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05/04/2005 4:54 AM

(OOC: ok this is the same as FlareCity battle just I cant figure out how to move the post if u can.)

IC: Your amulet might be a key I wouldnt dought it just*pulls out his sword* like my sword it the key to me.

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05/04/2005 12:48 PM

"Maybe. Braz here seems convinced that it is but i still find it hard to believe that this could be the source of so much power! But are you still up to seeking the aid of the shifters. I still think its a good idea to go and at least speak with them about this because they'll know more of the amulets power than i do." Leo said as she continued to stare at the amulet utterly transfixed by the glittering object.

05/05/2005 4:32 PM

"Lets do that. I to would like to meet people that shift. Only reason I say this is because I am a dragon also but I an not that good at transforming and maybe they can help." Draco said with a little excitment

05/08/2005 10:35 AM

Leo grinned at Draco. "i should have figured that from the name. But did your parents not teach you the art. Though my parents both died before i had aquired my animal i was brought up with the Sayonaran tribe who taught me how to shift? Why did the same not happen to you?"

Then she turned to Braz waiting for his reply.

05/09/2005 4:54 AM

My whole family is gone they got taken from me when I got this form. See long ago I cast away my demon form into this sword after that I went to train on a volcano but when I got there two dragons were fighting and the one of fire a.k.a Draco that knocked me into the volcano just then I had died but my body lived it5 morphed with the dragon and my spirt became an angel. The hevens let me go back to my body but they said "You are the only one that can save mankind." Thats all they told me and I been wondering why the chose me of all people because in my past I have kille...*just the he rememberd what Braz had said about the gate. Now just standing there* I know why the want the gate open they want to reborn Pyro my demon form.

05/09/2005 6:03 AM

Braz turned pale. Two demons want to be free he thought history is reapeting itself. The demon of banishment and a demon that can take a legendary power such as a dragon! This was unimagineable. "I am not sure what we can do it seems the world is turning inside out. Twist and turns as if someone is leading us astray," He muttered turning away. Braz lowered his head "...I...I can't beleive this..."he contiunued,"But their is one thing I can do. I met a man a long time ago in an acient battle with orcs and giants he lives in the artic but he must obey my call for he owes me his life."said Braz turning back to his campanions. "Let's go to the shifter tribe..."he said placing his hand in the air in the middle of Draco and Leo. Awaiting to see if they would agree...

05/09/2005 9:23 AM

Leo stared at Draco in awe; he was an angel, dragon and demon all in one. The shifters were going to love this! But as he continued to speak she too paled, Pyro she had never heard mention of this demon but she knew it well enough, how could she not. She raised her palms and looked at the flames that still flickered there; she extinguished the white flames feeling suddenly disgusted at the thing that could associate her to it.

She continued to stare at her hands only half listening to what Braz had to say. “Let’s go to the shifter tribe!” he said and she re-awakened from her trance. She smiled slightly still slightly dazed and nodded.
“I’m shifting into a leopard, it’s not necessarily faster but it’s safer if we intend to visit the shifters.” She spun round without waiting for a reply. For some reason she didn’t want to speak to the others and chose to wrap herself in her thoughts as she drew up her metal walls.

There was a sudden flash of brilliant white light and where the female once stood was a beautiful sleek leopard. She stretched enjoying the freedom the leopard’s mind gave her before she bounded off at a leisurely pace in the direction of her tribe.

05/10/2005 4:31 AM

You guys there is one thing if this gets way out of hand I want you two to leave Draco said in an unclear voice.

05/10/2005 6:01 AM

Braz looked at the awesome transformation he had witnessed before taking place again. As the leopard began to head to the shifter tribe Braz called out from behind, "wait up!" then turned to Draco and stated,"Let's go it might take weeks at this pace. We need to train a little." With a wink he helped Draco to his feet looked where Leo had gone and then said, "bet ya 20 gold peices I reach it first?"

At that Braz raced past Leo who in turn, with her keen hearing, had known what was at stake Raced after Braz.


The heros set off on their journey towards the Shifter village to discover the true meaning of the pendant. They raced throught the forest not stoping for hours. Until the came upon a small village...


"Let's stay here? Its not that I don't like sleepin' under the stars but I'll by a round of ale for everyone."Braz exlaimed in a hardy tone clapping Draco on the back.

He turned to the town the mooned glistend across the roof tops. The nearest inn he could see was the "White Foxx Inn." He contiunued to look around the village looked disturbed. Their where know foot prints anywhere for the air being so moist. But Braz didn't care he turned to his companions and said, "what do ya think?"

05/10/2005 9:37 AM

Leo cocked her head to one side and glared at him slightly as if to say, ‘I’m a leopard at present I don’t think they’d welcome me!’ There came a flash of white light as Leo stood tall and began to stretch. “As great as it sounds, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to stay in this village. I am still a shifter and most mortals regard me with distain. Last time I came into contact with humans I was attacked and nearly killed so I shan’t be staying me you. I’m happy to sleep in the trees. However I will join you for something to eat though I fear I won’t be drinking alcohol. I don’t like it much for it dulls my senses and renders even the strongest of men witless! But enough of that all this running has made me hungry” With that she drew her green cloak tightly around her so that it concealed her golden tail and hid her face beneath the hood of her cloak so that only her strange leopard eyes could be seen. She smiled at the others and beckoned to them as she began to walk towards the village entrance.

05/10/2005 4:26 PM

"I know what you mean I have been attacked to when I was a Dracman(dragon human) People just wouldn't stop they wanted me dead. Oh befor I for get like I said earlyer If this gets out of hand I want you two to leave because in the past a girl I know well her name is Crow she is the last Crowanamon left in this world she almost got killed because of me. Oh yeah I wont be drinking ether k guys. So lets get going Braz you can get a room to your self See I dont need sleep and I can go without it for weeks."

05/11/2005 9:02 AM

Braz stood at the edge of Leo cloak wary at the information that the Shifter had told him. "Din't worrie he whisppered if worst comes to worst I got a fool proof plan for us to end it. After all I am not a Demon Guardian for nothing. We can still have fun. " Braz smiled at his friends as he held the door open for them to enter. They took a seat in the corner beside a dusty window that definetly needed a percise cleaning. Braz order the waitress over to the table in a joking manner.She laughed under her breath as he glanced at the menu keeping one eye on the waitress. Any rooms open tonight darling?"asked Braz, "Only for the employees." she said with a wide smile. "I will have pint of ale and for my friends..." He glanced at his companions to order.

05/11/2005 1:12 PM

Leo looked at the waitress in distaste, “Just water thanks!” These people could keep their fancy drinks; she always preferred plain simple water. Then she turned to Draco, “Don’t worry I can take care of myself. But if it gets to out of hand I know when to leave. I’m not stupid I won’t fight a war I can’t win no matter how brave it might make me look! But if you need my help for you sound as if you are expecting trouble I will be here!”

05/11/2005 2:45 PM

"K guys. Well the way all this sounds it might come to a big fight. *Draco turns to the watris* Ma'ma you sure we cant get a room*slips her a hundred doller bill* Oh I will have some water to."

"I need some thing to take tese pills with.*just as he had said that one of his ear rings fell off* Oh shit not good I need to go now.

05/12/2005 11:47 AM

Leo looked at Draco in surprise, where did he get such money that he could waste it on simply getting a room. She never would understand these rich folk, personally she preferred the simple life that came with the freedom of the wild. She preferred sleeping in a tree to a bed and she did not like being dependant on paper and metal to grant her happiness. No she was content as she was.

When he got up, saying, “Oh shit not good I need to go now.” She looked at him in fear, “You’re changing!” she stated simply as she moved out of his way.

05/13/2005 4:36 AM

Just then the other five ear rings fell off. "No this can't be my power limiters are gone." Then a dark arora came around Draco sending light through out the Inn. "Get me out of he...er my power is taking over.

OOC: um we might have a new person joining us she gose to school with me and she likes our story hope you dont mind.

05/13/2005 2:12 PM

((cool i don't mind. If she wants to jump in whenever she feels like it but preferably at a suitable time))

Leo looked at Draco as he began to change. It wasn’t a physical changing but she could feel that something about him was changing. She took immediate command. “Braz! You have power do something to these mortals so that they wont she us leave or remember us ever being here if you can. If not just…just…create a distraction.” Without waiting for him to comply so shifted not caring for the conscecuences. ‘Damn these mortals if they feel the need to hunt me let them come but I cannot let him suffer like this.’ She thought as she grabbed Draco in her powerful jaws and flung him onto her back. He was very heavy and she could feel her back straining under the weight. She was not built for this, she was not a horse or mule she was a leopard but she could think of no other way to get him out without carrying him and she feared what this might do. As she exited the tavern she spotted a man quietly feeding his horse. She grabbed the opportunity and raced over towards him as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast considering the load on her back.

Here Leo snarled savagely at the caretaker who screamed with fear and ran down the village streets, shouting at the top of his voice. Ignoring him she shifted back into a human and helped Draco up onto the horses back, where she promptly leapt up in front of him and took the reigns, “Don’t argue I’m coming with you! I know this is a stupid idea but it’s the fastest way I could think of to get you out of here.” As they passed the inn she shouted to Braz to that she was taking Draco away from this place and that he could follow if he chose to and if not she would meet him by the willow tree in the clearing that they had passed through on their way here.

Leo left him to make up his mind as she sent the horse galloping into the forest and away from the village.

05/13/2005 3:21 PM

The power that was released had become more powerful more aswame and more deadly. "Help me this power is to much" just then Draco's eyes became per white the aroura became darker.

(OOC: hope you like the twist)

05/14/2005 3:26 PM

Braz glared in shock as he witnessed the ordeal. He had one option he knew the limiters on Draco he recognized them from the Orin Age that saught to bring the demons and humans together in harmony.

"WHUIJ GOOGHI FAAAAA" screamed Braz as the layers of time ripple to a halt. Braz grabbed the limiters and tried to catch Leo before she left but it was already to late. She shouted the location to go as time phased back into place. Everyone was knocked out. The time expanse doesn't do good for humans. He smiled remembering the money left for the waitress will more that cover for the damages.

As he made his way down the road towards the willow his ring started to glow. He gasped as he knew what it meant...

(OOC: my charaters not gone for good I am grounded and will replie in the next two days sorry. :( I will try to help when I can>)

05/15/2005 10:53 AM

“Help me this power is to much” Draco said and Leo looked at him in alarm. She ordered the horse to stop and she shoved him so that he fell off the horse, as she did this she twisted round and leapt of the horse catching him before he hit the ground. She helped him upright himself before she looked at him fear showing in her eyes. She did not know what to do. “Give the power to me, if you can! Let me take some of the darkness. I am stronger than I look I believe I will be able to hold it and I know you can’t do this on your own!” As she said this she placed her hand on his chest. She could feel his dark aurora flicker beneath her touch. Suddenly flames burst into the palm of her hand as she pressed it to him. The white flames burned his flesh but she knew they would not harm him. Or he was after all part fire dragon.

She grimaced as she held on. She did not know why she did this, she didn’t think it would do anything and she doubted that even if he wanted to he could pass some of his power onto her and yet here she stood. Something in the back of her mind told her this was right and so she held on…

05/16/2005 4:36 AM

The power was incressing he could fell it pushing her back. The he grabed her arms to hold her but under the power that was releahed his pysical apperence changed. Horns stated to grow. "Leom stab me with my sword you must to stop this don't worrie it will hold it back for a wile only do this when you have my power limiters ok"

05/16/2005 1:24 PM

Leo looked at him in confusion, “I don’t know when you want me to stab you! How am I supposed to know when I have your power limiters?” but she took his sword anyway and prepared to stab him with it…

05/17/2005 4:43 AM

"My ear rings did you get them when you took me out of there." Then the power cam more powerful the aroua came darker Dracos screams were going through people like nails on a chalk board.

05/17/2005 10:53 AM

Leo nodded in understanding, “No I didn’t get a chance! I presumed they were useless. But don’t worry; all you need to do is hold on. I’ll take care of the rest. As she said this she reached out with her mind, searching the undergrowth for life. She found him, half hidden beneath the bushes, she fixed him with her leopard eyes and began to speak in his language. He nodded his head and headed for the town.

The wildcat entered the town and looked around him, using his feline senses to guide him. He could smell the stench of the tavern and decided that’s where the other wanted him to go. The cat crept closer to the tavern, hidden beneath whatever plant life he could find. When he saw the couple enter the tavern he made a run for it entering with them. He heard a shriek and someone tried to hit him with a broom. He hissed at them, hair standing on end. Again the thing tried to hit him with the broom, he dodged this blow before he pounced at her and slung himself at it’s face claws extended. He struck his target and clawed visciously at it’s eyes before he spoted the sparkling item on the floor. Reluctantly he leapt back from the creature, grabbed the item and ran off into the forest before the thing with the broom could realize what was going on.

Leo grimaced as the pain began to flood into her. She couldn’t hold on much longer. Suddenly the wildcat emerged, the ear rings held tight in his jaws. He reached out with her hand to grab them as he passed and she thanked him before he disappeared into the undergrowth once more. Then she let go of him, gripped the power limiters tight and buried his sword deep into his stomach…

05/17/2005 10:56 AM

Just then Braz stepped forward and placed the power limiters on Draco pushing through the aura. Braz's knees trembled as he touched the dragonic demons skin his eyes turned white his once pitch black hair turned to snow white. As the limiters embraced Draco Leo instinctivley pulle dthe sword out as he melted back to human form again.

The dust settled as Braz looked at the shifter and said panting, "...T-that...w-was-s...intersting" he gave a slight smile to make light of the situation. "And...I took care of the villagers too." With that he fell on his butt and placed his head to his knees and began to rest a minute.

05/18/2005 4:25 AM

"Thanks you guys."Draco said wile he was trying to stand on his own two feet. "lets go you teo" he said wile putting both his hands out to help Leo and Braz up.

05/18/2005 11:01 AM

Leo accepted Draco’s hand and allowed him to pull her up. He smiled slightly, “So where to know. Braz d’you still feel like sleeping in this town because you’ll need to make a decision soon, it’s almost dark.”

05/18/2005 6:33 PM

Braz looked up from between his knees at the people he had not even know for a three weeks. He clasped Draco's hand and rose to his feet looked at Leo and replied, "I say we take a page out of your book and sleep where we know it is safe." Braz looked at the stars the sun had just set after the ordeal was over. Traces of deep pink still mingled in the sky as the moon aproached. Braz enjoyed the night he knew he was safe for the time being. He turned to Leo again and said, "I must go into town to make sure there won't be a mob after us in the middle of the night I shall return in a little while with supplies."

He left toward the town following the dirt road back to town leading the horse Leo had borrowed back to its owner. He couldn't wait for a reply he had to think. At that he jumped onto the horses back a galloped off.

The air rushed past Braz's face sweat beads formed on his temples. He knew the truth now but didn't like it. When he touched Draco he had seen all his past lifes as a demon, a dragon, a human, a horse, a gnome, he has been almost every race at one point in time. But what was itching at Braz was not all his lifes but his death.

When he became an angel.

05/19/2005 4:34 AM

"Leo are you ok you seemed to take alot of my power in" As the sky faded into darkness Draco and Leo remand still witch would seem like they were life less.

As Draco thought about what happen he knew that some of his forgotten past was unleashed. The past he tried so hard to lose now came back. He knew he could never lost it but all he wanted was to look it away for ever.

Staring at Leo who was sound asleep, Draco got up ant started walking into town wondering why it was taking Braz so long to come back.

05/19/2005 10:54 AM

"I say we take a page out of your book and sleep where we know it is safe." Braz said and Leo nodded, that suited her fine, she was happiest in the forest anyway. She watched as he took the horse back to its owner and she turned to Draco as he begun to speak and she shrugged at his words and raised her hand to show him to cackling dark electricity that still flickered there. “It’ll be OK I’ve dealt with worse!”

She grinned at him before leaping up into the branches of the nearby tree. She called down to Draco, “I’ll just be lying here so if you need me just call.” She then relaxed and lay down on the branch, her tail flicking back and forth as it hung in mid air. She smiled to herself as she begun to loose consciousness.

Her eyes snapped open as she woke with a start, she hadn’t meant to drift off. She looked down to see Draco leaving the forest, “Where are you going?” She called out to him, “If you’re heading for the town don’t bother Braz should be back soon!”

05/20/2005 4:41 AM

"Oh I know but it dosen't seam right. What I mean is Braz when he took some of my power I think he got some of my past."

Draco started to walk off to town he stoped real quick and turned to Leo."Plus I want to make sure there is no one that remembers what happen."

05/20/2005 10:47 AM

"Your horse seemed to have run off sir" Braz said handing the stable man his steed. "Luckly there memories hadn't set in I can only erase short term." he thought waving good by to the man.

He paced off towards the town square. The town in itself was quite nice and the people were as well. Braz thought they just don't understand what they saw that is what it was. The just don't understand. He gazed up to the moon that now filled the night with a pale glow. The fountain he leaned on was a sculpture of a man and a wolf. He recalled the tale of a boy who was attacked by orcs then enslaved. When he was a prisoner the bow found a wolf pup that they were going to turn into food for a basalisk. The boy with the wolfs help escaped . The Orcs sent out the basalisk after them. When they boy and his freind were trapped by the basalisk they were turned to stone by its deadly stare. And to this day the people say this sculpture is the true statue of the boy and the wolf.

Braz thought deeply. The memorys flash by so fast but he gets bits and peices of them now. He stared into the shallow pool at the base of the statue. The moon shined contently behind Braz's head emmiting a dull light from the water. Then he froze he couldn't breath a contorted face twisted across the water Braz's face twitched he gazed mezmorized by the glare from the demon. He turned immediatly away after he heard its putrid voice talk to him.

Braz repeated the voice, "Tell me about Heaven"

05/20/2005 2:54 PM

The first stop he had made was to the Inn. He walked in and the people that were there when this all happened didn't know a thing. Draco gave a sigh of releaf and started to the town square. Just as he walked into town he saw Braz at the fountin.

He aproched him from behind and said "You know some say that there is a fountin of youth under this town."

"Braz I know some of my menories were tranferd into you."

05/21/2005 8:07 AM

"I can't understand what you have been through" Braz said while scratching his head. He looked down ibto the water again and said, "I think its your presence that broke the seal because if your past life being a demon. You were a demon in his army." And heaven didn't turn you down no they banished you because you were a under cover spy sent by the master demon."

Looked back at Draco the moon was dimming as clouds past over it leave flashes of light to flicker across Dracos face.

05/22/2005 7:26 PM

A stuned look came to his face. "That can't be from what I can remember I was alwas alone. No one was by me and I would never join an army and when I became an angel I died saving a kid from demons. But yet you can be right to I mean I hardly know my past and its od that it could come up like that."

05/23/2005 11:04 AM

Braz shrugged and and replied, "maybe I am jumping to conclusions."

His thoughts wondered back to Leo she indeed was a brave women for accepting their trust and companionship so readily. Although she did not know if Braz could understand her in the city their spirits communicated to each other.

Dismissing the thought as another assumption he pressed Draco for information no further he turned to the angelic-dragonic-demon and said, "We best be on our way back to the camp." Then he strode past Draco not looking back to see if he was following him.

His thoughts turned back to the meaning of their quest to find the true origin and purpose of the pendant.

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05/24/2005 4:21 AM

Draco started to follow Braz back to camp. by then the sun was rising and day was braking through. "So Braz how far until we get to this temple?"

05/24/2005 11:10 AM

"The village of the shifters cannot be far. Maybe a days journey" Braz replied. the fog of his breath began to fade as the sun's light creeped towards the darkness like tendrills of the Drakel sea monster. "The only way we can ever find the villageis with Leo. She may not know it but only shifters can see through the invisble sheild that cloaks the people. The may be the only ones who pass through it. But..." he said stopping to look at Draco with a smile, "...if we could trick the sheild into thinking we are shifters." Braz left the conversation at that and strode to a market stall sellecting to artic wolf furs he paid for them. He gave one to Draco and said, "These are the way in."

Braz and Draco made their way through the market place was beginning to fill up for such a early morning. They found the road back to the willow just out of town towards the spot were they had left Leo.

05/24/2005 11:32 AM

Leo waited for the two to return but when it seemed that they would be gone for some time she leapt from the tree landing gracefully on the ground some 12 meters below. She surveyed her surroundings looking for something to eat, she was hungry all this running had tired her and she longed for something to replenish her. But it wasn’t just that, she was bored. It was too early to sleep and though she had dozed of several times she could not fall asleep. She chose instead to hunt.
Leo shifted before creeping off into the shadows. She allowed her animal self to take over, letting its instincts guide her.

When she re-emerged from the undergrowth she held the deer in her jaw. Leo dropped it on the ground in the middle of the clearing and regarded her kill. It was a clean kill, she had attacked it savagigly but had done no more damage to the creature other than snapping it’s neck. She smiled to herself, satisfied. Once again she disappeared off, coming back again in her human form with logs and other flammable materials. She set some aside but the rest was heaped in a pile and using her gift she sent white flames dancing towards the log pile, the logs immediately burst into flame.

Leo walked over to the stream and leapt in taking time to remove only her outer layers. The water was deliciously cool and she let the crystal waters, wash over her, cleaning all the blood away. In the distance she could sense the others coming but chose not to let the fact distract her in her task.

05/24/2005 7:35 PM

As they returned Draco saw Leo at the fire and made his way over. "So I see you got bord and hungry." Draco gave a slight smile something he dosen't do much and said"How long will the trip to the temple take"

05/27/2005 1:19 PM

Braz smiled as he saw fresh food, "what a kill" he thought paceing over to the deer corpse. He sat beside the fire gazing into the white embers that emerged from the glowing light. Braz and Draco sat by the fire not talking listening to the birds chirping and the morning dew shimmer into existence and the grass.

(OOC: Is Leo in a stream bathing or at the fire I'm am confused :p)

05/27/2005 1:38 PM

((in the water but not bathing, don't worry she's coming out))

Leo looked up as Darco and Braz entered the clearing. "Greetings i trust all went well. You took too long in returning so i took the liberty of getting myself something to eat. You're welcome to have some but you must cook it first. In truth i was hoping you would arrive soon, for i am not to keen on cooking meat. I can catch myself something to eat but ask me to prepare it and i'm useless, i don't really need to but then that doesn't mean i don't apprichiate it when it's eaten. Cooked food always tastes better than raw."
With these words she dived once more beneath the cool waters before emerging some time later. She swam over to the rivers edge and climbed up onto bank. She shook herself then ealked over to the fire. She lay down close to it fully absorb its heat.

She looked at the others questionally, "So tell me what you found, if you found anything at all!"

05/28/2005 6:14 PM

"We found nothing Leo. At least nothing tangible. Any way I will prepare the food I even pick up some potatos for a side dish," Braz said with a hardy smile then frowned as he remembered something,"Oh and I have a idea about the shifter village. You know how only shifters may enter right? Well me and Draco and wait outside the sheild or..." he said looking at Draco with a mischeives smile m, "...we could sneak in. I have heard in the guardian tower that there lies a underground shrine with a old blind prophet who guards the future. We could go see him while you greet your family or if your priests will except us into the village as merchants. Either way we have these..." Braz laid the wolf skins in font of him. Then reached into his pocket and pulled out a glass snake that could have been worn around his wrist if it was bigger,"...the fur is to try and trick the sheild if plan 'A' fails meaning the merchant plan. If plan 'B' fails meaning the fur idea then the Goric Snake will help us hopefully."

He let out a deep breath then looked at Leo hoping his fears wouldn't become a reality. The first fear being the furs of dead wolfs and tricking the shield. The second being lieing to be a merchant and the last was if she new what the Goric Snake could do...

(OOC: I won't mind playing the prophet if we get there :) )

05/29/2005 9:02 AM

((fine by me))

Leo looked up at Braz, [i]was he being serious?[/i], she laughed out loud and grinned at him, shaking her head, “You obviously don’t know much about shifter magick? If the council agrees non-shifters may be permitted to enter. How else do you think we hold council and trade with others races? I can get you in for the next council meeting for I believe they will be concerned about our current situation. As for sneaking in, well I doubt you’ll be able to trick the shields by dressing up in wolf furs. No fear not I promise I will get you in.” she paused for a moment, “However, the village we will be entering is not my own nor the one I grew up in. I know of it yes, as they know of mine but they will not be happy to see me. You see I belong to is one of the darker tribes, we are not often welcomed amongst other tribes. After the death of my father and the disappearance of my mother when I was two I joined the darker tribes. The other shifters will be very hostile but we need their aid and so we shall approach them I am just warning you.”

05/30/2005 7:35 PM

Draco gave a slight laugh "Braz your a majican right and if your not its not that hard to make a transformation all you have to do is consatrate on an simple or a small animal form and transform. Remember I don't have to snek in all i have to do is hold my dragon form for a little bit and I am good.

((sorry if I wasn't on for a wile we went camping in fredric this weekend))

06/01/2005 11:43 AM

Suddenly he realized how foolish he was he forgot about the shifter trade routes his magik and Draco's dragon form. His face flushed red as he said, "I was indeed foolish to beleive my childish ploy. I will indeed rectify my mistake" Braz gave a smile as he reached into his vest and pulled out a vial of dust and a small wooden beetle.

He began to draw a intricate design on the in the loose dirt around the fire. The circle seemed to spiral in the middle then explode out but being contained by the out circle. Braz placed the small horned beetle in the center of the diagram. Then he popped open the vial throwin the cork in the fire turning the flames a dazzling blue. Pouring the sand out of the glass tube and onto the wooden carving the beetle sculptre seem to drown in the sand until it was completly buried.

He whispered words the seemed to be slurred into one long word connecting to another infinitly going on. The lines of the circle glowed red as the sand melted away. The beetle no longer wooden climbed its way out of the sand its beady eyes searching for something. Braz continued to talk his face in a frown the beetle's opened its back shell exposing glistening wings. The creature attempted to fly away but was block by a invisble sheild it was contain in the circle. Braz stopped chanting and the beetle fell in mid-hover and began to squirm convulsions over took the insect as it withered away.

The beetles frantic movments destroyed the diagram truning the insect into ash. A small pile of dirt remained were the event had taken place. Braz reached over to the pile and began to sift through it searching.

As he cleared the ash a glistening egg of eep green was exposed he cradled it in his hands and looked at the others, sweat gleamed across his brow, then said "I may be a wizard of sorts but one thing you can be certain I will not let you down." Then with a nod he placed the egg in his vest and sat back looking at the morning sky.

06/01/2005 12:12 PM

Leo smiled slightlyat the man's words. As he started to draw an intrigate design in the dirt she looked at him in avid fascination. He was concentrating so hard on the small beetle that Leo found herself staring at the strange magick taking place, unable to tare her eyes from the beetle's frantic moevments. Finaly there was nothing left of the horned beetle save a small pile of dirt. Braz reached into the ash retrieving an egg and tucking it into his vest, "I may be a wizard of sorts but one thing you can be certain i will not let you down." Leo nodded, "Then its settled as soon as we have finished eating we'll set off for the shifter town." She desperatly wanted to know what the green egg was but did not wish to pry and so closed her mouth and turned her attention towards the cooking food.

06/02/2005 4:44 AM

Draco, who was sitting under the tree, had just got up and went to the lake. "You know guys when we destroyed that demon. I am still wondering whats its true perpouse was. I mean fire demons like that are stupid and really don't do anything with out someone helping it. So who ever is helping it must want something from us badly." Just them a group of youkai(demons) apperd out of no were. "Give us the leapord and all will be fine"the youkai leader said. "and what if we dont"draco said in a sumg tone. "Then you will have to die." The youkai leader chared at the three travlers.

06/02/2005 5:20 AM

Leo looked up as a group of demons appeared out of nowhere, “Give us the leopard and all will be fine!” the leader said and Leo looked at him in disgust, as if she would just give it up like that, it had belonged to her mother. Suddenly it came charging towards them, Leo glared at him slightly but mostly she felt bored and annoyed at the demon attacking them. She side-stepped as it came towards her, whirling on the balls of her feet she dug both her blades into its flesh. It roared in pain but Leo yanked the blades out roughly doing more damage in the process and moved them round so they both hovered a hairs breadth above its exposed neck. “Now why don’t you tell us just what you want with my pendant.” She said in a bored tone, hoping that Braz and Draco were keeping the other demons at bay.

06/02/2005 5:20 PM

Draco was keeping the other youkai at bay he didn't have a good fight aginst youkai for a long time. He pulled his sword out of the shlieth and started to slash through the youkai like butter. "Leo hurry up these guys arnt going to give."

06/04/2005 4:14 PM

Braz stood to his feet slowly as the demons made their threats. He knew how they found out about the pendant he thought the might track the return spell he had put on the demon at flare city.

As he reached his full height he noticed the battle had already began he quickly threw small rocks the size of acorns that immediatly exploded around the demons feet sending one of them into a tree knocking him out. Braz quickly pulled a chopstik size brushes out of his heavy vest, "HIKO!" he shouted as the echeo resinated in the brush it grew in length and was now a battle staff.

"HIKO DOJIU!" Braz yelled as a blast of air sent a demon across the lake screaming for its masters pity. Braz knew the demon was in for it because he failed.

06/05/2005 8:25 AM

“I tell you nothing,” the demon spat at her, chocking on his own blood.
“Pity,” came the response as Leo brought the blades together, an act which earned the demon two new scars across his chest. Blood spurted everywhere, “I’ll deal with you later once I dispose of the rest of your men!” She bound him, and using the flames from the fire created a fire wall surrounding the demon leader. Gripping the blades she slashed at the nearest demons, slicing them both in half. She grinned at Draco and Braz, and raised a slim hand to wipe of the blood that had splattered her face. Twirling her blades before her she leapt into the midst of battle, slaying any demon in her wake. But she was not invincible and the action cost her, she received three slashes to the back, two one her left arm and one on her right. She snarled at her attackers, as the pain drove her near insane but the wounds were not deep and she would heal quickly.

Abandoning the blades she shifted leaping at one of the demons in the process. She tore at his throat with her powerful jaw and he died instantly. She growled, leopard eyes flashing as she gazed at the battle before her. They were winning!

She dealt the last demon a vicious slash to the head, knocking him backwards. He hit a sharp rock and didn’t get up. She shifted back into her human self and retrieved her blades before heading over to the stream. Here she began washing the blood off her blades before; after she was satisfied with the result she leapt back into the stream and began cleaning the blood of her wounds, body, face and jaw. She refused to look at the others fearing what they would see in her.

06/05/2005 10:21 AM

As Draco finished up the youkai that were after him he claped his ands together and a wave of light came from them and desinagraded the dead youkai. Draco walked over to Braz just to make sure he was ok. Then he went to Leo "So how are you ging to get the answers you need?"

06/05/2005 11:08 AM

“How are you going to get the answers you need?” Draco asked as he approached her. “I was thinking of torturing him, though I’ve never come across these sorts of demons before. I just hope they break easily!” she looked at him grinning wickedly as she swam back over to the bank and got out. Water dripped down her back from her soaked hair but she ignored it, instead she walked over to the demon leader, drawing the white flames into the palms of her hands. She pushed her face up to his and making sure his hands were tightly tied she raised the flames so that they flickered in front of his eyes, burning them slightly. The demon screamed out in pain, trying to escape the excruciating pain that shot through him. “Hold him down!” she called to Braz and Draco as she brought the flames close again but not so they harmed him. “Now tell me what I want to know. What do you want with my pendant?” she smirked at him as he shook his head before bringing the flames to his exposed eyeball again. He screamed again, breathing heavily as she gradually withdrew the flames, “Look its very simple tell me what I need to know or I bring the flames to your eyeball again. We can go on at this all day but I think its best for your sake rather than mine that you just tell me now!”

((i was kind of hoping one of you would control the demon, because i'm not entierly sure what he would say. Braz seems to know more about this than Leo.))

06/05/2005 1:06 PM

((I got ok))

"Never." The Demon yelled out. Draco jumped behind him grabed his arms and said. "If you don't tell her what she wants I will chrush all the bones in your body. The demon gave a slight laugh "You don't have it in you." Draco started to chrush his arms. "So are you going to talk now." After hours of torcher the youkai told Leo, Braz, and Draco everything. "So they want the demon gate open well we must go to the shifter village and we must tell them want is going down."

06/06/2005 6:04 AM

Braz listened to the demon sputtering threats until Draco "coaxed" the information out of the hell spawn. He sat close and watched the demon blurt out threats to ease his pain there wasn't much he could do the demon was already at their mercy. "Holicia kiala madania?" Braz asked the demon. "The demons singed eyes began to water causing him much pain. The monster said nothing, "Holicia kiala madania?!" Braz replied to the silence of the demon. "Gigo Hiuter ogFru MuttybUtia...Orion...puit GAhut...Orion" the demon pleaded fearing for his life Braz then told Draco and Leo, "The demon was sent by a faction of demon clans his masters are unknown but he said "they" will attack the village in five days and they... THEY WHAT!" As he translated the demon muttered the same over and over again the Braz caught what he said BRaz contiunued, "GAhut...Orion in our tongue means "Bring the dark one...Orion" but the way he means it is they have his blood and cant use it to break the sheild!" Braz was insane with anger he had witnessed a demon massacre before he couldn't contain his emotions.

He pushed Leo aside a Draco he wasn't very strong but his vengence gave him enough power to act. The demon cowered and begged in his vile tongue and screamed for mercy in the human tongue but it was useless he would recieve his retrabution. Raising his hands dropping hi staff the circle diagrams that were invisble before glowed red as they faced the demon. "Nooo!! Eco Gamit!! Eco Gamit!! Help me!!" Braz couldn't bear the pain in his heart he began to chant the words to the spell. Smoke swirled around his body the pleas of the demon going unanwsered compassion was lost for demons who would show no mercy for the pleas of his breathen. "...holo...hitor...hitor....hitor...HHHIIITTTOOOORR!" a blast of of red vapors blazed out of his hands consuming the demon and the landscape behind him all the way to the stream. His screams faded as the gas evaporated almost instantlyas it had began.

(OOC:sorry if i am taking over your characters:( but I need to get that out ok? I didn't want ou guys to get hit with the Dread Gas)

06/06/2005 7:21 AM

((Thats ok:)))

"So what are they talking about?" Draco ask Leo in deep puzlement. "And what village? OH man I am so lost."

06/06/2005 11:36 AM

((s'ok, you only shoved us out the way))

Leo listened to Braz’s translation in horror. They were going to attack the shifter village. She snarled in fury wanting to break the demons neck, [i]I’ll be damned if I ever let them do that to any of my kind[/i]. She gripped the pendant at her neck, disgusted that the demons could take such a thing to use to their own meanings. She reached forward to end the demons misery when she was shoved roughly aside. She whirled round ready to face her attacker but when she realized it was Braz she said nothing and calmly awaited what he would do next. He muttered some strange words and Leo looked at the screaming demon with grim satisfaction only frustrated that she could not have done the deed herself.

"So what are they talking about?" Draco asked her and she looked at him sadly, “They are talking about the end. The end of our era and the beginning of the Demons reign. The beginning of darkness……… Braz, Draco we have to reach the village, we have to warn them!” For a brief moment fear showed in her eyes but it disappeared almost instantly to be replaced by cold fury and determination. She flung her cloak about her shoulders and began to head of in the direction of the village, if all wnet well they should reach there by nightfall.

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06/06/2005 1:44 PM

Braz wiped his sweaty hands on his cloak and nodded in agreement. He followed her after stamping out the fire, how can they get Orion's blood its immposible, he thought as the sun was raise at highnoon its heat was blocked by the varitable cool breezee that swam throught the trees. He opened his vest and checked in a pocket with a light smile he closed the vest once again satisfied at its contents.

06/06/2005 7:45 PM

"You guys wait her I will be back in a sec." Draco sudenly vanised. He went to the city to find something that could help them get there faster.

06/06/2005 10:46 PM

(ooc:I will be changing acounts as Soul_taker07 ok? but will still be braz sorry guys i have my reasons :) )

06/07/2005 8:56 AM

(OOC: thats ok I had to do that somtimes to. lol)

06/07/2005 11:34 AM


Leo watched as Draco disappeared. She gave an exasperated sigh, she just wanted to leave. The sooner they started moving the sooner they’d get there. She sat back down on the grass, waiting

06/07/2005 2:36 PM

Braz sat down beside her feeling the desperation of the fact that her peoples village would soon be attacked. He slumped against a tree trunk pulling a wooden box out of his vest.

He opened it pulling a tiny sword and sheild out of it laying it on the ground. Drawing another intrect circle around the objects he chanted again turning the twig sized weapons into life sized weapons. He smiled and said to Leo, "The only way to carry weapons into flare city and not be questioned."

06/07/2005 5:06 PM

Vroom Vroom the sound of a car engan worming up "hop in you two. Leo you will have to point out the way."

06/08/2005 10:38 AM

“The only way to carry weapons into flare city and not be questioned!” Braz said smiling at her and Leo grinned back. “Clever!” she said approvingly, she opened her mouth to say more when her words were drowned out by the sound of a loud creatures. Leo looked up in shock and noticed the strange thing in front of her, she looked at Draco questioningly, “You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s what you went back for. Draco firstly I refuse to travel in that thing and secondly in case you haven’t noticed we’re in the forest and about to enter shifter territory. They are not going to appreciate you destroying their part of the forest with that thing. Not a great start if we are to approach them. Besides what is it anyway?”

She looked up at him from where she was sitting not bothering to get up, she grinned at him but secretly wondered who he was to have such things. She remembered the strange money he had used in tavern to pay the barmaid. [i]He must be foreign[/i] she thought to herself shrugging.

06/08/2005 11:30 AM

"Its a car well I gess we can walk." Draco got out of the car and put it back in a cappsal. "I am sorry I forgot we will walk" Then a look came to his face. "God damnit I am so stupid I am a dragon and you two can ride on my back." Draco started to change into his dragon form. In frount of Leo and Braz a giant dragon appered. "Hop on two we have to hurry."

06/08/2005 4:36 PM

Braz completly amazed at the events happening agree he always wanted to ride a dragon. "Come on Leo you can't oppose this oppurtunite" He yelled as Draco's giant wings began to beat. He smiled holding a hand out to Leo his smile urging her to join him.

06/09/2005 1:20 PM

Leo looked up at the magnificent dragon in awe, â??youâ??re so beautiful,â?쳌 she whispered, taintively touching its scales and for an instance she was jealous, she desperately wanted to fly and she grinned at Braz accepting his hand, allowing him to pull her up onto Dracoâ??s back in front of him. â??Do you think Iâ??d miss out on something like this? Iâ??ve always wanted to fly! Thereâ??s no way I wouldnâ??t travel to the shifter village any other way!â?쳌 She turned to face the dragon, â??Draco just fly straight on and Iâ??ll tell you when to turnâ?쳌

06/10/2005 7:40 PM

Draco nodded then his gient wings flaped cutting through the air.

06/10/2005 9:31 PM

(OOC: I just wanna narrate this bit to get there faster :) )

The dragon rose into the sky like the sun in the morning. The force of the air pushing down on them held them to Draco's back while the wings glistened in the suns rays. A slight free fall over took them as the dragon reach its destined altitude.Then with godly strength the wings raised to their extent shading Leo and Braz from the sun. All was still and cold then a sudden burst of warm air flowed over the riders as Draco shot through the air wizzing through the clouds.

One wing beat was all it seem to take as the heros approached the shifter village. It had taken all day but only seemed a minute as the dragon touched down wings still shimmering in the moon light that now lit the sky. Braz slid off Draco smiling it was the most glorious experience he had in a long time. Offering his hand yet again Braz smiled at Leo showing his brillant smile. His eyes excited with the thrill of flight.

(OOC: Hope I did good :) )

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06/11/2005 8:44 AM

Leo leapt of the back of the dragon, heart hammering, eyes alit with excitement and awe. Braz smiled at her but she ignored him still enthralled by the dragon before her. [i]he is so beautiful[/i] she thought to herself. His scales still gleamed even in the pale light, and he looked very magestic as he stood wings raised to the skies.

Leo walked last stretch of the journey on the ground. As she approached the village she raised her hand in greeting at the guards. They glared back her but she just smirked in response.
“Is that how you greet a fellow shifter? Shame on you!” she grinned wickedly at the two guards enjoying winding them up.
“We know what you want assassin! You know you’re not welcome here!”
“I fear you are mistaken I seek council with the elders. I bring important news!”
“And what news would that be?” the guard asked her suspicion showing clearly in his eyes.
“Bring one of the elders or the leader and I’ll tell it to them!” The guards hesitated for a moment then one of them went in search of the leader. The other stayed to make sure Leo didn’t try anything.
“Wait here! We are getting Lasiku.” Leo nodded and waited for the leader to arrive.

After what seemed an age the guard returned, with him walked a young man. He looked to be no older than 30 and Leo looked at him in confusion.
“Lasiku?” she asked and he nodded, “I came with a grave warning. My companions and I have discovered something that I believe you would very much like to hear.”
“Why should I trust you assassin?” he asked snarling, his pointed lions teeth could be seen clearly, clearly meant to intimidate her but Leo just bared her own fangs.
“Do you think I’d come here unless I had to?”
“You may have come to attack us! I wouldn’t put anything pass you assassin.” He replied still glaring at her, eyes narrowed to slits.
“How could you think such a thing of me? You know that I would never betray my own kin. No matter what I appear to you I am no traitor! Even if you do not belive me when I say that you know from my reputation that I am no fool. I would not go into battle if I thought I could loose. Do you think I’d be foolish to attack your village on my own?” Lasiku looked at her for a long time before sighing and nodding at the guards, “Let them enter. You may enter but the other two must stay out here for the time being. You will attend council tomorrow.” Leo shook her head at his proposal and gripped his arm as he turned to walk away.
“No!” she said simply, “Braz and Draco are to be present at the council meeting which will be held this evening because they play a vital part in this too!” Lasiku sighed again and nodded reluctantly, he spoke to the guards in the shifter tongue, they nodded and disappeared of to do his bidding before returning to their posts shortly after.

Leo turned to Braz and Draco, “Come you can both enter now!” she said before walking into the shifter village herself.

06/11/2005 1:47 PM

Draco gasped for air tired and worm out he tried his best to stand. "Oh man I haven't done that for along time." He turned to Leo "So who is that guy? and why do they think your an assassin."

06/11/2005 5:53 PM

Braz observed the conversation between the leader and the guards. They were finally allowed to enter the village thanks to Leos diplomatic know-how. "Oh man I haven't done that for along time." Draco turned to Leo "So who is that guy? and why do they think your an assassin." Seeing Draco so out of breath he passed him a gord that had been hollowed out for drinking. Taking Dracos arm around his shoulder he helped him walk until he grew better. "It seems to be Draco that Leo has had some `trouble' in her past and it might no be wise to `investigate' these manners." Braz said looking at Leo as she walked ahead leading the way. "Any case that was quite a show between the leader and Leo of course they only bared fangs but I read it could have got worse." He smile playing the battle in his head smiling Who would win.

06/12/2005 7:47 AM

Leo chose to ignore Draco’s comment not wishing to answer. She did not know his reaction but it was a simple enough answer, they called me assassin because that’s what I am. She had tried to explain to them but they hadn’t understood.

She could feel the shifters fearful gaze on her. They looked at her briefly but as soon as she turned to stare back at them they turned away in fear. She snorted in disgust, held her head up high and proceeded through the village without looking at them. This didn’t stop her from hearing them; she could hear their muttered words, whispered for fear of her hearing them. [i]fools[/i] she thought to herself but deep down she was hurt that they could think such things of her. They muttered about assassinations she had supposedly carried out without considering why she had done them.

Lasiku approached her, an old lady at his side. “This is Kaida,” he said introducing the old women, “You will be staying with her. At your request a council meeting is being held this evening in about an hour. You will say your bit them!” Leo nodded at him but he just walked away, ignoring her. She glared after him, greatly insulted but said nothing. Kaida led them wordlessly into her house where she indicated to the room at the back of her house. Leo understood her and made her way there, gesturing for the others to follow her.

Once she entered the room she instantly relaxed. She removed the cloak which she had held so tightly to her body when walking through the village and lay on one of the beds. She closed her eyes enjoying the few moments of peace she would have before she once again had to appear before the shifters cold and judgmental eyes.

06/13/2005 7:37 AM

As they walked Draco could hear the others whispers and what they said under their berths. He thought to him self "So much love." When the got to the old woman's house he collapsed on the floor. After 15 minuets he woke. "So what did I miss?"...

06/15/2005 2:21 PM

Braz chuckled a bit staring at Leo and Draco who collapsed after walking a good 100 feet. I musn't have been the walk itself but the cold stares that the people drove upon us. Braz sat in the chair in the far corner amazed to find himself breathing heavly as well. He welcomed the cool breeze that slitherd through the cracks of the house. The room was heated very well perhapse the old lady had a boiling pot under the house. What am i doing! My mind is straying from the path that I know must be taken no matter what! Braz thought to himself intently.

"So what did I miss?" then broke the silence that had fell upon the room like a nicely planned spell broke. "Nothing Draco only the quite of the night" Barz smiled he had made a joke. Jokes have become scarce now only the thoughts of the next challenge. The room was dim the only light source was the moon peering through the window escaping the clouds grasp.
Spreading his fingers in front of him arm outstretched he said, "Hika!" then every candle in the room blaze on fire shooting a one foot high flame up in the air that finally dimmed into a normal candle light. "I guess I over did it." They could here the old lady in the next room wailing about demon candles that light up when she trys to move them. Braz guess he had cast the spell when she tried to move them. Braz laugh happy that a little comedy would brighten there dire situation.

06/15/2005 3:54 PM

"So when will they call us in I getting so pissed I want to get this over with." Draco said in a serius tone. Just then the old lady walked in. "They will see you now." she said. "So lets go." Draco said wile looking at Leo and Braz.

06/16/2005 10:01 AM

Leo did not sleep but lay there for a long time eyes closed, her mind kept floating back to the shifters words which refused to leave her thoughts. She was glad when Draco broke the silence. Braz lit the candles with his mind but instead of burning gently they rose in huge spirals of flames, leo looked at them in irritation, calming them with her mind so that they returned to normal candle light. She could hear Kaida’s shrieks at the sudden flames and she cursed silently, glaring at Braz. This would not help they’re situation.
“They will see you know” Kaida said walking into the room. Leo nodded and followed her wordlessly to the council meeting.

It was a small room, sparsely furnished with a long table at one side, behind which the 7 council members and Lasiku were seated. Kaida instructed Leo, Braz and Draco to sit besides her on the chairs before the council. Other Shifters sat around them and Leo could feel their piercing gaze on her, watching her every movement lest she suddenly attack. Leo looked at them is disgust at this notion. Eventually when everyone was seated Lasiku rose and greeted the shifters. When he had finished he turned to Leo, addressing her, “Welcome Leodanya Nightwing on the Sayonaran Tribe i believe you have pressing matters with which to discuss with us which concern our tribe.” Leo nodded at him, getting up “Thank you but I must ask my companion to address you as he knows more on the subject than I.” As she sat back down she gestured for Braz to say his bit, “make sure you introduce yourself properly,” she whispered furtively in his ear.

06/16/2005 10:56 AM

"Leo" Draco said in a wisper. "So these are the allmighty shifters right."

06/17/2005 2:11 PM

(OOC: Hope you guys can understand this I am needing your characters for this but hopefully it will be a good scene :) )

"I am Braz Thunderstride of the Hammerfist clan. I bring urgent news of your destruction and massacre of your village." The council began to murmur before the council head broke the noise. "What can get past our sheild?" one of the coucil members said. "Your prophets and scribes if you have such should have this name in your records. As to the name it is Orion" Braz spoke the name echoeing through the air.

"I shall show you this now I went through great lengths to get this to show the council Orion is rustling through the seal. He has become so physical that he can give his inhuman blood to the demons. I show you him now in courage and heart that you will take the necessary action to help the world again. I SHOW YOU!"
Braz had pulled the egg out of his vest and waved it in the air violently as he spoke before throwing it to the ground shatering it. The stench of pain and blood filled the room. Smoke billowed through the stone floor tiles. All was quiet and the smoke disappated to reveal a creature standing before the council. It was a monster made of every race bits of dwarf and orc and elven, human, shifter and more. Its red eyes sunk deep into its sockets.

The beast turned to the coucil and mouth words but they were silent to them but its breath was so real smell of decay flowed off his long tongue. It turned to Leo staring not at her but the pendant she wore. Orion the true inhuman reached out a demoniv fore cliaw one talon outstreched. The claw touched the pendant heating the jewelry.

(OOC:This is what Leo heard from Orion is in italics)

Who are you?Why are you?Where are you? I am you! Shijo HUoit BAsfellenon? You are me!

"Leo the pendant is red!" Some one shouted

I will take you to your mother and father forever Leo

"...Get it off her!" Dracos voice.

I will be watching you my love

(OOC:What Braz and Draco heard)

"I will have you Leo." Orion spoke, "What he spoke! He is tying to terrorform into Leo's body! Draco block him!" Braz shouted as he lunged at Leo moving her to a corner. "She is uncouncious shatter the statue in the egg!" yelled Braz to Draco.

"THE PENDANT IS BURNING HER BRAZ GET IT OFF HER!" Draco shouted noticing the red glow. Swiftly Draco took out his sword and shattered the statueas the smoke and inhuman vanished into the air. A suking sound filled the room as the deom master made his exit.

"Help me carry her out she needs to be alone." Braz said as Draco sheathed his sword grabbing Leo from the floor carrying her out of the room. Braz turned to Draco befor he left the council hall, I will be there in a second I am going to explain to the shifters what happened and if they get violent i will do some mind playing." Braz turned and strode into the coucil chambers again.

Leo blacks-out Draco carrys her to the house

06/17/2005 2:58 PM

((bah don't get to comfortable with contrlling Leo! I think i understood, hope this follows ok))

Leo listened to Braz speak, admiration showing clearly in her eyes. She looked in confusion at the small creatures unsure what it was, it reached out for the pendant at her throat but she did not move to sto it, mesmerized by it.

Who are you? Why are you? Where are you? I am you! Shijo Huoit Basfellenon? You are me!

"Leo the pendant is red!" Some one shouted

I will take you to your mother and father forever Leo

"...Get it off her!" said a voice, she presumed to be Draco’s

I will be watching you my love
Leo kept hearing voices around her but the one voice that was clearest in her mind was Orion’s and she reached out towards it, [i]IWe are one! I’ll take you with me to my death! I’ll be watching you too my love[/i] she called out to him with her mind. Suddenly the connection was severed and Leo snarled, furious. Leo tried to see who had done it but only darkness found her. A voice whispered a name over and over again in her mind, [i]Draco[/i], Draco! She would make him suffer for what he had done. He had taken her from her love, she was so close to understanding and he had taken her away and for that he would suffer.

Leo felt herself being picked up but then nothing. Darkness embraced her and she was drowning, she tried to claw her way out but she sunk further into shadows. Suddenly a hand gripped hers and she hung tightly onto it. A tall man grinned back at her as he pulled her up besides him. She knew instantly who it was. [i]My love[/i] the words echoed around her and she shivered. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and she relaxed into his grip, [i]I’ve got you now[/i] he said, a sinister ring to his words. Leo smiled back at him as his words echoed around her.

Leo woke with a start, drawing in a gasping breath. She instinctively reached for her pendant and sighed with relief as her hand brushed the gold chain. She looked around her at the dark room and suddenly everything came rushing back. Tears began to trickle down her face as she gripped the sheets close to her chest.

06/17/2005 2:58 PM

((bah don't get to comfortable with contrlling Leo! I think i understood, hope this follows ok))

Leo listened to Braz speak, admiration showing clearly in her eyes. She looked in confusion at the small creatures unsure what it was, it reached out for the pendant at her throat but she did not move to sto it, mesmerized by it.

Who are you? Why are you? Where are you? I am you! Shijo Huoit Basfellenon? You are me!

"Leo the pendant is red!" Some one shouted

I will take you to your mother and father forever Leo

"...Get it off her!" said a voice, she presumed to be Draco’s

I will be watching you my love
Leo kept hearing voices around her but the one voice that was clearest in her mind was Orion’s and she reached out towards it, [i]IWe are one! I’ll take you with me to my death! I’ll be watching you too my love[/i] she called out to him with her mind. Suddenly the connection was severed and Leo snarled, furious. Leo tried to see who had done it but only darkness found her. A voice whispered a name over and over again in her mind, [i]Draco[/i], Draco! She would make him suffer for what he had done. He had taken her from her love, she was so close to understanding and he had taken her away and for that he would suffer.

Leo felt herself being picked up but then nothing. Darkness embraced her and she was drowning, she tried to claw her way out but she sunk further into shadows. Suddenly a hand gripped hers and she hung tightly onto it. A tall man grinned back at her as he pulled her up besides him. She knew instantly who it was. [i]My love[/i] the words echoed around her and she shivered. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and she relaxed into his grip, [i]I’ve got you now[/i] he said, a sinister ring to his words. Leo smiled back at him as his words echoed around her.

Leo woke with a start, drawing in a gasping breath. She instinctively reached for her pendant and sighed with relief as her hand brushed the gold chain. She looked around her at the dark room and suddenly everything came rushing back. Tears began to trickle down her face as she gripped the sheets close to her chest.

06/17/2005 2:58 PM

((bah don't get to comfortable with contrlling Leo! I think i understood, hope this follows ok))

Leo listened to Braz speak, admiration showing clearly in her eyes. She looked in confusion at the small creatures unsure what it was, it reached out for the pendant at her throat but she did not move to sto it, mesmerized by it.

Who are you? Why are you? Where are you? I am you! Shijo Huoit Basfellenon? You are me!

"Leo the pendant is red!" Some one shouted

I will take you to your mother and father forever Leo

"...Get it off her!" said a voice, she presumed to be Draco’s

I will be watching you my love
Leo kept hearing voices around her but the one voice that was clearest in her mind was Orion’s and she reached out towards it, [i]IWe are one! I’ll take you with me to my death! I’ll be watching you too my love[/i] she called out to him with her mind. Suddenly the connection was severed and Leo snarled, furious. Leo tried to see who had done it but only darkness found her. A voice whispered a name over and over again in her mind, [i]Draco[/i], Draco! She would make him suffer for what he had done. He had taken her from her love, she was so close to understanding and he had taken her away and for that he would suffer.

Leo felt herself being picked up but then nothing. Darkness embraced her and she was drowning, she tried to claw her way out but she sunk further into shadows. Suddenly a hand gripped hers and she hung tightly onto it. A tall man grinned back at her as he pulled her up besides him. She knew instantly who it was. [i]My love[/i] the words echoed around her and she shivered. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and she relaxed into his grip, [i]I’ve got you now[/i] he said, a sinister ring to his words. Leo smiled back at him as his words echoed around her.

Leo woke with a start, drawing in a gasping breath. She instinctively reached for her pendant and sighed with relief as her hand brushed the gold chain. She looked around her at the dark room and suddenly everything came rushing back. Tears began to trickle down her face as she gripped the sheets close to her chest.

06/17/2005 4:24 PM

((same gose for Draco lol))

Draco got up after taking Leo out. "Now it is my turn to talk with them." Draco walked into the Room were the Shifters had been in. "Oh grate Sifters. I am Lance Ranu, but to you I am Draco. I have been travling with Leo and Braz for some time now and we have found out that someone or something is trying to open the demon gate. I feer it for the worse because they are not only trying to revive Orion but the very soul I tried to keep from the world [i]My self[/i] By that I mean my demon form Pyro." The counsial just stood there with stuned faces. "We don't exepet this lie." Anger went through Draco. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN LIES. We are not making this up. We mean everthing we have been telling you." The counsal just remaned quiet.

Draco turned to Braz. "How is Leo and do you have anything to add."

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07/01/2005 10:34 PM

(OOC: Sorry for late post)

He nodded to Draco's question then spoke, "You may believe what you want Elders but the fact remains that Orion and his hordes of dedicated demons have a way to break the sheild that has held since Orions sealing." The Council began to chatter then the Eldest rose from his seat holding his hands in the air. "My kin the Kel' is correct I thought we could stand against them but I see we must destroy Orion now. He cannot run free again and demolish our world." Silence fell on the council some memebers grumbled others covered their faces with their hands. "The Prophets tell me a great battle is enevitable and all races must stand against the gates of hell once again!" His voice grew louder as patriotism filled the councils members, eyes lighting with passionate fire. "Messengers", called the The Elder, "Call our old truces and oaths for I summon the Kiron Pact that we all took. We make a stand for our world at dawn!" The jaguar shifters at the walls raced out of the room into the darkness of the night. "My thanks are to Leo, Draco, and Braz for bearing through the skeptisim of the council," He said looking over he saviors of the village, "Each will be rewarded," He said with a smile. Then looked at Leo with a fatherly grin and said in a honoring tone, " The village has forgivin you for all your sins," The bowed and the council filed out of the room in a wooden door of to the side. The room now competly empty except the heros of the shifter village and maybe the world...

07/02/2005 10:08 AM

((hey,m better late than ever, just make sure that you reacquaint yourself with the thread, coz i thought you made Draco carry Leo out the room and yet here she is minutes later and i never said she came back. I'm not have a go i'm just curious is all. Also one more thing, the council would not forgive Leo, just like that.
Bah sorry about that!!))

One of the Elders looked at Leo, saying “The village has forgiven you for all your sins” or at least he would have if she were there but she wasn’t. He blinked and looked at the empty space before him, he could have sworn she was there but he had been wrong.


Leo crept slowly towards the council hut. It had been some time since she had been carried away and from the looks of it, Braz and Draco had persuaded the shifters to act on their warning. Leo was confused, what had these strangers aid that had moved the council so; they had never acted like this before. Leo shook her head, realizing she had been gone too long.

She stood in the doorway, just watching. She was not ready to speak to the others, not yet. So she just stood there for a moment.
"My thanks are to Leo, Draco, and Braz for bearing through the skepticism of the council. Each will be rewarded," a voice said, causing Leo to feel even more confused, this was not the shifter way. Thanks, yes, that was appropriate, but gifts. No the council never gave gifts for such warnings. Warnings were given out of honour, as it was the right thing to do and as such Gifts were never given as it often offended the messengers. Braz had clearly messed with the Elders minds, this was not good!

“The village has forgiven you for all your sins” the voice continued and it was at that moment that Leo knew that something was truly wrong. Firstly, the council would never ‘forgive her’ as they had put it and secondly the council recognized that it was not their place to offer forgiveness. These words, though they may have meant well, only added insult. The shifters still believed she had done something wrong, couldn’t they understand that it was not her fault. It was simple, she had killed to survive.

With these thoughts in mind, Leo left the building. Braz and Draco were handling everything fine without her, they didn’t need her. The council was reacting as they should be, everything was going well. Leo needed sometime to herself to think over what had happened whilst in her dream like state and with these thoughts in mind she silently fled to the forest.

((she will come back, think sh'd miss out on a fight like that!! I'm just being overly dramatic.

07/04/2005 8:07 PM

Draco knew somthing was wrong. As he listen to the sifters he went to Braz and wisperd into his ear. [I]"Something is not wright. From what I heard the sifters of this village don't give open heartness this much in fact I hear they don't even givr it.[/I]
((I hope you get that))

"If you will consual I will be right back." The counsil noddid their heads and with that Draco steped outside. "Were is Leo I need to ask her what these people are really like. And why are the being so open harted?"

07/05/2005 7:18 PM

Braz turned to Draco and nodded as he stepped outside. "Council I humbly offer thanks for your sincerity but you only insult us by going against your customs," Braz said rising after Draco was clear of the room.

(OOC: Sorry I have been rushed but hopefully I can dedicate more time. And SOOOO sorry for the mix up! Geez I am acting like a noob! *Slaps himself*)

The Council continued to look on with blank faces. Braz felt a weird energys gathering from the south forest. The Council members were all pale in the face as BRaz began to back away slowly, never loosening his gaze from them. They stood up eyes turning white as their pupils grew large covering there eyes. "A zombify spell!" Braz thought. He gasped as he mind quickly searched for Draco's and Leo's thoughts. The Council now slowly stlked towards him as he reached the wall behind him. "I can't hurt Leo's people but I can't die either. I haven't even prepare a teleport spell!" His mind raced as the Leaders of the village grew closer. His stomach turned to knots as despair took him. Was the demons projecting a Fear spell too. Braz reached into his vest and pulled out a vial in which he poured in a circle around him. "HiKKu Ka!" ans the fine powder erupted into a red sheild rising to the roof. He mind still searched for Leo and Braz as he pulled of his vest, exposing tattoo's in arcanic designs on his chest. MInd still searching then, "There!" He thought, "Draco! Leo! If you can hear me its Braz the Council is posessed and you already probably sense the energy of the demons from the south. I can handle the Council but you better go to the southern sheild area. The Demons always have a scout assasin force far ahead of the army." Braz hoped they could do with out him he had to restrain the Elders until the battle was over so the spell will be broken first things first.

07/06/2005 7:19 AM

[I] I hear you Braz but I think its much more then demons. I am going to find Leo so I can ask her a few things about her tribe. [/I] Draco started to go the way that Leo went but it was hard to find her sent because of the other shifters made her sent so hidden. "Leo were are you!" Draco yelled.

07/10/2005 9:25 AM

((ack sorry this took me so long to post, had a busy week))

The small mist cat watched the child, with avid fascination. Claws hooked themselves into the girl’s legs as the small creature began its ascent, [i]coming up[/i] was the only warning the child received. Adeptly named for his bravery and seemingly fearless nature, Leander settled in the girl’s lap. Green eyes meant green as he stared up at her, his own cat eyes matching hers. Irritation flickered briefly across his eyes at her lack of attention. [i]stop sniveling, child and pet me you’ll feel better[/i] he called to her, only mildly surprised when she responded in the same language. Her voice was strangely accented as she attempted to get her human tongue round the hisses and growls that made up the feline tongue.
“You presume too much cat! Now get off my lap I have things to attend to and your getting in the way.” Leander smirked at this, contempt settling in his slited eyes. [i]I never presume anything. Now pet me mortal[/i].

There was a sudden flash of light causing Leander to screech in fear as strong jaws clamped tightly round his neck. [i]who are you calling a mortal, cat! Stop acting mighty and pay me the respect due one of your kin[/i] As soon as she let go of his neck, Leander looked up at the leopard in shock, he had not been expecting this. Regaining some of his dignity he straightened his back and glared up at her, [i]do not call me cat. My name is Leander and I’ll have you know I am a mist cat not one of those mangy street cats or whatever your kind calls them.[/i] Though his words were meant to make the leopard feel stupid, she just laughed at him, [i]you are still a cat to me little one. So do not put on these airs, and you will do well to……[/i] the leopard paused in mid sentence, Leander opened his mouth to complain when the leopard silenced him with a look, hissing slightly, the small mist cat clamped his mouth shut her mouth, watching the larger cat in confusion.


Leo glared at cat, afraid it would block the voice that echoed in her mind, [i] Draco! Leo! If you can hear me its Braz the Council is possessed and you already probably sense the energy of the demons from the south. I can handle the Council but you better go to the southern shield area. The Demons always have a scout assassin force far ahead of the army[/i]. Leo shifted back into her human form and rose to her feet.
[i]I’m coming with you[/i] the cat said to her, Leo did not wish its company but she allowed it to follow her as she raced through the forest. She slowed her pace as she neared the village, and the figure that stood nearby, she identified it as Draco.

“Leo where are you?” he yelled and she stepped out of the shadows behind him. “Right besides you! Now what’s going on? What happened after I left?” Flinching as the cat climbed up onto her shoulders, Leo shifted slightly to accommodate it, having better things to do than argue with this cat.

07/11/2005 7:59 PM

((It ok I know how it is))

"Well when we were in the counsal I noticed something was wrong. From what I have heard the shifters don't open up that easly. I think they are under control like Braz said. Well any how lets take care of the Demons first and then we will discus it ok"

07/12/2005 1:30 AM

Leo nodded in response to Draco’s words, “I had the same feelings but I presumed it was Braz behind it.” With these words said, she turned to face the southern barrier. She could already sense the tendrils of dark energy that enveloped the place. She could feel Leander sinking his claws into the flesh of her shoulders as he hissed in its direction.
[i]Smells bad[/i], came the creatures words, causing Leo to grin
“Yes, the demons are coming we best be quick!” She responded in the mortal tongue so that Draco could understand. Afraid that she had wasted enough time, Leo shifted, causing Leander to screech as he was thrown off her shoulder, [i]don’t do that strange one[/i] was the only response she received from the small cat as it ran before her, heading for the southern barrier.

As they approached the barrier Leo could not help but gaze steadily around her, so far nothing was yet visible of the dark army that was soon to come but she could not help but shudder, sensing their arrival. Near her several shifters tensed also sensing the approaching Evil. Leo shifted back into her human form, meaning that Leander could once again resume his post on her shoulder and they waited for the arrival of the assassins………

07/12/2005 7:42 AM

Draco flaped his angelic wings. They were one of the most wonderful sites of all expecialy when they gilisend in the sun. "Ok he said they were here but were are they." Draco was puzzled he could fell their powers but he couldn't find them. [I]I fell them but were are they[/I] he thought. "Hey Leo do you see anything."

07/13/2005 12:35 AM

“Hey Leo do you see anything?” Draco asked wings spread wide. Leo smirked at him in response, “See? No I can’t see anything yet but I can sense them as I’m sure you can too. They’re close it’s only a matter of time before they strike!” After she had said these words she turned to face the other shifters also awaiting the demons attack. Shouting orders at them she was pleased when they leapt to obey her.

The first wave came within the next few minutes, having spotted them the shifters, moved to their fighting stances. Leo had ordered them not to shift, not yet. As the two sides drew close, she remarked on how small a force it was but them it was obviously very deadly and even if they did succeed in defeating them the main force was still to come.

07/13/2005 7:15 AM

As Draco folted in the air an arrow form on of the demons struck his wing. With a loud thud he fell to the ground. "Oh that hurt" With a surprize look he had realize that these demons were destraction. "LEO" Draco yelled "These ones are only here to destract us. This demon tribe would never seend so littel of a group to attack. We need to get back to Braz." With those words said Draco removed the arrow from his wing and flew back to Braz

07/14/2005 3:52 AM

Leo looked up from the battle as Draco screamed her name, earning her a slash from one of the more confident demons, growling she killed it with a flick of her blades. She continued to listen to Draco but could only hear parts of what he said as she had to concentrate on fighting the demons.
“ones….distract us….get back to Braz,” but though Leo did not fully understand his meaning she knew one thing was clear, she had to find Braz. Shouting out orders to the remaining shifters, she removed Leander, who was currently attached to one of the demons faces and was busy clawing at his eyes. Killing the demon Leander was attached to she headed for Braz, following Draco.

07/14/2005 5:10 AM

Draco flew back to the bilding were Braz was. He slamed down the door and ran inside. "What where is every one." Draco ranu out to Leo. "Leo no ones in there Braz and the council members are gone." Draco said gasping for air. "I hope they didn't get to far with him."

07/14/2005 2:46 PM

((s'you know where Soul_taker is by any chance?))

Leo bounded into the room behind Draco, having shifted back into a leopard, and as usual Leander was besides her. Draco said something but she could not understand what he said, she opened her mouth to respond but only ended up hissing at him.
[i]shift back strange one if you want speak with him[/i], Leander prodded mockingly, [i]you think I didn’t figure that out?[/i] she snarled in response, resuming her human form.
“Where is he damn it! I can try and track him down but I will remind you I am not a dog and as such my sense of smell is not as good so it may we may get completely lost but I will give it a try! So follow me!” with these words she once again shifted into a leopard and bounded off into the wood in search of Braz.

07/14/2005 3:10 PM

((I have no clue))

Draco followed her into the woods hoping they could find him but all they got was nothing. "Hey Leo maybe I can lock on to his energy singal."

07/24/2005 6:09 PM

(ooc: Just being dramatic lol)

As Leo and Draco fought the demons and the first rank marched into the barrier walking through the sheild.
The ground shook beneath the feet of the demons some fell with clumsy heavy swords.

The first wave of demons burst into flames as they set foot inside the barrier. Light consumed the winged demons entering the barrier...

"That was me...I am trying they hit my energy circles." He said into their mind.

(ooc: I got back from camp i can't type long but will try on tuesday sorry)

07/27/2005 1:04 PM

(ooc: welcome back)

"Braz is that you. Were are you."

07/28/2005 12:14 AM

(OOC: Good to be back!)

"I am at the Council Chambers." Braz replied with telepathy. "The Elders were getting uncontrolable by the second and to break the connection the Demon Pschers had on them I had to teleport away to their catacombs. I saw Draco enter as we left I will join you guys shortly I am scrying new circles to keep the demons at bay. Hopefully you guys can stave of the rest. Good luck my freinds..." And with that Draco and Leo witnessed another fire wall consume the demons entering through the sheild.

"FIRE!" cried a voice behind Draco and Leo,

Suddenly a volley of arrows flew over the Hero's heads as shines stars of doom rained down on the demons escaping the fire. "FIRE!" another volley aimed beyond the sheild rained down on advancing demon patrols. "By the way," Braz tuned in again to Leo and Draco, "I thought I should bring my freind Kneel Rast he is Commander of thousands in the Dragon Jousters." He laughed slightly then finished "...as if we could kill Orion alone more will be on the way i have sent messages to all in our realm. The Black Demon Wars have begun again." Leaving Leo and Draco with the thought that the wars beforwe they were born have arisen again BRaz's voice truely disappear as he went back top his work.

"Leo, Draco I am Kneel 56th wingleader of D. Jousters our armys will arrive within the hour!" Called the red knight atop a mammoth dragon of silver and red bloodshining across their bodys.

"Ho, Heros!" Came a call behind them, "I a mknow as Juko Relis Cheif warrior! The shifters will also fight for our village!" It was the Shifter army how quickly they had amassed was a miracle and they had definetly amassed well. "The war now stands Demons 750,000 the Good 150,000 Shifters and 50,000 Dragons thats 200,000" Called the Commander of the shifters.

"Don't Forget the demons are also enemys to us as well!" Another voice! This time it was the Wolfen HUnters from the Artic, "I am Relic Qui Commander of thousands for our armys! The demons use our blood to get through the sheild they will pay for this herecy! Add 75,000 to your army the Wolfen Clan has attacked behind them as we speak! They are surrounded! Thats 275,000 for the Good!"

(OOC: That should give a number to kill for and feel frree to use the other armys to our advantage! But they aren't all invincible remember that! Anyway I will be gone Fiday to Sunday afternoon hope this will keep you guys busy I got a awesome plot that will rock this world....Anyone read Mercedes Lackeys books "The Gryphon Wars or Joust Saga"? just putt'in it out there :) YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!)

07/29/2005 4:35 AM

"Oh come on Braz why did you have to bring so many people with you. That means I have to sare all these demons with more people." Draco gave a slight laugh and then he continued into the crowd of demons. "I hope I don't kill my own people as well. Darn you Braz we really didn't need this much help." Draco continued slashing up the demons. "Leo you ok over there." Draco yelled.

((OOC: you have some good plots. And when we get to the big battle I will start putting alot more into my post. Right now me and my friend dracon are far in a role play on our yahoo messenger. :)))

08/07/2005 11:01 AM

((sorry 'bout that was abroad for the last ten or so days, but i'm back and braz do we really need that many warriors? Draco i didn't know you could roleplay on yahoo messanger how does that work?))

Leo looked around her in shock as all the warriors suddenly approached them promising their allegiance, [i]Braz has been busy[/i]. They were mostly shifters but their was also the man kneel or whatever his name was and Leo was not entirely sure what race he was from, only that he looked very impressive atop his dragon.

Leo are you ok over there? Draco yelled and Leo grinned wirily back, Apart from being seriously annoyed, yes. In order for these Demons to even attack me they have to go through at least a hundred or so other warriors so yeah Im pretty much ok. Leo drew her blades, almost taking off one of the allies heads, Alright that does it! she snarled, everyone spread out otherwise well just end up killing each other!

08/08/2005 7:08 PM

(( its ok. yeah you can rpg on yahoo and msn messenger all you do is the person you are going to do it with well one of you just start the rpg and then you take truns replying and if you wnat me to teach you more just go on msn or yahoo.))

Draco was getting pissed now he couldn't even punch a demon without going through one of their own. "Braz when we get out of this remind me to kill you for bringing so maeny people to fight."

08/15/2005 4:36 PM

"When that day comes I shall provide the sword." Braz chuckled behind Draco. Braz to Dracoand Leos knowledge have now somehow appeared. "We do indeedneed these friends as more approach from the east," Braz pointed in the direction where a second sun seemed to be setting as the natural brother to the star set in the west. "That my freinds is the demons second army and Orions brother is leading that one."

((Hope that adds a spark guys. I will try to be on more thx))

08/16/2005 7:26 AM


Draco gave a slight laugh. "So how many more do you think are coming?"

08/16/2005 2:56 PM

"You should be able to some of them but lets think realistically can the three of us really kill 300,000 demon soldiers + Orions brothers army from the east. I knew the Van-Guard of Orions gate was searching for him so I droped a little hint to let them know where and when." Braz smile at Draco then thought,"To think we three met by chance so long ago. We have definatly been through alot. Maybe we will have more adventures some day if we live through this one."

((The army Braz called for will take most of the bulk of the demons. I think BRaz will anounce his true plan when Leo posts her next message :) )

08/16/2005 7:07 PM

"Well I think I could but then I would have to go compleatly into my true form and thats one thing I don't want to do." Draco gave a slight laugh. "So when will this all powerfull Demon army come?"

08/16/2005 11:35 PM

"Well I assume it will be when Orion feels defeated and we three must destroy him and his brother Malgron the Awaker. But then again we three must set out to the heart of the demon army to destroy Orion and Malgron. After all the real reason I summoned the other armys was to defend and...distract." Braz smiled back then continued," but I feel when we destroy the leaders the demons will disband immediatly. After the Commander of thousands tells me the demon armys have joind together then we three will set out to kill Malgron and Orion in what is sure to be a battle to the death." With another smile Braz watch the armys battle on top of what was now the commanders hill.

~~Further discussed the plan with his companions as reports came in of heavy casualties on both fronts of the war.~~

((Draco I think we should what for Leo to go on that way we can set out together and Braz will teleport us about half the distance to the demons commander tents. But here is a review of the setting right now the sun is setting and the armys are in rows marching through the sheild to the demons the hill is about 5 miles from ground 0 but we can se them fighting from there. Tell me how that sounds ok? THanks))

08/17/2005 7:51 AM

((Draco I think we should what for Leo to go on that way we can set out together and Braz will teleport us about half the distance to the demons commander tents. But here is a review of the setting right now the sun is setting and the armys are in rows marching through the sheild to the demons the hill is about 5 miles from ground 0 but we can se them fighting from there. Tell me how that sounds ok? THanks))

((Yeah thats sounds good. We will wait for Leo that way we don't get to far without her. :P))

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