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05/14/2005 9:49 PM

The Dxun moon that orbited Onderon was a quiet moon.It was once the base of operations for the mandalorians that attacked onderon.Laina sat meditating under the glow of onderons mighty presance.Civil war had broken out.The fight for power had begun within Onderons government.

Laina smirked some as she thought about the effect the war could have on the already crumbling republic.Her bangs fluttered some as the wind picked up.Laina had made many enemies as a jedi, and she often wondered how long it would be before she would be discovered on Dxun.

Recently Laina had resorted to blasters and grenades to deal with the less docile creatures.The force seemed to drain from her very being the day she returned from the mandalorian wars.The council had been very clear.She was exiled.Even her former master had looked down on her that day.

She gritted her teeth as she thought about the way he had looked at her.Like she was a condemned criminal.Her hands gripped the blaster in her hand.Laina had lost all connection with the force, and it was only a matter of time before she was discovered, and possibly killed.

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