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05/06/2005 5:59 PM

Okay heres my idea theres these group of students are on there way to chaporon(sp?) a dance(or something like these tell ideas if wanna) & when they arrive everybody there is dead or a zombie & they have to run to the main school building & hide out in there( the dance is in the gym which is seprate from the main campus) i dont know if this is a good plot if anyone has any ideas let me know!!! :D


05/07/2005 4:08 AM

That could be cool to have a Zombie RP. Not sure if I like that exact plot though. How about having it base in some underground science lab like in the first Resident Evil movie? Have you seen it?

05/07/2005 3:39 PM

Yeah I Have & Liked it!!! =D (Okay i have this idea & another ill post & which ever get more replys ill do[note if someone would like to co-create id be more then happy because im kinda busy])

Inside an underground facility just outside Tevon City.

Scientist 1 : "Okay i think the anti-firus is ready bring in the test subject"

Two guards walk in with an inmate & strap him onto a white table.

Scientist 1: "Okay Manny, are the buyers ready?!?!"

Manny: "Yes Dr.Clark. Should I go get them?!?!"

Dr. Clark: "Yes ! Please do so."

Manny walks to a door & opens it & walks through, about 5 or so mins. later he returns with four people.

Manny: "Dr.Clark these are the repersenatives for the four buyers. Jvon Rukia of Russia, Dutch Klug of Germany, Ying Maie of China & Jane Smiths of the United States. They are all here looking to buy the new anti-firul.

Dr.Clark:"How do you do?!?!"

They all nod.

Dr.Clark:"If you would please walk through that door ::points:: & take your sits"

They all walk through a heavy metal door & go behinde reinforced glass.

Jane Smith:"May I ask why such precations?!?!"

Dr.Clark: " Well if something goes wrong we dont want you harmed."

Jane gives the doctor a dirty look & takes her sit.

Dr.Clark: "Okay Manny go & get ready it is almost time!"

Manny: " Yes sir!!"

Manny walks through another door into a big room with lots of switched & presses one.

Dr.Clark: "This is the main process...it invilves numbing the patient & sticking him with the needles."

Manny: "Phase 2 ready"

Dr.Clark:"This is the last phase injecting him with the anti-firul. Please do so Manny"

Manny presses another button & a green liquid gets injected in the test subject.

Dr.Clark: "How are his vital signs?!?!"

Manny: "there good....wait somethings wrong it...it...it says he has no heart beat!!!''


The doctor turns around & checks his pulse nothing.

Dr.Clark:"Th...Th...Thats impossiable!"

He turns back around & starts to(try at least)explain what happened.
While he is doing this the gurads start unstrap the subject when......


Dr:"What is it?!?"

Manny:"Lo...Lo...Look!!!" ::he points his finger::

Dr:Oh My god its alive!!!! Thank god!!!"

Manny:"No...it isnt alive....its dead.....it has no heart beat!!!"


When all of a sudden it jumps up & grabs one of the guards by the throat & rips out his vocal cords

Dr.:"Oh My God!!!! Shoot it!!!! SHOOT IT!!!!!!!"

THe other guard draws his gun & shoots the thing 3 times in the heart. When the thing grabs the guards arm & rips it off, then takes his other arm & bites it off the guard falls on the ground screaming.The doctor starts to run for the door when the beast grabs his leg & throws him up against the plated glass window(he throws hard enough that when he slides down theres blood left behinde) it cracks the window. One of the buyers gets up & shuts the door & locks it.

Manny:"He..He...Help Me somebody!!!"

When the best grabs him in the stomach & rips it out, blood gushing everywhere. The beast then starts to smack the glass.

Jane:"Oh God!! Somebody Please!!!!"

The glass just broke!!!!
Theres hectic screaming...when everything goes silent.

This was six months ago! Nobodys been underneath since that happened, everybody was either killed or went missing know one knows for shore. But the goverment has decided to send an elite squad of trained men & women down there to investagate. They are know as D.A.S.

Sorry but i g2g its lighting bad!!!

[Edited by kong0074 on Saturday, May 7, 2005 3:56 PM]

05/08/2005 4:56 AM

I think its sounding better now, but you could have saved all that for the start of the actual RP. Just a little background information would have done.

The main thing Im left wondering is what this anti-firus/firul? virus? thing is? or was supposed to have done?

If were not supposed to know that yet, thats fine, as long as you do.

Also what does D.A.S. stand for?

05/08/2005 10:48 AM

Yeah sorry about al that (would have posted it & stuff but there was a lighting storm & i had to shut off computer)

D.A.S=Deadly Attack Squad(very original huh lol i oculdnt think of anythign else for them to be named)

**& its pose to be virus lol im so stupid but i was in a big hurry last night weh i typed this oh my gosh lol

& im not real shore what it for yet but im thinking somthing real simple. Like just a cure for the comman cold or somrhting like that. But i really dont want anyone to know yet, because if i do make one of these i want it to be like in notes D.A.S finds


05/08/2005 1:20 PM

Kong, same here applies as I have posted in your other thread. I'll try and get you the answer on that asap.

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