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04/30/2005 8:50 AM

A tall, graceful wild elf stood in the branches of a huge oak. Her face was completely hidden beneath the hood of her green cloak, save for her forest eyes which stared out over the landscape. There was a strange spark to them and they saw more than normal eyes should see. Which wasn’t surprising considering she was bonded to the beautiful golden eagle circling the skies above her? Her gold and auburn hair was tied back in the typical Elvin fashion, with green and brown strips, and tucked down under her cloak.

She moved slightly and anyone watching could have sworn she was part of the forest, a wild forest sprite not the strange Xylona Treesong daughter of the high Priestess, guardian of the forest.

The tall wild elf stood watching the stranger pass through her forest. Her forest green eyes watched with mild amusement. She let out a shrill whistle and Nightseeker flew down to rest on her shoulder. She looked at the raven’s sharp intelligent eyes and whispered something to it in a strange language. The raven then spread his beautiful black wings and flew off over the treetops in search of the elder.

The elf followed the stranger, keeping to the shadows of the trees, whose branches she was currently balanced upon. Her forest eyes never left the shape of the intruder. She notched one of her red and gold tipped arrows and raised her bow to point it at his back preparing to shoot, but at that moment the branches of the great oak moved and blocked her vision of the stranger, she cursed under her breathe. Whoever this stranger was he appeared to be protected by the forest, she snarled, eyes flashing.

Suddenly she leapt of the branch and landed in front of stranger, she raised her bow again aiming for the stranger standing directly in front of her.
“This is Elvin territory stranger. You shouldn’t be here, if it weren’t for my affinity for nature and the forest’s desire to protect you, you’d be dead by now.” She paused and stared at the stranger from beneath the hood of her green cloak, “Who are you anyway?”

04/30/2005 7:46 PM

Sages eyes flickered with suprise, "Oh, I am sorry I didn't mean to intrude, but I heard that one would be able to come through this way..." Sage's frame wasn't built for the road, he was a man, made to think, study, invent, not to treck and he was doing just that. He was in truth reseaching the plants and animals of the region. his pack was filled with notes, and jars danged from it, making a terrible rattling when he moved, and now he was rethinking this journey.

05/01/2005 3:04 AM

Xya eyed the stranger, he was a funny sight. Jars rattled and bits of paper peeked out of his large pack. She could see that he posed no threat. But still she kept her arrow aimed at his heart.
“Who told you, you could pass this way?” she asked her voice full of venom.

She noticed a slight movement in the undergrowth and smiled slightly, it was Nighteyes, good. She spoke to him through her mind, telling him to keep guard, to watch the human for any signs of threat. Nighteyes complied and he lent her his senses as he lay down on the ground, hidden from sight.
Xya blinked and looked at the stranger again, she could sense him now as the wolf did. He really was strange. He smelt of the forest and yet not. She could hear his breathes coming out in hollow gasps, he was not used to trekking around in the forest this much she could tell, he looked like a scholar of some sort, she shrugged it didn’t matter, he’d be dead soon. Nobody trespassed through here, the penalty was death.

She pointed to his baggage and said, “What are you doing here anyway stranger. I can tell you’re not used to life in the wild. So why did you come here?”

05/01/2005 11:41 AM

Sage swallowed, "R-reseach, I catolog animals and plants, to put them on record..." His eyes went from her face, to the arrow and then to the ground, and back up, he too heard something in the forest, but he wasn't sure what...

05/01/2005 2:44 PM

She glared at him again but she could feel her lips twitch in a half smile, “It’s nice to see that someone appreciates nature. But there’s still the question of who told you, you could pass through this way. Everyone knows that the penalty for trespassing on Elvin property is death. I think someone purposely wanted you hear.”

She looked at him again, her arm was beginning to tire but she refused to lower her bow.

05/01/2005 3:40 PM

"The govenor; Lord Coritus, he told me..." Sage said partly confused, and very much afraid.

05/17/2005 11:52 AM

"The governor; Lord Coritus, he told me..." the intruder and Xya snarled at him, “Lord Cortus, what are you doing speaking with the likes of him. He’s a murderer, killer of innocents. Do you realized what a fool you’ve been….unless you’re in on it!” She glared at him as memories flooded her. She shook her head trying to clear her mind…

Then she was back, back 100 years. In her mind streak ran besides her, his joy her own. She grinned at him, ‘we hunt?’
‘Yes, together we hunt!’
‘As pack?’
‘As pack!” he grinned at her, panting hard besides her. She smiled down at him lovingly and ran a hand through his soft fur, he rolled over on his stomach, inviting her to scratch his stomach, she did and he smiled up at her with wide eyes before twisting round to jump on her. They rolled around in the dirt, but a sound in the distance made her jump to her feet, blades drawn. She could hear streak growling besides her, she put her hand on his head to still him; they stood there in the undergrowth waiting.

Suddenly they emerged, 10 shifters. Streak let out a howl before leaping at the nearest one, knocking him to the ground, tearing at his throat. At the same moment she too leapt for the shifters, she sliced at two of the shifters with her blades, cutting them in half before they had a chance to realize what had happened. The shifters glared at her before shifting. There was a flash of light and in the place of the 7 remaining shifters stood, three wolves, 2 wildcats a brown bear and above them circled two bald eagles. Xya roared and leapt at them blades extended, her vision blurred as the red mist obscured her vision. The blood lust had taken over the 10 year old wild elf. Besides her she could sense streak attacking them with tooth and claw. She felt him go down, having taken a blow to the head. He was slammed into the tree, dead. She snarled and doubled her efforts, refusing to stop until every last one of them was dead. It had been hours before the elders had found her. Curled up under the great oak, gently rocking her dead friend back and forth, crying into his bloodstained fur…

Xya woke with a shock; she blinked and gazed around her. Less than a second had passed since the terrible vision had come. She tightened her grip on the bow and snarled at the intruder, “How do you know this murderer?”

05/18/2005 3:39 PM

"I my father used to work for him, but he quit because..." He hesitated "of the experiments... He didn't want to be apart of the horrible things they did." Sage was angery not at the elves, but at Lord Coritus, he wasn't working for him but he need to go through there land, which meant he had to go to that damn house.

05/24/2005 10:45 AM

A loud, low whistle announces a new beings approach. Horse hooves click against tree-roots and rocks. Soon a strange beast is in sight. The torso of a man, maybe in his late-twenties or early-thirties, a great sword in hand, attached to the hind-quarters of a black horse. His tail flicks as he rocks back and forth, feet stomping.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" His deep voice rumbles out. He rests the blunt side of his sword against his shoulder. "A lady elf..." He steps forward towards the man. "And a human." A smile crosses his thick lips as his lower half turns and he trots back to where he came froom. He turns back to them. "An odd sight indeed." His dark eyes gleam brightly, his left fore-leg lifting then crashing back to the ground.

This "man" was a centaur. And one of the few left in the world. Some said that the Centaurs had once been shifters, that had gotten stuck. Others said they were children of one of the gods(Though which one no one can agree on) and a beautiful mare. Others say they don't exist, but we can ignore the latter because we have one standing in our midst. Whatever their origin, they are very rare and spread apart, and a dying breed due to the lack of females.

05/24/2005 1:34 PM

'A centaur!? My father's father saw one once, but that was a hundred years ago, at least.' Sage thought looking at the creature, and then his eyes moved back to the elf, 'What will happen next? I mean two beings of the woods, if they indeed think of me a hostile, then I am surely doomed...' He thought frowning.

05/25/2005 10:48 AM

The centaur shakes his head. "What do they call you little man?" He asks the man, his tail flicking. His back end moves as if he's going to run away. "Or are you going to stay in thought." He smirks, swinging his sword around his back and sheathing it. "And you, Lady Elf, by what are you called?" He speaks to the elf with high respect. After all, once upon a time elves and Centaurs worked together. But sence the elves population was so abundent, and the centaurs were dwindling, that relationship had died.

He remains where he's standing, waiting for answers.

05/25/2005 11:07 AM

((sorry can i just ask that you two go to the OOC section and post your character information along with mine it would be greatly appreciated , thanks))

Xya glared at the centaur but lowered her bow. The forest sprites would not approve of her harming this endangered beast. She hated Centaurs with a vengeance, they thought to much of themselves and she could tell from this one’s greeting of them that he just like them but she gritted her teeth and bade him the courtesy due a fellow creature of the forest. She would not be the one to bring shame upon her Elvin kin.
“Greetings stranger. What brings you to this part of the forest? You know well that it belongs to the wild elves.”

“My name is Nissa Holt” she said hopping her cloak hid her most distinct features, though even if he did know she was lying there was naught she could do about it now. She had said had lied and there was no going back. The reason she said this was not because she did not wish to tell him her real name but rather she did not want him to know that she was soon to be high priestess, she preferred to remain unknown.
“And what is yours stranger. I believe you owe us that honor at least.”

05/25/2005 11:46 AM

Sage nervesly said to the centaur "I am Sage." He thought he had heard something but he put it off, he was wondering about what the centaur had said, 'Or are you going to stay in thought? Could he read my mind?' Sage thought.

05/25/2005 11:55 AM

The centaurs front legs bend as he bows lowly to the two before him. He stands back up, looking up at the elf. "Montier..." He says his name with pride. "I am called Montier." He trots towards the man, Sage now. He holds out a massive hand. "You seen nervous. Don't worry friend, you have caused me no harm, I won't do anything to you." He smirks, waiting for him to take his hand.

Once done, he looks up at 'Nissa.' "Please, Mi'lady, join us on the ground. I promise, no harm will come to you." He smirks. Yeah, so Montier was proud of himself, he was after all, one of the greatests beast of the forest. "And perhaps I'll tell you why I have ventured into your forest." He wags a finger at her. "And you should remember, our kinds were once friends..." He smirks widely, looking back at Sage. "Why are you here little man?"

05/26/2005 9:53 AM

((am confused - my character was already on the ground))

Xya regarded the intruders coldly, Sage and Montier, interesting names. Then when the centaur opened his mouth to speak she snarled slightly, “You presume too much centaur, our kinds may have been allies but that does not make me your friend. I will pay you only the curtsey that is due but no more.”

As she spoke she leapt out of the tree, landing on the ground just meters away from the intruders, “It is not that I fear you will harm me, you may be descendant of the once mighty race but times have changed. Your kin are dying and the lady luck favors others now. No, I stay up here…well because I wish to that is all. Also I do not believe you have a choice in the matter tell me of your business here or you will be slain on assumption of trespassing. That is the laws of the forest we wild elves are but its guardians.”

05/26/2005 10:50 AM

Montier shakes his head. "My dear elf, you are very mistaken. I decend from no one but the first. " He smirks. He was old, very old. Older then most his kind, and yet he was still just a foal. Smirking, he reaches a hand out to her. "Lady elf, you're beautiful, but your temper bites. Please. I came here searching for peace, not hostility."

He looks at Sage. "I'm sure that the little man seeks the same. It is very rare, after all, that our three kinds would meet."

05/26/2005 11:27 AM

"Lady elf, you're beautiful, but your temper bites. Please. I came here searching for peace, not hostility." Xya was almost tempted to smile at that, he had called her beautiful them but then she was an elf and to most eyes she was considered beautiful. She knew he didn’t mean it because he couldn’t see her beneath her cloak only her dark green eyes could be seen showing that t’was summer. “and I fear you do not under stand my meaning, but no matter if you really do come here searching for peace o’ great and noble Montier you will tell me of you quest and the reason why you have ventured into this part of the forest!” She cocked her head to one side questioningly, wondering if he noticed her mockery.

05/26/2005 11:55 AM

Unflinching yellow eyes peered out from the shadows of a Stumpy but rather leafy tree nearby.
"What an odd assortment or creatures" Sevril thought to himself as he remained motionless, clutching his grey elf's cloak closed around his crouched body. his hood covered his long black mane of hair and cast a shadow over his pale face. His race, the Grey elves were masters of stealth and were highly adept at staying hidden, even from other elves which is quite a feat.
However Sevril was young as far as his race was concerned and he had not yet achieved the mastery of his elders which left him prone to making mistakes. Mistakes he knew, which could lead to his death.
"What does this mean... a wild elf, a cenatur and a young human...."
Sevril just couldn't understand it. He had risked his life in coming here. He had to try and make contact with the wild elves, even if they ended up killing him, he had to try but he could not deliver his message while these other creatures were watching and listening. Such sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands if he was careless.

So he crouched there, in the nook of the tree which covered him in a blanket of security and he watched.

05/26/2005 4:13 PM

Sage felt movement in his pack 'Myra, stay still, maybe we can get out of here and find the cure after all.' Sage looked at the two forest creatures, he sighed, 'Alchemy won't help me here...now will it Myra.' A sotf but definent 'meow' came from Sage's pack, he bit his lip and hoped the two wouldn't notice.

05/27/2005 1:27 PM

((randomly felt like doing this, if you look at the character description Xya can do this))

Xya looked up at the sudden movement and fixed the eagles eyes on the boys pack. She smiled to herself noticing the small creature, it gave a small meow and she felt her grin widen. She reached out with her mind calling to it. Encouraging it to come forth, [i]’the forest beckons’ [/i]she told it, [i]‘this is your home, where you belong, come my child none here shall harm you. Surely you would rather be in the sun with the wind in your fur instead of in that stuffy pack?’[/i]

She cocked her head to one side and then a sudden idea came to her mind. She would show it nature’s glory, she would let nature call to it. She smiled softly and began to sing. It was a wordless song that spoke of life, of the forest. The spirits of her ancestors mingled with her as she sang. She sang with the voice of the wind itself, of the water as it ran through the land tunneling its way through the earth which also leant its voice to Xya. The sound that came from Xya was beautiful in the same way that the wind that danced through leaves was beautiful, the wind chimes that ring out in the silence, the gushing water that journeys to the sea.

Deep inside her she could feel the forest unfurling lending the future high priestess its voice but with its voice came the awareness of all that resided there. She could feel the creatures of the forest clearly and to a lesser extent the centaur and the boy. Then there was another. Hidden beneath the shadows so that not even the eagle’s eyes could spot it but the forest felt it there. She turned to face it and turned her attention to it, the song calling it forth, reassuring it that it would come to no harm. She instructed the trees to bring it her and the vines wrapped themselves around its cloaked body trying to drag it to the wild elf.

05/27/2005 4:22 PM

For a moment, as Xya was singing, Sevril lost himself in her song. It was enchanting to his elven ears and he had not developed the skills necessary to resist such temptaions. He had made his first mistake and let himself be distracted. In his distracted state he did not notice the vines creeping around his ankles. He did not notice the branches closing around his chest or the leaves clouding his vision.

Sevril suddenly snapped out of his trance and awoke to these sudden dangers. He saw that Xya was looking directly at him. He had been discovered!
"Cursed forest witch!" He thought and suddenly he became aware of the forest life trying to entangle him. His first instinct was to panic. But his training took over and he was able to calmly ascertain the situation. quickly he released all of the air in his lungs and slithered out of the grip of the branches and vines, climbing higher up the tree, but as soon as Sevril reacted the forest no longer moved slowly and lovingly. No, now it was chasing him, grasping at him as he scrambled through the branches dodging vines and leaping from branch to branch. It was amazing how lithe he was, how he moved and evaded the life of the forest.

But as soon as he was released from one snare another took its place. As soon as he was free of one branch, two more sprung up in their stead. It was hopeless and sevril was simply too young, and Xya's song too powerful to resist. The life of the forest had nothing against the poor grey elf, it was merely reacting to Xya's beautiful song.
The vines and branches did not hurt Sevril, but embraced him warmly and secured him snuggly as they drug him down from the tree and along the ground, finally setting him down helplessly at the feet of the forest queen. He could not move, he could nt speak. Only his pale yellow eyes peered out from between the vines and they stared up at Xya in fright.

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05/27/2005 5:46 PM

Myra poked her head out, "I am a human." She said plainly, "but I can feel your song. However, we are on a quest'' she said struggling out of the pack, ''Sage tell her the truth." She said climbing up on his shoulder,her fur was silky and black and it showed brilantly in the sun light, the only thing that made her diffrent from other cats (Besides her voice/intelegence) was a short pair of brown horns. Sage looked from the cat to the forest elf and said "I was trying to find a way to turn her back to normal..." Myra leeped from Sages soulder and sat infront of the gray elf, she flicked her tail through the leaves. Sage's eyes moved again braeking site of the elf and then to the new elf, and Myra.

05/28/2005 5:59 AM

Xya continued to sing, her joy written clearly across her face. She loved this connection she had with the forest and the creatures that lived there. She could feel the forest bending to her will, the trees bringing her the stranger. She watched in amusement as he tried to evade the branches grasp. The twisted and turned as to avoid them but the lithe elf could not escape their embrace. Xya made them place him on the ground; she regarded him carefully before finally ending the enchanting song. The branches slowly released him to return to their original position, save a stray vine which Xya instructed to hold him lest he try to run. She looked into his frightened yellow eyes, it was a grey elf. He was young, not much older than her.

Behind her the strange creature from the boy’s pack started to talk and she turned round to look at it coldly, “Tenses mortal. You were human! You wish to turn her back to normal. Why? Aren’t you better of that way; you have all the intelligence of a human but the carefree nature of a cat. Mortals are strange creatures they think too much of tomorrow and yesterday but not enough of today, you don’t want their worries back do you. They spend their life searching for things that don’t exist and then look surprised when death claims them. Time passes them by and they don’t even notice, they’re too wrapped up in their own fears. Still it is a nature instinct to want things to go back to the way they were but its too late half-breed your friend has scarred you too deeply now!” She sighed, speaking from experience.

Xya turned her attention to the grey elf. “You risk a lot coming here stranger. You know the rules; I presume there’s a good reason for your being here. Tell me your name and why you are here and I might consider letting you live. You are a fellow elf and as such should know the Elvin laws but I do not wish to let my foolish killing of you lead to war. There has been too much bloodshed in these forests I will see that more shall fall to tint the ground.” She commanded the final vine to unwrap itself from his body, “I trust you won’t be foolish enough to try and escape.”

05/28/2005 9:50 AM

When the last vine had released its grasp, Marion scrambled to his feet and dusted himself off, trying to regain some of his elvish composure. He reached up and pulled his hood back, revealing his silky mass of jet black hair spiling down the back of his neck until it dissappeared into his cloak. His eyes quickly flicked to the speaking cat, to Sage and then finally to the grand wild elf before him.
He put the palm of his right hand flat against his chest and bowed at the waist, with both feet together. When he rose, his voice was soft and young, his piercing yellow eyes fixed on the deep forest green of Xya's own gaze.
"Greetings wild one of the forest. I am Sevril Levasse of the Grey elves. I come bearing greetings and a message from Lord Melliv DeSante, our glorious leader. May he live to teach us for many hundreds of years."
His cloak remained closed around his body and he was small for an elf. He studied the forest queen for a moment and then spoke again.
"You are right in saying I risked much to come here. I only pray you hear what I have to say before you make your decision on whether or not to spare my life. Please believe I mean you no harm, however the nature of my information lends to the fact that I dare not speak it with so many others about."
When he had finished speaking, he nodded his head again slowly in a small gesture of respect to indicate that he was finished speaking and awaited a reply.

05/28/2005 10:29 AM

Myra walked swiftly to Sage, who bent down and lifted her to his shoulder, she wispered "She doesn't realise just who your family is yet, or who you are, she thinks we are mortals." Myra again turned to the forest elf, but spoke not, and waited for a response, knowing they had heard. Sage's face was turning pale, 'Myra don't do this, no one is supposed to know..!' Sage thought.

05/28/2005 10:58 AM

((i hope the centaur can climb up steps))

Xya nodded, she approved of his method of addressing her. He did his tribe proud for one so young; she replied using the courtesy he was due but no more, “Greetings Sevril Levasse of the grey elves. If what you say is true then I shall not force you to speak your message to unworthy ears. Come, we shall proceed to the city of Lilunya where you shall be presented before the council, they’re you will speak your message. The council can also decide the fate of these two!” With these words she spun round and began to walk back to her home, choosing ignore the boy and his creature she would talk to them later.

After about 20 minutes they reached a tall oak. Xya called out in elvish and a moment later there was a flash of brilliant white light and the beautiful city of Lilunya stood before them in all its glory. She gestured to the others to follow her as she walked over to a small wooden hut, high atop the tall Redwood. When she reached the door, she knocked and a tall elf appeared at the door. She was old, with long silver hair that flowed down her back, ending just above her hips; she had soft brown eyes and a warm smile. Xya smiled at her, “Greetings Alara, this is Sage and Montier they are to rest with you this evening. I will come collect them after the council meeting for the evening meal.” She said gestering to the centaurian and the boy. “And this is Sevril, he will be attending the council meeting this evening. He is addressing the council so he is to be given the appropriate garments to wear. I trust you will know what to do. I leave all three in your care!”
Alara nodded, “As you wish!” Xya smiled softly and walked away.

Lights flickered amongst the branches as Xya ascended the central Tree. It was tall and broad, the steps cut into its trunk. This was the council hut, she smiled at the guards but they recognized her, for Xya was the only elf in the city with forest eyes, and let her pass with a nod and a bow. She swept into the hut and addressed the people that stood inside. “Greetings council members I bring with me a messenger from the grey elves. At present he is with Alara who is preparing him for the meeting this evening which I believe it best he attend.”
The 7 high elves nodded but said nothing, satisfied Xya bowed her head and left.

Next she walked to the high priestess’ hut but before she had a chance to open the door, her mother rushed, worry written clearly across her face, “Xya must you do this to me. You have been gone nearly a day as future leader you must be here, It is expected of you. Kiros was looking everywhere for you. You know you were supposed to meet him today to go hunting.” Xya gave an exasperated sigh, “Mother please, do not treat me like a child I have undertaken the trials I am an adult now, a member of this city, not your daughter. Do not speak to me of Kiros; you know he only pays attention to me because he thinks it will be to his advantage when I take your place.” She darted past her mother and into the hut before her mother had a chance to reply, “That’s not true Kiros finds you very beautiful. You are very beautiful my daughter you will have to get used to these suitors. Xya snorted at these words, she was beautiful in her mother’s eyes as was every child, no one had ever called her beautiful because that’s how they thought she looked. The only time it had been mentioned was as a greeting or to gain her favor.
“Council meetings in 30 minutes so do try to be quick changing!” her mother called to her as she disappeared into her room in search of her green robes.

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05/28/2005 10:59 AM

Alara watched Xya disappear off and she smiled to herself, [i]she was a wild one that one. Got it from her father’s side she did, he was always up to no good[/i] she shook her head disapprovingly before she turned to face the three strangers that stood in home. “Well if you want a wash or something you’re welcome to it. The evening meal won’t be for another two and half hours so if you want something small to eat just ask. Sage and Montier, I’m afraid you won’t be able to attend the meeting but I can give you a tour of the city if you want. Sevril you’ll need to change into the proper clothing, if you go through here and turn right there’s a small room, you can change in there. I’ll be along shortly I need to fetch the robes, they’re my son’s old ones, I hope you like dark blue.” She smiled warmly at her guests waiting for a response.

05/28/2005 12:07 PM

Sevril was not used to such brilliance as was to be found in Lilunya. He felt very exposed and was uncomfortable amongst so many elves who were not his kin. However he kept quiet and dutifully followed Xya as she led him to the house of Alara. When the old elf answered and Xya introduced him he bowed and followed Xya with his eyes as she left before fixing them on Alara.
Once inside alara explained to him that he would need to change. Sevril did not let a smile dawn on his smooth, pale skin, but maintained his polite formality, bowing slightly to Alara after she had spoke.
"Thank you Lady Alara, your hospitality is a testament to the kindness of the wild elves. I require nothing to eat at this time, but your offer is appreciated. Dark blue will be fine enough my lady I will await you in the room you have specified. "

He then nodded politely, turned and made his way down the hall and turned right. Finding the room she had mentioned, Sevril turned and closed the door silently behind him. He was alone now in the small room and felt much more comfortable now that he was away from others' eyes. He cast off his formal mask and sighed softly as he unclasped his cloak and lay it gently on the bed. He wore simple and supple leathers underneath, died black and loose to allow him complete freedom of movement. He dropped onto the bed like a young child might and fell back into the soft covers, His black hair spreading beneath him as a golden shaft of sunlight poured through the only window in the room. It was a relief to still be alive.

05/28/2005 1:07 PM

Alara chuckled, “Lady, I haven’t been called Lady for over a century. Enough with the formalities boy, whilst you are in my house you may act like you would in your own home.” She shook her head grinning wickedly as he walked away. She turned to the other two, “Make yourselves at home, if you need anything just ask I’ll be back shortly.” She said before disappearing from the room. Xya’s old nurse hummed to herself as she gathered the elf’s new clothes. It had been a while since the clothes had been worn but they looked brand new. She looked down at the clothes in her arms and nodded, [i]yes these would do well[/i], they were far too small for her now 6’1 son.

She knocked on the door, walked in and placed the clothes on the bed. She placed the clothes in two separate piles, “These clothes” she said pointing to the first pile, “is the robe you are to wear to the meeting, beneath the robe are a pair of trousers and a shirt for you to wear underneath the robe. You can wear them if you wish or you may choose to wear the clothes you are wearing at the moment though they might be dirty. The second pile is the clothes you are to wear to the evening meal. You are fortunate for tonight they’re will be a celebration, they’re will be plenty of dancing, food and music. I hope you will enjoy yourself. I won’t be going to the council meeting so you will go with my son Kiros who will also be attending. He will then take you back here where you will change and then proceed to the festival. Try to be as quick as possible the meeting starts in about 40 minutes but Kiros likes to arrive early. When you are changed you can stay in this room or come into the main room. I leave that up to you.” she smiled at him, and walked towards the door, she paused they’re for a moment, “At the meeting you must be careful about what you say, not all wild elves will regard you kindly.” She said before walking back into the main room.

“Sorry that took me so long, now what would you like to do. You will be attending the evening meal because tonight there is to be a celebration. You will have to change into something smarter though I don’t know what. Mortier I have nothing for centaurs to wear and Sage you will not fit into any of the clothes I have. But we will sort that out later. You two will be staying here tonight, if you follow me I will show you to your room. You will have to share I’m afraid unless you Mortier would rather sleep outside, I confess I do not know how you centaurs choose to sleep. Sevril is changing in my son’s room which is opposite yours.”

05/28/2005 4:46 PM

When Alara knocked on the door, Sevril jumped to his feet and faced the old elf with his hands folded politely at his stomach. His hair spilled over his shoulders and he nodded politely to everything She said.
“At the meeting you must be careful about what you say, not all wild elves will regard you kindly.”
Her last statement did not serve to relieve his nervousness which had already set in. He was young and he was the representative of his people. He was going to be speaking before a very powerful group of elves. Sevril knew that there were many elves if not most others who looked down on his race. He hoped beyond all hopes that he would not mess things up as he had when he was in the tree observing the small gathering.
When Alara had left the room Marion cuirously sifted through the two sets of clothes she had left on the bed.
"Blech... formal wear. Courtly formalities and all that" He thought. He was uncomfortable in anything other than his blacks and greys which served to hide him in the shadows so well. However he knew it was a necessity and he would never dream of insulting his hosts. not after coming so far already. So with that he resolved himself to the proper customs and went about the process of changing into the set of clothes he was to wear to the council meeting.

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05/29/2005 4:30 PM

(Sorry it took me so long. My computors down....So It'll take me awhile to reply. I won't be posting it just yet for I haven't finished reading anything. Yes, Montier can climb steps. I'll be working on a reply the moment I am done reading :D)

Montier shook his head, his legs rearing up, as the great city came into sight. He remained where he stood watching the others climb up. It was too dangerous fro him to go into the trees. And since this 'Nissa' as she called herself, disliked his kind, he wondered how the others would react to his presence. He had half the mind to leave, but he decided that, for the good of his kind, he would stay.

So, on the ground the centaur remained, body moving nervously back and forth. He wondered what was going on above, though knew he probably wouldn't find out. What great fortune the elves and the mortals had. To be so light footed.

Montier didn't regret it, not even for a moment, that he was a centaur. After all his kind had been around almost as long as the elves. For some tribes it was much longer. And plus, he had greater strength then either mortals or elves.

At last, Montier lays on the ground, tail flicking insects away. He was very aware of the eyes upon him, and he held his head higher.

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06/02/2005 11:13 AM

(( bah am too impationate. i have sort of split the roleplay. Kiros, Xya and Servil do seperate things to Mortier, Sage and Alara.))

Kiros entered his home, still fuming. Xylona had still not turned up to go hunting with him, as she had promised. His mother met him at the door, he looked at her in confusion then peered round the door at the two strangers. He looked questioningly at his mother who introduced the two strangers as Montier and Sage. Kiros looked at them in distaste but said nothing, nodding his head in greeting.

He was about to enter his room when his mother stopped him, “Kiros, dear I don’t go in there. Another guest of mine is changing in there. His name is Sevril and he will be accompanying you to the council meeting this evening. I have given him some of your old robes to wear!” Kiros looked at his mother clearly annoyed, “Next time I would appreciate it if you could tell me first before you invite guests over and besides what are they doing here anyway. There not even elves, they should not know of our great city!” His mother looked at him sympathetically, “Worry not my child our future high priestess brought them here. I presumed she had good reasons.” Kiros stared at her in disbelief, she that’s what she was doing instead of meeting with him. He smiled slightly, trust her to do that before disappearing into another of the rooms to change.

Kiros looked at himself in the mirror adjusting the robes slightly. His figure had widened slightly, due to the rigourus exercises he had put himself through each morning. He liked the effect it produced, his muscles showed slightly through the dark blue robes. Unlike many of his Elvin kin he had cut his dark blonde hair short so that it spiked up, the front bits flopping over his hazel eyes. He thought that it gave him a rugged look and hoped Xylona would think so too. He re-emerged from the room some time later and walked over to his room, knocking loudly on the door, “Servil its time to go!”


Keelia waited whilst Xya slipped into the green robes over the loose trousers and top. When her daughter had finished getting changed Keelia busied herself with arranging her long gold, red and green hair into the typical Elvin fashion with gold bands. When she had finished she stood back and looked at her work and smiled, satisfied. “Mother why must you always take such care with my appearance? We are wild elves not high elves!”
“That may be the case but as future high-priestess you are expected to take care in you appearance. The Elders expect it.” She smiled sadly at her daughter, adjusting the chord around her daughter’s waist so that it was just tight enough to show her slim figure.
“Come now it is time to go. We must not be late!”


Xya took her seat besides her mother in the centre of the ring of seats. The 7 Elders sat before them on a separate set of seats. Kaimi, one of the elders stood up and addressed those present at the meeting. When he had finished he turned to those sitting before him inviting them to stand and say their part. Xya listened but her mind kept wandering to her own thoughts. She was bored, council meetings always bored her. Had she had it her way she would be out hunting with Nighteyes or one of the other creatures of the forest.

Finally after what seemed an age the last elf had finished speaking. Kaimi nodded as the elf seated herself back down. “Servil I believe you had some thing to tell the council. News from the Grey Elves.”

06/03/2005 10:37 AM

Sevril looked at his reflection in the mirror by the window. The blues did not fit him at all and he thought he looked rather feminine in the nice fabrics. He tied his hair back in a single pony tail and left his other belongings in a neatly folded pile on the bed. However he still retained the knife strapped to his thigh under the robes. He heard a commotion out in the common rom and he peeked out the door seeing the large elf named Kiros enter. He ducked back inside before anyone had time to notice and sat patiently on the bed until Kiros knocked on the door and called for him.
“Sevril its time to go!”
Sevril opened the door and he was quite intimidated by this muscly elf with short hair. Sevril looked even smaller next to him. There were no words exchanged, just a polite nod and Sevril left the room following Kiros' quick stride towards the council chambers.


The council chambers were stuffy. The whole atmosphere was stuffy with a circle of old wise elves blathering on and on about this and that... affairs that did not concern him. For most of what seemed like an eternity, Sevril sat still, perfect posture with his hands folded in his lap. Xya was a beautiful sight. She cleaned up well and Sevril could see that she inherited much of her fine attributes from her mother who was also stunning. But Sevril's eyes did not wander long. Not long enough to be noticed anyways and soon he heard his name being called.
“Servil I believe you had some thing to tell the council. News from the Grey Elves.”


Silently he stood to his feet, the soft yellow glow of the chambers coloring his otherwise pale delicate skin. His hands were folded at his stomach as he gave a low bow. When he rose he finally addressed the council.

"Lord Kaimi, Honorable Lords and Ladies of the council: I come representing Lord Melliv DeSante, Glorious and most honorable chief of the grey elves.
Lord Melliv bids greetings and honor to the wild elves of the forest. Although we have kept our distance from eachother, and went about our seperate ways of doing things our two great races have long lived in peace. It is unfortunate that this message could not contain better tidings, but alas, danger looms over the horizon for both our noble houses.

It has come to the knowledge of the Grey elves that Lord Coritus of the human stateship of Manhelm is raising an army and purchasing weapons in large numbers from the neighboring state of Soris. As you know, Lord Coritus is the bastard son of the late King Veruun and has usurped the throne from the rightful heir, which is his legitimate brother. Coritus now rules Manhelm with an iron fist and is brutally oppressing the people there.

My Lords and Ladies, normally these matters are no concern of the elves, however our spy networks in Manhelm have given us reason to believe that Lord Coritus plans to invade the forests soon. Coritus is unwise in disturbing the peace, but he speaks in hushed tones, behind closed doors about "taking back the forests".

Lord Melliv of the Grey Elves proposes an alliance between our two lines. the proposal will include the following:

The grey elves will serve as the eyes and ears for the wild elves and in addition will share all intelligence concerning both races with the council of the wild elves and will maintain contact and communication with said council.

In return, the grey elves request free travel rights through all Wild elf forests and guarantee of military protection in the event of an invasion. Naturally, the grey elves will provide military resources such as is required by the council of wild elves.

My Lord Melliv has high hopes that you will heed this warning and accept the proposal, or offer terms of your own. I will await what reply you wish me to return to my Lord."

06/03/2005 3:12 PM

Xya listened to the grey elf, her eyes flashed at the mention of Lord Coritus. Anger coursed through her veins and it took all of her will to keep her calm but unreadable expression. When Sevril had finished speaking Kaimi stood and spoke to the grey elf. “It is indeed grave news of which you speak. We must consider the costs of aiding you or not before we can reach our agreement. Though we have never been close allies with the grey elves we have come to obtain a respect for your kind as I hope they have for us. They have respected our rules as we have theirs. We will speak on the subject and approach you with our decision!” Kaimi nodded and seated himself down, allowing the other elves seated there to voice there opinion. One elf stood up eyes gleaming, “Why should we help them. They have done nothing for us but course disrespect upon our Elvin name. They are assassins do we really want to hurt our pride and honor with associating with the likes of them!”

“Aye!” Another shouted, “How do we know that this isn’t some sort of trick. The boy has no proof!” There were shouts of agreement at these words. Finally Xya could stand it no more. “SILENCE!” she shouted, “You forget your place elves. It is not up to you to judge the grey elves, they may be thieves and assassins but they risk the life of one of their kind to warn of us of a danger that will approach [b]our[/b] forest! You ask what business it is of ours there is your answer, and as for proof. I am ashamed that you would even ask such a thing. Have you all forgotten what happened to me, your future high-priestess, but a century ago. The marks down my back will not disappear because you refuse to remember them. Time will fade them but the scars are still there, on my back and in my mind. He did that to me, to us then and now he’s back. How I don’t know. Mortals cannot live that long but I fear it has something to do with the alchemy that the mortals have brought upon us. Just today one of their kin walked into our forest seeking ingredients for such a thing. He also spoke of Lord Coritus permitting such a thing. Though you asked not for my opinion I will give it to you. Join with the grey elves before you bring death to our nation. This is bigger than you, this affects not just you but those around you so stop thinking about just yourselves and start thinking about other elves how will be affected by this mortal!” she nodded stiffly to the council before seating herself back down.

“And what do you thin young grey elf. We have heard the opinions of the wild elves now we want to here yours!” Kaimi looked at the grey elf with his unflinching gaze.

06/03/2005 6:06 PM

Sevril stod as tall as he could, meeting Kaimi's unflinching gaze with his own steadfast eyes of deep yellow. His voice was soft and yet carried an undercurrent of maturity, respect and urgency which filled the whole chambers.

"My Lord Kaimi, I am young but some things do not require old eyes to be seen. It is true that us Grey elves are thieves, spies and assassins and that though we have respected eachother, my kind is not always looked highly upon. However I tell you the truth, you may spend days upon days in these chambers disputing the validity of what I have said. you may discuss the trustworthiness of Lord Melliv and the grey elves, but if you do so you will find Lord Coritus burning your forests before you know it.

This mortal is not an idiot my Lords. He has already unlocked the secrets of alchemy as my lady Xya has stated and I fear to ponder what other secrets of magic and nature he seeks to root out. There are rumours of experiments.... screams coming from the hidden dungeons of his castle on Eagle peak. You would not be wise to underestimate him. His soldiers train daily, they are not the unskilled peasants that served under King Veruun. They train with blade and with bow daily and nightly. He is wily and devious, using people without their knowledge to serve his own means. All of this information and more the grey elves bring to you without hesitation, we can be a most valuable asset. It is my opinion that Lord Coritus will be the ruin of us all unless we stand united and show Coritus that the elven nations will not stand for mortals who dare encroach upon elven lands."

Sevril sat when he had finished speaking and folded his hands in his lap awaiting the response of the council.

06/04/2005 7:34 AM

Xya listened to the grey elf speaking with admiration. Though he was clearly outnumbered he stood tall and spoke his opinion countless of the death stares he was receiving from the other wild elves. She smiled slightly at him from across the room and nodded, showing that his words were well chosen. She noticed Kiros’ glare in hatred at the grey elf sitting next to him as he mentioned Xya as his lady. [i]You presume too much elf[/i] she thought to herself but could not help but smile, she loved to see how many ways she could play with Kiros.

Kaimi stood up with the other 6 elders, Elana, Lyvia, Thera, Xylia, Damek and Einar. Lyvia chose to speak this time and Kaimi nodded to her to begin, “In light of the various opinions we have heard we have decided to accept the grey elves proposal. Though many have argued against it your reasons were weak. Most of you allowed your dislike of the grey elves, cloud your better judgment. Those of you that chose to speak out in favor of this idea voiced fears that we have already spoken of long before we learnt the course of them. Young elf you shall rest with us tonight as is customary then in the ‘morrow you shall return to your kin to tell them of our decision. I shall be accompanying you as will our young priestess, Xylona, not only to show respect to your kin but also to further discuss the proposal. And we hope that maybe in future times your leader can grace us with his presence so that we may here these things directly from him.” Lyvia bowed to the elves and they responded in a similar manner, “The meeting is over. I expect to see you all at the feast this evening till then I bid you farewell!” The other council members rose and followed her out of the room.


Keelia led her daughter over to where the young grey elf and Kiros stood. “That was quite an impressive speech. You do your leader great honor. You have showed in front of all the wild elves that your kind have the honor and respect that we believed you had lost when you changed your ways. It is good to see that proved wrong. But enough of that I trust Alara is looking after you well. I see she has given you Kiros’ old robes to wear though I fear they do little justice for you. Come with us and I shall find for you something amongst my husbands clothing. He will not be needing them anymore now that he has entered the land of the dead. He was small for an elf; for he only ever reached 5ft 9 so I believe his clothes may fit you better though it is entirely up to you. You may choose not to go to the festival though I would advise against such a decision. I believe it best you attend not only because it be respectful but also because it will be fun. Still I leave the decision up to you.” She turned round and began to head off towards her home, her daughter following dutifully behind her. Kiros looked at her in alarm but said nothing. He smiled thinly at the grey elf before he too returned to his own home.

She felt sorry for the young elf, he must be overwhelmed. She grinned to herself as she approached her home. It was cut into her favorite tree; her father had built it many centuries ago when a forest fire had swept through the forest destroying most of the outer buildings. Keelia walked slowly up the great oak steps that had been cut into its trunk before entering her home. It was considerably larger than Alara’s and finely decorated. As they entered the entrance hall Xya disappeared off into her room to change. Keelia smiled at the young elf, “Welcome to my home, now you must tell me whether you will be attending the festival. If so I’ll show you my husbands clothes and you may choose something to wear from there. If not well I don’t know what to do for you see every elf will be present at the feast, even the mortal and the centaur are expected to attend!” she looked questioningly at him, awaiting his response.

06/04/2005 6:26 PM

Sevril stood and bowed as Keelia and Xya approached him. He was uncomfortable recieving compliments and being at the center of attention. however he was happy that the Wild elves accepted the proposal. He knew his master would be quite pleased. Keelia complimented his behavior and invited him to her home, offering her husband's clothes to him, even. To all of this, Sevril bowed his head politely and said softly:
"My lady you do me great honor with your kindness."

That was all and Sevril could feel Kiros' dislike for him growing stronger. When Kiros flashed him that fake thin smile there was malice there... a warning. This troubled the grey elf but he did not let it get to him. After all he could just be paranoid, uncomfortable because of all the attention, lights and finery. Sevril followed Keelia and Xya silently to their beautiful home carved into the magnificent Oak. It was quite impressive and very large. The decorations were all of such a fine taste. Sevril watched Xya dissappear down the hallway and then his yellow eyes were lifted to those of the lovely priestess mother who questioned him about attending the evening festivities.

Sevril thought on it a moment. It would be rude to refuse but he knew what such a gathering would entail. Questions.... attention... looks, some curious, some suspicious, some hateful. He would have to mind his manners, watch his words, dress a certain way. Ugh... perhaps it would be best to be rude at this point. However, it might also raise suspicions if he did not attend. Yes... Indeed it would be best if he was where everybody could see him. After all, the boy and the centaur would be there as well and they would certainly divert attention from him.

Sevril yellow eyes widened and looked kindly to Keelia as he nodded slowly.
"Yes my lady I do think I will be attending. It is gracious of you to offer me your husband's clothes for this evening and I would very much like it if you could help me find something to wear from them. I do not trust my own judgement as I have little practice in such manner of things."

06/05/2005 8:24 AM

“Yes my lady I do think I will be attending. It is gracious of you to offer me your husband's clothes for this evening and I would very much like it if you could help me find something to wear from them. I do not trust my own judgment as I have little practice in such manner of things.” The young elf said and Keelia, nodded pleased at his method of addressing her. She lead him down the hallway and into a small room, adjacent to hers, “Here is where we keep all our clothes. I find it more practical this way.” She moved over to one of the sides and began sorting through the clothes there. They were neatly folded and placed so that each could been seen clearly. She frowned to herself, he had yellow eyes so yellow would suit those but his pale skin would only appear yellow and pasty in the yellow cloth. She had presumed dark blue would look nice on him but the robes he wore looked drab and out of place. He had worn black when he had first appeared but all black would not suit him. Finally she decided on a mixture of both dark blue and black. She took the clothes and gave them to him, “I hope the colors suit you. You don’t seem one for extravagant colors such as you may see tonight. However if you do choose to wear such colors then here are some other things you might choose to wear. It is entirely up to you. Mostly it is unimportant what you wear to a certain extent and this is an informal event.” She smiled at him before leaving the room, “You may change in here!”

Keelia wheeled round and entered her daughter’s room. She was tugging at her clothing, “Why must I wear these clothes, you know I detest them, they are too tight. There is no space to breathe.” Keelia just smiled at her, “Because my child you must more beautiful than any of the other elves. As high priestess one must be elegant, graceful and beautiful. Though we are not High Elves as you have said we have our pride and this is how we present our priestesses. Now come let me arrange your hair!”


Xya watched as her mother left the room before turning back to the mirror, she was dressed as befitted the future high priestess. Her long, golden, red and green hair was loose but entwined with vines and leaves. A small crown of silver rested in her hair, the crystals set in it, twinkled as they caught the light. Her tanned face had been left unpainted, the leaves that had been etched there showed clearly in the light. The clothes she was wearing, consisted of a short green skirt that went just past her knees with slits up the sides, which showed her toned brown legs, her sleeveless top was also green, it cupped her breasts, ending just above her stomach. She was barefoot and the tattoo of a green vine round her left ankle could be seen. Green topaz adorned her stomach; it swirled round her belly button ending just beneath the top of her skirt. She also wore a necklace, several bracelets and an anklet all made of silver and embedded with green tourmaline. As she moved, reds and golds could be seen through the green of her clothing. She sighed as she moved a slim hand up to her face and traced the patterns there. The festivals were wild, with lots of food and dancing. Xya smiled at the memory of the last one.

Xya sat back down on the bed and awaited her mother. She gazed longingly out the window at the forest but she knew that she had to do her part.

06/05/2005 6:59 PM

Montier remained where he was left, waiting for the elves to come to him. After all he had business with them as well. He had heard talk of said festival, and hopped, for his sake, that at least part of it would be on the ground. (Bah :D()

06/05/2005 8:10 PM

Sevril looked over the selection of the black and the deep, rich blue that Keelia had picked out for him. He did not particularly fancy the blue he was wearing at the moment so he decided not to go with that color. however he did enjoy the black garments she found for him. Sevril perused the myriad of fine clothes which once belonged to the high priestess' husband and found a long sleeved shirt which he thought might suit him. The shirt was a deep wine red. Sevril had always liked that color... besides his normal greys and blacks of course. He thought it looked rather regal. So Sevril disrobed and slipped the shirt over his head. He completed the ensemble with the black clothes Keelia had picked out, which included a simple but elegant pair of breeches, a black silk scarf which wrapped twice around his neck and hung down the right side of his chest and a beautiful black velvet cloak which was ornately embroidered with silver.

When he was dressed and had properly groomed himself he opened the door and stepped into the common room standing patiently with his hands folded until it was time to leave.

06/06/2005 12:18 PM

((aww, don't worry this bits on the ground))

Keelia floated out of her room, she was dressed in lavender and lilac. Lapis Lazuli, adorned her body and a larger crown of silver rested in her own midnight black hair. Like her daughter she was barefoot and her own tattoos showed clearly against her dark skin. She did not have the same skin was her daughter for Xya’s skin was several shades lighter, a soft caramel. Keelia smiled to herself as she entered her daughter’s room. She was sitting on her bed, gazing longingly out the window. She looked at her sadly before beckoned her to join her in the entrance hall.

Keelia smiled at the young elf that waited for them there. He suited her husband’s clothes and for a moment she could almost see him standing there. She shook her head to clear herself of the image and brushed the tears away. She held her head high as she walked out the door, Xya followed behind her and the young grey elf at her side. As they reached the festival Xya left them to go and fetch the other two and Keelia nodded towards her before turning to address the elves that were gathered there. She spoke briefly knowing that they wanted to begin. She smiled at them and the music began. Keelia joined in the dancing grabbing the young elf’s arm bringing him into the center to dance with her.


Xya approached Alara’s house and knocked on the door, her heart hammering. Kiros opened the door and as Xya walked into the room reds and browns could be seen beneath the green of her clothing. He stared at her in amazement, “Xya you look beautiful!” he stuttered but she just glared at him, “So you tell me, now can you shut the door instead of gawking at me.” Kiros hastened to do her will blushing profoundly, he continued to stare at her as he sat down besides her, finally she snapped at him, “Kiros stop staring at me and do something useful. Got fetch the others, tell them I’m here and that its time to go!” He looked at her one last time longingly before he did as he was bid.

Xya stood back up and went to stand by the door just as Alara emerged, “Oh Xya you look beautiful. You’re mother will be proud!” Xya turned to her smiling, “You really think so?” she tugged at the skirts, “I don’t like these clothes, they’re too revealing!” Alara smiled at her sadly and embraced her, “That’s one of the things you’re going to have to get used to my dear, t’is Wild elf customs these clothes of yours. This is your second time isn’t it? I can’t believe it’s only been 3 weeks since you undertook the trials. You seem so old; I guess life has done that to you.” Xya grinned at her but said nothing. She looked up as the Kiros and the others entered the room. She looked at them coldly and motioned to the door before she had a chance to notice their reactions to her appearance. Not that they would, Montier was of a different species, Sage too young to desire her and Sevril, well if he thought anything he was to polite to show it.

She moved aside as Kiros passed, letting him lead the way. She dropped back slightly feeling very nervous. She looked around her as she entered the circle. Her fellow clansmen were dressed in bright colors and were dancing wildly to the beat of the drums. Shira sung as Myra accompanied her on the wind pipes. Various other instruments wove together to form the music the wild elves danced to. Kiros grabbed her waist and swung her into the ring to dance with her. She grinned at him as he twirled her, her skirt flashed gold, red and green as the hidden fabrics showed beneath the greens. She looked up to see her mother had managed to grab Sevril and was trying to get him to dance. She tried to find Alara, Montier and Sage but could not see them past the heads of the other elves.

06/06/2005 3:37 PM

When Keelia and Xya emerged from their rooms it was as if the dwelling bloomed with grace and beauty. Delightful fragrances trailed them wherever they floated and Sevril did his best to look half as lovely as these two wild elves. He felt a round mushroom in the midst of two tall and beautiful Roses gleaming brightly in the light of the dawn. However, as was customary of him, his stone features betrayed none of his insecurity. He almost blushed when Xya entered the room. She was bearing alot more of her skin than when he had had his first look at her, staring up from the ground through entagling vines. He turned as they approached and walked beside and slightly behind the future priestess, following her and her mother to the festivities.

Xya had left and Sevril was left alone with Keelia in the midst of a bevy of wonderous elves. The evening began fine enough. It was quiet, Keelia spoke a few words and then...
well and then, for Sevril at least, things got a little crazy. Drums pounded... Wind pipes chimed.. Elves dancing, wild... wild spirits twirling and undulating in harmony with the unchained spirit of forest life. It was all a blur for Sevril and his yellow eyes darted to and fro straining to keep up as he slowly took timid steps back, trying to melt into the safe anonymity of the crowd.

But it was all for naught, for just when Sevril felt hidden behind a comforting wall of other faces Keelia's hand reached out from the blur and pulled him into the middle of the fray. Keelia tried to get him to dance, she tried to help him feel the rhythm of the drums, she tried to get him to unleash the unreserved elf and loose this mask of formality that he had been wearing. Sevril resisted. He stood there and now it was apparant that a deep blush colored his fair, pale skin. His gleaming eyes furrowed and he thought he caught a glimpse of Xya, twirling and glittering in her loveliness, but she vanished behind hands, smiles and hair just as soon as he had seen her. The drums grew louder in sevril's ears, he couldn't take all of this excitement, all of this movement. Sevril was more accustomed to the quiet and sacred moon festivals that he and his kin celebrated on the first night of winter every year. There they celebrated silence, darkness, the wonderful night, the beauty of the moon and the stars.

Sevril could take no more. The wild elves were too... well too wild. At the risk of appearing rude or ungrateful Sevril turned quick as a flash and twisted and weeved his way through the crowd. He kept passing elves on the left and the right, weaving through trees and brush until elves were fewer and farther between and until finally... there were no others besides him. Ah... solitude.

06/08/2005 11:15 AM

((where are the other two. HELLOOOOOOOOO ARE YOU THERE? Coming to roleplay or have you left this thread?))

“You know it’s not safe to stray so far from the others!” Alara said smiling softly at the grey elf. “That’s how my husband died. Over two hundred years ago, Kiros was only 5 months old.” Alara sighed looking at the young elf, “She shouldn’t have brought you to the feastives. Should have seen it wouldn’t be your type. My husband was half grey elf. He used to stay in his room during these sorts of events. Every time I’d ask him why he chose to stay and every time he’d say the same thing, ‘I let them have their methods of celebrating let me have mine,’ I respected him almost as much as I loved him. Come if the dancing is not for you will you at least not have something to eat. You must be hungry and don’t worry the food is set far from the dancing! Or you can choose to stay on your own but if that’s the case I’d rather it were not here! But tell me one thing before we do, why do you fear to loose this formal mask you have created for yourself. I’d have thought you’d be happy now that you did not have to be polite and formal!”


Keelia looked up as her dance partner disappeared but ignored, she had no choice as soon as one of the male elves figured their beautiful high priestess was without a partner he immediately swept her up into his arms and began to dance with her. She grinned at him, all thoughts of the lost elf disappearing.

06/08/2005 1:10 PM

((OOC: I agree. I keep getting this feeling that I hijacked this thread, but I don't think that's true. It'd be great to have you guys back.))

Sevril exhaled slowly as he peered out from the shadows of the bushes. Alara's voice was soothing and for a moment, the corner of Sevril's mouth might have curled into what someone might consider a half smile. He turned his head and looked at the old elf.

"It takes alot for anybody to relax when they are in an unfamiliar environment. I assume that were any of these wild elves to find themselves in the middle of a moon festival they too would run for cover as I have. All things have been formal up until these festivities. The council may have accepted the proposal, but they still suspect me. Your son grits his teeth upon the very sight of me, such is the hate I have stirred in him.
And Xya... well, she hides a great pain. Her soul seems scarred and it was only hinted at during the council meeting. I am grateful that she supported me in front of the council, but She has not spoken a word to me since we met in the forest. "

Marion looked away from Alara and back to the wild dancing which could barely be seen between the branches.

"We grey elves have silver tongues. We are taught the art of persuasion.. the right words at the right moment. Rarely in the midst of strangers do we speak informally lest we let a wrong word slip and cause an embarrassment. There is a fear in me that I might embarass myself and the grey elves if I were to loose my tongue and say the wrong thing. There is tremendous pressure on me for the last time the grey elves and wild elves exchanged words was long before my time. Surely you can understand my hesitation. But you have been kind to me dear Lady and for that I will go back and eat something. You are wise and It wouldn't be smart of me to ignore your advice. Besides, I fear I may have seemed quite rude to the lady Keelia."

With that he looked again at Alara and then slowly made his way back to festival, careful to round the group of dancers until he made his way to the banquet table. There was an impressive spread of rich and tasty delicacies, desserts and treats laid out on the large tables and Sevril had not even thought of his own hunger until he laid eyes on the wealth of food before him.

06/08/2005 1:55 PM

Alara grinned at him, “True words young elf but you do not yet understand the meaning of them. But enough of that. I shall speak to my son, for I will have no son of mine speaking thus to a guest. You must not worry about him, he’s still angry that Xya did not meet him to go hunting this morning, instead she went off and found you. No doubt that it the source of his hatred towards you. As for Xya, well t’is only to be expected. She’s a strange one, feral; she’s wilder than the rest of us, suppose it comes from her bond with the forest creatures. She’ll talk to you when it suits her, still it’s more attention than she gives to most. Don’t worry about Keelia, she’ll have forgotten all about it!” She continued to smile as she disappeared off……


Xya looked up to see Sevril approach the table, she did not smile at him but merely nodded in greeting. Kiros was standing behind her, grinning at her but she was fast getting bored of him. She picked up some of the food from the table and began to eat it slowly. She did not eat much only a bit of fruit afraid that if she did the movement of her dancing would upset her full stomach. She looked at Sevril quizzically, “So how come your not dancing or is it not really your thing?”

06/08/2005 2:44 PM

Sevril saw Xya and returned her nod. The encounter reminded him of their first meeting, but of course this was under extremely different circumstances. Sevril was pleased... but only for a moment for one didn't have to be a grey elf to spy the brute behind her.
Only in his own mind did Sevril scowl, Kiros' presence made him uncomfortable. Sevril had deduced long ago Kiros' position in Xya's life and seeing them together like this confirmed his suspicions.

“So how come your not dancing or is it not really your thing?”
The wild elf said. Her voice was youthful. For the whole day before this they had both been speaking like old and grey elves but her manner of speaking reminded him of how he spoke when he was among his peers.

Sevril decided at that moment that he would no longer be fearful of Kiros. After all, Kiros couldn't touch him. Not now, lest he cause a war plus what Alara had said about her son comforted him. If Kiros so much as touched a hair on his head, Sevril reckoned the council would punish him for sure. This set Sevril's nerves at ease.

"No I'm afraid it's not my thing at all, wild one. But would you like to know what is my thing? Eating..."

Sevril lifted a small pastry from the table and took a bite. It was delicious and He swallowed it quickly.

"Well... eating and spying on wild elf priestesses. Now THAT I am good at. Or at least I thought I was until you pulled that little trick back in the forest. "

Sevril took another bite of the pastry and watched Kiros and then Xya as he chewed. After swallowing, he continued.

"Now pardon my honesty but you don't strike me as the priestess type.
It takes more than a pretty face and a lovely form to live that stuffy life
and perhaps I'm not picking up on the subtleties but I just don't see it in those green eyes of yours."

Sevril wondered how this subtle compliment would make both of them react. It was sure to grate on Kiros' nerves and that made Sevril smile inside. How would Xya take it he wondered? He decided to play it off and took another bite of the pastry, finishing it off.

"My these sure are delicious..."

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06/09/2005 10:28 AM

“No I’m afraid its not my thing at all wild one.” Sevril said
“Pity, I was considering dancing with you.” she replied almost disappointed. “And why would you be spying on wild elf priestesses, might ask? T’is not a good habit for a young elf such as yourself to start entertaining one might start getting ideas. As for the trick, shame on you, you should have known better than to try and hide from me in [b]my[/b] forest!”

"Now pardon my honesty but you don't strike me as the priestess type.
It takes more than a pretty face and a lovely form to live that stuffy life
and perhaps I'm not picking up on the subtleties but I just don't see it in those green eyes of yours." He said and Xya looked him questioningly, eyes brows raised at his compliment, behind her she could see Kiros glaring venomously at Sevril. This pleased her, she did not like the elf to think she was his. “Are you sure? That’s all its seems I’ve to do. Mother addresses the elves before events such as these and greets guests but she is little more than a face we have placed upon ourselves. The elders do the thinking they deicide things. Think of the mortals, they have their Kings and Queens who do nothing but represent the country and balls and the like, it is the government who do all the rule making. The same applies here. But you speak plainly now, I prefer that to all the formal talk. Sometimes it is appropriate to speak in such a way but you are amongst us know at an informal event, the formalities should be dropped as you have.”

Xya finished off her food and smiled at him for the first time, cocking here head to one side, “Are you sure you don’t feel like dancing? It’s really very easy once you get the hang of it, all you have to do is feel the music, feel the beat of the drums and then all you have to do is follow it like footsteps its easy! I can’t force you but I know that when you eventually dance you’ll love it!” Behind her Kiros started to protest and she whirled round to face him, speaking to him in bored tones, “Really Kiros you can’t expect me to dance with you all night. I’m not yours and we are not together which means I can dance with whoever I want and I want to dance with Sevril at the moment whether you like it or not so why don’t you go find someone else to dance with. I’m sure thousands of young elves would be just dying to dance with you!” Kiros glared again at the grey elf before disappearing amidst the throng of wild elves.

“Just ignore his looks he won’t do anything lest he incur his mothers wrath or upset me. Besides even if he were to try anything I’m sure its nothing you can’t handle.” She looked at him questioningly, holding her hand out to him, “Now are you going to dance or not?”

06/09/2005 2:01 PM

Xya had one of those infectious smiles that spread easily to those around her. The topaz on her torso... the bracelets, her necklace and crown.. it all seemed to sparkle even more when she smiled and thus Sevril couldn't help but smile as well. He watched her with bright yellow eyes as she described how to dance... how he might like it when he tried it. His gaze followed the movement of her own eyes as she spoke and when she turned around to scold Kiros he almost laughed but held his tongue as he watched Kiros give him a venemous look. Sevril replied with a look of his own... it was a very wry smile
and Sevril was happy to see Kiros turn and sulk away like a mistreated puppy.

Â?Just ignore his looks he wonÂ?t do anything lest he incur his mothers wrath or upset me. Besides even if he were to try anything Im sure its nothing you canÂ?t handle."
Xya said when she turned back around. Sevril wiped some of the smugness from his face, for that was intended for Kiros and not for her. He was kind of taken aback by her own compliment. He didn't figure she would think him capable of handling Kiros in a one on one fight. Sevril glanced at her hand when she held it out for him and then raised his eyes to hers once more.

It's very hard for males to resist the outstretched hand of a beautiful Female and Sevril was just as male as any other. He really felt that Xya was his opposite in almost every way but there was something about it that was spontaneous and exciting. Sevril fancied himself brave... and how brave could one be if he was scared of a little dancing? So despite his reservations Sevril rested his lithe hand in hers and succombed to her invitation, saying playfully:

"I was waiting for you all along..."

06/09/2005 2:04 PM

Montier, who had been laying down, behind the crowd, stood now. He smirked as many of the elves eyes fell upon him. Bowing gracefully to several of them he went to find the female from before. He was carefull not to stomp on any toes as he moved through the crowd as politly as he possibly could be.

He had been here for a while now and still had business. But even still he could pass up to opportunity to relax, and make new friends. But he felt guilty. His tribe was going hungry and waiting for their leader to come back...hopefully with good news.

Yet Montier had to rest, and had to be happy. He would be no good to his people if he was too stressed out.

Finally he see's Xya, a soft smile of his hard face. He moves towards her slowly, slipping to the outskirts of the party.

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06/09/2005 2:44 PM

((s'ok as long as i know you're still there))

"I was waiting for you all along..." Sevril said placing his hand in hers, she grinned wickedly at him and showed him how to hold her. She made him hold her small waist tightly so they could dance more easily. She taught him the basic moves then told him to close his eyes, as she closed her own. She felt the music wrap around her, lifting her up. She began slowly, letting the male elf adjust to the music. But then as the beat livened she increased her pace, move her agile feet, gracefully to the beat of the music. She twirled, relaxing back into his strong grip afterwards. Her heart was hammering and for a moment she was actually happy. Her eyes gleamed and her joy showed clearly on her face. She spotted Montier smiling at her and she smiled back at him, before she was spun off in the opposite direction. She pointed to the food as if to indicate that he could take whatever he wanted. Finally when the song ended she grinned at her dance partner, â??Care for another dance? Or was that not your thing?â?쳌 The next song had begun it was slow and Xya smiled to herself, â??Ahhhh perhaps this song is more your thing though you have to admit that was fun!â?쳌


Keelia watched her daughter dance with the young elf with pride. The young elf was not a bad dancer once he tried, he still looked like a beginner but then next to Xya he looked like a proper wild elf. Other elves stopped to watch them dance and Keelia grinned at her daughterâ??s happy face. The beat was lively and energetic and Xya twirled round the arms of her partner like a true wild elf. She looked at her with motherly pride, secretly pleased that Xya and Sevril were dancing. The only other person she would dance with was Kiros and even then she did not feel the same enthusiasm she did now when she was dancing with the grey elf. Keelia grinned and walked over to the food table. She spotted the centaur Xya had mentioned, she nodded at him in greetings, â??Montier isnâ??t it? Iâ??m Keelia high priestess and Xylonaâ??s mother. Tell me why arenâ??t you out there dancing with the rest?â?쳌 she asked.

06/11/2005 7:06 AM

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Sevril was lead into the throng of dancers and Xya drew him in close to her. She told him to hold her tightly around her waist, which was bare. Sevril was happy to oblige and when Xya began to dance he felt awkward at first and his body did not flow quite so smoothly as the petite young female, but soon he was able to follow her easily. Soon he was able to read her movements and when she told him to close his eyes, the music pulsed through his veins and he began to dance with more vigor. She wirled and twirled around him and always returned to his embrace, her thin figure light in his arms. Sevril really began to enjoy it and he enjoyed watching Xya become a blur of greens and reds, and silver, she moved so naturally and her hair left a fragrant trail like flower blossoms. Sevril could see the joy in her eyes and her lovely face lit up with happiness as she danced and laughed.

Then the music stopped... and the song was over. Sevril was caught up in the elf's smile again and he grinned as he tried to catch his breath. He was warm and his fair skin was filled with color.

"Care for another dance? Or was that not your thing?" Xya said as she watched him.

Sevril laughed softly.
"You are a good teacher... I think this whole dancing business might be my thing after all. Well... when I say dancing I mean dancing with you of course. You might make a wild elf of me yet..."
Sevril laughed again and as he did the slow music began to play. Sevril's yellow eyes lifted to his pretty partner.

"Ahhhh perhaps this song is more your thing though you have to admit that was fun!"
Xya said. She was right, sevril was having fun.

"Yes wild one, it was quite fun. you were indeed right. Though I like this music too.. it is slow. I would be happy if my teacher would oblige me once again with her knowledge."
Sevril smiled softly at Xya and being that he had only danced once in his life, he waited to follow her lead.

06/11/2005 7:27 AM

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"Yes wild one, it was quite fun. you were indeed right. Though I like this music too.. it is slow. I would be happy if my teacher would oblige me once again with her knowledge." Sevril said and she grinned at him, laughing, “Teacher? You make me sound so old even though I’m younger than you! I don’t normally tend to dance during these songs so we shall see how it goes.” She turned round so that she was facing away from him and took his arms, wrapping them around her slim figure. “There if you hold me like this and close your eyes again. However, this time its your turn to lead. It’s slow so it should be easy but like I said I have never danced to a song this slow before.” She pressed herself against him waiting for him to begin dancing.

Once again she could feel the music flow through her but it was different this time. The music was slow, almost haunting and as it wrapped around her she seemed to feel its chill, she pressed closer against Sevril, taking comfort from his closeness. Around her the other elves danced slowly to its lingering tone, the tune caught in her head and she seemed unable to forget it.

06/11/2005 10:58 AM

Her body was warm against his own and as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight he couldn't help but look around for Kiros. He wondered what the expression on Kiros's face was, seeing them so close like this. However Kiros was nowhere to be seen, but Sevril knew he must be watching. He closed his eyes and once more let the music wash over him. He was about as tall as Xya and so he nestled his head right next to hers as he began to let the haunting melodies move and guide him.
He could feel her soft hair on his cheek and her skin smelled sweet as he began to sway back and forth moving in small circles. The slow song was pleasing to him but more than once he would open one eye to peak at other elves and see how they were dancing so that he could imitate them.

Sometimes he would bend at the knees and they would dip down, then raise back up slowly, sometimes he would lower his head so that his lips would be a breath away from where her slender neck would curve into her shoulder. Sometimes he would spin her out
with one hand and then slowly slide behind her placing his hands on her hips to hold her lovely elvish form against him. though often.. Sevril would see the other elves do moves that were rather.. well, for elves who were more comfortable with eachother than Sevril and Xya were. So Sevril avoided some of the more risque dance moves but during the whole song Sevril was lost in the magic of it all. Surely the instruments, or perhaps the musicians themselves were weaving some sort of enchantment into the dark melody. Sevril enjoyed Xya's touch... he enjoyed holding her close to himself and moving as one to the sway and pull of the music which seemed to fill the forest with its thick and magical tones.

06/11/2005 1:18 PM

Xya felt Sevril start to sway to the sound of the music and she started to move against him. She kept her eyes closed the whole time trusting that her young dance partner would leader her well. She dipped and spun as the haunting melody guided them. Occasionally Sevril would bend closer to her, so close that she could feel his breath on her bare skin causing her breath to catch in her throat. She could feel desire stir within her, sending her heart hammering.

The song continued as the other elves begun to join in to its chilling melody lending it their own voices. Xya opened her eyes, turning to face Sevril she smiled softly at him before she to begun to sing, inviting him to join her. Her voice was unnerving and the forest appeared to move closer, the trees bending towards them to embrace the lingering tune.

Eventually the music stopped and the wild elves ceased their singing. The musicians began yet another son g but this one was lively and energetic. Xya stayed in Sevril’s arms, eyes still closed as she whispered, “You were great out there you know that. It seems the student has surpassed his teacher. I’m glad you’ve decided to join in, I like you a lot better this way and I think in a strange way the wild elves respect you more. ” She didn’t feel like dancing anymore, afraid that the magick would disappear; she was content to stay in his warm embrace for the moment. She turned round so that she was facing him, his arms still wrapped around her slim figure, “Now what?”


Kiros watched the grey elf dance with his Xya with cold fury. He had found himself another dance partner. She was a small elf, pretty with long auburn hair and dancing green eyes but she was not Xya! He was jealous, how was it that Xya danced with that elf in such a manner having only just met when she still refused to dance with him so? She would not dance the slow dances with him but here she was dancing with the grey elf. It was bad enough he was a stranger but he was a grey elf! Katrina, his dance partner smiled at him asking if he wanted to dance some more but he shrugged her off and stalked off in search of his Xya, determined to straighten things out with her and the grey elf.

06/12/2005 1:34 AM

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06/14/2005 6:32 PM

When Xya began to sing, Sevril did not join, but just listened, and lost himself in the enchantments that she wove through his head. The enchantments which drew the forest closer... drew it in upon him as it did when he was watching her from his hiding spot in the forest. As he was taken then with her voice, so he was now, content to merely stare placidly into her forest eyes as she moved her lips and wonderful music was made.

Then she stopped. All of the other elves ceased their song as well and Xya shifted in his arms, turning to face him. However she did not escape his embrace. He was glad that she did not. It took him a while to come back to his senses and a dreamy glaze hung like a curtain over his pale yellow eyes. He merely smiled at her as she spoke to him. Her words did not matter so much as the simple movement of her lips. He nodded absently and then she turned around again in his arms. The music started up again... lively, energetic and pulsing. But she did not dance, and he held her ever closer to him oblivious to the eyes that watched him. The eyes of Kiros... filled with a murderous venom of jealousy and hate. but Sevril and Xya did not move. They were of one mind in this regard... not really wishing to change anything that was happening. Then Sevril was somewhat snapped to his senses when Xya said:
"Now what?"

This statement did well in snapping Sevril out of his dream-like haze and he thought clearly for a moment. He unwrapped his arms from around Xya's bare and petite waste and he placed them gently on her shoulders, turning her around to face him. His smile was soft, but his voice held a more serious demeanor as he spoke, his gaze fixed securely on hers so that he knew he had her full attention.

"Tomorrow we travel to speak with Lord Melliv himself. We both must rest for the journey. It is not too far and we can reach the camp by tomorrow, but we will have to travel swfiftly. I must go back to Alara's... I would urge you to get some rest."

06/15/2005 11:36 AM

((that's fine thanks for telling me))

"Tomorrow we travel to speak with Lord Melliv himself. We both must rest for the journey. It is not too far and we can reach the camp by tomorrow, but we will have to travel swiftly. I must go back to Alara's... I would urge you to get some rest." Sevril said, hands placed firmly on her shoulder. She was almost disappointed, she wanted to continue dancing with him but he spoke of sleeping. Looking at him in distaste she slowly shook her head, “You can rest grey elf but I have a duty to my people to stay. But its more than that, I want to stay so I shall! Return to Alara’s if you wish to rest and I will see you tomorrow. Good Night!”

Xya broke free of his grip and spun off into the crowds of wild elves. Soon Kiros stood besides her and she grinned at him, glad that he was there. Moving his arms round her waist she started to sway to the beat of the music. Getting her meaning a foolish grin broke out and he begun dancing with her. She pressed herself closer to him, seeking his comfort and warmth. There was a nagging thought in the back of her mind but she pushed it aside, concentrating solely on the music, not caring if the grey elf saw her or not.

06/16/2005 5:06 PM

When Xya broke free of his grip, Sevril let his hands fall to his side and then watched her move snuggly into the awaiting arms of Kiros. Sevril stood there trying to figure out what happened. Was it something he said? Perhaps he was misreading her signals After all. He sighed and then shrugged his shoulders as he snuck out of the large group. He never thought himself as being able to speak well to females, or as being any kind of a ladies' man but he was sure he felt something and that Xya had felt it too. Obviously that was not the case and so Sevril decided to brush off the incident and carry on as he had been. He would not assume too much again.

Sevril found Alara's house. He wasn't sure if she would be there or at the party, but he thought it would be rude if he just walked in. Sevril knocked lightly on the door and waited for some kind of response.

06/17/2005 9:18 AM

herself, [i]he can have his sleep if he wants, see if I care. That’ll teach him to try and presume things of me[/i]. Xya knew she was acting childish but she did not like the way Sevril had started to treat her, almost as if she was his, as if she liked him. Kiros did that a lot, presumed she was his and his alone, a possession, but Xya was nobody’s. Kiros had learnt that this evening and when the grey elf learnt it she would let him hold her again as she had Kiros.

Xya like this idea and she grinned happily to herself but something kept nagging at the back of her mind. She snarled in frustration and wrenched free of Kiros’ grip. He looked at her in bewilderment but she just shook it off. [i]Damn him! This is all his fault[/i] she thought, disappearing into the forest. All of a sudden she didn’t feel like dancing anymore.


Alara looked up from her work as she heard a knocking on her door. Walking slowly over to the door, she cautiously opened it, peering round. It was Sevril; she looked at him in confusion, letting him in, “You’re back early! I take it you’ve come back to sleep.” She stopped for a moment thinking, “Where are the others?”

06/23/2005 5:30 PM

Sevril bowed his head slightly and gave a soft smile to the old elf.
"Hello again my lady Alara. Indeed I have come back... whether it is early or not I cannot say but I thought it best to get some rest before our journey tomorrow. "

Sevril looked to the left for half a second as if he was searching for something then he turned his yellow eyes to Alara once more and continued in his soft voice.

"I'm afraid I can't say where the others are. The lady Xya was dancing when last I saw her but she is the only one I recall seeing. My best guess is that everyone else is still enjoying the festivities."

Sevril watched Alara and patiently awaited her reply.

06/24/2005 11:03 AM

"Hello again my lady Alara. Indeed I have come back... whether it is early or not I cannot say but I thought it best to get some rest before our journey tomorrow. I'm afraid I can't say where the others are. The lady Xya was dancing when last I saw her but she is the only one I recall seeing. My best guess is that everyone else is still enjoying the festivities." Sevril said, his voice soft. Alara nodded,
“If Xya is dancing it could be a while before she returns to her home to sleep. Though I am unsure about the other two I have not seen them for sometime. Still they will not be traveling with you I do not believe as they are to attend council tomorrow to decide their fate though in light of the recent events.”

Alara walked down the corridor gesturing for Sevril to follow, she led him into a small room next to the one he had changed in earlier. “This is where you’ll be sleeping. The other two will be staying nearby in a separate room. Though our high priestess has asked if you would like to sleep in her home. It would be bigger and if both you and Xylona are traveling then you could get up together instead of her coming over here to fetch you. However it is entirely up to you and Keelia will not be offended if you decline her offer.”


Xya walked through the forest, the trees bent towards her slightly as she passed, almost in greeting but Xya knew that wasn’t possible. As she made her way to the small clearing, the sleek black wolf that lay there pricked his ears and bounded over to her, joy written clearly on his shaggy face. Xya laughed as the great beast knocked her off her feet, licking her face tenderly.
[i]you’ve returned![/i] the wolves thoughts echoed in her mind.
“Of course Nighteyes! We are pack.”
[i]it has been long, you are upset, why?[/i]
“How can you tell?”
[i]we are pack, your feelings are mine, that is pack[/i] Xya smiled sadly at his thoughts, “Yes but some things I must bare myself because they are my hurts and troubles not yours[/i]
[i]only if you make them that way, you think too much of what has been and what may be but not enough of what is. Stop, come hunt you will feel better[/i]
“It’s easy for you, all you need think of is being I have to concern myself with living.”
[i]I do not understand[/i] Nighteyes thought getting up and running into the forest, he stopped calling to her, [i]come hunt with me[/i]
Xya grinned [i]yes we hunt and forget what is to concentrate on the kill[/i]. She followed Nighteyes into the forest moving away from her home. Her dark green cloak which she had grabbed before coming clung to her body, its hood up so that once again only her forest green eyes could be seen. Removing her saber from its sheath, which she had also picked up whilst getting her cloak, she gave a wild cry of delight, her voice mingling with that of the wolf’s as he howled.

06/30/2005 8:03 PM

Remy Walk slowly in the forest. he walk with march pace like all monks did. As was about to turn off the trade path in the forest he kneed down on one knee and said a small prayer out loud.
"Demous may your holy wisdom ans stamia bless me. may you protect me from harm agisnt those who wish to harm me. may you bless me so I might find who my mother was and why my father was chased from town for marring her."

He stood up and walk in to the thicket of the forest. It's low ground bushes scraped agisn't his habit.He walked hours on hours to find any Elven Settlement of any kind. He soon found a clearing where he could sleep for then night. He camped for the night. Maybethe elves would find him.

07/01/2005 12:51 PM

((next time could you ask before joinging, but no matter))

Xya grinned at Nighteyes, The wolf was panting heavily, his muzzle was blood soaked and his fur was flecked with mud and blood. Nighteyes growled softly at her, [i]you don’t look so good yourself[/i] Xya’s grinned widened, he was right. Her face was streaked with blood and dirt, her hands were also blood stained, and her cloak was slightly torn from all the chasing but she was content. Walking into the small clearing she immediately discarded her cloak and walked to the edge of a small stream, running near the border of the clearing. She washed her cloak and saber, then placing them on the ground to dry she submerged beneath the cool water. Nighteyes soon joined her. He kicked out with his forepaws as she re-surfaced spraying her with water. She laughed, pushing the hair from her face.

Finally she rose from the crystal waters, lying on her near dry cloak. Though it was night and the air cool, Xya dried quickly. Her hair was still slightly damp, as where her clothes, making them stick even more tightly to her body. Wrapping the cloak around her body she made her way back, Nighteyes at her heels. She knew that her mother would not be pleased and neither would Kiros but she did not care, things were alright now. Xya smiled, remarking on how simple it was to lie to herself. Something still felt wrong and for the first time she felt guilty. She had not meant to talk to him so, she was just hurt that he did not whish to continue dancing with her, this was also a new emotion as never in her life had she been refused. This almost made her desire him more but she did not let things such as these play with her mind.


Kiros watched as Xya broke free of his grip and walked away, he stared at her in bewilderment, demanding an explanation but though none was given he already knew the answer [i]Sevril, that damned grey elf. She wasn’t going after him was she? [/i] No! he knew that, she had too much pride to go and apologize to him. No she’d gone of to hunt with that damned wolf. Kiros snarled walking off in search of her.

He soon entered a small clearing, looking briefly around him he spotted a strange being lying there. Kiros walked slowly up to it, bow raised and ready. He kicked the stranger, aiming the arrow at its throat.
“What are you dong here intruder. Does no one in the mortal world know the rules of this forest? Intrusion means death, speak quickly lest I decide to kill you without awaiting a proper explanation. I’m sure no one will miss you.” Kiros was angry and frustrated and he was taking it all out of the mortal before him.

07/01/2005 2:07 PM

He soon entered a small clearing, looking briefly around him he spotted a strange being lying there. Kiros walked slowly up to it, bow raised and ready. He kicked the stranger, aiming the arrow at its throat.
“What are you dong here intruder. Does no one in the mortal world know the rules of this forest? Intrusion means death, speak quickly lest I decide to kill you without awaiting a proper explanation. I’m sure no one will miss you.” Kiros was angry and frustrated and he was taking it all out of the mortal before him.

Remy woke up a stood swiftly at the hard kicking a his ribs. He almost reached for the elf's bow letting his marshal displine take ove. He soon retracted his hand.He almost smiled to see an elf. On his back he begun to explain:

" I am Remy Redium, Father at the Monstary of Demous.I have come here to find out who my mother was and why my father was driven out of town for marrying her. She was Elf or half elf, it was said that she hailed from these forests. I am sorry for walking off the human trade route. It just that after years of devout monkhood I need to find who I am. I am man of Peace and displine. Please I need to know

07/01/2005 2:31 PM

Kiros listened as the mortal spoke, his disgust evident. “She will be a half elf if you have aged thus.” She stated simply, [i]Goddess this creatures is ignorant[/i] he thought to himself, “If you seek to know why your fathers was driven out then you out to ask in your mortal town instead of seeking us out fool. Also if you want help finding out about your parents you might need to give us more information, than just they were my parents. A name, description. You can’t expect to just wander in here and expect aid like that. Do you know nothing of us? You may be a priest but you are a mortal priest. They mean nothing to us as we have our own beliefs. Still fortunately for you, you may be of some assistance to us, as you are human. Maybe the council will aid you in return for your surivces or they may just kill you! I personally hope they kill you. I never like priests, too peace loving for their own good!”

Kiros withdrew his bow slowly, and turned to walk away, beckoning for the mortal to follow, “come I will take you to our High Priestess. You will have to wait some time to be seen, as we are currently in the middle of something because of your Lord Curtis, and Xylona our high priestess’ daughter, the grey elf messenger and one of our elders will be journeying to the Grey Elves so you will have to be patient though I doubt that will be too hard for you.”

07/02/2005 10:09 PM

Kiros listened as the mortal spoke, his disgust evident. “She will be a half elf if you have aged thus.” She stated simply, [i]Goddess this creatures is ignorant[/i] he thought to himself, “If you seek to know why your fathers was driven out then you out to ask in your mortal town instead of seeking us out fool. Also if you want help finding out about your parents you might need to give us more information, than just they were my parents. A name, description. You can’t expect to just wander in here and expect aid like that. Do you know nothing of us? You may be a priest but you are a mortal priest. They mean nothing to us as we have our own beliefs. Still fortunately for you, you may be of some assistance to us, as you are human. Maybe the council will aid you in return for your surivces or they may just kill you! I personally hope they kill you. I never like priests, too peace loving for their own good!”

Kiros withdrew his bow slowly, and turned to walk away, beckoning for the mortal to follow, “come I will take you to our High Priestess. You will have to wait some time to be seen, as we are currently in the middle of something because of your Lord Curtis, and Xylona our high priestess’ daughter, the grey elf messenger and one of our elders will be journeying to the Grey Elves so you will have to be patient though I doubt that will be too hard for you.”

Remy Got up anf followed the rude elf. He was right though Remy him self had been foolish. he talked as they walked.

" I am sorry for not explaning more. I did go to town the town records simplely said the Redium family was chased out of town because my Mother praticed a black magic called Elven Warp magic or something to that point. They probly know as much about elves as I do" He chucked a bit" and thats not alot ,seeing as I lived in a monstary. They also siad that my mother maiden name was Harentra which a book of elven names I read means like: Breeders of lovers or something like that. I am not to clear on anything, to the town my Family was bad dream. I think that why I was given to monstary. I do not regret my life to Demous he is great god. Also I am friend of peace but Demous core laws teachs self-presivation,so don't think I will easily give up and die. My days at monstary where of Paryer and combat displine. But back my Mother. my memories and Records say that she was tall even for humans, Her face was very human but her ears where very long, She had extream elven windows peek like me, her hair was said change colors from brown to bright firery red.she had a small elven frame. Thats about it. Yes Elf I can be paticent we need to b, I can just some prayers.

Remy was not very saprised by the elfs reaction many elfs where not like that in fairy tales. Some types of elven cultures could be just as xenophobic as humans.

07/05/2005 2:07 AM

((sorry it's so short, i'm waitinf for Marion to respond to see where Sevril will be, because i'm taking them to Keelia and i need to know who will also be there))

Kiros listened to the priest speak, clearly bored, he smiled slightly though, trying to be courteous as was expected of him but he was still angry about the days events and as usual he was taking it out on the nearest person. This just happened to be the mortal, “Now that’s more helpful, but I don’t think we can help you, from what I know we haven’t had a half elf in centuries. You wouldn’t know how old she’d be now? Also you never said, whether they were alive or not. You’re father, certainly would be, but your mother, though she is but half elf would still live longer than any mortal and as a result may still be alive now.”

07/05/2005 10:16 PM

Kiros listened to the priest speak, clearly bored, he smiled slightly though, trying to be courteous as was expected of him but he was still angry about the days events and as usual he was taking it out on the nearest person. This just happened to be the mortal, “Now that’s more helpful, but I don’t think we can help you, from what I know we haven’t had a half elf in centuries. You wouldn’t know how old she’d be now? Also you never said, whether they were alive or not. You’re father, certainly would be, but your mother, though she is but half elf would still live longer than any mortal and as a result may still be alive now.”

Remy listen very carfuly to the word of the elf. He was glad to see the elf having some answers. He thought back to the billions of papers he read of the towns records.

"She alive I heard but after she was chased out of town she became a elven outcast for marrying a human and givng brith to me. They say she pratices her evil Elven Warp magic some where in Dark woods. Besides is there even such a thing as 'elven warp magic'. They say she lures men to her shack rapes them and feed on their souls. Sorry I am everywhere elf but I would like some more answers before I die."

07/06/2005 6:06 AM

((Okay folks Im back from Cali. I will be posting regularly now. My greetings to sinfultictac. ))

“This is where you’ll be sleeping. The other two will be staying nearby in a separate room. Though our high priestess has asked if you would like to sleep in her home. It would be bigger and if both you and Xylona are traveling then you could get up together instead of her coming over here to fetch you. However it is entirely up to you and Keelia will not be offended if you decline her offer.”

Sevril stood in the hallway, silent for a moment after Alara spoke these words. He peered thoughtfully into the room which she had offered to him and pondered what she had said. The air was still in her home and the revelry of the nearby festival could still be heard outside. Sevril finally turned and then nodded slowly.
"Very well Lady alara, if it will be of no offense to you, and Lady Keelia has asked it of me, I would very much like to sleep there in her home. As you said it would be easier to rise early and travel tomorrow if we were all in the same place."

sevril bowed slightly and then rose again.
"Thank you again for your kindness. I shall make my way to the high priestess now. good night."
With that, he turned and Alara led him back down the hall and through the common room to the door. she opened the door for him and Sevril gracefully stepped back out into the fresh night air. He could see the large fire of the festival burning not far away and there too were the throngs of wild elves celebrating long into the night. He pondered whether or not Xya was still there, possibly dancing with kiros. He paused only for a moment and watched from afar before turning and going out of his way to avoid any attention. He made his way to the tall oak where the high priestess and her daughter lived and quietly climbed the winding stair to the front door. He wasn't sure if anyone would answer the door. He was sure Xya was not home yet, after all she made it very clear she had no intentions of sleeping anytime soon.

Sevril knocked on the door firmly three times, then rested his arms in his sleeves as he waited patiently.

07/10/2005 8:57 AM

((sorry it took me so long to reply i had a friend from abroad staying over so i couldn't come online. Welcome back Marion, its good to see you'll be posting more regularly))

Xya pushed the wet hair from her face, as she entered her home. Nighteyes was still at her side and she grinned at him, running her slim fingers through his thick fur. The great wolf bounded over to the warm rug and lay down upon it, panting heavily. Xya walked slowly over to him and placed her cloak over his huge frame, when a sharp sound stopped her. . Turning round, she drew her blade and looked towards the source of the noise.
[i]you worry too much. It is only the grey elf, can you not sense him?[/i] The wolves thoughts echoed in her mind as Xya looked at him in confusion, but decided to say nothing.

She re-sheathed her blades and walked over to the door, confusion still etched across her face, “What are you doing here?” She stared at him for a long time, just thinking. She wasn’t ready to see him, not yet but by some twist of fate here he was standing before her.
Her gaze was broken as Nighteyes pushed past her rubbing his head against Sevril. “Nighteyes! What are you doing?” she cried but the wolf just looked at her, shaking his great head.
[i]I’m allowed to welcome him aren’t’ I?[/i] Xya stared at the wolf, smiling lovingly at him. “This is Nighteyes!” she spoke softly, traces of the smile still lingering as she looked once again at the elf. Her eyes veiled themselves as she spoke to the grey elf, “Well I suppose your being here is the logical thing seeing as we shall be leaving by first light. Come follow me.” Smiling courteously she lead him to the room next to hers. “I presume this is where you’ll be staying. Mother has not returned yet so if you need anything just ask!”

Xya turned to leave but paused by the door briefly, ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered, unsure were the words came from.


Kiros laughed at the priest’s words, “No I haven’t heard of such a magick. Though mayhap others will now of this warp magick of which you speak” As they entered Lilunya, Kiros headed straight for Keelia’s house and entered without even stopping to knock. His entrance was met by a large wolf, who stood barring his path. The huge creature snarled at him as Kiros tried to get past. “Move you retched beast I need to speak to the high priestess.”
“That’s no way to speak to Nighteyes, Kiros” a voice said coldly, it was Xya.
“I thought you had gone into the forest.” He said, clearly confused,
“I did and now I’m back. Mother’s not here at the moment so you’ll have to come back later.
“This can’t wait. I bring a mortal from the town who seeks urgent council with your mother, I believe he may be of some assistance.” With these words Kiros saw Xya’s eyes go wide as hatred settled there.
“Why did you bring him here, Kiros? He should be dead you know that.”
“I could say the same of that damned grey elf. He should also be dead but you took a liking to him and now you’re traveling off to his home.”
“It’s not like that Kiros and you know it. He came as a messenger for the grey elves, I am returning with one of the elders to further speak with them.”
“The same goes for the mortal. He could prove useful. If our high Priestess does not find him of any use then you are more than welcome to kill him.” Xya glared at him but eventually let them pass.
“Wait here then. I trust you will guard the mortal till mother returns. As for me I’m going to sleep! Good Night!” with these words she disappeared off into her room.

Kiros slumped on the floor, anger still burned in his eyes but he said noting as he waited for Keelia to return.

07/10/2005 5:56 PM

After a brief silence, the door opened and the warm glow of the fire within backlit Xya's frame with a soft orange light. Sevril's eyes widened, if only slightly. This was certainly not what he was expecting and the sight of Xya threw him off a bit. He could see that her hair was wet and her clothes still damp. He pondered what it was she had been doing since he had last seen her. She had a confused look on her face, but then again so did he.

“What are you doing here?” She asked softly, staring at him.

"I'm here at the request of your mother, the priestess. you see I went and spoke with the lady Alara and she said-"
He was interrupted by Nighteyes as the wolf pushed past Xya and rubbed his head against him. Sevril smiled softly and rested his hand gently on the wolf's head between the ears.

"Well hello brother... " Sevril said. "It comforts me to recieve so warm a greeting from such a wonderful creature."
“Nighteyes! What are you doing?” she cried but the wolf just looked at her, shaking his great head. Sevril chuckled softly and ran his hand down along the fur of the wolfs back.
Xya stared at the wolf, smiling lovingly at him. Sevril saw her smile and it served to soothe some of the tension he had been feeling since she answered the door. Once again her smile lit up the smoothe curves of her face.
“This is Nighteyes!” she spoke softly, traces of the smile still lingering as she looked once again at the elf.
When she looked up at him, he smiled as well, but he directed it to the large wolf between them.
"Well met Nighteyes. I could learn a thing or two from you about stealth. perhaps we may hunt together sometime." Sevril pet the wolf gently between the ears once again then intentionally erased the smile from his face before looking back to Xya. He was good at bearing the mask of blank formality at will and he was going to be careful this time about how he handled himself around Xya.

“Well I suppose your being here is the logical thing seeing as we shall be leaving by first light. Come follow me.” Smiling courteously she lead him to the room next to hers. Sevril nodded silently and stepped softly behind her.
“I presume this is where you’ll be staying. Mother has not returned yet so if you need anything just ask!”
Sevril stepped slowly into the room, taking in his surroundings.
Xya turned to leave but paused by the door briefly, ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered, unsure were the words came from. Sevril paused when he heard her words. His back was to her. He turned around slowly and when he did, Xya could see that a soft smile rested on his lips. He rested his hands in his sleeves and walked towards her silently, his yellow eyes were somber and comforting. When he had come within two steps of where she stood, He rested his right hand on the door and locked eyes with her as he shut it slowly. Before the door latched shut he whispered softly,
"Good night wild one..."

07/11/2005 3:50 AM

Keelia looked at Kiros and the stranger as she entered. She smiled courteously at him, head bowed, “Greetings Kiros, what brings you to my home at this hour?”
“I bring a mortal from the village. He seeks his parents and believes his mother to have been a half elf who we may know of. I believe he may be of some aid to us as he is from the village and may know more of Lord Curtis’ plans. ” Keelia looked at him calmly, though she was clearly tired.
“Kiros, please not now. I believe it wise that you brought him here and he may be of some assistance but I think it best we wait till morning. Let him rest in your home as I believe our young grey elf is staying here so you may give him the room that would have been Sevril’s.” At these Kiros nodded curtly before turning to walk away, beckoning the stranger to follow.
“Wait!” she called suddenly, “Before you leave I believe I am you’re your name.”
“His name is Remy Redium!” Kiros replied, speaking for the mortal.
“Can he not speak for himself?” but Kiros just laughed at her words,
“When he needs to!” he said before turning to leave.


Xya listened to the conversation between her mother and Kiros; she could almost feel Kiros’ anger as he slammed the door behind him. After her argument with him she had retreated to her room, Nighteyes following. She was still angry at him, he had no respect for her, and he had treated Nighteyes as some sort of dumb animal.
[i]Do not be angry, he knows not what he does, one day I shall tear his throat from him, but till then you must put up with him.[/i], Xya smiled at her wolf as she lay curled up besides him. There was a long silence as Xya, considered the wolves’ thoughts.
[i]Am I to come with you?[/i] Nighteyes said, breaking her concentration.
“You know you can’t. Were it just Sevril and me traveling then I would not mind but Lyvia will be accompanying us and as such you must stay behind.” Though Xya received no more thoughts on the matter from the wolf she felt that he had not fully abandoned the idea.

Closing her eyes, Xya rested her head on Nighteyes damp fur. As she slept dreams plagued her mind. It was the same dream she’d had for the past week, and the memories of the last had not yet left her. Red eyes stared at her as they sliced at her with their long curved blades. Besides her Nighteyes lay panting heavily, his fur matted with his own blood, he was weakening. She opened her mouth to scream but no words came out. Over and over again they struck out at her and Xya took each and every blow unable to move, trapped in her own mind.


Kiros opened yet another door that eve as he entered his own home. His mother sat in her chair, waiting for his arrival. He opened his mouth to speak but Alara silenced him with a look, pointing to the room where the others slept. Kiros got her meaning and walked silently to his room. He pointed to the room next to his, “You can sleep there, and I will take you to the High Priestess again in the morning.” Without waiting for the mortals responses he entered his room, closing the door behind him.


Xya opened her eyes with a start, as Nighteyes nuzzled her face with his snout. As she pushed him aside, delight lit up his eyes, [i]You’re awake. I thought something terrible had happened, you kept moaning all night.[i]
“What time is it?” she asked drowsily
[i]first light and time you left[/i] Xya let out a sigh, good she concentrate on other things and leave her thoughts to later. Suddenly wide awake she leapt out of bed and began to get dressed.

07/11/2005 9:46 AM

After the door had shut, Sevril stood silent in the darkness. The dark calm was interrupted when Kiros entered the house and Sevril listened to the following exchange between Xya and Kiros. He heard how Kiros addressed Nighteyes and the manner in which Xya spoke to and regarded Kiros. then Keelia entered and Sevril heard another name.. Remy Redium.
Sevril flinched when Kiros slammed the door in anger and a slow smile spread across his face. It pleased him when Kiros was disgruntled. Of course to Sevril it seemed that he was never anything but disgruntled.
Sevril sighed quietly to himself after the house had grown quiet and he unclasped his black cloak, taking it off of his shoulders. He folded the cloak up neatly and placed it on a nearby chair. He then proceeded to remove all of the clothing he was wearing except for his pants and folded them nicely on the chair. He told himself he would be sure to pick up his normal clothes from Alara before setting out.

Sevril stepped over to the bed and rested on the covers, he did not bother to disturb the neatly made bed. In fact he was too exhausted, it had been a very very long day and Sevril was ready to sleep. His eyes drift shut and as soon as they had, Sevril fell into a peaceful and deep slumber.

When he awoke, the sun was just beginning to rise. the sound of the night's festivities had ceased and it was replaced with the musical ambience of the surrounding forest. The smell of a bright forest morning wafted into the room through the open window and sevril sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He stood up and straightened out whatever creases or wrinkles he made in the bedcovers. He then Put on the only clothes he had and stepped out into the hallway to see who else, if anybody, was awake.

07/11/2005 2:51 PM

Xya finished putting on the last of her clothing, her long brown boots and looked across at the discarded clothing; she would sort it out later. Securing her belt around her slim waist, she removed the dark green cloak from her bed and wrapped it around her slender figure. Closing the door quietly behind her she crept into the hallway, almost knocking into Sevril who had left his own room to investigate. Nodding briefly in his direction she turned quickly and retreated to the open room at the end of the corridor, afraid he would see her embarrassment.

As she entered entrance hall, she moved to the door to check her pack, deciding to eat later, after they had begun they’re journey as Xya did not like to waste time on such matters. Satisfied that all was in order, Xya turned to the grey elf “I’m going to fetch Lyvia, if there’s anything you want to do I suggest you do it now, I plan to leave within the next half hour.” With these words said she turned back to the door, but stopped. She turned once again to face him, “Just one thing before I go. It’s been on my mind a long time, how did you know my name when we first met? I did not give it to you but at the council meeting you addressed me as Lady Xya, why? Only my mother, Alara and Kiros call me that everyone else calls me Xylona. For one so intent on formalities it is a strange thing to do.”

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07/12/2005 4:49 AM

Sevril smoothed out his long raven hair as best he could and let it rest over his left shoulder. As he was leaving the room Xylona almost bumped into him, but she passed it off with a curt nod and Sevril said nothing but followed her out into the main room. He stood for a moment watching Xya but not staring. He wondered where Keelia was and then after a bit of bustling Xylona turned spoke to him.

“I’m going to fetch Lyvia, if there’s anything you want to do I suggest you do it now, I plan to leave within the next half hour.”
Sevril nodded at these words and as xya moved to head out the door Sevril followed closely behind her. However he almost ran straight into the back of her when she halted again and turned to face him.

“Just one thing before I go." she said. " It’s been on my mind a long time, how did you know my name when we first met? I did not give it to you but at the council meeting you addressed me as Lady Xya, why? Only my mother, Alara and Kiros call me that everyone else calls me Xylona. For one so intent on formalities it is a strange thing to do.”

Sevril hesitated. Indeed when he thought back on the moment in the council chambers he had made a horrid mistake. A bit of color flushed into his cheeks, that was the second mistake he had made, after being caught in the forest. Sevril sighed softly then began to speak.

"The spy networks of the grey elves have their fingers in the matters of all surrounding elven nations. We gather information just in case it may ever come in handy.
since our two people are allies now it pains me not to tell you that we have gathered information on the wild elves as well. We usually know as much as we can about prominent figures in the elven communities, their families including children and so on...
unfortunately the only name we had for the daughter of the wild elves high priestess was Xya. I don't know how our intelligence got wind of such an informal name rather than the formal one but I made an error in letting the name slip before I had a chance to think about it. "
Sevril paused for a moment and then continued.
"you are so very perceptive My lady Xylona..." sevril gave a special edge to this name when he said it. A little smile crossed the corners of his lips. "you would have made a wonderful spy."

When they both had left the residence, Xya went her own way and Sevril made a beeline for the house of Alara. He was intent on retrieving his old clothes. The day was starting out beautiful, but he smelled rain on the horizon. Their travel could get bogged down if the weather became nasty. Over and over again Sevril went through the route they would take in his head. He tried to think of the best ways to avoid most of the dangers or annoyances. There was certainly no known road with a sign saying "to the camp of the grey elves." As he pondered these thoughts he came upon Alaras house and knocked firmly on the door. He was hoping he wouldn't have any unpleasant run-ins with Kiros before the journey.

07/12/2005 5:46 PM

Keelia looked at Kiros and the stranger as she entered. She smiled courteously at him, head bowed, “Greetings Kiros, what brings you to my home at this hour?”
“I bring a mortal from the village. He seeks his parents and believes his mother to have been a half elf who we may know of. I believe he may be of some aid to us as he is from the village and may know more of Lord Curtis’ plans. ” Keelia looked at him calmly, though she was clearly tired.
“Kiros, please not now. I believe it wise that you brought him here and he may be of some assistance but I think it best we wait till morning. Let him rest in your home as I believe our young grey elf is staying here so you may give him the room that would have been Sevril’s.” At these Kiros nodded curtly before turning to walk away, beckoning the stranger to follow.
“Wait!” she called suddenly, “Before you leave I believe I am you’re your name.”
“His name is Remy Redium!” Kiros replied, speaking for the mortal.
“Can he not speak for himself?” but Kiros just laughed at her words,
“When he needs to!” he said before turning to leave.

He was extreamly Stundded that he was not dead. he fallow the elf after metting the Female.

" You just treated me as prisoner. Well aleast in as I seen in my life. The prisoner as no rights not even to talk. So your name is Kiros? Was she your queen?"

07/13/2005 12:09 AM

((sorry if i went a bit fast in the beginning Sinfultictac, but i just wanted to get that bit over and done with.))

Xya listened as Sevril spoke; clearly embarrassed but the gaze she returned was cold and uncaring. She was only mildly surprised by this and though she was angry at the grey elves for this intrusion, she was furious with her people for giving such information away.
“You are so very perceptive my lady Xylona. You would have made a wonderful spy." He said and Xya glared at him, “First off I am not yours, so never say my Lady as you said at the council and as you have said now. Secondly your people had no right to my name, even though t’was not my full one. A name is something which is exchange with someone we trust, it is not something to be taken. And thirdly…”she said, pausing as a grin broke out over her face, “I’d rather you called me Xya. I trust you as a friend and besides if Kiros can call me Xya I’d rather you did too.”

Xya continued to grin as she turned back and headed towards the council hut where she would meet Lyvia.


Kiros woke to the sound of a man’s voice, blinking he peered out of his room and glared at the Mortal, [i]goddess, he’s still at it[/i] she thought, cursing beneath his breath.
“I did not treat you as a prisoner; you’re not bound and shackled are you? I did not let you speak whilst I was addressing Lady Keelia as I feared you would only make matters worse. Besides we do not take prisoners anyway.
But in answer to your questions, yes my name is Kiros, and this is my home. And the lady I talked to……well we are not like you mortal we do not have Queens, no, she was our High Priestess and the women that we poke to before is her daughter. But you could say that she takes on the same role.” As he spoke Alara entered the hallway, having just awoken herself. “Kiros! You’re up early, as is our new guest. Now act like a proper host and get the poor man something to eat. He must be starved, I’m sure there’s something he’ll like in this house.” She said before turning to face the mortal, “You’ll have to excuse my son, I’m sad to say he is rather selfish and inconsiderate but now that I am here I will ensure you are treated properly. When you have finished eating, Kiros will take you over to so our High Priestess again. Hopefully things will fare better this time around.”

Kiros glared across at his mother who merely returned the look, seemingly unfazed and turned to walk into the entrance hall. Kiros cursed silently before leading the mortal into the dinning room where food awaited them.


Alara smiled to herself as her son stormed off, the Priest following behind him. A knock sounded and Alara smiled to herself again, [i]ahh it must be the grey elf come to fetch his things[/i] she thought, as she hurried to answer the door. She smiled in welcome to Sevril and handed him his belongings, “I trust this is what you came for. I know that Xya is eager to depart as I expect you are too. But if theirs is something else you came for as well do not hesitate to ask. Things are getting hectic at the moment and I fear the will never be the same again.” She sighed, thinking back to how things used to be in the Wild Elf home, so much more innocent but times changed, this was but one of them.


Xya re-entered her home, Lyvia following behind her. Lyvia was the youngest of the Elders; having reached lived for 500 winters her hair had not yet begun to silver, keeping its black sheen. She was dressed in rough traveler clothes, similar to Xya’s but where Xya’s consisted of greens and browns, Lyvia’s clothes were Black. Xya picked up Lyvia’s pack and passed it to her, receiving a nod in thanks before picking up her own, leaving only Sevril’s remaining. She sat besides the elder as Lyvia waited patiently for Sevril’s return.

But Xya fast grew impatient and though only a few minutes had passed, Xya stood up again and begun to pace the room, tired of waiting and eager to begin. For the sooner they left the sooner they could arrive at the Grey Elves’ camp.

((By the way you're welcome to control any of the characters save Xya (and Kiros later on, after they have left the wild elves) as i feel a bit greedy controlling 5 main characters and several miners. Which means that whilst they travel you can control Lyvia, all i ask is that you get her personality right but seeing as i haven't really given her one yet it may not apply. It's getting slightly ennoying with all these things to write, as not only do i have to write Xya's but also all the others. Ok just thought i'd mention it))

07/13/2005 1:49 PM

Sevril took the bundle of clothes in both hands and listened as the old elf spoke.

“I trust this is what you came for. I know that Xya is eager to depart as I expect you are too. But if theirs is something else you came for as well do not hesitate to ask. Things are getting hectic at the moment and I fear the will never be the same again.” Alara said.

Sevril only nodded and said softly in return,
"I fear you are right in your wisdom Lady Alara. Trouble and danger stir in the nearby future and most likely there will be few who are spared its effects. I want to thank you for all you have done for me and for making my stay here a most comfortable one. Now, If you would permit me, I would like to use one of your rooms to change in."

"Yes, yes of course." Alara chuckled. "Please come in. you may use the room you changed in before."
With that, she stepped aside and allowed Sevril to pass through, shutting the door behind him. Sevril had not taken but 3 steps into the house when he saw Kiros standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed, eyes glaring spitefully back at him. Sevril figured he had been watching the whole exchange since he heard his knock at the door.
Sevril stopped and let a wry smile rest on his lips.

"I still don't trust you Grey one. Know that I'm just waiting for you to slip so that I can render you the treatment you should've gotten when Xya found you in the forest."
Kiros's voice was quiet but loaded with a seething anger.

"Kiros! I will not have you speak to guests that way in our home!." Alara belted out from her position behind Sevril.

"Ah yes... " Sevril said softly, calmly letting his eyes rest on Remy." and who's this? another mortal in Lilunya... tsk tsk Kiros is it true what I've heard then? The wild elves must be getting soft on intruders. Funny how all these mortals start showing up after what I said about Lord Curtis hmmmm? "

Kiros' Jaw muscles clenched behind his lips and his eyes narrowed on Sevril. Were it not that Alara stepped between the two of them Kiros might have lunged at him right there. However Alara calmly grasped Kiros's arm and turned his vitriolic gaze away from the grey elf.

"My son... calm down. Now is not the time for division among elves. won't you make your mother some breakfast now please? I and Remy are famished. Is this too much for an old elf to ask from her son?" Alara was not crippled by her age by any means, nor was she sickly, but for this act she certainly played on the emotions of Kiros, who looked at his mother and considered her words. Silently he turned away from Sevril and followed his mother into the dining room. "There's a good lad... she said"

Sevril sighed. He focused himself once more and walked straight across the rom, down the hallway and into the bedroom where he changed quickly, leaving the nice clothes neatly folded on the bed. Sevril smiled in his solitude and simply thought on how wonderful it was to be back in his grey elf garb again. Well worn blacks and greys.
He then left the bedroom as silently as he could and as he passed the entrance to the dining rom he could hear tense conversation ensuing amongs the company there. He thought it best to not say anything to Alara before leaving and so it was.

Sevril quickly made his way to Keelia's house thinking on the last discussion he and Xya had before she left. She said she trusted him. That was intresting for a race who tended to be rather distrustful... especially of grey elves. She had an intuition perhaps... But he also realized she was playing him off of Kiros. He realized or perhaps thought that she used him just to make Kiros upset. Nobody likes to be manipulated.

It was in this frame of mind that he entered Keelias house. He decided to let himself in, for he figured that perhaps Xya had not yet returned and he did not wish to disturb Keelia if she was sleeping. Upon, he immediately saw Xya and the graceful Lyvia waiting for him. Sevril remembered Lyvia from the council and bowed to her with his palm against his chest.
"Good morning My lady. I apologize if you had been waiting long. The morning draws on and I am sure you two are eager to be off as am I. Is everything ready?"

((Whew. Okay.. good decision on your part, thank you for that privilege. It makes it easier on you and myself so that I don't have to wait for you to answer the door so we can get on with the story. When we are amongst the grey elves I imagine Ill be creating most of the characters we meet there? or perhaps not... Do you have a plot in mind?))

07/14/2005 3:37 AM

((wow, long post! No i have vague ideas but no stable plot yet...do you have any ideas you migt contribute or a plot of your own?))

Lyvia looked up from where she was seated as the grey elf entered the house
"Good morning my lady. I apologize if you had been waiting long. The morning draws on and I am sure you two are eager to be off as am I. Is everything ready?" the grey elf said causing Lyvia to smile in response,
“Morning young elf, fortunately we have not had to wait long at all it is just Xylona here who is beginning to grow impatient but that is not because of your doing.” She rose gracefully from the chair and moved over to the door, where she picked up the remaining pack and passed it to Sevril, “I believe this is yours, everything was prepared the night before so that as soon as we awoke we could begin our journey. I supervised it all myself so I trust everything you need will be in there!” With these words Lyvia made for the door, indicating for the two young elves to follow her.

Soon they had left Lilunya and it was time for the grey elf to lead them.
“Well we have reached the border between Lilunya and the rest of the forest. It is up to you to lead us now.” She said turning to face Sevril, she smiled briefly but a noise soon made her pause. She reached for her bow, confused that Xylona had not done the same. As she prepared to shoot, Xylona’s voice stopped her,

“Wait! Don’t shoot, its just Nighteyes. I told him he couldn’t come but I should have known he wouldn’t listen!” As Lyvia listened, she sighed thinking to herself, [i]oh Xylona what have you done, you know not to bond again[/i]


Xya walked through the city wrapped in her own thoughts, she trusted that Lyvia would lead them safely through, after all this was her city. As they left Lilunya, Lyvia said something to Sevril but Xya ignored it, no doubt she was passing on her role to him.
Suddenly a sound stopped her train of thoughts and she watched as Lyvia reached for her bow, she prepared to do the same thing when a voice called to her through her mind.
[i]Bonded, it’s me! Tell the strange one not to shoot[/i], she gasped, it was Nighteyes.
“Wait! Don’t shoot, its just Nighteyes. I told him he couldn’t come but I should have known he wouldn’t listen!” she called to Lyvia and slowly she lowered her bow.
[i]Nighteyes I told you not to come here, why did you disobey me?[/i]
[i]Because I wanted to come and you are not leader[/i] Xya laughed at this, “No but this is my journey and I thought it best you did not come. Still you have reveled yourself so you might as well follow, I may need your help [b]but[/b] you are not to enter the grey elf camp.” She could feel Nighteyes smile, [i]I am not foolish, when you get to the other ones home I will leave you and wait nearby for you to travel back.[/i] Xya nodded as Nighteyes emerged from the undergrowth to walk besides her.

She turned to face Sevril, slightly embarrassed by this turn of events, “Well we can continue the journey now!”

07/14/2005 9:26 AM

Sevril took the pack Lyvia handed to him and strapped it on his back.
"Thank you very much, your foresight will make the journey easier. Indeed I am sure all things necessary will be found in the pack."

Lyvia nodded then turned and headed out the door with Xya and Sevril following. Sevril felt safe enough to look around and see as much of Lilunya as he could before they left. After all he figured he would never be here again. It was a beautiful city, rather peaceful. there were a few elves who peeked out their doors or waved from their windows to Lyvia and company as they passed, knowing they were headed to a meeting which hadn't taken place for hundreds of years. The small group was silent until they reached the edge of the city.

“Well we have reached the border between Lilunya and the rest of the forest. It is up to you to lead us now.” Lyvia said after she stopped. however something disturbed her and she rose her bow in preperation for whatever might come. Sevril had heard the noise which had disturbed Lyvia however he did not grow agitated. They were still near the city after all.

It turned out to be the majestic wolf he met earlier and as Nighteyes emerged from the undergrowth, Sevril smiled. It actually comforted him knowing that the wolf would be accompanying them on their journey. however Lyvia looked a slightly forlorn at the addition of the wolf. Sevril could only guess why she reacted this way, but he did not let his thoughts linger on it for long. He instead let his smile rest on his lips as he turned and regarded Xya's uneasy embarrassment.

“Well we can continue the journey now!” she said.

Sevril's body was hidden behind his cloak which stretched from his neck to his ankles.
He reached back and tucked his hair underneath the collar before raising the hood. he smiled at Nighteyes,
"Welcome nighteyes. Indeed it shall be a comfort to me to have you a long. Your nose and your ears may prove quite useful on our little journey." Sevril then turned to Xya and Lyvia before he continued.
"Alright, As you may or may not know the grey elf camp moves seaonally. these locations have been a closely guarded secret, so this journey alone should serve as proof that our alliance is not taken lightly. The summer grounds for the camp lay in the foothills to the northeast which means we must cross the black river and Kellum's road. The journey will also take us through high elf Land. That is of course if we are to take the most direct route. Our agenda here is speed and stealth, we must avoid contact with anything or anyone else. "

Sevril then turned and began walking briskly northeast. They were still in wild elf forest so they would be marginally safe until they crossed out of those woods. There was still a summer rain looming on the horizon which would probably reach them by that evening, but for now it was still morning and the air was crisp.

07/14/2005 2:41 PM

Sevril smiled at Nighteyes as he spoke, “Welcome Nighteyes. Indeed it shall be a comfort to me to have you a long. Your nose and your ears may prove quite useful on our little journey,” causing Xya to smile to herself, [i]so he really doesn’t know. Fool![/i]. Smirking she followed him as he led them away from her home. She sensed the coming rain - or at least Nighteyes did but Xya was currently using his senses - so she pushed up the hood of her cloak. Above her Dyami flew ahead. He was the same Golden Eagle that had lent her his senses the day before and he was doing so once again. Through her bond with him, Xya could see images of the land ahead and behind her. Satisfied that all was clear of danger, she increased her pace.

As Sevril continued to speak, Xya shivered at the mention of the High Elves. It had been an Age since her kind had associated with them, not since the time of Narcheska. Legend had it that the High and Wild Elves were once one but if such a time existed, it was long forgotten. With the Great War came the separating and her people had returned to their forests, all traces of their High Elf heritage erased with the passing of time. She wondered if Sevril’s people had also sought aid amongst the High Elves and if so had they agreed? Her thoughts drifted to the reason behind her journeying, Lord Curtis. Her mind traveled back to the tall aristocratic man, his finely chiseled features twisted into a mocking smile. Did he still look as handsome as he had all those years ago? She doubted it, time had held no sway over him and the last time she had seen him he still looked as young as he had the first time she had seen him, that was back when she was innocent, back when she ran through her People’s forest, Streak at her side. She smiled to herself at this thought, how little her people knew of her antics.

Finally Xya and her companions reached the Black River which marked the border of the Wild Elf land. Besides her Lyvia froze, this was as far as she had ever gone before and Xya half understood, after all she had been like this the first time she had crossed. Nighteyes cowered slightly before the sinister waters that gushed swiftly past, threatening to drag them down deep into the cold of its dark depths. Xya placed her hand taintively on Nighteyes thick coat whilst they slowly crossed the fast moving river. Once on the other side Nighteyes bounded off, trying to get as far from the ominous river as possible. Lyvia started to follow him but Xya held up her hand to stop her, “No! Leave him be, he will return when he feels like it.” Lyvia nodded slowly and stopped where she was,
“Then we will stop and eat as I don’t believe we’ve had breakfast yet and all this walking is draining my energy.”
“Not yet, only when we are a safe distance from this river can we stop!” Xya said, her eyes cold and unflinching, her voice firm, there was no room for argument.
“You sound as if you know this from experience!” Lyvia said as she continued to move from the river, unaware of just what dangers she had almost come across. Xya just smiled at her words and but said nothing on it. She briefly too over Sevril’s role as she pushed them hard, so that they could get away from the river as quickly as possible, and if they strayed from the path then so be it, some things were necessary.

They soon caught up with Nighteyes, who lay on the hard ground, whimpering, [i]smells bad, little sister[/i] he said and Xya raced over to him and wrapped her arms around his huge frame, “I know but it will not harm you so long as you stay away,” she said removing her Pack and opening it. As soon as Nighteyes smelled the food within he stopped whimpering and begun sniffing the back, [i]what have got in there?[/i]
“Nothing you can have, look how easily you’ve forgotten the river.”
[i]food more important for survival than fear[/i] he stated simply and Xya grinned, agreeing with him. Nighteyes lingered a moment longer before disappearing off in search of his own food.
Xya rummaged around in her pack for some food before turning the pack upside down and lay her head on it, staring up at the sky.

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Upon reaching the black river Sevril was silent as he stepped in first, closely followed by the two ladies and the wolf. The waters were cold, but not so cold as in the spring when the snow melts off of the northern mountains. There were no bridges across this river, the wild elves had destroyed them centuries ago, making any travelling into their forests that much more difficult. It was rumored that the waters of the black river would give people nightmares for weeks after coming in contact with it, However Sevril did not ascribe to such superstitions. He simply despised the smell of it.

When they were on the other side, Nighteyes bounded off into the forests and Xya became forceful in urging them to continue moving northeast. It appeared that she had been here before but Sevril was not about to make accusations. Lyvia had already done that, so Sevril just nodded and let Xya push them further until they caught up with the wolf. As Xya began rummaging around in her pack, Sevril removed his own pack and sat with his back against a nearby tree. He looked around in the pack and pulled out some bread, quietly munching on it as he looked up into the sky.

"We should reach Kellum's road by sunset. It's the largest and busiest highway in the lands, acting as a direct trade route between the high elves and Manhelm."

Sevril took another bite of his bread. the sky was clear as the sun slowly climbed directly overhead. He eyed the eagle flying above them.

"There are many inns and people along the road. So many in fact, that as long as we stay quiet we should blend in just fine. It will also be raining when we get there. This is all High elf land but there will be humans along the road. My people have paid off the owner of one of the inns there and that is where we will spend the night. This will ensure that there are no questions asked. Just keep your hoods up and your eyes downward."

Sevril sighed and leaned his head back against the tree as he watched the branches above them sway lazily against the great blue canvas of sky.

"When I was dispatched to your people, another was sent to the High elves and another to the Sea elves on the coast. I do not know what became of them, when we reach the camp I will know then if the high elves and Sea elves have aligned with us as well. It is my sincere hope that they were as wise in their decision as the wild elves."

Sevril stood up after finishing off the piece of bread and put his pack back on.
"Well its best we be off, I don't like sitting around in these wet clothes."

07/16/2005 4:31 AM

Xya half listened as Sevril spoke, her mind still on what lay ahead of them. Nighteyes has returned whilst he was speaking and was now lying at her feet, happily devouring his kill. She didn’t feel like talking, afraid that she would unknowingly give away some part of her past she’d rather remained hidden. But that didn’t matter for it was Lyvia who engaged Sevril in conversation, “Aye but remember we only aligned with you as you put because our forest was being threatened, if this war would not affect us, we may not have agreed to your proposal, this might be the same with the other races. However this aside I believe the High Elves will join as this affects them directly but the Sea Elves are similar to us, a shyer race if you like. Still we shall see, we shall see!”

Sevril stood up after finishing off the piece of bread and put his pack back on. "Well it’s best we be off, I don't like sitting around in these wet clothes." He said and Xya nodded in response, putting her own pack back on. As they walked on she dropped slightly behind, wrapped in her own thoughts. Nighteyes nudged her with his nose again, [i]what’s wrong little sister?[/i]
“Nothing, I’m just thinking!” she said, pushing him away,
[i]about what?[/i]
“Nothing important! Now leave me alone and go keep Sevril or Lyvia company or something!” Nighteyes looked at her for a moment confused, she had never pushed him away like this before but obeyed and ran up to Sevril. Free of Nighteyes, Xya could return once again to her thoughts.

As they passed the familiar landscapes, Xya smiled, this was where they had met. And then…..she gently brushed the spot where she knew the three scars were, this was where it had ended. Fists clenched she stared angrily at the broken twigs from where she had fallen as she desperately fought for her life. She had her own reasons for agreeing to this war, revenge! She had vowed all those years ago that the next time they met he wouldn’t be so lucky and now was her time to honour her promise. Realising that she had stopped too long and was dragging behind she ran off after them, glad to be away from that place.

As the eve came the heaven opened and the rain poured down. Flashes of lightning lit up the sky but the worst of the storm was far away. Xya wrapped her cloak tightly around her, secretly relived for this rain would give her a chance to walk faster. She followed Sevril’s advice and kept her eyes lowered as they neared Kellum’s road afraid that they would recognise her. Catching up with the others she turned to face Sevril, “So which inn are we to stay in?”

07/16/2005 9:33 AM

The ground became soft beneath their feet as the rain fell from above. Steadily the downpour became worse as lightning ripped through the sky. These elves were used to rain however, it was just another one of nature's wonderful facets. Sevril welcomed the rain, it made everything darker, made it easier for them to travel in stealth.
When they reached Kellum's road Sevril stopped them right before the edge of the treeline. He crouched down in the brush and his yellow eyes peered out from beneath his hood scanning the great highway that stretched into the distance as far as one could see to the left and to the right.

The forest had been cut to make way for the road, so that before them everything was flat and open to make way for the highway, then past the road about a hundred yards the Forest began again just as abruptly as it stopped where they were now standing.
The ground however, was muddy and little puddles lay everywhere churning and boiling as the large drops pounded their surface. Along the highway, quaint little inns stood, their windows warm and glowing with the fires that burned inside. Everyone had taken shelter in the inns and restaurants, seeing this as an opportunity to halt work and have a pint of Ale. there were a few stragglers out on the highway, hauling carts to and fro toward Manhelm and the High elf kingdowm. They had tarps over their carts and their Mules and oxen struggled to gain footing in the mud. Xya caught up with Sevril and Lyvia at this moment after falling behind a little. “So which inn are we to stay in?”
But her question went unanswered.

Sevril was motionless.. his eyes the only thing moving as he just watched, and listened, gathering whatever important details he could about their next move. Near one of the inns on their left were two magnificent horses, beautiful even soaked in rain. They were pure white and their riders were even more splendid. They were facing away from Sevril and the others but they could see that the riders wore splendid silver armor of the finest craftmanship. the armor seemed to gleam and shine even though there was no light to reflect.

"High elf guards" Sevril said. "They patrol the road as a show of force."

The guards were in engaged in conversation with one another, unaffected by the rain.
"Come on... get going..." Sevril said under his breath.

The horses breath could be seen in the cold air and with a snort, their riders pulled them to the left and they trotted steadily northwards away from the group hiding in the forests.

"Hah.... you see. we're safe now. They were my only worry. The high elves are not our enemies but without knowing their decision I can not risk compromising the fact that your people have joined us. It would be disastrous if they knew you accepted and they didn't." Sevril pointed to a smaller inn to their right, in the southern direction. Its' windows were aglow just like the others and it seemed cozy enough.
"That's our stop."

Sevril stood up and stepped out of the brush into the openness of the highway. He made his way to the highway as quickly as he could but as soon as he reached the road he took on a more normal pace. Blending in with the other miserable travellers sparsely scattered along the road.
Soon enough they reached the inn. A single lamp hung over the door creating a small circle of light. A sign hung to the left of the door which read:

Sevril turned to the others.
"It's going to be crowded, many people are in here because of the rain."
Indeed they could here some loud laughter and much revelry going on inside the inn. There were alot of humans in there.
"Just please, whatever happens stay calm and keep a low profile."

Sevril opened the door and the warm light washed over them, bathing them in an orange glow. The revelry became even louder. Laughter, mixed with cursing and the music of a lone Bard sitting in the corner singing of love lost. Many haggard looking humans sat around wooden tables raising their grog toward the bar, ale spilling down their beards onto their fat bellies.
"Oy Toomy! Sing me Da one 'bout Da Wench Wit' One Eye!!" Some fat peasant cried towards the Bard.
"Dat was your sister Rittin, you Ugly porker!" The whole crowd erupted in drunken laughter as serving wenches scurried about being harassed as they tried to keep everyone happy.

Sevril made his way to the bar and addressed the gruff looking barkeep.
"I want to see Venn."
The barkeep nodded and soon a slender female elf in a velvet burgundy cloak emerged from the back. Her hair was completely white and flowed gracefully down her back and over her shoulders. Though her hair was white, she was not old, maybe around 30 or so when compared to human years. Her face was pale and flawlessly smooth. Bright lavender eyes lit up when she saw Sevril.

"Back already... " She said softly. She moved with feline grace over to where Sevril and the other's stood, practically floating over the wooden floor. She stood out from the rough crowd around her. As she moved past Xya and Lyvia, she eyed them knowingly and she smiled.
"I'm happy to see that they didn't kill you Sevril."

Venn obviously knew what was going on. It was apparant that she too was a grey elf.
"Thanks Venn. Good to see you too."Sevril said dryly.
"I need another room for my guests."
"Yes of course." The female said and from within her cloak she pulled two keys.
"you know where. Top floor, to the right at the end of the hall. I'll make sure nobody bothers you."
Sevril nodded and Venn handed him the keys.
"Thank you again." Sevril said.
Venn just flashed him a seductive smile before turning gracefully away and walking back to the rear of the inn. As she passed the others she once again smiled and bowed her head respectively.

"Almost there" Sevril said before turning and heading up a flight of stairs which would take them to the top floor. Before Xya and Lyvia could reach the first stair they passed a very drunk man sitting at a table nearby who happened to be staring at Xya the whole time. He was fat, and had a flagon of ale in his hand. His hair was thinning and stuck to his fat head with sweat. As Xya passed by he cried out:
"Oy sweet missy.. where ye be goin'? Woy don' you come over 'ere and sit on Ole Gellum's Lap Aye? " With that, this drunk man named Gellum reached his obese arm out and grabbed Xya's cloak trying to pull her towards him.

07/16/2005 10:26 AM

Kiros woke to the sound of a man’s voice, blinking he peered out of his room and glared at the Mortal, [i]goddess, he’s still at it[/i] she thought, cursing beneath his breath.
“I did not treat you as a prisoner; you’re not bound and shackled are you? I did not let you speak whilst I was addressing Lady Keelia as I feared you would only make matters worse. Besides we do not take prisoners anyway.
But in answer to your questions, yes my name is Kiros, and this is my home. And the lady I talked to……well we are not like you mortal we do not have Queens, no, she was our High Priestess and the women that we poke to before is her daughter. But you could say that she takes on the same role.” As he spoke Alara entered the hallway, having just awoken herself. “Kiros! You’re up early, as is our new guest. Now act like a proper host and get the poor man something to eat. He must be starved, I’m sure there’s something he’ll like in this house.” She said before turning to face the mortal, “You’ll have to excuse my son, I’m sad to say he is rather selfish and inconsiderate but now that I am here I will ensure you are treated properly. When you have finished eating, Kiros will take you over to so our High Priestess again. Hopefully things will fare better this time around.”

Kiros glared across at his mother who merely returned the look, seemingly unfazed and turned to walk into the entrance hall. Kiros cursed silently before leading the mortal into the dinning room where food awaited them.

Jacob looked at Kiros and his mother and the hard stares exchanged by each of them. He felt uneasy being there. Him hisself had never really had blood faimly to care for only his brothers at the monstary. He broke the ice.

" i'm quite fine. I have fasted for many months at time. Its a duty of monkhood. I will eat if you have abundce to share."

07/17/2005 6:17 AM

Alara smiled at the Priest, “Whilst you’re a guest in my house you will be treated like one. We have food to spare, so come eat with us as I believe my son has preapred something for us to eat!” she said leading him into the room where the food awaited them.


Xya looked up as they reached the inn, the sign that hung overhead proclaimed it as the ‘Wyvern Rest.’ As they entered Sevril turned to them, speaking, “It's going to be crowded; many people are in here because of the rain. Just please, whatever happens stay calm and keep a low profile." Xya nodded in response, after all how hard could it be?

As they passed the various drunks, Xya could not help but stare at them in disgust. The smell that reached her was a mixture of ale and sweaty and men, causing Xya to shudder and press the cloak tightly to her nose in an attempt to bloke the smell. Nearby a lone figure stood, singing to the drunks but the meaning of its song was lost them as they called out drunkenly. This only increased her hatred for them and she felt Nighteyes besides her felt the same.

Xya followed Sevril as he walked up to the barkeep and requested Venn. She looked at him in confusion but soon the look of confusion vanished as a young women emerged, [i]so this must be Venn[/i]. Xya observed her closely as she looked at Sevril with interest. She supposed the young women could be called beautiful, as she was slender with flawless skin and beautiful violet eyes.
“Back already!” she asked softly still eyeing Sevril. As she passed them she smiled and Xya returned the gesture but there was a mocking edge to her smile. “I’m happy to see they didn’t kill you.” She continued and Xya glared at her slightly, [i]don’t insult me![/i] Then smirking she sent a thought to her wolf, who answered her a wolfish grin spread across his face.

As Sevril and the elf conversed, Xya looked nervously around her. She could feel their eyes flicker briefly on her but one man in particular stared at her with open desire that caused her to sudder slightly. She was glad when they started to move.

As they moved towards the stairs the drunk who had been staring at Xya so openly just moments before reached out to grab her cloak, pulling her towards him, speaking as he did so, "Oy sweet missy.. where ye be goin'? Woy don' you come over 'ere and sit on Ole Gellum's Lap Aye?” Xya felt his sweaty palms on her as he attempted to draw her close, eyes flashing she reached out with her Saber and thrust it deep into his stomach. “Don’t you dare touch me like that again!” She snarled. Her cloak had fallen from her as he had grabbed her and she ignored it and the warm blood that had splattered onto her face and clothing from the man’s open wound.

In that moment everything ceased, as everyone turned to stare at her. Ignoring their stares, Xya picked up the man by his collar and dragged him towards the elf and barkeeper, showving him at their feet, “Be careful what filth you let in!” she snarled before dashing up the staires to their rooms, leaving Lyvia and Sevril to deal with the mess she’d made.

07/18/2005 1:42 PM

Sevril spun around the instant he heard the man scream. He could only stare, motionless as Xya's cloak fell to her feet and blood poured from the mans large gut. His face was a placid mask of unconcern, he showed no emotion but inside he seethed. Even as Xya pushed past him up the stairs he did not acknowledge her but rather stepped slowly to the bottom of the stairs.
Venn emerged just as Xya was reaching the top of the stairs and she managed to catch the fact that her cloak had fallen off. She also saw a man with a saber wound in his belly, who was half gurgling half screaming. Her violet eyes lifted to Sevril who thought a thousand things all at once. An entire room had seen Xya uncloaked. The fact that she killed a man was of no consequence necessarily but she looked different from the other elves the humans had seen. No mortal had seen a wild elf in hundreds of years would they know one if they saw one? Sevril couldn't be sure... but he knew if any of this were to get out it would spread like wildfire through not only the high elf kingdom, but Manhelm as well, eventually reaching the ears of Lord Curtis. He knew this little incident alone could cause Lord Curtis to stage an invasion before they were ready.
Sevril's eyes narrowed as they found Venn's gaze. She also knew what had to be done.

"Lock the doors" Sevril said softly."Lady Lyvia please wait for me upstairs."

At that moment A few of the drunken patrons staggered swiftly towards the door when they figured out what Sevril said. However their escape was blocked by the Burly barkeep who Beat them to the door and barred it shut.
"Nuh uh... Yous aint goin nowheres..." Chuckled the barkeep.

Gellum, the fat perv had died and fear filled the eyes of most of the patrons who frantically looked for an escape while others took out daggers, broke bottles or found some other weapon with which to defend themselves.
At this time, Venn, Sevril and the large barkeep went about the business of slaughtering each and every remaining patron in the common room of the inn. They might have proved more difficult to kill if they weren't drunk and if they worked together. But they were drunk and uncoordinated, making them like lost sheep under the swift blades of the two grey elves. It was the final solution to ensuring that no word of this ever leaked into the open. There must have been about 40 people in all in the room that night.

Bloodstained and tired, Venn and Sevril stood in the middle of the room gazing about at the mess of corpses. Neither of them were quite sure how this was going to be explained, but anything was better than the truth. Venn Cast Sevril an evil glance unbefitting of her lovely face. It seemed there was potential for much deviance behind her seemingly innocent beauty. She was angry and had much right to be.
Sevril sheathed his dagger and looked at her apologetically.
"Venn... I tried to warn her. I told both of them.... I'm sorry.."

But Venn did not reply. she only scowled and turned her back to him... walking away, back to her office in the rear of the inn.
"Clean this mess up by morning Frond." She ordered and the Barkeep merely nodded his head. exasperated.
"Aye miss... "

Sevril turned and headed up the stairs. His fair complexion was spattered with blood
and he wanted desperately to be angry with Xya, but he simply couldn't. Could she help who she was? No... she could've handled that differently He thought to himself. She mustn't act like a child.... Does she have any idea what he had to do to protect their secret? all these things he thought to himself as he climbed the stairs, anxious to see what Xya had done when she found that Sevril still had the key to the room.

07/18/2005 2:56 PM

When Xya reached the top of the stairs, she rushed towards the door where their rooms were, slamming the hilt of her Saber against the door repeatedly, forcing the lock to break. As she entered she flung the blood stained Saber onto the bed and walked over to the window, allowing the cool air to calm her slightly. [i]What have I done?[/i], she kept thinking over and over again as she stood their bathed in moonlight.

She jumped as Sevril entered the room, whirling round to face him eyes flashing, [i]this was his fault![/i].
“How could you let him do that to me? How could any of them let him do that to me? They just ignored him as he pushed his fat sweaty hands across my body. Have they no respect, no honour at all! They looked at me as if I had preformed some horrid crime but he deserved his death; I only regret not killing the lot of them. In my home, a violation such as that would have meant instant death. I only gave him his due, but then that’s not what concerns you is it. No you’re worried because I revealed myself to them. I showed them who I truly was, a wild elf. None of this matters to you just that you get your allies to fight in your war!” She glared at him breathlessly, her hatred showing clearly in her eyes.

Xya stared at him for sometime before she sagged, collapsing on the bed. “I’m so sorry!” She said as her anger fled to be replaced with hurt. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, it’s just that when he touched me like that something in me broke and I……It’s just that I…..no I wouldn’t expect you to understand. But that’s ok just know that I’m truly sorry and I didn’t mean to shout at you then. It’s not your fault; I guess I’ve become spoilt and unprepared for the reality of life.” She could not meet his gaze but turned to face the window instead, afraid to see the hatred in his eyes. She didn’t know how he would react, would he hate her for this? He had every right to; she could have easily put them all at risk!

As she spoke she turned to face him but kept her eyes lowered, refusing to meet his gaze, “What shames me most is that I left you to sort out my mess. I fled like a stupid child, I saw the look you gave me or rather the look you didn’t give me, ignoring me as I passed. That hurt the most! Be angry with me if you must, you have every right to but don’t ignore me.” She sighed as she continued to speak, “So what now?”

((by the way i'll be gone for a few days but should be back by the weekend. Just thought i'd let you know))

07/20/2005 1:01 PM

Sevril walked down the hallway and when he came to the door of her room he was not surprised to find that she had busted the lock. Great.... another expense for poor Venn.
Sevril sighed softly and entered the room. He saw Xya by the window, tense and slightly wet with the rain which snuck into the open window.

She jumped as Sevril entered the room, whirling round to face him eyes flashing, [i]this was his fault![/i].
“How could you let him do that to me? How could any of them let him do that to me? They just ignored him as he pushed his fat sweaty hands across my body. Have they no respect, no honour at all! They looked at me as if I had preformed some horrid crime but he deserved his death; I only regret not killing the lot of them. In my home, a violation such as that would have meant instant death. I only gave him his due, but then that’s not what concerns you is it. No you’re worried because I revealed myself to them. I showed them who I truly was, a wild elf. None of this matters to you just that you get your allies to fight in your war!” She glared at him breathlessly, her hatred showing clearly in her eyes.

"Typical" Sevril thought to himself as he stood there motionless. He just bored into her with his deadpan expression. His face was a desert dry of any indication of how he felt about her reaction. But inside this was exactly what he expected. She was silent and there was a thick fog of tension in the small room as they just stared at eachother.

Xya stared at him for sometime before she sagged, collapsing on the bed. “I’m so sorry!” She said as her anger fled to be replaced with hurt. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, it’s just that when he touched me like that something in me broke and I……It’s just that I…..no I wouldn’t expect you to understand. But that’s ok just know that I’m truly sorry and I didn’t mean to shout at you then. It’s not your fault; I guess I’ve become spoilt and unprepared for the reality of life.” She could not meet his gaze but turned to face the window instead, afraid to see the hatred in his eyes. She didn’t know how he would react, would he hate her for this? He had every right to; she could have easily put them all at risk!

Now this was a Surprise to the young grey elf. he had not expected this from Xya. An apology... capitulation. Perhaps though this incident had something to do with her past.
Sevril couldn't be sure and he didn't quite know how to respond.

As she spoke she turned to face him but kept her eyes lowered, refusing to meet his gaze, “What shames me most is that I left you to sort out my mess. I fled like a stupid child, I saw the look you gave me or rather the look you didn’t give me, ignoring me as I passed. That hurt the most! Be angry with me if you must, you have every right to but don’t ignore me.” She sighed as she continued to speak, “So what now?”

Sevril noticed how she would not look at him. This kind of made him uncomfortable and again was unexpected of her. He had not once ever seen her without her shell of confidence which sometimes splurged into blind arrogance. He realized he had not said a single word to her since before the incident and he saw how it upset her. So finally after a long pause, he sighed softly and walked toward her .

"It will do me no good to be angry with you. It will get us no further in our cause. What's done is done and nobody besides those left breathing in this inn will ever know what transpired here. We can not allow this to deter us in any way. I'm not anybody to give you a lecture so I won't even try, you are aware of what you have done. "

The rain continued to pour down hard outside and it pounded on the metal roof of the inn. the room they stood in was dark and cold. Lightning struck outside and filled the room briefly with a bright flash. The rolling drums of thunder followed soon after.

"what we do now is get some sleep and continue in the morning. " Sevril said softly before turning away from her towards the door. "I'll be in the next room should you need anything. Please maintain a little more control over your impulses in the future..."
with that Sevril stepped out into the hallway and retired to his own room just next door.

07/22/2005 2:23 PM

Xya watched him leave, smiling slightly, his words were like a balm on her heart, her foolish action had not endangered them. Yet no matter what the consciences of her action, she did not regret it. Given the chance to do it all over again she still would have killed the man. When they realized that, they’d understand her better. She had seen the shock in his eyes as she apologized to him. How little he knew of her, maybe when it was all over she’d teach him. It was strange she considered him a friend and yet she knew almost nothing of him. She had said that she trusted him, and when she said it she meant it, or at least she thought she did but it was mainly because Nighteyes trusted him that she did.

She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she did not notice the wolf enter her room till her stood right besides her, [i]you’re not a very good liar little sister[/i] he said but when she questioned him further on his strange remark he refused to say more, choosing instead to lie on her bed, falling asleep almost as soon as his head touched the soft sheets.
Walking over to his side, she ran her hands lovingly over his sleek fur. He sighed deeply in his sleep and Xya left him alone to walk back over to her spot by the window.

The room was briefly lit, as the lightning struck nearby and as Xya turned to face the storm the brief flashes of light lit her face eerily lending her a sinister look. As she gazed deep into the night she knew he was out there somewhere and she would find him. That was her true reason for coming; she could have easily refused to accompany Lyvia and Sevril to the grey elf camp but had remained silent following the council’s wishes as was expected. It was also the reason why she was so afraid that her secret got out when she had killed the drunk, if he found out she was still alive….she refused to go there. She hardened her heart, if she was to get her revenge she would have to be stronger. With these thoughts in mind she final walked over to the bed to sleep.

But once again her mind was plagued with images; it was the same dream as before. Red eyes stared at her as they sliced at her with their long curved blades. Besides her Nighteyes lay panting heavily, his fur matted with his own blood, he was weakening. They continued there fierce battle with the red eyes creatures till finally the mists parted and a lone figure emerged from the swirling haze. As Xya gazed upon his familiar features, the same teasing smile and dancing eyes, she opened her mouth and this time sounds erupted from her mouth as she screamed. [i]There you are[/i], his deep voice echoed in her mind as she awoke with a start.


Lyvia entered the room where she and Xylona were sleeping. She followed Sevril’s instructions after the fight broke out but had not returned immediately to the room, Xylona needed some time to herself to calm down and Lyvia had allowed herself that. She had heard her angry words at Sevril, how could she not? Though she was some distance away Xylona’s words were loud and easily audible.

Walking over to her own bed, she settled down preparing to sleep, when a loud scream shattered the stillness of the night. Lyvia leapt out of bed and ran towards the direction of the noise, it was Xylona. She was huddled at the edge of her bed, rocking back and forth as the wolf nudged her with his wet nose desperately trying to comfort her. “He’s found me” she kept whispering over and over again.
Gripping her shoulders firmly Lyvia looked right at the priestess as she spoke, “Who’s found you?” Xylona turned to face her, her voice was oddly calm as she spoke. “Lord Curtis, the man I love.” Lyvia looked at her in shock as she leapt back. “My child what have you done?” Xylona smiled sadly at her, as she returned to her usual self, “Far more than I realized and now I must suffer for it. That’s why I must fight in this war, to undo all my old mistakes. It seems the past is finally catching up with me.”
“You have endangered us all!” she said and Xylona nodded in response,
“Aye, that I have but now it’s my turn to fix it. Trust me, I know that my actions have lost me much of your respect but when we have more time I will explain the reasons for it all but for now you must be content with this, when I first met him I was nine years old and he gave me what no one else would…… love.”
“You have earned my trusted these past years, so I will do as you ask I just ask that my trust is well placed. You have not been acting like yourself these past days; you are normally strong and cold, never showing your true heart. Why the change? Why allow yourself to appear weaker?”
“No, I am not weaker but stronger s now I have accepted my flaws instead of pushing them away.” She responded but Lyvia just shook her head in confusion and Xylona refused to say any more on the matter.

((i was feeling a bit dramatic when i wrote this as you can tell))

07/23/2005 7:11 PM

Sevril was startled from his sleep by a scream coming from next door. In a flash he was up and out of bed. He had his dagger in hand as he yanked his door open and leapt the few steps between their doors. He pushed the door to their room open and stood in the doorway taking in the situation. He saw Xya huddled at the edge of her bed. He saw nighteyes there beside her and Lyvia trying to comfort her.

Lyvia turned her head to look at Sevril who was naked from the waist up. She slowly shook her head, then smiled softly. Sevril was somewhat confused, but he saw that they were all unharmed. He took Lyvia's cue and decided it was best not to ask questions at this time. He silently turned around and shut the door behind him, making his way back to bed. He lay on his back... staring up at the ceiling, listening to the rain outside. It was growing weaker.... the storm was finally passing. He layed there with his arm behind his head pondering what he had seen.... thinking about how Xya acted after she killed that man. Sevril couldn't figure it out and came up with all kinds of stories and machinations about her past to fill that void. He figured it would come out soon enough if they continued to be around one another. Finally his eyelids grew heavy and he turned on his side to fall asleep again.

The next morning, he awoke slightly later than he would have liked. The sun was beginning to peek through his window and he could hear the hustle and bustle of the road outside. He rolled out of bed and put his shirt and cloak back on, strapped his dagger to his thigh and stepped out of his room. He knocked on Xya and Lyvia's room, anxious to begin travelling again.

07/24/2005 3:31 AM

Xya looked up as Sevril entered; his hair was tousled from sleep and his boyish features showed his confusion. In her opinion he had never looked more handsome, then another face come to mind similarly clad and her look darkened. Lyvia shook her head at him smiling and he turned around and left quietly. [i]He has no idea what hes got himself into[/i], she thought to herself, [i]but then neither has Lyvia or any of the council members[/i]. They had touched on it this night but they had still to discover the depth of her deception.

Eventually Lyvia went back to bed but Xya could not sleep no matter how hard she tried. The images were still there in her mind and she did not want to have to see Nicholas again. Instead she dressed, making sure that her cloak was well secured this time before opening her window and climbing out. Fortunately vines wound up the side of the wall and she used them to gently place herself on the cobbled ground below. She stood there for a time, cloaked in shadows, making sure that all was clear. Satisfied she walked silently down the narrow streets that forked off Kellums road. Having reached her destination she sat down to stare up at the nights sky. She had come here many times before but this was as far as she had ever strayed from her home. This was her favorite place in the whole world and she had shared it with just one other person.

Xya was unaware of just how long she had spent there but she could hear various sounds as elves and humans alike awake and begun their journeys. Cautiously she crept back to the WYVERN'S REST; climbing back in through the window moments before Sevril entered the room, having been let in by Lyvia who was also ready to go. Lyvia looked at her curiously but said nothing as Xya self-consciously removed all the twigs and leaves from her hair. Pushing her hood back up which had fallen back as she climbed in through the window, she picked up her pack from the floor and nodded to Sevril, Were ready to go!


Nicholas opened his eyes, forcing himself awake. The memories of his dream still lingered in his mind but he pushed them roughly aside. Instead he concentrated on the face that had stared up at him in confusion as he revealed himself to her. She had not aged since their last encounter but then neither had he. He glanced at the mirror, staring at his own image reflected in the mirrors silver surface; it was a handsome aristocratic face that stared back. Amber eyes met amber as he glared at his reflection; even his own features mocked him now. The scar down his chest served as a constant reminder of his misdeeds. Sighing he walked slowly over to his desk and picked up the leather chord. He held it for a while before tying it around his neck, the strange pendant nestled against his throat. It had once been his lovers, he felt a small thrill shoot through his body, she was alive! He had thought her dead, killed by his own hand but it seemed that once again she had escaped deaths embrace. [i]youve more lives than a cat my love [/i]

His thoughts were interrupted when a young serving girl entered his room; she blushed furiously as she tried to avert her gaze from his lean body which was naked from the waist up. He laughed, enjoying her discomfort.
Lord Curtis sir theres a man to see you in the drawing room! Nicholas nodded, Tell him Ill be down shortly! The serving girl bowed and left leaving him alone again. He dressed quickly in his usual attire and proceeded to the drawing room.

The young elf rose from the chair and walked over to shake Nicholas hand, Ah Fardale, what brings you here?
I have news my liege concerning the grey elves. Nicholas smiled courteously, hiding his irritation; he was tired of the constant reports concerning one thing or another. They all seemed to contain the same theme, the elves were plotting his downfall and he was tired of hearing this. Three suspicious figures were seen entering one of the inns we believe to be run by grey elves, Fardale paused and Nicholas nodded for him to continue, he was beginning to grow impatient, [i]hurry up and get to it man, I dont have all day to sit and listen to you blabber on[/i].
Well sir we watched the inn as instructed after we discovered the young grey elf inside and sir one of the figures was a wild elf. She dropped her cloak as she killed one of the drunks who touched her it appears but we are unsure of that but what we do know is that she is defiantly a wild elf.
What did she look like? Nicholas asked barely able to contain his excitement, the figure sounded just like Xya, [i]could it be her, after all this time[/i] he dared not hope.
She was about 5ft 7 or 8, with long forest coloured hair, it was gold, red, brown and green and she had dark green eyes. It was hard to get a good look at her face as it was hidden by the cloak in the beginning and then she had her back to us but& Nicholas cut him off, he knew exactly who it was, his Xya.
I know of whom you speak, her name is Xylona Treesong and she is the daughter of the High Priestess for the wild elves. One can only guess what shes doing here but no doubt she means to lead her people against us. We cannot allow this, I want this wild elf captured and taken to me!
Yes my liege but what of the other two?
Kill them!
Yes my liege.
One more thing Fardale.
Yes my liege?
Whatever happens the wild elf must not die!
Yes my liege.
Good you are dismissed! [i] Soon my love I will have you again. You cannot escape me![/i]


Lyvia was happy to be travelling again but she made sure that she kept a watchful gaze of Xylona lest she try something.
Where did you go last night? she whispered so that Sevril could not hear, Out! was the only response Xylona gave and no matter how much she questioned her she would say no more on the matter. Her mind worked frantically, thinking of another way to approach the issue when nothing came she took the direct approach, What happened in your past that youre so eager to be rid of? Whats your connection to Lord Curtis?
I told you we were lovers a long time ago now leave me be. Ill tell you when the times right! Xylona snapped but Lyvia would not relent,
You owe us this much besides it could help with the war?
I owe you nothing and Ive just said Ill tell you when you need to know!
What if knows the right time?
Its not! Xylona retorted and Lyvia shut her mouth, thinking it best to leave her for the moment. Instead she walked over to Sevril who walked a few paces ahead of them, Do you how much longer it will be before we reach the Grey Elf camp?

((i thought it time to introduce an old friend))

07/24/2005 5:53 AM

Sevril was walking silently and leading them a bit slower this time. He was alot more cautious in these woods for they were the forests of the high elves. This forest felt as if it had eyes of malice and contempt for their presence, he hated travelling through these woods but it was far better this way than crossing into Manhelm. That was something that simply couldn't be risked. As they walked, he pondered whether or not the other elven kingdoms will agree to ally with them against Manhelm. He was supposed to report back in five days with an answer from the wild elves. That should be the day they arrive.
Nobody expected him to come back with a yes... Lord Melliv should be pleased.

The sun was above their heads and the canopy above them rocked gently back and forth with a gentle breeze. The weather was simply perfect, but the forest was quiet. Lyvia shuffled her way up to where he was walking.
"Do you how much longer it will be before we reach the Grey Elf camp?"
she said. Sevril turned his head to look at her and then looked up at the sky. "Well... as I said it is a 3 day journey from Lilunya. So we should reach the boundaries of the forest tonight and by tomorrow morning we should be there."

Sevril looked back ahead of him, wishing rather to be alone that he may devote his full range of senses to the task at hand. However Lyvia was intent on talking.
"Well I certainly hope the high elves join our cause. They have a sizeable army and they are well trained."

"As do I." Sevril replied curtly.
"And I hope we avoid any more incidents like what happened at the inn back on the road. " She sighed..."I do apologize on account of our little Xya, I simply don't know what's going on in that head of hers."
She said this as quietly as possible and Sevril just looked at her briefly, hastening his step through the thick woods. He did not reply, hoping she would take the hint.

((I love what you're doing with the story. Keep it up. your last post deserves a better reply but I simply couldn't think this morning for some reason. Well that and I still only have one character. But that will change.))

07/24/2005 12:49 PM

Xya watched in amusement as Lyvia tried to engage Sevril in conversation, [i] Id stop trying Lyvia, cant you see he doesnt want to talk to you![/i] Laughing she reached down and ruffled Nighteyes fur, he growled softly but she just grinned at him, [i]what are you so happy about?[/i]he asked.
Im just glad to be off that damned road and back in the forest?
[i]Course you are and this has nothing to do with Nicholas does it?[/i]
How did you&.
[i]Little sister you forget, we are bonded your worries and fears are my own[/i] Xya sighed as Nighteyes ran off to scout ahead.

Images were relayed back from both Dyami and Nighteyes; Sweeping forests glowing in the suns light, blue skies streaked with white, trees reaching to the light their leaves spread wide, gold eyes watching its prey, image after image filled her mind as her two bonded animals showed her all they saw.
She looked up as Lyvia slowed her pace to walk with her, interrupting the flow of images briefly with her statement, its beautiful isnt it! Xya nodded, Aye that it is! Xya had long since learned to appreciate the beauty of the forest. Its leaves of many different shades created a leafy canopy of dark green, matching the colour of her eyes perfectly.
Its strange how no forest is the same, this forest has a very different feel to it if you get my drift. Xya nodded again, she understood. Treesong had filled her mind almost as soon as they had entered. Though she did not have a pacific bond with the forest her link with nature gave her the ability to hear the treesong, however, it was but a whisper in her mind. And this forests song was different, darker and more sinister. Xya shuddered and quickened her pace.

Lyvia continued to speak to her for a while in which Xya nodded courteously but inside she was deeply irritated as this conversation weakened her concentration, meaning that Dyami and Nighteyes images were less clear.
As time passed, and the sun reached its peak in the sky they stopped briefly to eat, but eager to keep moving they had soon packed up and continued on theyre way. Soon the sun begun to set and the forest darkened. Xya was growing weary and Nighteyes had dropped back to walk besides her. Their pace slowed from fatigue and Nighteyes begun to limp slightly, Soon brother, soon and then we can rest! Nighteyes whimpered slightly at this but increased his pace slightly at the prospect of rest.

Xyas heart lifted as an image came to her mind from Dyami; it showed the forests edge. They were but a half hour away, running ahead she caught up with Sevril, Were almost there. Dyami shows that the forests edge is but a half hour away. And when we are out of this forest well rest right or will you have us trekking through the night?!


Fardale lead his men into the forest. He had confirmed with the spies and they had all seen the three figures enter the forest. [i]For a grey elf hes not very stealthy[/i], Fardale thought to himself, [i]he cant even cover his own tracks![/i] Still he did not let this recent victory cloud his judgement. In order to succeed he could not underestimate his opponents. They travelled swiftly by the cover of night. Fardale had not wanted to travel on horseback, preferring instead to travel by foot but he appreciated that the targets had a good lead on him and his men. So horseback was the logical choice and Fardale liked to think he was smart.

The reached a fork but Fardale was an excellent tracker and could easily tell which direction they had taken. News had reached him through his clan of a grey elf emissary sent to each Elvin nation, including his own the high elves. He believed that the grey elf that travelled with the wild elf and the other one probably another wild elf, was the emissary sent to the wild elves in order to get them to join the grey elves and from the looks of things they had succeeded but Fardale was unfazed by this notion. For he knew that no matter what the grey elves would not enlist the help of the greatest of all Elvin nations, the High Elves and without them the war was lost before it even started.

As they continued Fardale could tell that he was closing in on the small group, theyre tracks were fresher the deeper they travelled. Urging his horse onwards he called to his men, Soon my brothers, well have them by sunrise!

((thanks! Now, i want Xya to be captured even if briefly and Lyvia killed so do you think we should have that happen before we reach camp, i'd rather not but it will be harder once wwe get there. But i'm not sure, what do you think?))

07/24/2005 2:22 PM

The day began to wane. The sun slowly arched up and over their heads and the air began to grow cooler. Sevril began to have an uneasy feeling in his stomach. It was just a small knot at first, perhaps something he had eaten. He couldn't be sure if he had any allergies from wild elf food, however as they continued to travel the knot began to grow into a slow poisoning of anxiety. The whole day they had travelled without a single incident. For this he should have been thankful but instead he grew nervous and quickened his pace. It seemed like it was taking forever to reach the forests edge. His quickened pace began to wear on the others after a while. He could feel their pace slowing, he knew they were growing fatigued. During the latter part of the evening Xya rushed up to him.

"Were almost there. Dyami shows that the forests edge is but a half hour away. And when we are out of this forest well rest right or will you have us trekking through the night?!"
Sevril turned his head to regard her but did not miss a single step. He was silent, pondering this notion. He was relieved that they were nearing the border of the forests and he desperately wanted to stop. But a dark presence lingered on his mind and he shook his head vehemently.

"No, we mustn't stop... we mustn't slow down. We will travel through the night.."

This encouraged him to quicken his pace even further.
"Xya... please ask nighteyes to fall back and cover our rear" He asked softly.
It would comfort him, he thought, to have eyes in the back of his head. He figured Dyami too would be of great aid, however when darkness fell it would be harder to see at great distances. Sevril of course could not be sure of anything but he figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Half an hour later, the trees began to thin out and the sun was already resting on the horizon, sending long eery shadows clawing across the landscape. Past the treeline, they could see a great rolling plane with small hills which rose into larger more numerous ones in the distance. Here and there a great oak 100's of years old rose out of the earth but the most prominent feature was the large boulders which were scattered across the landcape. the sky was an array of deep purples and dark oranges and a cool breeze blew in their faces as Sevril regarded the two females. they looked tired, they wanted to rest but Sevril would not allow it.

"We must move swiftly... sticking to the boulders and the trees. We must blend with the shadows. I would wait here until dark.. but for some reason I dare not tarry. Come..."
Sevril moved from the shelter of the trees and felt very exposed out in the openness of the landscape. He snaked around large stone boulders and melded with the shadows, their path was like a snake across the open ground. Finally... there was no more light in the sky and darkness covered the land. It was chillier out here too, a stiff northern wind nipped at their skin as they struggled on.

((Yes that's perfect. Xya will be captured out here in the plains and Lyvia will be killed.
Sevril will not get them back to camp in time. However he'll know that manhelm is onto the grey elves plan and all sorts of pandemonium will ensue.. ))

07/24/2005 3:10 PM

((ahh pandemonium, how i love it))

Xyas will snapped with his words, she was so tired but complied nodding, If there is no other choice then we must continue! Turning to Nighteyes she spoke to him through her mind, [i]Im sorry brother but we cannot stop, we must go on. Will you watch our back for us?[/i] Nighteyes whimpered, nursing his bruised paw, Sevrils fast pace had impacted heavily on the wolf.
[i]If I must little sister![/i] he responded disappearing off into the darkness.

Time seemed to pass by slowly as they walked from boulder to tree and on, keeping to the shadows. Nighteyes relayed images back to her but most were of empty plains. Suddenly Nighteyes heard horses and he called to her in fear,[i]run little sister we are being chased[/i]. She looked around her in fear almost crying out with relief when Nighteyes gently nudged her, [i]hurry, we must loose them[/i]. Xya nodded in understanding, Sevril! she screamed to the elf ahead of her, Were being chased! Theyre coming for us; Lord Curtis is coming for me! Besides her she felt Lyvias eyes go wide in fear. Lyvia was not used to the fight being an elder. If they were attacked she would be the first to fall to the enemies blades. She could see the horses cantering towards her. They were now but a hairs breadth away. She felt an arrow rush past her and a scream showed that it had indeed found its target, Lyvia! she cried rushing to the fallen elves side but she knew it was too late, the woman was dead.

Xya fell to her knees as the horses quickly surrounded them, their leader leapt from his horse and stared first at the dead Lyvia and then at Xya and Sevril. Well, well, well, looks like weve found our wild elf. Lord Curtis will be pleased.
What does he want with me?
Youll see! Turning to one of the elves nearest Sevril he called to her, kill the boy!
Wait! Xya called desperately, this was a desperate ploy but she had a feeling Nicholas would want her alive.
What? the leader asked impatiently, his eyes widening as she removed her Sabre and held it to her throat.
Let him go or I die! The leader looked at her in bewilderment but eventually bowed to her will, Let him go! he called to his men, You can lower the blade now Xylona!
Not until hes out of sight! She responded and he nodded in exasperation,
Fine! he snapped as Xya turned and walked over to Sevril, embracing him she leaned down to whisper in his ear, Take Nighteyes with you, youll be able to communicate to me through him, even though I will not be able to respond. Also please give Lyvia the burial she deserves, I wont have her rotting away here. Thank you! she lingered there for a moment before releasing him
[i]Brother, watch over Sevril for me[/i]
[i]he will come to no harm[/i] Satisfied she turned and walked over to her captives.

Xya watched atop one of the horses as Nighteyes and Sevril disappeared off into the distance, slowly she lowered the blade and allowed them to bind her arms tightly behind her. It would be alright so long as Sevril got free. She turned to face the path before her; it was time to face her past!

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"Sevril! she screamed to the elf ahead of her, We're being chased! Theyre coming for us; Lord Curtis is coming for me!"

Sevril's heart skipped a beat. He stopped dead in his tracks... it couldn't be. His fears were realized when he turned on his heel and saw a pack of horses thundering towards them. there was no time to run... no time to think. the arrows began to fly... He narrowly dodged one and scrambled up a nearby boulder. they were excellent shots... they had to be elves. Sevril grit his teeth and leapt from the boulder onto the back of one of the riders. He wasn't going to win this battle but he would not go down without a fight. The rider jerked his horse and Sevril wrapped his arm around his throat, yanking him off his mount onto the ground. Lyvia fell beside him with an arrow in her lungs but He did not have the time to ponder her death just yet. All was chaos as Sevril brought the blade of his dagger to the man's throat, ready to end his life. He was human...
Sevril then felt a swordpoint on the back of his own neck. He stopped immediately.
"Release him grey one or your other pretty friend dies too..."

Sevril pondered his choices. He didn't know who they were, he didn't know what they wanted and he couldn't figure out how they found out about him. Slowly he lowered his blade which was immediately snatched up by one of the Men. The elf who held the sword at his neck grabbed him by the collar and drug him into the middle of the ring of horses. He saw Lyvia face down and bleeding and Xya on her knees beside her.
White horses... immaculate armor, finely crafted blades of the highest quality. They were high elves.. and they were riding with Manhelm thugs... sickening. Well at least they weren't run down by simple thieves. but this was a good indication that the high elves were not going to be in league with the grey elves.

The leader was a fine example of high elf purity and perfection. His silver armor gleamed in the moonlight as he dismounted and looked down his nose at the three of them.
"Well, well, well, looks like weve found our wild elf. Lord Curtis will be pleased."
Xya... They were after Xya!! but why? Sevril thought. He couldn't figure out why they hadn't killed the lot of them yet.
"Kill the boy!" he said.
Ah... yes Sevril saw this one coming. He drew in a sharp breath and closed his eyes awaiting the peaceful slumber of death.
"Wait!" Xya called out...
Sevril's life was spared when Xya threatened to kill herself. Apparantly it was important that they take her alive. But for what purpose? In any case He was alive Thanks to her clever plan.

Xya came up to him. Her presence was comforting. He could not look her in the eyes for he felt as though he had failed the both of them. He could only imagine what horrible fate they would drag her to. He closed his eyes as she embraced him and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Im sorry..." He managed to get out. He wished he had something better to say for it was as if he might never see her again.
"Take Nighteyes with you, youll be able to communicate to me through him, even though I will not be able to respond. Also please give Lyvia the burial she deserves, I wont have her rotting away here. Thank you!"
The cool breeze blew across them as they lingered for a moment. He didn't know what she was thanking him for but he didn't want her to let go.

Finally She did and was mounted behind the leader atop his magnificent horse. Sevril had to run... he didn't want to but he had to. He looked one last time before bolting as fast as he could into the shadows with nighteyes closely in tow. So Xya and nighteyes were bonded. good... it was a comforting notion. Sevril did not slow down at all... even with the fatigue, the burning in his legs, he kept running. his cloak billowed behind him as he grit his teeth and clenched his fists. He stopped only for a moment underneath the branches of a grand old oak. He put his face in his hands , but he did not cry as he leaned against the tree gasping for breath. Nighteyes pawed up beside him, nudging his leg.
"What a failure... I'm so sorry Nighteyes. tell her I'm sorry."
Nighteyes kept nudging his leg. Nighteyes' pain was unbearable, but yet he was urging the Grey elf on, pushing him forward.

"You're right brother, we must not tarry, I will not stop until we reach camp. Standing here feeling sorry will not bring xya back."
Sevril pushed from the tree and ran... he ran there underneath the full moon until his heart wanted to give out. On the brink of collapse, early in the morning before the sun had even thought of rising, Sevril and Nighteyes collapsed on the borders of the Grey elf encampment.

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Xya continued to watch the plains long after they had disappeared, the leader who had identified himself as Fardale turned to face her, grinning mockingly, Awww dont worry pretty one your lover will be all right!
Xya turned slowly to face him, eyes flashing, Hes not my lover! she snarled but he just continued to laugh. Glaring at him Xya twisted her hand slightly from behind her back, and with this motion one of the branches moved slightly, knocking Fardale off his horse as they passed. Now it was Xyas turn to laugh as she watched him lie sprawled on the wet ground. Cursing he leapt at her, pointing his sword at her neck.
Careful Elf, for a moment there I thought you were going to kill me and you dont want to do that now do you? Fardale muttered something inaudible under his breath before slowly lowering his blade to re-mount his horse.

Xya continued to grin as he pushed the horses hard, increasing their pace to a canter. But her smile was whipped from her face as Nighteyes sent her an image. It was of Sevril beneath an oak, she could not see his face as it was buried in his hands. He muttered something but she could not hear, [i]he says sorry[/i] Nighteyes told her, [i]he thinks this is all his fault[/i]. Shocked Xya froze for a moment; this wasnt his fault it was hers if she hadnt revealed herself back at the inn then Nicholas wouldnt have known she was alive. [i]Comfort him Nighteyes; show him that its not his fault! He did so well that he should be proud of himself. He risked his life to come and seek our aid and he succeeded. He won![/i]

Xya slept whilst they travelled, confident that they would not harm her. Soon they reached Kellums road but this time they took a separate path heading away from both forests. As the sun peeked over the horizon Xya received another images from Nighteyes, it showed a large camp which she presumed to be the grey elves. Her heart lifted at this, it was all right, they had made it. Sending out her magick she reached towards one of the trees in the centre of the grey elf camp. Rearranging the branches slightly she left Sevril a message for him to see when he awoke. Drained she collapsed into the seat of the horse, but a small smile flickered over her features, her message still clear in her mind, [i]Never forget as long as were alive theres still a chance. You did well and for that I thank you, you have nothing to be sorry for ~ Xya[/i].


Nicholas paced the room; his scouts had spotted Fardale and his men approaching carrying a slender wild elf. He had barely been able to contain his excitement as he hurriedly dressed and rushed down to the entrance hall to await his loves arrival.

Fardale burst in through the door, carrying Xya in his arms, Im sorry my liege! was the first thing he said as he noticed Nicholas angry expression, What happened Fardale?
I dont know, sir, we had her and she was fine and all but then as we neared this place she just collapsed. Nicholas glared at him for a moment before nodding, Shes probably tired, take her up to her room and let her sleep Ill talk to her in the evening! Fardale nodded and left the room flocked by several maids who had come to assist him. When everyone had left the room, he cursed loudly slamming his fist down onto the table before stalking out of the room and back up to his own.

As he approached his room which was next to Xyas he stopped one of the maids who was leaving Xyas. Lady Xylona is to dine with me this eve when she awakens. So have some clothes laid out for her.
Yes sir!
Good and have someone there to help her dress Im afraid shed used to rather primitive clothes so may have some difficulty.
Yes sir! Satisfied with this arrangement Nicholas retired to his own room, shutting the door quietly behind him so as not to be disturbed.
[i]Now I have you my love[/I]

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When Sevril awoke, his joints hurt. Before he opened his eyes he could tell he was in bed, it was his bed and soooo comfortable. Slowly his eyelids lifted and He saw a pretty elf girl sitting by his bedside smiling back at him.

"Well good morning." She said happily. It was Faedra, his childhood friend of so many years. She had deep black hair that was straight and fell to graze her shoulders. Like the other grey elves who stayed in camp through the seasons, she had pale skin that was very fair. She was short and thin , her face was round and punctuated with dark green eyes. She was slightly younger than Sevril.

"Faedra... " Sevril mumbled, he gave a soft smile, lost for a moment in the tranquility. Had it all been a dream? No.. In a moment all of the events of last night came rushing back to his head. Sevril shot up in bed and looked to his left. Nighteyes was there waiting patiently also by his bedside. Ah faithful friend... Sevril looked around frantically then said "Xya..."

"Who's Xya?" Faedra asked politely as Sevril jumped out of bed and threw on his shirt and cloak. "Sevril what's wrong? What happened? Did they accept?" She prodded.
Sevril stopped only for a moment, his heart was beating quickly as he strapped his dagger to his thigh.
"Faedra thank you for your care.. all will be explained shortly. Please I must speak to your father where is he? "

Faedra was the daughter of Lord Melliv, the universally accepted leader of the dispersed Grey elf race. Though they were a fractured race of nomads, the seat of power was this seasonally shifting base camp.

"The main hall, giving counsel with the clan leaders. He is not expecting you until tonight Sevril why are you in such a rush? Won't you have something to eat?"

Sevril did not hear the last part for he opened the door and steped out into the granite halls of the quaint dwelling. the walls were polished granite and stone beautifully sculpted into living quarters. They were underground In one of many houses all connected by a vast network of underground caves and hallways. But this wonderful system was not built by the grey elves but by a magnificent race who existed millenia before the grey elves ever came to be. Sevril stepped into the main room of the house
and then stopped, turning around to see Faedra calmly watching him from the hallway with a concerned look on her face.

"Faedra where are my parents?" Sevril asked.
"My father sent them to Brefit in Manhelm. They were to gather information on weapon transfers from Soren. why?"
Sevril only shut his eyes then turned on his heel and walked out the door, leaving Faedra to her own devices. He didn't want to think about the danger his parents were in now that things had changed. Nighteyes followed him out the door and padded closely by his side as he swiftly made his way through mazelike corridors to a large set of stairs. The stairs led him up to the surface, this small section above ground was a shortcut to the main hall. He pushed open the trapdoor and stepped outside into the overcast greyness of mid-afternoon. The wind instantly tugged at his cloak and his hair fraying it into a dark black blur that got in his face and lashed out behind him. Sevril took a deep breath of fresh air and looked around at the hilly, rocky landscape of the foothills. A large oak stood mightily nearby to his right. As Sevril emerged fully from the trapdoor, this tree caught his eye. The branches looked odd but he couldn't figure it out completely, so he and nighteyes stepped in closer for a better look. Sevril couldn't believe it, there in the branches of the tree was a message from Xya. The message read:

"Never forget as long as were alive thers still a chance. You did well and for that I thank you, you have nothing to be sorry for ~ Xya."

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Xya blinked repeatedly as she gazed around her, [i]where was she?[/i] As she sat up she noticed a woman staring at her from a chair besides her bed. Lady Xylona it is good to see you have awoken, I am to help you prepare for this evening. Xya continued to stare at her, growing more confused by the second, Whats happening this evening?
Youre to dine with Lord Curtis!
I am!? Xya looked at her in shock; she was still a bit dazed. So where am I exactly? she asked as the woman stared at her in apparent shock.
Why youre in Lord Curtis castle of course, where else did you think you were? Xya blinked again but soon nodded in understanding as the days events came rushing back.
Of course, Im sorry! she replied flushing slightly. So youll be helping me to dress then?
Yes! the woman cried in exasperating, now if youll please get out of bed and come this way we can get started! And having no choice Xya walked slowly towards the woman.

After what seemed like hours Xya emerged from her room, thoroughly scrubbed and dressed in a long green dress. Her hair had been carefully brushed and styled into a fancy bob which was clasped at the back over her head with a silver band. By now Xya was getting thoroughly annoyed with the woman, who kept tittering away to herself as she pulled at Xyas hair and dug pins into her soft skin.
There my lady all done! she said eventually and Xya let out a sigh of relief. [i]now what?[/i] she thought to herself but neednt have bothered because at that moment another maid approached her and led her down the marble steps and into the dining room where Lord Curtis awaited.

My lady Xylona how nice of you to graze me with your presence! he said bending to kiss her hand.
I didnt have much of a choice! Xya responded coldly, glaring at him.
Now, now dont be like that, come sit! he said leading her to one of the many chairs that surrounded the dining room table. Wine?
I dont drink!
Oh yes of course! She responded and for the next hour he engaged her in a seemingly pointless conversation about birds and the forests. Xya had no doubt he was mocking her. When they had finally finished their meal and all the various servants had left he approached her and sat in the seat besides her, Now Xya enough of the pleasantries, I have a few questions to ask you!
Why are you treating me like this, I thought I was your prisoner?
You are but as you can see I am not a cruel man, answer me these questions and Ill let you go! Xya glared at him, this was not the man she remembered!
And if I dont?
Well lets just hope it doesnt come to that! Still Im a reasonable man; how about for every question you answer you get to ask one of your own!
Fine! Xya snapped
Great, heres my first question: wheres the grey elf camp?


Nicholas smiled charmingly at her as she glared at him, Great, heres my first question: wheres the grey elf camp? he asked still smiling.
I dont know!
Come now theres no need to protect them.
I said I dont know, your men captured me before we got there and Sevril never told me where it was! Nicholas smile strained slightly at the mention of the boys name, [i]who was this Sevril?[/i] he pondered but managed to restrain himself from asking this question out loud, [i]all in good time[/i] he reprimanded himself.
If you must protect him! he responded
I dont care about him Xya cried but the look in her eyes told otherwise and Nicholas breathe caught in his throat, [i]where they..[/i] he started but his mind refused to go there. My question: How come youve lived so long and still look as young as you did a century ago!
I dont know, he stated truthfully but he could tell Xya did not believe him. Next question: What are the grey elves plans?


All throughout the conversation Xya was anything but nice to Nicholas as he spoke to her; she knew he was lying when he said he didnt know why he had lived so long.
Next question: What are the grey elves plans? he asked her and she faltered slightly.
We never touched upon it. Thats what we were going to discuss at the grey elf camp but as you well know we never got there. Again Nicholas stared at her intently trying to see of she lied. Now its my question: what happened in the castle with your father when you did not come out for a full moon? Xya could tell she had struck home as he bristled slightly,
I think thats enough questions Ill see you later! he said formally all of his charm gone, before leaving the room. Xya allowed herself a satisfied smile.

As Nicholas left the room the same maid from before came and escorted her to her room, where she undressed and lay down on the bed staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.
[i]Nighteyes?[/i] she quested cautiously and was met with a happy cry of [i]bonded[/i], she could almost see Nighteyes grinning his wolfish smile as his tail wagged in delight. [i]you have been a long time little sister, I was beginning to worry[/i]
[i]you shouldnt worry, I am safe here no matter what the elves may think. Tell me what has happened so far?[/i] she asked listening as he recounted what had happened so far.
[i]keep watch over him brother and I will come to you soon but there are things I must discover first[/i]
[i]come home soon[/i] was the only response she received and Xya satisfied closed her eyes in another attempt to rest.

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A small smile lingered on Sevril's face as he swiftly ran above ground about 100 yards. Xya was okay and this comforted him. "She's a tough one she is.. "He thought to himself. Nighteyes gracefully ran beside him, the cool misty hair flowing through his fur. He came upon a boulder which marked the place where the well hidden trap door rested. He bent down and opened it, leaping into the darkness below. There was another staircase enveloped in darkness leading to a small hint of light at the bottom. This staircase was rairly used. When He had reached the bottom he rounded a corner and more light became available as he made his way into the more populated areas. He soon came upon a large set of Oak double doors which were massive and inlaid with a fine silver. Two grey elf guards, members of Lord Mellivs personal escort, stood at either side of this entrance with finely crafted spears. As Sevril approached the one on the right raised his brow.

"Sorry Sevril... Council is in session right now, would be best not to interrupt."

Sevril paused. "I must speak with Lord Melliv, it is of dire importance to our cause. You must let me in."

"But I was given specific instructions not to..."

Nighteyes' fur began to bristle and a low growl emanated from his chest.
"If you don't let me in and I have to wait till tonight to speak with Him, I guarantee you that you will find yourself and your family dead before the weeks end."

The guard considered for a moment. Then sighed. "Very well, but it won't be on my head if our Lord is angered." He then stepped over and turned the large silver handle on the right side of the double door. It swung opened silently and Sevril stepped into the large round room with nighteyes close by. It was dark inside like the rest of the underground. A group of about 7 elves sat in chairs arranged in a half circle around a tall but modest throne made of wood and set on a pedestal above the others. The back of the throne was against the center of the wall in the back of the round room and a shaft of light fell on this spot from a skylight fashioned in the roof.

On the throne, Lord Melliv slouched and rested his chin in the palm of his left hand.
His bright grey eyes were half closed and he had the worst look of boredom on his handsome face. His clothing was indistinguishable from your average grey elf and it was safe to say he was not very flamboyant at all. The only thing that distinguished him from his subjects was a beautiful silver circlet which rested on lightly on his head. Thick Black hair spilled over his shoulders with grey streaks running from each of his temples to the ends. His facial features were chiseled his eyes hardened from years of leadership through the toughest situations.

The other 7 elves looked fairly young. They were the leaders of other small concentrations of grey elves scattered throughout the land. All of them, including Melliv looked up when the door opened and young sevril stepped quickly through. Melliv was silently happy to have the monotony interrupted and his face lit up when he saw Sevril enter. The others looked annoyed at having their meeting interrupted. Melliv was familiar with Sevril because he and his daughter often spent time with one another.
Sevril could not keep walking through the large room, so he ran and came to a stop in front of the other elves right at the foot of Lord Mellivs throne. The wolf however, held back and sat patiently in the shadows. The other elves all looked at eachother, feeling very disrespected.

"Ah, Sevril... What a pleasant surprise to see that you've made it back. But you know that the official report is not scheduled until tonight. "Lord Melliv's voice was strong and yet very comforting in a fatherly sort of way.

"My Lord.. I bring dire and desperate news. It was urgent that I speak with you as soon as possible. " Sevril's voice was shaking, he was breathing hard and the others forgot their insults and impatience as the whole room filled with the dread and foreboding found in his words. Melliv's countenance grew darker and he leaned forward intensely focused on Sevril

"Go on Sevril. What have you to say..."

"My Lord, I made contact with the Wild elves. They agreed to all that you proposed. One of their council members and Xya, the high priestess's daughter accompanied me on the return journey. But last night we were attacked. They were high elves my Lord... and they had Curtis's men with them."

Melliv's eyes grew wide and the others gasped and murmed to eachother in hushed tones.

"Silence!" Melliv belted, his voice filling the chamber. " the boy must finish. Go on."

"They killed the council member and took Xya. They were after HER my Lord. I don't fully know why but they knew exactly where to find us! I was spared only on the threat of her suicide. The high elves and Manhelm are in league.. and they know what we're up to."

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Though Xya lay there on her side for sometime she could not sleep. Every time she closed her eyes her mind was plagued with images from her nightmare. Finally she rolled out of bed and walked over to check the door, it was not locked. Xya stared at it for a bit, confused. Obviously Nicholas had guessed that she would not leave till he had answered her questions, he was right. Xya smiled to herself as she hurriedly dressed in the green dress she had worn earlier as her travellers clothes had been taken away.

Opening the door slowly, Xya crept out into the landing. It was dark and the only light was the moonlight which poured in through the small window at the end of the hall. Xya slowly descended the marble steps heading for the door to the gardens.
As she emerged through the door she gave and involuntary shudder as the cold air hit her.
Cold? a voice asked mockingly and Xya whirled round, seeking the owner of the voice.
You! What are you doing out here?
The same thing as you, enjoying the fresh air unless of course youre trying to escape? he asked quietly studying her, she shook her head, no I thought not. Still now that we are here&together&&
Im not answering any questions so dont even bother to ask! she snarled, cutting him off.
You presume too much [i]my love[/i]! he responded smoothly unruffled by her sudden outburst. He moved towards her, pulling her into his embrace, she stiffened in his arms but he held her tightly. There was once a time when you didnt do that dont you remember?
That was before you tried to kill me! she shot back, [i]somethings not right[/i] she thought to herself, she could feel it.

Her mind worked furiously as he bent down and kissed her. Again she received the strange feeling that something wasnt right, [i]this isnt Nicholas[/i]. Using all her strength she wrenched herself out of his grip.
Who are you? she asked, breathing heavily
You know who I am! he said grinning wickedly and suddenly the puzzle pieces snapped into place and she finally saw the truth.
[i]Oh goddess no![/i]


Back at the grey elf camp Nighteyes continued to watch over the grey one when he froze, [i]something wasnt right[/i]. He whimpered slightly. Then a he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder and he howled, one thought registered in his mind, his bonded was in danger. He ran towards the grey one and tugged viciously pulling on his sleeve. He had to make him understand, one message repeated itself over an over again in his mind, [i]help me brother[/i]. Nighteyes howled again, as he felt another flash of pain.

In his mind he could see a tall figure looming over him, madness flickered in his eyes as he advanced on him, but Nighteyes knew it was not him that the figure saw but his little sister. [i]bonded[/i] he screamed into the night but there was no response.

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"Sevril you must return to the wild elves at once with the utmost of haste and tell them what transpired. In their anger they will try to strike at Manhelm alone, but we must be united. " Melliv sat straight up in his seat, retaining a bit of regal authority as his position required. "Surely, Mahelm and the high elves will strike soon, we can not be caught off guard. I must know if the sea elves have aligned with us."

"My Lord," Sevril Inquired. " I must ask that I be allowed to lead a rescue party into Manhelm for the high priestess's daughter."

"That's absurd boy. I already said you will go back to Lilunya and warn the wild elves." Melliv's face was stern. He now stood from his throne. He was tall and his voice thundered out across the room. "Farus!"

The guard standing post outside opened the door and came to attention just inside the room. "Yes Lord."

"Go and check if Haavel Has returned yet from the sea elves. We can only hope he has returned early. As for the rest of you..." He turned his attention to the 7 leaders still sitting before him as the guard turned on his heel and ran out to his task. "Go and gather as many of our kindred as you can from your areas. Retrieve Those Still in the cities of manhelm and the high elf kingdom. I can only assume that the order has been given to slaughter any and all grey elves in sight. "

"My Lord," Sevril once again tried to make his voice heard, he still knelt before Melliv's throne as the others stood and hurriedly rushed past him to disperse into the forests, mountains, plains and foothills, carrying the dire news to the rest of the clan.
"It is imperative that I go into Manhelm and-"

"NO!" Melliv was stressed and he came across harsher than he would've liked.
"Your orders have been given young one. You are the only one who has had any contact with the wild elves, you know the way to Lilunya. You WILL do as I have said!"

"Yes lord, as you wish." Sevril conceded."I will be taking Haemon with me."

"Yes of course. As you please... now hurry."

Sevril stood, bowed slightly once more then turned on his heel and ran quickly out of the room. Out in the hall he passed by the guard Farus and another young grey elf much like himself but with shorter blonde hair and bright green eyes. It was Haavel, The grey elf whom Melliv had sent to propose a treaty with the Sea elves. Haavel waved happily as he hurried by. Sevril could not help but skid to a halt.

"Haavel what news!" Sevril asked desperately. As Haavel passed into the council chambers he smiled and waved to Sevril.

"They accepted! what of the wild elves?"

"The same..." Sevril could hear Haavel laughing as he dissappeared to have an audience with Melliv. Sevril knew that his jovial spirits would soon turn gravely serious when Melliv told him what had happened. He ran down the hall and soon came upon the room of Haemon. Haemon was a very good friend of his. somebody that he could trust with his very life. He was older than Sevril and skilled in the arts of stealth and subversion. He was darker than Sevril and taller with a muscular build. His hair was black and long and his eyes dark grey. Sevril did not hesitate, nor did he knock but he ran straight into Haemon's dwelling To find his friend sitting in the front room stringing a bow. Haemon paused and looked calmly at Sevril.

"Well... its good to see that they didn't kill you.." Haemon said with a half smile.
"Yes Ive been hearing that." Sevril replied. He then told his friend everything that had happened and he relayed the discussion he had with Melliv.
"Of course Ill go with you." Haemon said. "Just let me get some things ready and then-"

"No... there is no time, we must leave at once. Meet me outside by the large oak." Sevril then ran out the door, with nighteyes in tow. He made his way back up the neglected staircase and then ran back towards the tree to find Xya's message still entwined in the branches. The harsh wind blew at his face, but he could not take his eyes off of her words. It was becoming evening, but there was no sunset, only an ominous grey sky over the rocky foothills.

"you're going after her anyways aren't you..." It was Faedra. Sevril hadn't even noticed her sitting behind the tree as he looked into its branches. She stood up and leaned against the oak, the wind tugging at her soft hair. Sevril looked at her with intense yellow eyes.

"Will you tell your father?" Sevril inquired.

She paused and looked down at her delicate hands with an innocent smile on her lips.
"No of course not. I wonder though why after only a few days you're so willing to risk your life for her. Not to mention exile from the clan." She sighed and then looked at him.
"I'm coming with you of course."

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Xya watched him approach her again, but this time his eyes flashed and malice showed clearly there. He reached for something beneath the folds of his clothing and drew it aloft. Gasping, Xya fell backwards as the silver edged dagger flashed towards her. She felt the pain shoot down her body and reaching up with her hands felt the blood poor forth from where the blade had struck her shoulder. Again he struck out at her and Xya had to clamp her mouth shut in order to stop herself from screaming, she would not give him that pleasure.
Why are you doing this? she asked scrambling backwards her hand raised before her in an attempt to block his next attack.
Because you know too much, its that simple! He moved towards her slowly, almost as if he were playing with her. She looked up at him in fear, [i]brother help me[/i] she sent to Nighteyes over and over again.

Xya turned and fled deep into the garden. Until she smashed into one of the tall oaks in the centre of the garden, she turned round to stare up at its thick branches and safety. Reaching up with her magick she commanded the branches to lift her high up into the upper parts of the oak. From there she stared down at her attacker.
You cant escape me that easily! he called up at her but when he started to climb up Xya sent one of the lower branches swinging into his stomach, temporarily winding him. Using this temporary advantage, she moved to the next tree, making for the huge walls that guarded the castle.

Xya spun round just in time to see her attacker get up with a cry and race inside the castle, [i]is he leaving?[/i] she asked herself but somehow she knew he was not, just making sure there were guards ready at the foot of the wall ready to kill her if she ever got over. Xya cursed under her breath but still continued towards her destination, [i]I have to get back, I have to warn them[/i]. Finally she reached the wall and instructed the branches to literally throw her over the wall, Xya was not looking forward to the landing.

Xya landed hard on the stony ground with a cry, her head swum but she forced herself to carry on. She ran down the cobbled streets that marked the village surrounding the castle, being carefully to remain in the shadows. Her feet ached but her heart leapt at the sight of the gate. She increased her pace and ran towards it when she felt something smash into the side of her head and everything went black, one thought flickered through her mind as she drifted into unconsciousness, [i]so close[/i]

08/10/2005 5:44 AM

Sevril was about to vehemently refuse that Faedra accompany him, but he was interrupted by the appearance of Haemon who came running up to the two where they stood beneath the mighty oak.

"Well then, I didn't know Faedra would be coming with us." Haemon said smiling."Who is this?" He said in reference to nighteyes who sat patiently at Sevril's side.

"She's not coming. And this is Nighteyes, Xya's bonded." Sevril answered.

"Who the heck is Xya?" Haemon asked as he adjusted his bow on his back.

"That's what I've been trying to figure out." Faedra said.

"Look, we don't have time for this."Sevril sighed."Haemon I must ask a great favor of you."

"Yes anything my friend." Haemon said as he stepped closer towards Sevril.

"You must travel to Lilunya alone and raise the alarm."

"What?! I don't even know where the city is... how can-"

"I will tell you how to get there. When you get there tell them that Xylona has been captured and is being held prisoner in Manhelm. Xylona is the daughter of their high priestess. Urge them to raise their arms and prepare their defenses. Tell them that the sea elves are in league with us but the high elves are now enemies. They must guard their northern borders well for many high elf spies may have already infiltrated their lands." Sevril spoke quickly and their was urgency in his voice.

Nighteyes began to tug anxiously on Sevril's cloak. He whimpered softly Then wretched back and gave a howl of pain. Sevril immediately knelt down beside the wolf and carressed the soft fur around his neck. Haemon and Faedra came running up beside them and watched as the poor wolf Howled again.

"What is it brother? What pains you...? Sevril asked with deep concern in his voice.
The large wolf looked up at Sevril with pleading in his eyes and in the grey elf's heart he knew that something horrible was happening to Xya. Sevril looked up at Haemon.

"You must go now! There is no more time to waste. Lilunya is two and a half days west. After you cross the black river head southwest. Don't worry, they will find you."

Haemon did not reply. Immediately he turned and silently headed into the night, dissappearing into the growing darkness towards the wild elf forests. Sevril stood and nighteyes was anxious to be off. Faedra stood silently by, watching with innocent green eyes.

"I don't have time to argue with you Faedra so I guess I can't stop you from coming. We must make haste to the sea elf kingdom. "

Faedra smiled softly and nodded. "Good let's go save kya or dya or whatever her name is. you know you wouldn't have left without me anyways. " Faedra laughed and Stepped swiftly in front of Sevril taking the lead in the journey to the sea elves. Sevril did not reply but followed her and smiled slightly when she had past him. In his heart he was happy to have her along.
It took them all night and all the next day to reach the sea elf kingdom. When they arrived, they found that Haavel had already beat them there. With the Sea elves as allies they were able to acquire a small scouting vessel and a crew to take them to Manhelm. Sevril knew that Manhelm's borders would be tightly guarded with Men and High elves alike, his chances of crossing the border over land without getting caught were slim. He knew the sea elves were the only ones with over sea access so hopefully he could slip into the country from a coastal inlet. The small vessel set off from the dock with little supplies for it would not take them long to reach manhelm. Once aboard, Sevril, Faedra and nighteyes went below deck to get the first hours of sleep they had had in over 24 hours. The rolling waters of the ocean rocked them back and forth and in the morning, they would awaken to find themselves behind enemy lines.

08/10/2005 10:19 AM

Xya woke to the pain of her throbbing head. Reaching to touch the bump where she had been hit, she felt a bandage wrapped round it. She sat up at this confused and stared blearily around her. She was in some sort of prison cell, there were no windows and the room was swamped in darkness. Only a thin sheet of weak light lit the cell from the feeble candle on the side near her cell. Xya looked down and saw that her other wounds had been attended to. She had no idea what time it was, nor how long shed been out for.

[i]brother[/i] she called out weakly and was relieved when she heard his thrilled response, [i]little sister, you live[/i]
[i]of course but barely besides you would have felt if Id died! Where are you I can see images of the sea, I dont understand. And who is the other with you? Is she friend or foe?[/i]
[i]We came for you. The grey one has taken us to the sea elves, they let us use their boats. The female is friend, the grey one calls her Faedra, she is daughter of their leader.[/i] Xyas heart clenched with this,
[i]no you must turn back[/i]
[i]no[/i] Nighteyes responded with equal firmness, [i]I will not leave you and I do not believe the grey one will either[/i] Xya listened, knowing deep inside that she could not change his mind but still she tried,
[i]brother you must not come, Lord Curtis will surely suspect it[/i]
[i]I do not fear this man, he has hurt you and I will relish striking him down. We come![/i]
[i]I know![/i] she said sighing before severing the connection, she would talk with him later but for now she needed to conserve her strength.

Xya slept for a while but it was not long before the High Elf, Fardale entered her cell.
My Lady Xylona, I trust you have rested well! he said and she spat at his feet, As well as I can in this grotty cell. Where is Lord Curtis, I demand to speak with him!
You are in no position to start making demands! Lord Curtis will speak with you when it pleases him. For now I have some questions for you.
I dont know anything about the grey elves plans or whereabouts, please let me go. This wasnt entirely true, she knew certain bits of the grey elves plan and could with Nighteyes images find the grey elf camp if she chose to but so far no one save Sevril and Lyvia, who was dead, knew of her bond with Nighteyes or of its significance.
Oh Im afraid we cant do that until you tell us about the grey elves!
I told you I dont know! she cried as his boot slammed into her side.
Dont lie to me! he snarled kicking her again.
Why are you doing this? Youre a High Elf you should be united with us against the mortals.
Our Lord Curtis has promised us much. He has promised the destruction of the other Elvin races, so that once again our race will be pure, free from filth like you!
What!? He cant do that!
Oh but I can! came a voice from the entrance, it was Lord Curtis. He strode confidently into the dingy cell, bringing food and water with him.
Leave us Fardale I wish to speak with her alone! he barked at the High Elf who immediately left.

For you [i]my love[/i]! he said, placing the food and water down besides her. Cant have you wasting away! Xya wanted to refuse the food and water but her hunger denied her this honour and she devoured it as she realised just how hungry she was.
Why are you doing this? Why didnt you kill me when I tried to escape you?
Simple youre more use to us dead. You see&.. he continued but Xya cut him off, I told you I know nothing!
Oh I know that! he said with a chuckle. No I intend to use you for something else.
What do you want?
All in due time! Now eat up its been two nights since your last meal if I am not mistaken!
You mean Ive been in here for two nights?
But of course, its now midday on your second day. But dont worry youll be in here for a lot longer! With a final laugh he turned and left her alone again. Xya watched him leave her heart sinking into despair, but she grasped the small slither of hope, [i]Sevril was coming![/i]

08/10/2005 2:17 PM

It was morning. The air was cool and a thick blanket of fog lay over the sea. The swift little scout ship glided through the dark waters and had been sailing all through the night. Sevril had awoken not long ago and now stood at the bow of the ship, stalwart and anxiously searching the fog for any sign of land. He wore his cloak with the hood up, covering him from head to toe in its grey shelter. Nighteyes sat beside him, steadfast and strong. Sevril wanted the ship to go faster, but he knew the crew was doing all they could to hasten the journey. it wouldn't be long now.
Faedra emerged onto the deck and yawned. She had just woken up and she saw the dark outline of Sevril's back at the front of the ship. She wrapped her cloak snuggly around her slim body and stepped lazily towards him. She stood just behind him trying to find whatever it is he was looking at.

"Your father would be very angry with us both if he knew where you were right now."
Sevril did not look at her when he spoke, She didn't even know he was aware she was behind him.

"My father is a hypocrit. He sais it is honorable to be out in the world of men and elves, thieving, spying, killing whatever, yet he won't even let his daughter stray from his sight for too long." She yawned. "I am as skilled a grey elf as any other you know."

"Yes well, I imagine you will have plenty of chances to prove yourself very soon."

Faedra was silent, looking down at the deck of the ship... then to the fog all around them before she stepped up beside Sevril. "What are they like?"


"The wild elves... what are they like?"

Sevril spoke softly. "They are very friendly... but not to strangers. Well not at first at least. They are much louder than us grey elves. They like to dance and hunt and go running in the forest, but they are very wise. "

"What do they look like?" Faedra asked, lifting her big green eyes to Sevril... who still concentrated his gaze out into the mists.

"Like.. well pretty much like all other elves." Sevril said softly.

"No I mean" She hesitated and averted her gaze to the ground. "Are they beautiful? Is.... she beautiful?"

Sevril slowly turned his head to look at the girl, who returned his gaze. Her fair skin was soft and lovely in the cold pale light of early morning. Sevril began to answer but was quickly interrupted.

"Sir... we've reached the inlet." Said one of the ships crew who scuffled up besides the two while they were talking. "The ship will drop anchor in a matter of moments, I think it would be best if you went and readied yourself. We should not tarry in these waters longer than necessary."

Sevril cast a glance to the sailor and nodded. The crewmen quickly scuttled away and Faedra's eyes never left Sevrils smooth, boyish face. Sevril looked at her once more, she was still waiting for an answer to her last question but the moment had passed.
He quickly stepped around her towards their quarters below deck. Nighteyes stood and followed.
"Come get your things ready" He said. He was all business now.

After they had gathered their things, which were few, Sevril, Faedra and Nighteyes were loaded into a small rowboat and lowered to the water from the side of the ship.
As Sevril grabbed the oars and began rowing towards the shore, The ship withdrew its anchor and slowly began pulling out of the inlet. He was glad there was fog because nobody could see their approach, but it could also mean something could be waiting for them on the beach. Silently and swiftly Sevril rowed until the tiny little boat ran aground onto the soft sand of the beach. He paused... all was silent save for some bird calls in the near distance. He looked at Nighteyes who stood calmly and leapt out of the boat onto the shore. Well, if nighteyes did not sense danger then Sevril felt secure enough so he too stood and stepped onto the sand. Faedra followed and helped Sevril pull the boat further onto the beach. In the distance The three of them could barely see the sails of the sea elf ship dissolve into the fog and then eventually dissappear. This was it, there was no turning back now. Luckily they had the elemnt of surprise with them.

"Now we must head south." Sevril said quietly.

"Wait." Faedra said and as Sevril turned she reached her hand out and grabbed his cloak. He stopped and turned towards her.

"What's wrong?"

Her eyes were downward as she stepped closer to him and did not let go of his cloak. She stood within a breath of him and looked up into his deep yellow eyes.

"I won't say that I'm not afraid." She said quietly."But I want you to know that even though you didn't want me to come, I am glad that I am here with you. I know you will not lead us to harm."

Sevril clenched his teeth at this last statement. She had more confidence in him than he did. How could he guarantee that any of them would come out of this alive? He turned away from her and she let go of his cloak as he quickly made his way south.
"Come, we must hurry.." Was all he could manage to say.

08/11/2005 7:35 AM

Xya looked up as Lord Curtis entered her cell once again. She had spent the time since his last visit resting; and thinking over the images Nighteyes had sent her. They had long since arrived but Xya was unsure as to where they were now. Xya had sent back images of her own of the castle and its surroundings. Though her images were not as sharp as Nighteyes she felt that they might aid them.

What do you want? she asked wearily as soon as he had dismissed the guards.
Ive come for you, its time! He replied, bending down to whisper in her ear. Xya gasped, its was absurd it would never work, but with the whispered knowledge of his plan came a secret, his weakness.
You cant&.I wont! she stuttered but he just grinned back at her.
Im sorry but you dont have much of a choice. This is my only chance of becoming whole I wont loose it because of some foolish girls wishes.
But why me? Why did you choose me for this task?
Because this is how its meant to be. Fate brought you here to me. You were his only love. Xya opened her mouth to ask more but thought better of it and clamped it firmly shut, letting the guards enter and drag her away. She didnt even scream, her mind was still trying to understand everything. It had seemed impossible and yet her he was, living proof.
[i]Please hurry[/i] she cried out to Nighteyes, begging him to rescue her before it was too late and Lord Curtis plan was in action.


Fardale gently placed the limp figure back in her cell. He looked at her sleeping form as she instinctively curled up into a ball. She looked different to when he had first met her. It was not her appearance that had changed but&..he didnt truly understand himself but for the first time he could truly see her. Gone were the protections that normally swamped her existence, the arrogance that stopped anyone from getting too close. She was vulnerable now and Lord Curtis knew it.
He did not know of Lord Curtis plan for her but he trusted him and Lord Curtis had assured him that it was for a good cause and that all would go well.

He bent down and stared at her as she slept, trying to understand what part she had to play in all this. She was a wild elf and the High Priestess daughter, so at first he had presumed Lord Curtis would try to use her as a bargaining tool against the Wild Elves yet Lord Curtis had done nothing. Then he led him to believe she held valuable information on the grey elves but it was just this eve that Lord Curtis had revealed that he had a greater plan for her and Fardale was greatly honoured to have Lord Curtis trust him with this secret. He would not let him down.

Slowly he stood and left the cell, closing its door behind him. Lord Curtis had requested her presence again the next night and Fardale was happy to comply.

08/11/2005 9:33 AM

The trio travelled continuously throughout the morning and afternoon. Sevril and Nighteyes's pace was swift, for the wolf felt the girls pain and urgently pushed the grey elves onward. The surrounding countryside was for the most part flat with gently rolling hills and sparse forests. The leaves of the trees were beginning to yellow and in the distance, rising sharply out of the horizon, was eagle peak. The throne of Manhelm lay there... in a walled fortress of a castle. Sevril couldn't be sure that's where she was, but nighteyes seemed to be leading them there. He had a close bond With Xya and the closer they got to the castle the faster nighteyes seemed to tread. They stopped only momentarily near a stream to have a bite to eat and some water and then continued onward. They always went out of their way to avoid going through villages and stayed off the main roads. The roads however were pretty quiet, it was eery how desolate the countryside was. The journey was silent, they did not banter or converse, the mood was heavy and nighteyes continuously bounded before them stressing them to not waste breath on empty words.

The land began to rise and become more hilly as they pressed on. they passed through a thick clump of trees like a small forest and then the land under them rose steadily. They could not see very far ahead or behind because of the density of the trees but then the forest suddenly ended as they crested this steep hill. When they emerged from the line of trees they looked down onto a huge valley like a large bowl with dense forests on all sides. Down in the valley was A large town, smoke columns rose from large wooden structures and there were no trees or grass or plants or bushes or any kind that they could see. this was an industrial center, a hub of endless work and manufacturing. All was yellow and brown and charred and dirty. Peasants worked endlessly at mills and weaponsmiths, producing machines of war and blades and arrows for soldiers. There was no happiness down in that valley. Sevril knew now where all of the villagers and peasants had gone. Lord Curtis had them all transported here to work like slaves for his own ends.

Towering above the town, on a huge pedestal of stone like a guardtower was Lord Curtis' castle. It was built out of the stone of the jagged mountains that lay just behind this bustling town. It was fiercly guarded on all sides by jagged stone and huge rocks. There was only one road that passed through the mountains to get to the castle and surely it would be heavily guarded. There was a large highway that ran out of the town and Sevril's mouth drpped when he gazed upon the sight there. A huge column of soldiers marched from the gates of this woeful city. Thousands upon thousands of troops travelled in perfect step on the road raising up thick clouds of dust. Between the formations were enormous war machines. Catapults and siege towers and ballistas and other wicked looking inventons for the purpose of killing. The army was vast and stretched off into the distance. the three of them could see no end to this gathering of forces. It was an army built for the purpose of wiping out the elves.

"Somebody has to warn the others!" Faedra said nervously. "We must go back before its to late, Sevril abandon this foolish task of yours its suicide!"

"If it was you Faedra... would you not wish to have hope? I am her hope.. I am her only hope now. she knows I am coming and that knowledge could cause her to hang on for just a little longer. Night will be upon us soon. It will be easier for us to sneak into the castle when it is dark. Come.. let us make our way into the mountains, by the time we near the castle, night will have fallen."


Haemon moved through the forests stealthily. It had been two days as Sevril had instructed him and he figured he must be somewhere near Lilunya by now. He made no attempt to be stealthy for he wanted to be discovered. His wish came true, for at that moment an Arrow sliced through the air towards the grey elf! He had heard the arrow and managed to move but not fast enough. The arrow sank into his shoulder and he grasped at the wound as he cried out in pain. Another arrow soared towards him, but this grey elf expected it and ducked out of the way, drawing his own bow at the same time. the pain in his shoulder was excruciating but he did not get a chance to notch an arrow, for his assailant leapt from the trees and tackled him to the ground. they grappled on the ground rolling around on the forest floor, each of them trying to get an edge over the other. Haemon pulled a dagger from his boot and the wild elf had his own knife, each of them were trying to jam their blades in the other's flesh but to no avail.

"Damn you grey elves! I don't care what the council sais. I will not have your filth tainting our forests! our way of life!" It was Kiros. But Haemon did not know this, he was bigger than Kiros and better trained. It was apparant that if this fight lasted any longer Haemon would come out the victor.

"Peace Wild one! I come in peace! I have urgent news to bring your people!" Haemon spoke through gritted teeth as he kneed Kiros in the ribs.

"What Grey elf?! You wish to take more of our women?"Kiros spat in his face.

"No! I bring news of Xylona! The high priestess's daughter is in grave danger!" Kiros had a surge of adrenaline at the mention of Xya's name and found a hidden well of strength. He managed to roll himself on top of Haemon and held his knife to the grey elve's jugular.

"Speak! What have you done with my Xya?!"

"She is Lord Curtis' Captive, even now armies from Manhelm and the high elf kingdom may be marching on your borders.I must speak with your council!"

Kiros Stood, but he did not extend his hand to Haemon who also stood, clutching at his bleeding shoulder. The arrow had been broken in the struggle and the muscle and tissue beneath the wound had been torn.
"Very well Grey one. What is your name?"
"hurry up Haemon... I will not slow down just because you can't handle a little arrow wound."
Kiros turned and darted off into the forest. Haemon really wished he could kill him, but despite the pain and fatigue he followed close behind Kiros, keeping up every step of the way.
When they entered Lilunya, Haemon was dizzy from his loss of blood. Kiros immediately took him to his mother's home. Alara Felt pity for the grey elf and scolded her son for not respecting the treaty. She quickly mended Haemons wound, fed him something and then had Kiros take him to the council chambers. Kaimi and the others were there, holding an informal meeting when Kiros and Haemon walked through the doors.

"I bring the grey elf Haemon, who carries even more tidings of doom and bad news. It seems that's all they ever bring." Kiros said angrily.

Kaimi stood from his seat and was silent as he regarded Kiros and the grey elf.
"thank you Kiros" Kaimi said"Leave us now."

"But.. Lord Kaimi, are you sure?"

"Go Kiros... for goodness sake we have nothing to fear from our new allies." Kaimi smiled at Haemon as Kiros gritted his teeth, clenched his fists and stormed out in a foul mood as always.
"Now, Haemon" Kaimi addressed the grey elf respectfully."What news do you bring from our friends the grey elves? How are Xya and Lyvia? They are quite comfortable I am sure."

Haemon knelt before Kaimi. "My Lord... I'm afraid Kiros' words were true. I do bring news, but you will wish to hear none of it. "

08/11/2005 1:08 PM

Xyas eyes snapped open as soon as Fardale left her cell. He had thought her asleep. This suited her, as she had managed to steal a weapon from him. She fingered the small dagger, grinning wickedly. Whatever was to happen it would happen this night, she could feel it. Nighteyes and the others were close, she did not know how they planed to enter but she knew that she must help them in any way possible. She strapped the blade to her thigh using strips she had torn from her dress. She longed for her Sabre or bow but she knew that she would have to make do with what she had.

[i]brother?[/i] she reached out tentatively, [i]where are you?[/i]
[i]little sister[/i] came his response, [i]we are near, inside the castle walls. We come for you[/i]
[i]Be careful brother, I will not you nor the others fall for my sake[/i]
[i]The castle is empty, the armies have been sent out. No one will stop us[/i]
[i]Lord Curtis, Fardale and his guard are still here. You must not grow too confident or you will make mistakes.[/i]
[i]Fear not little sister, a wolf rarely makes mistakes[/i] Xya smiled at this but still her heart was plagued with doubt.
[i]Aye, but there is always a first. The other, the woman Faedra, can she be trusted?[/i]
[i]The Grey one trusts her[/i]
[i]That may be but I will not trust her until you do[/i]
[i]I do not trust her&..yet[/i]
[i]Then we will wait till she has earnt our trust, till then be weary[/i]
[i]I will[/i] Nighteyes responded and Xya nodded satisfied. She then turned her attention to the lone Eagle that circled the skies high above the castle. Lord Curtis had not yet suspected him,
[i]Dyami it is time![/i] she said and felt his response. Now it was time to play the waiting game.


Kiros stormed out of the room. How dare they kick him out? He snarled, turning his anger towards the grey elf who had left many nights ago. The Wild elves had trusted the live of their future High Priestess and she had been in their care for less than a day before they had lost her. Kiros heart surged at the outrage. The wild elves should never have trusted the grey elves. If only Xya had stayed with him then shed still be safe. What she had seen in that grey elf he would never understand. No doubt he had left her in Lord Curtis castle to die. Kiros cursed beneath his breath. [i]This is all the grey elves fault. He let her get captured. I swear if I ever see him again Ill kill him.[/i]

Kiros kept these dark thoughts swirling through his mind as he as he entered the High Priestess home. She had to be told, she would understand, she would feel his anger. He knocked on her door and she answered almost immediately for she had not been at the council meeting, as it was informal and she was not on the council.
Kiros what brings you here?
I bring news High Priestess of your daughter!
Xya? Whats happened? Is she alright?
Im afraid shes been captured!
What?! Oh goddess no, not my Xya! Why has she been taken? What do they want with her? she cried as tears begun to trickle down her face.
I dont know, but there is a messenger from the grey elves perhaps he knows more. He is currently addressing the council.
Yes! she said with determination, walking briskly out of her home and towards the council hut.

08/13/2005 6:28 AM

After darkness had fallen the trio had snuk into the mountains and managed to avoid the guards on the main road. They found themselves at the foot of the mighty stone walls which sourrounded the outer grounds of the castle. Sevril and Faedra knew they could climb it, but nighteyes simply was not up to the task. Sevril turned and knelt before the great wolf.

"Listen brother, we are going to climb. There most certainly must be a door somewhere at the base of these walls. Wait here and watch. Be patient my friend we will come and get you when we have found a way." Sevril smiled and stroked the fur on the wolfs head before standing and nodding to Faedra.
Faedra nodded in understanding and they both began to climb the stones of the wall. They did not use ropes or picks or any other devices other than their own fingertips and toes. they found footholds and niches and edges where it seemed there was only bare rock and slick surfaces. This was one of the things that grey elves excelled at, sneaking and climbing and making their way unseen into even the most guarded of places.
Nighteyes sat patiently at the base of the wall but padded into some nearby bushes when a couple of guards turned the corner and made their way down this section of the wall. They were on their regular patrol around the outside of the castle. They were just human and it seemed they had been drinking before posting for duty. Nighteyes watched from the cover of darkness as they passed below where Faedra and Sevril were climbing about halfway up the wall. If the guards were to look up, all would be lost in a heartbeat. But they were bored and not very vigilant. So they passed by without so much as a glance skyward.

When Sevril and faedra reached the top, they peeked over the edge and saw one guard lazily patrolling the ramparts of that section of the wall. As soon as his back was turned they silently pulled themselves up onto the ramparts, snuck up behind him and covered his mouth as Sevril slit his throat. they stripped the dead man of his clothes then carefully pushed him over the edge of the wall. There was only a quiet thump when his limp body hit the dirt and nighteyes slipped out from his cover to drag the body unseen back into the bushes. Sevril quickly put the mans clothes on over his own including a helmet which did not cover his face, but did cover his long hair and his ears. The disguise wasn't perfect but in the darkness it was hard to tell until it was too late. This is what he loved, stealth and subversion and the beautiful art of silent and discreet death.

They snuck their way down the length of the outer wall and came upon one of the towers at the corner of the castle. Two guards stood atop the tower and Sevril approached very casually and in plain view. The disguise worked for the most part.

"Oy.. aint you s'posed to be down further along the wall?" One of the guards said as Sevril approached. Sevril continued to walk towards them, disregarding what the man said.

"Yeah... Lord Curtis'll 'ave your head if he finds out you been slackin on your post."
Said the other guard. Sevril came within feet of them and their eyes grew wide as they realized that Sevril was not a guard at all but an intruder. But they had no time to scream nor sound an alarm, for while they were both turned towards sevril, Faedra had snuck up behind them and plunged her blade into base of one guards skull, while sevril quickly dispatched the other. Perfect... all was going flawlessly. There was a staircase that wound its way down the tower, all the way to the ground floor. A door at the base of the tower opened from the inside and they quickly made their way to where nighteyes waited and snuck him in. They had made it to the outer courtyard and Faedra too, had a disguise of her own now.


Keelia threw open the doors of the council chambers and Kaimi stood as The high priestess assaulted him with questions.

"Where is Xya? Where is my daughter!?" Keelia cried.

"My lady please... calm yourself. I have before me the grey elf Haemon. He is the one who brought me news of your daughters dissappearance." Kaimi said gracefully.

Keelia walked right up to Haemon who stood to face her, his eyes cast downwards in respect.
"Well speak Grey elf, what has become of my only child?"

"All I know is that your daughter has been captured and is being held prisoner in Manhelm. That is what Sevril has told me." Haemon said softly.

"Sevril? Sevril said this? Where is he now, why is HE not here?"

"Because my lady I can only assume that he has gone to find your daughter. I have never seen him act in such a manner. He also had a large wolf with him."

"Nighteyes" Keelia responded with a sigh of relief."oh gods I pray you are right Haemon. I only pray that you are right. So what is to become of us then?"

"Sevril said you must prepare your armies. whatever warriors or soldiers or weapons you may have, now is the time to mobilize. I fear the armies of Manhem and the high elf kingdom may be headed this way even as we speak."

Kaimi held his hands out to Keelia. "Lady Keelia, our people will need you now more than ever. Our warriors will need to know thy have the favor of the gods if we are to face such terrible odds. Please, be comforted that sevril goes for your daughter and help me to rally the troops!"

Keelia nodded with her hands folded at her waist. "Yes my lord. you are wise and it will be as you said. "

Kaimi addressed the other elders who were in the council chambers."Spread the word! Find the generals, wake the warriors! sharpen your blades and string your bows! Have the forces form up in the city! We must do this quickly for there is no time to lose. Any elf who has strength to wield a blade must be added to our ranks. Quickly now, to your tasks!"

Haemon bowed low to Kaimi as the elders stood and rushed off to mobilize the troops.
"You are wise my Lord to heed my message. You and I must go back to the grey elf camp now. It is imperative that we hold a war council. Youself and Lord Melliv along with the sea elf king must draw up plans for battle. We must travel swift. What say you?"

"Yes that would be wise." Kaimi responded. "Lady Keelia, Lilunya is in your hands. Await word from me for further orders. Until then, make sure the troops are ready for battle."

"Yes my Lord. I will not fail you." Keelia responded. And with that Haemon, Kaimi and Keelia all left the council chambers. Haemon and Kaimi quickly prepared and then left for the grey elf camp while Keelia confidently confidently presided over all proceedings in Lilunya.

08/15/2005 1:58 PM

Xya looked up as two guards approached her cell; they had startled her for she had been deep in thought.
Why are you here, Lord Curtis does not have need of me till the morrow? she called out looking at them in confusion, the taller looked vaguely familiar but he kept his head lowered and she could not see his facial features. Suddenly a great wolf bounded up to her cell, grinning wolfishly, [i]Nighteyes?[/i] she quested.
[i]little sister, nice to see you finally recognise us[/i]. Xya still looked slightly confused, but if that were true then that would mean that the taller of the two guards was, Sevril! she cried out in joy, running towards him as soon as she was let out. Thank the goddess youve come! She embraced him, then feeling slightly embarrassed at her sudden action, let go off him and raced over to Nighteyes and hugged him too, [i] I missed you[/i]
[i]Its good to see you too little one[/i] he responded, tail wagging.

Xya eventually let Nighteyes go and walked over to the final member of the trio, smiling nervously, Faedra - I believe thats your name - I want you for coming to my aid. I doubt it was for my sake but I thank you all the same! This done, Xya turned and headed towards the prison doors, talking as she did so, I have things to tell you that I have discovered, however, it must wait till we are safely away from this foul place. But first before we leave there is something of mine I must retrieve from Lord Curtis! I know that you wish to leave but it is important to me that we retrieve it. If stopped you must pretend that you are taking me back to Lord Curtis chamber, no one will question you. She offered no further explanation as she headed for the upper parts of the keep and Lord Curtis bedroom.

Nighteyes ran at her side as she led them through the narrow corridors. Even this small luxury lifted her heart, she was free! But she could feel his frustration, he wished to get out of this castle as soon as possible and Xya was leading them further into its heart.
[i]what is it that you need[/i] Nighteyes asked her as they neared their destination.
[i]just a pendant I gave him long ago that I want back![/i]
[i]how do you know it will be there and that he will not[/i]
[i]I saw the pendant when I was last there. And I know he will not be there for I was with him but a few hours past. They thought me asleep and so talked openly. Lord Curtis has returned to his study this night. He will not be in his chamber![/i]
[i]Still be weary little sister.[/i] Nighteyes said softly and Xya nodded, she would.

Lord Curtis chamber was dark as she entered. Having posted Nighteyes as guard, she crept inside. Sevril and the other would follow her inside if they chose to. Walking slowly over to his desk reached out and wrapped her hands around the small pendant and chain and tied it round her neck. She did not need the light to see it for it called out to her. Made of the strange stone found in her forests, the pendants were often passed from Mother to daughter and Xya treasured hers greatly. She had given it to Nicholas as a sign of her live but now that her feeling towards him had changed she wanted it back, as it disgusted her to see it in his possession.

As she made for the door, a small flash of light caught her attention. She turned round and gave a small cry of joy as she spotted her Sabre and clothes resting against the wall. She did not pause to question why it had been in his room but merely flung the cloak around her and sheathed her Sabre before leaving the room. The rest of her clothes lay discarded in a pile on the floor as Xya had only taken her cloak, belt and something to hold her blade in.

Once again Nighteyes took the lead as they fled the castle, using his keen senses to guide them. They were fortunate for the corridors were empty except for the occasional maid who merely ignored them as they passed. Xya would normally be suspicious of this but in this aspect Xya was right for most of the warriors had left the castle in the form of a giant army. Even now Xya shivered at the thought of what they might do to her home land but she refused to dwell on it. Instead focusing all her attention on getting out alive.

Eventually they left the castle far behind, taking a route Xya presumed had been the one the used to get in. Only when Xya was satisfied that she was well away from the castle did she finally allow her pace to slow but even then she knew that she must keep moving.
I dont know how long itll be before they notice Im gone. If we are lucky it will not be until Lord Curtis calls upon me tomorrow night but I cannot be sure. Still I trust you have some method of transport to get us far from this foul place and then finally we can talk.

((there just wanted to get them out of the castle. So it's a very long and possibly very borring post.))

08/16/2005 5:38 AM

((Its alright. I tend to take forever on the details and we'd never get anywhere that way. I did however really want a showdown between Fardale and Sevril. I had planned on this taking place in the castle, but we can move it elsewhere.))

This little rescue team weaved and snuck its way into the deepest recesses of Lord Curtis's castle. They did have to slaughter a couple more guards but they did it selectively and discreetly always hiding the bodies. The finer soldiers were all with the army that was on the march. They searched seemingly endless halls of prison cells all filled with political prisoners or elves or wierd creatures that appeared to be the victims of experiments. Sevril wanted to set them all free but he knew it would be detrimental to their cause. Finally, Sevril, Faedra and nighteyes came upon a cell that was set apart from the others.
As they neared, Sevril saw a weathered looking girl who's beauty was apparent beneath all of the torment she endured and the lack of cleanliness down here in the filth of the dungeons. He did not recognize her at first, but when Nighteyes bounded from behind them and scratched and pawed at the cell door Sevril knew it was Xya. Quickly they unlocked her cell with keys they had stolen from the guard. As they did so the girl called out.
"Why are you here, Lord Curtis does not have need of me till the morrow? "
When the door opened, Nighteyes ran headlong towards her and Xya finally seemed to come out of her daze.

"Nighteyes?" She asked, disbelief in her voice.
The wolf grinned and Xya's eyes grew wide as she recognized her rescuer,
"Sevril!" she cried out.

Sevril felt rather sheepish at first when Xya ran towards him and embraced him. But he soon relaxed and smiled as he returned her affection.
"Shhh..." Sevril scolded. you mustn't be so loud.
He didn't care really he was just happy to see that she was alive. It made him feel good that she was happy to see him as well. Xya nodded and said in a softer voice
" Thank the goddess you've come!"

For the moment they embraced Faedra stood off to the side, silently watching the reunion.
"Hmm.... so this is the wild elf girl Sevril came all this way for. Not much to look at if you ask me..." She thought to herself. Of course she wasn't taking into consideration what effect several nights in a dungeon and physical and emotional abuse would have on a girl.

Xya quickly let go of sevril and embraced nighteyes. They shared words that could not be heard by the other two and when they had finished greeting one another, Xya stood and approached Faedra.
"Faedra - I believe thats your name - I want to thankyou for coming to my aid. I doubt it was for my sake but I thank you all the same!"

Faedra smiled and nodded politely to Xya. She smiled innocently.
"Oh, you're welcome." Was all she said.
The four of them headed out the of the prison and as they ran Xya said she had to retrieve something form Lord curtis's camber. Sevril and Faedra were anxious to leave, not go further into the Vipers nest! As they ran behind the wild elf Faedra cast Sevril a sidelong glance, that seemed to say "She's going to get us killed!"
But fortunately, Xya did not get them killed, for the caslte was deserted for the most part and those who were there took no notice of the fleeing elves. When they had made it to Curtis's chambers Xya quickly retrieved the item she came for. Luckily she was fortunate to find her sabre and cloak as well and they were soon off again.

They quickly made their way out of the castle and back into the forests Which surrounded the town. The pace was furious but their adrenaline was pumped and they were almost sprinting to put as much space between them and the castle as possible. Once again they found themselves out on the open spaces of Manhelm and when they were a significant ways away from the castle, Xya spoke.
"I dont know how long itll be before they notice Im gone. If we are lucky it will not be until Lord Curtis calls upon me tomorrow night but I cannot be sure. Still I trust you have some method of transport to get us far from this foul place and then finally we can talk."

Sevril did indeed have their escape planned, for he instructed the captain of the Scouting vessel to wait off the coast and return to the inlet every morning at the break of dawn for 3 days in case he made it back alive.They would never make it back by morning of that day, for it had taken Sevril an entire day just to reach the castle. They would have to make it by the morning after. Sevril nodded.
"Indeed, we head for the sea. a ship waits for us there. But we must hurry, We must make it to the shore as soon as possible. Come."
Again they made their way back along the path sevril had taken into the country. But fear gnawed at the back of Sevril's mind, for if they had discovered Xyas dissappearance, Fardale and his men could ride out of the darkness and overtake the group easily before they reached the boat.Whenever Sevril thought of this he urged the others to quicken their pace.

But Xya was right, they did not look for her that night, nor at all the entire day afterwards.
They reached the Shore finally by the next night and found the little rowboat waiting where Sevril had left it. They would have to wait until morning for the ship to return however.
"We'll have to wait in the boat, I do not feel comfortable waiting here on land." Sevril said
and so each of them got in the boat and Sevril pushed it into the water. Taking up the oars Sevril rowed them far out into the inlet, away from shore. The fog eventually rolled in and they were safe and hidden from all who sought them. now it would just be a waiting game until the sea elves came to pick them up in the morning.

Sevril relaxed and cast a glance to Xya.
"Well... we have time now to talk. Share your thoughts with us Xya, did they mistreat you?
Well of course they did, that much is obvious and I am terribly sorry we could not reach you sooner. Have you learned anything of their plans?"

08/16/2005 12:52 PM

((hmm, ok we'll see what we can do. I'll make sure Fardale heads your way but he can't do anything whilst they are in the grey elf camp. So i'm not sure where it will happen. But what do you think?))

Xya winced at the mention of the ship. She had never been in one before nor had she wanted to. As far as she was concerned, Wild Elves belonged on land, just as the Sea Elves belonged on the waves. It just wasnt natural but she knew that if she was to escape then she would have to face her fears and step aboard the boat and with these thoughts in mind she followed Sevril as they headed for the coast.

Still&.it proved slightly more difficult then Xya had originally thought. When they reached the boat Nighteyes leapt aboard, swiftly followed by Sevril and Faedra. But Xya hesitated as she neared the boat, it was bobbing up and down on the surf and even this caused her stomach to heave. But she refused to look cowardly in front of the two grey elves and so stepped tentatively aboard the boat.

She stood for a moment on shaky limbs, feeling slightly pleased with herself but then they hit a wave and she was thrown onto the bottom of the boat. She looked around her, clearly embarrassed but none save Nighteyes seemed to have noticed her tumble and he was content with silently laughing at her. She glared at him in response which only succeeded in adding to his amusement especially as another wave sent her sprawling again. Leave me be! she grumbled, finally settling on the floor of the boat, Nighteyes at her feet.

Having kicked Nighteyes off her, Xya wrapped around her legs and rocked back and forth in an attempt to counter attack the motion of the boat. She felt sick! Moaning she listened as Sevril spoke but before she had a chance to answer, her stomach heaved violently and she was forced to the side of the boat before she promptly threw up. She flushed, muttering something that sounded like, not natural beneath her breath as she turned to face Sevril smiling weakly.
Ill get used to this eventually! she said, well aware that to the female grey elf she must look pathetic but Xya was past caring. When they arrived at the grey elf camp or wherever they were heading and she had had a chance to get herself cleaned up shed show her what a true Priestess of the wild elves looked and acted like.

Dont be sorry though, you came for me. That in itself is enough. I did not think you would come but you did and now I owe you my life. And... she started but stopped abruptly, she was talking too much of the trivial. Still enough of that, despite my appearance I was not treated to badly! she lied. In the beginning Lord Curtis was civil. I dined with him  hence the attire  and he asked me questions. I thought him foolish for I could answer none of them. Then I made the mistake of trying to escape, and well things went down hill from there. She said, pointing to her bound head, side and shoulder.

Yet even then things werent that bad. He kept me alive and well figuring I was of more use that way. I endured the occasional beating while his men tried to extract information from me but as I said before I knew nothing. She continued but even as she told her tale it felt odd, almost as if this had happened to another not her.
But this questioning was not what he really wanted from him. He&I&she stuttered, reluctant to tell him what Lord Curtis true intention was with her.
Its complicated. In order to understand you have to have to understand the past. What happened over a century ago. Something I am not ready to tell yet. All you need to know is that, that man is not the true Lord Curtis&.no thats wrong. That is Nicholas, or at least his body that is but not his mind. I believe hes been possessed. Years ago, he spent a full moon alone in the keep and when he re-emerged he was not the same. I believe his father somehow possessed him. The two now share the same body. Father and son. But the father is in control and now he seeks a way to rid himself of his son. He sees him as a disease. That is what he truly seeks, immortality and power. He saw that his son did not age and so sought to own his body. He used his sons heritage to take control of Manhelm and the other regions, then took his sons place. He now has both immortality and power he just needs to remove his son from his body and then hell be whole. That is part of the reason for his invasion of the forest; the other is of course power. He used the High Elves desire to rid the earth of all other Elvin races to control them. When this war is over he will have control of the entire Western Region and the Sea, not to mention the allegiance of the High Elves. Xya stopped, allowing time for her words to sink in. She half expected them to laugh at her. She had no proof of her claim. But she was certain of her conviction. She knew Nicholas and that man back in the castle was not him.

Sighing Xya reached down to stroke her friend, Nighteyes nudged her with his wet nose, [i]I believe you[/i]. She smiled at this,
That may be but it is not your opinion that counts in this matter!
[i]If you are so sure about this then proving it to them will be easy[/i]
Things are never that simply! she said, sighing, They dont know him like I did. I knew Nicholas better than anyone else in the whole world and that man back there is not him. With this in mind Nighteyes asked her no more and Xya was secretly glad. She did not yet fully understand it nor her feelings towards this revelation. But yet again she was not given enough time to ponder this for at that moment her stomach heaved again and she barely had enough time to make it to the edge of the boat before she threw up again.
I cant wait to get off this damned boat and back onto dry land! she grumbled as emptied the last of her stomachs contents into the sea. For the first time she was gratefully for the prisons meagre rations for there was not much in her stomach to throw up.

08/17/2005 9:47 AM

Sevril was rather surprised at the rough time Xya was having in the little rowboat.
Faedra kept giving him smirking looks every time the wild elf leaned over the side in sickness. Sevril would just shake his head and give her a look that cajoled her to mind her manners. Sevril knew it would be even worse when they got on the vessel that would come in the morning and they got out on the open sea. Out in the still waters of the inlet though, the night began to grow cold, especially with the mists all around them. Sevril istened intently to what Xya had to say and he knew now what intrest Lord Curtis had with her specifically. It was as he had suspected. Curtis and Xya had a past. One that Sevril could not be sure of, but they had known eachother a century before. It disturbed him to know that Lord curtis was posessed by the spirit of his dead father but he was not surprised to learn that He wished to destroy all elvin races in partnership with the high elves. It also didn't surprise him that the high elves were actively working with him. The high elves have wanted to "purify" the lands of the "lesser" elvin races for centuries now.

Sevril sighed softly.
"I believe what you are telling me Xya...After all what reason do you have to lie to me. What the high elves don't know is that once Lord curtis, or rather his father, or... whoever he is gets done killing the other elves, he will turn on the high elves next. In any case, they know nothing of the grey elf camp, or our plans because you didn't have time to learn anything. I sent a very good friend of mine to warn your people of the coming danger. I can only hope that your people have enough time to prepare before Manhelm strikes. I saw a Vast army marching to the west and that army combined with the armies of the high elves is an almost unbeatable force."

Sevril paused for a moment then looked at Faedra who was beginning to doze off. Faedra wrapped her cloak tightly around herself then leaned her head on Sevril's shoulder and closed her highs. sevril sighed and gently layed faedra down on the floor of the boat instead.

"I think it would be best if we got some rest now. I will watch first. After all.. we have nothing left to do but wait for the ship to arrive for us in the morning."

The rest of the night was cold, but uneventful. In the morning Faedra gently shook Sevril awake, then Xya, and then nighteyes. When they awoke they saw the white sails of the scouting vessel breaking through the fog. Sevril was happy that they actually were true to their word and came back for them. The sea elf crew quickly brought them aboard and greeted them with warm smiles and hot food. They wished to hear the story of the rescue but Sevril urged them to be patient and wait until they were properly fed and rested. In no time flat the Vessel turned and was sailing on the open sea back towards elvish lands and Sevril was happy to be out of Manhelm.


Lord Melliv, Kaimi, The sea elf king and other elders were all gathered around a large wooden table in the center of the council chambers, deep underground in the grey elf camp. They had their finest generals with them and a large detailed map spread out before them. torches burned all around and the whole chamber was filled with a deadly and serious atmosphere. This was the first war council.

"My Lords and ladies. We find ourselves in dire times." Lord Melliv began in his deep and authoritative voice. "It is time now to defend with our lives that which we hold dear. An unprecedented alliance brings us here together and I am sad that we could not have united under more peaceful conditions. Let us from this point forward put away all thoughts of prejudice which may have previously divided us. For we stand before a strong and ruthless enemy and we must be of one mind if we are to survive. "

Kaimi and the others nodded their heads respectively.Lord Melliv continued:
"It is my duty to act as supreme commander with Lord Kaimi of the wild elves taking my place should I fall in battle. Are there any who oppose this measure?"

some of the elves gave eachother daunting looks at this proposal. Lord Melliv as supreme commander of the operation? Well.. they would not be here now were it not for him. so nobody opposed.

"Good. Now that that is settled my spies inform me that a very large army marches even now from Manhelm towards wild elf lands. they say many tens of thousands of troops if not more. Infantry plus heavy cavalry and heavy war machines fill the ranks. I have very little information of the high elves for many of spies did not make it back before they sealed their borders. But those that did say they are gathering forces here and here."
Lord Melliv pointed to two places on the map, one place was a mountain pass at the mouth of Kellums road in the north. This was more of a defensive strategy. The other place was a pass which looked like it was positioned perfectly to strike into the heart of the wild elf forests.

"it would appear to me that they mean to clamp their jaws around the wild elves first. "

Kaimi Growled. "Why us?"

"Because, "Melliv answered "they fear the wild elves the most. they know very little about you and you are going to be the muscle behind all of our armies. The grey elves have infantry and cavalry but we are not well trained in open combat with large formations. the sea elves' navy is unbeatable but they have only a few units of ground forces. We are relying on the wild elves to be the muscle behind our attacks. Curtis knows this and he wants to take you out as soon as possible."

Kaimi puffed up his chest in pride."well yes of course. that's only reasonable to take out the strongest army first. what do you suggest we do then Lord Melliv?"

"We engage them here, while they are crossing the river. " Lord Melliv pointed to a spot
to the south of the wild elf forests, a large flat portion between the forests and the river, a perfect battleground.
"That is where the main battle will be. We must stop curtis there. I suggest sending a small detachment from all of our armies to hold off the High elves up in the northern forests. they will not be able to use their horses there. But Lord Kaimi, I need an answer that is vitally important to our cause. How many men do you have to commit to this war?"

08/17/2005 1:37 PM

Xya listened to Sevrils response, grateful for his support. It was comforting to know that there was at least one person that believed her. She smiled at him in thanks before taking his advice and closing her eyes to sleep. It was crampt in the tiny boat but Xya managed to curl up at the rear end of the boat, with Nighteyes almost on top of her.

Yet, regardless of how hard she tried, she could not sleep. The boats rocking prevented it. Away from the familiar scents of wood and loam Xya felt oddly venerable. The forests had been her protector as much as she was its Guardian. And now out here, she was cut of from the land, from her home.
Sighing Xya turned onto her back, with her legs dangling over the sides, gently brushing the water. Nighteyes shifted slightly in his sleep so that he was draped across her stomach. She smiled, subconsciously brushing his fur with her fingertips; it was good to be with him again.

As time passed Xya slowly drifted into a dreamless slumber, and as the suns rays began to peek over the horizon, Xya opened her eyes slightly in time to see Faedra lean over her and gently shake her awake. She could see that Sevril was already awake and through the mists a small ship emerged.

They were lead aboard the Ship and well greeted. Nighteyes stayed aboard deck with Sevril and the others whilst Xya was lead below deck to see the healer. Xya washed herself in a small room adjacent to the healers and quickly dressed in loose fitting garb that consisted of white shirt that was several sizes too large and baggy green trousers. Her wet hair hung loose and trailed down her back.
She smiled at the Healer as she entered the room, allowing her to fuss over her various wounds and bind her sides and shoulder beneath her clothes. Finally the Healer gave her a draft of sleeping potion and directed her to a small bed in her ward.


Back in the Keep Fardale cringed as Lord Curtis shouted at him, his face a mask of bloody rage.
Im sorry my liege. I though we had her secured below, but her companions came, which was an unexpected move. We believe they disguised themselves as Guards for two bodies were found stripped of clothes. Im truly sorry my liege but we will find her. Even as we speak my men are out searching for any trace of the girl and her companions. She will be found and returned to you!
Shed better! Lord Curtis snarled, Or it will be your head that will adorn my battlements. And with this he stormed out of the room, his cloak billowing behind him.

Fardale allowed himself a small sigh of relief. The immediate danger had passed but if Fardale did not retrieve the girl then it would be he who would suffer the consequences. Fardale gulped, imagining all the horrid things his Lord could do to him. These thought helped harden his resolve as he headed off to speak with his men. Reports stated that none baring her description had been spotted near Kellums road. And he knew that she could not pass unnoticed through the town, this left just one other option, the sea. He would post men at every dock, this girl would not escape him.


Xya woke to the sounds of the sea. Reaching out tentatively with her hand she touched the walls, giving a cry of relief as her fingers touched wood. It hadnt been a dream, it was real and she was truly free. Grinning she climbed out of bed and headed for the door. Someone had left her something to eat and she stopped to grab a piece of bread before leaving the room.

As she climbed up onto the decks she was met with a spray of salt and she moved her arm across her face in an attempt to block it. As she moved to the front of the small ship, she noted that she was alone. This suited her and she was content to gaze out across the ocean, wrapped in her own thoughts.

08/19/2005 6:10 AM

"Twenty, maybe thirty thousand." Kaimi replied. "Our archers are top notch. But we have no horses. our sabre warriors are very skilled, ours is an army made to defend the forests."

"Good" Melliv replied. "That is excellent. Very well, I want three thousand bows and seven thousand light infantry to muster here in the forests next to the battlefield. they will compliment my own forces along with the sea elf infantry. You must send the rest of your forces north to meet the high elf threat. Your army however, will be alone in this endeavor until we can get troops to that region. Lure them into the forests and attack by night. Your troops will have a great advantage over the enemy. "

" I will send a runner to notify Keelia at once." Kaimi replied.

"You may use one of my horses."Melliv said.

Kaimi nodded and a wild elf aide who stood by his side exited the room and went to the stables where he was outfitted with one of Melliv's own horses. This messenger left under cover of darkness to bring word of the battle plan to Keelia. It would take him a day to reach her.

"I want you to send heavy ships down the rivers deep into manhelm territory. Destroy their supply routes and bombard their cities." Melliv said to the sea elf king. "Meet us at the battlefield and deploy your naval infantry there, keep two ships filled with troops in the reserve. Destroy everything on your way."

the sea elf king nodded and sent a messenger of his own to give the word to his admirals.


Sevril awoke late in the afternoon. He promptly had something to eat and then stepped above deck. The warm sun broke on his face and the smell of the briny sea filled his nostrils. It was quite cool and beautiful, the wind tugged at his raven hair and caused his cloak to billow and wave as he walked. He walked around, greeting the crew and enjoying the weather. He noticed Xya standing at the front of her ship, alone and quiet. Sevril slowly walked up to her and crossed his arms over his chest as he peered out to the endless ocean with her.

"So its not so bad after all, Being on a ship on the wide open ocean. I can see the appeal that these sea elves find with this way of life." Sevril smiled and turned his head to look at her. She had cleaned up and her wounds had been bandages. she had some of the color of life returning to the smooth features of her young face. the sun magnified the colors in her hair as the wind toyed with it constantly.

" A fine folk these sea elves. They shall come in handy during this war. Indeed we are at war now, and it looks to be a bloody one. I don't see any way of it being avoided. Curtis's father has an unquenchable bloodlust. what do you suppose you will do? When we reach elven lands I mean. I imagine you may return home to your mother... Surely the warriors of your homeland are marching to war even as we stand here now. but you know Melliv and the other leaders will press you for information about Curtis and his stronghold. We needn't worry. Lord Melliv is young but he is a strong leader. "

Sevril was just trying to converse. He was in a good mood, even though they were in dire times. When they finally reached port it was late evening and the ship pulled in next to what seemed like an endless line of heavy warships being loaded with thousands of troops. Sevril stood at the side of their little vessel which seemed miniscule to these gargantuan warships and watched as lines of elves armed with swords and bows filed into the hulls of the ships. this was a navy preparing for war. As they looked about at the look on the peoples faces and the workers scurrying about loading supplies and food, it was apparent that the whole mood of the region had shifted to one of approaching doom. This was a war time society now and many families stood on the docks, unsure of whether or not they would ever see their loved ones again, unsure of whether or not they would be able to keep their homelands safe. they knew if curtis ever broke through and made it to their land, they would all be slaughtered or turned into slaves.

Haavel met them as they disembarked.
"You made it!" he exclaimed. Haavel smiled at Xya and then continued."Lord melliv is in war council with the others back at the camp. I'm not sure if you'll want to go back there, he might get pretty upset that you disobeyed him."

"I'm afraid I must." Sevril answered."We have seen things that must be reported and we must leave immediately. We will need horses. "

"Very well." Haavel said." Happy to oblige just come with me."

haavel led the four of them to some stables near the docks where he managed to deal with the sea elf authorities and acquire them horses. they quickly mounted up, grabbed some supplies and then raced off back to the grey elf camp to whatever Lord Melliv would have in store for them.

08/19/2005 7:47 AM

Xya continued to stare out across the waters as Sevril came to stand besides her. So its not so bad after all, being on a ship on the wide open ocean. I can see the appeal that these sea elves find with this way of life." He said smiling at her and she smiled softly in response.
Aye, I suppose one could come to love it. But its not for me. Had I not lived my life under the thick canopy of the forest I would love it as much as our sea faring cousins. However, it is so different to what I am used to and in a way it scares me. Still like the forest it gives you the feeling of being closer to nature. She gestured with her hands, sweeping them through the air in an attempt to get her point across. The sea and the forests are both so beautiful and secretive but in different ways. It would take an age to understand them.

"A fine folk these sea elves. They shall come in handy during this war. Indeed we are at war now, and it looks to be a bloody one. I don't see any way of it being avoided. Curtis's father has an unquenchable bloodlust. What do you suppose you will do? When we reach Elvin lands I mean. I imagine you may return home to your mother... Surely the warriors of your homeland are marching to war even as we stand here now. But you know Melliv and the other leaders will press you for information about Curtis and his stronghold. We needn't worry. Lord Melliv is young but he is a strong leader. Sevril continued and she paused for a moment. What was she going to do?

I dont think Ill be returning home. Not yet at least. She said, knowing this to be true. Im staying with you, if youll let me. I want to see this through to the end and I know that if I return home, mother will try and hide me from the war. And youre right this is war. Many good men and women will perish for the sake of one mans greed. But thats how its always been. We fight a war and when peace comes we think never again but then a hundred years later it all begins anew. Still you seem almost happy despite these dire times. Whys that? She queried but before he had a chance to respond they had arrived and Xya headed back to her bed to fetch her things before disembarking.

A man  who Xya guessed to be another grey elf  greeted them as soon as they were ashore, smiling at Xya who could not help but smile back, having taken an instant liking to the man. His bright green eyes sparkled as he spoke, giving him the look of youthful enthusiasm.
"Lord Melliv is in war council with the others back at the camp. I'm not sure if you'll want to go back there, he might get pretty upset that you disobeyed him." He continued and Xya stared at him in confusion, [i]does that mean he disobeyed his Leader to come and rescue me? Surely not, it must have been something else[/i] she thought and then nodded to assure herself, [i]Yes it must have been something else[/i].

Satisfied with this Xya followed the stranger as he led them to the Stables and found them horses and supplies. Hers was a tall dappled brown stallion. She patted his flanks as she sat atop him nodding towards the others who were seated atop similar stallions, telling them she was ready to go. Nighteyes stood by their side also ready and she smiled lovingly at him, her ever faithful guardian.

They rode hard across the plains, stopping just once to allow the horses to drink and soon the sun disappeared once more as the moon rose to take its place. They had been travelling for about half a day by then and Xya urged her horse onwards, eager to reach the Grey Elf camp, lest they get caught again. Xya knew that by now Lord Curtis must be aware of her escape and was coming for her and that he would know of her location. She just hoped that she had reached the safety of the camp by then.

08/22/2005 2:18 PM

The 4 of them reached the camp by late afternoon on the following day. The air was still, but cool. There was no sun, not in the morning and not when they arrived. When Sevril and Faedra halted their horses, they announced their arrival. It must've seemed confusing, for there were no buildings, no tents, no dwellings. Above ground at least and so the ground on which they stood looked no different than that which lay all around them for miles. Hilly, with large boulders scattered through the landscape.

Sevril dismounted and smiled at Xya.
"Yes this is it. I will show you."

Sevril walked to a nearby boulder which was about one and a half times his highth and twice as much his width. He set his hands upon it and pushed. The large stone moved easily beneath his touch and toppled over to reveal that it had been hollowed out. Beneath it lay a door which sevril opened, revealing a staircase to the dwellings below.

"After you ladies... Well and nighteyes too." Sevril said.
Faedra dismounted first and led the others down the staircase. When they had all entered Sevril followed and pulled a lever which reset the stone in its original position.
Beneath the earth they descended the torchlit steps. The architecture and craftsmanship of the dwellings was immaculate, the previous occupants of this underground city were a splendid race indeed, but unfortunately, much of what was known about them has been lost.

After a few minutes of walking they came upon the council chambers. There stood the large set of oak double doors and the guards also before them. Sevril halted and turned to Faedra.
"It might be wise if you did not go in to face your father Faedra." Sevril said softly.

"And why not? It was my decision. Besides, he'll be a big softy when he sees that I am safe." She looked down to the ground and then met Sevril's yellow gaze head on.
"I'm not afraid of him Sevril. You shouldn't be either."

Sevril glanced to Xya. He was sunsure of what his lord would say. Would he be happy? would he be impressed or would sevril be banished for life? He sighed but he did not wish to appear a coward before Xya so he turned and faced the guards, who did not challenge his entry this time.
"He said to keep an eye out for you."One of the guards said. The guard then stepped aside and opened the door for Sevril and the others.

Sevril stepped in with his back straight, confident and unafraid. But inside, his nerves were like butter. The four of them saw the table, lit up by torches, the orange flickering light dancing across the stressed features of Melliv and the other leaders. They were deep in discussion, pointing here and there on maps, arguing here and agreeing there. But then Melliv looked up to see who entered. He slammed his fist down on the table. BOOM! The sound echoed throughout the chambers and all conversation ceased. Melliv rose from his throne and he no longer appeared the stern yet kind and wise general, but a menace with the torchlight reflecting the fire in his eyes.

Sevril stopped in his tracks.
"You dare return!" Melliv's booming voice called out. "Well come here! stand before me and explain yourself before I cast Judgement on you!"

Sevril, Faedra Xya and nighteyes all appraoched the table. Kaimi's eyes lit up when he saw Xya and he wished to hug her out of joy but he dare not move nor make a sound.
The other elves moved to make room for them at the table. Melliv stood above them, looking down on the four of them from his pedestal, his right fist clenched in anger.
"I am no fool Sevril. Yet you treat me like one! Wasn't I clear in my orders? You were to return to the Wild elves and warn them of the impending threat. Yet you had someone else do your dirty work while you thought you knew what was best! After all the kindness my family has shown you and your parents you disobey me. Did you not think I would find out? No of course you did, for you knew that when Haemon returned I would know of your disobedience. And how dare you steal away my daughter, including her in your deception!"

"He didn't steal me away! I went of my own Volition father. Sevril is not to blame!"
Faedra called out. "It was my choice."

"Why didn't you speak to me of this?!Why didn't you seek my approval?" Melliv asked.
"You would have refused. And you would have punished Sevril."
"Of course I would have refused! You could have been killed! Did I raise such a fool?"
"Well, You don't make my choices anymore. I am old enough to live without your approval. I can take care of myself. As you can see... I am still alive."

Melliv did not reply. Instead he crossed his arms across his tight chest. The chambers were filled with a choking silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then Lord Melliv shifted his steely grey eyes to Xya. He looked her over and then finally spoke once more.
"And who are you?"

"My Lord" Sevril interjected. "May I ntroduce Lady Xylona of wild elves. Daughter of-"
"Can she not speak for herself?" Melliv flashed his anger in Sevril's direction, cutting off his sentence. " Does she not posess a tongue with which to answer me?
When I want you to speak Sevril you will know. Now.. may I ask again" Melliv said with a slightly softer tone to Xya. "who are you?"

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Xya looked around her at the barren landscape, [i]were here?[/i] She thought looking confused. But Sevril seemed to have noticed for at that moment he dismounted, smiling and saying, Yes this is it. I will show you! Xya continued to stare at him in confusion but when he begun shifting a boulder clearly too large for him to move ordinarily, she understood. It was like her own City, save that hers was cloaked by illusions whereas his employed simple mechanisms to hide itself.

As they approached what Xya presumed to be the council chambers Sevril stopped to speak with Faedra.
"It might be wise if you did not go in to face your father Faedra." He said softly, but Faedra stood her ground. It was in this action that Xya found respect for the younger elf. She admired her courage and determination, finally understanding why Sevril liked her.

As they entered the council chambers, a voice called out, You dare return! Well come here! Stand before me and explain yourself before I cast Judgment on you!" It was Lord Melliv, he that would lead her people into war. She immediately disliked him.

As Lord Melliv continued to vent his anger, Xya spent her time studying the others in the room. She could see Lord Kaimis joy at her presence and she grinned back at him. But her attention soon concentrated on the two grey elves besides her, Sevril and Faedra. Where Xya found she was gaining respect for Faedra she found she was loosing respect for Sevril. Gone was the quiet confidence he had displayed back in Lilunya to be replaced by something close to fear. But then Sevril had something to fear whereas Faedra and Xya did not and she understood this.

Finally Lord Melliv fixed his gaze on Xya and looked her over almost as if he were trying to judge his worth. Then he spoke,
And who are you?

Xya opened her mouth to speak but Sevril spoke for her. Lord Melliv brushed him off, his anger apparent.
"Can she not speak for herself? Does she not possess a tongue with which to answer me? When I want you to speak Sevril you will know. Now& may I ask again? Who are you? Xya continued to glare at him, but found the corners of her mouth tilt upwards slightly, Yes I can speak for myself but isnt it so much easier to let others do things for you. You of all people should know that! Still I will finish Sevrils answer; I am Lady Xylona Treesong, Daughter Lady Keelia Treesong and Lord Einar Morningstar, future High Priestess of the Wild Elves and Guardian of the Forests. Xya finished as she continued to meet his gaze steadily. She was every bit fathers daughter and though her mother may bow and scrape to her superiors she would not. The only thing that Xya shared with her mother was her facial and bodily features; everything else was her fathers, her eye colour, hair colour, skin colour even her mannerism she copied off him. But most importantly the magick she possessed she inherited from him and thus at his death she had been named Guardian of the Forests in his place.

And& she continued, I demand to know what gives you the right to speak to Sevril thus! You act as though he made the wrong decision in rescuing me. Why would you rather I remained there, left to die? That would not go down well amongst my people. And even then it is not your decision to make! It cost you nothing to let him try. The Wild elves were still informed of my capture as you wished and if Sevril was captured, then that would be his own fault with only himself to blame. You are angry because he disobeyed you but once again it was not your place to tell him not to go. You may be his Lord but you are not his master. I owe him a blood debt now and I will see that nothing befalls him. Punish him in any way and you will find that you loose you allegiance with the Wild Elves. What would they say if they found that you punished the man who rescued me? I can tell you now it will not go down well with them. Besides if I can persuade the council to join you I can just as easily persuade them to leave! She snarled
And she meant it!

08/23/2005 5:04 PM

Lord Melliv stood a little straighter and his face remained a motionless stone, unreadable and unflinching. His grey eyes looked down over his crossed arms onto Xya who stood confidently before him, confronting his anger with a righteous argument of her own. Sevril was impressed, he saw then the same Xya who stood confidently in front of her own council with the confidence to win the elders' vote for the treaty. He knew Melliv couldn't touch a single hair on her head but yet he was afraid of what judgement her attitude might bring upon his own head.

"You have a bold and fiery spirit Xylona treesong, Daughter of Einar morningstar."
Melliv's voice one again took on that deep fatherly tone. He was quick to anger but this man was still not a fool and would not be drawn into a shouting match.

"But you're not in your forests anymore. It is a cruel dark place out here, beyond the borders of your precious trees and you have little authority to "Demand" anything."

Melliv smiled slightly.
"I do not believe you are foolish enough to threaten me Xylona. Things work a bit differently here, and I know you are wise enough to see that without the rest of us, your people, your way of life will perish, Just as we will perish without your cooperation. So no, lady Treesong, I don't believe the wild elves will withdraw now, no matter what you say."

Melliv lost his smile and then settled back down into his throne with a sigh.
"As far as my feelings about Sevril. Well again, you are young, you do not understand what it is to govern a people. It cost me nothing to allow him to come after you. But it could have cost me everything... don't you see? what if He and Faedra had been captured in Manhelm territory? they would have been tortured beyond any nightmarish hell you could possibly imagine. How do you think I feel about that happening to my only child? Then what information would they give? Nobody can withstand torture forever, not even the strongest and bravest of warriors can hold out for very long. They could have given up our deepest and most guarded secrets and we would all be dead within a week."

"Sevril is my subject." Melliv continued. " I am his Lord. His parents were my subjects. I give orders and Sevril follows them. that is the way of things here... That is the way it has worked for hundreds of years and we have lived just fine."

Melliv lifted his gaze from Xya and then cast his eyes upon Sevril.
"Sevril come closer."

"Yes my lord." Sevril replied and he took only a couple of steps to the foot of Melliv's throne. there he stood under the scrutiny of Melliv's cold eyes. all was silent once more as his lord contemplated Sevril's fate.

"Sevril, your disobedience was a disgrace to the kindness me and my family has shown you. Any other Grey elf would have been banished for such a heinous act. On the other hand, you showed great courage in undertaking such an endeavor. I don't know Sevril, why you chose this path. Whether because you thought it best for our people or.."
At this moment Melliv paused and cast a quick glance to Xya before returning his eyes to Sevril.
"For other reasons. But the astonishing thing young one, is that you returned and accomplished such a difficult and otherwise illogical act! Others will have called you insane, but here you stand with the young Xylona treesong, before my very eyes.
Not only that, but my beloved daughter is safe. I am a father Sevril, she is my blood, I would do anything for her. She seems to have seen fit to go with you... she trusted you and here, she too stands unscathed before me. Your disobedience has been overshadowed by your accomplishments and you have made a name for yourself among the grey elves."

Sevril's hear lifted, he was happy to hear that he would not be banished or flogged or suffer some other horrible punishment. But after all, Melliv was right, For a race who values subversion, stealth and deception, What Sevril did was quite noteworthy. Melliv saw that Sevril did what he did for a loftier purpose that went beyond any selfish desires.

"Now for your next assignment." Melliv went on. "First of all.. I must ask Lady Xylona to share with the rest of us, the knowledge she has gained while in enemy territory."
Melliv turned his deep and wizened gaze onto Xya.

"Lady xylona, surely you have learned something vital to our cause. Would you please share with us anything you think may be a benefit?"

08/24/2005 2:25 AM

Xya listened to Lord Melliv as he spoke; forcing her face to remain neutral, whilst inside she was seething. She had never had to bow to anyone before, why should she obey [i]him[/i]? What he said was partly true, it [b]was[/b] foolish to argue with him, however at the same time he was very much mistaken. Any one who has something another wants may demand anything they like. And she had something he wanted.

"Lady Xylona, surely you have learned something vital to our cause. Would you please share with us anything you think may be a benefit?" Lord Melliv said turning his attention from Sevril back to her.

Remember I was a prisoner not a guest. I was stuck in a cell not free to roam to castle as I pleased. Still Ill tell you this for a race with such a great network of spies, youre not very good at keeping an eye on your own home. Youve a spy in your midst Lord Melliv. Thats why it wouldnt have mattered information wise if Sevril and Faedra had been captured because theres nothing they know that Lord Curtis doesnt already know. Which then begs the question, why did he question me when he already knew that everything? Because he has some deeper plot which he doesnt want anyone to know about. Which now leaves you with two more questions. Firstly whos the spy? And what are Lord Curtis true intentions? Answer that and youve won the war. Fail to answer and youve lost before youve even begun.

[i]Thats enough bonded[/i] Nighteyes shouted into her mind. [i] Youre going too far. Stop playing, this is war. Stop acting like a hurt child! Grow up![/i]
I know! she whispered, gently caressing his soft fur. Im sorry. Youre wise for a wolf, almost human.
[i]But still a wolf![/i] Came his response and she smiled to herself, Yes still a wolf!

She turned away from her wolf to face the council. Im sorry I could not be of more assistance but like I said I was a prisoner not a guest.

08/24/2005 5:54 PM

Melliv sighed.
"A spy you say? within my own ranks? you have some nerve insulting me like that.
How could you have possibly come across such information? I will not begin a needless which hunt on the account of some young girl. I will need some kind of proof."

Sevril turned and looked at Xya when she mentioned a spy in their midst. He could hardly believe what she was saying. Was she purposely lying to his lord? or did she know something the rest of them didn't? there was just no way to be sure and this uncertainty showed clearly on Sevril's face.

"Sevril, I have an assignment for you." Melliv said, turning his gaze to the young elf." This time I expect you to obey my orders, is that understood?"

Sevril nodded his head respectfully towards lord Melliv.
"How may I serve our cause my lord?"

"Did you see or hear anything while you were in Manhelm?" Melliv asked.

"Yes, The cities are empty. A very large army of men marches northwest. they are well armed and have war machines, ballistaes and catapults. thousands of heavy cavalry."
Sevril answered.

"Yes, just as our spies have reported. Very well. our combined forces will gather where the black river meets the Manhelm river here." Melliv pointed to the area on the map."We mean to attack while they are crossing the river. This is the only place they can cross with that many men. Tomorrow you will lead a number of our troops to that battle ground, and guide them to victory against a determined and merciless enemy."

Sevrils mouth dropped.
"B-but my lord! I have never lead men in battle! I know little of the art of warfare on open ground! "

"You dare question my judgement?!" Melliv barked. "Haemon is skilled in warfare. He will accompany you as your aide, he will be your counsel. But you sevril, you must lead our warriors, for the tale of your deeds in Manhelm will spread quickly. They will respect you and your presence will fill their hearts with bravery. Besides, you will not have command of all of our troops. you will be under the leadership of General Lorn."

This General Lorn sat to Melliv's right. He straightened at the mentioning of his name and nodded courteously to Sevril.

"Do you have anything else to say Sevril?" Melliv asked.

Sevril lifted his yellow eyes to his lord and with a newfound confidence he spoke.
"I will not fail you my lord."

"Good. Now go and prepare for tomorrow. General Lorn will write up your orders and deliver them to you at your residence later tonight. I suggest you tell Haemon as well."

Sevril nodded, then abruptly turned. Faedra's deep green eyes fell heavily on Sevril. Her delicate face betrayed a heavy worry for her childhood friend. But she dare not speak, dare not reach out for him here in front of her father. However Sevril's eyes did not fall upon Faedra but to Xya they drifted as he walked between the two of them. His eyes however, said nothing... betrayed nothing. He wore the mask of blind devotion to duty. Kaimi and the others, followed him with their eyes as he left the council chambers to prepare for what lie ahead.

Kaimi stood with a smile on his face.
"My lady Xylona... I can't express how happy I am to know that you are safe!"

Faedra glanced to Xya, tears welling up in her eyes after the elder expressed his happiness. She clenched her fists and her jaw tightened as she cast her father a look of hatred for what he had done. Melliv smiled.
"My daughter... It brings me joy as well to know you were not hurt."

but faedra did not reply, instead she turned and walked silently out of the chambers. The sound of her footsteps on the stone floor echoed through the room and then dissappeared.


Keelia, adorned completely in white was a like a perfect picture of beautiful mourning.
As she walked silently through the forests, her heart hung heavy in her chest, for she knew what was to come. Beside her walked a wild elf chieftain garbed in a heavy forest green cloak, with light leather armor beneath. He was the Commanding military officer for this particular group of warriors. Before her, a column of five hundred bowmen weaved their way between the trees and behind her, another five hundred foot soldiers followed.

Ten thousand troops now headed southeast from Lilunya, Just as Lord Melliv had ordered. Three thousand bows, seven thousand swords. They marched in seperate columns of a thousand, because it was easier to get through the forest that way and to hide their numbers. they all headed for the same battlefield, to which Sevril would lead his own troops the next morning.

Keelia had to go. She was the spiritual guidance of the troops, their morale. It was now that her position really held a purpose and she served as a symbol of divine favor to the brave, wild elf warriors.


North of Lilunya, there where the forests are darker, Kiros Led a thousand troops of his own, with the army marching north to meet the high elf threat. He had been made an officer and his hands ached with the chance to spill high elf blood. This is the time he lived for. Kiros, with all of his stubborn pride was determined to come out of this war a hero. The savior of Lilunya... surely Xya could not refuse him then.

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Xya glared at Lord Melliv, eyes narrowed. [i]How dare he call me a liar! I was there not him![/i].
If you want proof go to Manhelm, yourself. Become a captive behind those walls and then youll see your proof. She snarled, almost to herself as he had already begun addressing Sevril.

Cursing under her breath, Xya listened as Sevril spoke but soon found her attention drifting. Warfare had never particularly interested her. Especially open warfare, which was what this was. She preferred to make her kills beneath the canopy of leaves, in the shadows. Not out in the open. And she had killed before, and would not hesitate to do so again. Besides Lord Curtis had an appointment with death and she would make sure that he kept it.

Xyas attention snapped back towards Sevril and Lord Melliv as she focused on their words. Her expression mirrored his own at Lord Mellivs previous words.
"B-but my lord! I have never lead men in battle! I know little of the art of warfare on open ground!" Sevril uttered and Xya found herself nodding her agreement. [i]This is madness. Hes not prepared for this sort of thing. Hell be killed![/i]
"You dare question my judgement?!" Melliv barked. "Haemon is skilled in warfare. He will accompany you as your aide, he will be your counsel. But you Sevril, you must lead our warriors, for the tale of your deeds in Manhelm will spread quickly. They will respect you and your presence will fill their hearts with bravery. Besides, you will not have command of all of our troops. You will be under the leadership of General Lorn."

"Do you have anything else to say Sevril?" Lord Melliv asked.
"I will not fail you my lord." Sevril responded, and Xya looked at him with a mixture of admiration and shock. This was not the Sevril she remembered. How could he have changed so abruptly or was this how he had always been but she had just failed to see it.

As Sevril passed between Xya and Faedra his gaze fixed on her but she could not see past his mask of blind devotion.
What happened to the old Sevril? She whispered as he passed her, I dont know this new you. I want the old you back. The one a danced with in the forests. But she had no indication of whether or not hed heard her or not. She just hoped that he understood what he was doing. But no matter what happened she had promised herself that she would stick by him no matter what and she would honour that promise!

As soon as Sevril left the room, Kaimi stood with a smile on his face.
"My lady Xylona... I can't express how happy I am to know that you are safe!" He said hugging her briefly and she grinned at him.
I owe my life to the young elf, who just left. Without him I would surely be dead. I am in his debt!
As are your people!
They are not my people yet. My mother yet lives!
Aye but for how much longer. These burdens weigh heavily on her and she has not been the same since your fathers death.
But she has many winters left. I had thought she would live long enough to see me with child. Besides when I left she was in good health. You are surely mistaken!
Who can really tell? But I fear the worst! Perhaps this war is too great a burden for her.
My mother will live a long and health life as she has these past winters even after my fathers death. You are mistaken. But enough of that tell me how fares Kiros!
Last I heard Kiros was given command of his own force.
I happy for him! she said smiling, and she meant it. After all hed done for them he deserved this. And Alara?
She is her usual self and fiercely proud of her son! But what of you? How are you my dear?
I am fine! She lied.
And what will you do now that you are free. Do you intent to return home? Go back to the forests?
I will return to my forests but not to my home. I intend to accompany Sevril on his mission!
My dear you cannot! It is not your place. You could be killed!
So could he! I owe him a blood debt Kaimi, and I will protect him with every breath in my body.
But what could you possibly do to help my dear. You are one of our best archers. This I know! But amongst so many other warriors, it is foolish and I will not allow you to go!
Since when have you had any control over my life! she said sadly, Besides you forget we will be besides the Black River, in Wild Elf territory. I will have the whole forest and its creatures on my side. I am not afraid.
Aye, that your not! But I am&..for you! Youre wounds are not merely those of the flesh they go deeper. And I know that you will not truly be healed until you kill him. But I fear that this time you may not be so lucky.
How do you&? She asked, staring at him in confusion but he just smiled in response.
Come back safely Priestess! Was all he said before leaving and she nodded - there were no words to say - before she too left the council chambers, Nighteyes at her side. So that only Lord Melliv and his council were left.

[i]Where are you going little one?[/i] Nighteyes queried.
To find Sevril! she said simply.
[i]This is not a good idea. You could get lost![/i]
Not with you at my side. Besides its time Sevril and I talked, because there are some questions Id very much like the answer to! She replied and with that they disappeared off in search of the young grey elf.

08/25/2005 5:43 PM

Sevril navigated the dark passageways without once looking up. Over and over images passed through his mind. Images of what might come to pass in the battle... images of his parents, hopeless and helpless, trapped in Soren, probably dead...

... and images of Xya.

The young grey elf stopped at the door of his friend, Haemon. He knocked politely and waited. The strong, tall elf opened the door. When Haemon laid eyes upon his friend he flung the door wide open and gave Sevril a big bear hug.

"you made it back!" Haemon exclaimed as he set the smaller, slimmer Sevril back onto his feet. "Sevril you amaze me, the bards will write tales of you lasting generations to come.. "

Sevril stepped past him into the house. There was no happiness on his face, only a stone cold impartiality.
"Hello Haemon." Sevril said softly.

Haemon followed him into the house, closing the door behind him."Sevril look, I had no choice but to tell Melliv what happened when I came back. I am truly sorry, but you had to have known he would find out."

"Yes Haemon. I knew. You have no need to apologize."

"Don't you shut me out Sevril. I can see through that mask of yours, I'm no stranger to you so don't treat me like one. You must talk to me." Haemon said with a scorned look on his face.

"There is no time to explain Haemon. I have returned with Xylona, the wild elf. Melliv has ordered that I lead a band of troops to the battleground. We depart tomorrow morning. Your orders, from Lord Melliv himself are to accompany me there and serve as my aide and counsel. " Sevril said.

Haemon was shocked. He stared slack-jawed at Sevril for a few seconds and then crossed his arms over his chest with a chuckle.
"You're joking right. Please tell me your joking Sevril..."

"General Lorn will stop by later this evening with your orders." Sevril replied as he made his way towards the door again. This statement immediately drained the humor out of Haemons dark eyes.

"You're not joking. I knew I would be a part of this war. But I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be serving under you." Haemon sighed. It was crazy what Sevril was saying. Sevril was younger and had no experience, whereas Haemon would have made a perfect commander. But, all Melliv wanted was a figure head, someone who inspired the men. Sevril was that figure head, so long as Sevril listened to Haemon, Things should turn out alright.

Sevril opened the door then paused.
"I suggest you prepare your things."

Haemon Straightened and smiled as he placed his open palm on the middle of his chest and did a half bow. It was the grey elf salute. "yes sir."

Sevril rolled his eyes and shut the door behind him as he left. After he left he once again plowed the floor with his gaze, lost in thought as he meandered silently through the caverns of their underground camp. He thought about what Xya said of there being a spy in their midst. He reminded himself to talk to her about that. All about him the grey elves were bustling about making ready for war. Grey elf men prepared themselves for what could be the last night they would have with their loved ones. Swords were being sharpened, arrows straightened, bags packed, food was being prepared. Sevril reached the brown, wooden door of his home. He turned the handle and stepped in, with the thought that there would be nobody to say goodbye to. However when he opened the door he saw that he was wrong.

"You mustn't go." Faedra said sternly.She sat in a wooden chair not far from the door. Her beautiful black hair was slightly tussled and one could see she had been crying for her fair cheeks were touched with crimson.
Her face was contorted by a desperate attempt to sound resolute, to be strong. But it only magnified the obvious sadness in her green eyes. "Please Sevril... just run away like you did before. You have no idea what lies before you."

08/26/2005 2:39 AM

As Xya walked through the grey elves underground home, she gazed around her at the foreign surroundings. Everywhere she looked Grey Elves were preparing for war. Xya looked at this sight and sighed, [i]theyre all going to die[/i].
[i]but they die and are remembered for their bravery. They die for the Pack. They die so that theyre young will live.[/i]
[i]Things are so much simpler for you. But things are rarely that simple, regardless of how they died they are still dead.[/i]
[i]But they go out of choice.[/i]
[i]Not everyone. Most are forced because that fool in there commands them and they dare not disobey.[/i] Xya sighed again, [i]Not everyone gets a choice![/i]

Nighteyes led her through the dark passageways, and she passed home after home but still he did not stop.
Youre going the wrong way! a voice called from behind her and Xya spun round to see who was speaking.
Lord Kaimi! he cried, What are you doing here?
I could ask the same of you but I think the answers already apparent. As for me I was returning to the house I am staying in - Lord Melliv was kind enough to give me a place to stay whilst I am here - and I saw you wondering around here, so I came to see if you were alright. If you continue like that you will eventually reach your destination but you know there is a quicker route! Xya looked at him feeling embarrassed.
Oh! Well, then could you show me the way.
Later! You must be hungry. Come back to my house and well get you something to eat.
But, I need to talk to him before he goes.
Hes not leaving till tomorrow youll have plenty of time. You can talk after youve eaten.
[i]bonded I think we should go with him.[/i]
Alright but as soon as weve eaten you must take me to him.
You have my word. Now come, follow me!

So how did you get so good at navigating your way through here? She asked him as they entered his temporary home.
You get used to it after a while. Besides were right next to the council chambers, so its not really that far!
We are?! But that means&
Yes! he said laughing and Xya grinned back, feeling incredibly foolish.

08/29/2005 5:34 PM

Sevril closed the door behind him, his deep eyes fixated on Faedra.

"Faedra, I will not disobey your father again." Sevril said as he walked past her towards his room. When he passed her she stood and faced him.

"But its suicide! He's sending you to die like some poetic hero Sevril! Why can't you just run away?" Faedra pleaded.

"What I did before was because it was the right thing to do. Your father simply wasn't aware of it. The right thing to do now is to fulfill my duty and follow orders." Sevril rummaged around in his room, retrieving his dagger and two others. He went about gathering leather straps, a pack and some other miscellaneous items that he figured he might need the following day.

"Your blind devotion to duty will get you killed Sevril." Faedra followed him into his room. Standing in the doorway. "You're no different than the damned horses that run straight into the enemies spearpoints because their masters lead them there!"

Sevril ignored her and continued to gather his things. He then took off his cloak and laid it on the bed. Faedra walked up to him and Took him by the wrist, pulling him around to face her. He did not resist.

"Why won't you listen to me!" Faedra scrwamed as tears began rolling down her cheeks.

"Because you're just afraid! You speak out of your own cowardice!" Sevril replied forcefully as he looked down on her.

"Yes Sevril I am afraid!" Faedra sobbed.

"Well nobody is forcing you to come with us tomorrow." Sevril said as he pulled away from her grip. "Stay here, but do not demand the same of me."

"No Sevril... I'm not afraid of the enemy. I'm afraid of losing you."She said as sevril turned and walked away from her.

"I don't have a choice Faedra. " Sevril sighed softly as he paused with his back to her. "Now.. I must take a bath... please leave..."

Faedra did leave. She wiped the tears from her eyes, crossed her arms over her chest and walked out of the house. Afterwards, Sevril stood in Silence. He pondered what he had just done and considered Faedra's words. He closed his eyes and thought that he should've been kinder to her. He struggled inwardly with his male stubborness. She didn't deserve to be treated like that, no matter how stressed out he was. Sevril then made all of the preparations for a hot bath, and relaxed in the warm water, enjoying the last few moments of relaxation he would have in a long time.

08/30/2005 10:08 AM

Xya laughed as the old elf spoke. He was busy telling her what had happened after she left. Its amazing Ive only been gone a quarter of a moon and yet it feels like Ive missed so much.
War has a way of speeding things up. Still enough of that! Whats happened to you since you left? Weve missed you so, especially your mother and Kiros. Kaimi replied still smiling and Xya laughed again.
Kiros hasnt missed [i]me[/i], just the attention he gets as my partner.
You misjudge him! He cares about you a lot. Im afraid you are not very good at judging peoples feelings my dear, especially your own!
Whats that supposed to mean? she asked rather savagely but once again Kaimi just smiled. He was beginning to annoy her.
Youll find out when you need to know! he said his grin widening.
Stop speaking in riddles, speak plainly to me! She snarled and he laughed at her, leading her from the table with a wave of his hand. Now that youve finished I can take you over to Sevrils! he ignored her previous words as he waved her out the door.

Nighteyes stayed in Kaimis temporary home as she was lead to Sevrils. Though the darkness of the underground camp stopped Xya from sensing the lateness of the hour she guessed it was nearing nightfall and so increased her pace eager to reach Sevril before he went to bed.
Please do hurry Kaimi she called, turning in time to see the amused grin flicker across his face. What?!
Nothing, and dont worry well get there in time! she replied but did not increase his pace. Xya fell into step behind him grumbling.

Finally they reached Sevrils home where Kaimi pressed a small object into her palm before leaving her alone outside his doorstep. She knocked loudly before settling outside to wait for him, her head a buzz with a thousand thoughts. What would she say when he answered [i]youre a fool whos blind devotion will lead to your death[/i], [i]Im coming with you regardless of what you say[/i].

In the end she just stuck with a greeting. It was simpler that way!

08/30/2005 6:23 PM

As Sevril lay in the basin his eyes drifted shut and he allowed the warmth of the water to seep deep into his bones. He had not enjoyed a proper bath in days and it felt good to be rid of the days of grime that had probably accumulated as a result of all that travelling.
Sure he had small baths in the rivers and whatnot but they were nowhere near enjoyable as this. He allowed his thoughts to wander nether here nor there but rather floated on a cloud of indifference, serene and peaceful. but at once that serenity was broken.

He knew his peace would not last long... on this the eve before battle.
"Must be the general with my orders.." Sevril thought. He sighed and lifted himself out of the water.
"One moment please!" He called out to whoever it was who knocked on the door.
Sevril went to his wardrobe and removed a thick black robe which he promptly put on and sinched closed at the waist. He figured it was the general or Haemon and so he didn't really bother to dress himself properly. The robe was open at the chest and his lustrous black hair was wet and spilling over his shoulders to intrude upon the bare skin below his collarbone. The raven darkness of his hair contrasted beautifully with his light complexion and the warmth of the water had brought a renwal of youthful vigor into his usually pale complexion.
With bare feet he walked across the house to the door and opened it. He was speechless for a moment when he looked upon his visitor for he had no expectation of seeing Xya tonight. Immediately however, Sevril relaxed and even smiled a little. he took a step back and opened the door wide gesturing towards the inside of the house.

"Welcome to my home. Please come in, make yourself comfortable."

The inside of the house was dark. The walls were polished white stone on which hung warm, decorative tapestries. the first room was a communal room with a dark oak table in the middle, surrounded by four chairs. There was a fireplace which was not lit and beautiful statues and busts scattered about the residence. In the middle of the room, near the table, was a stand which supported four torches. Three of them were lit at the moment, filling the room with a soft orange glow which danced and flickered across the walls.

Sevril cleared his throat."I'm sorry for my appearance... had I known you would be coming I would have been properly dressed."

08/31/2005 4:13 AM

Whatever words Xya was going to speak they were caught in her throat as the door opened and she stared at Sevril, completely dumbstruck. She flushed slightly as her gaze flickered over his appearance and she smiled weakly.

"Welcome to my home. Please come in, make yourself comfortable." He greeted her and she took his invitation, following him into the room. It was dark and lit by three torches which were situated near the centre of the room. Its beautiful, she breathed as she stared around her. And it truly was, in a simple way.

I'm sorry for my appearance... had I known you would be coming I would have been properly dressed. He continued having cleared his throat. Xya looked at him again, before seating herself down on one of the four chairs. I shouldnt have come, I just came to&.congratulate you on your new position. Though you werent given it for the right reasons you were still given it&..so congratulations! she said, trailing off feebly. This was not going as planed. She had expected to come in and speak her mind with confidence and ease. But it seemed that whenever she was alone with him she lost all her coolness and became flustered and weak. And she despised those feelings. [i]Calm down[/i] she told herself, [i]Close your eyes, breathe and start again[/i].

Her eyes snapped open and she smiled slightly, But thats not what I really came for. I havent come to try and convince you not to go; Ill leave that up to Faedra. Ive simply come to give you my opinion. Youre a fool, Sevril. You know as well as I do that youre just not ready for this. Youre skills lie in stealth and secrecy not in open warfare. Youll be killed. And for what? Motivation? Im not saying youre a bad fighter. But youre not a good warrior. Your Lord is too blind to see that. One man cannot make those sorts of decisions on his own. Thats why we have the council. Ive made plenty of foolish decisions before in my life, youve even witnessed a few of them. But I know that they were mistakes, even as I committed them. Im not asking you to stay behind, for I know you wont. I just want you to admit to yourself that this is madness and that its very likely you will die.

Still if you are determined to go chasing after death, then I must come with you. You saved my life when you rescued me and for that I now owe you a blood debt. And I will protect you with my life if necessary. I told you back on the ship that I was staying with you and I meant it. So if you go then I must to. You risked your life to save mine. Ill never know why you did but I do know that now it is my turn to risk my life to save yours. She stated her face a mask of determination. If he tried to talk her out of it, hed find she could be just as stubborn as he.

09/01/2005 6:18 PM

After Xya had stepped into his home, she sat down in one of the chairs and Sevril leaned against the wall, facing her.

"I shouldnt have come, I just came to&.congratulate you on your new position. Though you werent given it for the right reasons you were still given it&..so congratulations!"

Sevril noticed that this was very uncharacteristic of the usually very composed Xylona Treesong. He smiled softly at her comment and found it comforting that she wasn't always so confident herself. He nodded his head in response with a soft "Thank you."
After which Xya closed her eyes and breathed deeply. When her eyes opened again, she had mastered her weakness and the familiar Xya sat in his home before him.

Sevril allowed her to finish. He could not look her in the eye as she spoke so instead his eyes clung to the floor as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. When she had finished there was a moment of silence between them as he mulled over her words in his mind. Then that thick fog of quiet contemplation was broken when he spoke.

"My parents... were in Soren when we were caught out in the foothills. Melliv had sent both of them to gather information about the weapons flowing from that country into Manhelm. I of course, was sent to your people to procure an alliance."

Sevril stopped for a moment to gather himself. He then stepped away from the wall and uncrossed his arms, resting his eyes on on Xya.

"My mother should be sitting in that seat right now... But because she's not, I can only assume she was caught along with my father when the enemy found out our plans. I try not to ponder their fate... for I can guaranteee it was neither swift nor painless. You're Mistaken Xya if you believe I go to fight for Lord Melliv, or for duty, or for myself. I am marching to that battleground tomorrow to honour the memory of my parents, and hopefully, spill some human blood in their name. You're right... I may very well die...
but I'll die defending my people, your people, this land, your forests, this very house.
I know, Xya, I know that you can see the nobility in that. "

Sevril slowly took a few steps forward, the lively glow of the torches dancering in his soft gaze.

"I knew you'd come with me... and I know you will not be deterred. To be honest with you, I'm glad you'll be there with me. You have just as much to fight for on that battleground as any of us do."

09/02/2005 4:41 AM

Silence greeted Xyas last words as she awaited Sevrils response. He had not met her gaze during her speech and she could not fathom why. [i]Was he ashamed?[/i] She doubted it, he didnt look it. [i]So why wont he look at me?[/i]. She shrugged mentally brushing it aside, it wasnt important.

When Sevril did speak Xya listened intently, she was intrigued[i]So his parents were sent to Soren[/i]. She knew little of that place, but from Sevrils words she gathered that they were trading weaponry and other instruments of War with Manhelm, with Lord Curtis.

Still Sevril continued and Xya tilted her head slightly, looking at him differently now. She smiled at him and nodded; she understood. It seemed strange to hear talk of nobility coming from a Grey Elf. She had always been taught that they were nothing but thieves and assassins. Unworthy of the Elvin name, yet here stood one who had proved his worth in both words and actions.

He took a few steps towards her, as he spoke. She grinned as he spoke. It seems you know me too well, her smiled softened as she continued, And it seems that I have misjudged you. You are not at all like I expected you to be. We were taught that your kind was dishonourable, cheats unworthy of the Elvin name but now I see that your people have as much honour as my own. Perhaps something good will come out of this war.

Xya stood suddenly and reached out, taking his hands in hers. She looked at him, her expression serious. Thank-you for everything. She whispered, I understand your reason for fighting for it is similar to mine. I could not stand idle whilst those I care about died. She studied him, for a moment, You remind me of Nighteyes. She said and in that moment she knew it to be true. They had the same stubborn streak but unwavering loyalty towards the people they care about, in Nighteyes case her in Sevrils his people. Both of you are loyal and brave but annoyingly stubborn at the worst times. She said, grinning. Then realising that she still had his hands grasped in hers dropped them quickly, suddenly embarrassed.

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09/02/2005 1:15 PM

Xya stood and took his hands in her own. When she did so, in that place, he could feel his skin warming. He had never expected to hear such words from her and the whispers from her lips filled him with pride and resolution. Sevril couldn't help having his thoughts linger on the wild beauty Xya posessed and his eyes fell into the deep green pool of Xya's gaze, his shell of blank emotions washed away by her bright smile. He could form no more words and no response seemed appropriate anyways. He did not allow himself to speak lest he ruin this moment.

After she had finished speaking her grin lingered in silence, Then as if in a flash she dropped his hands, looking somewhat awkward and embarrassed. Sevril found her vulnerability at that moment very appealing, for rarely if ever, did it show. He could not help but think, that a moment like this may never come again. He could not stop himself from the thought that this may be his last time alone with Xya. He decided at that moment, that the most foolish thing he could do was waste this time he had been given.

With the firelight gleaming in his eyes, and shadows dancing across his smooth slim form he took a step forward, cupped Xya's beautiful face in the palms of his hands and kissed her softly on the lips. As he kissed her, the thoughts running through his mind were not thoughts of fear, not of doubt about Xya's reaction or if she would ever speak to him again. Instead his whole being celebrated the warmth of her lips, the touch of her soft skin under his fingertips and her sweet scent that stirred his soul with a warm pleasure.

Even as he still kissed her there came a loud knock at the door.

That killed the mood a bit. His eyes flashed open and he parted his lips from hers, withdrawing his hands to himself. He wasn't sure what to say and looked a bit embarrassed himself, but he could not wipe the smile from his face. He kind of fumbled around a bit then answered the door. In the doorway stood the large and kind of fat General Lorn. General Lorn had a thick mustache, a potbelly and Greasy brown and grey hair that fell to his shoulders. He didn't look like much but in his day he was a battlefield genius.

"Sevril here are your orders, and those of Haemon as Well. Be sure he gets them."
Lorn said intensely. "Why do you have that silly look on your face boy?!"

Sevril did have a silly look on his face. it was the look of one who is trying not to smile but failing miserably.

"Oh uh... yes sir, no reason... just..." Sevril stammered.
Lorn looked over Sevril's shoulder and his eyebrow raised when his tired old gaze fell upon the pretty wild elf standing in the room.

"Oh hoh! I see...no reason indeed." Lorns cheeks grew rosy as he handed Sevril the orders and then slapped him on the shoulder with a chuckle.
"I'm glad to see someone around here is relaxing and enjoying themselves!"

Sevril's face grew flush with embarrassement.
"No, sir... She just..."

Lorn cut him off. "No need to explain boy. heh. listen, your men will be mustered in the east sector barracks. You and your men must be prepared to leave at first light. You'll have 500 men under your command Sevril. I will be depending on you. Make sure they're all there." Once again Lorn Pat him on the shoulder then turned and walked away.

Sevril paused then closed the door and turned around to face Xya.
all he could do was shrug with an awkward smile. He set the orders on the table.
"Five hundred men." sevril said softly. "I guess it might be good to get some rest before tomorrow."

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09/03/2005 2:56 PM

Xya stiffened as Sevril moved towards her, cupping her face with his hands. Xya stared at him, fear flickered briefly in her eyes, [i]he isnt going to&[/i]But he did and Xya found that to her horror a part of her was actually enjoying the kiss. A thousand thoughts flashed through her mind but Xya ignored them. She was stuck in a stalemate. She did not have enough will power to push him away but neither could she bring herself to kiss him back. Her hands remained at her side, awkward.

Suddenly a knock broke the mood and Xya looked at the door relieved as Sevril moved away from her. He looked embarrassed as he groped the door handle and opened the door to allow the General to enter. Xya was rooted to the spot as she watched Sevril and the General talk. But she only half listened, her attention was on other things. She knew how this must look and she feared that he would get the wrong impression.

He did and Xya stared at him in horror. She didnt care about Sevril. Did she? She supposed in some ways she did, but that didnt matter. She couldnt have him, couldnt love him. She was destined to love and marry a Wild Elf. Thats the way it was.

Eventually the General left and Xya was alone with Sevril, again. She thought he might try and kiss her again and the thought frightened her. But she would have to push him away, let him know she didnt want him. But the truth was she did want him. Thats what scared her. She was afraid that if he did she wouldnt be able to resist and that shed end up doing something stupid.

Sevril turned to face her. He shrugged and smiled awkwardly but Xya could not meet his gaze. She moved back slightly away from him as he spoke. Five hundred men." Sevril said softly. "I guess it might be good to get some rest before tomorrow."

There was a long silence as Xya gazed at the floor. I should go then. She muttered walking towards the door. As she brushed past him something made her stop. She remembered Kaimis words and she turned to face him.

And in that moment she stopped caring. She wanted him, so what if it was stupid.

Xya took his hands in hers again and pulled him against her. She kissed him quickly on the mouth before turning so that her back was against his and pulling his arms around her slender figure. She relaxed into his embrace, her fingers entwined in his and she smiled softly. Could I stay here tonight? If you have a spare room or something. As I dont really have anywhere else to sleep - except for the sofa at Kaimis - and seeing as were both leaving tomorrow, it might be easier. She paused, hesitant, I mean if its not a problem. I dont want to intrude.

09/04/2005 7:03 AM

Sevril felt uneasy about the kiss. When he kissed her she was rigid under his touch and while the general was there, she seemed horrified and embarrassed. Sevril felt like a fool as he stood there awkward in the silence.

"I should go then." Xya said.
Sevril felt defeated, he had made a mistake. Xya slowly walked past him towards the door, but then she stopped. She took Sevrils hands again and kissed him. The grey elf was in a bit of shock, but elated nonetheless. He did not ponder on the change that had come over her and thought it best to not try and figure her out. Instead he smiled as she turned and wrapped his arms around her slim body and nestled into him. He held her close to himself and rested his head next to hers so that his lips gently brushed her ear.

"Could I sleep here tonight?" She said softly. "If you have a spare room or something. As I don't really have anywhere else to sleep- except for the sofa at Kaimi's. And seeing as we're both leaving tomorrow it might be easier. I mean, if it's not a problem. I don't want to intrude."

Sevril sighed a wistful sigh and smiled.
"Xya I implore you to intrude as much as it pleases you."

He stood there for a moment longer. Enjoying the feel of her in his embrace. Then he slowly parted from her and held her hand as he led her through the house. Past the room they were in was the kitchen area, and then a dark hallway. Sevril paused at the first door in the hallway and gestured inside. "This is my room..."
Then he continued down the hallway which ended in a larger, nicer door. He turned the handle and opened the door. Of course, it was dreadfully dark inside and so Sevril took a torch from the hallway and stepped inside.

"This is.... was... my parents room." sevril said softly.
The room opened up into a spacious chamber. In the middle of the room was a large bed, perfectly made with thick soft coverings and silk pillows. There was a large ornate mirror on the opposite wall from the bed and above the bed hung a beautiful painting hard to make out in the darkness. Again, there was a wash area with a basin for bathing, some small statues and other little lamps, armoirs and trickets. Altogether it wasn't all that extravagant to look at, after all there was rarely enough light to enjoy it. However it was cozy and inviting. Sevril lit some other torches in the room and a few candles, filling the room with warm light. then he placed the torch he held back in the hall and walked up behind Xya, placing his hands gently on her hips.

"Will this work?" He asked. "Is there anything else you need?"

09/04/2005 10:36 AM

Sevril lead Xya down a dark hallway. He stopped at the first door, This is my room&.he said, gesturing inside and Xya had a quick look around. It was dark so she could not see much but her eyesight was rapidly adjusting to the darkness and so she could make out the basic shapes of the objects there.

Next he took her to a large chamber that was similarly lit. This is&was&my parents room. He said softly and Xya looked at him with sympathy. She knew what it was to loose a parent. They might still be alive, she whispered. Do not presume the worst. But her words were lost for if he had heard them he made no indication.

Sevril left her side to light several candles and torches and Xya took the opportunity to walk around the chamber. As with the all the other rooms in the house it was decorated simply but Xya found that it was both beautiful and homely.
She ran her hands over the bed; it was silky to the touch.

But her exploration of the room was cut short as Sevril placed his hands gently on her hips. She stiffened at his touch but when she realised who it was she immediately relaxed and leaned against him.
Will this work? he asked her, Is there anything else you need? She smiled in response, Its perfect. And it truly was, she could ask for nothing else. Thank-you she said for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day.

Then Xya turned round carefully so that his hands still held her hips. She wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him again. She enjoyed the sensation of his lean body against hers which sent tremors of pleasure shooting through her. Pushing him onto the bed she kissed him harder.

Eventually she broke of and propping herself up using her elbows, she gazed down at him her face flushed. Promise me one thing. If we encounter Lord Curtis you must leave him to me. You must let no one else touch him for his death should be at my hands.

09/06/2005 8:36 AM

Xya turned in his arms and pressed her figure against his own. She kissed him and Sevril closed his eyes, reveling in her affections. Then the wild elf pushed him onto the silky coverings and pressed harder with her warm kisses. Sevril returned her kisses, and smiled inwardly at the aggressiveness Xya showed even in the arena of romance. When Xylona Treesong wanted something, she wanted it... It was just another thing that Sevril found so appealing about her. He lie on his back and enjoyed her caress, The feel of her warm curves, her slender body pressing into him sent waves of heat surging through his veins. His skin grew hot and he caressed her back with his hands, holding her to him, weaving his fingers up the back of her neck and into her hair . Then she stopped and propped herself up on her elbows looking down on him, her face flushed, her hair tussled but beautiful. She had a penetrating gleam in her forest green eyes and Sevril smiled up at her with boyish innocence.

"Promise me one thing." She said. " If we encounter lord Curtis tomorrow You must leave him to me. You must let no one else touch him for his death should be at my hands."

Sevril could not help but laugh. He found it humorous that even while they kissed she could not help but think of spilling Curtis' blood. Perhaps their romantic encounter had sparked memories of Xya's past leading her down that path in her own mind. However Sevril did not share these thoughts out loud.

"Yes of course..." Sevril Chuckled."Curtis is all yours. But you must promise me that the rat Fardale, is all mine. I trust Curtis won't leave his faithful dog back in Manhelm."

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09/06/2005 11:26 AM

When Sevril laughed, Xya could not help but feel a twinge of twinge of annoyance. She was being serious and all he could do was laugh at her.
Yes of course, he responded still laughing and Xya tried to glare at him but failed miserably as the corners of her mouth tilted upwards and she found she was smiling back. [i]Damn that man. Hes so infuriating.[/i] Curtis is all yours. But you must promise me that the rat Fardale is all mine. I trust Curtis won't leave his faithful dog back in Manhelm.

Dont laugh at me! Im not going to promise you anything if you laugh at me. She said self-righteously. She managed to hold the look for a few seconds but his eyes were still laughing at her and in the end she gave up as a grin broke out across her face and she laughed too. Alright the lackey yours. [i]Damn him[/i].

Xya shifted slightly and curled up besides him, her arm was draped across his chest and her head rested on his shoulder. She contented herself with lying there and fiddling with stray strands of his damp hair. She sighed, I wish we didnt have to go of to war tomorrow. I wish we didnt have to fight at all but at least we go together. Nighteyes told me that I could trust you. He told me he sensed something good in you. He was right, I see that now. She smiled slightly and touched his cheek tenderly as a sign of affection.

She yawned suddenly and she realised just how tired she was, for she had not had a decent nights sleep since leaving her home many nights ago. She knew that she should go to bed and sleep but she could not bring herself to leave. She did not have the energy nor the will, so instead so snuggled closer to him, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

As she slumbered, Xya did not dream of the red eyes that had so plagued her dreams these past moons. But neither were her dreams happy ones. Instead she dreamed of a beautiful High Priestess who sits in her rose throne, alone. Her black robes are made of the finest silks and cling to her every curve. But there is a look of sadness in the womans forest eyes, a look which is mirrored in the eyes of the black wolf at her feet. A tall man walks up to her and smiles at her, kissing her on the lips. She gazes at him; his dark blonde hair had been recently cut and is rough when she touches it. Still she smiles back at him and flicks the front bits away from his hazel eyes. He kisses her again, more passionately this time. When he stops he takes her hand in his and tries to lead her back to their home but she refuses. She is waiting for someone. Hes not coming! her husband whispers. You made the right decision in letting go. Forget him and move on with your life. But she cannot. Though it has been many winters she cannot forget him. So she waits for him, hoping that he will come to her. But he never does and she in turn cannot go to him. She watches his life through the eyes of her creatures. On the outside he appears happy but the woman hopes that deep inside he feels the same longing as she. Eventually she allows her husband to take her home where he makes love to her and teaches her to forget.

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Xya curled up beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. He in turn wrapped his arms around her and listened as she spoke tenderly. He did not mean for her to take his laughing so personally. But she soon saw that it was merely light-hearted and there was no harm in it. He was glad, he enjoyed cuddling with her in the flickering firelight.

"I wish we didn't have to go off to war tomorrow. I wish we didn't have to fight at all, but at least we go together." She said softly.
Her words were gentle and glided over him in the otherwise silent bedchambers.

"I know... I like things as they are now. I like being here with you, It would be nice if things could stay this way. we may face unspeakable horrors on the battlefield, but as you said, we will face them together. Your presence gives me strength Xya."
Sevril replied.

"Nighteyes told me I could trust you. He told me he sensed something good in you. He was right. I see that now." She smiled and touched his cheek affectionately.

He smiled also. But he did not reply, instead he lie there with her in his arms, his eyes just gazing up into the darkness. She snuggled closer to him and shut her eyes... drifting off to sleep. Sevril listened to her breathe.. felt her chest rise and fall and he thought about what might come of all this. What would happen in the coming days? No.. he wasn't going to let himself waste time thinking about what might be. As others in the grey elf camp lay with their loved ones for what might be the last time, Sevril enjoyed this moment, this time that he had with Xya. Finally.. Sevril could not hold his eyes open any longer and he too fell asleep.

an hour or two before the rising of the sun, Sevril awoke. His eyes flickered open and he turned his head to see that Xya still slept beside him. He smiled and just took a moment to quietly adore her beauty. However, the time had come and Sevril could no longer enjoy these peaceful moments with this wild elf he so desired. He kissed her softly on the lips and whispered gently.
"Xya... Its time"

Sevril smiled as she awoke and rose from the bed. He still had his robe on. He made his way to his room, where he dropped his robe and put on some black pants, Sturdy boots and a loose grey long-sleeved shirt. He strapped on some leather armor to his chest, legs and arms, but the armor was not very heavy. It could maybe stop a glancing sword blow but that was about it. Grey elves preferred speed and freedom of movement over cumbersome heavy armor. Sevril strapped a dagger to both of his legs and put on a leather belt with a small knife. He then draped his grey cloak over his shoulders, grabbed his pack and his bow and quiver. Sevril was the perfect picture of a grey elf going to war. He was not as skilled with a bow as any wild elf, but most grey elves had bow training when they came of age and he knew he would need it in the upcoming battle.

Sevril was ready. He made his way to the door and looked to Xya.
"Is there anything you need at Kaimi's? We can stop there after we pick up Haemon."

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Xya woke slowly to the feel of Sevrils lips on hers and his whispered words. He smiled at her and she grinned back. She rose slowly from the bed and stretched, shaking off the last of her sleep. As Sevril left the room, presumably to change, Xya walked over to the basin and washed herself briefly. She then re-dressed quickly and walked into the entrance hall at the front of the house, where she waited for Sevril.

Is there anything you need at Kaimi's? We can stop there after we pick up Haemon. He asked as she met him by the door. In response she gazed down at her sailor garb that she had been lent aboard the Sea Elf Vessel. I need some proper clothes. I believe Kaimi has my battle wear with him. I dont know why but I noticed it whilst I was there. Maybe he sensed that I would go with you because he is usually quite perceptive. Also I left my Sabre and cloak there which I wish to pick up and Nighteyes of course. So perhaps it would be best if I went there to change now and I will meet you at Kaimis after you have picked up Haemon.

Xya stepped out of the door and gazed around her. It was impossible to tell the time as she could not see the skies but Xya presumed it was shortly before sunrise. She longed to feel the warmth of the summer sun on her flesh, the gentle caress of the breeze on her face. [i]Soon[/i] she reminded herself, [i]soon I will be back amongst my forests[/i]. She could not understand how these elves could bare to live in such a dark place but perhaps it was not out of choice but need for protection that led them here. She would never know.

Xya stood awkwardly as Sevril emerged from his home, Sevril! she muttered, No one must know what happened between us last night. I hope that your General will keep his mouth shut, for if any of my people were to find out then I would be shunned. Not exiled or anything that bad but I would be treated as if I were a traitor. We are a proud race and the idea that their High Priestess to be has been with a grey elf would horrify them. You saw how they acted about the thought of merely joining in alliance with your race. How do you think they would feel if they knew I had kissed you? She opened her mouth again to continue but then shut it abruptly. She had said all she needed to say, she did not want him to start feeling sorry for her if she tried to elaborate further. It was one of the hardest things shed ever done. She did not know how he would take it. She still wanted him but she could never truly be with him. Could she ask him to love her knowing that she could leave at any moment? She was too afraid to see.

Xya kissed him briefly, as a way of showing him that she still wanted him, that she still cared. Suddenly an idea came to mind and she reached
Up to her throat and unclasped the pendant that hung there. It was the one she had retrieved from Lord Curtis room. She passed it to him and smiled softly before turning and walking away. Sevril would not fully understand the meaning of the gesture but that didnt matter. She understood the significance of the gesture and that was good enough for her.

As Xya approached Kaimis home she opened the door, using the small key he had pressed into her hand the night before. It was dark when she entered and she gave a muffled cry as a huge shape barrelled towards her. [i]Little sister[/i] the shape cried in her mind and Xya grinned into the darkness, greetings brother!

[i]Where have you been?[/i] he asked her as she lit several of the lamps.
Sevrils she answered simply, not wishing to elaborate.
[i]And what were you doing there?[/i]
[i]Youre not a very good liar.[/i] came the response and Xya frowned, shed forgotten just how closely bonded the two had become. [i]I felt you pleasure[/i] he said and her face turned bright red.
Im sure you loved that. But then have you so readily forgotten your mate Thorn and your union. She retorted but Nighteyes just laughed wolfishly and she cursed him silently, [i]damn him.[/i]

Xya left Nighteyes in the entrance room and entered the dinning room where she had last seen her battle gear. Picking it up she quickly closed the doors to the dining room and dressed herself. The clothes she put on where similar in colour to all her other clothes as she wore the typical Wild Elf colour of green.
Xya wore a corset of deep green with a short bright green skirt and knee length boots. Over the top of this she placed her brown leather armour and dyed green gauntlets which were also made of leather. As with all Wild Elf armour it was designed for ease and comfort not protection, for they preferred to fight their battles darting from branch to branch, raining arrows down on their opponents. So the armour was light and though it would stop an arrow or sword wound from killing her she would not remain unscathed.

Xya then fixed her scabbard to her hips and sheathed her Sabre. Two knives were secured within her boots and another two within her clothing. She then fixed her arrows to her back and picked up the long bow at her feet. It was not her usual bow, she had lost that back at the Keep but it would do her well. Finally she bound her hair back away from her face using a strip of green cloth and wrapped her green cloak around her, careful of the arrows on her back. She checked that all was in place as best she could without a mirror and entered the entrance hall to wait for Sevril to return.

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Sevril had dressed and agreed to meeting Xya at Kaimi's after he had found Haemon.
She exited before him and when he followed he was met with a rather unpleasant response.

"Sevril!" she muttered, "No one must know what happened between us last night. I hope that your General will keep his mouth shut, for if any of my people were to find out then I would be shunned. Not exiled or anything that bad but I would be treated as if I were a traitor. We are a proud race and the idea that their High Priestess to be has been with a grey elf would horrify them. You saw how they acted about the thought of merely joining in alliance with your race. How do you think they would feel if they knew I had kissed you?"

Sevril really didn't know what to say. He understood however what she was talking about. He knew his race wasn't looked well upon. He wasn't about to go blabbing around the camp about what happened between the two of them. He expected General Lorn wouldn't either. But that wasn't a concern of his. He just wanted to know that last night wasn't a fluke.. That she had just succumbed to a weak moment and now regreted every kiss, every touch every moment they shared. Of course he didn't want any shame to come upon Xya either but he suspected all trace of this occurence would most likely be lost in blood on the battlefield.
However, Xya must have been sensing his concerns, for she kissed him discreetly, to let him know that she still wanted him. It was just what the doctor ordered and Sevril soon found that his heart was set right in that one moment. She left him with a smile on his face.
then she loosed the pendant from around her neck and handed it to Sevril. The grey elf recognized it as the one she took from Curtis's chambers that night. She was right, he did not fully realize the depth, the full meaning of this simple gesture, but nonetheless he knew it was special. He smiled at her and whispered Thank you as she turned and walked away from him. He clasped it around his own neck with pride and then made his way to haemons room.

Haemon answered his door, dressed in much the same fashion as Sevril, though Haemon looked much more the part of a hardened warrior. Haemon had the gleam of battle in his eyes. Haemon carried a bow and a couple daggers like Sevril, but he also carried a sword on his back and he wore a leather mask over his nose and mouth. He looked altogether rather menacing, but when He saw Sevril his eyes smiled and he greeted his friend with a warm hug.

"Well my friend." Haemon said hitting Sevril gently in the leather chest piece "It seems you still know how to put your armor on after all..."

"Yes" Sevril said. "And I'm trusting you to keep me alive in it."

"Well we'll see what we can do about that." Haemon replied. "Now down to business... what are my orders sir?"

"Please don't call me that."

"But I'll have too around the men."

"Fine, but you and I both know its not necessary when we're alone."
Sevril said.

"alright... What's the plan?"

"Here." Sevril removed the orders he recieved from General Lorn and handed Haemons copy to him. He looked the mover briefly.

"I see." Haemon said.

"Look, I need you to go to the East barracks. Our men are marshalled there. I need you to make sure They are ready to depart and that all are present. Make sure they get whatever they need. I will be there shortly."
Sevril said matter-of-factly.

"It will be done." Haemon replied with the grey elf salute.

Sevril nodded in response then turned and made his way to Kaimi's Lodgings. Haemon exited behind him and went down a different hallway to where the men were lodged. The barracks were very large but were packed with the 500 Elves General Lorn had placed under Sevril's command. They all had very plain issued bows. some had hand me downs that had been passed down from generation to generation. Same with Armor. Some of them had mismatched equipment, custom add-ons and what not. Some were poorer, Some richer, better armored and armed. They came from many different places both in that particular camp and from other places in the realm. Most of them had undergone some type of informal training. All were taught how to kill, how to move, how to sneak and poison. This type of knowledge was passed down from Grey elf Fathers to their children. This kind of knowledge was shared and respected in the grey elf community and so while they were not a battle hardened elite squad of trained fighters, they were still a deadly threat to any enemy.

Haemon stepped into the barracks to find the warriors in the midst of preparing themselves. Filling packs, sharpening blades, strapping on armor. They all looked at who had entered and stood straight when they recognized Haemon. Many grey elves knew of Haemon, He was a respected hero among the younger grey elves and that's what these soldiers were. Young. Most of them were Sevril's age or younger. the more experienced, older warriors were in different units.

"Alright Boys!" Bellowed Haemon as he crossed his arms over his chest.
"I want a report from your squad chiefs! Then Fall into formation and prepare for the arrival of your Commander!"

Sevril, having reached Kaimi's door, knocked politely and waited for Xya.

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Xya was busy scribbled a note to Kaimi when she heard a knock on the door. She had waited a while but when he had not come down she had thought it best to inform him this way as she did not have time to wait for him to awaken. She opened the door quickly and waved the man inside without looking up. She didnt need to, she knew from Nighteyes delighted bark just who it was. She grinned to herself as she wrote. Her normally neat italic writing was messy as she was in a hurry. She signed her name, Xylona, quickly at the bottom before following Nighteyes out the door.

She followed as he led her down the winding alleys and twisting corridors that made up the Grey Elf camp. She made note of the path just as she had the path to Sevrils just in case she needed to walk it again. She hoped she would never need to use it again but it never hurt to be cautious. She would not want to get lost here as she had done before.

Eventually they reached their destination as Sevril slowed his pace. Their destination looked like some sort of barracks. Though it was very large it appeared to be rather crowded as the five hundred elves under Sevrils command. Xya nodded in the direction of the Grey Elf at the front of the group, it was a simple greeting. He was dressed like Sevril and though she could not see much through his armour he looked a lot broader than the others gathered there and perhaps older too. She guessed he was the one named Haemon.

Then she turned her attention on the men before her. Or perhaps boys was a better word. Most of them were her age or younger, with approximately half less than one hundred winters old. She looked at them in shock. How could Lord Melliv allow those so young to fight? They would not stand a change against the skills of the High Elves and the brutality of the mortals under Lord Curtis command.
She kept her expression cold as she surveyed them again. She was beginning to grow uneasy. This was not right; in her home&she began but stopped abruptly. This was not her home. Here they had different rules, different ways of doing things. Here she was nothing but a stranger.

Besides her Nighteyes shared her sentiments, still neither let any of their feeling show and her expression remained neutral. She turned to address Sevril who stood besides her, I believe its time!

09/11/2005 5:27 AM

Sevril entered the barracks with Xya by his side. All of the grey elf warriors were in line, clean and ready to go. they gave a salute when Sevril entered which made him feel very awkward but he did not let it show. After a few words which Sevril had planned out the night before Sevril, Xya, Haemon and the warriors filed out of the barracks and up some stairs into the outside world. The sun had still not yet risen and there was a strong cold wind from the north. It tugged at everyones cloaks and hair and Sevril and the others pulled their hoods up as shelter from the cold.

In the darkness they could make out the forms of hundreds of other soldiers and formations who were also preparing to depart as they were. Sevril led the elves close to the others and then halted them as he made his way to General Lorn who was bustling about getting things ready. The large grey elf looked on Sevril who saluted.

"All present Sir." He said

Lorn made a little notation on the paper he had and nodded to Sevril.
"Move your men over there, get in formation and prepare to step off."

"yes sir." Sevril replied.

Sevril moved his men to where Lorn had pointed and they stood in formation silently for just a little longer before Lorn stepped out on a small hill to address the whole gathering. He gave the order to step off and soon the whole army began to lurch forward, one formation after another snaking off to the south-west as the Sun broke the horizon.

Keelia sat near a large tree munching on some bread from her pack. Her face was a blank slate as she stared out from the trees on the open battle ground. The wild elf detachment was camped on the west side of the battleground in the forest. In this area, the forest broke sharply into the flat open field where they would fight and then continued to the river where the enemy would be crossing. Keelia and the rest of the wild elf soldiers where close enough to the treeline to be able to see the field, but they were masterfully hidden in the forest. They had reached the spot the night before and now just waited on The grey elves to join them. Keelia could only think of Xya. She had not heard any news of her daughter since Haemon had told her she was captured. Night and day her heart ached with the torment of not knowing what became of her only child. And now she sits on the brink of battle to make it all worse.


Kiros sat in the banches of tall tree. So tall in fact that it broke the canopy and he could see the forest around them. Actually to the north the forest met the montains that bordered their land with the high elf kingdom. He had been watching a mountain pass that was the only pass through the mountains in this region. It was said to be the pass the wild elves took many millenia ago whe they first seperated themselves from the high elves. Nobody knows whether it had been used since then but Kiros figured that is where the high elves would come from. Kiros and his men had also reached the area the day before and had been taking turns keeping watch on the mountain pass. Later in the afternoon as Kiros sat in the tree he squinted his wild elf eyes thinking he saw something. His eyes grew wide as he realized he really was seeing something, and what it was was the gleam of shiny high elf armor way off in the distance, snaking its way south through the pass. Kiros shot down from the tree and ran through the camp spreading the alarm and telling the men to be ready. The High elves were still many hours off yet and they would be tired when they met with the arrows of the wild elves.


The grey elves marched all day but it wasn't that difficult for they traveled light. When they reached Kellum's road it was deserted. not a soul in sight. It was dangerous travelling across that road with so many soldiers but they had little choice, there was no way around it so across they went. They were all soon in the security of the forest and eventually got all of the grey elf soldiers across the black river. By late that evening they reached their staging grounds. The forest formed a huge half circle around the battlefield and The grey elves were fromed on the east side, in the woods directly opposite the wild elves. Unfortunately, the grey elves found themselves in a precarious position, for if they were pused back into the forest, they would have little ground to fall back on before they came up against the black river.

Sevril and the others spread out in the staging area, finding their positions until the next night. It had been a long days march and the grey elves were tired. General Lorn began making his way to the wild elves to make contact and plan out further events.

09/11/2005 1:46 PM

Xya spoke little during the journey and if she opened her mouth it was to address the wolf at her side. The journey was quicker this time as the pace was fast. However Nighteyes loved it as he repeatedly told her, and he was running besides her, tongue lolling. Occasionally he would dart of into the bushes, returning soaking wet and then - much to Xyas annoyance  shake all over her. But still nothing could make her feel any less joy and she could not help but grin as she spotted the forests edge. She was coming home.

Xya was the first across the black river and over into the forest. She laughed wildly; it was so good to be back. The trees dipped slightly as she passed, acknowledging her presence.

Soon they reached the staging area where the Wild Elves were already stationed. When the others began to separate in search of their positions Xya did not follow. Im going to find my mother, she told Sevril, and then I will spend the night with the Wild Elves&..you may come if you wish, though Im sure you would rather stay with your people She added as an after thought even though she presumed he would rather stay.

She almost ran towards the western side, towards the Wild Elves but her dignity prevented her from appearing childish. Instead she adopted a brief pace but when she spotted her mother she could contain herself no longer and ran towards her. Keelia turned and stared at her in shock before letting out a cry of joy and throwing her arms around her.

My baby, she cried and Xya felt like she was a child again. I thought Id lost you, when news reached us of your capture. Tears began to stream down her mothers face as she clung to her afraid that she might disappear and any moment. Xya however did not cry, she refused to. Besides she had long since forgotten how to, if such a thing was possible, for it had been many decades since she had last shed a tear.

Slowly she extracted herself from her mothers embrace, who looked at her with gleaming eyes, Who rescued you? Who brought you home to me? She asked rapidly.
The same elf who brought us news of Lord Curtis in the first place, Sevril!
That elf?! Then he must be rewarded! We will give him anything he wants so long as it is within our power to grant. Come you must take me to him so that I may thank him myself.
Later! She said laughing at her mothers eagerness. Though Im sure if youre that desperate you can go find him yourself. He is with the grey elves though Im not sure exactly where.
I will go, she stated determinedly and turned round, heading towards the other side of the forest. Xya watched her go, she was still grinning as she called out, good luck finding him. she doubted she would find him this eve amongst the thousands of warriors.

Xya watched her go, before shaking her head in disbelief and settling down besides the tree her head was resting against its trunk. She would wait for her mother to return as she believed she would do soon. Nighteyes settled at her feet as he normally did with his head resting against her legs.

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Sevril watched as Xya bounded happily over to the wild elf side. He smiled to himself as he watched her go, he loved to see her happy and he hadn't seen her this happy in a long time. Sevril and Haemon sat next to eachother near a large tree. They were slowly going about the business of checking their armor, sharpening their blades, checking their bow strings and whatnot. They were mucnhing on some bread as General Lorn met with the Wild elf General. The two generals and their accompanying aides were out of the earshot of the other elves.

"It's a very simple plan General Lorn." The Wild elf said. "They will cross at night to hide their numbers. When half of their force is across we strike. "

"Indeed." Lorn said."A classic but effective maneuver."

"Yes General. First, a shower of arrows to thrust fear and surprise into their hearts, then
my men will strike from the west and north and your men from the east. We will continue to pour arrows on the heads of those men still crossng the river. Evenntually the sea elves will join us, making their way up the river to seal the deal."

"Yes." Lorn replied" A solid and wise plan." He gave the thinner, more sinister looking wild elf general a portly slap on the shoulder with a big smile."I'll go pass the word on to my men. Until we meet again on the battlefiled tomorrow night!"

The wild elf nodded and Lorn and his aides returned to the grey elf staging area.

Meanwhile Keelia made her way around the grey elf camp. All of the young Grey elf boys stared at her in admiration of her beauty But when she came near them they averted their eyes in embarrassment for she carried herself with such grace and nobility. As she neared Sevril though, he immediately finished chewing whatever was in his mouth and stood, giving Keelia a low bow. Haemon stood and bowed as well. Keelia smiled and placed her hand gently on Sevril's shoulder.

"No Sevril... tonight it is I who am indebted to you. Please Rise." Keelia said softly, her beautiful voice floating on the gentle night breeze.

Sevril straightened and Haemon did as well.
"Lady Keelia. I am honoured. Why are you here on the eve of battle?" Sevril asked.

"Well, I am on this battlefield because It is customary for wild elf priestesses to accompany their soldiers to battle. But I am here now, in this place, to thank you for saving my beloved Xylona."

Keelia stepped forward and embraced Sevril warmly. This came as a bit of a shock to Sevril, it was rather unexpected and Sevril didn't quite know what to do.

"thank you... thank you for risking your life for her." Keelia's voice was a soft whisper on the verge of tears as she held Sevril. The other grey elves couldn't help but stare. Perhaps this gave Sevril a little more credit in their eyes. Sevril was at a loss for words.

"Lady Keelia... please no need to thank me, I only did what was the right thing to do."

Keelia parted herself slowly from the grey elf and kept her hands on his shoulders as she looked into his eyes.
"No, you deserve this praise. You deserve my thanks and those of my people. Whatever you desire shall be yours. Just to see my Xya happy again was all I was dreaming of and you made that possible. well?... what is it you wish?"

Sevril couldn't speak.. this was all so sudden. But he didn't have too, for soon the hoarse whisper of a fmiliar old elf reached their ears.

"Lady keelia!.... Lady Keelia!!" It was the whisper of a man trying to yell but not to loudly.
Then the figure emerged from the darkness and ran up behind keelia. The old elf had fear in his eyes and was out of breath as he placed his hand on Keelia's shoulder for support. The elf was Kaimi.

"Why Kaimi! what a pleasant surprise! what did you-" Keelia began but Kaimi cut her off.

"No time!" Kaimi said between gasps for air."No time to explain you must go back to the warriors right now!"

"Why what is so-"

"Scouts.. our scouts.... The enemy approaches the river! they're going to cross tonight!!"
Kaimi said excitedly. "Please Hurry Lady Keelia there is no time!"

Keelia grew afraid. Sevril couldn't speak. The enemy was going to cross a full day before they were expected too. Kaimi was right, there was no time to think or explain... there was only time for action. Keelia gave a panicked look to Sevril who only nodded and then she ran off with Kaimi back to where her people were waiting. Sevril and Haemon looked at eachother.

"this is bad." Haemon said. "your men are tired from a full days march."

Sevril sighed. "Yes I realize this."

Sevril looked around and saw many grey elves running through the staging area spreading the word that the enemy would be here soon and to conceal themselves. All of them began packing their bedding, they had needed a good nights sleep, but they would not get one this night... and perhaps never again. One of General Lorn's Aides Ran up to Sevril and saluted quickly.

"Lord Sevril... our scouts report-"

"I know already." Sevril said.

"General Lorn has ordered an assault with bows first, followed by a ground attack. You must watch for the flaming arrows being fired into the sky, they will be the signal to
begin firing arrows or to charge the enemy." the runner saluted and headeds off as Sevril nodded.

It was dark in the forest. There were no fires, no lights, nothing to warn the enemy of their presence. They were all silent and Sevril and his men Lined up behind the treeline on the edge of the battlefield Bows in hand. Each of them, squinted their eyes, they could just barely see the river. There was only a quarter moon so it offered little illumination. It would be a test of nerves to not fire until they saw the signal, but they knew they had to be patient and work together. Sevril and all of the other grey elves were tired. He wondered how long they could fight on adrenalin alone. Sevril thought it terribly bad luck that Xya was seperated from him. He wondered if she would try and make it back to him, or if she would stay and fight with the wild elves. Surely by now she got the word as well and most of the wild elf soldiers would be climbing to the highest branches of the treest, ready to rain hell on the heads of the men.


Kiros and his men were already in the trees. Invisible, cloaked by the forest. A tall figure in shining silver armor approached the forests edge not but a few feet from where Kiros and his men were waiting. It was a high elf scout. He removed his helmet letting his long blonde hair flow over his armor. He couldn't see anything. it was too dark.. Kiros and the others already had an arrow notched and drawn pointing it at the high elf's head. But Kiros knew it would be unwise to kill this scout, they must wait until the bulk of the army was within their range.

09/14/2005 11:36 AM

Xya listened as a cry went out a round her. The news spread like wildfire. The enemy was attacking this very night. Xya cursed her luck as she grabbed her bow and made for the trees. She desperately needed to find Sevril but she could not abandon her people. She was torn. She had sworn that she would stand by him yet at the same time she knew that she must remain with her people.

[i]I will go,[/i] a voice whispered in her mind and Xya looked down at the wolf at her feet, go where?
[i]to look after the grey one[/i] came his answer and Xya felt her heart lift. Yes this would work, she trusted with her life and as such she trusted that he would do whatever he could to protect Sevril if she wished it and she did. And through his mind she could also watch over them both. Thank you! she whispered as she hugged him fiercely. And be careful! He grinned his wolfish grin before darting off into the midst of the Grey Elves and Xya watched through his mind as he reached the grey elf.

Satisfied Xya allowed her legs carried her to the thick trunk of the tree before her. It was huge like its entire ilk and was one of the trees that surrounded the forest. They had been planted thousands of years before when her people had first come here and provided and excellent hiding place. Its branches were thick with leaves of every shade of green and spread up high and far so that it over looked the large area before her.

Xya quickly scaled the tree and stood in its upper most branches. From here she could see all the Grey Elves standing in formation, awaiting the signal from the Wild Elves. Xya used this moment to reach out with her magick and touch the Forests core. She opened her mouth and song poured forth from between her lips. But this music was not the joyful song that she had sung the last time she had called forth the forest. This one though equally beautiful was dark and sinister. It was a haunting beauty like the howl of a wolf, feral and wild.

Soon the forests responded to her song and Xya fed more of herself into it. She was going deeper this time than she had before but her father had taught of well and she would not fall prey to the lure of her magicks. She kept a part of her mind separate from the great essence of the forest. But that part of her slumbered as she shared the forests senses.

She could feel the Wild Elves in the branches of the nearby raining arrows into her enemies. But of the Grey Elves there was nothing save for a faint sensing that came whenever they strayed past the tree line. Her song still rung out sending a chill through all who heard it and Xya smirked, whoa be he that tried to invade [i]her[/i] forests.

Xya reached out with her senses, seeking Sevril. And though he was away from the Forests reach she could still feel him as he carried her pendant round his neck. The pendant glowed with an azure light and it shone like a beacon in her mind as it was from the forest after all. Thats what it had been created for. Or at least in the times of old when the High Priestess had strayed from the forests. It was a way for the Guardian to track her and ensure her safety from afar. Which was exactly what she was doing now.

She drew him closer to the forest so that she could protect him better. Sending vines to kill any who got near him and many a High Elf and mortal alike were hoisted into the air only to fall the thousands of feet to the earth below, dead.

Xya gave sent another branch forward, trapping and killing the unsuspecting enemy who had been foolish enough to escape the bloodbath outside by coming in here. [i]Fools[/i] she thought, [i]you where so much safer out there[/i]. But even though Xya thought herself invincible in these moments she had to admit to herself that she was slowly weakening. She could not keep this up much longer. Through her connection with the forest she had managed to sustain this attack for much longer than she would have been able to do alone her magick was not limitless and she was slowly loosing her control. It was time to sever the connection&.

[i]Still throughout the battle a part of Xya did not join in. Instead she slumbered, deep in dreams. The part of her that would not, could not for any reason join with the forest. The part of her that was her essence, her being. Still Xya dreamed on even as all around her elves and men alike fall under swords and arrows&

In her dream the woman comes to her again. Around her wild elves dance in what is no doubt another of their wild festives. The woman smiles at them but not join in, this is not for her, not anymore. Still she gazes proudly at the tall elf in the centre of the ring of dancers, he is only twenty winters old. He holds a shapely elf in his arms and whirls her around. His bright eyes shine as he meets his mothers gaze and smiles back at her. He has his fathers eyes which look so out of place in the sea of green and brown eyes. When the music stops the woman up to her son and he holds his arm out to her. She takes it and he twirls her around and her heart sings. She is so happy. Eventually she allows his partner to reclaim him and walks away.

Xya called out to the woman demanding to know her name, for the woman is shrouded in shadows, as are all the other people in this dream, and she cannot see who it is. I am called many things, the woman answers. My people call me High Priestess; my husband calls me love, my son calls me mother, my wolf calls me sister, my mother calls me daughter, my friend calls me wild, my wolf calls me sister, my mother calls me daughter and the forest calls me Guardian. Xya regards the woman closely for a moment. And you? she asks, What do you call yourself. The woman smiles sadly at this, Star, she says finally, I call myself Star! Xya reaches out to her once more before something tugs at her and she is snapped back into reality.[/i]

09/15/2005 8:30 AM

All was dead quiet as the grey elf and wild elf armies watched and waited. The huge mass of the enemy army, was like a dark blob slowly creeping its way up to the river.
Individual shapes could not be made out in the darkness, only a large mass. then the elves were able to see the mass begin to enter the river. Slowly the enemy army forded the slow moving river, floating the larger artillery pieces across on huge platforms they had built many months ahead of time in preparation. The grey elf soldiers to Sevrils left and right were growing anxious. Haemon went up and down the line, calming their nerves. The enemy army was oblivious to what they were walking into. He couldn't figure out why they wouldn't send scouts ahead. Perhaps they figured their numbers so great that they needn't worry.

The hours passed by slowly as the enemy army sent more and more troops across the river. The elves could not attack yet, they must wait till half of the enemy force is across. The enemy was gathering on the battleground, slowly creeping closer and closer to the forest edge. The elves began to hear their voices, they could make out individual shapes in the darkness. Then... one by one down the line, the elves began to fit arrows to their bow strings. Sevril thought about Xya... He knew she was high in a tree somewhere on the opposite side of the field. He wishes he was with her.

Then all of a sudden the darkness was pierced with a bright red flash of light. A flaming arrow shot up from the north end of the treeline and for only a brief moment all of the enemies eyes were drawn to this spectacle.

Soon, their wonder was ended, for the sound of thousands of arrows slicing through the air filled their ears. Razor sharp arrows poured like a flood from the treeline raining down like a terrible storm of torment on the heads of the enemy. Screams and confused shouts erupted from the enemy as they were struck with fear, but soon their officers began to take control and mobilize them. A great Horn was sounded by the enemy, a great blast of a battle horn filling the night air with its low roar. Arrows continued to rain down and the enemy continue to pour soldiers across the river.

The well trained soldiers of the enemy army, gathered into square formations using their thick shields as cover from the arrows. These thick, turtle like formations began to advance upon the elves. Meanwhile they began setting up their siege machines and high elf archers began forming lines and firing arrows back at the elves in the forest. They killed much of the enemy with the first barrage of arrows, but there were still many more and the shock of surprise was over. now they would have a real fight on their hands.

Sevril looked up his line of soldiers who were all dutifully firing arrows into the enemy mob. their arrows landed ineffectively on the enemy shields.
"Aim for the war machines, Get the ballistae crews!!" Sevril shouted and as one unit his men turned and began to disable the ballistae and catapult crews, firing arrows into the less armored soldiers there. The enemy had already set up two catapults and were hurling huge flaming balls into the forest, lighting up the night with the orange glow of burning trees. Some of sevril's men began to fall as the high elf archers found their targets. Sevril could hear the screams of the young boys who had taken arrows in the chest or legs or throat. The high elves were amazing archers, but the wild elves were better and were focusing on taking out their high elf counterparts. The wounded were dragged to the rear by priests, holy men and physicians.

Finally, what Sevril was waiting for happened. Two flaming arrows were fired high into the sky from the north end, signaling for the elves to charge the enemy.
"This is it boys!" Sevril yelled. "Draw your blades!"
Haemon drew his menacing sword and Sevril dropped his bow, pulling out the two long daggers strapped to his legs. Elves began to pour out of the forest with a great yell as fireballs from the catapults exploded around them. They broke like waves against the enemy formations and soon the smoky air was filled with the metallic clashing of blades.
"Charge!!" Sevril yelled. "AAAAAAAAHHH!"
With a great cry Sevril and his men broke from the treeline and smashed into one of the enemy formations engaging in close combat with the human men there.

All was chaos and blood. So much confusion on the battlefield, Sevril could hear the mixed screams of men and elves alike. Haemon was by his side. Sevril met the sword of one enemy soldier with his daggers and quickly feinted to the right to escape another blow. He lunged at the man's neck but his shield blocked the blow. Soon, Sevril's rival Screamed in pain as a great wolf leapt out and sank his fangs into the soldiers neck.
"Nighteyes!" Sevril cried out in Joy. "Thank you brother! Let us vanquish the enemy!"
The grey elf and the wolf worked fluidly together to dispath the enemy one by one. Manwhile some very amazing things were happening.

Great branches and vines were reaching out from the forest with menacing groans. these vines and branches would clasp handfulls of the enemy in their clutches and hurl them hundreds of feet into the air only to fall to their death. They would smash the great war machines set up by the humans, angered by the invaders of their peace. The enemy began to grow frightened, the forest itself was lashing out at them! Sevril paused a minute and a smile lit up his face. "Xya...." He whispered under his breath "Stay safe Xya."

09/15/2005 2:02 PM

Xya channelled the last of her magicks into the forest, save for a few tendrils of power that she kept to herself. Her power would return to her as it always did when she had rested and eaten but for now there was no time for war raged all around her. However now that she had awoken the forest it would protect itself and its kind from any enemy for this night at least and Xya knew that for the moment her peoples homes were safe.

Xya moved stealthily through the leafy foliage of the forests, moving from branch to branch. Around her, Wild Elf archers darted through the trees continuing their deadly rain of arrows. Whilst the younger more agile Wild Elves scaled the trees bringing fresh quivers of arrows so that the archers never ran out.

But Xya turned her attention away from them and towards the Western side of the Forest, towards the Grey Elves. During the fighting the two sides had slowly drawn closer together and had eventually met in the middle. The Wild Elves had raced through the trees providing protection for the Grey Elves by shooting arrows at any enemy that came too close whilst the Grey Elves dispatched the enemy at the front. It appeared to be working as the enemys armies were slowly weakening and they appeared to have lost well over half their men but Xya knew better than to feel joyous at this turn of events for she suspected that this was just a fraction of the armies Lord Curtis had at his disposal.

For he had known of the allegiance made by the three races of elves and would surely not think that he could win against such a force as theirs with this army. He was not a fool, far from it Lord Curtis or at least the [i]thing[/i] that inhabited his body was cruel and calculating and would make a mistake such as this. Also knowing him as she did Xya knew that he would want to be here for his armies victory and Xya had found no sight of him anywhere near here, nor for that matter had Dyami whose eyes she was currently using, hers being near useless in the poor light.

Eventually she reached her destination on the Western front and smiled to herself as she spotted the lone wolf fighting alongside the young commander. [i]They work well together[/i], Xya reflected. But then they would, wouldnt they?

Xya notched an arrow and aimed it for the High Elf that stood behind Nighteyes. As the High Elf raised his longsword and lunged it towards the wolfs back. Nighteyes turned to face his attacker but he was a fraction too late to stop the blade that came whistling through the air. However the blade never struck and the High Elf fell with an arrow prodding out from his neck. Xya stood poised her second arrow already notched in case he should rise. But as always, Xya did not need a second arrow for her aim had been true and the elf now lay sprawled on the ground, dead.
[i]be careful brother[/i] she called to him. [i]I cant always watch your back[/i]. He gazed in her direction, tail wagging as though he were a dog grinned his wolfish grin. She grinned back.

Xya sent the second arrow and then a split second later the third arrow through the gaps in a mortals helmet. The man went down screaming and Xya shuddered slightly. Though she was prepared to kill if necessary she never relished it and their screams always sent shivers down her spine.

Another few dozen arrows were sent into the flesh of her enemy and Xya smiled grimily, the fight was ending but it was not without casualties for her people. A price had to be paid for the safety of her people and forest. Xya pushed such thoughts away; she would consider the losses later for now she would fight till the very end, till every one of those scum were dead. Xya whistled loudly and soon an elf appeared with a full quiver of arrows. Xya passed him her empty one and he disappeared off. She notched another arrow and sent it spinning through the air bringing death with it.

09/21/2005 5:25 AM

Many lay dead on the battlefield as the bloodbath continued. Many broken and smoking war machines lay strewn about on the scorched land and yet many burnt and battered trees lay smoldering in the forest. Both elf and man were growing weary but Sevril paused for a moment to see white sails floating towards them down the river.

It was the sea elves! floating down the river on their magnificent warships. They fired their cannons into the enemy who were still on the opposite side of the river. Sevril raised his bloodied daggers high into the sky.
"Victory is at hand brothers! The sea elves join the battle! do not let your strength falter now we have won this day!"

Many grey and wild elves looked up at the ships and gained heart. With shouts of victory they plunged their blades deep into the bellies of the enemy, who began to grow sick with fear and lost heart. Sea elf warriors began to disembark from the ship and land on the other side of the river behind the enemy. With thier large cutlasses they hacked into the enemies rear cutting off all hope of escape. The enemy army began to panic as they saw their men bbeing mowed down from all sides. The grey and wild elves slowly pushed the enemy back into the river while the sea elves dispatched their counterparts on the other side.

This battle was over. The enemy had been defeated almost to a man. Many grey elves were too exhausted to raise their arms in victory. Many of the enemy officers were captured and would be interrogated later. Sevril sunk to his knees. He had been cut and battered in many areas of his body but the adrenalin of battle blinded him of it. He gazed about the battlefield littered with the dead and half-dead bodies of his men. He dropped his blades and as nighteyes padded up to him, Sevril wrapped his arms around the wolf
in thankfulness.
"I owe you my life my friend." Sevril whispered into the wolfs fur which was matted with blood. Nighteyes too sank to the ground, and the grey elf and the wolf lay resting.


Meanwhile, Far to the north Kiros and his men were engaged in a fierce battle of their own. The high elves proved to be able warriors indeed and gave the wild elves a serious challenge. The wild elves had been pushed far back but the wild elves made them pay dearly in blood. Kiros and his men were filled with a passion to defend their home and they thirsted for high elf blood. The high elves would fish them out of the trees by lighting the forest on fire and smoking them out, forcing the wild elves to engage them on the ground. This worked for the most part, but even the ground the wild elves were no foe to take lightly even though the high elves wore much heavier armor. They fought desperately all day and during the course of the battle Kiros was wounded. He had taken 3 of the enemies arrows and was dealt a serious gash in the shoulder during a swordfight with the enemy. He was a tank, but he could only take so much and was dragged to the rear against his will.

"Let me go fools! I must fight with my men!" Kiros screamed.
It took five other elves to hold him down but the nurses would have none of it.

"Sir, you must not die, I will not have you bleed to death during the battle." One of his officers said.

"Leave me then. Go defend your home!" Kiros replied.

Many hours later, the battle in the north, between wild elf and high elf ended. The high elves had lost too many and knew that any more struggle would be pointless. They sounded the horn of retreat and quickly withdrew to the north, saving as many of their warriors as they could. Kiros ordered his men not to pursue them into the mountains. Many wild elves had died here too but victory was still far off.

While Kiros lay on a bed in a makeshift hospital in their camp, a desperate woman came running in with two wild elf scouts trailing behind. She looked scared beyond belief and her clothes were torn and burnt. She ran through their camp screaming at the top of her lungs as tears streamed down her cheeks.
"where is Lord Kiros! Bring me Lord Kiros!!!"

Kiros, with bandages covering his wounds, lifted halfway from his bed and shouted at the woman.
"I am here! Kiros is here woman!"

The Scared Wild elf woman ran up to Kiros and fell on her knees before him, taking his hand and clutching it to her heart. The two scouts who follwed her ran up winded and tried to explain.
"She ran past us sir and demanded to speak to you. We couldn't stop her." they said.

"It's alright boys." Kiros said

"Lord Kiros." The woman whispered between sobs." Thank goodness you're alive... Oh it's terrible! it's a nightmare my lord!"

"What is it woman! get to the point!" Kiros said losing his patience.

"It burns my lord.... Lilunya burns!"

Lord Curtis stood with a deadpan expression on his face. The flames of burning trees and buildings reflected in his menacing eyes. The screams of wild elf innocents filled his ears.

The battles, to the southeast and to the north were a distraction. During the day, Curtis and Fardale had led a much smaller army of elite soldiers straight into the heart of the wild elf forests. Straight to Lilunya. Only a small Garrison of wild elves was present to defend the city. They fought honorably, but were no match for Curtis and his royal guard.

the already exhausted soldiers from the other battles were now the cities only hope. the only question was if they would make it in time for there to be a lilunya left when they arrived.

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09/21/2005 2:15 PM

Xya watched as the last of the High Elves were slaughtered, none survived the attack against them. All around her she could hear shouts of triumph as they emerged victorious. When the Sea Elves had arrived victory had been assured and it was only a matter of killing of the stragglers.

Xya leapt from her perch in the tree and landed cat-like on the ground besides Nighteyes. He grinned at her but she only smiled back wearily, Somethings not right, she muttered almost to herself, Lord Curtis should be here! Damn it where is he? she cried out in frustration.
[i]Maybe he is up north fighting there[/i] Nighteyes suggested, refusing to have his joyous mood dampened by such thoughts. [i]or maybe he did not come at all.[/i]
No he would come. He would not want to miss out on something like this. She stated matter of factly but Nighteyes only shrugged mentally.
[i]If thats what you think.[/i]

Xya walked round and round in circles, her agitation apparent before she set off in search of answers. Im going to find out more about this, she said vaguely to Nighteyes and Sevril before leaving in the direction of the Wild Elves.

She greeted her mother with a smile and then turned to address Kaimi, What news? she asked him tentatively almost as if she feared what he might say, What news is there of Lord Curtis.
None, he was not sighted at all this eve.
Damn it! she snarled, Damn him!
Relax child, Kaimi whispered soothingly, We have not had all our reports in. Mayhap later on some one will report a sighting. Return at dawn in a few hours and I may have some news of him for you then. He said. If he thought it odd that she was so desperate to know of Lord Curtis he did not mention it. Xya nodded in response and left.

Xya collapsed on the ground besides Sevril who had not moved from his spot beneath her tree. Nighteyes lay at his feet. Around her the Grey Elves and Wild Elves were settling down where they were to catch what little sleep they could. The Sea Elves were returning to their ships. Xya decided to do the same thing. And so removing her armour and cloak she rested her head lightly on his shoulder and dozed off. At that moment she was too tired to care who saw. She just hoped Sevril wouldnt mind.

As dawn approached and the sun cast a feeble light on the weary warriors Xya rose sleepily. She gazed blearily around her; most of the warriors were still sleeping. She hastily put on her discarded armour and cloak before setting of in search of Kaimi.

However when she entered his tent she knew instantly that something was not right. There was a messenger elf seated there and Kaimi was nodding at something he was saying.
What is it? she asked timidly and Kaimi turned to face her, his expression grave. Im afraid I have some bad news. It seems that whilst we were fighting here Lord Curtis snuck into the forest and&.. she looked at him questioningly, &and attacked Lilunya&
WHAT?! Xya cried, her face a mask of utter shock, How&.when&why? she stuttered looking at him in fear, What happened?
We do not know for sure but it has been badly burnt and I fear few have survived. He responded keeping his expression neutral.
Goddess no! she whispered then getting a grip on her emotions she shouted, And why are we still here? Why are we not setting off for the City?
Those in the North have already left for the City but we must be weary about how we spread this news. We must be careful lest the Wild Elf warriors panic.
And what set off for Lilunya like they should. Damn it Kaimi it doesnt matter anymore all that matters is that we save the people of Lilunya. Still if you will not go I will. I am leaving for the City this moment. Ill meet you there when you finally see sense and follow me. She shouted before storming out the tent.

For the first time in a long time Xya felt tears begin to prick at the corners of her eyes. All those lives destroyed. They werent even fighters. They were the elderly and the children  innocents. Xya curled her fists into balls, cursing at the unfairness of it all.

When she reached Nighteyes he looked at her in confusion, sensing that something was wrong, [i]what is it[/i] he asked her and she just looked at him, her pain reflected in her expression, Lilunya was attacked. It burns as we speak, along with all those inside. She cried and he looked at her in horror. [i]no[/i] his mind whispered but Xya nodded wretchedly. Only a few survived.

She turned her attention to Sevril, and just stared at him for a moment. That was all she could do. She desperately wanted to throw herself into his embrace and have him sooth away all her hurts but she couldnt so she just stood their shaking slightly out of both anger and pain. I am going to Lilunya now to see what is left and to try and do something to help those that live. She said, Will you come with me? Then she lowered her voice so that only he could hear, Please I know your place is here with you men and you wouldnt dare disobey your Lord again but I need you with me when I reach Lilunya. Please! I need you!

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when Xya layed her head to rest on his shoulder, his eyes opened and he awoke. Realizing what she had done thoughts of danger flashed through his mind...What would others think. But he didn't care, like Xya he was too battle-weary to care and the Wild elf, the grey elf and the wolf slept.

He awoke to an agitated Nighteyes. The wolf whined and padded nervously. Bodies were still being carried from the battlefield, the corpses of the enemy were being burned. Sevril Sensed the agitation in Nighteyes behaviour and pet him gently on the back. He noticed Xya had left...
"What is it my friend?" He asked nighteyes.
At that moment Xya approached them with fear and mourning in her eyes. He immediately stood to his feet with concern. He had never seen her so upset.

"Lilunya was attacked. It burns as we speak, along with all those inside." She said to nighteyes. She began to cry and Sevril wept inside. Yes, the terror that befell Lilunya was horrible, but inside Sevril wept to see Xya wracked with such pain.
Sevril could only look at her in shock.

"Only a few survived"She said between sobs.

Then she turned her tear-filled eyes, still so beautiful, to Sevril and she shook. She had no words and Sevril needed none. He stepped forward and embraced her tightly, holding her in his arms as she cried into his shoulder. It was the right thing to do... to comfort a hurting friend. Though Xya meant so much more to him than that.. Her sorrow lit in him a fire for vengeance against Curtis. He knew it was Curtis... he knew they had all been decieved with this most simple of ploys. How could they not see through such a diversion? Xya wept bitterly but Sevril ached for justice. Slowly Xya pushed away from him and spoke softly.

"I am going to Lilunya now to see what is left and to try and do something to help those that live." She said, "Will you come with me? Then she lowered her voice so that only he could hear," Please I know your place is here with you men and you wouldnt dare disobey your Lord again but I need you with me when I reach Lilunya. Please! I need you!"

Sevril lifted her face so that her eyes met his. His face was rigid with determination.
"Xylona Treesong, these wretched beasts shall not evade retribution. I swear to you they will pay ten-fold for every drop of Wild elf blood they have spilt. Lord Melliv is not so callous that he would turn his back on Lilunya in its hour of need, but even if he were
I would gladly risk his wrath a second time to once more be at your side when you need me."

The grey elf then kissed her forehead gently and turned towards his men, or rather what was left of them: less than half. They were just beginning to rouse from their much needed sleep.
"Brave Grey elf warriors!" He shouted heartily."You have fought bravely and honorably! no one dare look down upon you after the deeds of yesterday! But this war is not yet over, and our wild elf brothers need our help. Will you not follow me to aid those noble warriors of the trees who so fiercly guarded you from danger with their keen arrows?
Come men! Lilunya burns and its victims cry for vengeance!"

The men, though they were battered, though they were weary had all stood by the end of Sevril's speech. At the end they gave a great cheer and sheathed their blades and slung their bows over their Shoulders ready to head to Lilunya. Sevril turned
to Xya. "I am yours... "


Kiros and his men Raced through the forest in a direct beeline towards Lilunya.
they too had suffered serious losses. Kiros had bandages over his right eye and his right leg. His left arm was in a sling yet he ran... sword in hand headlong towards his beloved home. Not only that, but the other, less wounded elves found it hard to keep up with him. such was the fervor he held for his capital.. but above all else the love he held for his mother and his people.
"Every second we waste is another victim for Curtis and his high elf dogs! Run wild elves, do not tarry!" He shouted back as he ran.


Fardale placed a well manicured hand on Lord Curtis's shoulder. His beautiful shining armor was untouched and reflected the flames of Lilunyas burning buildings. The screams of the dying and the suffering could be heard over the roar of the fire and Fardale revelled in it.
"Do you think she survived my Lord?"

Lord Curtis, who had been standing with his arms crossed turned to his lackey impatiently.
"Of course she is... fool. what do you think I'm waiting for?"
Curtis then turned his attention back to the city.
"She'll be here soon enough... She'll find that I will not be so hospitable this time.
This will teach her a lesson about not taking my kindness for granted.
I will have her once again."

09/22/2005 1:32 PM

Xya listened is admiration as Sevril addressed his troops and though they were clearly weary after the long march and then fight they met his words with a loud cheer and hastened to ready themselves for the trip to the burnt ruins of Lilunya.

Sevril turned to her, I am yours& he said and she smiled sadly at him her expression was neutral, giving nothing away, I know! she responded, But I can never be yours, she muttered to herself and turned away from him and headed into the forest, almost running towards what remained of her City.

As she moved her head was a buzz with images of what she might see. Yet nothing could prepare her for the shock of what lay before her. Lilunya was in ruins. Screams could still be heard from its smoking remains and Xya dashed into the City regardless of the smoke that stung her face and caused her to choke. The others followed behind her. As she reached the centre of the City a strange sight met her eyes.

The large ring in the centre of the City, far from the reach of the hazardous smoke that billowed around them stood a large group of Wild Elves who Xya presumed to be the warriors from the north. They were standing stock still gazing at something; Xya turned her gaze to it. And there seated in the Rose Thorn sat Lord Curtis surrounded by several of his royal guard with Fardale his ever faithful servant seated in the lesser throne to his left. The seat to his right remained empty.
Its nice of you to finally come [i]my love[/i], he called mockingly as the crowd parted to allow her, Sevril and Nighteyes to pass. Xya stared at them in confusion, [i]why are they just standing there? Why arent they fighting?[/i] her mind screamed in frustration. Lord Curtis apparently reading her mind laughed and gestured all around him, I see youve noticed the Wild Elves lack of action. How astute of you. You see [i]my love[/i] I hold something very dear to them. The last remaining citizens of this once great capital. Elves you would do anything to protect. Fortunately I was clever enough to leave some alive to use as&.bargaining tools. He grinned nastily at her and she shuddered slightly under his gaze.

Still enough of that. Ive been waiting for you [i]my love[/i]!
Thats impossible! she said, How could you possibly know I was coming?
Oh dont be so naïve, he retorted, I knew that youd join in the war. How could you not? And the forest tricks, I knew about them too. Just like I knew youd come here as soon as you heard of my deeds. Really Xya you are way too predictable.

How? she queried.
You forget I share my sons mind. His memories are my own and he knew you so well. Perhaps he was the only one who truly understood the real you. Still thats hardly the point, Lord Curtis said grinning wickedly, clearly enjoying her torment.

Still grinning Lord Curtis turned his attention to Sevril who stood at Xyas side. His amber eyes fixed on the pendant at Sevrils throat.
My, my, what have we here? Another toy have we? Planning on using him to satisfy your own needs just like you did my son? He stared around him at the sea of shocked expressions that his comment had created. What you never told them? he said scornfully his attention back on her. Same on you, but then you always were so concerned with protecting your own skin. You never really stopped to see who you were hurting. And it seems that the only one who figured it out is now dead. Convenient isnt it? Still it seems I shall have to tell them for you! He turned his attention to all the elves gathered there, It seems you Priestess hasnt been entirely honest with you. For you see this woman, Xylona Treesong and my son Lord Nicholas Curtis, whose body I now wear, where lovers!

Silence greeted his words and all the elves gathered there turned their accusing stares on Xya. But she met them evenly, keeping her head held high as she looked at each of them in turn, her expression cold.
Eventually she turned back to face Lord Curtis and spoke, having found her voice again.
I never used him, where the first words she spoke, I love him with all my heart&.and I still do. I am not ashamed to admit it. But you stole him from me and for that I will make sure you suffer!

And with these words Xya leapt towards him, her Sabre flashed as she pressed it against his throat. He didnt flinch, only gazed at her with laughing eyes. Now, now, [i]my love[/i] its really not very nice to point things at people especially when they went through all the trouble to bring you here.
Ill kill you, she snarled, pressing the point of the dagger closer to his throat so that blood began to trickle down from beneath her Sabre. He only laughed at her though, I dont think so! he said
Why ever not, she hissed, between clenched teeth.
Firstly because if you do hundreds of innocents will die as a result and secondly because youd be killing the man you love!
I dont love you. And Nicholas is gone, you saw to that yourself.
Oh contraire, dearest. Have you learnt nothing? My son his still here in fact why dont I show you! He said leering at her.

Then a strange thing happened, Lord Curtis face softened and the mad spark in his eyes disappeared, Star, she whispered and Xya looked at him in shock. That had been his nickname for her. He had said that she, like the stars, was so beautiful, so mysterious, so alluring and&. so unreachable. Pure, strange and glorious all at the same time. Xya had laughed at him and kissed him but he had called her Star ever since.

Xya dropped the Sabre as soon as he spoke and took several steps away, shaking. Nick? she asked questioningly, starring at him intently. Thats not possible.
It is possible, he whispered, I love you Xya, he said smiling softly. And it was in that instant that Xya knew that it was truly him. Even though his father wore his body he could not control it the same way Nicholas did. No, only he could smile like that. I love you too! she whispered and Lord Curtis sensing that his plan had been successful regained control of the body. He grinned sardonically at her. Aww, reunions can be so sweet.


Lord Curtis turned to Fardale, I dont believe that this one will cause any more problems at the moment. Take her to my tent but have her dressed in something more&appropriate, he said grinning wickedly. Fardale signalled for one of his men to take her Xya away. She did not resist.

What now my liege, he asked and Lord Curtis looked at them thoughtfully. [i]Let me see, let me see?[/i] he thought to himself, I have what I came for. The others are relatively useless. Still I suppose I could find some use for them. Have all the warriors put into the barracks they will join our armies. Any that resist will be killed along with their families, [i]if any of them are still left alive[/i] he added silently to himself, We still have a few enemies left to deal with back by the forests edge but they will soon be either captured or killed. Still I think it will be fun to use these warriors against the ones at the forests edge. As I do so love it when friend turns against friend. Lord Curtis paused a moment and turned his gaze towards the Grey Elf that had stood besides Xya. A plan began to form, this was the same elf that had rescued Xya the first time. [i]I admire him. Perhaps he can be used for my cause[/i]. He thought to himself. That Grey Elf there, he said pointing to him, They one that stood by our Priestess side. He and I should have a little chat. Have him stripped of all weapons and put in one of the tents. Guard him carefully; if he escapes you will all suffer. Do you understand?
Yes my liege! Came the answer and Lord Curtis nodded satisfied. He smirked once more at the gathered crowds before turning and heading towards his camp.

09/23/2005 12:23 PM

Sevril and his men arrived in Lilunya right behind Xya. They too were confused and astonished that the other wild elves weren't fighting. Soon they realized the horror of the situation and all was made clear. Sevril and nighteyes stood silently by as Xya and Lord Curtis exchanged words. Then for a brief moment, Lord Curtis was his former self, no longer the empty shell of a body usurped and used by his evil father. when Lord Curtis's true self shone through, Xya melted and professed her love for the man. Sevril watched as Xya dropped her sabre and became as harmless as a kitten. He clenched his fists in frustration... at her weakness. Not but two nights before she professed a desire to gut this man and now she was expressing her love for him. The thought gnawed at sevril's mind. He didn't know their history but at this point he didn't care. All he saw was that she held her blade to this murderer's throat and then lost her nerve.

At that point Sevril actually considered Lord Curtis's words. Xya was selfish... She could have ended the strife on the land right there. But she could not act past her own desires... past her own feelings. She let the possibility of this love blind her from the truth. the truth that this man was a monster, whether it be his or his fathers will was not important... the man must die. Sevril felt like a fool and grimaced as they dragged Xya away without any resistance. He began to carefully reconsider the feelings he had for her.

Then Lord Curtis actually turned his attention specifically to the grey elf. He said he wished to speak with him privately Then turned and walked away. As the guards approached sevril and reached out to disarm him, he snarled and brushed their hands away.
"Don't touch me, filthy vermin. I shall do all willingly. "
The guards were hesitant but Sevril began to voluntarily remove his blades, his quiver and bow. For good measure he also removed the thin leather armor and then showed that he was completely unarmed.
"There, satisfied?" The guards looked at eachother and eyed Sevril wearily but seemed to be content.
"Show me where you want me to go." Sevril told the guards and they began to make their way to the tents where he would wait to speak with Lord Curtis.
Sevril moved to follow them but glared at Fardale as he turned. The tall high elf only smiled back mockingly.
"I will taste your blood before this is over! Oh yes... look at the mighty and proud high elf
cowering like a dog at the heel of its master's boot! Do not fear, I shall soon end your servitude!"

Fardale only laughed as a guard urged Sevril along with a spearpoint.

09/23/2005 2:48 PM

Xya stared at the inside of the tent. She was now dressed in clothes of dark blue and silver and a thick chain around her ankle attached her to the solid metal chest in the corner. It was so that she wouldnt escape but they neednt have bothered she didnt have the will to even try. When she had looked upon his face everything had changed. It had been so much simpler before; he had taken Nicholas from her and killed hundreds of her people  he must die. And now could she kill him, knowing that shed also be killing the man she loved? [i]it isnt him[/i] her mind whispered but Xya pushed such thoughts aside. She wished that she had never discovered that part of the truth. It would have been so much better if he had just stayed dead. She couldnt deal with loosing him a second time. [i]why arent we selfish,[/i] her mind mocked her and Xya pressed her hands to her temple, in an attempt to drive the voices away. Was she going mad?

[i]Your not going mad,[/i] a voice said and Xya snarled at it,
[i]Go away Nighteyes. Leave me be[/i]
[i]Not till you till you answer my questions! What happened out there little one? You could have killed him. Why did you stop?[/i]
[i]Because I couldnt kill him. I love him![/i]
[i]No you dont![/i] Nighteyes hissed and Xya recoiled in shock at the aggressiveness in his voice. [i]You loved his son. But hes gone now all thats left is that mad killer[/i]
[i]No hes still there you saw him[/i]
[i]That wasnt him. Hes gone bonded.[/i]
[i]Damn it Nighteyes it was him. I know it was! Cant you see?[/i]
[i]No its you thats blind! Blinded by your own emotions. Think of your people! What about them? Are you going to just leave them to die at the hands of that man? What happened to the old Xya?[/i]
[i]This is the old Xya, the real Xya. Selfish, cruel and uncaring![/i]
[i]Thats not true and you know it. Ive seen what youve done, Ive seen the love you display for your people. No matter what you may think of yourself I know that youre a good, selfless person at heart.[/i] Xya laughed bitterly at this.
[i]When did you get so wise brother? You hardly seem like a wolf anymore![/i]
[i]Theyre all your words, your messages that Ive just repeated.[/i]
[i]Liar![/i] She stated simply.
[i]Little one![/i] he cried, [i]Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop acting weak and pathetic and start acting like the leader your supposed to be.[/i]
[i]Im not a leader![/i]
[i]No? But you are a Guardian at least so start acting like one[/i]
[i]Is that all you have to say Nighteyes because if you dont mind I have better things to listen to than your nonsense![/i]
[i]Fine![/i] he growled and cut himself off from her leaving Xya feeling very alone.

Xya tried to ignore what Nighteyes had said but no matter how hard she tried his words kept coming back to her, almost taunting her. She shoved them angrily aside. [i]They take and they take. Why wont they let me do what I want to do for once,[/i] she complained but even she knew that this was a lie. No one had ever asked anything of her. She had grown up always getting what she wanted even if it meant going against her mother and the elders. With Sevril she had convinced herself that she was acting selflessly, that she was keeping it hidden because it was her duty. She had played the martyr. But the truth was she was the one who was being selfish. She had been afraid of what her people might think of her and so had kept her affairs secret, not thinking how it might hurt them being strung along like that. She saw that now.

Time passed by slowly and Xya listened to the shouts and screams of her people. And even the time did nothing to ease the horrors of what she heard. Though blessedly by the time the sun set that day the screams had subdued and the forests were silent once again.
Eventually Xya settled down to sleep and she curled up on the hard ground.


Lord Curtis sauntered through the camp heading towards his tent. He had spent the whole day up by the barracks over seeing the new recruits as he like to call them. As he had foreseen there had been little resistance and all those who had so much as spoken against him had been killed on the spot personally by himself and now he was feeling rather pleased with himself. Things were going exactly as planned. The wild elf had lost all of her spirit and it would take only a few words and actions to bend her to his will. And as for the grey elf, he was an added bonus and he had instructed Fardale to bring him to his tent that night.

When he entered his tent he noticed the wild elf curled up asleep on the floor. He looked at her intently. He could understand his sons reasons for loving her. She really was very pretty and there was a certain wildness about her that could be considered appealing. Still none of that really mattered so long as she fulfilled her part of the plan.

Lord Curtis sat himself in one of the Elders High Chairs that he had had moved in here after the destruction of Lilunya. He shifted slightly so that one of his feet was dangling over the edge of one of the arm rests. He looked to the entrance as Fardale entered, the grey elf in front of him being pushed in by spear point. Lord Curtis grinned widely and quickly dismissed Fardale with a wave of his hand. Fardale then closed the tent flaps and stood guard outside.

Lord Curtis took that moment to study the grey elf. He had been beaten slightly and several bruises were beginning to appear across his face and neck. His hands were tied behind his back and though Lord Curtis did not doubt that he could defeated him if he were to attack having the advantage of many weapons hidden in various apartments in his clothing he did not wish to take any chances. Especially where his life was concerned.

Greetings grey elf. I would call you by your name but Im afraid I never quite had the pleasure of finding out and I doubt that you will tell me. So grey elf will have to do. Still pleasantries aside lets get to the point. I admire you a great deal. Oh yes am I am capable of such emotions in case you were wondering. Ive been interested in you ever since you first stole Xya from me. That was quite an impressive feat you pulled back there. You must have cared a great deal about her to go through all that trouble to rescue her. Still I cant blame you!

But thats not the point. The reason Ive brought you here as you may or may not have figured out is because I want you to join me. Now before you say no let me explain myself and why it really would be in your favour to agree to this. Firstly I have your parents captive in Soris, and unless you join me they will be killed. If youre lucky I might even bring them all the way over here just so you can watch them die.
Secondly if you do not join with me then you will be put into the barracks along with all the other wild and grey elves so you see grey elf you dont really have much of a choice.

Besides, he said walking over to Xya and running a finger down the line of her jaw, If you join with me I might let you have this one once Im finished with her. Then he turned to face him fully, and his next words were meant to taunt the grey elf, She loves you. Did you know that? No I didnt think so. You really dont understand the significance of her giving you the pendant do you? But then of course how could you and you never thought to ask her why she gave it to you of all people and how I got it in the first place. Theres a lot about that elf you still dont know. Some of it good, some of it bad. But once again Im rambling so lets get back to the point and onto the important question: will you join me?

09/29/2005 1:16 PM

After Sevril had recieved a thorough beating, despite his pleas that he didn't need one he was once again "persuaded" into curtis's tent. He saw Xya curled up on the floor asleep and he saw Lord Curtis waiting for him.

After Curtis finished speaking Sevril pondered his words. He didn't really have to think about this one. surely if he refused, he would be killed outright. Curtis wouldn't let him go back to the men, it would be too much of a risk. Plus he had his parents held in Soren. The words about Xya loving him was something of a shock... but constantly the vision and warmth of any feelings he may have had for her faded as the image of her swooning over The real Curtis kept reemerging into his head. He had no desire to serve evil... but he couldn't do much if he was dead either. His only hope of figuring something out was to join with Lord Curtis. This could at least grant him some time to think.

Sevril boldly met Curtis's gaze with his own eyes and stood straight. His body ached from the beating.
"My name is Sevril. " He said coldly.
"I will join you. It is obvious to me now that Xya has no love for me. It is and always will be your son, the real Lord Curtis whom she loves. I hold no loyalties to her. "

What he said of course was not entirely true. He still had feelings for Xya, but they had been dealt a serious blow. however he could not show a means for curtis to use against him. He knew if he cared about anything, Curtis would use it to bend him to his will.

"It is obvious that with the Wild elves subdued, You will soon have absolute power over the region. In the manner of the grey elves I must look after my own survival and join with those who are strong. Therefore, Lord Curtis, I do hereby swear fealty to you. I am yours."

Sevril did not kneel, he only bowed his head and awaited what curtis had to say. This oath he swore was a fake one. he had no scruples about swearing false oaths to evil men. Surely what gods may be would see the true intentions of his heart and not punish him for swearing falsley.

10/01/2005 3:08 AM

Lord Curtis gave a snort of laughter at Sevrils words, You really are very naïve boy. It seems that you still have much to learn about life. And who better to teach you than me. Ill be frank with you; I wish to mould you into my perfect slave. Is that so wrong? Probably but there is little anyone can do about it. So lets start with the basics: good and evil. No doubt you see me as evil. Why? Because I have killed thousands of innocents and enjoyed it. And you see yourself as good, because you think that you will eventually defeat the evil Lord, me and return home a hero. This is of course wrong. Firstly because you will not be defeating me and you certainly will not be returning home. Secondly because I am not evil, sure perhaps my actions could be considered wrong but in order to judge a person you must look at the reasons behind the actions. Reasons I will not be divulging at the moment as I do not trust you yet. Perhaps later on when you have proved your loyalty I will inform you of my plans.

Still&.Sevril, I believe you have potential to be great. However, your tendency to put others before you is a trait that will of course have to rectify. And you will of course have to learn to lie better. I am no fool boy, I know that the oath you swore was false but then that really doesnt matter because in the end you will serve me.

Now I believe its time you left, my wild elf and I have business to attend to. Lord Curtis grinned nastily as Fardale took a hold of Sevrils arm and lead him away. He then walked over to Xyas sleeping form and begun caressing her face in mock tenderness.

I really dont understand what you see in that man. He brave true but hes also really rather&.dull. He whispered to her, You must love him, I know you do. You gave him the pendant didnt you?
You wouldnt understand, a voice muttered wearily and Lord Curtis looked at her for a moment, clearly startled. Then a smile broke out across his face, So you are awake. This is good. No doubt you heard our conversation.
Please leave him out of this. It has nothing to do with him. She pleaded.
Its too late. You dragged him into this mess when you chose him. Now you have to learn to deal with the consequences.
He doesnt know, he doesnt understand.
Thats not my fault or my problem. You had the opportunity to tell him and you wasted it, He grinned again, relishing the change to mentally torment her. Besides its like I said you chose him. Its your fault!
I didnt choose to fall for him, she screamed but Lord Curtis just laughed at her,
no I suppose not. After all who can control what they feel. Were just along for the ride.

He stopped laughing abruptly and his smile vanished, Still enough of that its time for business. He walked over to a small wooden box and removed a small phial from inside. Xya looked at him nervously, Whats that for? she asked as he handed her the contents.
Its for you, now drink it. She shook her head weakly but he gripped her head and forced the contents down her throat. She gave a strangled cough and glared at him, What does it do?
Itll speed up the process. He said grinning wickedly and she looked at him in shock as understanding dawned.
Thats not possible,
Thats what you keep saying but it seems that yet again I have proved you wrong. Because you see [i]my love[/i] with me anythings possible.

Xya looked at him dumbly as he led her through a curtain behind the throne. She did not make a sound as he took her but eventually it became too much to bear and she opened her mouth and screamed to wake the dead. Lord Curtis only laughed.


Xya awoke to find herself back on the floor with her ankle bound once again. Lord Curtis was seated as usual in the Elders chair and he was apparently waiting for someone.

She watched from her position on the floor as Fardale lead Sevril in and then left the tent. Lord Curtis grinned and beckoned them in, Ahh Sevril, so nice of you to join us. I have a job for you. It seems there is a troublemaker in the barracks. Goes by the name of Haemon. I want him killed and I want you to do it. I could of course do it myself or get one of me to do it but Id rather you did. Think of it, if you will, as a test of your loyalty. What do you say?

Xya looked at Sevril, [i]he wont do it. Will he?[/i] she thought nervously. They knew each other well, Sevril couldnt kill him.
Dont do it, she whispered then raising her voice she called out to him, Please dont do it. You cant bow down to him like this. I know that I have no right to say that having done so myself but you have to trust me you cant give him what he wants. Be stronger than me,
Youre supposed to be asleep, Lord Curtis hissed and walking over to her he slapped her hard across the face. Her head snapped backwards.

Listen boy, he said, you dont really have a choice. Lord Curtis unsheathed his sword and pointed the tip against Sevril throat, if you dont do this Ill kill you. He stated simply. Xya looked at him in horror. And with that something inside her snapped.

Let him go, she snarled, this war has nothing to do with him. Lord Curtis laughed sardonically, and what exactly are you going to do to stop me.
Hurt him again and Ill kill you.
Youll never kill me, remember [i]my love[/i] whos body this is and who is inside here. Kill me and you kill Nicholas.
So be it! she said almost to herself but she knew Lord Curtis would heard her,
What did you say? he hissed and she smiled slightly, You wouldnt!
I care about him more than I do your son. If I have to choose one of them then I choose Sevril. She met Sevrils squarely, even if he doesnt care about me anymore. She then turned her gaze to Lord Curtis and glared at him, her leered back at her. Obviously he did not believe her.
Liar, he said having apparently regained his confidence. He pressed the tip of his sword closer to Sevrils throat so that he drew blood.

Suddenly Lord Curtis was hoisted into the air by an unseen vine that had crept into the tent at Xyas command whilst he had been distracted and his Sword went clattering to the ground. Xya moved towards but she could not reach him as the chain around her ankle prevented this. She cursed beneath her breath and instead sent another vine out towards the dangling man. It snaked around his throat and begun to tighten.
Lord Curtis face begun to turn blue and his fingers clawed desperately at the vine at his throat. He looked at Xya in shock but she just smiled grimly and tightened the vines hold on him. He didnt have much longer.

Suddenly everything went black and Xya drifted into unconsciousness.


Fardale stood outside the tent and slowly dropped the huge tool that he had used to hit the Wild Elf. She had been immediately rendered unconscious having received a nasty bruise to the head. Fardale grinned and when he entered the tent his Lord was picking himself of the floor and cursing loudly whilst rubbing his sore neck. Angry welts now circled his throat.

Fardale retrieved his Lords sword and passed it back to him; Lord Curtis did not thank him but sheathed it angrily.
Insolent whore, he snarled and kicked the elfs unconscious form. He then turned around and staled out the tent.
My liege? Fardale queried.
What?! he snapped.
What do we do with the boy?
Leave him there; he can do no harm with his hands bound like that. Besides those two deserve each other. Theyre both worthless filth. Lord Curtis closed his eyes and breathed a deep sigh, having regained control he faced Fardale fully, make sure you have your best men posted round the tent in case that whore tries anything. Now I need to go and find someway of cutting her off from her forest. But still at least something good has come of this. I was successful last night. In four months at the beginning of the new year she will give me what I want.

Fardale clicked his heels together, saluted smartly and ran off to do his Lords bidding leaving Lord Curtis smiling to himself.

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10/04/2005 5:08 AM

Sevril stared Curtis down as he spoke. He was cold and silent. even while the tip of Curtis's blade pressed against his throat Sevril wore that emotionless mask, giving nothing away. He did not have a chance to obey or not to obey for it seemed xya had a change of heart about Nicholas. The weight of the pendant around Sevril's neck made itself known to him as it clung to his bruised chest. Yet still there remained only unyielding stone in his eyes. Xya fought for him... there was an exchange of words but it was all a fog in the background to Sevril. Sevril felt the blade break the skin on his throat, it had been a while since he had slept... Sevril was exhausted, physically and mentally.

Curtis was hoisted into the air. Sevril looked at Xya. there was anger in her eyes... hatred and a loathing. a thirst for blood but there was also something she had said...
Ah yes, her caring for him. even now she was so beautiful... Sevril was lost in a daze. they had hit him so many times. To make it easier for him to comply with Curtis he guessed. Yes that was it. Then Fardale appeared and Sevril suddenly was reeled back into reality. As his gaze lingered on Xya he saw Fardale wield the heavy tool, ready to knock Xya out. Sevril did not hesitate, his hands were bound but not his legs, he ran headlong toward fardale with the intent of stopping him from striking Xya. But Fardale saw the grey elf charging him and wasted no time in knocking Xya unconscious. Sevril Grit his teeth and his heart seethed with rage but When Sevril reached the high helf, Fardale slammed the tool into Sevril's stomach sending him instantly to his knees, doubling over in pain. He fell on his side in agony right next to Xya and lay writhing as his insides felt like they were about to burst.

Curtis fell to the ground gasping. Fardale handed him his sword and Curtis looked on Sevril and Xya. He proceeded to kick Xya's limp form and then charged out of the tent in anger. Fardale followed.

The events of the preceeding moments filled Sevril's head and as the pain began to become bearable he lurched himself up closer to xya so that he could look at her face.
He lay there letting his eyes linger on her loveliness. He did not know what was to become of them now.... he did not know when Curtis and Fardale would be back. They could return any moment and kill them both. No... Curtis still needed Xya for... something.
Sevril knew she wasn't yet awake but perhaps for his own comfort he whispered to her softly as he enjoyed these moments alone with her.
"Xylona...Is what you said true? Is what he said true? it's all so confusing..."
He stretched and managed to kiss her forehead gently.
"I'm sorry... for what I said you know. I didn't mean it I was only angry... I have no right to judge you."

Sevril sighed. Xya only answered with shallow silent breaths. Sevril resolved to not waste this opportunity. those idiots were sadly mistaken if they thought some simple bindings around the wrists could stop a grey elf from causing havoc. The lithe Grey elf rolled onto his back and contorted so that he brought his bound wrists up under his legs and over his feet and ankles. His hands were now in front of him and he quickly proceeded to chew through the bindings. This was something grey elf children could do.
Within minutes his hands were free. His body ached all over. On his hands and knees he crawled over to where Xya lay and embraced her. He couldn't do this without her. He now recalled clearly how she saved him not but minutes ago, using her power over the forest. He sat up and cradled her against him.

"Xya wake up... " He whispered softly. He knew she had taken a nasty blow to the head, it could take hours, days even for her to regain consciousness.
"Xya... I'm sorry for what I said... "

10/04/2005 1:53 PM

Tristan, the second in command, paced the outside of Lord Curtis new tent. It was eve of the second day and Tristan was beginning to worry. The only sounds that could be heard were the curses, showing that Lord Curtis had not got very far in whatever it was he was doing. He had spoken of separating the wild elf from her forest but what Tristan could not understand was why they could not just moved her out of the forest into one of his Lord's strongholds as he had claimed they had finished with her for the moment and it was just a matter of waiting. Still Tristan knew better than to question his orders.

Instead he turned his attention to his second worry, the rest of the enemy's armies. So far those held within the barracks were offering little resistance and were generally obeying orders but that's not what was worrying Tristan. He feared that they would have realised by now that something was wrong and had sent spies to investigate. Tristan had spoken to Fardale, his commander about it but he had refused to say anything and instead told him that he must place more faith in their Lord. But Tristan did not trust Lord Curtis. He was merely following orders and even then Fardale had only divulged part of the overall plan to him. And even though Tristan knew almost nothing of Lord Curtis' plan Fardale kept insisting that what they did was for the good of the High Elves but Tristan was having trouble believing him. After all how could killing thousands of innocent Wild Elves possibly do any good? And then there was the matter of the female wild elf that Lord Curtis kept in his tent. Tristan could not see what part she played in all this. Currently she was still in the tent with the other elf having been unconscious for almost two days. Tristan had entered once bringing food and water only to find that she was still unconscious and was currently nestled against the grey elves sleeping form. Smiling Tristan had left the food and water there left, ignoring the fact that the grey elves hands were untied.


Xya slowly regained consciousness and opening her eyes experimentally she looked at her surroundings. It was pitch black and Xya guessed it to be almost mid-night. She was also aware of a sharp pain in her right temple and she pressed her hands to it in an attempt to stop the pain.
She felt queasy and when she tried to rise she suddenly became aware of the chain still wrapped around her ankle. The chain yanked her backwards and she was sent sprawling. She saw stars momentarily and she blinked rapidly to try and clear her head.

Xya felt around with her hands and touched something soft. She gave a startled cry but after further investigation she managed to discover that the shape was actually a person. She felt its face tentatively. The plains of its face almost seemed familiar but Xya could not dredge up the memories necessary to identify it.

This fact frightened her and for a moment she thought that she was suffering from some sort of memory loss as she could not remember anything that had happened to her, why she was here and where here even was. [i]Calm down[/i] she told herself and upon seating herself calmly on the ground she closed her eyes and eventually one by one the memories came flooding back. She sighed in relief and then she looked at the person. "Sevril," she said identifying it to reassure herself that she really did remember, "my love."

Xya moved Sevril so that he was now lying on his side on the floor and she curled up against him. She took his arms and wrapped them tightly around her body. Satisfied she sighed deeply and nestled closer to him, taking comfort from his closeness. "Love you", she whispered into the silence of the night and finally settled into a deep dreamless slumber.

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11/08/2005 1:09 PM

((sorry it took so long i've been busy with my GCSEs and the teachers have been pillying on study ontop of the umpteen courseworks i have to do. But here it is, finnally. See what you think.))

Xya stood for a moment to watch the battle unfold before her but she did not join them. She had more important things to do. Besides her Sevril gave her hand a comforting squeeze and she nodded, they could on.
It seemed that Lord Curtis had gravely underestimated the sheer determination of the other Elves. He had also made a mistake in presuming that all High Elves wanted the complete destruction of the other Elvin races. Two nights ago Tristan, second in command of the High Elf armies, had freed the wild elf captives. Without fear for their loved ones the Wild Elves had joined with the others still left on the battlefield and turned against Lord Curtis. It had been a bitter battle with heavy casualties on both sides but in the end Lord Curtis' armies fell.

But Xya and Sevril had not been there to see that as they had been taken to another of Lord Curtis' castle to the West of the battlefields but now two days later the armies had finally reached this fortress and were now in the process of attacking it but Xya knew that Lord Curtis' defences would not last much longer and it too would soon fall. But Xya did not concern herself with such matters as she had other things to attend to.

Soon they had reached their destination and Sevril took the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He had removed it from Fardale's dead body having slayed him himself using the thin knife that Xya herself had taken from Fardale when he and Lord Curtis has last held her captive. She had concealed it in one her bandages whilst on the Sea Elf boat and Lord Curtis, confident in his control over her had not thought to check her properly for concealed weapons.

As they opened the door it creaked slightly but Xya ignored it she wanted her victim to know she was coming for him. Inside she heard the sharp intake of breath but there was no other sound and for a moment Xya was confused. Why was he not moving? Still she entered the room, Sevril following close behind her.

The room was completely dark save for a few stray candles but the only thing that interested her was the dark figure seated in the centre of the room. "It's over," she called.

"So it seems," the figure responded laughing bitterly. "Still it was good while it lasted. And though I did not achieve my complete goal at least I achieved the most important thing of all&..Immortality! You see [i]my love[/i] I have no doubt you are here to kill me. Go ahead I am not afraid, I just want you to know one thing. Even after every last one of my men is dead you still have not won because I have achieved my greatest goal and in four months it will be complete. You see in the end it's me that has emerged victorious."

Xya snarled at him, "Stop toying with me [i]Matthew[/i]. You can't win. You never could even you must have realised that. It was only matter of time before you were defeated."

"If you say so," he stated simply, "But..." he started but got no further because at that exact moment Xya chose to ram her Sabre through his heart. She yanked it out savagely and spun on her healing, leaving the room without even checking to see if her victim had been slain. She didn't need to she had felt his life leave him the moment the Sabre had entered his chest. But had she, she would have noticed the satisfied grin across his face.


The new High Priestess stood before the lake and gazed deep into its surface. What she saw in there pleased her and she smiled at her reflection. The ceremony was over and now it was time for the dancing. She had changed out of her ceremonial robs and into the clothes she wore now. She knew that everyone would be waiting for her but she was not ready to face them yet. It felt strange to her, being in charge.

After the war against Lord Curtis her mother had decided with the council's approval to hand over her role as High Priestess to her daughter, Xylona. She had felt that she was ready for it but it was mostly because she was growing tired and the strain of being the role model and leader was taking its toll on the Lady Keelia. And so on the 31st of October, the day which signalled the end of the Elvin year, Xya took her mother's place as High Priestess.

Xya looked at her reflection once more to ensure that she really did look alright but there was no need. Xya looked stunning that night. Her hair was loose and entwined with gems which flashed very time they caught the light. On her head rested a gold crown embedded with emeralds and etched with vines and leaves. Her face had been painted and her now autumn coloured eyes stood out against the green eye shadow. Her clothes were green, red and gold as usual but this time instead of wearing a short top and skirt she wore a full gown of dark greens and crimsons laced with gold. The reason for the gown was known only by herself but she had insisted wearing it instead of her usual clothes and no one had argued.

She then headed towards Illundrium another major Wild Elf city several miles east of Lilunya, which was now serving as the capital until the work of Lilunya could be finished and everyone that would not be for many years. It seemed that even though Lord Curtis was long dead the damage he had inflicted on her people would be permanent. Almost every wild elf had lost a loved one in the fire and only ten thousand were left of the two million that had once lived there.

Xya walked into the centre of the circle where her betrothed, Sevril, stood. That was another strange thing that had happened since the war and it was something she didn't think she'd ever get used to. She could still remember the day he had asked. It had been nearly six weeks ago and it always made her smile. She had expected her people to refuse such a union but they had promised to give him anything he asked for. He had chosen her.

She smiled at Sevril and beckoned him to her. He came and she wrapped his arms around her.
"Life comes full circle again," she whispered to him, remembering the first time they'd danced together and the music started and they danced together. The music was fast and he twirled her around and around as everyone watched. She grinned at him and he grinned back. When he spun her out she would always return to him and he would hold her close. It was in those moments that she knew that as long as she was with him she would always feel safe.

Finally the music stopped and she kissed him lightly on the lips before leading him away from the throng of dancers that had begun to crowd the circle. She threaded her fingers through his and led him into the forest. There they lay down on the damp grass and she curled up beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. They had come here many times before and she loved these moments of peace with the man she loved. Occasionally they made love but this time Xya just wanted to lie besides him.

Xya entwined her fingers in his hair and watched as it slipped through her fingers. It was silky to the touch and she loved to play with it. He threw her an annoyed glance and took her hands out of his hair and held them in his own. She knew that he didn't really mind and secretly she suspected he liked the attention. She grinned at him again and slipping one of her hands out of his she gave his hair a defiant flick. Sevril grinned back and took her hands in his again and moved her so that she was almost on top of him. Her head rested just below his chin on his chest and he muttered something into her hair.

As she lay there Xya placed a hand gently on her abdomen. She could already feel the child beginning to grow inside her. He would be born in two months, because of something Lord Curtis had given her the speed of the growth of the child had doubled. That was why she often wore corsets; she wanted to obscure her pregnancy from the others for just a little longer. Because no one knew about it except for Sevril. She knew that he knew, even though he never said anything about it and she had never told him.

Xya smiled to herself she already knew what the child would look like. He would be a handsome baby boy with her hair colour and colouring and his father's beautiful amber eyes. "Azrael," she whispered, "that's what we'll call you."


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