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05/21/2005 12:33 PM

The setting is this world, this time, all over the world. The "end" goal will probably end up being either the gathering of all the Swords or the destruction of the Swords. However, this is not a set thing, and players are free to throw in ideas(Make sure you say this at the beginning of your post). 12 of us will wield 1 Sword!!!!! Whether or not you want to use your sword for good or evil, is your choice. Of course, you can choose NOT to wield a Sword and go with normal weaponry, but you better be a good RPer if you choose this path, cause these Swords are a marvel. Anyways..........

Some rules will apply, mostly with the Swords. We would, however, like to make it very clear that this is PG-13 in all aspects except injuries(Get as graphic on those as you want). we'll bring up anymore rules as the Swords come.

Well, We'll find out who wields what Sword, and then we'll start. Now for the info on the Swords(Symbols are on the end of the hilt, sounds come from when a sword's special effect comes into play):

Farslayer, The Sword of Vengenance
Symbol, Sound:Target, Howl
Wielder: Ripper

INSTANTLY KILLS ANYONE. No joke. Just name the target, and this thing moves fast enough to leave it's image behind it. FAR BEHIND. Nothing stops this sucker. Sounds like a sweet deal right? Well, the problem is is that it doesn't come back to you, so if you shoot this at too far of a distance or someone grabs it before you do, yer screwed. Also, it isn't impartial, so the guy standing next to the guy you just killed could pick it up and ask it ot kill the former wielder of it and BAM you're dead. Also doesn't work on the Wielder of Shieldbreaker, won't kill someone currently using Woundhealer, and won't work against the wielder of Townsaver while it's in effect. If you're smart with other swords, you can also avoid a horrible fate that the sword holds. For gaming purposes, the post where you kill someone and the post where(if possible) you pick up the sword are seperate. Have to outrace the others.

Woundhealer, Sword of Mercy
Symbol,Sound:Hand, breath
Wielder: None

This sword causes NO DAMAGE. Quite the opposite actually. Stick this in a body and it heals injuries. Won't ressurrect the dead. You'd feel pain for a moment, but other than that no worries. With the sword in them, the wielder becomes invincible. Available only to Female characters

Wayfinder, Sword of Wisdom
Symbol,Sound:Arrow, No sound, but quivers when pointing in the right direction.
Wielder: None

Aims itself physically, geographically, twisting in the direction of whatever goal the user asks for. If there is something a person must do before he can achieve his own goal, the sword will point to it first. The wielder of this should have no problem finding other swordwielders(Save for the wielder of Sheildbreaker).

Soulcutter, Tyrant's Sword
Symbol, Sound: None, none
Wielder: None

Draw this sucker and a aura of depression spreads from you. After a while to reach it's max distance, an army would drop their weapons in despair. Nifty eh? This sword will prevail over Mindsword when the two are brought into direct conflict.

Sightblinder, Sword of Stealth
Symbol, sound: Eye, nothing
Wielder: None

While the sword is drawn, all who see you will either see you as someone they deperately fear or desperately love(No humping ). THe image may switch from time to time. The sword is invisble while drawn, so yeah for assassins!

Stonecutter, Sword of Siege
Symbol, Sound: Wedge spilting rock, heavy, slow hammering
Wielder: None

Cuts ANY STONE as easily as a knike through cheese(Purposefully said this way). Most of the world still operates on stone buildings.............

Dragonslicer, Sword of Heroes
Symbol, sound: Dragon, shrilling
Wielder: None

I pity the person who picks this sword. As the name implies, it means instant death for dragons. Unfortunately, the only dragon alive nowadays are the Komodo Dragons(Don't argue please, who knows, we may just encounter some real Dragons). Still, it is a sword of power, and worth grabbing.(Note: Doesn't hurt anything else. Just Dragons. THIS is why I pity the wielder of this one)

Shieldbreaker, Sword of Force
Symbol, Sound: Lightning, thudding, slow when danger threatens, fast in combat
Wielder: Me (DemonSlayer)

Destroys ANY weapon. Shoot a bullet at this guy and the bullet gets destroyed. Nothing really stops this sucker. The sword kinda acts on it's own in combat. So long as enemies keep coming within arms reach, you keep fighting. To top it, you won't even get scratched(A lifetime guarentee or your money back.). Once you stop, however, you'll obviously be exhausted, perhaps even fatally so. Almost every other sword is useless against Shieldbreaker. Even Farslayer falls to this. Use it, and before it strikes, the sword just comes up and shatters the son of a bitch. And in such a way the shards won't touch you. Nice ain't it? Unfortunately, this sword falls to Woundhealer. Woundhealer will shatter it. .

Coinspinner, Sword of Chance
Symbol, Sound: Dice(What the?), nothing
Wielder: None

Good luck up the wazoo. Seriously. The wielder of this mudda should go to a casino and gamble for as long as he can. Anyone attempting to harm the user has bad luck up the wazoo, and will cause an earthquake to swallow the enemy if nessecary. Sweet, right? Problem is, this sword has a mind and will of it's own. One second you have it, and the next it's lying in a ditch outside of Reno.

Mindsword, Skulltwister
Symbol, Sound: Banner, Roar of a cheering mob
Wielder: None

Draw this bad boy and wah-la, everyone within a radius of you(I'll inform you when someone's outside of it) becomes fanatically loyal. You have your own army. Sad thing is is that is has limited distance. Even GODS have bent knees and worshipped the wielder of this.

Doomgiver, Sword of Justice
Symbol, Sound: Hollow Circle, nothing
Wielder: None

They strike you, they take the same injury. You stick it in their chest, they fall down. In short, any damge they deal to you is dealt to them. Nifty.

Townsaver, Sword of Fury
Symbol, Sound: Wall, Scream
Wielder: None

Think Shieldebreaker except you have to be defending a place. Also won't destroy the weapons. (Only works for one of Good Alliance)

Note: The info presented here is merely for the sake of you knowing what you want. You as your character in the game will have no knowledge about the other swords, asides from a few names I'm going being giving you folks at the beginning.

Alright, Pick.

Alliance: (Whether you want to use your sword for good or evil)

Name: Raizen
Age: Ancient
Race: Angel
Weapon: Shield Breaker
Appearance: http://tio.altervista.org/ALTRO/kh-12.jpg
Bio: The Sword Searcher, Raizen looks for the people who wield the Lost Swords, to bring their fate's together. Raizen doesn't believe on relying on Shieldbreaker to much, this belief led him to learn hand-to-hand combat.
Alliance: Good

05/21/2005 12:35 PM

Additional Information

The Swords were created by the gods of the Books of the Swords universe out of boredom, as a game to play on mortals. By making the Swords and scattering them throughout the land, the gods hoped to derive amusement as men and women desperately sought them out and lorded their power over each other.

The Swords were forged by Vulcan. He conscripted the finest human blacksmiths in the earth as assistants. Using divine forging methods, Vulcan completed each Sword by quenching it in human blood, sacrificing his unwilling assistants one by one. Only one man survived the forging process, the smith Jord, who escaped with only the loss of his arm. As a form of payment, Jord was given Townsaver, which became the first of the mysterious Swords revealed to humanity.

All Swords are exactly one meter long, with bright double-edged blades that have a maximum thickness of one centimeter. They are all surgically sharp and resistant to all forms of damage, except total destruction by violent confrontation with Shieldbreaker. They never rust, dull, tarnish, or soil. The metal used in the construction of the Swords is of meteoric origin.

They are physically identical in design, having a simple black hilt with straight crossbar. The overall construction of the blade is simple and elegant, not ornate or flashy, despite the un-informed illustrations featured on some of the paperback copies of the book covers. The first printing of the hardback Book of Swords bears an of the Swords' appearance. (Compare the originals (800k image) (http://www.berserker.com/PicSwdCompBk.jpg) to the paperbacks (60kb image) (http://www.berserker.com/PicSwrds1stBk.jpg)) A Sword can only be distinguished from its companions by a unique white symbol etched into one side of its hilt. In addition to each Sword's magical properties, all can also serve as peerless conventional blades, due to their perfect balance, extreme sharpness, and indestructible nature.

There are two exceptions to these general rules. Woundhealer is incapable of killing any living thing, though its blade will cut anything but flesh as well as any other Sword. Soulcutter lacks a distinguishing hilt symbol, and features a blade that completely lacks luster, and draws light inward creating a pocket of localized gloom when drawn.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Coinspinner is also called the Sword of Chance. It has a pair of dice engraved in white on its hilt.

Coinspinner gives its holder incredibly good luck, and brings misfortune on anyone trying to harm or hinder its current possessor. However, the Sword of Chance is the most unpredictable of all the Swords, having a nasty habit of leaving its owner when they need it most.

Coinspinner's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

Who holds Coinspinner knows good odds
Whichever move he make.
But the Sword of Chance, to please the gods
Slips from him like a snake.
Coinspinner seems to be endowed with a limited form of intelligence. Should one take one's eyes off of it, Coinspinner can teleport to a new destination and a new owner, leaving behind a gold coin bearing the image of Hermes. Totally unpredictable, this Sword is very good at creating distractions to achieve this purpose.

While a person holds Coinspinner, even if it remains sheathed in a scabbard, they are blessed with supernatural good luck. If they were playing poker, every hand would win. If they were walking a tightrope, they wouldn't fall, and if they did fall, one can be sure that the fall would not harm them, and result in a personal profit.

A secondary use of the Sword is that it can function similar to Wayfinder, by pointing the user in the general direction of something they are searching for. It apparently doesn't home as strongly as Wayfinder, nor does it lead its possessor to interim goals required for successfully reaching the object of their desire. However, with the luck of Coinspinner, it is likely the user would be able to deal with any difficulty they meet with while en route. Until, that is, the Sword of Chance decides it is time to go.

Often Coinspinner will create a rebound effect of bad luck to its former owner after it leaves. It is not uncommon for Coinspinner to leave its master for his arch rival, with disastrous results. Therefore, Coinspinner serves as a wild card, making total control of the Swords of Power an impossible proposition. Because of this unpredictability, Coinspinner has often been the target of destruction for Shieldbreaker by those who wish to control all of the Swords, but Coinspinner always seems to escape its fate and slip away.

Doomgiver is also called the Sword of Justice. It has a hollow circle engraved in white upon its hilt.

Doomgiver is one of the least understood of all the Swords. Its verse in the Song of Swords hints at its powers, and is as follows:

The Sword of Justice balances the pans
Of right and wrong, and foul and fair.
Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans
The fate of all folk everywhere.
Doomgiver is poorly understood because of the ambiguity of its verse, and because Doomgiver was rarely used in canon. It was observed to turn any attack directed toward it back to the source. If an arrow is fired at the wielder of the Sword of Justice, the arrow would turn around in mid-flight and fatally strike the archer. It also in general redirects maliciousness directed toward the one who holds it. For example, the goddess Aphrodite was entranced by her own power when She tried to seduce one who held Doomgiver.

The Sword may have had other properties only hinted at in its verse, but it was destroyed early on in the series by Shieldbreaker, making many facets of its power and use unclear.

Dragonslicer also called the Sword of Heroes. It has a stylized dragon engraved in white on its hilt.

Dragonslicer's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d'you slay?
Reaching for the heart in behind the scales.
Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where d'you stay?
In the belly of the giant that my blade impales.
Dragonslicer is one of the few Swords that is wholly benevolent in nature. In the Books of the Swords universe, Dragons are non-sentient predatory creatures that can grow to a hundred meters in length or more. The larger forms are capable of ravaging entire countrysides, and their hides are impervious to conventional weapons. Dragonslicer guides its user into the right place to deliver a fatal blow to any dragon, and can cut through dragon scale (and limbs, and tails, etc) as easily as soft butter. However, care must still be taken, for Dragonslicer does not actually magically protect its wielder against a dragon's various means of attack.

When not employed against dragons, it is simply an exceptionally sharp, well balanced, and well crafted blade that is proof against almost any damage, but offers no magical advantage. Thus, it is one of the least feared of the Swords -- at least by humanity.

Farslayer is also called the Sword of Vengeance. It has a series of concentric circles in the form of a bullseye or target engraved upon its hilt.

Farslayer's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

Farslayer howls across the world
For thy heart, for thy heart, who hast wronged me!
Vengeance is his who casts the blade
Yet he will in the end no triumph see.
Farslayer is relatively straightforward in operation. The possessor must simply swing the blade around and think of the person whom they wish to kill while chanting, "For thy heart..." as above, and then release it. The Sword flies from the hand of its master, creating a shrieking rainbow-colored streak through the sky, terminating in the heart of the intended target. Nothing can be done to hide from Farslayer. Farslayer will pierce any substance that is placed between it and its target. Assassinations have taken place with the target in houses, fortified castles, even in caves hundreds of feet under ground. Distance from the target is also no obstacle. Only Shieldbreaker offers defense from the Sword of Vengeance.

However, once it reaches its target, it remains there. Often, the next thing to happen is that the dead person's loved ones pull the Sword from the body, thinks of the person who hurled the Blade, and sends it back on its way. This is of course a major drawback, and makes employing Farslayer a risky proposition. This sequence is played out in the ultimate version of the Hatfield-McCoy feud over the course of the events contained in The Fourth Book of Lost Swords: Farslayer's Story.

Woundhealer is also called the Sword of Mercy, and less frequently, the Sword of Love. It bears an open human hand engraved in white on its hilt.

Woundhealer's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

Whose flesh the Sword of Mercy hurts has drawn no breath,
Whose soul it heals has wandered in the night,
Has paid the summing of all debts in death
Has turned to see returning light.
Woundhealer is the only Sword utterly incapable of killing, though it can cut and hack inanimate matter as well as any of the other Swords. Instead, when flesh is pierced with the Blade, it has a powerful healing effect. The Sword can instantly knit broken bones, heal any disease, fix genetic disorders, even regenerate lost limbs. Properly employed, it can enable its user to sustain terrific amounts of damage without dying. The sensation of Woundhealer cutting or piercing an individual is described as a sort of exquisite pain. Woundhealer works on any living thing, human or animal. It is not known to restore the dead to life, though it could arguably revive a recently, or clinically dead person.

Woundhealer does not project a healing aura. The blade must come into contact and break the skin of the person being healed. Woundhealer can be self administered. For example, one could plunge the Blade into one's chest, jump off a high cliff, and survive the fall, though it would not spare the individual from the pain and shock of the experience. The time of effect depends on the severity of injury or sickness, and proximity of the Blade to the problem area. While Woundhealer can eventually repair a broken leg by being stuck into the patient's heart, the healing is instantaneous when it is sliced through the affected limb. It has also taken Woundhealer several weeks to completely regenerate a lost arm after a single application.

When in action, Woundhealer emits a sound similar to a human sigh.

Woundhealer is the only Sword that has survived an encounter with Shieldbreaker, although the circumstances were highly unusual. The Sword was plunged into the heart of Prince Mark, the son of the godlike Emperor, at the time Mark's opponent attacked with Shieldbreaker. Shieldbreaker was then obliterated. The result was explained as occurring because Woundhealer was combined with the strongest weapon of all, the human heart. Many readers were dissatisfied with this outcome and explanation, which served as the climax of the entire Book of Swords series. It is unclear whether the outcome would have been the same if the tactic was tried by a character of less distinctive lineage, or an evil character.

The Mindsword is also known as the Sword of Glory, or by the pejorative Skulltwister. It has a flying banner engraved in white on its hilt.

The Mindsword's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

The Mindsword spun in the dawn's gray light
And men and demons knelt down before.
The Mindsword flashed in the midday bright
Gods joined the dance, and the march to war.
It spun in the twilight dim as well
And gods and men marched off to hell.
The Mindsword is one of the more overtly evil of the Swords. It is difficult to imagine a good cause Skulltwister would be associated with. The Mindsword, when drawn, compels absolute and fanatical devotion to the person holding it. It emits a bright glow and the faint roar of a cheering mob, which cannot be blocked out by covering ears or averting eyes. All who are in visual or aural range are affected. Not even the gods of the Swords universe are immune to its power.

The strength of the devotion is such that one under the Mindsword's power would even throw their life away if so ordered. There is no possibility of resisting or recovery, except for the passage of time. When removed from the Mindsword's presence, a person will gradually begin to lose the unnatural loyalty they felt toward the Sword's bearer and show signs of skepticism and then increasing rebelliousness before finally regaining their own mind. It takes around a week to fully recover, depending on the relationship between the target and the wielder, and the wielder's own personal charisma.

Other Swords provide some protection from the effect of Skulltwister, by virtue of their hold on the user's psyche. Sightblinder has offered resistance, although it still takes a great deal of willpower from the affected wielder. Soulcutter will trump Skulltwister's power, but in this case the cure can be worse than the disease. Shieldbreaker of course offers absolute immunity when employed.

The Mindsword is one of the few Swords that is always "on". On occasions when it has been abandoned in an unsheathed state, it emits a constant flow of psychic strain that starts several hundred meters from the Blade itself, intensifying to near unbearable levels the closer one gets, inducing madness in those caught unprepared and without resolve. The "Sword of Glory" is one of the most sought after of all the Twelve. Tyrants want it to dominate others, and good men want it locked up where it can do no harm, or destroyed if possible.

Shieldbreaker is also called the Sword of Force, and occasionally 'the Widowmaker.' It has a war hammer engraved in white on its hilt. It is arguably the most powerful of all Swords. After forging Shieldbreaker, Vulcan wisely kept it as his personal Sword until his defeat as told in the Third Book of Swords.

When drawn, it offers absolute protection against all armed enemy attacks, including melée, ranged, and magical. It also interprets demonic or animal assault with tooth and claw as a weaponized attack and destroys the demon or animal on contact. When any weapon is brought against Shieldbreaker, it emits a rhythmic throbbing or hammering sound, that steadily increases in volume and speed as it is used in combat. When its blade comes into contact with any weapon, the weapon is destroyed, shattering into many fragments with explosive force. This often has a deleterious effect on the opponent.

Once it is unsheathed in anger, Shieldbreaker will not allow the user to let go of its hilt until the source of danger has been overcome or destroyed. The sword actually takes control over its wielder, directing his or her arms automatically to block incoming attacks, and to carry out counter attacks, imparting superhuman speed and strength if required.

Its verse in the Song of Swords is as follows:

I shatter Swords and splinter spears;
None stands to Shieldbreaker.
My point's the fount of orphan's tears
My edge the widowmaker.
While Shieldbreaker is unbeatable in armed combat, it does have a weakness, as hinted at by the verse. Literally, none, or no weapon, stands to Shieldbreaker. The Sword of Force is useless against an unarmed foe. The one way to successfully attack a person bearing Shieldbreaker would be to drop one's weapons and grapple with him. Not only will Shieldbreaker pass harmlessly through one's body if they are unarmed, but the wielder's physical strength will be greatly diminished. Since he is also unable to drop Shieldbreaker until combat is resolved, he is essentially helpless. Since this weakness was discovered, many showdowns involving Shieldbreaker end up in elaborate games of chicken involving dropping, picking up and repeated feints with the Sword and conventional arms.

Counters have been developed, including using a conventional sword to dispatch unarmed opponents while holding Shieldbreaker with one's off arm, though this requires some skill in swordplay and one must account for the personal strength the Sword saps. Shieldbreaker is also a popular choice for dual Sword wielding, since any other Sword will greatly offset Shieldbreaker's weakness, with the exception of Woundhealer.

Shieldbreaker can destroy other Swords as easily as conventional ones, even Swords whose own power would seem to counteract the 'Widowmaker'. It has destroyed the blades Townsaver, Doomgiver, and Farslayer in its career. When a Sword is destroyed in this fashion, it leaves behind the vanquished Sword's black hilt. The lone exception is Woundhealer, which obliterated Shieldbreaker under very special circumstances in the Last Book of Lost Swords: Shieldbreaker's Story.

Sightblinder is also called the Sword of Stealth. It bears a stylized human eye engraved in white upon its hilt.

Sightblinder's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

The Sword of Stealth is given to
One lonely and despised.
Sightblinder's gifts: his eyes are keen
His nature is disguised.
Sightblinder's powers are twofold. First, it alters the appearance of its possessor. This is not via a traditional cloaking device or holographic projection, but it alters how outside agents perceive the person carrying the Sword of Stealth. When a person looks at someone holding Sightblinder, they either believe they are looking at someone they love and trust implicitly, or someone they intensely fear.

The illusion is complete, regardless of how perceptive or skilled in magic the target may be. One may see Sightblinder as a parent, sibling, lover, god, or leader. Interestingly, in a situation involving multiple targets, every person will see something completely different from everyone else. The illusion may switch from a person one fears to a person one loves and back again, but the effect is so convincing that the person never doubts from moment to moment the identity of the person they are looking at. Sightblinder will disguise its bearer's voice if required. Sightblinder disguises itself as well, appearing as a cane, a scepter, another Sword, or even as nothing at all, depending on what would enhance the illusion. In practice, the effect is similar to the Mindsword in that the target will obey without hesitation most commands given to them. Unlike the Mindsword, the subject will not totally disregard their base inhibitions and are unlikely to throw their life away for the illusion, unless that is what they are naturally inclined to do.

The major drawback to this effect is that it makes sneaking around impossible. When one appears as a fearsome god, demon, or the most intimate relationship a person has, they do not easily escape notice.

The second effect of Sightblinder is that it enhances the perceptions of the person carrying it. In particular, their eyesight and hearing are supernaturally keen. It also allows its bearer to see through other illusionary magic and effects, no matter what the origin or strength. It offers some protection from the Mindsword by allowing its user to see the true nature of the other Sword's possessor. Sightblinder's bearer intuitively can tell when a person is being honest or deceitful. As powerful as Sightblinder's effects are, it cannot fool either the one who carries Shieldbreaker, or Farslayer if they are unfortunate enough to be targeted by the Sword of Vengeance.

Soulcutter is also called the Sword of Despair, or the Tyrant's Blade. Unlike the other Twelve Swords, the Soulcutter's blade is a dull color lacking all luster that actually seems to draw light into itself, creating a pocket of localized gloom when drawn. It is also unique in that it bears no symbol or other marking on its black hilt.

Soulcutter's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

The Tyrant's Blade no blood hath spilled
But doth the spirit carve
Soulcutter hath no body killed
But many left to starve.
When drawn, the Tyrant's Blade projects a field of total apathy that spreads to cover a fair-sized battlefield. Any creature caught within Soulcutter's sphere of influence immediately loses all interest in life and slumps to the ground in a state of profound depression. They are incapable of movement and take no notice of hunger, thirst, or exposure to elements. They will eventually die of deprivation if the Sword of Despair is not sheathed.

The critical drawback is that not even Soulcutter's wielder is spared this effect. In fact, once they draw the weapon, they cannot find the motivation to sheathe the Sword, making the choice to use the Sword of Despair the last one they make. If by some extreme intervention, like a person bearing Shieldbreaker entering the scene and covering the cursed Blade, Soulcutter's possessor will have aged at an extremely advanced rate, and still suffer severe long-term depression. Woundhealer can dispel most of the lingering mental effects, but the physical wasting is irreversible.

Because of the horrific effects of the Sword, and the personal cost to the one employing it, Soulcutter is rarely drawn. It is sometimes used to achieve a credible threat, where the mere knowledge that one possesses the Tyrant's Blade deters attack. Most actual uses have been out of extreme desperation as an act of last defense. Soulcutter has also been drawn to counteract the Mindsword's influence, and it should be noted that Soulcutter "prevailed".

Shieldbreaker and Soulcutter together would render a person for all intents and purposes invincible. Fortunately, this combination has never occurred, largely due to the efforts of the Emperor.

Stonecutter is also called the Sword of Siege. It has a wedge driving into a block engraved in white on its hilt.

Stonecutter's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

The Sword of Siege struck a hammer's blow
With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall.
Stonecutter laid a castle low
With a groan, and a roar, and a tower's fall.
Stonecutter's use, like Dragonslicer, is highly specialized. It carves any stone of whatever thickness or density as easily as soft butter. When it is being used to this end, it emits a distinct hammering sound, which is louder or softer depending on the scale of its use.

As its verse suggests, Stonecutter can be used to topple castle walls, but it can and has been used by artists to sculpt fine art. Like all of its fellow Swords, the Sword of Siege makes an excellent conventional blade in addition to its magical properties.

Townsaver is also called the Sword of Fury. It has a sword raised above a stylized segment of castle wall engraved in white on its hilt.

Townsaver's power is defending groups of helpless people. When its wielder draws it for this purpose, the blade emits a screaming sound and takes over control from the user, moving his arms with superhuman speed and power to defeat any attackers. It is not an overstatement to say that Townsaver can singlehandedly defeat an entire army.

Townsaver's verse in the Song of Swords hints at its power and peril, and is as follows:

Long roads the Sword of Fury makes
Hard walls it builds around the soft
The fighter who Townsaver takes
Can bid farewell to home and croft
Unfortunately, unlike many of its fellow Swords, such as Shieldbreaker, it does nothing to protect the actual wielder. In fact, it will use the wielder's body to deflect and absorb ranged attacks and other blows, if it is practical to do so and if the action will result in the protection of the people it is trying to defend. Townsaver will keep its wielder alive until the battle is over. If the user has sustained serious wounds during the battle, they can and often do die.

In addition, Townsaver will not allow its user to drop or relinquish its power once the battle has been engaged. The user is totally committed once Townsaver is drawn. Another weakness of Townsaver is that it will only defend groups of people. Two or more people can be considered a group by the weapon, but one is not; in addition, it will take no action to defend the user if he stands alone.

Of course, countermeasures have been developed to offset Townsaver's weaknesses somewhat. Giving the user strong armor is one that has been used with success. Since it is not the user's speed and power driving the weapon, it is possible to burden the wielder with heavy armor that would ordinarily be a fatal encumbrance.

Townsaver would make an ideal dual-wield Sword. Combined with Shieldbreaker, for example, it would be an almost unbeatable defense. Unfortunately, Townsaver was destroyed by Shieldbreaker in the Third Book of Swords.

Wayfinder is also called the Sword of Wisdom. It has an arrow engraved in white on its hilt.

Wayfinder's verse in the Song of Swords describes its power as follows:

Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads
Its master's step is brisk.
The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads
But adds unto their risk.
Wayfinder's chief power is guiding its bearer to whatever it is they seek. Not only will it lead one to their ultimate goal, it will also intelligently guide them to things that are required to successfully accomplish its mission. Wayfinder seems to do better and be more kind to its user when the request is broad and general, and less so the more specific the user is. Its main drawback is that while it picks routes that will eventually lead its master to success, it never picks the safest route, if one exists. It is the opinion of many of the past owners of the Sword that it actually picks the worst, most dangerous path for its user to follow. Thus the Sword does indeed "add unto their risk."

For example, if one were to seek great wealth, Wayfinder might lead one to a bank vault. But before doing so, it would lead one to the world's best safe cracker, and then the equipment he would need to break into the vault. If the safe cracker would need some sort of special compensation to cooperate, it would help one find that as well. When it is operating in this type of "seeker" mode, it quivers when it is being pointed in the right general direction, also subtly steering its possessor's arms as a kind of divining rod.

In addition, Wayfinder can also act as the ultimate Magic 8-ball, answering questions such as, "Which of these plates of food is poisoned?" or "Which of these men is lying to me?" It is unnecessary to vocalize these questions; a mental query is sufficient. Just like when it is in seeker mode, it indicates the correct answer by quivering when its blade is pointing in the correct direction. This is the chief reason Wayfinder is also dubbed the "Sword of Wisdom".

05/23/2005 11:35 AM

(I would like to join and I am working on a bio. I'd like to have skulltwister as my sword. pwease :D)

05/24/2005 4:44 AM

(I would like to join too and the sword I would like is Dragonslicer but do have one question can all the swords be used as a regular sword?)

Name: Sora
Age: 100 (he looks like hes 19)
Race: Half-Demon
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: Crimson Red
Head: Black Bandana
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 119
Frame: Slim, Average Built
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Ear ring on left ear, Tattoo around right arm.
Bio: He has a very dark past and prefers not to talk about it.
Alliance: Good

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05/26/2005 4:38 PM

(I would like to join too.I would like to have woundhealer as my weapon of choice.

Race:wolf demon
Hair color:Silvery black
Eye colr:Golden
Arms:Bangles and braclets;One stands out very much because of the bright green gem.
Bio:she was seperated from her pack at a young age and has had to hide her appearance with her specilty,magic.She has had a rough past and she has not shown her face in public because a mere human stumbled upon her feeding.
Wears a red long sleave shirt and a long flowing black skirtShe has a a long spiraling scar on her left arm in the shape of a flying wolf.How she got it is part of her dark and rough past.

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