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05/10/2005 8:07 PM

many a years ago during the building of the empire of Alexander the Great something that changed all of time happened. "There coming! Their coming!! The men with the weapons that shoot fire are here!!" The great professor Hube Intilgence of Red moon x during the year 2843 went back through time when he created a time machine that creates a warp between periods of time. But when he didd this the molecules from Earths old atmosphere and the molecules and other gases that came from red moon x met each other they created a series of time warps that would transport random people to different periods of time. Soon the rifts be came so huge that they became permanent and people from different times would try to capture different times only to think they are different lands. These time rifts created a intergalactic time war and over all lead to the closest thing to the the earth... more so the universe and all of time being destroyed.

Hopefully you guys like the idea and join

periods of time:
Ancient Rome with Julius Caesar
The great empire of Alexander the great
American Revolution
Civil war
Japan during maji era
soviet union
Modern day
middle-east 2245 under command of Kensent Haldrigo
2388 mars under command of the martian priest Letuentnu
2659 pluto during the galaxy transfer war
2843 Red moon x

choose stats:
strength: 5
Endurance: 5
Speed: 5
Agility: 5
Evasiveness: 5
attack: 5
defence: 5
HP: 130

spendable stats: 10(1 stat point brings HP up by 10)

Ancient rome is at war with mars
Alexander the Great's empire is at war with Modern day
Aztecs are at war with the middle-east
American Revolution at war with japan and Red moon x
neutral periods: pluto, soviet union, Civil war

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