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05/17/2005 10:44 AM

I've posted this last year, but took it down not too long after that. But it's back now, on my site, available to everyone for free viewing. It's the very first short film I've ever made, my very first attempt in filmmaking. Ahhhh.

Click here! (http://www.swiftyworks.com/downloads.htm#3)

Remember to rate me. :D

06/04/2005 7:55 PM

I liked it, especially the sort of monologue that went on, it was written in a very flowing style. The ending took me by surprise, though.
I rated, too.

06/05/2005 8:45 AM

Thank you.

06/05/2005 9:35 AM

I liked it Swift, although it played bad on my crappy computer....I especially liked the ending, it surprised me.

:) Bravo :)

06/06/2005 8:17 PM

Ah, thank you.

06/06/2005 8:23 PM

Actually I saw a movie kind of like it once (Though not as deep), I think it was called "Hunting Humans" You might wanna check it out.

06/07/2005 7:51 PM

ooooh? is it a short film?

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