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05/04/2005 7:38 PM

Timestamp: July 7th, 6055:

There was an odd shimmer and suddenly three ships dropped into space. One was massively large, the other two were about an eight it's size, although they were bristling with weapons of every technology available to humans.

{This is Uber Control Class Carrier Archondrite. Successful test of neutron re-assembler confirmed. No signs of life, no signs of hostile activity. The target planet, Andromeda 5, is in our central scopes. Preparing to launch scout corvettes.}


{What the hell was that? Hegemony, Arctica, Check in.}

{My god, the Hegemony just exploded}

Here the video feed from the Archondrite's port side cameras stabilizes and it shows the EPS Heavy assault frigate Hegemony being pierced by a long green beam of light. As the feed continues, the frigate explodes, sending out a shockwave of vibrating purple light. The cameras and sheilds on the port side of the Archondrite all shatter.

{Shit, port side sheild down, Arctica do you have a firing solution on anything?}

The Archondrite's starboard cameras suddenly show a large, although imperfectly generated, laser pulse strike the Arctica's bridge. The forward section of the ship, including the launch bays and comm room.

{Sound emergency, prepare to launch all fighters. Earth control, this is the EPS Archondrite, we are under assault by unkown hostiles in the... wait... multiple bogies dropping out of light speed. Christ there's thousands of em. No Neutron re-assembly or other FTL travel signiatures. Christ, launch the Arcolites. Lock and load all zeon rockets.}

{This is Arcolite Black Flight leader, stay close, ready. Spread! They're punching through, close that left.}

{Red Flight, agressive tactics, kill em all.}

{Green Flight, we have incoming rockets. Analysis shows them to be... nuclear? No FTL or pulson technology?}

{All flights, the enemy ships are inferior, destroy them.}

*ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CRUMP. KGH hsst ghk*

All camera feeds and audio feeds from the Archondrite suddenly stop.

{Christ, the Archondrite's gone. There goes about fifty flights of Arcolites and all our fuel. Alright, lets engage these guys with all we've got. Radio silence. Command, Andromeda is compromised by an unkown number of unkown hostiles. They seem to be opperating on nuclear and light drive technology.}

*thok thok thok*

{The fighters are using mass drivers?! But this doesn't make sense, the ion beams that took out the Archondrite and Hegemony were either from a different source, or these fighters are root technology and the other ships are pirated.}

{Red Flight leader, I see a frigate maybe. Coordinates are being beamed to your target computer.}


All audio feeds and telemetry transmissions suddenly come to an abrupt halt. All data streams from the Andromeda star system also suddenly cease.

05/04/2005 7:54 PM

Timestamp: July 7th, 6059:

The Leviathan sat at the estimated 'landing' point of the Archondrite invasionary forces. FTL left trails that lasted a looong time and the Archondrites would surely have found them. Other cruisers, battle ships and carriers were dropping into formation on sub-light drives. The EP had been scrapping with the Archondrites for four years, but Their light drives wouldn't be able to reach earth instantly. Andromeda was four lightyears away, the closest star system inhabited by the Archondrites, and it had been four years. After they fought off the invaders, the EP planned on sending the fleet back to the offensive, mopping up fleets by dropping in and out of assembly. So far it had been working well, but the Archondrites still had dispatched fleets that needed to be mopped up every once and a while.

{This is the Leviathan, time horizon is getting closer, launch all squadrons.}

Every fighter and corvette capable of fighting jettisoned into space and prepared to engage the enemy's battle craft. Suddenly a massive group of capital ships boosted into High Earth orbit and began launching flight after flight of battle craft and raiders.

{All flights engage, weapons locked onto nearest capital ship. Watch those Ion beams guys, we dont have enough salvage corvettes to save you if you get fried. All capital ships, evassive tactics. All flights, divert power to engines, we need you all in one piece.}

Lines of laser pulses were already bouncing between the two fleets, and even a few ion beams, although they hadn't been well sighted and smashed into the moon, driving craters into it about five miles deep. The capital ship Connor was locked onto suddenly exploded as ten zeon warheads hit it dead on.

{Stay frosty, this is gonna be long}

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