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05/01/2005 9:58 AM

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She had been riding Elmire for nearly two weeks into the Wringwild Forest. At night he was nearly invisible except for the clouds of air he puffed, as well as Amy. When she reached the nearest town she could smell the different foods mix into the air with sulfur. Smiling, she reached an old stoned tavern on a rather cool and damp day. Her black cape revealed its red interior when she jumped down from Elmire and proceeded to tie him up. Patting his neck, he nuzzled her cold face as her hood came down. Her long strawberry blond hair had been shown but for the moment she didn’t care until she walked away from her companion and opened the door, cloaking her face.

The bar had seemed almost too warm, the way she liked it. “What can I do for you- uh.” The bartender tried to determine if this small being was a female or male. “Feller.” He said, smiling. His black beard was down to his collarbone with an occasional white curly strands. He appeared to be sweating in his black and white robes. Amy smiled; this was a wizard; a rather dumb one at that. “Ale.” She simply said, handing a two silver coins to the wizard. His green eyes gazed at the coins and took them hastily, shoving them in the bottom of a black velvet sack. It appeared to be half-full.

She moved across towards the fireplace, letting the heat sink in. She needed some time to rejuvenate and think of her next plan. Rubbing her temples through her cloaked face, the wizard personally brought out her ale and smiled. “Anythin’ else I can get ya lass?” She smiled and thought about all the different kinds of food. “Bread.” She said simply, handing another two silver coins out. The wizard smiled and took the coins once more. “Which type?” He chuckled as if she had never been to a bar. “Elven.” The wizard widened his eyes and tried to see past the cloaked woman but he wasn’t going to be able to as he witnessed her hand moving towards her side, revealing her scimitar. At once the wizard set off, leaving Amy’s mind to wonder.

05/01/2005 2:08 PM

Xera sat in the corner of the bar by the fire, she looked around her for possible victims. There was quite a few people here, but most of them were drunk. She had made a point of not drinking the blood of those who had drunk to much because they’re blood became poisoned and though it didn’t kill her it dulled her senses. There were also a few females but on the whole she didn’t tend to bite them, it wasn’t anything prejudiced she just found that it was easier to lure the men towards her.

She raised her glass to her mouth but she didn’t sip, she hated the taste of alcohol, mostly because it also dulled her senses but also because she felt that she could not become dependant on anything, that would make her weak. Again she surveyed the bar, then she saw him. He was sitting on his own, slowly sipping a small jug of ale. She smirked and moved over to sit by him.

After 10 minutes she had successfully drawn him come outside and was currently draining him of his life blood, when a stranger swept past her and entered the tavern. She could feel the power emitting from her and she snarled and dropped the mortal, dragging him behind the bar she set him alight, erasing all trace of a vampire attack. Normally she went for more challenging kill, not because the blood tasted better but because part of what being a vampire was, was the thrill of the chase, that was something those blooded vampire couldn’t see. Only the purebloods new what it was too be a true vampire, she snarled again and stalked back into the bar. She couldn’t have the bartender thinking she was somehow responsible for the death of the mortal.

She sat back down just in time to catch the conversation between the bartender and the new stranger, so she was an elf. Another immortal but what kind. In general she despised most elves; they were either to nature loving or too peaceful. They would rather stand and watch those around them being slaughtered than getting bloody. Still when they chose to fight they could be quite a formidable ally or foe.
But whatever she was that there was still one thing that bothered her, what was this elf doing here. She supposed she would have to ask, she was naturally curios and it would do her no harm to ask.

Xera turned round and asked in her usual blunt manner, not expecting a reply “What is an elf like you doing in these parts?”

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05/01/2005 2:23 PM

Amy’s blue eyes danced up towards the Vampire. “I should be asking you the same.” Her concentration had been breeched as she looked up to see the fully-dressed-in-black Vampire. Smirking, Amy had her bread brought out as the wizard smiled, “I see you made new friends lass. Enjoy your Elven Bread.” He walked off in a happy manner as drunks wanted more ale for the price of their wives. “I didn’t think it would be couth for the likes of Vampires to stalk around the drunks.” There was a hint of sarcasm as the air seemed to heat up.

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05/01/2005 2:51 PM

She grinned at the elf, “touché, but alas you are mistaken. I did not come here for the blood of the drunks; it is vile and poisonous and dulls my senses, though I admit to feeding here though it is not where I usually feed and the man whose blood I took had but three sips of ale. Nor for that matter did I came here to drink. As with the poisoned blood, it dulls my senses. No, I shall leave you to guess my real reason. AS I believe you will leave me to guess yours. No matter elf, I didn’t expect an answer from the likes of you anyway”

05/01/2005 4:12 PM

“A truce?” Her voice was calm and mellow as the fire seemed to subside. “Never in my dreams or the darkness that engulfs your ugly soul; did I expect the like of your kind to be so kindle.” She looked up with blue eyes towards the Vampires. “I have but my reasons so what suites yours? Ah, no matter you drink until there are nothing else to drink; or do you walk thinking this is the end? Guessing my race took nothing for the Elven bread but alas yours gives away by the paleness of your skin and the copper breath of blood. Tell me Vampire, what lurks your demonic soul?” Placing her hands on the warm bread she cracked it open and started nibbling the inside, drinking down a glass of water. “Would you join for bread or thirst upon another?”

05/02/2005 3:11 AM

Xera looked at the elf and her grin widened, she clapped dramatically, “Fine words elf. Fine words, but it is clear to see you know nothing of us.” Her eyes flashed suddenly as she continued, “You know nothing of the bloodlust. How could you, you are only held by desire of food and water to quench the thirst and feed the hunger. Blood holds no allure for you, but then why should it. You elves, think yourselves so pure, so perfect. You could never drink that which would tint your soul. It is true my heart is blackened and life holds no sway over me. I walk this earth and I feel nothing but why should I. Nobody give me anything to feel. Mortals pass me by, so wrapped up in the now for they fear to look into the future where death awaits them. For us immortals there is no death in the future only more living, more hunting, more killing, more feeding. And in the end time is all we’ll have left!”

“In the land of the cruel, the selfish and the heartless there is only respect for self. In the land of the immortal the only thing that drives us is the desire to be greater than ones self. That is how I live but then I guess you already knew that didn’t you seeing as you were so quick to judge.”

She stared at the dimming fire and threw her drink onto the dieing flames. The fire roared into life and the shadows of it flickered across Xerafina’s face.

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05/02/2005 1:30 PM

“I know of the bloodlust. I know it all to well. We only need the rejuvenating life but you- cold hearted and distorted, only live upon death. You feel. Every night you feel. Feel so fondly and foolishly that you live to walk the night and yet you- hear could die by light! Tut! Immortals! No such being! The Gods are never then immortal as you walk you have a live extended for years and even eons but alas wrinkled body, you wait until the light penetrates you so as you die in screams and horrors. Tell me what does that blood do? Oh what does that blood do then?” She looked up and offered as she kicked it softly. “Join in the embrace since you have no others of your taste.”

05/02/2005 2:02 PM

Xera continued to stare into the flames; “No!” she said simply, “You do not know of the bloodlust for if you did you would not say such things. But as for the purpose of blood. That is a question that has baffled my race. No the answer varies for each person, the answer found within oneself. For me the blood makes me stronger and that is all the motive I need. You can think whatever you want of me and I guaranty you will not be the first elf.”

“But for once you are right we are not immortal. Time itself is immortal but I did not mean it in that way, I meant it only as a way of describing myself. And as for the light that burns us. It is funny. It is not the heat that hurts us. Many say that it is so pure that it burns our souls, but then if we have no souls what part of us is burning. And yet in those words I can see you know little of true vampires. The ones of which you speak are humans who were blooded. No they are not worthy to be considered vampires. They waste their lives, using their gifts foolishly. Drinking the blood of the weak because it is easier to obtain. The thrill is not in the drinking of the blood but rather in the taking. No when I speak of my people I speak of the purebloods, for only they are worthy of the vampire title.”

05/02/2005 6:13 PM

“Alas you put things into twists!” She finished her half breath, taking it down with the cool water nicely. “I do not speak of bloodlust but your attitudes for those who call themselves of the fold. No, you do not need to tatter my heart to speak of visions towards the purity of vampires. Why bite and keep them alive then? It is as if...time itself doesn’t seem quite right anymore. I dare say this but have you heard of the item? One so legend for one to find you might aboleo the time and break this wretched hellhole!” Amy slammed her fist down and outstretched a small coin. “’Tis not what you think. But think of this...a map!”

05/03/2005 1:17 PM

Xera shrugged, “We do not blood them per say, the other blooded vampires blood the humans and so it goes on in a never ending circle. I do not know who was the first pureblood to blood a human for it was before my time.” She smiled slightly and bent to look at the at the object the elf had thrown on the table. “You say it is a map? Or am I mistaken? It doesn’t look like one though.” She shrugged, “I have never seen anything like it before. But yes I have heard of such an item but only that it supposedly existed and nothing of its location or anything like that.”

Then a thought crossed her mind, “Is this why you’re here?”

05/03/2005 4:55 PM

There came a small grin across her face. “Those who know have died about it. To die is what I lived for. You see,” Flickering up the coin watching it land flat on the map. “There’s a riddle too it. ‘A child’s play I must say. For once you look and read the scroll you find yourself in a day’s whole.’ It’s very obvious once you read it. Purebloods were the first to study it and then it was passed down. So I come here for the first part- a drunkards tale!”

05/04/2005 12:35 PM

Xera smiled properly at the stranger for the fist time. "If that's true i believe you will require my aid. But first i don't believe you've told me your name." She held out her hand for the stranger to shake, "Xerafina Draconis. And what's yours or am i to call you elf for the rest of my days?"

05/05/2005 12:49 PM

“You shall call me Amy.” She smiled back, taking off her hood to reveal her strawberry blond hair and blue eyes with a high cheek boned face and dimples on the sides as she smiled. Her ears were a little perked like an elf’s but seemed to shape more rounded. “The day you die is when you shall know my true name. For now, acquaintance, sit. We have much to discuss about.”

05/05/2005 2:04 PM

“You may call me Amy” the elf said and Xera smirked and looked at the elf for the first time as she removed her hood. The elf was reasonably normal looking, with long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones. The only abnormal thing about her was her slightly pointed ears but even they were not too noticeable, unlike Xera who’s black streaked red and purple hair, and mismatched eyes made her stick out.

Xera turned her chair round to face the elf’s table as she began to look at the map before her. It was strange and written in the old script.
“Ok before we begin you must tell me all you know of this map so that I may help you fully!”

05/06/2005 3:16 PM

The elf looked curiously. “Why should I? You obviously know something. I told you the riddle. You tell me. It lies somewhere between the living and the dead. Can you guess?” She wouldn’t give someone she didn’t trust- let alone a Vampire the key to the dead and the living! She had been betrayed far more many times from the Bloodlust’s Fold. There came a silent glare as the fire seemed to die out. Thinking of the flames, they ignited and turned into a nice green array as men started to form out for day break. “We have more Vampires than you can tell.”

05/08/2005 11:12 AM

Xera snarled and glared at the elf frustration showing clearly on her face. “Obviously I don’t know anything of it or I would have told you. What you fail to see is I have nothing to gain by betraying you, In order to get this thing I need your aid. I’m not stupid elf I may not like you but I need you so therefore I shall not betray you. And even if I were to consider it I have no one to betray you to. AS I have told you many a time we vampires a selfish so I would give nothing to my kin, the mortals are too stupid to understand anything and to me they serve no cause other than to feed upon and the other breeds are too busy seeking there own things and fighting amongst themselves. Or I could betray you and keep it for myself but as I said before I cannot do this alone.
And as for guessing the meaning if the riddle I fear I have no idea, see I do not spend my time trying to figure these things out. In truth I probably should, it would give me something to do other than waste my all too plentiful time away.”

She stopped and sighed, placing a hand to her temple, “Amy in order for me to help you, you have to trust me. I may lie and trick and deceive but I have my honor and if I give my word to someone I sure as hell will keep it and I swear to you I will not betray you. In order for you to trust me I must trust you first and I do, I would hand you my weapons as the warriors of old did to show trust but that would do no good because I still have my gifts and my vampire abilities.”

“You put so much trust in the world around you. You trust the barkeeper not to poison you, the bridge maker to fashion a bridge that will not collapse underneath your weight. Why can you then not trust me? ” she said turning round slightly so her profile blocked the onlookers vision as she drew the green flames from the fire into her open fists, as they reached her they turned brilliant white before her gift over darkness got in the way and they turned ebony black the flames that danced up her forearms with accordance with the tattoos around her wrists but were as cold as death itself, she snarled and extinguished the flames, “Whys is it that every time I try to enjoy the pleasers of the mortals the darkness within me takes over and turns everything into darkness. I cannot love for fear of loosing them. When I said I cannot feel I meant it. The flames themselves turned as cold as death herself when they touched me, I cannot even enjoy their heat nor can I feel the suns rays upon my back. You think I chose this life. We are who we are. We can only change what we show!”

05/08/2005 1:41 PM

Amy sat back looking at the water. “If you look careful you will see I am being poisoned by that wizard. You are being poisoned by the blood. You can not feel for simply of an ancestral choice. My trust is my choice and I only trust when it’s proven. You have proven it quite well in fact. I have found the Vampires weakness.” Amy smiled not because she was glad but because this Vampire had something more to tell.

“Now this riddle here is a riddle given to a child when they are young. You sing the song for years until it reaching your subconscious mind and never spoken again until you recite that riddle. No matter what race you are or where you come from remember you were taught at a young age where fear does not exist. Now, in us all as adults it exists.” Amy took another swig of her water and finished off her Elven bread.

“Your darkness will come in handy and search it’s purpose. We are going to the center of this world and we will become the bridge holding the light and the darkness. Where you fail in light, you will succeed in the dark. Take head that this place is everything you think you are not afraid of. They read your emotions like a book with magic. They will become everything and anything. I have proven your weakness and you have yet to test mine.”

05/09/2005 10:40 AM

Xera laughed, “Read my emotions. They will have a hard time of that. Most of the time I know not what ‘emotions’ pass within me. And as for my weakness if you speak of my weakness towards the light, everyone knows that and the bloodlust are the only vampire weaknesses. Or if you speak of us being selfish I fear that will not aid you in hurting me. Or have I betrayed part of myself without knowing it?”

Xera paused for a moment thinking, “But you speak of a riddle given to us all as a child. If this is true I have yet to remember it. The only song I remember is one my mother sung me but it has naught to do with this quest. It goes,
You will reign for years but not centuries
You will move hearts but not mountains
You will topple cities but not nations
You will enthrall mortals but the ageless shall remain unmoved
You will conquer but so have others
You will change the world but it has already been changed
You will be great but still forgotten
As those who came before you were
And those who come after you will!
It was her legacy to me, her way of telling me that no matter what you do you are still a vampire, hated and feared and in the end, no one will care for you and no one will remember you for though you may live longer than the mortals, death will still wrap you in her embrace and hold you!”

“But I will try to remember!” she said as she closed her eyes and shifted through her memories.

((just felt like adding that poem thing, it doesn't make much sense but then neither does anything else i make up!))

05/09/2005 1:04 PM

OOC: I understand it perfectly. LOL. I love poems, riddles, ect.

For a moment she sat upright listening to the poem that was given to her by her mother. How thoughtful. Remembering was easy but interpreting was just another give-away. “All it means is your death will come and you will die with something unforgotten. You- the Vampire you are, will be forgotten but your name will reign in the forbidden valley’s for eons. Don’t fret, your mother still is with you.” For the first time the elf smiled knowing exactly what that power held in that riddle. Something did cross her mind as she looked down at the tiny coin and then the sun that started to rise. “You have two options; kill the day and stay in the darkness or be destroyed and be forgotten. It’s your choice. Ableo is with us all.”

05/09/2005 1:34 PM

Xera was lost in her thoughts as the elf spoke and for a moment she did not seem to hear her, her mind else where but she shook her head and drew herself from her memories, they were places she didn’t want to visit.

She shrugged as Amy spoke “That should be an easy thing to choose, life over death. But what is life if it is like death. But enough of that I have found a purpose to this endless roaming. I shall stay in the darkness but entire the daylight. I can cast a temporary shadow mask around me that shields me from the worst of the sun. Our lady fortune smiles upon me today for it is not so sunny.”

She got up and walked towards the exit, in her mind she could see the dark cloak that wrapped around her keeping her shielded. She drew the hood up so that only her mismatched eyes could be seen yet when her shadow veil enclosed her they turned dark purple for it was a mixture of the red fire and black darkness within her.

Once outside she stood still for a moment and tested the strength of the suns rays and smiled to herself, she would survive another day out in out in the sun. She was fortunate, by some twist of the God’s it was the purebloods that could resist the sunlight more than the blooded vampires being as they were stronger. And so even without the her shadow veil she could withstand the suns rays for about 30 minutes before the light began to burn her.

She called Shadow to her and he rested on her shoulder fixing her with his intelligent black eyes. Her blood red lips twisted into a smile and her pointed canines glinted as they caught the sun’s light.
And so she stood for a moment waiting for the elf…

05/21/2005 2:25 PM

((this post is very long and borring and half of it doesn't make any sense but no matter i was borred and this is what i wrote))

Xera was standing with her back to the tavern when the stranger brushed past him. A strong awareness awakened in her, he was the one. This she knew, he would remember the poem, the riddle of which Amy spoke. She shadowed him, which was hard considering the current lack of dark but her shadow veil held and she remained unnoticed behind him.
“Excuse me kind sir but could you help me, I appear to be lost” she said walking up to the man and gazed up at him with amethysts eyes. “He smiled at her, unable to resist the needs of the young woman with the beautiful eyes.
He took a few steps towards her, “But of course, how may I be of assistance?” She adopted the innocent young virgin stance and smiled at him shyly from lowered lashes. He took a few more steps towards her, she held her breath as he took another step forward. Just a couple more and she would have him in her grasp.
“Lady?” He took another step, just one more. She smiled again and took five steps backwards. He took the final step forward, arms forward, trying to grab her sleeve…

She made her move, she flitted towards him, too fast for the human eye to see and in an instant she had him gripped in her death-like embrace. She let her shadow veil fall for a second, he stared into her mismatched eyes and she looked deep into his, sensing his fear. That was how she hunted. She did not kill until she could read the emotions in her victims eyes. That’s how it was, how it always would be. With a snarl she brought her fangs down on his throat and clamped them tight around his neck. She felt him sag in her arms as she begun to drain him of his life blood. At the last instant of his life she let go. That was the only vampire rule, [b]never[/b] drink the victims last drop of blood lest you be dragged into its death. Doing so would kill you it was that simple yet the blooded vampires still did so, overtaken by their greed and desire for the blood.

Again she dragged the body round the back and again she used her black flames to burn his corpse. She smiled to herself, she had what she wanted. That was another vampire curse, blood remembers. Not memories of a past but an identity. The identity of every person that Xera had ever drunk was imprinted into her soul through their blood. That’s what tainted them so. In her mind she could hear a mothers voice singing the strange rhyme over and over again. The sweet voice echoed within her…
I’d give you the world were it mine to give,
My heart if you hadn’t took it
My soul if I hadn’t sold it
My life if I hadn’t lost it
I’d give you everything I have
But I have it no more
You seek but I cannot fulfill
For all I had I gave to you

So I sing of a tale that you shall remember
Whispers from the time before time called itself so
And through this song you shall find the Aboleo
Sought by all but found by none
Till the darkness joins with the light…………

The tears of a thousand nations are shed on this place
The breathe of the ageless sweeps through it
Cleansing it of the blood that once stained its roots
A thousand hearts poured forth their life
The blood soaked through bringing the Tree sprites,
The identities of the dead to plague their thoughts
So look to the east as the sun is setting
Take to the roads when the light is fading
Destined to follow she who sees but is blind
The runes on the master’s door
High atop Devils point,
Within Lazara’s Eye, jewel of the sky
The first of many steps is taken
As the path before you unfolds

She shook her head in confusion and finally the voice within her mind died as the mortals blood stilled his identity mixing with those of the others before him. With a sigh she walked back to the entrance of the tavern to wait for Amy to finally emerge so she could tell her of her find.

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