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05/21/2005 12:52 PM

It is the time of Japan's civil war during the maji era. A new government is trying to take over instead of the comunists who are ruling at the time. During the war many men simply known as manslayers were hired. These manslayers were one of the most important reasons that there was so much bloodshed. This war took place when guns were first getting made on a basis. With this manslayers used swords instead of guns.

Also the new government disobeyed their treaties with many of the tribes and groups that helped them during the war. With this more groups and tribes joined the comunists and tried to defeat the government.

05/26/2005 4:51 PM

Come on now. Just join a current RP rather than continuously attempting to make up your own. Once you have more actual RPing under your belt, people will be more inclined to join up in your own threads.

Until then, it's not going to be a boon to you to write idea after idea. Just join in on something that's already going.

05/27/2005 1:33 PM

He has a point, DK. RP gamers are a breed apart when it comes to newbies. They first want to see if you're capable, before they'd join an RP that is being run by a total stranger to them.

05/28/2005 10:23 AM

Not to mention this setting is completely stolen from Rurouni Kenshin.
And what's the plot supposed to be, exactly?

05/29/2005 5:49 PM

Not to join the bandwagon or anything, but do a lot more RPing so you can come up with some better ideas. :)

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