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05/09/2005 1:38 PM

Here are some guidelines for the use of this forum:

1) Elaborate on your proposed thread, give people a setting, possible characters, general outline of the plot.

2) Be specific, don't post vague ideas, as this will only mean you will have to answer more questions.

3) Be original, look first if a similar thread has already been started.

4) Use proper english !

5) To the newcomers on this forum: Don't try and make your own threads immediately after you joined up, try and get to know the people on the board first and them to get to know you. Jump into one of the existing threads to show the rest of the board whether you have some roleplaying skills.

6) Pay attention to the date of the last post. If this is over a month ago, don't even bother to reply on it, as the thread is most likely abandoned already.

If you abide by these, perhaps you will actually get enough interest from people to finally start a thread.

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