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05/06/2005 5:57 PM

There's a world called Absum Ager ('No Land' in latin) where the entire world, which is about 1.5x the size of earth, is dominated by one gigantic ocean with one island, about the size of Australia and Greenland put together. Most of the life on this planet is in the ocean. On the island, however, there are unique creatures and climates. This island also has a giant mountain in the center that goes upward and curvse outward, like the shape of a wide geyser. Basically, someone, or something, is planning to flood the island for no apparent reason. The characters are either land-based people who want to save their island, sea-faring creatures who want to save the island, or minions of whatever is threatening the island. This is basically around an industrial revolution, with basic machines run by steam and magic are available. It's kind of a loose idea, but I hope some people find it interesting.

Available Races:

Humans: The flexible island dwelling primates are a race of quick thinkers and adaptability. First land race to develop technology for visiting and living underwater.

Yakmars: Living on the underside of where the mountain curves outwards, these hardy people have learned to live in brutal conditions. Since they live on the upside-down part of the mountain, they adapted specifically for climbing and hanging. They have four arms, two of which will not respond except for climbing.

Merfolk: Very similar to humans except that they lack legs, and instead have a tail used for swimming. Merfolk cities are mainly built for them, containing acces for all three dimensions of movement, although there are 'bubbles' where land-dwellers may find hospitable. It is thought that humans evolved from merfolk.

Ocsants: Underwater people who seem almost like octopi, except that they have a torso that deperates the upper four tentacles from the lower four. They are highly intelligent and cunning. They generally have malicious tendencies, but there are always exceptions.

Racial Standings:
key (> means friendly to, Merfolk
Humans - Yakmars
Humans Humans
Merfolk - Yakmars
Merfolk - Ocsants

Yakmars - Humans
Yakmars - Merfolk
Yakmars Any and all likenesses to books, motion films, or comics that have used an idea similar to this is purely coincidental. If anybody were to learn of these similarities, or has ideas/questions, please contact me.

05/10/2005 12:19 PM

I would be honored to partake in this thread, I want to be a human, but maybe like hawaiin cuz I wabt a surfboard, whaddya think?

05/10/2005 2:11 PM

Actually you can. It's a very large island and has not only a multitude of climates, but cultures as well. Sure, surfboards might even be an ideal invention.

05/10/2005 4:50 PM

Basically, someone, or something, is planning to flood the island for no apparent reason.

This seems kinda bleh. For a few reasons.

1) "No apparent reason": Everyone has a reason for something. Now if you don't want to tell us fair enough but please state that.

2) How are they planning on doing this? Are there ice caps like on earth?

3) "Someone or something": This doesn't seem well thought out you need a little more information.

Also, how does magic work in this world? Are some races more inclined towards it than others?

I'm kind of interested in playing a Yakmar. Possibly a mariner type character.

05/10/2005 5:21 PM

When I usually say 'someone', I refer to regular, sentient, mortal beings. I usually consider almost anything else a 'something'. I understand what you're saying.
Magic will be grouped into categories and sub-categories, category-- sub-categories: Water-- ice sea rain, Fire-- flame heat magma/lava, Earth-- rock soil plant, Air-- wind breath, Light-- light holy, Dark-- dark unholy. Magic casting is relatively simple, you learn either a category or sub-category and can alter/create that element. Specilization in a sub-category lacks diversity, but contains ability to control that sub-category more completely. Now that I've explained this, someone or something (I've explained my view on the difference) may gain so much control of an element that they could control it on a large scale, or it's some sort of divine intervention, or it's a machine. Yeah I understand why

this seems kinda bleh.

Don't worry, that post was just a basic idea, questions and comments are for RP development, which I just did. Anything else you'd like to ask me? I know I may be unclear at times.

05/10/2005 5:28 PM

Just to help you out a little here.. you actually didn't really answer any of Flandrake's concerns.

1) He's saying you need to think out more considerably the exact nature of the "who or what" is trying to flood the island, and how they plan to accomplish this. Explaining what you consider a "someone and something" does nothing to explain what you have in mind in this regard. You've not clarified or thought out anything of that vein.

2) You still haven't discussed how magic works, only how it is categorized. You still need to explain who is more inclined to use it - and how it WORKS, not how it's classified. (Is it Arcane magic, Divine magic - is it channelling, is it Lore-based.. etc).

05/10/2005 6:03 PM

Ya, you're right (as usual *coughs*). I am the kinda person who doesn't really explain specifics 'til asked about them.

Divine magic can get you any form of magic, but is mainly for dark/light. Arcane magic can only get you fire wind etc. but is specialized in it. Casters are pretty commonplace, and arcane can be tutored and is taught in private schools. Raw magic can be used for arcane magic and power. Arcane magic is only powered by raw magic. Divine magic can use raw magic, but generally comes from divine powers. Merfolk and Ocsants are pretty much useless with fire (being underwater and all), but specializing in magma isn't as unusual. They will mostly specialize in water. Yakmar spellcasters focus mostly in air magic and earth magic. Humans will use any magic. Merfolk, usually being good, will use light magic effectively. Ocsants will use dark magic as effectively.

I DO know, hoewever, what is threatening the island. I am just very cautious about revealing too much info to those who are trying to figure out what it is. I know that there are good RPers in here, but I like to keep info like that to myself. It's something that sometimes gets in the way of proper story-telling, and not just for me, but other people as well (I think). That's the reason I'm so vague about it. Hope everything is clear, if not, ask again. Being specific helps me explain things, so don't be shy if you're confused.

05/11/2005 12:14 PM

Well alrighty then! Sounds like were gonna have some fun with this, quick question.

Ya mentioned somthing about an Industrial Revolution right? Any firearms involved?

05/11/2005 12:21 PM

Sounds good. I'm in! However, how will transport over land and water occur?

05/11/2005 2:21 PM

Basically rifles and pistols that have similar design and quality of guns around about 1890-1910, but can run on magic, like lava bursts, lightning blasts etc. Transportation is less technological and mechanical and more magical. Air and wind are perfect for transportation across land. Automobiles such as model T cars don't exist, but magically enchanted carriages and such work pretty much the same. Boats and air may be used for transporting out across water, as well as water and sea magic. Only reason you would want to travel across the water is to get to a point out in the sea that is close to an underwater city, so as to save time for water breathing magic durations. I think there might be a few more things I could elaborate on, but I can't think of them right now.

05/15/2005 11:28 AM

when you say 'dark unholy' what do you mean? What can one with these powers control so to speak?

Aso what sorts of proffesions and allignements are available?

[Edited by Ashlah on Sunday, May 15, 2005 11:30 AM]

05/15/2005 12:48 PM

Dark is manipulating shadows, creating darkness, dimming lights etc. Unholy is pretty much anything evil and/or has to do with undead, you can summon undead, cause unnatural aging, disease/poison and such. Alignment can be catgorized by DND terms (Lawful-Chaotic and Good-Evil) or any other ways like pure good, or semi-evil and stuff like that, or you can leave it blank and just describe your personality in the history/bio part. Proffesions can be pretty much any proffesion you can think of, priest, scholar/tutor, blacksmith, and bandit are just a few suggestions for proffesions.

Absum Ager is now in the "General RPing" section, shoulda announced this sonner.

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05/15/2005 1:18 PM

Thanks! one more question, i know the answer is going to be no but i can still ask..
can you have control over different sub categories from different categories. ie power over wind and rock?

05/15/2005 2:14 PM

no, you cannot use categories opposite eachother. The opposites should be obvious, but I'll say them anyways: Fire is opposite Water, Earth is opposite Air, and Light is opposite Dark.

05/17/2005 12:35 PM

k, ust one more stupid question:

how about light and rock?

05/17/2005 2:17 PM

go ahead, as long as you're a cleric, sure.

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