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05/17/2005 12:29 PM

Everything was right with universe. The Earth was slowly spinning, humans living thier lives. Pluto was cold, Jupiter had acne, and Uranus was trying to lose a ring. Mars was blushing, the moon glowed, every galaxy, every world was having an average exitence. All is quiet, all is well, a primal silence.

Then they came. A swirling the universe, in the very fabric of space and time itself. A warping of dimensions, and then a hand burst through. A massive hand, an ancient hand, an angry hand. Angry at everything, at existence at beings with no purpose, why could they not be more like it? To bad the hand had a mission.

A body came through, then six more. These being were as ancient as time itself, older even. Just then, one of the beings was assaulted, a ray of pure light blasted one of them in the face. The other five turned ther heads, to stare at what had assualted them. There stood mighty Zuess, tall and proud, grasping a lightning bolt in his hand. There was Ra, Shi Huang Di, The Left handed and Right handed twins, Huitzlipochtli, Odin, Shiva, and so many other mighty beings of sheer awesome power and might.

This was thier territory and they planned to keep it.

With a gesture of thier hands, thier greatest wariors rode forward to meet them, all equipped with a special ring that allowed them to understand each other. The Gods and thier champions, charged forward to stop this menace that had entered thier world.

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05/20/2005 5:25 PM

(OOC: This looks like it starts in space... so if that isn't ture I'll modify my post)

Sliepner galloped forth, the eight legged horse gathering speed as it rises from the earth, breaking through clouds and away from the planet. His rider, a tall and extremely burly man, wielding a mighty hammer that crackles with electrical energy, roars his battle cry. The deities of Earth are visible far off to the edge of the galaxy, the intruding beings before them engaged in combat, Eiliv could see his gods in battle and urged the mighty horse of Odin on to greater speeds.

Only moments after the dieties entered combat, an army of humanoids rushed through the portal left behind by the invading powers, countless scores coming into sight. Eiliv lifts Mjollnir up and hurls it towards the oncoming horde, the hammer striking the lead ranks and exploding with energy. Like a boomarang the mighty hammer launches back into the air and returns to Eiliv's hand as the viking warrior rides closer to the enemy ranks.

Eiliv feels the power of the mighty portal as he reaches the first ranks of enemy troops, Mjollnir striking like lightning from the back of Sliepner, the viking's arm bringing swift death to many enemies. The portal sends out a gravitational field, causing a section of space to act unnaturaly like solid ground, defining up and down, and giving foothold to the army.

Eiliv chants both in battle cry and in spell, improving his reflexes, allowing him to react to his enemies quicker, oh how this reminded him of the eternal battles of Valhalla, the sacred heaven of his brothers and sisters, which he was here to protect along with the rest of his world. Eiliv jumps off sleipner, sending him away for now, the enemy ranks closing around them, making it too unsafe for mounted combat. The viking's shield parries many oddly shaped blades, Mjollnir hammering away, sending shocks of thunder with every mighty hit.

Yes, this was what Eiliv did best, and it was in service of his deities that he did it even better, knowing full well he had been charged with a task that normally would be assigned to the phalanx of valkyrie. He would not let them down. With a growl and a warcry, dedicating this combat to the valkyrie, Eiliv fights on, waiting for the arrival of the rest of the champions of earth.

05/20/2005 9:23 PM

Back on earth.....

The wind blew through the empty shrine, whistling mournfully through the mountains surrounding it.

A statue stood by the altar at the center of the shrine, a very old statue. It was of a girl, fourteen or fifteen, with long hair dressed in traditional feudal-era clothing, holding a katana in a crouching position, a necklace of prayer-beads around her neck. Her blank stone eyes had gazed over the shrine for centuries, the trapped soul within damned for her sins to guard the shrine.

The wind picked up, and a figure appeared on a realm unseen by any mortal eyes, but the soul saw it, and she recognized it. Kaze-no-Kami, the god of the wind appeared in the shrine.
I have a task for you. If you complete it, you will be freed from this shrine forever. If you fail....well.....you shall return to the shrine forever, what is left of it.

The soul that was Kazuki stared. Freed....after all this time....she would do anything to be freed.
I agree.
The wind picked up, the god's form vanishing, and his laughter whispering on the wind.
Then make it so!
The final words echoed through the shrine growing louder and louder. Hairline cracks spread through the stone features, spreading from her feet and racing upwards, covering the stone in spider-web lines. There was a loud crunching noise, and the stone fell off in sections, revealing a pale girl underneath. Color stole through her features, and the statue became a girl.

Kazuki collapsed on the floor of the shrine, gasping for air. Her fingers, feeling numb, barely could grasp the sheathed katana's handle as she pushed herself up, leaning on the sword for balance. She stood up, grasping the railing the ran along the stairs leading down, feeling slowly returning to her numb arms and legs.

The girl looked up at the evening sky, for the first time in human form in over a thousand years, marvelling at how good it felt to be alive. The memory of her task returned, and she realized how much time was pressing. She grasped the katana, and the wind picked up. Kazuki vanished and a cloud of paper kanji prayer-tracts to the wind god blew skywards on a strong wind.

The prayer tracts blew towards where the battle was mounting in the heavens, halting at the edge of the battlefields, and coalesced to fade into the form of Kazuki again. She stared around herself, stunned by what she saw. A darkness, like a film of blood in water, was seeping across the starry heavens, a darkness that did not belong there.

An army, if that word could be applied to the hell that spread across the heavens, was approaching towards the earth that she'd come from. The army was made of.....things....that defied all description. There was a feeling of wrongness about them that horrified and revolted her.

And, most insane of all, she was supposed to help defeat this army? She was supposed to fight those.....things? Was the god who had sent her utterly mad?
But, Kazuki reflected, the alternative.....eternity guarding that shrine. Her thousand-plus years were barely a taste of eternity.
Still.....this could be her only chance for freedom.
And, she realized, looking down at the dark army, she had brought this on herself, in her own way. Gods had cursed her, but she had brought it on herself.

Kazuki grinned, a smile which was more a baring of teeth then anything, and unsheathed her sword. She had one chance. Best not to waste it.
The girl approached the army warily, skirting around the edges. A....thing, that defied description, lunged at her on it's six clawed feet. Her katana blurred, and it fell back. Or, rather, half of it did, turtle-like head staring uncomprehendingly at the severed lower half.

Her grey eyes narrowed on the figure of a man in the midst of some of the dark army. Not a man of her country, but of the strange people from the west, wielding a huge hammer. Was he one of the other champions-?
Kazuki headed towards him, katana whirring out at anything that got in her way. A huge beast faced her, slashing at her with a sword-like object three times as tall as her, both heads roaring furiously. Kazuki barely ducked it's first swing, and slashed at it's foot.

It howled in pain and attempted to step on Kazuki. Kazuki panicked, and suddenly dissappeared, the cloud of prayer-tracts appearing again and whirring over to the Viking's side, where they re-assembled a rather pale Kazuki. She would have hailed the Viking had not a bizarre shadow-creature fastened itself onto her ankles, the firl slashing at it unsuccessfully.

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05/20/2005 9:49 PM

Zeus Donum leaned against the statue of Zeus, I am supposed to receive the message here! He looked around, searching the entire grounds of the temple, but still didn't find the message. After about thirty minutes of searching, he finds a rolled-up parchment at the foot of the statue. He picked it up and unrolled it, a ring falling out as he did.

Our fated champion, it is time for you to fight the threat. Something from beyond the world, beyond the heavens, and beyond the underworld approaches. We do not quite know what it is, but we know that it wants to destroy us all. My gift to mortals, leave the wordly sphere so that you may fight this threat. You should have noticed the ring. It will let you understand the other champions sent to face this threat. Your pegasus Achillies will be able to take you outside of the Earth sphere and into the space sphere. We wish you luck in battle, and hope that this threat will be pushed aside.


Donum picked up the ring and, after studying it for a moment, placed it on his finger. He could not feel any immediate effects, but knew it would have to work. He removed a whistle from his robes and blew hard into it. A pegasus flew in through the temple doors and stood ready.

Achillies took Donum higher and higher, until he noticed Achillies beginning to tire and to pant. He noticed that the higher they went, the lighter he felt. Soon, Achillies was no longer tiring, and didn't even seem to be trying to fly. Donum felt all his weight leaving him as he escaped the Earth's gravity.

He looked out at the vastness of space and noticed dark denizens, attacking the gods he believed in, as well as deities he did not recognize. He steered Achillies toward the battle, pulling his sword from his robes, and setting it ablaze to fight. His eyes grow red, and his face pulls itself into the beast-like mask it always does in battle. As he approaches the battle, he pulls back his sword , waiting to strike his enemies...

05/20/2005 10:53 PM

Seth suddenly sat bolt upright from his resting place. Having been cast down from the level of god to demi-god, he was hankering for revenge. He felt a disturbance and drifted to the heavenly level. He observed the creatures and suddenly was in the midst of them, attacking with his flail and scimitar. Both of the blades send waves of sand out from their edge on contact, essentially turning seth into a whirlwind of grit. The sand began to drift outwards from him, turning into a loose landscape of sand upon which any could walk if he was lightfooted enough. Seth had not noticed Horus and Osiris standing far away. Both waved a hand in unison. A ring appeared on Seth's finger.

Horus: "Your past transgressions against me are forgiven god of storms. Fight for your world and your redemption."

Osiris: "Seth, your underling is restored to you. Anubis, go to help your master."

A whirling form swept down upon the battle. Anubis' hands unraveling into bands of linen and wrapping around one of the beings' leg. Suddenly the form solidified into a man with the head of a jackal. He held a quarter staff in his right hand and his left hand laid across his chest, bearing a flail similar to Seth's.

05/21/2005 7:22 AM

A fast and speedy deity was along side Zues and the other gods for the battle. RABBIT the Trickster God of the Cherokee. With the other Trickster Gods they tried to diseray these beings. They where dearly distroied.
RABBIT faced Earth and called out a name,"Salali!"
Back on earth in a small little cabin that rest atop a mountain on Oklahoma, watching over the Cherokee reserve. A girl practiced her Staff technic when she heard her name.
"Father? Why do you ca-"
"Hear my warning! Be Prepared to fight for you Mother Earth!"
"Yes Father...But why do I feel so much pain from thee?"
"Father!? FATHER?!"
She sat and thought to herself...'What could have happened to him or the other gods.'
She stood and tightened her headband. She adjusted the waist band of her pants and made sure her shirts where not crooked.
"Something tells me that I'll have a visiter soon. What do you think Masichuvio?"
Masichuvio just snorted in his deerish way.

{OCC: kat Salali is Cherokee for Squrril and Masichuvio is Hopi for Gret Deer.}

05/22/2005 10:19 AM

Poalo stood in the underbrush, pulling back his bow, his father giving him advice oh how to aim. After death, the two of them were seperated for sometime, they have been trying to regain their relationship, but Poalo's duty as a champion came first. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, he could hear his god calling to him.

~Somthing is amiss, young Poalo, get your steed and ride towards the sky, follow the sent of blood and battle. All dieties must join together as one to defeat this threat, or all is lost~

Poalo got up slowly, kissing his father on the head. His father nodded undertanding, Poalo let out three shrill whistles from his mouth. A large wind began to kick up, a large feathered serpentine dragon sailed his way down in front of Poalo.

"Mixtli my friend, we have work to do." Poalo said leaping on his back.

~where to Paoo?~

Poalo smiled cheekily, rubbing the dragon on his barbels.

~were already there~Poalo said, concentrating his and the creatures mental energies into a transpostation spell.

~Wind of dragon, hear my plea!~

The enviroment around them changed, a ring materialized around Poalos finger.

~a gift my champion, you WILL need it.~

The sound of battle rang in thier ears, Poalo withdrew his spear and rubbed it, making the end a large club. He yelled a batle cry, asualting a gigantic creature that had engaged Mixtli. Poalo jumped off and slammed his giant battle club into one of the creatures six stubby legs. The creature turned its head around and bared its ugly fangs, Poalo lept on the creatures back and smashed its skull into its neck. It crumpled into nothingness.

Mixtli breathed in a large intake and spewed fire on several shadow beings. Poalo was now standing on the bottom of his club, grabbing the shaft and spinning in a circle like a top. Using his pryokinesis as well to clear a large area.

Poalo felt a sharp pain in his side, he turned to see a creature with two heads and a frogs body, lashing out its long tongues, edged with hard bone that felt like the tip of a sword. Poalo gestured his hand at the creature and slammed the heads together with a motion of his hand. He ran towards them, his club now a spear head, and slashed at one of the heads throats. Black blood spewed everywhere, the other head was still lashing out its tongue, more erratic now with no rythm like before. He heard a large sqelching sound, and looked to see a warhammer slammed itno the bests jaw. It bust into smoke.

Standing before Poalo was Norseman, followed by someone from an Eastern tribe. Poalo nodded his head.

"My thanks to you honorable warrior." he said thumping his fist to his chest. Poalo cuaght a quick flash of movement out of the corner of his eye, he quiclky grabbed his throwing glave and pitched it at a batlike creature that had tried to assualt the Easterner from behind. It made a whistling sound then whirred back to his hand.

"Seems the battle has just begun" Poalo said pointing.

Large creatures, made of steel and iron were thumping forward, going toe to toe with the gods themselves.

"Come! we must go to thier aid!" Poalo yelled, whistling for Mixtli.

05/22/2005 2:47 PM

Mjollnir smashes into the armored carapace of an odd four armed creature, fracturing the creature's hide, the cracks running from the point of impact outward like lightning. Eiliv brings the might hammer out and back in swiftly, Mjollnir striking the same spot, breaking through the outer shell of the creature and smashing it's flesh, electricity running through it's body. As the creature falls to the makeshift ground, the viking whirls and crushes the skull of a humanoid, it's body flying into it's comrades, sparking wildly.

The viking has been joined by two new warriors, obviously of Earth, but by no means of his own lands. The man and woman fight with odd combat styles and their style of dress and weapons is unfamiliar to the viking. The man has tan skin, far darker than any the norseman is accustomed to. The female warrior, while her skin is a familiar light hue, has a different look about her, both in her eyes and hair. The woman moves with a grace that the norseman is unnaccustomed to, who's brethren fight with their strength more than with their agility. Eiliv barely has time to dodge an incoming claw when he finally removes his gaze from the exotic dance of the female warrior. With a roar Eiliv brings Mjollnir up in a slicing uppercut to the bottom of the creature's jaw, the creature's head flying into the air.

The tan-skinned man yells out, "Come! We must go to their aid!" and heads off towards the battle of the gods on his odd creature.

Eiliv watches him but is forced to turn back to the sea of enemies before him, the tide of their forces pushing upon him. Mjollnir rises high above the viking's head as he calls out to the heavens. A lightning bolt appears from high above in the nothingness and strikes the warhammer, the metal of the weapon crackling with the energy. As the forces close in upon him, Eiliv slams Mjollnir into the impromptu ground, a mighty crash of thunder exploding from the weapon, sending forces flying in all directions. Lightning arcs from the impact and catches several enemies as they fly away.

A gargantuan creature, with rows of legs and twelve arms rushes foreward from the flying ranks of creatures, the sheer size of it nullifying the sonic boom. Running nearly thirty feet long, the bizarre creature drools from it's maw, the man's flesh appealing to it as dinner. Eiliv grits his teeth and prepares to battle the huge monster.

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05/22/2005 5:50 PM

Donum's sword slices through one of the dark creatures, splitting it in half. He flew around on Achillies, cutting through many of the foreign monsters. Why would Zeus and the other gods need me to fight these? They are pathetically weak. He looks around at the battle, noticing thrre people fighting together, two men, one woman. Donum could easily identify the paler man as a norseman, a barbarian and savage. He noticed that the other two were different, but he had seen traders like them before.

"Come! We must go to their aid!" shouted the woman, as she and the other two headed towards the gods. Donum decided that he would fight alongside his gods, and maybe see if the other gods are worthy of Zeus' attention.

He steers Achillies towards them, slashing and stabbing at whatever creature he flew by. He sees the pale savage being attacked by a wave of monsters. They say that even uncivilized dogs can be trained, this one could be useful. Donum rushes Achillies to instead help the norseman instead of his gods, forgive me, but you are powerful enough to survive. Uneducated barbarians are a different matter. He wades in, destroying creatures left and right to get to the potential helper.

05/22/2005 7:51 PM

Sarah had decided she would not go see the new Star Wars movie until after the madness died down a bit. She took a shortcut through the forest towards her home. It was raining lightly but she barely felt it.

Her phone chirped alerting her to a text message. She paused and read it. It was from her grandmother. It read:

“Sarah, you have just turned 18. It is time for you to learn about the power and responsibility you have inherited from your ancestry. Your grandfather’s worked together to make you a key that will unlock your concealed power. It is located to your right and it leaning up against a tree. I wanted to be there to give it to you personally and train you, but circumstances don’t permit it.

--Love Grandma Athena.

Sarah blinked twice and looked to her right. A shiny golden mace was leaning against a tree. “How…?” she began. She took hold of the handle and picked it up. It was heavy, but it felt right in her hand. It gave her a slight tingle and then she felt a massive power burst grow within her. A ring of lava boiled from the ground around her even as lightning struck the mace and coursed though her body!

After a moment everything grew quiet except for her heavy breathing and the sizzling of the smoking underbrush. She felt strong and impervious! She looked down at herself. She was bigger in every way, she was even taller. Fortunately, her clothes had managed to keep up with her growth for the most part.

“Whoa, this is a serious rush!” she exclaimed. No sooner had she spoken when two large semi transparent men appeared before her. “Great Grandpa Thor & Great Grandpa Vulcan?” she asked.

“Hello, Sarah,” her Great Grandpa Thor spoke up. “This is a recorded message.”

“There is great trouble in progress in a distant place and you are needed,” her Great Grandpa Vulcan informed. “We wanted to train you but are not able to.”

“Hopefully you read those training manuals we’ve sent you. With those and your imagination, you should be able to figure this out.”

“This is the end of this message, so now your mace will summon you across time & space to where you are needed.”

“Training manuals?” She asked as they vanished. “All I recall getting from you are comic books.” At that moment her mace hummed loudly and the world around her dissolved and she found herself a short distance from a battle. A small hideous creature streaked at her teeth bared. Instinctively she struck it with the mace. Much to her surprise, not only the creature suffer an impact, but a blast of electricity as well causing it to explode into flaming bits! “Of course!” she realized. “Comic books! Training manuals!

She looked across to the battle. A band of warriors battling hideous horrors were being charged by a massive creature! Remembering something she had seen in the comic books, she swung her mace in a circle and flung it at the massive beast, but held onto the handle. The mace yanked her off her feet and pulled her through the air. She focused and the mace glowed brightly with a charge. The mace connected with the monstrosity’s side with a cataclysmic blast that knocked the beast flat!

“Ha!” she cried triumphantly. “Me am prelate of mass ionic discharge!” The beast snarled and got back up. “Za? Drat! I think I just made it angry. I guess I’m open to suggestions.”

05/22/2005 8:12 PM

Kazuki darted out of the way of a man arriving on the back of what appeared to be a dragon, though of a kind she had never seen before. Another man was busily putting a dent in the creatures.

"Come! We must go to their aid!"

the man with the strange dragon-like creature yelled, indicating the gods. Kazuki's eyes narrowed, and she nodded to him, attempting to head towards the gods.

05/23/2005 4:49 AM

Poalo was yelling a battle cry as Mixtli slammed into the first of these giant golem like creatures. Mixtli was fiercely attacking the iron creature, using his long talons to try and shred the beast. Hardly any damage was done.

Poalo jumped on one of the golems massive hands and began run up the lenght of its arm, slamming it with his club head. He hopped onto the creatures shoulder and bashed its head, it made a loud ringing sound like a bell. The Aztec clutched his ears as the ringing filled it. Mixtli glided towards his masters aid, wrapping his serpentine body around the creatures neck and sqeezing. The creature grabbed at Mixtli, making very hollow wind noises out of its helmet, slowly getting more erratic. Mixtli used his telekinesis to crush the body, smashing in the armor. The head popped off the golem, the rest of the army dissipated.

Mixtli saw another giants hand come down and slam against him. Poalo rushed to his dragons side, but Mixtli was knocked out cold, slowly floating away. Poalo rushed around the second golems feet, trying to dodge its stamping feet, he tried to contact Mixtli.






Mixtli slowly opened his eyes, shaking off the golems attack, he surged forward to Poalos aid.

OOC: DeuasExMachina (sorry about the spelling) what pantheon are you representing? Is Mjolnis your hammer? cuz I thought Demitrex was Norseman.....Im confuzzled (-.-)

05/23/2005 12:16 PM

Guan-di felt the need to rise into the sky to do battle as the others sped toward the conflict. Running back to is home, he felt the battle-call raise up inside him. Changing as he sprinted at his house in the Chinese countryside, he could already feel the change. His body began to expand, and his eyes felt as though they are on fire. His brow began to expand, as the hairs that rested there began to smooth and toughen...

When he reached his warhorse, he was Guan-di, the fully grown god of war. Leaping upon his enormous steed, he sped off to the heavens to aid his brother dieties.

05/23/2005 3:21 PM

OOC: DeuasExMachina (sorry about the spelling) what pantheon are you representing? Is Mjolnis your hammer? cuz I thought Demitrex was Norseman.....Im confuzzled (-.-)

[ooc] Sorry, I like people of mixed heritage. You'll have to think outside the box. I put her stats & history in the disc thread (http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/discussions.cfm?forumid=19&topicid=260940&bookmark=30" target="_blank). One of her great grandfathers is of the greek pantheon (vulcan god of the forge & fire) her other Great grandfather is of the nordic pantheon, (Thor god of, among other things, the forge). One of her grandmothers is of the greek pantheon, (Athena goddess of wisdom, learning, justice & stuff). If I knew much of other pantheons, I would have probably added more. Her mace was custom made for her.[/ooc]

"Let's try turning up the heat," she descided. With some focussing, she summoned a sustained blast of white hot plasma at the angry monstrosity. It growled and snarled as it struggled against the onslaut. It's steel body soon glowed red. The glow got brighter and brighter until it abruptly liquified into a puddle.

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05/23/2005 10:31 PM

Anubis began to wrap one of the beast completely in linen. Suddenly the wrappings constricted, crushing the beast slowly. Seth himself halved a questing arm with his scimitar. The flail in his other hand crashed into the floting island of snad, ripping an undead army out of it. The army held glaives and short swords. Although small, they began to cut a sizeable chunk out of the enemy force. Seth himself send another wave of sand at the forms, snad blasting their steel sheels and slowly eroding their weak spots.

"Begone from my world you foul thing."

05/24/2005 12:26 PM

Eiliv watches as the pair of warriors who had joined him set forth to the battle of the gods against the invading titans. The viking turns back to the enemies befeore him, Mjollnir smashing his enemies. If the gods cannot drive those monsters from our realm, then the champions surely cannot. I do not see the point in getting in the way of our powerful deities, the best way to serve them is to destroy these legions of minions.

With that thought in mind, Eiliv slams another large creature in it's kneecap and crushes it's head when it falls. The viking stands, alone now, in the midst of the sieging legions, roaring his battle cries and sending many to their graves. The viking shouts at his enemies, maintaining his frenzy and lust for battle, "Come on you wickid things. Come and taste the death of Mjollnir, wrath of Thor. To my gods I am but a servant, to my brothers and sisters a man and warrior, but to you creatures, my enemies, I am death incarnate!!"

Once again Eiliv throws himself upon the beasts, his weapon now aided by kicks, elbows, and punches from the mighty viking. Many of the beasts, however inhuman, had begun to second think charging this ball of fury, but most of those who were close enough to experience this epiphany, were soon dead.

05/24/2005 3:42 PM

Donum watched intently as the savage erupted in rage, It would figure that a barbaric non-greecian would lose himself so easily, his mind is even weaker than most foreigners. Donum shook his head, and slashed at a creature sneaking up behind him. With a battle cry of his own, which he thought was fluent in pitch changes, began to hack and slash at the creatures surrounding him. He felt his sword go through monsters one after another, when a strange insect-looking abomination slithered to him. He would have to make sure that he won't overbalance from the sword while fighting this thing. His sword seemingly began to melt, oozing straight on to his skin. Soon it had replaced his forearm, turning it into a flaming blade.

Donum charged in at the insect, normal hand leading the way. His fist smashed into the thing, causing a sickening crunch. He followed up his powerful punch with a jab of his blade, but missed. The creature snapped at him, but he brought up his sword in time to deflect the pincer. He launched out his foot in a roundhouse kick, clipping the thing's leg, distracting it from his blade, which took off one of the pincers. He punched at the thing again, smashing it right between the pincers. The creature almost seemed daze, but Donum did not relent, chopping his blade down, messily tearing it in half.

He looked around at the carnage, It seems I still have some work to do...

05/26/2005 2:06 PM

Poalo was running back forth between the golems legs, trying stall it as Mixtli was trying to pop its head off. Suddenly a large spear thrusted into the giants chest, almost as big as Mixtli himself, Poal turned his head to see Huitzilopochtli.

~go my champion, your help is needed elswhere!

"As you wish, my lord." Poalo said thumping his fist to his chest again.

The Aztec mounted Mixtli and rode into a large collection of bull demon like creatures. He drew his bow and knocked an arrow, trying to maintain his balance.


A solid hit to the head, he leaped off of Mixtli, drawing his spear. He slammed on a bulls head, leaped off and did a diagonal slash at a brutes stomache, spilling its intestines evrywhere. It blew up in a cloud of dust.

Poalo drew his throwing glave, using his mind to guide into several of the beasts throats. The warrior felt a sharp pain to the back of his head, and he fell to his knees. Seems some of these creatures carry weapons on them, a large club came down, laced with shards of what looked like glass. Poalo thrusted his hands outward, tripping those nearer to him. He leaped in the air and landed on Mixtli, whom was waiting for several of the brutes to clump together.

The feathered dragon took in a large intake of breath, Poalo struggled to hold them together whith his free hand. Mixtli's fire exploded from his mouth, incinerating the bull demons as they turned to ash. Poalo was looking at Mixtlis side, it was covered with many long range weapons, arrows, axes, darts.

~best be more carefull Mixtli!, you seem badly wounded!~

~Im fine, I should worry bout you~


A large humaniod bear creature leaped at Mixtli, thrwoing Poalo from his steed. Poalo drew his spear and began to circle strafe the creature. The bear landed with a loud thud, it reached behind its back and began to draw a bone like spear from its body. The two prepared, then charged forward, crossing spear heads, wakking at one anothers exposed arms. This bear was strong, and fast, but Poalo used his telekinises to his advantage, or so he thought....


The blow came hard, and was rained down upon by several more. Poalo saw, someone, somthing a ways away, it looked a champion, he could not be sure, he reached out a hand and called for aid, then blacked out.

OOC: Im trying to show some sense of companionship, if anyone would like to save my character go right ahead:)

05/26/2005 3:06 PM

Salali looked down, kneeled and poked at the Aztec.
"you alright?"
She reached into her magical bag of tricks and pulled out good old smelling salts.
she put then right under his nose. She, realizing it didnt work pulled out a needle.


Salali looked at the guy innocently and replyed "good morning."

05/26/2005 5:04 PM

Sarah combined moves she had learned in Tae Kwon Do with a few wacks with her charged mace, and yet another monstricity exploded into flaming chunks. Sighting one of her fellow warriors down, she made her way toward him. A young girl was trying to help him but he seemed reluctant.

She lept behind him and wrapped her arms around him. "Is the scared little boy being difficult and not wanting to take his medicine?" she teased. "I'll hold him in place for you."

05/26/2005 11:31 PM

Eiliv looks off into the distance, over the head of a short goblin-like creature, which he promptly smashes down. A group of beings, obviously humans from his world, although certainly not his homeland, have gathered, one of them seeming to be injured. The viking calls out, "Come Sleipner, we have brothers and sisters in arms to join in glorious battle!"

The burly man beats the skull in of several more goblinoid creatures as they charge him, the last surviving of the group suddenly trampled by three sets of legs, Sleipner had arrived. The viking bounds into the air, his powerful legs propelling him up onto the back of the mighty eight legged horse.

Eiliv spurs the horse into the space above the enemies heads, several small spears, arrows, and ...barbs? Eiliv looks into his arm, where a strange barb potrudes from his arm. The barbarian tears the missile free from his flesh and turns to regard the creatures under him. The viking flips the thing in his hand and flings it down at one of the smaller creatures, scoring a hit on it's shoulder. Eiliv brings the horse down near the humans, turning and jumping off, the horse riding free of the battle to watch from above.

The viking lands a few feet from the group of humans, Mjollnir crushing through the maw of a large snake type creature. Eiliv launches Mjollnir off to slam into a creature thirty feet away. The man turns to regard the humans, reaching out his gauntlented hand and catching the warhammer as it returns to him, his eyes taking in the sight of the two women and a man on the ground. The viking raises an eyebrow, a motion almost imperceptable under the brow of his horned helmet.

05/28/2005 10:08 AM

Kazuki was knee-deep in enemies. Literally, she was slashing at small black creatures that swarmed around her, resembling a cross between a scorpion and a flying squirrel. She panted for breath, and hefted her katana again, swinging it in a vicious arc, a gust of wind following it and blowing the small creatures away from her.

Unfortunately, she had forgotten to watch her back. A large troll-like creature kicked at the small being causing so much trouble, sending Kazuki flying. She barely had enough time to register a terrible pain in her back before she went flying. She crashed into the ground quite a ways away (or what passed for ground on this plane), near a group of other people like her, fighting these...things.

Kazuki's head swam.
"Ayeeeee..." she whimpered.

05/28/2005 3:05 PM

Seth turned and saw a small form land at his feet. He knealt down and picked the girl up, mindfull of her blade.

"Come now, we cannot be lying down when our enemies surround us."

He turned and grabbed what resembled a squid with eight spidery legs on its brain case and smashed it into a similar beast, before snad blasting them. Meanwhile Anubis had spent his energy and was shrivelling away. He dissapeared until Seth needed him again. The army of jackal headed undead continued to swarm the creatures, but they were no match for the alien beings. Seth stabbed another creature and kicked it's corpse away from him as it began to cataclysmically dissolve.

05/30/2005 6:20 PM

Salali was beating beasts over the head left and right. She reached into her magical bag of tricks and pulled out a katana she had picked up in tokyo about 300 years ago and began to attack more rapidly with the katana and the staff.
After a little time had passed she realized that she was surrounded by enemies. The katana was knocked out of her hand.
"Hey do you have any idea what thats worth?!"
Then her staff.
The covered her in a sworm. She was screaming for air.
her cries for help seemed unnoticed.

06/02/2005 8:17 AM

After generating a plasma shock wave to clear her personal space of the mini monsters, Sarah turned to the cry for help. Someone was covered in the critters!

"They should insulate her from this," Sarah said as her mace generated a plasma cloud around the girl. The critters fell, leaving lightly singed girl standing.

06/03/2005 8:51 AM

Seth turned and saw a small form land at his feet. He knealt down and picked the girl up, mindfull of her blade.

"Come now, we cannot be lying down when our enemies surround us."

"Aaagh..." Kazuki groaned, standing up, praying to the gods that her knees wouldn't buckle, and leaned on her katana for support.

Up, Kazuki. You must fight.
A gust of wind only felt by Kazuki hit her, and she gasped, her pain melting away. She stood straight, and sighed, hefting her sword to attack again.

06/04/2005 12:22 AM

Eiliv turns to regard the encroaching masses of the enemy's army. Off on the far side of the black sea of creatures there are several gigantic monsters, most of which have several heads. They must be the generals of this force, we should make our way to them and destroy them, without their head the body will wither and die.

The viking turns to the humans around him and yells, so as to be heard over the warcries and roars of the monsters, "I believe I see the enemy generals, we should make our way towards them and destroy them!"

Eiliv turns back towards the monstrous figures in the distance and leaps forward towards them, his jump carrying him fifteen feet away and into a regiment of scarab like creaturs. Mjollnir smashes into the ground and erupts with electricity, destroying most of the group, the mighty hammer swiftly finding the carapaces of the survivors to finish them. The viking looks back to see if any of the other champions had heeded his call.

06/07/2005 3:27 AM

Salali saw the larger monsters and whistled for Masichuvio.
"Come on boy! Lets get Them!"
She leaped onto his back then Masichuvio leaped into the air almost hitting the dark skinned man.
"Sorry Guy!"
They charged at the bigger guys. She reached into her magical bag of tricks and pulled out a mall cloud. She threw it at the monsters and covered them in fog to better stealth her attack.

06/07/2005 4:11 PM

Seth heard about the larger beasts and left Anubis to take care of the lesser beings, appearing in a blast of sand behind one of the creatures and focussing jets of grit on him, sanding his hide effectively. Naturally, the creatures allies turned to react but Seth again appeared in a cloud of sand behind them again, continuing his blasting of the beast. Every time they figured out where he was, Seth shifted positions, dissolving in a cloud of sand and re-appearing nerby to continue his assault.

06/09/2005 9:26 AM

Kazuki stared at the huge beasts, then shook her head, and gripped her katana, vanishing into a cloud of prayer-tracts and re-appearing by the nearest of the huge beasts.
It looked even bigger from up close.
Somehow she got the feeling they were going to have to work together.

07/12/2005 9:28 AM

Eiliv smashes away the pincers of a large crab-like creature and jumps onto it's back, finishing it with a quick smash of Mjollnir. The viking leaps passed the crab and next to the foot of one of the giants. A woman with a thin sword stands nearby looking at the monster. "We must find a way to disable it, we should start with the back of it's heel and see if it will fall."

The viking nods when the woman looks his way and lunges at the beast, smashing Mjollnir into the beasts achilles tendon, if it has one. The viking takes a step back to see if the beast even notices the attack, finding that difficult to see due to thick fog surrounding the creature. He looks back over to the woman, "I'm open to suggestions, this creature is bigger than the giants I am used to."

07/17/2005 5:33 PM

Salali ran past the larger of the creatures and and it to the ones that seemed to be in control.
She looked at them and said," Well well well...these must be the big boys aye?"
She charged at them with her staff and tried to swing at them. Her staff went right through the thing's head.
"What in the-",She said.
The creature reached into her chest. It began to squeeze her heart. She tried to call out for help but had not the strength to do so. It lifted it's arm and Salali went up into the air and went flying. She landed on Poalo. Unable to talk, she could not warn the others of the beings behind the giants.
Do to the stress her body had just gone through, she passed out.

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