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05/13/2005 7:22 PM

A amount of time after the defeat Darth Vader, many of those heroes were near forgotten. But a select few intune with the force attempted to invite further Jedi. The academy thrived, but all things come to a standstill. With in time, many students rebelled and the dark side was reborn. One set of triplets got quite caught in it, yet they were born about a century after the event.

Joeanna, a young woman with a tomcat attitude, sighed, having just passed the Jedi trials. Her sister Shana had already passed, as had Lanna, but Lanna had resigned at the death of their elder sister, Banna, who was also her mentor. Shana had been in a battle, and Lanna was waiting to see if her sister, who prefered to go by Joe, had passed. Joeanna smilled, pulling her hair in a red braid.
"I am going to so hurt Shana for saying I had to study..." She said, her blue eyes darting at the reference charts. Lanna laughed a little. Lanna had pearl white hair with a shine of rainbow in it and pale eyes, which didn't as often light up in joy as they once had. Their sister, Shana, who was not in the area, had black hair, and Joeanna once thought she had seen her with red eyes, but she decided it was the sun on her sister's brown eyes.

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