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05/07/2005 3:57 PM

As the name applyes!!! sry wood b longer but theres a lighting storm.

05/07/2005 4:36 PM

I guess I like the basic idea. Too bad that it costs 10 PP to start an rp thread. Good idea though.

05/07/2005 5:54 PM


05/08/2005 1:18 PM

First of all, this forum is to elaborate your idea, including plotline, to see if others on this board are interested.

Secondly, starting a new thread may cost 10pp, not sure whether this has been instated yet.

Thirdly, there are already several of these threads running, so why don'y you look these over and join one of those?

Any other questions?

05/10/2005 7:07 PM

Like I said i wouldve but we where having a lighting storm & had to shut down computer bc i didnt want it fried

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