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04/29/2005 6:28 PM

Seven years. Do you know what seven years can do too a man? A simple farmer once, turned warrior over seven years of war, bloody gruesome war. The kind of war that haunts those within it's capacity in their once fairy tale dreams at night, now turned to nothing but nightmares of shadowed past. The sins created by some men, more than many can bare. Far more. Most, they go insanse, unable to handle the concience that comes back to haunt them for the rest of their short, bleak, lives. Some sins, carry far more weight than that of others. This man in particular, carries the weight of a life count beyond most comprehention, in the thousands, possibly millions.

The room, it's dim, dank, and small. A wooden room, with different rays of light, here and there, coming through the small holes in the ceiling, where you can hear movement and conversation above. The room sway slightly, gently, you can hear the waves crashing against the side, realizing now that the room is infact part of a boat, a ship, the hull, whatever fits your fancy for the creation of man the the scene pertains.

A man, large in frame, with long, blonde hair, red streaks through it. Highlights if you will. Many say, by myth, it's the blood of all his victims of the war of Tirakas, others, just think it was natural by birth. The other parts of the man, though barely able to be descripted by sight, since the room is quite clearly in that of dark, is wearing what looks to a chest plate, leather, and a leather romanic styled solider skir, with the leather boots. Imprinted on the chest plate are two roman warriors, gladior like, if you will, in siver.

He sits upon the floor, his legs crossed, his helm setting on the wooden grounding before him, his shield and spear against the wall near the door, and a silver sword in it's sheath by the bed, in the far right, same wall as the door. His eyes are closed, strands of hair in his face, his chest and shoulders move with an even rythum, the warrior asleep?

....A flash back, into his past, a dream possibly of his, like mention before, turning to a nightmare of sins. The scene, a battle, the man, warrior, leading a platoon forth against another, slicing through the opposing men like butter, his sword slicing through breast plates and skin alike, not carring what it hits as long as it kills and it does. He, like a machine, running through the entire platoon of possible five or six score of men, before his own can even catch up to the battle, only to find a scene of massacre, they're leader, or fearless warrior, standing over the bodies of once fair foes, fine men. His sharp violet eyes scan the scene from behind his helm, a small grin curves his lips....

"If the rumors are true, than he is of the blood line." the deep booming voice of a man is herd from the floor above the room, snapping the warrior out of his slumber, slightly. His eyes don't open, but his facial expression so vague displeasment at his awakening. "I think it is. It fits doesn't it? He slaughters men by the hundreds with out taking a scratch or slowing a pace. His name fits that of his ancestor from thousands of years ago. Achillies, the greatest warrior ever. Returned?" the small voice of another man retorts to the deeper voiced man.

"They say that it's the original, his spirit just re-entered the body of his own blood line, a grandson thousands of years to his future." the deeper voiced man replies. Finally, we move up, to that room, losing slight interest in the sleeping warrior below and find the top men talking in a room like the other, both sitting at a table in the middle, this room, lit by candles. Both men with a steel goblet infront of them, the deeper voiced man, large, very large, like a bear, possibly part giant, wild black hair, and a long black bear. The other, a young, long haired brunette, clean shaven, only twenty or so years of age.

"I don't see how that couldn't be. What other spirit has that kind of fight, power?" the younger man says. The larger nods thoughtfully, deciding that could be the only way for it too be true. As they sit in silence for a few minutes, drinking the liquid confined in their cups, the door bursts open and both men jump up, their eyes wide, sword half drawn when they realize it's the warrior from below, and sheath what they had begun to draw.

"And if you think, that be to truth to this myth, than step forth now and find out just how powerful this spirit truely is, for I shared it with no one, not now, nor ever before. Tis mine and only. My fault not that my parents gave me the birth name of a dead ancestor. Achillies. His life didn't last as long as mine, so who is the better of the two, may I ask?" Achillies gets a small grin, obviously a man of arrogance, or would some say, a god, none are really sure which he is, they've never seen him injured in the slightest.

Both men bow their heads and Achillies rolls his violet eyes. "I am now diety to you, for if I was, do you think I would be stuck on this rotting ship on our way to what ever destination that the wind sends us on, with all of you? I think not. I would be up above in the heavens, enjoying the eternal pleasure of those of opposite sex around me. So, put your hats back on and raise your chins lads, because god I am not. Not to my knowledge anyways and so, because of that, I claim I am not, nor do I have need to be."

"We're sorry to have questioned your existance m'lord." the younger man says, both sitting back down as Achillies walks over to the small kitchen area. "It's of no homeric issue, just wanted to set the record straight, possibly put a stop to these non-sensical rumors and myths. I was not but a farmer before the war began and hope to be one at it's end. It's been a *treat* to work with you men, but unfortunatly, I must admit I would rather be home." The older man grins. "We all would Sir. We all would."

"PIRATES" can be herd, the scream, from above and all three men look at each other. The older man stands up with a nod to Achillies "And this is why." He draws his broadsword and rushes out the door, the younger man doing the same, hot in his pursuit. Achillies shakes his head with a small smile and finishes drinking what he was just pouring. He sets the glass aside and walks out the door, starting to hear the scuffles from above as the pirates board. Achillies makes his way to the left of the door, and down small stairs to the bottom floor, his room. He steps in, picking up his helm and resting it on his head, then his shield, strapping it to his left forearm and draws his silver sword, turning and heading back up the stairs, down the upper hall, and up more stairs till he arrives at deck, in a scene of fury.

He grins stepping forth and begining to slay with relative ease, hacking through the large amount of buccaneers like they were air, but a second and third ship drawing close only means more for the challenge. Achillies ducks three or four swins from several oppesers and then knocks two back with his shield, examplifying his strength to all, and slashes past the other two, and eventually killing the ones he knocked over. Achillies steps forth to slay another and looks around, wondering how the rest of the herd is doing....

04/30/2005 6:44 PM

Dagamar Wolfe, also called Dagamar the Mariner, but better known but his pirate name, the Sea Wolfe swung himself onto the railing of the deck to look out on the ship that had fallen under attack. Bercast was a fool. If this ship carried who he thought it carried. The descendent of Achillies, an invincible warrior some said. Dagamar had never faced against him but he heard the stories and had seen the battlefields where Achillies had reeked his vengence. The wind was at their backs and the trio of ships would soon be upon them but Dagamar feared it may be too late for the men from the fourth ship.

He jumped back down on the deck pulling back his dark brown hair and tying it in a ponytail revealing a scar seen through his scruff that went from his right temple down to his mid-cheek. Dagamar hadn't fell well going into this mission. The Egyptian had only said to bring back the gold feather. Legend said it was from the god Horus. Dagamar only carried about the pile of treasure the man had shown him he would recieve upon his success.

He was ready for the fight. He need not face Achillies, only retrieve the golden feather then go back across the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt. Little did he know what the plot of the other two captains sailing with him were.

A hawk flew from one flanking ship to the other, passing behind the one Dagamar stood upon. It landed on the gloved arm of Kelrus who took off the note and handed to his captain.

During the battle. Dagamar and his men will be lost in the chaos. The treasure will be ours.

"Indeed it will brother, indeed it will," He said crumpling the note and tossing it out to sea. "We will strike during the attack. Dagamar won't know what hit him."

Kelrus bowed and went off to tell his other pirates of the plan.

Once Dagamar food himself a good position on the riggings he withdrew his Persian sword from the scabbard on his back and took in his other hand a rope. He would swing the gap while the others aboard went accross on a ramp that was already ready to be moved to the other ship.

When the ship came close enough Dagamar pushed off the tied riggings and swung to the other ship landing easily on the ship of Achilles. A Greek soldier charged at Dagamar who parried away the sword strikes grabbing his sword arm and pushing him overboard. He looked back to his ship and saw the ramp moving. The two other ships under his command coming closer.

He quickly moved to the gratting which would lead to the hold bellow. On his way he deafeated two other defending soldiers and once he pulled the gratting off he looked up to see the famed warrior of legends. Achillies moved easily through Bercast's men, slaughtering them. He moved his attention back to the hold and quickly jumped inside. He scanned through the goods for what he needed, the golden feather of Horus.

While Dagamar was under the deck searching for the feather the other ships lowered their ramps and men charged accross. Quickly the betraying brothers ordered their men upon both the Greeks and Dagamar's men. There was great chaos and confusion among Dagamar's men as they now fought to return to their ship in hopes of escape. Then the splash as their ramp tumbled into the water sounded. They were trapped between the traitors and the Greeks.

Dagamar heard his name being called and cut short his search. He scaled the small ladder and looked out at the battle. He saw men from the ships of the brothers Cercius and Fairum attacking his own men. "Traitors..." he said as he forgot the golden feather and ran accross the deck to kill his new enemies.

OOC: It's good to give your thread a goal or something. This one was a little open ended but let's see where it goes. Also, silver was never used to make swords, and for good reason it would be easily ruined by a swing from an iron sword.

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05/17/2005 12:14 PM

Jewel, known as the dark mistress of the sea, moves from the ship, terrible sword in hand. She slices one mans neck, easily. A second approached her, then backed off, noticing her feminine form.

"What!?" She calls to him, as then moves towards a different pirate. "Afraid to fight a woman? Afraid I'm too fragile?" She screams lunging across the dock and into the crowd. She was determined to loot, pillage and steal.

A hand on her shoulder stops her in mid-stride. "Jewel, I don't want you getting mixed into this..." Graham...the ships Surgeon said to her. Jewel shrugged him off.

"Screw you Graham. I can do what ever the hell I want." She moves away from him disappearing in the midst of the screaming crowd. Her blood-lust didn't last long, for soon, porr Jewel had a sword run through her. Luckily it didn't hit and vital organs, and with the help of a sergeon she would quickly recover, but there was no such person around.

So the beautiful pirate woman slumps against the side of a house, holding her bleeding side, and gasping for air, as she fell to the ground. Her body doesn't get so much of a glance as she bleeds...

06/05/2005 7:15 PM

Sora was a samurai hidden among the halls of the ship. In this day and age it was rare to see a samurai even a person who practice this way.

Sora quickly ran through out the ships looking for those who were responsible for this travesty. One thing caught his eye the girl that got stabbed left there to die. He quickly ran towards her, he saw her wounds, from his experience in Emergency help, he pulled out some stitch thread, which he kept with him for emergencies, and a needle. He put presser on her wound to keep it from bleeding and he ripped a part of his shirt to whip her wound. Working as fast as he can he stitched her up the best he could without any numbing agents and clotting agents.

He pick up the girl and brought her into the closest room he could find. "Miss can you her me?" Sora asked her hoping she would wake. The pirates came into the room and charged toward Sora. Sora pulled his blade from its sheath and slashed through them. As fast as he finished them off more had come. He was trapped there was no way out he was still week from a wound her had got earlier. He knew he couldn't leaver her but he tried his hardest to hold them off. There blades clashed the pirates gave no sign of budging. He held them off as best as he could until one of them slammed their sword into the back of his head.

06/05/2005 7:42 PM

Jewel shook her head, looking at the stiches the man had given her. She'd have Graham take a look at the wound later. He was a surgeon after all. Looking up at the pirates that had entered the room she shakes her head laughing.

"You are all damn fools! Go ahead, kill the man that dragged me off the streets. You'll see what I have to say about it once I can stand again!" She half laughed, half scoulded. "You guys are making me old..."

One of the men, a young fellow, obviously just signed, looked at the unconcious man. "Sorry Jewel....Our mistake..." He says, his body, and voice shaking.

Jewel, brushing bloody hair from her face, shakes her head. "Aye. Your mistake indeed. Now pick him up....Lay him on the bed here. He needs it more then I do." She stands, holding onto one of the pirates arms for support.

They pick up the man, laying him on the bed, and all have themselves a drink as they wait for him to recover. "Honestly Jewel, we were just try'n to save yah. How were we 'sposed to know he was try'n to protect yah too?" One of the pirates asks. "Just think things over next time. If he had been a threat I would'a run him through..."

06/06/2005 5:59 AM

Sora's body was twiching, he was slowly coming to. Sora slowly waking. He rose "Ow my head." he said while rubbing the spot were he was hit. "W..were am I."

07/03/2005 8:08 PM

Jewel shrugged her shoulders. "No use asking me. You're the one that brought me in here..." She half growled. "Can I get you anything to ease the pain?" She asked.

07/04/2005 7:44 PM

"No I am ok. I get over the pain fast. but thanks for asking. By the way I am Sora who are you."

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