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05/17/2005 3:05 PM

I was wondering if you guys would like a game in which you are in the military or whatever in the future(or any other type of thing like bounty hunters, etc.)
Anyway I guess this is the story line(feel free to give advice)

In the year 2469 a race of mutant looking aliens set foot onto the hard surface of planet Earth in the middle of the ruins of new york city which was destroyed during the War of Earth and Mars. During that day a professor by the name of Arnold Greenway was looking at the mysterious ruins trying to find the invention called the Jade Equalizer. This invention was very important and would have revolutionized war. It lets the beholder take control of all energy resources nearby and fuse them into a great weapon known as the Jade Fusion Ray. The Jade Fusion Ray shoots a great beam of jade colored light and produces a what you may say as a tube, portal, gateway,etc. to the planet at any givin time. Then it would shoot a Plasma beam the size of a mansion at the target killing anyone within a 10 mile radius. The Jade Equilizer worked off the rarest mineral in all the solar system. Informal Scyrocopic Gargan Jade. The aliens came to earth to look for the Jade Equalizer and to take the planet over. Professor Greenway finally found the Jade Equalizer and accidentally stubbled upon the aliens. Knowing they found what they needed they took it and Pr. Greenway as hostige.

The U.S. govenment found this out when they took a picture from one of NASA's satellites at their ship and and saw Pr.Greenway with a sign saying Help! They have the Jade Equalizer. The U.S. government then told all countries to get ready for war.
They attacked on the morning of April 12th. The war had started and they needed to find these aliens that are known as the Stunport fleet of Tebulon.

Put your characters as you usually would. We need at least five people. We need people to be people such as a sniper expert, demoltion expert, ship pilot and navigator(can be same person), and stealth expert. You can also fill up spots such as on field medic, and other such things. Do not put skills as magical powers and keep weapons to a maximum of 4(counting hand guns). You may use weapons such as from any future game.(meaning such as Timesplitters, Halo, Half-life, etc.) Just mabye put a little discription of it if the name does not tell what it does.
Also keep skills to 3 or 4 thank you

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05/17/2005 3:22 PM

my caracter

Name: Orion

age: 23

physical desription: a tall man about 6'1 with dark black hair and one single strand of Red in his hair that always hangs infront of his face. He has glowing green eyes with a red outline. He wears Camouflage armor(somewhat like Master Cheif but mainly a different helmet cause He does not want to look as if he has a dirt bike helmet on.)
He has Camouflage boots with blades sticking out of the ends to use in case of piled on or in dire situation.

History: He was left homeless at a young age of 8 when his mother and father who are drug addicts kicked him out for mouthing off about their drug problems. He grew up learning about history, science, and everything else they teach in school. He read books on these in the public library since he did not have enough money to go to school. But also living on the streets helped him learn how to survive alone. When he became 16 he got drafted into the military and fought in the Earth and Mars war. he became a skilled private there and went up to letenient quickly. When the War was over he did not go back to his old life. he got a apartment and a job and finally started to live like a normal person. But he felt as if he was missing something. He looked back on his war memories and thought that is where he belonged. When the war started his chance came and he quicly enlisted remembering him general Carry Carter put him as commander of a fleet of men out to find the Stunport fleet.

Rank: Squadron Commander

Skills: Squad and fleet based command, expert at unarmed combat, and mechanical expert, resourcefulness

weapons: dual smg's, battle rifle, and 4.0 grenade spreader.

able to change character if you want to be of a different thing such a bounty hunters.

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05/26/2005 1:30 PM

If anyone wants to I will be happy to co-create this or mabye another rp with someone.
They may be able to expand on this idea if they wish. Such as change a few things, expand the world or idea of the rp, or even make how the characters could be made out. But if so don't have too many people work on it. Just 2 or 3. Thank you in advance.(Even though I doubt anyone will answer.

05/26/2005 1:40 PM

DK, nobody has answered in over a week, you can safely assume nobody will be answering. Instead of trying so hard to run your own thread, why don't you play in a few threads of someone else?

05/26/2005 2:32 PM

Name: Orion

Oh shoot due:D Ill join if ya want me to, wait....its been here over a week? maybe I will help ya co create it then...Im gonna have some fun.

05/26/2005 10:19 PM

Thanx Orion. I know it was a very crude and rough idea or whatever and it might take a bit but still thank you very much. When I made it I kinda was in a hurry so I made much of it off the top of my head so that really didn't help at all. Caelin you are right. I just have either found one that sounds interesting for me but only to be about something I really ether don't know or don't like. Else there are already too many people in and I don't feal like poping up when there is probably already too many people in it. Thanx to you as well. Well just post any ideas or anything yoiu modified here or somewhere else(mabye) and I guess I will check if I like it.

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