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04/24/2005 6:29 PM

You are on your way Camping with your Family and or Friends.. As you head towards your Plane you are riding on to meet your family you notice a white light.. You walk closer to it because a force is pulling you and finally everything goes black.. When you wake up you are on an island and there are No Hotels, animals and Traps..

Profile (Copy the Profile and your information before RPing)

Special: (Special abilities.. ex: Telepathic..Demon..)
Strength: 1-10
Supplies: (That you were bringing to go camping..)

No flaming
Be Literate

04/24/2005 6:32 PM

Heres mine..
Special:Telepathic,Can levitate,Read minds, and Teleport objects.
Fears:Spiders, Hieghts
Supplies:water,SNacks,Sleeping bag, and clothes
Apearance:Dark brown hair that flows to her thighs, she usually wears a white shirt with black pants. she has emerald green Eyes that urn feirce grey when she is excited, and is tanned skinned

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04/28/2005 2:16 PM

Name: Sage
age: 15
Special: Demon, or part demon, anywho he has horns and some magic (thunder {superheating air})
Fears: heights, spiders
Strength: 8
Supplies: sheath knife, 250 matches, ex. cloths, a sleeping bag, water, and food, like a day's worth
Apearance: green eyes, blonde hair, med. build, four rows of horns from his forehead to the back of his neck

04/28/2005 6:17 PM

(OOC: If no one else is gonna start this, I am, because I'm really anxious to do this one.)

Sean woke up from the teleportation in a slight daze. Once he gathered himself, he took a quick survey of the land, inspected himself for injuries, and began to gather his things. Other than a few bruises, nothing was damaged, so he got out his backpacking tent and set it up.

"Well, looks like I'm lost! Oh well, I guess I will finally get to put my skills to the test. Now, to get some firewood..." He said with a slight grin on his face.

He walked off in some direction, picking up any dry, suitable logs and sticks. He continued out for a while before finding all he would need, and then dragging it all back. He started a small fire with his lighter, and got out a small snack. He laid down on his sleeping bag and began to wonder what to do next.

05/19/2005 11:42 AM

age: 17
Special: Can control water i.e. Rain, snow, sleat, hail, bodies of water, and move clouds. Anything that has water in it he can control.
Fears: Loosing his power, fire.
Strength: 7
Supplies: Water bottle, sleeping bag, swiss army knife, hatchet, dryed food, matches, 1 change of clothes(Under-wear, pants, shirt socks, 1 bandana) Hooded sweatshirt, wind breaker, Compass, backpack, sewing kit, first aid kit, plastic baggies, 1 iron pot, flint, fishing gear. (He was prepared for a week) Toothpicks(He chews on them....how on earth would he live without them)
Apearance: Rein isn't a very large boy, about 5'6" and 140 lbs. He's got short hair, which has been dyed blue, and bright blue eyes. He's very pale. Dispite his "smallness" Rein has some muscle to him. He's got a six pack, and his arms a very muscley(:D) He wears blue jeans, and a white or black t-shirt. He always has sunglasses hiding his eyes. He's handsome, though has that "jerk" look about him.
Personality: Rein has always been the outcast of society(bah). At school it was because he was named "Rein" and in life it was because strange things always seemed to happen around him. Because of this he's become a bit of a smart-ass. He's feriously loyal to what little friends he has, or makes.

*Digs himself into the rp now*
Rein leans against a tree, a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. He watces as the boy walks past him carrying sticks, though doesn't say a word. He had been there for a few hours now, or atleast his watch told him so, and had adjusted himself some distance away. Having heard voices down here, he had moved in investigate.

A grouping of clouds forms above, staying just behind where the blue haired boy, lazily stood

05/22/2005 9:46 AM

Name: Kyro Starraky
Special: Elemental Magic powers, sense near by danger
Fears: swimming in water
Strength: 5
Supplies: A water bottle, a lighter, flashlight, compass, One-shoulder strap bag, A maschete, A staff with a harpoon point for fishing, battling, hunting, Magic Casting
Apearance: 5"7', Asian, Human, Silver short hair, White Tunic with short sleeves, Brown Shorts, Rugged travel Boots, leather Gloves

Kyro is on the other side of the island, He is walking along the beach to investigate the environments on the island. all he see is a small mountain, lots of forests, and sand. "Where am I and how do I get here?" asked Kyro queitly. He looks out to the vast large ocean, he sees no nearby islands or ships traveling. Kyro kept on walking along the beach around the island.

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