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05/12/2005 5:57 PM

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05/18/2005 2:36 PM

"Settle down children," said an irritated Learan, "now that I have your ATTENTION!" he shouted to a boy whispering to his friend, who jumped back at the unexpected yell, "now that I have your attention we can begin."

Learan began to write down some symbols and runes on the blackboard, "now, we have learned from the works of Derriv the Fool, raw magic can be erratic and uncontrollable at times, especially when exposed..." he paused, waiting for a whispering boy to pay attention, "especially when exposed to high levels of heat."

Learan turned around and walked up to an unsuspecting boy and said, "Johnathan! what have we learned from Derriv the Fool?"

"Umm, I.." he began, "I, uhh, don't know, Mr. Morlot," he finished, looking down, ashamed. "Tell me, Johnathan, what is so important as to interrupt my lessons on raw magic safety?" The boy looked around at his friends, "uhh, um, the, the island, will, uhh, disappear under the sea."

"Oh? and what proof do you have of this? Has a prophet from the sun come down and tell you this? Has a scientist proven his preposterous theory and chose to only share it with you?" Learan asked the boy, "this, children, is what we in the teaching and tutoring career call gossip. Now, if we may turn back towards the lesson."

Despite what he had just said, he was unnerved by what the child had said. So far, he too had heard of the ending of the dry world, but only from fools and false prophets. But, now that it is becoming common knowledge to all, and widely believed, he would have to find out about this. The class ended a few hours later without much incident, and he rushed out of the classroom.

He immediatly set towards the heart of the city, the location of the four birthgiving temples. These four temples are the temples of Earth, Air, Fire, and Sun. He entered the Temple of the Sun and set towards the altar. Although not a priest or cleric, he was certainly a religious man, and believed the gods may set this rumor straight.

He saw the two monks he was looking for and walked towards them, "Brother Garesd, Sister Grieda! I need to ask you two a question." The monks walked towards Learan, " ah yes, we already know what question you ask, for it is the question all ask, are the rumors true? will there be a great flood?" Learan nodded his head vigorously, waiting eagerly for the answer...

05/19/2005 4:43 PM

stupid kids Hekern thought to himself. Those boys experimenting with basic tide control had knocked over his bottle of octipi ink, ruining his latest thesis. After creating a tide storm, it appeared learned their lesson to be respectful of other people's private space. Xamar was not a man to be messed with when writing a thesis and a philosophical thought. His latest creation had been a work of art, too.

as he moved across utilizing one of the cities cross-currents to cut through the enormous buildings, he kept fuming. If that ingrate of a priest hadn't cut in, they would still be up there. the boy's teacher, priest of the Sea Gafan, had seen the boys in an underwater malstrom and had interrupted Hekern's spell. Under the sea, there were five priesthoods. The Temple of Ice, the Temple of Land (water, of course), the Temple of Sea, the Temple of Rain, and The Temple of Water.There was also the order of the light, but Xamar didn't really care enough to learn that order. To get into The Temple of Water, one must have at least three years experience in each of the other temples. However, Xamar was different.

He was pulled in by a friend who felt alone last month, and since his acceptance of the art was so finessed that he had almost completed the Temple of Sea. However, Hekern felt his career lay in the ways of philosophy. That thought sent his mind back to reeling in sorrow. The thesis was one of the loss of the land-dwellers. What effect it would have on the sea community, etc. etc. Xamar didn't really care about them anyway, why should he? To him all they created was ways to abuse the water-dwellers and make useless inventions like gunpowder.

Xamar thoughts drifted once again on those boys he had tossed up. And with that, opened the door to his house.

05/20/2005 3:14 PM

"... Yes, it will happen. We have confirmation from the Sun, the Earth, and the Sea. The island will be submerged," Learan's jaw dropped open at this revelation, "but do not worry, many merfolk cities are allowing we land dwellers to move into their bubbles."

Learan's head spinned, the island will sink?, "but, what about the people who cannot get to the underwater cities in time? Or how about the people that could be locked out when the bubbles are full? What about the Yakmars? They deserve an equal chance, despite people's views of them as barbarians. They shall not get down the mountain in time, for they will be alerted to this far too late."

"Ah yes, there will be people who will not survive, we have prayed that the souls of these people may go with the Sun and the Earth," explained Grieta, "they will know salvation when they die."

Learan could not believe his ears, they are just going to let everyone die? Not even a fight? Learan thought for a moment, "I, will be going right now, best of wishes to you both."

As Learan left the church, he looked back at the two monks, once again engaged in prayer, feeling no pity. Learan knew where to go to look for answers about how this flood will occur. He walked over to a raise platform near the Temple of Air. Floating next to the platform was a boxed shaped chair used for quick travel. He approached the man standing next to the chair.

"Hello sir, where would you like to go today?" the man asked Learan, "we have a special to take you to the double-metropolis Hydrager or the pleasant village off the coast."

"Hello, I would actually like to take a trip over to Two Finger Point," he replied.

"You want to go to Two Finger Point? Sure, it'll be about seven-thousand pins."

"Seven thousand pins.." grumbled Learan as he reached into his pocket, "you're lucky I am in a hurry or I would just walk instead of feeding you for a month."

He handed over the money and stepped inside the chair. After the man muttered a few chants while sprinkling raw magic onto the chair, the chair rose up and flew away. The chair and magic were meant for speed, so it didn't take long to get to the two pillars of stone known as Two Finger Point.

After stepping off the chair he walked east away from the landmark and had soon reached his cottage. He opened the door and walked inside. He looked around at the cluttered room and found what he was looking for. He strode over and picked up his blunderbuss, which was capable of spewing a cone of fire about ten feet long and five feet wide. He placed the gun in a special holster on his back, and left the door, hoping he could try and stop the travesty...

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05/21/2005 6:30 AM

Kai stood on the edge of the cliff gazing out to sea. She was waiting for someone, she didn’t know his name but then she never did. What did she care as long as he could pay her for her job. She knew he would be here soon. He was never late and she was always early. That’s how it was. They said routine killed you, they were right. That’s why it was always a different location, always a different time, always a different man to meet. Well it had to be, every messenger he had ever sent her was killed. It wasn’t that she had something against them but they had spoken to her, seen her and for that they would have to die. Life was like that; to survive life had to think you were dead. It was a cold logic; you can’t kill someone that’s already dead. And that’s what she was dead…well at least to the world, to life.

She allowed the salty spray to soak her black clothing. She would change them soon. Some lucky beggar would find them stuffed in the nearest bin. He would wear them and once again all trace of her would be erased. Even the clothes themselves would be whipped down so that if by chance a stray law keeper found them she could not be discovered as being here. She fingered the knife, tightly bound to her wrist. It was the same one she used every time. It had the same intricate design on the blade and hilt as the many others she had left at the scene of the crime. It was her calling card.

Two minutes later the man appeared. She looked down at her watch, it was 10:23, as usual he was right on time.
“Echo I have your next assignment,” she glared at him, clearly annoyed, how she detested that name but he had insisted on it and so she had complied. She didn’t fully understand why he had chosen that name, she supposed it was a play on words, on her nature but then Shadow would have been better.

Wordlessly she took the file and sorted through it. It was the same dark file, completely empty save for the three sheets of paper which contained details on her next victim. She nodded her approval,
“The boss will pay you the usual amount which you will collect from Devils point when the job is done.” Again she nodded her approval, Devil’s point…she gave and exasperated sigh, who thought of these names?

She watched for a few moments as he started to leave. She counted his footsteps, the bound knife slipped out of its bonds to where it rested in the palm of her hand, point facing down. When he was but 5 paces away she swirled round and through the knife towards him. It found its mark and buried itself deep into his throat. Blood spurted everywhere as the man clawed at his throat. But he could not stop the blood that poured forth; her accurate shot had pierced the main artery in his neck. She allowed herself a small smile as the man slide to the ground, a shocked expression written across his face.

Her eyes lingered on the dead man before she turned and walked away, leaving him beneath the two spires of two finger point behind. The knife still prodding out of his neck, her calling card.

05/24/2005 11:55 AM

As Hekern slammed his door shut at his house, he still felt himself fuming. As he chucked what was his study materials to the floor, he could feel the anger dissapate with the forcefullness of the blow. Looking around sent a soothing chill through his mind. It wasn't extrvagant as he thought he deserved, but it served as a nice place to live. It was a small, three-room house, with a bedroom, tolietries, and a living-dining-kitchen area.

Sitting down a green couch (one of a few objects in the household not blue) and started thinking to himself about his next move. Appearently he had to re-write the entire thesis...

And with that thought in mind slipped into a deep sleep.

05/24/2005 3:29 PM

Learan's cottage was near a shoreline, and also near to a connected land-underwater city. He opened and walk out of the door, not taking time to appreciate the forest north of him, but instead set off south, towards the city. The city was about three miles away, so he knew that at his slow pace of walking it would take a while.

Several hours later, he approached the city gates, two guards standing on both sides of the gate. "Halt, state your business at Hydrager!" said an obviously over-zealous guard.

"Calm yourself, I am here for good reasons," Learan flashed a smile, he couldn't afford any delays, "so if you may please let me through the gates I may go on with my good-natured business.

"But..." began the young guard.

The older guard interrupted him, "calm down Rike, it's just Learan here for business," the guard looked at him, "so what trinkets do you have to sell now?

"No trinkets, I am here to worship at the Temple of Life," Learan lied, "I am also interested in heading out to Glennerackinilisdeterenit."

"So you're heading out to Glennrackinlisdenit eh? Well you need a passport to head out to that nation and..."

"Thank you Rike, but he has a passport to Glennerackinilisdeterenit, which you mispronounced, by the way," the older guard said smugly.

Hydrager was a city that was built halfway on land and halfway on water. There were tunnels and domes of water inside the land portion of the city, just as there were air bubbles and passages in the underwater portion. Although Learan planned on immediatly finding a quck way to Glennerackinilisdeternit, he decided that it would be nice to visit the Temple of Life.

He headed down a cobblestone street heading north. Two water tunnels ran parallel to it, one for going north, one for going south. Learan saw all sorts of sea-creatures floating along in the tunnels, as well as merfolk and good ocsants. He soon reached the gigantic doors of the temple, about fifty yards tall. These were famous and magnificent doors, almost half as tall as a sharnak tree. The reason the doors were so tall was because it contains carvings of the exploits of the Sun on the outside, and the adventures of the Moon on the inside.

The doors opened as he approached them, welcoming inside with a draft of cool air. Inside loomed a statue of the Great Wheel. On the wheel showed the elements of all life, water, air, earth, fire, and light. There is one great hand that points always up, indicating the year's element. Light is in the middle, for it is strong always. A semi-circular ring of dark arches around the bottom of the wheel, indicating the unlucky element. The year's element is air, showing that it is the strongest. The unlucky element is earth.

Learan sat down on the large altar in front of the Wheel, praying to Life for an answer. His eyes closed, and he began to slip into a meditative trance.

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