it to eat. But after the fourth month, the creature began to utter words of the humans around it, not running and hiding from them anymore, even though it had grown to the size of a man. Within another three months, Ogrumsh could speak decently, had grown to his full size, and had begun his training in the ways of the monk. The order of Oghma was an order of combative monks, their deity prizing fighting prowess and knowledge before all else. A week into his training Ogrumsh wished to be renamed, to leave behind the heritage of his people in light of his new life. With the temples high priest residing over the ceremony, the monks named the ettin in the eyes of their deity, and the creatures' names were to be Train, and Quill, giving the entity as a whole, the name Tranquil.

Trainquil grew quickly under the order of Oghma, his hungry minds devouring the styles of the temple. Tranquil had be aptly named, for Train could push himself to train for many hours beyond when the humans would tire and require rest, even scolding Quill when he wanted to quit. On the other hand Quill could force Train to study manuscripts and documents for far longer that Train had the mind for it. Tranquil quickly rose in the ranks of the temple, his progress stopped only by his lack of clerical energies, even though he was accepted as the second finest fighter in all the surrounding lands. The creature's devotion was more to the temple, people, and lands surrounding than to the deity Oghma.

Upon his twentieth birthday, having spent nearly all of that time in the temple, Tranquil was given a pair of wonderous items by the high-priest. A robe that could defend him like dwarven armor, yet feel like a breeze, allowing the monk to move unhindered. He also gave the ettin the Bo of Oghma, a staff said to crack the skulls of titans. The weapon was a mervelous gift, of such weight that even the ettin had to practice with it for many months before he had the hang of it. One day the ettin was sparring and went to block a staff aimed in a slam towards his side, and he yelled "Oghma break your staff!" expecting to shatter his opponents bo. Tranquil gasped when half of his bow suddnly fell to the ground, split in the middle, not even noticing the strike as it hit his side.

After some studying of his weapon, Tranquil found that he could sever the staff into two hand sized weapons by telling it to break, and putting it back together by telling it to fix, whether or not it was verbal or a mental command didn't seem to matter. Tranquil has continued his studies and training at the temple of Oghma since.

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05/25/2005 9:54 AM

I'd like characters to be set up in this form:


Class bias:



Armor and weapon(s):

Physical appearance:


Maybe you should add 'Race' in here somewhere?

Nice idea for an RP though.

05/25/2005 1:00 PM

DOH!!! I kept looking at it thinking something was wrong.. hehe. I guess thats why I shouldn't post so late anymore eh? hehe, ok Fixing it.

I'm glad you like the idea though, hopefully I'll get my group together and be able to play it soon. BTW, anyone know why, in my characters description, "short hair" is a link to some wig website?

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05/25/2005 2:40 PM

Name: Boggle

Race: Goblin

Class bias: Wizard

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Armor and weapon(s): Carries a staff that can increase the focus of his mind. A hat that gives him alchemical knowledge. A mirror that shows the true nature of anything reflected upon it. A ring that can only be worn by someone who the wearer loves in some way.

Physical appearance: Four feet tall, quite tall for a goblin. Has a greenish-yellow leathery skin. His face has a small nose and a small tooth jutting out from his lower jaw. Has hazel eyes, black hair and short, pointy ears. He has a gentle, though not attractive, face. He has a somewhat larger head than other goblins, as well as neater and cleaner hair.

Backround: Boggle was an infant goblin when his entire tribe of goblins, led by two hobgoblins and a bugbear, was obliterated by a raiding drow party. Before the drow party could finish of Boggle, they were ambushed by a larger band of elves. The elves, who were from a xenophobic community, dumped Boggle near a river. Boggle was found by a half-blind wizard, who thought that Boggle was a regular child.

The old wizard, Ollinack, took Boggle in as his own, raising and teaching him the ways and art of wizardry. Boggle was treated very kindly and lovingly by the old man, and had not learned much of hatred. The only violence and death Ollinack told Boggle about was the consequences when dealing with too powerful magic, or even adding the wrong ingredient to a potion's mixture.

Boggle lived with Ollinack for twenty years, when Ollinack died. Ollinack had already learned the nature of Boggle, but was still touched when he was told it by the goblin himself. He died in his bed, peacfully and with a smile and warm tear.

Boggle had been told his inheritance a few times before Ollinack died, and knew what belonged to him and what to put into Ollinack's tomb. Boggle took his foster father's insignia ring, robes, and hat as his own. He left the cottage that Ollinack and he had been living and set out towards a town that Ollinack told shown him in a map. He had arrived to a small community within a few hours.

The townspeople were ready to drive Boggle away or kill him. Boggle did not understand, for Ollinack did not tell him about the prejudices of man. He flew up his hands and one of the elderly recognized it as the wizard's and convinced everyone else that he was not harmful.

Boggle lived in the town for five years, researching and obtaining more arcanic knowledge. He was recognized as a kind and good being, and also as the town's greatest protector, which he lived up to. He obtained a white mouse as a familiar, and was quite attaatched to it. He now directs the town as the brightest of them, for he was tought quite well by Ollinack. Boggle still resides in the town as mayor to this day.

05/25/2005 3:15 PM

BTW, anyone know why, in my characters description, "short hair" is a link to some wig website?

Ha ha... I have no idea, but that's pretty darn funny if you ask me!

05/25/2005 3:21 PM

your right, that is pretty funny. What else is funny is a goblin wizard mayor or a human settlement... :P Sounds good, I'll expect your intro post (when this gets started) to let us know how the town could let it's mayor leave for an unknown amount of time. :P Whats your familiar's name? Squeakerz?

05/25/2005 4:30 PM

No, my mouse is called Ollinack, after the wizardwho raised me.

06/05/2005 11:18 PM

Okidoki, well i'm new to RP and such, but this one sounds pretty good... we can use our own races right? eg. human, elvish, more humanoid races?? Well anyways i might give this one a go. also, i'm wondering how you play these...sorry to sound like a noob/retard

- ignorant

06/09/2005 8:42 AM

Welcome to RP, I'm glad you have an interest in this one. In most threads you can use the races you want, but in this one I'm going for a specific list of races. I posted the list in my first post, but if you want I can reiterate... wow that word looks funny.... I'm going for mostly Goblinoid races, with a few giantkin thrown in there, from the Forgotten Realms/D&D world. If I don't get enough players in the next week or so (about 5 or 6) I'll start allowing some more humanoid races (although I'd prefer not to, cuz that would make our mission alot harder).

also, i'm wondering how you play these...sorry to sound like a noob/retard

You're neither a noob, nor retarded hehe, everyone is new at some point, and you'd only be a noob if you came, dived right in without trying to figure out what your doing, and bad mouthed people who try to give you advice. Since you asked I'll try to explain, although if you read some of the threads in "RPG Forums Support: The training grounds" Most of your questions will probably get answered, I'll just answer some basic stuff right now.

The first thing is finding a thread that interests you, either here in the "Ideas and Interest" section for threads that haven't started, or threads that have begun that are still accepting players. Once you find a thread, you'll make a character for that thread, using whatever limits, restrictions, or requirements the thread creator may ask for. Creating your character usually goes into the OOC/RECR(Out Of Character/ Recruiting) section of the thread, and is posted in similar formats most of the time. You'll describe your character's physics, powers, items, and history in your character post.

Once you have made your character and the thread's creator gives you the OK, you'll find a good spot to enter the story. When you join the actual thread, you basically take turns with the other players in telling a story, describing your character's actions and thoughts. If you read some of the threads out there, you'll get some idea of how taking turns works, giving each player a chance to contribute. If you can write a paragraph or two (whatever seems appropriate for the situation) that gives good detail/content, you'll be fine. There are a few things to always keep in mind though:

1.) Never take control of another person's character, you can interact with things around them, or take actions against them, but never do anything major.(i.e: Don't talk for them, greviously injure them, or make them take actions because you might not know how that player wants their character to react in a given situation.)

2.) Don't overuse foul language, the occasional shit, damn, hell, or bitch is ok. Fuck is usually reserved for threads that warn others of "Mature content" or "graphic content" or something of the likes, we do have a number of minors on the site, as well as people who might not appreciate said language. Also keep in mind that most of these are in older times, so some language isn't appropriate(i.e: Most times I don't think that a half-orc barbarian would run around calling everyone "dude":P)

3.)Posts should be of appropriate length, if you are in a thread with people who post fairly long posts, an average of 3 or 4 paragraphs, try to keep things pretty stable, don't be the only one posting 1 paragraph posts (unless it's appropriate for your character's situation,i.e: spying on other characters doesn't leave you alot of time or room to do much else, unless you have something to do while spying.) And if everyone is posting 1-2 paragraph posts, don't always post things that are 5 paragraphs long, with 13 line paragraphs(I have a problem with overposting sometimes myself hehe)

4.) Generally you shouldn't god-mode your character, meaning don't make them have extreme powers that blow away every challenge you face. Your character is in a story, and a story just isn't interesting if a person who controls fire, for example, walks around and turns everything into a blazing inferno. Limits, quirks, and short-comings make a character fun to read about.

There are probably more things that could be said, but this really isn't the thread to be posting all of this. And I know it seems like alot, and I'm probably overstepping my place in trying to explain everything, but it's really all just common sense and common courtesy. If the admin want, I can copy this thread into the "RP Forums Support: Training grounds" And delete it here. Anyway, I hope your still interested.

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