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05/13/2005 6:42 AM

The dark forest of the West holds many dark and dangerous secrets, many of them unkown, leaving no survivors to warn others about them. Sometimes they may spare a precious few, but only on the condition that they serve them, never to leave the dark, dank forest. Most of them heartily agree, the few that don't never walk in the light of day, or the dark of night, but are stuck between, on this Earth forever.

A barren strip on land twists and turns through the Forest. When barren is said, it is litterally ment. There is no scrap of green on it, no ants toiling endlessly away, no nothing. It isn't called the Trail of Death for no reason, it is where the sick and dying animals come, as a sacrifice to the One. The sides are littered with skeletons and decaying carcasses. The only thing these poor beasts can hope for is the One coming soon, and killing them quickly. Sometimes it happens, other times it doesn't. It depends where It is.

There is one in the Forest, one that could destroy, one that could bring peace back to the Forest. Not that she knows this. She was born and raised in this forest, her parents dead at the age of 3, raised by the One. For some odd reason, the One took her in, taught her the ways of the Forest, of fighting, of protecting. Of how to take care of herself.

The dark one walked the forest now, 2 swords on her back, several daggers around her hips. The black, batlike wings on her back extended gracefully from her shoulder blades. The woman was tall, around 5'10", her slender body well mucsaled((know I spelled it wrong)), which rippled under deep tan skin. Dark orbs peeked out from her face, which was covered by black hair, streaked with red. The woman walked the trial alone, her arms swinging slightly by her side.

Hearing something, Yucar whipped around, sword in hand. Seeing another sick animal, she sheethed her sword, not noticing anything strange about the animal.

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