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04/28/2005 12:47 PM

Steve hit the ground as the shell landed about five feet away. He could feel the pressure on his body armor vest as he was propelled 3 feet away. The armor had saved his life: another foot closer and the shrapnel whould have turned him to mincemeat. The helmet and armor had saved him; the opposing human was not so lucky. Even another foot away, he had been ripped to shreds by the exploding metal bits.

Serves him right, Drimlon thought to himself prejudicially. Their innocence was stolen the day they joined forces with the Dartheron. and with that got up and brushed himself off. The land he was fighting in looked as if some giant had come with a giant circular foot. The cratered landscape was what was left of the Southeast Tennessee.

making sure the M105 Rail Gun was securely fastened around his shoulder. Patting the ammo belt for mental support, he started off in the direction of the nearest surviving establishment: The Ohomads military camp. he could feel the sword sinking into his shin as he walked, the crystalized minerals slapping against his leg from his belt.

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04/28/2005 2:19 PM

what are the sides, I read your post in the othe forum bout this, but I forgot, + othe ppl might not know...

04/29/2005 10:40 AM

((will wait for permission before posting))

04/29/2005 12:09 PM

OOC: check out the OOC section of this RP for all information concerning this tread. The OOC can be found to the left of the red margins at the top and bottom. Just scroll down to page one and everything will be listed.

04/29/2005 12:27 PM

Nighteyes watched the man from her perch in the tree. She could tell that he was one of them. The humans that supported the Ohomads. Personally she didn’t really care who one, she knew that whatever happened in the end she would suffer, but she had joined Niko in aiding the Dartherons because that’s what he had believed in, but she didn’t care as long as she survived then she didn’t care who won.

She checked that everything was secured and tied the green strip around her head pushing her blonde streaked green hair out of her face. She waited till he was almost directly overhead, removed her twin blades and leapt of the tree, landing on him. The force of the impact knocked them both to their feet and she spun round on her heels, blades raised, attempting to sink them into him.

04/29/2005 12:38 PM

Steve didn't know what hit him. All he knew was one second he was walking, the next he was rolling on the ground.

A bit dazed, Drimlon realized that his opponent was now above him. Since he was fooling around with the handle of his M105, he had a firm enough grip so that when he was fully concious he was able to slowly manuver the gun to his advisary.

"Who are you?" He said trying to keep whoever this was attention away from his gun. Looking around, he saw his helmet was a foot ahead of him, and he came to the conclusion that body armor can't stop a melee attack.

04/29/2005 12:47 PM

"Who are you?" He said trying to keep whoever this was attention away from his gun. Looking around, he saw his helmet was a foot ahead of him, and he came to the conclusion that body armor can't stop a melee attack.

“Who are you” the man asked and Nighteyes snarled at him, she didn’t have time to register what he said, all she knew was that she had to take this human out. So she attacked him attempting to injure him but not seriously, the boss wanted him alive. They had been watching this place for sometime, they suspected there was a Ohomad base near here but they weren’t sure where. This man would tell them.

She could feel her blade draw blood, how seriously she didn’t know. He was wearing armor but that wouldn’t protect him from her attack. She raised her blade to strike him again and that’s when she made her first mistake.

((i managed to injure you so i thought it would only be fair if you managed to injure me too because my character is not necessarily more powerful than yours, also you decide how serious the wound is))

04/29/2005 2:51 PM

Alak breathed deeply. It was good to be finally out of the underground base. Choose whatever side you want, for we will lose. Just survive and report back to us on the current status of the war. Those were his orders. Simple enough, and no pressure on joining sides. He supported the Omohads, and intended on aiding them in the war. The base was near an Omohad base. He knew it was camoflauged, and he probably won't see it. He began walking in a direction, keeping note of his footsteps for when he returned. In only a few minutes, he noticed moving off to the side. He turned and saw two humanoid figures struggling. He ran towards the scuffle, hoping he could start immediatly on helping the Omohads...

05/02/2005 4:00 PM

OOC: don't worry about it. It fits perfectly, and that's what makes sense.

ITC: he felt the blade sink into his stomach, and pierce his intestines. He would't make it long or far with a would like that. Feeling the burn itch it's way across his body, he applied all of his weight backwards, throwing the mysterious lady off of him. She was already off balance, and tumbled back off of him. Seeing his opportunity, he began to struggle to get up. However, he knew he couldn't get up fast enough. The would was slowing him down, and he had only managed to throw the woman off of him, not stop or even injure her.

It's then that he saw the figure running to him. Picking up his hand he started waving in a distressed manner, hoping this person whould be on his side.

05/02/2005 4:08 PM

As Alak aprroached the two figures, he noticed one of them, a man, being stabbed, by a woman. The stabbed man waved his hand towards Alak, clearly waving for help. Alak didn't care what side he was on, nobody should feel the agony or pain of bleeding to death. He ran up to the conflict and removed a rejuvenation battery from his belt. He immediatly began to use it on the wound. The dagger slid out, and the wound began to close. "Declare your allegiances!" he shouts to both of them, hoping to learn about this struggle, and more importantly, the war.

05/03/2005 11:41 AM

Seri Jumped out of the tree she was pirtched in. she bent her knee letting it absorb the impact. She stood up and raised her palms energy gathering, she slowly said some words that sounded just like a bunch of jibberish. The energy spread out of her and warped around the womans blade, then she lifted her right hand quickly and the bladeflipped into midair just hovering in the air. " What the hell?... What are your Alligances?" She pulled both guns from her holsters and held them up.

05/03/2005 1:22 PM

Nighteyes felt the man show into her and she stumbled, loosing balance she tumbled over and off the man. She snarled and leapt up onto her feet, watching as another rushed to the man and began to heal him using a rejuvenation battery. She glared at the men and rushed forward and grabbed her dagger when it re-emerged from the man’s stomach.
She pushed it back into its hold. Drawing her twin blades, as she stood in her defensive stance. She didn’t think she could take them both on her own but if she would try.

She watched the two men, waiting for them to make their move. Then suddenly another appeared and flipped her blades out of her hands. She snarled again and drew on the power of one of her gifts. Flames leapt into her hands and dnaced up her arms glowing a brilliant white.

“Declare your allegiances” the second man shouted and the newcommer echoed that. Nighteyes snarled at them, “I have no allegiances but I work for the Dartherons.” she turned to face the man that spoke, “I have no quarrel with you stranger, you and I are both human and I respect that. I work for the Dartherons because that is what I must do to survive and I slay the Ohomads if I can but I will not kill my fellow humans unless I must. I did not come here seeking to kill this man though I fear that’s what it looks like.”

05/03/2005 2:16 PM

"I pledge my life to the Ohomads, the ones who may save this planet from being destroyed by the Dartharons!" Alak declared adamantly, "but I shall not kill a human unless I must!" Alak looked around at the three people. The one who stabbed the man he had just healed declared support for the Dartharons, but also that she didn't wish to fight humans. He looked at the other two, wondering where they stood in the war.

05/03/2005 4:57 PM

Seri looked at the men " I am of Ohomads. Just leave it be I will let you go just leave this encounter alone and in the past." **ooc* in other words i cna make another Account And play Darth if need be.** ((INC)) She summoned energy about her the wind slowly humming sharply. " Or you can die, i dont mean to be mean but iv'e seen alot of killing and i hate it moreover." She nodded to the girl" By the way, Names Serina, Seri for short."

05/04/2005 5:03 AM

Shade and another of his men were watching the battle from a couple of yards away. The two now ran forward to intervene, they could not allow one of thier won to die, seems this scouting mission just got interesting.

Shade targeted the magic user first drawing his bla ck energy into a shadowy shape of a bow. He pulled back his hand muttering under his breath. He realsed shrouding the area in smoke. He gollaped forward and struck two on the head, knocking them out but not killing them. He grabbed Nighteyes and hualed her up into his back, and galloped as fast as he could.

"Best be more careful in the future." he said.

05/04/2005 11:50 AM

Nighteyes glared across at the strangers. She would not surrender even if it meant death. She had her honor. The flames around her arms glowed brighter with this thought as she prepared herself to fight..

Suddenly three Dartherons appeared, Nighteyes grinned as they approached attacking the three strangers. She was about the join in when she was suddenly hauled onto the back of one of them and whisked off. As she was being taken away she bent over backwards and grapped her fallen blades from the ground and re-sheathed them.

“Best be more careful in the future!” he said and Nighteyes grinned.
“Thanks” she said, “But I was doing, I had that man down and badly injured till those other two came.” She stopped realizing where they were going, “Wait we have to go back. The man, the first one who I injured he knows the location of the Ohomad base. Or do you already know where it is and me almost killing myself was a waste?”

Nighteyes turned to look at her rescuer for the first time, “Who are you anyway?”

05/04/2005 11:50 AM

Nighteyes glared across at the strangers. She would not surrender even if it meant death. She had her honor. The flames around her arms glowed brighter with this thought as she prepared herself to fight..

Suddenly three Dartherons appeared, Nighteyes grinned as they approached attacking the three strangers. She was about the join in when she was suddenly hauled onto the back of one of them and whisked off. As she was being taken away she bent over backwards and grapped her fallen blades from the ground and re-sheathed them.

“Best be more careful in the future!” he said and Nighteyes grinned.
“Thanks” she said, “But I was doing, I had that man down and badly injured till those other two came.” She stopped realizing where they were going, “Wait we have to go back. The man, the first one who I injured he knows the location of the Ohomad base. Or do you already know where it is and me almost killing myself was a waste?”

Nighteyes turned to look at her rescuer for the first time, “Who are you anyway?”

05/05/2005 5:01 AM

The Dartheron stared intently at the human on his back.

"Call me Shade, I run an elite ops group for our military perhaps youve heard of us?" he said proudly. He held up an emblem on his iron fisted guantlet.

"The Fallen Blades!? thought that was just a rumor."

"I assure my friend we are very much real, and no need to worry about that base, we were sent out here on recon, me and my to companions will take you to our base camp, you can decide what to do from there." Shade said.

They galloped well into the night, seeing the peek of thier camp in the morning.

"Home" Shade said soflty, he turned to Nighteyes.

"Best be careful, my men are dangerous, though it seems you can handle yourself."

05/05/2005 2:05 PM

Nighteyes listened as her rescuer spoke. The fallen blades, she had heard rumors of them as had everyone else but there was no proof of their existence. They were supposedly an elite group of mercenaries but they were rarely ever seen and so the imagination was left to wonder and as a result many a tale was created telling of them.

As they traveled Nighteyes was left to her thoughts. She was to meet the legendary fallen blades. She new that Niko would have loved to meet them and one day she would tell him of them. As she thought of him she smiled, she could see him even now lying in the infirmary waiting to recover from a wound that would never heal. Three months ago he had taken a near fatal head wound which had split his skull. She knew he would never fight again but she still liked to spin him stories and he would grin at her saying that when he got out of this hellhole he would come join her and she would smile sadly because she knew that would never happen. The white fox would fight no more.

The night passed and Nighteyes dozed slightly as they journeyed but she found that excitement kept her awake. AS morning broke over the horizon she saw what appeared to be a camp looming in the distance.
“Home” shade said softly as he turned to face her and she smiled sadly, “She could never go home. There was nothing left to go back to. And for a time being she was content. She had always hated her father and his death had never fully impacted her but it wasn’t just that. Amongst her squadron she felt like she belonged. People accepted her and she made friends though she never became to close to anyone, save Niko, for fear that the next morn they would not be living.

Her train of thought was interrupted when Shade said, "Best be careful, my men are dangerous, though it seems you can handle yourself." She grinned back at him, “I wouldn’t have lasted this long if I couldn’t. But also if your men really are part of this legendary team then the are not fools and can therefore see that harming me will do no good.” Then her eyes flashed and she snarled slightly, “And woe be anyone who tries anything, I may be a mere mortal but i am not afraid to fight even if they are stronger and faster than me!”

She then turned to face the nearing camp, the shadows that had crossed her face vanished as the half forgotten memory disappeared.

05/06/2005 8:36 AM

Serina Absorbed most of the impact Swallowing the shadow energy boosting hers. She knelt down to look at the man and wondered for a moment. Seri leaned down and pressed her mouth against his and her body began to glow, the energy crackled around her as the energy warped though him cleanseing and healing any wounds. She slipped in a little tounge just cause she felt nice (lol strange i am yesh :P). She smiled warmly as she lifted her headf back up, Seri caressed his head and let his head rest in her lap the halbird on the ground next to her vibrateing with an entense Secrecy.

05/06/2005 2:22 PM

Alak watched the rescue without trying to intterupt, wanting to learn about the entire situation. Apparently the female was rescued by strangely uniformed Dartherons. He knew now the alliegences. The female was a Dartheron supporter, the man who fought her is obviously an Ohomad soldier or supporter, and thus, his ally. "Hello sir, you are quite obviously a soldier of the Ohomads. I would like to know how to become an official soldier for the Ohomads." He waited for the opportunity to become a true supporter of the Ohomads...

05/09/2005 2:33 PM

Fatalis Sicarius, known to his friends as Sicar, and his enemies as Reaper, parried the attack of his sparring partner with the middle of his naginata, sending the war pike down to the ground far to the side. Sicar laughs as the dartheron growls and brings his weapon up in a vertical slash, finding the edge of a naginata pole once again, this time flying wildly high.

Before the attacker could bring his weapon back down, the dartheron defender sidesteps and slams the bottom of his weapon into his opponent's abdomen, then turning quickly and bringing the bladed side down, aimed a little wide so that the pole slams into the back of the former attacker's neck.

Sicarius laughs once again as his opponent struggles to keep his eyes focused after the jarring blow, his attention finally resting on the laughing dartheron. With a roar the trainee lunges, his pike aimed like a spear, but at the last moment twirling it and bringing it in a backhanded slash. The strike was perfect.. or would have been if his chest had not suddenly collided with the butt of a naginata pole.

Sicar walks forward to the trainee, who stands dazed and without breath, his weapon on the ground at his side, his arms holding his chest. The dominant dartheron puts his hands on the wounded man's shoulders as if in consolation, but he suddenly rears to his back legs, his front knees flying up to strike the unfortuneate sparring partner in the chin.

"Never give your enemy a chance to survive once they are down and helpless, that is when they will pull out their nastiest tricks, as any of us would." As he finishes speaking, Reaper turns his back to the stumbling trainee, and turns suddenly, pole arm secured beneath his arm, catching the trainee in his head and taking him to the ground, not even his four legs able to keep his balance anymore.

As Sicar turns away from the trainee once again, he sees figures coming from the distance, dartheron, and a guest upon the back of the lead figure. " Ahhh Shade, what have you brought with you this time?" With a grin, Sicarius gallops out towards the incoming dartheron.

05/11/2005 12:15 PM

Steve felt himself drifting though oblivion and creation. the colors alligned to form a brilliant shades of white and black, and slowly started to take shape. After a moment of fearful confusion, it dawned on him that this was one of his memories.

His mother baking...something in their old oven, his father at the table, and suddenly everything ceases to occur and the faces become faded with time and memory...

Snapping back into reality, Drimlon wondered what that meant, and what did it foretell?

05/11/2005 12:28 PM

"This be Nightyeyes my friend, she was attacked by them fucking calamari when we were out on recon." Shade said spitting at the ground. "We intervened then made a B-line for base camp." Shade said non chalant.

He galloped to his private quarters, Nighteyes still in tow.

"You fought well out there, not many humans can take three squiddies and survive" Shade said quilky trotting into his tent and retrieving a flask of water. He unscrewed the cap, took a small swig, and handed it to Nighteyes.

"What say you? We could use a warrior of your calibur on our squad, considering one of my men was captured on this excursion" Shade said, waiting calmly for an answer.

05/11/2005 1:18 PM

Nighteyes watched the other Dartheron approach them and listened in confusion as Shade spoke to him, as he mention her name Nighteyes turned to look at him in shock, how did he know her name?

"You fought well out there, not many humans can take three squiddies and survive" Shade said and Nighteyes grinned drinking from the flask he had passed her, "i don't think i would have survived much longer were it not for you but i was willing to try!" Then we he asked her to joind she looked at him eyes shinning, I would be honoured but first you must tell me how you know my name. I didn't think i was well know?"

05/11/2005 2:37 PM

Alak watched as the man revived back to consciousness. It was relieving to see what apparently was an Ohomad soldier, and thus an ally. He looked around to take note of any danger. As the man stirred and began to open his eyes, Alak asked, "who are you?"

05/11/2005 8:17 PM

Sicarius wanders around the Fallen Blades' base, inspecting the perimeter and making sure there were no sentries slacking off while on duty. He yells at a few of the dartheron on duty who are throwing horseshoes at a peg, " Stop playing your childish games, apparently there are some sushi around here somewhere, Shade had a run in. Keep your eyes open!"

Once finished with his rounds, Sicarius heads to the cook for some food. "Hey Merdrus! Gimme three big bowls of that delicious stew you make, you know, with all that steak and potatoes and stuff. This planet certainly has some tasty food I'll give it that!"

The large cook laughs as he gets the bowls for the stew, "You know, I don't think I know any other dartheron who has managed to pick up the tastes for local food like you, I'll admit it's tasty sometimes, but the way you talk you'd think it was a basted branka roast!"

"Oh it's no branka roast I know, but it still is pretty damn tasty!"

The cook finishes filling each bowl with the steaming stew, thick with lots of beef and vegetables. As Sicarius turns away the cook throws a towl at him, stopping the darhteron in his tracks, "Hey, why are ya needing three bowls? Normally you only take yer own unless Shades asked you for his too. You two make a friend?"

Sicarius shrugs at the cook, "Maybe, she was on his back when they arrived." With that, Sicarius laughs in unison with the cook, and he exits, heading for Shade's tent.

As he draws near to the entrance of Shade's tent, Sicar hollars towards the occupants, "Food, incoming!"

05/12/2005 8:43 AM

Shade looked as Sicarius walked through the tent flap.

"Lets discuss this over a bowl of soup" Shade said thanking his friend and inviting him to sit down. The three had a great time, making up idle chit chat, joking, sharing combat tips. Shade looked at Nighteyes ans sighed.

(Ill finish this in a reply to Ashlahs)

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05/12/2005 11:46 AM

Nighteyes looked up as the dartheron entered the tent. It was the one that had greeted Shade earlier; she smiled at him slightly but was still unnerved by this place. From what she had seen as she entered the dartheron’s here were seasoned warriors. She felt really out of place, sure she could fight but she was still a human and they were always considered weaker and she stuck out. Also the very fact that she had come in on Shade’s back helped enhance the image that she was another weak human, she longed to prove to them that she was capable of far more than they had thought.

She took the bowl from the newcomer and began to eat the stew. It was good, much better than the stuff she had been fed with her regiment but it could never compare to her mothers. It was then that she realized just how much she missed her family. Her mother, father and her three younger brothers, all killed when the bomb was dropped on her house. She could still remember the searing pain mixed with the knowledge that there was no way out. She was going to die and at that moment she felt surprisingly empty. She had done nothing in her life, nothing noteworthy, nothing and she would be forgotten just like everyone else. She had been half dead when white fox had dragged her out from beneath the upturned table and out to safety. Nighteyes shuddered slightly at the memory and continued to quietly eat her meal, eyes cast down.

When she had finished her meal she looked across at Shade, waiting for his answer. She desperately wanted to know how he knew her name for she doubted that he had heard of her and yet…..

((this is getting slighlty weird, coz it's like ther's two different stories going on at once))

05/13/2005 8:35 AM

Shade accidently tipped over his water flask. With a quick movement of his hand, the flask hung suspended in midair. Shade looked at a stunned Nighteyes.

"Telekinesis, one of many ..er...skills I possess Nighteyes" Shade said smiling. "If your curious, I just did a small mindprobe in order to learn the basics about you...sorry if you feel violated, but we have had spies in the past." Shade said quietly.

"Now about your training, we our an elite core, if you feel your up to it, Ill have start out with a couple of small sparring matches, then, lets see how you fare with stealth, so on and so forth." The Dartheron said with quick gestures of his hands.

"This is however your choice, we will respect your decline but a memory is mandatory sorry." Shade said shrugging his soldiers.

05/13/2005 1:59 PM

Nighteyes glared at Shade when he told her he had probed her mind. ‘Feel violated?’ She thought with disgust no she was furious, how dare he, how dare he. He had no right! This is her mind with her thoughts he should never had entered without permission. She snarled at him, “That was my name to be given when I decided it to be so! You have no right to steal my right to give information concerning myself to others. Your are looking into my affairs. This is my mind and it’s currently the only thing I have left that is truly mine!” she sighed and her voice grew quieter, “I understand your reason for it but I would have preferred it if you’d ask me first. I doubt I could have shielded myself from you so you would have seen if I were a spy.”

Nighteyes smiled slightly as she pushed those thoughts aside, concentrating on the time ahead. “Of course I feel up to it. Do you think I’d miss out on an opportunity like this,” she said grinning wickedly, “I want to prove that I can fight and that I’m not some pathetic human. But I work better at stealth. As a female human I lack the strength that most posses however I make up for it in other ways, and by this I do not mean my gifts. I do not believe that they should be mixed with fighting. Damn it I have too much pride and honor so I believe it cheating to do so.”

05/13/2005 9:54 PM

Sicarius raises an eyebrow at the human girl's words, "You say that you work better under stealth like it's a bad quality. Our most successful missions are the ones that no one hears about, either because the targets didn't know who did what, or we didn't leave anyone alive to tell the tale." The dartheron grins suddenly, a malicious grin, "Although I must admit that most of us prefer the latter situation whenever possible."

The dartheron eyes this girl for a moment, probing every part of her physical body that he can see, using his innate talent at judging a person's physical fitness and prowess. "I see no reason why you wouldn't be up to it. It's true don't have the strength of most of our members, but you have to realize that your more flexible form can come in quite handy, especially if we need infiltration."

He stops speaking and eyes this human once again, debating on how they should go about her induction into the Fallen Blades. Opening his thoughts, he forces them outwards, making sure that Shade picks them up with his mental abilities. Shade, perhaps we should set her up with that pair of new recruits. That way we'll be able to see what she can really do, and if she has special talents to aid her in battle, then we must get her to use them. We both know that our enemies will use every advantage given them, just as we do. If she is to be successful, we must ensure that she gives no quarter.

As the thought finishes, Sicarius closes his thoughts once more, holding them into himself and putting his mental shield back into place. Then he speaks, just to get the girl's reaction to the same general idea. "Well, if you make up for the raw strength in other ways, then we should see them. Shade, what do you say to her sparring one of that new pair. I think it would be a good way to start gauging her prowess." At that statement, Sicarius looks at the human once more. "By the way, I am Sicarius, and I make it my job to make sure everyone in our operation is at peak performance. If you would be so kind, remove your excess clothing, it makes judging your physical abilities much less accurate."

The dartheron waits for a response to his words from either his commander or from the Fallen Blades' newest recruit.

05/14/2005 12:21 PM

Nighteyes listened to the other Dartheron speak and she smiled. The operations that Shade’s Fallen Blades had undertaken were not so different from those of her own regiment. Though probably more violent.
"By the way, I am Sicarius, and I make it my job to make sure everyone in our operation is at peak performance. If you would be so kind, remove your excess clothing, it makes judging your physical abilities much less accurate." Nighteyes raised an eyebrow at this and looked at him quizzically but she complied. She placed her clothes in a pile and placed her blades back in their harnesses across her back. She disliked what she was currently wearing, for she felt very underdressed. The sleeveless top was tight and exposed her mid-drift; her loose combats hung low on her hips exposing even more of her tight stomach. She knew that it didn’t expose anything shocking and many of the woman wore much more revealing things but she was used to covering up and suddenly she felt very venerable, more human.

“So do you want me do to a little twirl or are you content with gazing at me as if I were some sort of animal you wished to purchase.” she said her voice dripping with sarcasm. Suddenly she sighed, “I’m sorry, I just don’t like it when people stare at me like this. It’s sort of unnerving.”
Nighteyes stood there waiting for either one of the Dartheron’s to speak.

05/14/2005 12:38 PM

Sicarius ignore's the girls words, more intent on getting a full analysis of her physical condition. After a few moments he nods, looking over to Shade. "She'll do very nicely, compared in size, I would say she is more physically fit for her race than many of our members are for ours, although perhaps not as well trained. We shall see."

The dartheron turns his gaze back to the human, a smile, no smile was not the right word, a smirk on his lips. "You may put your clothing back on, I have heard before that humans are embarrassed of their bare skin. If any of the men give you trouble, just come to me and I'll make sure they relearn not to mess with members of the Fallen Blades." The dartheron shifts the direction of his speech to shade. "I'll go find the recruit that is still full healthy, I don't think the one who went down as you arrived is fully rested yet. I'll bring him to the sparring ring and await."

With that Sicarius takes his leave, off to find Nighteyes' soon to be sparring partner.

(OOC: I somehow think the dartheron have the upper hand here, just because as a whole we are more active lol...whenever it becomes time to sleep, we'll let them catch up to us in time... sound good?)

05/15/2005 10:51 AM

Nighteyes was glad when the Dartheron had finished his inspection of her and she hastily wrapped her jacket around her. The rest of her clothes she simply moved to the corner, no longer desiring to wear them. She eyed the Dartheron as he walked of in search of a sparring partner for her. She cocked her head to one side in confusion, not fully understanding his words. What exactly did he mean? But she shrugged not letting his words get to her. He probably meant the others teasing her. She could handle that, the others in her squad had used to tease her because she was a girl but she had soon set them in their place. She smirked that had shown them.

Nighteyes was still grinning as she walked back over to the center of the tent. She sat down and waited for Sicarius to return.

05/16/2005 4:50 AM

After the little fiasco in his tent, Shade walked around his camp, scolding those who were not performing at thier best. He went into the mess tent to play a small game of dice with his soldiers, not all had mental powers, and Shade needed some cash.

After half an hour, Shade walked out with a slightly heavier coin purse smiling at himself as he went. Shade trodded over to the sparring ring, watching Nighteyes and the other ecruit get prepared for battle, he made his way to the middle.

"ALRIGHT MEN! SEEMS WE GOT SOME NEW MEAT FOR THE GRINDER! SHALL WE SEE WHAT THIER MADE OF?" this met bu a few cheers here and there. Shade ushered both contenders to the center.


05/16/2005 8:30 AM

ooc(comp was fooked up srry bout the absence lol :) )

Serina smiled warmly. "My name is Serina, I am an ally so to speak." She let him get up grabbing her halbird she double parryed it in the air and let it slide down her back until it latched with a black rope. " Not a bad kisser when you're unconshious." She smiled. " You were kinda hurt so I needed to heal you. I think it saved alot of pain for you." She walked over to a tree near the spot he was laying and slid down resting her back aganst it. her dark hair slowly wavered as she pulled up her skirt a little. " And, who are you?"

05/16/2005 11:52 AM

Nighteyes grinned at her opponent in the ring, she was evaluation him, trying to find his strengths and his weaknesses.
She removed her blades from their sheaths and flicked them back and for, testing their weight. The blades made a slashing sound as they sliced through the air, her cats eyes danced wickedly as they gazed on the dartheron in front of her. She moved her blades more violently but still she made no move towards her opponent. She took up the defensive stance and waited for him to make his move.

He raised his Saber and charged at her, she threw herself to one side, rolled over and struck his flanks with her blades as he passed her. It was a lucky strike but her blades sunk in deep and she twisted them out savagely doing more damage in the process. She knew that she would not get another chance like that, he had underestimated her and had paid the price. He would not be making that mistake again.
She grimaced as she shifted slightly to one side to get a better stance. She could hear him scream in pain but though the wound was deep to him it was merely a flesh wound. His eyes flashed as he rounded on her. Fury showed clearly on his face as he charged at her again. Again she jumped to one side but he had been expecting that and as she did he swerved a dealt her a hefty blow to the head, putting all his strength behind it. She staggered backwards and swayed slightly, momentarily dazed. The Dartheron took this opportunity and performed a backwards slash, his blade cut deep into her shoulder. Now it was her turn to scream but she refused her opponent that honor. Instead she clamped her mouth shut, eyes flashing she leapt away from him, pressing a hand to her bleeding shoulder. She could hear the Dartherons shouting encouragements to her opponent. She snarled as she spun round, she could feel her hands grow suddenly cold as the shadows began to flicker across her closed palm. She growled, pushing the shadows away, she would not use her gifts to cheat.

Her eyes glowed blood red as if lit by blood fire. She whirled round on the balls of her feet to face her opponent. She was shaking, half with fury and half with pain. She commanded herself to close her eyes and calm, to push away the pain till it became a dull ache in her shoulder. She stretched out her senses and with them she felt her attacker rush towards her Saber held high, preparing to finish this dual. She smirked and let him come towards her, when he was but a hair breadth away she moved slightly, it was a small movement but the effect was devastating for the Dartheron. She twirled round and dug her dagger into the Dartherons soft spot. He went down with a cry and she took that opportunity. She twisted round and struck the side of his head with her boot. He collapsed on the floor, and she darted forward to grab his Saber, she threw it with all her strength into the nearest, determined to be rid of the weapon that had hurt her so.

She grinned weakly at the Dartherons around the ring; they were staring at her in shocked silence. She could feel the darkness clouding her vision but she shook her head and forced herself to stand till she the battle was over. When she was sure she had one she grinned at the spectators once again, before shouting, “Didn’t expect that did you!” and collapsing in the middle of the ring.

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05/16/2005 1:26 PM

Looking around, Steve finally got his bearings straight. "Ok, then, what happened that sent me off to never-ever land? ... I got my ass kicked didn't I?" He said ashamedly. "Alright," Trying to cover up his despair, "The military base is approximately 15 clicks to the north," Pointing to the large building just to the north. "Uhm, thanks for the help..." Dumlion stated to the woman by the tree, shifting his gaze to the other newcomer.

05/16/2005 1:36 PM

"From what I saw of your combatant, along with your knowledge of the location of the nearby Ohomad base, it should be safe to assume that you're an Ohomad soldier," Alak looks towards the way the man pointed, "tell me, is it possible for me to become a soldier of the Ohomads? By the way, my name is Alak, what's yours?"

05/16/2005 2:09 PM

"Erm, sure. The Ohomad forces are always looking for new recuits." Already starting to walk, he said over his shoulder "you're more than welcome to join me. I'm an Ohomad, and I think were on the same side."

05/16/2005 2:50 PM

Sicarius watched the match with a grin on his face, amused by the short exchange of blows. The girl could definetely take a hit well, normally humans would cry in pain at such a strike, much as the dartheron had. His eyes flashed as the dartheron made a full charge towards the human, anger swelling up in him. Such a reckless charge! The fool really thinks that he can catch her with that maneuver?! She's already proved far too swift for that!

Even as the thought ends, the girl twirls around her opponent, a flashing dagger stabs into the dartheron, and he falls. Another twist of her body sends the girl's foot into the dartheron's head, causing Sicarius to grin, half to know the girl could fight, and half to know that he didn't have to teach her to finish what she starts. Many of the Fallen Blades stare at the girl, standing over their downed companion, several of their looks of shock changing to a look of anger.

The girl grins at the circle of dartheron and shouts at them,"Didn't expect that, did you!" and she promptly collapses in the middle of the ring.

Several dartheron move towards the girl, raising weapons or pawing with hooves as if to stomp her flat. In the blink of an eye Sicarius' naginata slams full strength into a dartheron throat, causing him to fall to his knees. His companions jump back in suprise and anger, not understanding. Sicarius turns his back to the dartheron and delivers a powerful kick with both of his rear legs, directly into the fallen one's chest, causing him to fall all the way.

Sicarius glares at the dartheron who had come foreward with hostility in their eyes. "This girl is a Fallen Blade now! She defeated him in the spar fairly! If any of you have quarrel with the decision of this match, then you shall come forth now, and I will be your opponent!"

The dartheron all looked at each other, most of them backing away and mummbling. Three of them however, some of the larger dartheron in the unit, stepped foreward, the lead figure grinning evilly as he speaks, "We'll take you down, and show you that defending one of these creatures isn't worth the beating you'll take, oh mighty Reaper."The dartheron's final words drip with sarcasm.

Sicarius's eyes grow wide with anger at the insult, he had worked hard and earned the title of Reaper."You have ever been the jealous one Bloody Hand, now I'll prove once and for all that I AM better than you!"

Without another word, Sicarius leaps foreward, immitating the charge made by the foolish sparring dartheron. Bloody Hand raised his greatsword in defense, pointing straight out in front of him, his two allies diving to the sides to circle Sicarius. Bloody hand lunges outward when it seems Sicarius is rushing to fast to react, but the charging dartheron suddenly jumps and twists, his weapon deflecting the sword. Bloody hand roars at the failure of his attack, or atleast tries to roar, but finds an elbow in his face as his opponent lands next to him.

Sicarius immediately lunges for the dartheron attempting to circle him, knocking down a sword tip and slashing up, his naginata ripping into the dartheron's side, slicing in and up to reach the ribs. Sicarius finishes the movement by pulling his weapon free, the butt slamming into Bloody Hand's face, even as he recovers from the elbow.

The third dartheron lunges, a spear aimed for Sicarius, slashing down towards his head. Sicarius moves his weapon to block, but the spear pulls back and dips suddenly, lashing out at his chest. Sicarius swiftly reverses his polearm to deflect to new attack, but only succeeds in pushing it down into his side. The spear plunges in and out, a portion of Sicarius' side completely impaled by the spear.

Sicarius roars as he twists his body, almost causing the dartheron to lose the handle of his spear as it protrudes from Sicarius's body. He focuses on maintaining his grip, failing to notice the naginata blade aimed at his chest, only realizing it a split second before it stabs into his chest, just below his ribs. Not able to stand the pain, the dartheron slumps too the ground, releasing the spear.

Sicarius turns to regard his only remaining enemy, but as he finishes turning his head, Bloody Hand grabs a hold of the spear handle and tugs it visciously, ripping it out of Sicarius' side, an evil grin on his face. The impaled dartheron roars in pain as the spear rends his flesh, nearly fainting, but managing to hold on to conciousness through pure grit and anger.

He glares at Bloody Hand, blood beginning to drip from his mouth, "You will not defeat me, prepare yourself for pain!"

Bloody Hand roars and lunges, attempting to skewer Sicarius with the spear, hoping to open more holes in his opponent. Sicarius ducks low, raising his pole arm and forcing the spear up. Bloody Hand fails to meneuver around the counter with his lunge, not being as well experienced with the spear as his ally had bin, his weapon now far above his target. His gaze moves down to Sicarius, but he freezes, his belly opening.

Sicarius had sidestepped and slashes foreward with his polearm directly after his parry, the blade of his naginata opening the dartheron from side to side. Bloody hand drops the spear and clutches his belly, bending over to keep his insides from falling out, his eyes fading to unconciousness.

Sicarius heaves several deep breathes before walking over to the human girl. He picks her up and shouts to the surrounding men, "Get them some medical attention, I don't want them being able to complain about being hurt later." With that said, Sicarius takes Nighteyes to Shade's tent, setting her down on the floor. He reaches into a pouch on his side and pulls out a bottle, uncorking it with his teeth. He pours some of the liquid onto Nighteye's wound, the healing affect working quickly, stopping the bleeding and disinfecting the wound. He grits his teeth as he pours some of the liquid inside of his own wound, tilting his body backwards to make sure the stuff manages to seep through the hole in his abdomen. Sicarius speaks out loud as he pours a little more liquid into his abdomen. "My that was fun, well worth the discomfort this hole will cause me for a few hours til it heals all the way. The girl's wounds should be done healing in two or three hours time, and the men outside might be out for a day, max. You need to bring people back more often!"

05/20/2005 8:29 AM

Serina smiled at him " It's Serina, Diden't you hear me?"
A twig snapped and she saw the bushes rattle next to her. She turned quickly to face the bushes and whispered a few words quietly that were just a murmmer to others. She pressed her palms together energy swirling around her. Black spheres appeared around her as they radiated with energy. Her eyes turned blood red, full of lust and distruction. She grinned as five men jumped out of the bushes with swords drawn pointing at her heart. Bushes begin to rattle all around her, she felt giddy like she always does before a fight.

A hail of arrows took flight aiming for Alak. She spread her palms from each other devideing al the molicules around her in the air. She weaved her hands in a quick figure 8 motion the spheares appeared infront of alak, The arrows hit an invisable barrier around his and sizzled before they melted and burned up. She smiled and raised her hands to her sides and a white hot barrier appeared around her spreading out and burning all of her surroundings. Alak was untouched protected by her callings of the orbs'. She smiled at the area around them collapsed in ashes, tree's were no more alive then a stone on the ground.

Serina walked upto him " Are you ok?..." She asked nervously.

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05/22/2005 10:34 AM

Shade has watched the whole fiasco with pride, Sicarius was truly a mighty warrior, the girl nighteyes wasnt half bad with a blade either. Several days had gone by since the attack, and Nighteyes had healed well, she was becoming more proficient by the day.

Shade galloped to a tent st up for her and trodded slowly inside.

"Oh, hello Shade" Nighteyes said saluting.

"As you were" Shade said.

"Youre skill in battle is incredible, you could easily take down many Ohamod underlings and higher arcs, but your stealth needs work."

"Realy? and whats wrong with my stealth." Nighteyes said quizically.

"You attack with the noise of a stampeding Dartheron, we attack silently, skillfully, as shadows of shadows. Come, I have an exercise for you."

Shade trodded out to a large rock mound which was being mined by his men for precious metal, orders from his superiors, the fools. Sicarius stood at a small outcrop, wearing some sort of headgear and hlding a clump of wires in his hand.

"In this exercise you will wear this." Shade said gestureing to the wires, which were covered in tiny bells and pieces of metal. "Sicarius is wearing a sense enhancer, which has set his earing to the max, the object is that both of you will go into that rock mound, were you will try and take this off of Sicarius." Shade said holding up a yellow tastle, an identical one was wrapped around Sicarius.

"How Im supposed to that with that crap on?" Nighteyes asked raising an eyebrow.

"Its a stealth exercise, you figure it out." Shade said. "Im sure youll fine, but Sicarius has been known to cheat." Shade said smiling.

*this will truly be intersting* he thought to himself. Shade put the bells and wireson Nighteyes, Sicarius galloped into the rocks.

"When di I begin?"

"When youre ready." Shade said foldng his arms.

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