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04/29/2005 12:44 PM

After many years of pirates attacking boats off of the sword coast they have become more bold. They are on theyre way to baldurs gate. They mean to take it over. Now there are five pirate grunts walking through a small copse of trees south of baldurs gate. They await any warrior who dares challenge them.

05/03/2005 2:37 AM

Sword coast? Isn't that from dungeons and dragons?

05/03/2005 12:19 PM

YES it is

05/20/2005 10:49 AM

Calos staggers up to the grunts holding a bottle of ale in one hand and a feeble staff in the other. His eyes are clean and swift yet the smell of alcohol is soaked into his body. He glances up to the grunts than says," Pardon me scum of the earth which your mom shoulda never dug up then hoped that you ugly face would be a distraction from the true wrech that was herself." He gave a tiny *hick* then waited for a replie.

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05/20/2005 7:05 PM

Lucas was staring at the drunkared with a strange look on his face but the grunts apparantly didnt care because they chareged at Calos

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