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04/24/2005 11:22 AM

The child sat alone in the corner of the room. At first glance the room seemed empty and even those that saw her presumed she was some beggar child for she was wrapped in a long green cloak, her face was covered in dry blood and mud. The room itself could only be described as dank. It was small about 12 square meters with naught but an upturned wooden table in the middle which was slowly decaying, a long cracked mirror hanging on the opposite wall and a small wash basin. There was a small shaft of light coming in through a small bared window which only added to the misery that surrounded the abandoned building.

The only sound that could be heard was the small sound of someone crying. In the corner the child rose whipping the tears roughly away. She shivered slightly, and drew her cloak tighter letting it conceal her long golden tail before walking over to the cracked mirror and staring at her reflection. The person staring back was about 17 with long golden hair streaked through with different shades of green and roughly braided. A strange crown made of green felt was on top of her head with feathers of red and orange at the back. The child tried to smile at her image but the crack in the mirror took then smile and turned it into a grimace. She brought a hand up to her golden green cat eyes to wipe away the tears that had begun to trickle down her face again. The hand was pale and wrapped in brown cloth which extended part of the way up her forearm, which covered the leopard tattoo on her arm. There was also a golden bracelet studded with emeralds clasped round her wrist.

She walked over to the wash basin and began to wash away the dried blood and mud from her twin blades. She would have liked a stream of some sort other than this water basin in an abandoned building but she feared to leave lest they attack her again. She had been lucky this time. There had been seven of them and they had attacked her whilst she was in the forest. She had done naught to provoke this attack but they had seen her shift and had immediately presumed she was some kind of evil creature and so had attacked her. She had killed the first two before they knew what hit them, slicing them in half with her blades. The next two met a similar fate. The three that were left circled her before they had all attacked her as one, she managed to kill one of them and seriously injure another but the last managed to strike at her and blood had spurted from the wound in her abdomen. The next seconds were like a blur, all she could remember was a searing pain, then a flash of white light. When she came to her senses she was standing in the clearing seven dead bodies surrounded her. Two had there throats torn out. She had grabbed her blades and ran.

Leo gripped the side of the basin hard her hands still covered in her own blood; she swayed and stumbled slightly as she regained her balance. Her vision blurred as she stumbled again reaching out with her hand, but as she gripped the basin her blood stained hands slipped and she felt herself fall, she was growing weak from all the blood lose and she could feel herself loosing conscious. She swayed one last time before she collapsed on the floor and the darkness flooded in…..

04/24/2005 2:20 PM

The smell of blood was heavy in the air, there had been some conflict recently. Following the scent trails carried by the breezes, Lunaris walked briskly along, the strength of the smell easy enough to follow without moving slowly. About half a dozen, give or take a few, had been involved and had all lost blood, most or all of them dead. After a few moments, Lunaris arrived at the scene, noting seven bodies strewn about. He examined the bodies, noting the ripped throats and blade cuts, along with what looked like what may have been claws, too small to be of his kind. The man stands straight, his gray eyes searching around the clearing from behind his matted brown hair, which hangs down almost to his shoulders. These were all male, yet there was definetely the scent of a female around here, her body not putting out the same odor as the males, as was nearly always the difference between males and females.

Lunaris sniffed the air, then brings his nose closer to the ground, finding a bit of the girl's blood. Once he had her scent down, the path she had taken became clear to the lycanthrope, the blood paving the way to her. She smelled like a human, but there was something else to it, something animalistic, it was intriguing to him. He starts off following the trail of blood, his feet picking up the pace as he realizes she has done nothing to stem her blood flow, and the loss of that much blood, to anyone, would have very bad affects if left unchecked.

After a few minutes of jogging, Lunaris approaches a building on the outskirts of the town. The town had a smell that had been faint on the bodies he had found, they had obviously come from this town. Opening the door, the room was very bare and decrepit, it took a moment to find the girl who's blood trail he had been following. She was laying on the floor on the side of the room next to a basin. He walked over to her quickly and rolled her over, and saw that she was still bleeding from her side. He quickly pulls off his fur cloak and lays it down in the corner, doubling it up so that it pads the floor better. He picks up the girl and lays her down on the cloak. He lifts her shirt up above her stomach and reaches down to his shirt and rips a layer off. He opens a pouch at his side and pulls out a clump of dry moss, which he presses against her wound and uses the strip of his shirt to tie it in place and put pressure. There, that moss will stop the bleeding really quickly. She'll need something when she wakes up.

About half an hour later Lunaris has gathered up wood and started a fire just outside the building and is cooking the thighs of a deer he caught. He looks at the building occasionally wondering how long it is going to take for the girl to wake up. She'll need to eat and drink to help her body recover from the blood loss.

04/25/2005 12:34 PM

Leo woke up with a start. She blinked several times, trying to find her bearings. The last thing she remembered was death’s cold embrace. She shivered and wrapped the fur cloak around her and then froze. Something was wrong this wasn’t hers, and someone was here she could smell them. It was a strange smell almost human and yet somehow not quite. Instructively she reached for her blades but they were not there, she snarled and attempted to shift but she was too weak and it only ended in a searing pain running through her she screamed out unable to stop herself. She looked down at the source of the pain to find a wound on her stomach bound and staunched who ever was here meant her no harm. Memories began to flood in, her attackers, the fight, running here and then the darkness she shuddered and limped across the room to where the rest of her things were. She picked up her blades and put them back in their place before she moved slowly and painfully to the door following the scent of cooking meat.

As she emerged from the side of the building she saw a man seated cooking meat. She knew it was the man who had helped her. She recognized the scent from the fur cloak. She limped slowly over towards the fire and sat down opposite him, handing him back his cloak, ‘Thank-you’ she said her eyes searching his face for any emotion. ‘If it weren’t for you I’d be dead by now. But pray tell me stranger, why? Why did you help me? You could have chosen to ignore me or even handed me over to the authorities. But you didn’t instead you chose to help me. Why?’ She smiled at him slightly and cocked her head to one side.

04/25/2005 1:35 PM

Lunaris heard the cry of pain from in the house and knew that the girl had awakened. Had she been but a human, he might have gone to see if she was ok, but he knew she was strong enough to manage, and probably proud as well. He accepts his cloak from her as she moves to sit down, his eyes never leaving the meat as he rotates it on a stick slowly. "Thank you."

His eyes snap up to her's as she thanks him, his attention moving quickly back to his cooking, but she continues to speak. Lunaris smirks slightly at the mention that he could have ignored her or handed her to the authorities. He looks up as she cocks her head and his smirk becomes a genuine smile. "I don't know if you'd be dead right now," Lunaris lied," But you would most certainly be in worse condition than you are now. And I don't think that I'd be able to ignore you, I mean you obviously needed help and couldn't get to the other people in town." Lunaris realized that she could have easily made it to the town, but for some reason did not want to go there, perhaps he would get her to tell him why.

Lunaris pulls the food from over the fire as he talks, feeling it for a moment and deciding it is well cooked, he offers the stick to the girl." And as far as turning you in... I don't see any reason to do anything of the sort, I doubt it was your fault." Lunaris studies the girl's face for a moment before continuing, no traces of the smile left on his face." I helped you because it's the least that you deserve, no one should die alone and in the cold of an empty umm.. house. I also helped you because I was impressed with what I saw in the forest, and while I may not have witnessed it first hand, what was left told me quite the tale. Lastly I helped you because, in more ways than one, I think you remind me of myself.." After a moment and as if it is an after thought he says quietly," And your welcome."

04/26/2005 10:53 AM

‘I don't know if you'd be dead right now, but you would most certainly be in worse condition than you are now. And I don't think that I'd be able to ignore you, I mean you obviously needed help and couldn't get to the other people in town.’ The stranger said and Leo looked at him trying to read him but his face betrayed nothing so he really did not know the reason for her hiding here rather than seeking aid in the village.

When he offered her some of the food he had been cooking she took it gladly realizing just how hungry she was and smiled wolfing it down hungrily, right now all she wanted was food to fill her empty stomach she did not have the time for manners. ‘And as far as turning you in... I don't see any reason to do anything of the sort, I doubt it was your fault. ." I helped you because it's the least that you deserve, no one should die alone and in the cold of an empty umm.. house. I also helped you because I was impressed with what I saw in the forest, and while I may not have witnessed it first hand, what was left told me quite the tale. Lastly I helped you because, in more ways than one, I think you remind me of myself….and your welcome.’ Leo stared at the man for sometime before she spoke choosing her words carefully, ‘So you really don’t know what I am or if you do you obviously do not know of these humans reactions to it. In this town those who are not normal looking are considered to be the spawn of the devil. That is why those men attacked me in the forest. They saw me as a threat and so acted on impulse and tradition.’ She sighed and stared at the ground trying to find the right words, ‘and as you can see I’m…well I’m not quite human so to speak. That’s why I was attacked, that’s why I couldn’t seek aid in the village and that’s why I asked you why you didn’t turn me in. There’s a reward for anyone who can bring me in, better alive but acceptable dead. They want me dead those village elders because I’m a shifter.’ She snarled suddenly at the thought of them, eyes flashing. One day she would make them pay for what they had done to her. One day.

She turned to the stranger suddenly, ‘who are you. I can sense that you are human and yet somehow not at the same time. Though I know that you can’t be human other wise I wouldn’t be sitting here eating with you or is it not my place to ask?’

04/26/2005 11:12 AM

Lunaris listened as the girl spoke, having taken no notice of her table manners or lack there of, understanding perfectly her hunger."So you really don’t know what I am or if you do you obviously do not know of these humans reactions to it. In this town those who are not normal looking are considered to be the spawn of the devil." Lunaris' face grows grim, his eyes flashing as he listens,"That is why those men attacked me in the forest. They saw me as a threat and so acted on impulse and tradition. And as you can see I’m…well I’m not quite human so to speak. That’s why I was attacked, that’s why I couldn’t seek aid in the village and that’s why I asked you why you didn’t turn me in. There’s a reward for anyone who can bring me in, better alive but acceptable dead. They want me dead those village elders because I’m a shifter." Lunaris snarls slightly, but only very slightly, the action mirroring the anger in the girl's face.

Lunaris stares at the fire for a moment before the girl speaks again."who are you. I can sense that you are human and yet somehow not at the same time. Though I know that you can’t be human other wise I wouldn’t be sitting here eating with you or is it not my place to ask?"

The grim expression on the lycanthrope's face lightens a little at the statement. " You can call me Lunaris, and you are quite right, I'm not human, nor have I ever been one of those degenerate creatures." Lunaris gazes at the town for a second, a growl eminates from his throat. "These are the kind of people that make me sick," He turns back to look at the girl, " they attack with no real reason, out of fear of something just because it is more powerful than them. They know that without effort every single one of their lives can be forfeit!" The werewolf's voice rises as he speaks, anger obvious in his voice, his eyes shining brightly in the fire light.

He calms himself, closing his eyes and letting out a deep breath, when he opens his eyes he is back to the complete calm of earlier. He studies the girl for a moment before speaking," You are curious about what I am, I'll show you."

With that Lunaris stands up, removes his boots and shirt, and closes his eyes. His eyes open suddenly, his eyes not human anymore, his mouth slightly open, uttering a growl. His muscles begin to bulge, and his fingers elongating, sprouting claws. Dark brown fur sprouts from his skin, and his nose and mouth move out from his face, transforming into a muzzle, many sharp teeth visible within. His ears move more towards the top of his head, changing to be more triangular in shape. His feet become larger, turning into paws, and his legs warp, changing from those of a human to match those of a very large wolf. He crouches down, his body completely transformed, larger and more powerful than before, teeth and eyes shining in the firelight, a very large werewolf now sits where the man had been but a moment before.

The beast looks at the girl, but the eyes register more intelligence than any wolf's ever could, he settles himself, his teeth no longer bared at all. His head cocks very slightly as he gazes at the shapeshifter, a look that indicates he his studying her reaction to his transformation.

04/26/2005 11:38 AM

Leo listened to what the man had to say his thoughts mirrored her own and for the first time she was glad that it had been he who had found her. Lunaris he had said his name was, and she looked at him again, it suited him. Then he started to speak and his words confused her, ‘You are curious about what I am, I'll show you, he had said but she stared at him confused, how could he show her.

Then suddenly he changed as she watched him do so fascinated. The transformation was quick but were the man once stood there was a huge beast with large intelligent wolfs eyes and it was at that moment that she understood. Of course why hadn’t she seen it, that would explain things he was a Lycan but he must be one of the ancients if he could shift at will.
She smiled at the creature unafraid, she was not disgusted as she knew many would be but fascinated. She stared at him in awe and delight. It had been so long since she had last seen one who could change into an animal like she could. If she had been better she too would have shifted but she did not have the strength. She spoke to him sure that he would understand, ‘I should have guessed that you would be a werewolf. Though I am amazed that you can transform without the power of the moon, you must be one of the ancients. I am glad that it was you that found me for though you are a werewolf and I a shifter I feel as if we are Kin and it is nice to meet one who can transform as I do.’

She smiled again and stared at the wolfs intelligent eyes, ‘I do not believe I have introduced myself my name is Leodanya Nightwing and I am honored to meet one such as yourself.’

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04/26/2005 11:57 AM

Lunaris' muzzle and eyes display an obvious smile, and the werewolf nods. He shifts back to his human form, the wolf seeming to melt from him back to his human form. He smiles as he puts his shirt and boots back on. " Leodanya Nightwing, I'm pleased to meet you, I will tell you my real name if you promise never to speak it to anyone. I'm glad that you take such a positive interest in what I am and what I can do. It has been a long time since anyone has even suggested knowledge that the fact that I can transform at will indicates anything. Most are too ignorant or prejudice to care, or they were while they still lived." Lunaris' face goes rather blank at the statement, neither regret or happiness showed for the remark.

He smiles at her again and continues to speak," I don't know if you should have been able to guess, I have become rather adept at hiding what I am until it suits me. And I understand your sentiment exactly, I have known very few shifter in my long lifetime, and even fewer who could connect with anyone on a kindred level besides themselves or those similar. I am about as similar as one can get without being the actual thing."

He pauses and studies her again, has he does with all new people he meets, all the better to understand who a person really is, inside and out. Then he continues," I don't know if you'd be able to call me ancient, but I am very old, by human standards at least. I am several hundred years old, maybe when your my age you won't be so quick to call anyone ancient." Lunaris grins happily and grabs another stick and rips off some more meat from the dead animal.

"Still hungry?"

04/26/2005 12:17 PM

She listened to him and shrugged, ‘Sorry I did not mean it as an insult. When I use the term Ancient I do not refer to age but more to power, and experience. But a few hundred years is not that old compared to the immortals. True to a human yes you are very old but then to the world around you and life itself you are still young and I am even younger.
But as for your real name it is nice to see that you trust me what seems a great secret. But fear not I have no one to tell it to, save these humans but I would tell them nothing.’

‘Still hungry?’ Lunaris asked and she grinned at him, the answer showing clearly on her face, ‘Of course. I always welcome some properly cooked meat, even when I am not as hungry as I am now.’

04/26/2005 12:30 PM

Lunaris smiled and began rotating the meat over the fire, making sure it gets properly heated. He opens a small satchel and sprinkles some herb over the meat, giving it a fresh and zesty smell as he puts it back over the fire. He gazes intently at the meat for a few moments before speaking. " It is not so much a great secret in the sense that no body should know, for inevitebly those I'm keeping my name from figure out who I am eventually, but usually too late. If the wrong people... things.. heard that you were friendly to me, they would doubtlessly use any means neccesary to get my whereabouts out of you. My name, to friends, Melifektus Droktis, Alpha of the Cognatio Lunaris, meaning the leader of my clan, Family of the moon, or atleast I was until it was destroyed. But to my enemies, Melifektus Droktis, Saevus Pestis.." Lunaris grins a dark grin at that," it means the Raging Plague. I'm not sure how my enemies contacted each other about me, for they hate each other as well, but they use the same name for me, usually ignoring my actual name, and going more for my title."

The meat was cooked now and he handed the stick to her again," This will taste better than the last, I figured when you first ate, taste would mean little, so I left it plain. I hope you like it." He smiles again, his face brightening back up.

04/26/2005 12:46 PM

Leo took the meat from him; thanking him as he she did so. She took a bite, it was delicious, and she wolfed it down hungrily. She had never tasted anything this good before. ‘This is great. I’ve never tasted anything like this before!’ grinning sheepishly.

Then her face grew more serious, ‘I am sorry for your loss though I know that by giving my pity I can do naught to bring back those that you lost. I have heard mention of werewolf clans being massacred but it was before my time. But tell me who is that has destroyed your clan so.’ She smiled at him sadly, ‘I have never really had anything to loose. I belonged to a tribe once, the Sayonaran tribe but it was more as a training course and I was not really a part of it. They were all true members where as I had been taken in out of pity after the death of my mother. So in truth I lost her but I was still I small child and I remember almost nothing of her and my father died before I was born, so I have never lost anyone that I knew well enough to miss. Maybe it’s better that way. But life is about balance I have given up caring and loving people in order to give up the pain and the hurt that one feels when they die.’ She sighed, ‘ I can do naught to stop the pain I can only tell you that life is as life is what is done is done. I try not to dwell on the past but look to the future because whilst I’m alive there’s still al chance.’ She smiled again sadly before shaking her head and letting her face brighten up, ‘but enough of that it’s making me depressed. What brings you here anyway?’

04/26/2005 1:25 PM

Lunari smiles at the compliment to his cooking, proud of it as it was one of his few hobbies. He listened as she talked of her history and views on caring and pain, a sad look in his eyes. "What brings me here is the same thing that drives me everywhere, revenge. It has become my purpose, and my life. You ask who it is that destroyed my clan so, I will tell you." Lunaris takes in a breath, as if choosing his words carefully," I mentioned that there are two sides to which I am a feared and hated enemy, both of which where responsible for destroying my clan. One of them you will immidiately believe, as do most, because it was the demons of hell. The other half is where most decide my tale must be false, for it was the angels of heaven who are also responsible for the fall of my clan."

The werewolf gazes into the fire for a moment, memories washing over him, but he pushes them down and continues."My clan was indifferent in the wars between heaven and hell, and we took no sides or interest in their conflict. We did however wish to live in a land that would remain neutral of both forces, so we would fight them, sometimes angels, but more often than not, crusading humans guided by heaven. Likewise we fought demons, but more often barbaric and greedy men, unwittingly lead by hell. My clan had been keeping their land neutral for centuries before I was born, both heaven and hell always thought of us as a thorn in their side, but left us alone. One day however, both had armies that included both humans and their respective... umm.. spiritual allies. The war they waged would have secured a hold on the land for one side or another, would have, if my clan had not intervened. Now this happened when I was very young, so I could not part in the battle as a true warrior, I had to wield human arms and armor, and fight mostly humans. My father and the adults of the clan slaughtered the human en mass, causing the rest to flee for there lives. Angels and demons remained however and killed some of the werewolves before fleeing themselves, my father among the dead."

Lunaris sighs, his eyes locked into those of the listening girl as he continues his story," We thought that they would not come back to the land, for it had been nearly a century since holy or unholy forces had struck at the land. I had been made Alpha of the clan at my hundredth birthday, as my father had been alpha before me. We lived in peace, except for the humans who came to route us, but they were easily defeated. One day however, during our celebration of the harvest moon, we were attacked. Angels and demons alike poured into our secluded village, attacking with the obvious purpose to wipe us from existence. Angels and demons were cut down like wheat as they lay siege to our village, but werewolves were dying aplenty as well." Lunaris's tone becomes more urgent, his eyes still locked into those of the girl, as if watching the battle through her," No mercy was given to us, and we gave them no mercy back. They murdered our children, and killed the young first, as they could not control their bellum belator, there warrior form. We fought them as long as we could, as hard as we could, giving no quarter, knowing full well that defeat was death. They killed us, but we killed them back tenfold, for they also fought each other, but though we killed so many more of them than they of us, the numbers were atleast a score to one in their favor."

The eyes of the werewolf burn with the emotion of the tale, never leaving Leo's eyes, gazing so intense it might have been leading him to her core, but still he wasn't finished speaking."The battle raged for a long time, I lost myself to rage, hardly being able to keep track of what I was doing, only knowing that every move I made wounded or killed one of my enemies, I could not stop, I must not stop! It was for the survival of my clan that I slashed through them, seeing the dead children of my clan, the dead elders, my brothers and sisters, nearly all fallen! They would pay, and I would bring death swiftly to them." Lunaris' eyes flicker as the flame lessens," finally I was overcome by my many wounds, which in my frenzy I had been able to ignore. A few of my surviving comrades pulled me to safety and fled with me on their backs. We vowed revenge, and have been seeking it ever since."

Lunaris gazes into Leo's eyes as the silence sets it, and then jerks his vision back down to the fire as if forcing himself. He cursed himself silently, I'm not supposed to get so riled up, it always leads to destructive consequences, especially with people are deserving of the destruction... like those who harm people without reason... just like... the people of that village.... His thoughts trail off and he turns to gaze at the village, a small fire burning in his eyes and a curl to his lip.

04/26/2005 1:43 PM

Leo listened to Lunaris as he spoke, she could feel his anger and hatred towards the angels and demons and she understood, she could feel tears begin to brim in her eyes but she said nothing. She listened to the tragedy that had befallen his people. It was worse than anything she had every experienced and worse she hoped than anything she would experience no person no matter how strong should be made to go through this.

When it seemed that he had finished Leo for a moment in silence before she spoke, ‘The pain you have felt is more than anything I have ever felt. To have to watch your people die knowing that there is nothing you can do to save them. All you can do is keep fighting to make them pay for what they have done. I won’t even pretend to know of what you have been through.’ He eyes flashed suddenly and she snarled, ‘the thing that I despise most of war is when people who have no conflict with either side are dragged into a war and massacred for no reason other than that they were in the way. Though surprisingly I am not surprised that the angels slaughtered your people like they did, they are so full of themselves. So full of they’re own goodness that they try to mend a world that needs no healing and in the process destroy it. They believe themselves to be so righteous and that they’re cause is just that they do not stop to consider those that they are hurting. And as for the demons well with Lucifer as they’re leader they will never stop fighting until he gets what he feels is his, God’s power.’

She looked at him, mind suddenly made up, ‘I know that I am weak and that this is not my battle but I will help you in your battle against the higher powers. Though I doubt that you will want my help and even if you do it is not my battle and it is not my revenge to seek but if you wish for my aid you need only ask!’

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04/26/2005 3:14 PM

Lunaris looks back from the village at Leo, it was not often someone could understand that heaven was not as pure a good as it was made out to be. He smiles at her as she continues, not putting much faith in her own abilities, she probably had some extreme potential. The werewolf rubs his chin for a moment before answering," It has been a long time since I've had an ally by my side, since my surviving clansmen died. I suppose I may have gone too long without non canine companions. I'll accept your help, although I suppose if you're to fight angels and demons we'll have to properly train you." Lunaris grins and admits with a little bit of a chuckle," I don't use the same style as you, but I can use dual blades.. umm. competently, although my expertise is claw and tooth or single blade." Lunaris ponders a second," Tomorrow we'll see your alternate form and see if you can use the same tooth and claw style as I have learned, or atleast something similar."

Lunaris stands and stretches, gazing back to the village. He had made a friend for the first time in a long long time, and he knew exactly where to find people who had made her life miserable, even nearly killing her. That just would not do, they would be forced to learn a fatal lesson this night. Casting away the dark thought and his grim plans for now, he turns his attitude seeming cheery. "Ok, you get some sleep now, and tomorrow we'll get supplies and whotnot for you, and we'll get moving, I'll train you wherever we make camp tomorrow evening, I'll even let you pick which direction we go. I'll keep watch in case of a human spotting the fire." Lunaris turns to face the village, waiting for Leo to go to sleep so that he could move into action. However nice he may be now, he was a vicious killer when angry, and his malice was now extended to the human settlement. Sleep young girl, and worry no more about persecution by humans. I shall avenge you here and protect you wherever we go. I will make you a member of the Cognatio Lunaris and the first daughter of Illiadriss, Mother of the Pack, in more than a century.

04/26/2005 5:57 PM

(sorry for the late response)

Lounging in a tree, the large black cat's ears twitched as she listened to every nuance of sound. Her tail twitched anxiously as the scent of both felis and lupis mixed upon the breeze that riffled through her fur.

She was a guardian here, most humans never saw her, and those who did were never taken seriously, what sort of half-human beast would be willing to protect the villiage? The scent of wolf grew stronger, and her emerald eyes fixed on the path, her ears swivaled and twiched at every sound, the muscles in her shoulders tensing, claws extending, biting into the wood of the tree.

The soft purr she made silenced, and she readied herself.

04/26/2005 8:13 PM

Lunaris waits for Leo go lay down and close her eyes, after a few minutes the werewolf slips off into the darkness. He moves towards the town, walking at a steady pace, not very fast, but not a meandering slow either. He gazed into the night, the shadows of the trees around him would have been impenetrable to human eyes, fortunately he does not have human eyes. The werewolf ponders the actions he is going to take this night.

The easiest thing would be to walk in and make an example of someone, string him up with his own intestines and warn the folk of the dangers of hostility to those more powerful than themselves... That will just result in more violence, and they won't have learned anything. Perhaps if I get their good will and then reveal what I am, they can learn that not all non humans are evil. But I suppose that if I am met with hostility in either case, I'll be forced to bloody my claws...

Lunaris' thoughts are interrupted by a sudden breeze, carrying with it the scent of a cat, not a normal cat though, larger, more powerful, and less feline. The werewolf slowed his pace, looking in the direction of the breeze, and also to the sides, knowing that wind can be a tricky thing. He continues cautiously, his muscles tensed, he doesn't know the intentions of the unkown entity.

04/27/2005 10:26 AM

Leo listened to him and her spirits brightened, he had accepted her offer. She grinned determined that when he trained her she would do her best to be worthy of his respect and friendship. Finally she had something worth while to do with her life and a friend to share it with.

When he told her to sleep, she nodded sleepily, realizing just how tired she was. Carefully she removed her cloak before she leapt up into the nearest tree and lay don on its high branches perfectly balanced her golden tail swinging over the side of the branch. She then sighed a deep sigh before she closed her eyes and promptly fell asleep, keeping her senses on high alert. It was not that she did not trust the werewolf to look after her it was more a safety precaution and old habits die hard.

04/27/2005 4:17 PM

Lunaris stops, standing in the middle of the path to the village. He listens, but hears nothing but the breeze, which smells of a large cat. The lycanthrope moves off into the shadows of the path, transforming as he goes. Once in the shadows, the werewolf's dark fur blends closely with the shadow, but he knows it his no real shield to feline eyes. He moves forward and to the side, circling around towards another side of the village, his senses still strained to find the source of the smell.

04/28/2005 2:17 PM

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04/29/2005 4:35 PM

Celeste's green eyes tracked the lycanthrope as he moved towards the town, and narrowed as he caught her scent. Her tail twitched again, this time in impatience. Finally, she leaped from her perch, her claws tearing at the bark of the huge conifir that she had chosen.

She rebounded off of the trunk to land ten feet away from the tree itself, her back towards the town, her bright eyes facing the lycanthrope. Having an ability to understand and speak nearly any shapeshifter language, she chose her words carefully, keeping her stance firm.

"Don't see very many of your kind around here. You wouldn't be planning any sort of maehem in my town would you??" she asked in a purring voice.

04/29/2005 5:51 PM

Lunaris ceases his movement as the cat leaps from a nearby tree and bounds gracefully to the ground a short distance fromt he trees. Lunaris begins to wonder if this feline is in any way related to Leo, assuming she is a shifter when she speaks,"Don't see very many of your kind around here. You wouldn't be planning any sort of mayhem in my town would you??"

The werewolf's eyes narrow when the stranger refers to this town as 'her town', finding it both suspicious and almost threatening. From what Leo had told him, this town was absolutely against any and all shapeshifting peoples and non-humans. Also, if this was her town, then surely she was aware of the attack upon the lycanthropes new friend and ward. He decided to voice some of his thoughts, " So this is your town, eh? Well you need to learn to control your cattle better, or atleast teach them manners. Not many would call a group of humans their own, after they had so recently tried to murder an innocent. Tell me, do you condone the actions these villagers take against shifters? And as for causing mayhem.."

Lunaris pauses for a second, considering his words," mayhem may not be the correct term. I have not even fully decided on my actions in the town, but I will make some sort of impression on them. Distress, regret, and some fear, maybe, but certainly not mayhem. But like I said, I am not set on what to do, I may just yell at them and try to get the lesson through their thick skulls."

The werewolf grins," I suppose the fear that I mentioned will be in their no matter which way I go." Lunaris looks towards the town, then focuses on the shifter in front of him, trying to determine her reaction(s) to his statements.

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04/30/2005 4:50 AM

((ooc: btw... Celeste is in full feline form, I figured I described that well enough without having to outright say it)

Not many would call a group of humans their own, after they had so recently tried to murder an innocent. Tell me, do you condone the actions these villagers take against shifters? And as for causing mayhem.."

Celeste's ears twitched and her head tilted to one side. "really? You'll have to forgive me... I am totally nocturnal you see, so some things that happen during the day escape my knowledge of their passing... not unusual. As for calling a group of humans my own... yes I do, because I have not always been as you see me now. But that is neither here nor there.

I woke with the scent of blood, feline and wolf in the wind. I chose to investigate."

04/30/2005 5:25 AM

Leo woke up and stretched lazily, her retractable claws scratching at the bark. Quickly she realized what she was doing and drew her claws back in. She leapt of the branch and landed by the fire, or at least what was left of it. It seemed that she had been asleep for along time. She looked around her, curiously sniffing at the surrounding. She could not sense Lunaris and frowned slightly, but thought nothing of it; he had his reasons for going this she knew.

She was hungry, whatever energy had received from eating the food the night before had been used to help heal her, at this she reached down and gingerly touched the scar, it was still clearly visible, but it had started to heal well. She touched it again sending strong healing magick deep into the wound; she could feel her body tingling as the muscles slowly knitted back together. She held her hand there for as long as possible, but she was beginning to feel dizzy.

She sighed, and stood for a moment gently working the muscles in her body, already she was feeling much better and with the healing magick in her, she would heal much faster. Her tummy grumbled and she looked around her for something to eat or drink there was nothing. She sighed and went to pick up her blades. She would have rather shifted into a leopard and killed it that way but she could not risk reopening the wound, as shifting would certainly do as her skin stretched and changed. So instead she would have to improvise. That would be easy enough. She looked around her, for something to write on. When she wound nothing she took out her dagger from within one of her boots and began to carve out a message on the nearby tree explaining where she was heading and why in her small italic handwriting.

Satisfied Leo gathered her things and set of in search of food and water…

05/01/2005 10:36 PM

Lunaris regards the cat in front of him, convinced he is speaking to a shifter now, at the comment of not always being in her current form. The werewolf pondered the fact that this shifter was completely nocturnal, which would indeed explain her ignorance of the passed day's events. "I will forgive you the ignorance of what occurs during the day, and I will explain what happened the way I understand it. Your humans discovered a feline shifter, and attacked her because she was not human. They gave her grevious wounds that nearly killed her, but she killed all of the humans who attacked her. The feelings of this town to any and all shifters is, apparently, that they are evil and should be destroyed."

Lunaris' eyes narrow as he continues, his mistrust plain,"What I fail to understand still, is why a shifter, as I assume you are, would call these humans her own, when they would call you a monster and attack you without a second thought."

As lunaris finishes his stament he notices the first rays of morning light shine up from the distance, dawn fast approaching. Already I have been gone longer than I inteded to be, I hope that Leo is well. I would have been to the town, taught them their lesson, and been back to the camp long ago had it not been for this creature causing me to skulk and circle.

With the end of the thought, a slight breeze blows from the opposite direction of the village, bringing with it the slight scent of feline once again, but this breeze was coming around and from a short distance from the camp, meaning that the shifter was moving. Lunaris wishes to follow the scent and discover what his young friend was up to, but can not leave here until he can determine what the deal is with this feline.

05/02/2005 6:02 AM

"I am not a shifter in the meaning that you are intending..." Celeste said softly, old memories and half-remembered pain clouds her vision for a moment. "I was born in this town, raised by my father. But he is to blame for my current state."

Celeste paused and shook herself, trying to dispell the old memories. "He is dead now, killed by both the villagers and my own claws. However they did run me off, afraid that his powers had somhow warped my mind as well as my body. However, they didn't harm me... so I lurk nearby, doing what I can to protect them..."

as the wind shifted, she too caught the scent of the other feline, the black lynx half opened her mouth in a toothy grimace and breathed in the air, literally tasting it. "If your friend is as injured as you say... she can really hurt herself if she's moving around like she is...."

05/02/2005 10:55 AM

Lunaris gazes back to the source of the breeze, not suprised that the feline's nose had also caught the scent, her's probably being stronger while he is in human form. Looking away from the village and this cat person, both to ponder what he should do about Leo, as well as what may have happened to this girl. " She is not so injured as she was, the moss I applied to her wound has innate healing properties, but for an injury such as she sustained would require to be bound with it three times. Perhaps the villagers have become more violent than when they ran you out of town, or simply showed you mercy because they had known you when you were fully human. I know not which, but I do tknow that they did nearly kill a young girl, whom I need to seek out now to make sure she does not bring harm to herself. You may even be able to relate to each other, you are close to her in age, although I suppose you may be several years her elder, it is hard for me to say."

The lycanthrope turns his gaze back to the transformed being in front of him, deciding that perhaps the two felines should meet and discuss the town, both for their own knowledges, as well as to aid his decision of his actions against the town. " Perhaps between the two of you we can decide fully what the towns people are like. If you don't mind, I would like you to come with me to make sure no ill befalls my friend. I promise to take no action against you if you will likewise not attack me or my friend."

Lunaris excludes his friend's name on purpose, not knowing how open she is to giving it to strangers. The werewolf waits for a response, doing his best to look non-hostile, for if the cat got the wrong impression of his intentions, she would certainly disagree to accompany him, and maybe even attack him.

05/02/2005 11:35 AM

Leo lay by the side of the river, she was soaked. Her blades and cloak lay besides her in a heap. But she felt better, she had managed to wash off most of the blood and mud and the water had been cool and refreshing.
She glanced across at the carcass of the dead rabbit she had discarded. It’s fur was covered in blood from the wound Leo had made with her dagger. The method she chose to kill it was not the most strategically but rabbits were dumb animals they reacted out of instinct and Leo had used that. She grinned at the memory; she had literally leapt out of the tree and landed dagger point down, right on top of the rabbit. But she had been lucky. A lot of this could have gone wrong, she could have simply missed the rabbit completely but there was still the threat that she would sustain further injury as she was at present already weak. She knew that she shouldn’t have left the camp in her state but she was hungry and she was careful.

Leo closed her eyes but still kept the rest of her senses on high alert. In her weakened state she did not think she could survive another attack like before. She hoped that no humans would pass this way. She doubted it, no humans chose to come through this part of the forest but then she had thought the same last time. Still she knew that Lunaris was nearby and she felt that she was safe as a result.

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05/02/2005 2:38 PM

Lunaris looks away from the villages self proclaimed protector, not sure how long he should wait before he goes to find his friend. Without waiting another moment however, with a glance back at the cat, the werewolf bounds into the shadow following the breeze. After only a few steps the lycanthrope doubles over and bounds along on all fours, his spine twisting and forming that of the wolf, his legs and arms morphing and his hands and feet becoming paws. The clothes on his body melt into his skin as his fur sprouts, making it look as though his clothes formed his fur, a tail sprouting from his tail bone.

Lunaris the wolf gives a short bark as he bounds into the woods, his shaggy coat of dark brown hair bouncing very slightly as he runs. In this form he has very little trouble following the scent of his friend, and he listens behind him for any sounds of a persuing feline.

05/03/2005 10:01 AM

Celeste's stance became more relaxed as the wolf left, his direction away from the village. However she did want to see this other feline... and with a glance towards the town and the sunrise, she followed, her senses tracking the movements of the wolf.

the wind now carried the combined scents, the feline much fainter than lupine, proving that the girl was on the move. As feline she had no hope of keeping up with the lycanthrope, so she returned to her more human form, and ran on two legs instead of four, an while not as powerful now, she was definitely much faster.

Celeste looked almost completely feline her body was that of a woman in her late twenties, slim and well-toned. Her long black hair fell past her buttocks. A fine layer of black fur covered every inch of her body, and while it offered modesty, she did wear a short skirt of tanned leather, and a boddice of the same material. Her face was very feline in nature, her bright emerald eyes weren't slitted, but they were more animal than human. Whiskers along her cheeks warned her if something was too close in the darkness.

In this form she managed to catch up, and keep pace with the wolf quite easily. "There is a River near... I can smell the water. Perhaps she is there."

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05/03/2005 12:04 PM

Lunaris gives a small bark in reply to the shifter's words, noting the definite change of the footsteps, which had not the same sound as four legs, but two. Two legs moving very swiftly indeed, which paced him easily, never falling behind once they caught up.

Lunaris slowed his run when he could hear the sound of water, not wanting to charge full speed all the way to Leo and cause her to be alarmed. Merely trotting now, the Lycanthrope turns to follow the river up towards the scent of his friend. After a few steps he lowers his head and leaps into the air, his arms, legs, and spine all changing rapidly as he comes toward the ground. As he lands on human legs, his tail disappears, his head becomes that of a man, and his fur shrinks and becomes his clothing once more.

"Now, I don't believe I know your name to introduce you when we get there. I am Lunaris." The werewolf looks towards the shifter as he speaks, still walking along the river.

05/03/2005 1:31 PM

Leo was lying besides the river basking in the sun when she heard a noise nearby, acting on instinct; she grabbed her blades and leapt up into the tree. Once up there she instinctively placed a hand to her stomach to check that the wound had no reopened. All was alright but she allowed her hand to linger on the newly bound wound.
She was frustrated she knew someone or something was coming but she could not tell what for the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, she snarled, but then her keen eyes saw who it was and she instantly relaxed. It was Lunaris with another. She looked at the stranger in confusion. She was a shifter and yet not. She smelt of cat and yet not, no that wasn’t the right way to put it. So did Leo, no she smelt too much of cat. Even in her leopard form, Leo still smelt of well Leo yet this imposter smelt entirely of a cat. Leo shook her head in confusion, no that wasn’t right. She couldn’t understand but she could feel the difference between herself and the imposter.

She watched as they entered the clearing but chose to stay hidden in the tree. She knew that they could smell her, that’s how they found her but she still felt safer up her.
She re - sheathed her blades and called down from the tree, “It’s nice to see you show some concern for me. But I’m alright I was just hungry that’s all. I know I shouldn’t have left the camp in my current state but I was careful and I am used to wounds such as these.” She grinned beneath the trees leafy branches, “So who is this stranger who is a shifter yet not a shifter?”

05/03/2005 3:31 PM

"Celeste Evanguard." Was all Celeste said, her gaze was on the water of the river, remembering that this was her favorite place in the world... well when her world was pretty small, but then... she was pretty small then too.

She had watched Lunaris revert back to a human form with a pang of jeleousy, knowing full well that this was as human as she'd ever look again. The damage her father had caused ran that deep.

She heard the words of the other feline and easily picked her form out among the leaves and branches. "My name is Celeste." She said amiably, her head tilted slightly puzzling out the girl's words.

"Shifter but not a shifter... interesting way of putting it, but I suppose you have it right." She nodded, this time with a smile.

05/03/2005 5:08 PM

Lunaris smiles up at Leo, glad that she was alright. At the mention of food, Lunaris pays more attention to the smells of the area and picks up the scent of rabbit. After Leo greets the stranger, he takes his chance to speak before the two strike up a conversation," I'm glad that you are ok, and I think that you know your limitations well enough that you would not harm yourself, and that you would stay away from danger well enough. Did you have enough to eat? If last night was any way to judge, you can eat far more than just a rabbit."

Lunaris grins at the tree and turns back to Celeste, still unsure of what his actions are to be against the village. He would have to put more thought into this than he had originally believed neccessary.

05/04/2005 12:26 PM

Leo smiled back at the two creatures below her, "I'm a shifter, i know my own kin." she said to the imitator before turning to face Lunaris "Yes it's enough. Normally i have a big meal and then eat little bits after that. What i mean is after what i had yestersay i would not normally of had anything to eat for sometime but healing uses energy and for some reason that means i feel that i need to eat more. But don't worry i'll eat when i feel like it, i am after all part cat."

"There is one problem though," she said grinning sheepishly, feeling her face begin to turn slightly red, "I'm sort of stuck. Normally i would leap out of this tree but i fear to incase when i do so i injure myself. And well cats don't really climb. The only reason i'm up here is because when i heard you two come i reacted on instinct, seeing as i couldn't smell you because the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, which would explain why you found me so quicly. I guess what i'm trying to say is i'm going to attempt to climb out of this tree and i would apprichiate it if you didn't laugh!"

By now her face had turned bright red and she proceeded to climb down. It went ok at first but she slipped slightly and landed with a flourish and a pile of leaves.
Leo grinned again at the others, "Well that was embarrasing but all appears to be intact...well safe my dignity but no matter." she said and held her hand out to the shifter, "Leodanya Nightwing. Great first impression i made but pleased to meet you all the same!"

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05/10/2005 12:47 PM

Celeste watched with a repressed giggle as Leo fell from the tree, and while she didn't laugh, she couldn't repress the smile that spread across her face. She grasped the shifter's hand in a strong, firm grip. "Celeste Evanguard, And pleased to meet you..." She paused, feeling suddenly awkward, not knowing what else to say.

05/10/2005 12:59 PM

Leo glared slightly at the shifter as she giggled, and held her head high. “Well it’s not like it was that funny! At least Lunaris didn’t laugh at me!” She didn’t actually know this but the thought helped nurse her bruised ego but she had to admit it was pretty funny and she laughed and gave a mock bow. “I live to entertain, making other people laugh by making a fool out of myself. Damn this wound if it weren’t for it I could have made a very graceful entrance!”

But then her face turned serious as she turned to the shifter, “But tell me how did you come to be as you are?”

05/10/2005 1:12 PM

Lunaris turns away from the felines, hiding a grin from their view, his gaze coming to rest upon the river. The sound and smell of the water flowing was as relaxing as anything he had experienced in a long while. He turns his head, this time the huge grin on his face directed towards Leo as she boasts that normally it would have been a graceful entrance. Then he walks to the edge of the river, which is only a few feet away, and spies a very comfortable looking tree, the roots coming up to form a very ncie bowl next to a small drop off into the river. He sits down and leans against the tree, his eyes watching the water as he listens to the shifters, but still listening to the running water. His eyes drooping very slightly.

It has been a long time since I stopped to sit and watch a river or stream, I often forget how pleasant life can be. But no matter how pleasant or enjoyable this is, I cannot stop walking my path. I will avenge my brothers and sisters.

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05/14/2005 1:53 PM

Celeste shook her head. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh...." Celeste's eyes darkened with memory as she shook her head again. "It's a long story, one ridden with my father's cruelty. Not one to speak in the light of day." Celeste gestured to the rising sun.

"How are your wounds? Such dressings should be changed frequently to prevent infections..."

05/15/2005 10:54 AM

“I'm sorry; I didn't mean to laugh...." Celeste said and Leo shrugged, as if to say, ‘it was nothing don’t bother yourself.’
“It's a long story, one ridden with my father's cruelty. Not one to speak in the light of day." She continued and Leo nodded her head in understanding. Choosing instead to let the subject drop. As imitator spoke her next words Leo moved her slender hand to place it on her newly wrapped bandages. She looked at her in confusion, “AS you can see I already have. That’s one of the reasons I chose this spot. Whilst you and Lunaris were talking or whatever you were doing I washed and re-bandaged these wounds!”

She looked at Celeste again a puzzled look on her face before she walked back over to the river. Here she knelt beside its waters to continue cleaning her dagger. Once she was satisfied with the result she returned it to it’s sheath within her right boot. She then picked up her cloak but instead of donning it she placed it beneath the shade of the tree she had hidden in earlier, where she promptly lay down and closed her eyes.

She smiled lazily as she beckoned to the shifter with her arm.

05/15/2005 1:44 PM

Lunaris turns his head from the river, his gaze sweeping over the two felines, Leo laing on her cloak under a tree, and Celeste standing, facing leo. The lycanthrope turns his head even further, his eyes catching the rays of the morning sun. Lunaris shifts his gaze once again, focusing on the felines in front of him, his eyes drooping once more as he watches the girls in front of him. The drowziness becoming more apparent in the moments to come.

05/20/2005 2:16 PM

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Lunaris' eyes close further and before he can realize anything, his head nods and leans back against the tree, drifting off into slumber. Memories bubble up through his subconsious into his dreams...

Lunaris smiles as a small child leaps on another, a growl issuing from the attacker and a snarl returned by the victim. With a roll the child being tackled puts his legs up and kicks the other into the air, using his own momentum against him. The first child laughs as he flies through the air and lands on his feet, almost keeping balance but falling down on his behind. Lunaris laughed, as did several of the other adults watching the spectacle.

The clan of Cognatio Lunaris was alive this summer evening, all the lycanthropes out and about enjoying the peaceful days they had found themselves in for many months. The children played, the adults played, although a little more roughly than the children, and the elderly played, even harder than the adults. It was a perfect day, and the evening was shaping out to be just as good, the feast for the harvest moon was being prepared, one of few days the werewolf clan celebrated. The sun was just setting when the first warcry was heard, many of the people's ears pricking up, and some of the elders transforming instinctively. Lunaris listend and sniffed, after a moment he realized what was about to happen. "Attack!! Children in the main hall with the den mothers!!"

The children and the group of appointed guardians, who had all transformed, moved as one towards the large building, but the angels were there first. Lunaris transformed quickly and howled this command to form their squads. He charged at the angels with a group of five lycanthropes, two transformed and three wielding their wweapons, not all lycanthropes had mastered the art of transformation at will. The six angels stood no chance as the group of guardians and Lunaris' squad hit them at the same time, but howls from the far side of the village brought them turning quickly. Demons.

Lunaris snarled visciously, knowing that there were more angels coming from another side of the town. He howled again, order all lycanthropes to the center of town, excluding the children and their guardians. As the werewolves gathered in defensible positions around the walls of their town, angels and demons poured into the center square from all side. They all halted for a moment, taking a second to register each other, but then the demons attacked the angels and werewolves alike, the angels responding in kind. Lycanthropes leaped out, eviscerating demon and angel regardless of which was which, all were enemies.

Lunaris grins at the initial strike, many angels and demons falling, and no lycanthrope mortally wounded, but then reinforcements came, from the sky and from all the sides still. They were outnumbered many times over, werewolves falling beneath the assault of their enemies, but none going down without taking atleast a few enemies with them. A howl from the main hall echoes through the town, a group of demons attempting to slaughter the children. Lunaris races for the hall, his claws catching demons and angels as he goes, many losing their throats to his charge. As he bursts into the hall he sees atleast ten demons there, and more of their corpses on the floor, a single den mother standing between the children and the demons. The demons swarm the female and laugh as they prepare to attack the children, but turn suddenly as Lunaris lets out a howl of anger. Without warning several of the demons fall to the ground dead, the children standing on their corpses, spears and swords stuck into the demons' bodies.

The remaining demons turn upon the children and in concert release massive blasts of fire, Lunaris knows that none of his clan's cubs had survived that attack. But not a single demon survived to brag about the kills, Lunaris' maw and claws ripping and shredding them as he dives, twists, and leaps among them, there weapons and blasts missing him by inches. The final demon manages to slash Lunaris across his back as he twists, causing the lycanthrope to falter, giving the demon enough time to jab. The blade pierces squarely into Lunaris' belly, but the werewolf leaps up, causing it to go further into him, his claws catching the demons head. He squeezes and the creature attempts to pull out his sword to strike again, but his hand goes limp as his skull collapses. Pulling the blade from his stomache, Lunaris gazes at the dead cubs. His eyes flash with fire and his howl echoes through the village and surrounded woods, pure rage and hatred flowing through his call and his body like a river.

Lunaris barrels out of the hall, his hands wielding his weapon which had been left in the guild hall earlier, a thick blade curving slightly, with a dark glow about it. He charges amidst his foes, very few of his allies remaining, his weapon slashing and stabbing over and over again, blood dripping from his blade, claws, and jaw as he rampages through his enemies in a frenzy. Weapons slash him but he takes no notice, usually turning upon the attacker and ending their life quickly and messily.

Lunaris loses track of time and space, only knowing the singing of his blade as his enters and exits his foes as they fall one after another. The endless sea of the murderous angels and demons was there only to be swept into death by his blade, the vision of his dead cubs filling his eyes. He would kill them all, not one of them will survive. He roars as his eyes fill with a red haze, " I will kill you all!!!

The only outward indications that the lycanthrope is dreaming are that he twitches every now and then, a soft and quiet growl emminating from his throat.

06/12/2005 9:07 PM

Lunaris snaps awake from his slumber, his nightmares fresh in his eyes. He looks up quickly to the two girls near him, his eyes stopping on Leo, the girl he had decided would more than likely be the ext member of the Cognatio Lunaris. I will not let it happen anymore. I will finish my hunt for those beasts who destroyed my clan, and I cannot lay here any longer abandoning my quest!

The werewolf stands up quickly, his words aimed at Leo, "We must leave, we have a long road ahead of us and we must get moving. It was a pleasure to meet you miss, I wish you luck in the guardianship of your unworthy townspeople." Lunaris offers a small bow to the towns defender.

With that said, Lunaris turns and walks back towards the building where he had left his cloak and sword. I should not have layed down next to that river when there is still yet so much to do. I have to train her if she is to help me combat my foes, but I won't train her here... but where? Lunaris' eyes suddenly go wide as the answer is delivered to him, Silva of Sarcina! The forest of the pack.

06/14/2005 12:12 PM

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“We must leave, we have a long road ahead of us and we must get moving!” Lunaris said to her and she nodded. She walked over to the river and retrieved her stuff. Checking her bandage was secure so followed the werewolf to where he had left his things.

“So where to now? I’m sorry that I won’t be of much use in the beginning but I tend to be a fast healer.” She watched him as he busied himself preparing for the journey ahead as she secured her own blades onto her back. She pulled the cloak tightly around her, pushing the hood up so as not to recognized. She also hoped that the action would conceal her golden tail which flicked back and forth in agitation. She could sense the urgency in his voice for he did not appear to like waiting around.

07/12/2005 9:19 AM

Lunaris straps his sword onto his back, the hilt above his right shoulder, his cloak obcuring the sheathe once his cloak is donned. He talks as he gathers some small plants from the area, "We are going north, through the heart of the human lands, passed the Bladed Sea, and across the Heaven's Watch Mountains to the forest I grew up in. It'll be the perfect training for you."

The werewolf looks over as Leo brings her hood up, and nods, "Soon you will not need the cover of a hood to hide in. But for now I suppose it might be best, especially if it makes you more comfortable. Come, we have a sizable walk ahead of us."

The sun shines down upon the pair as Lunaris takes the first steps of the jorney, looking back to make sure that Leo has everything and is ready to start off.

07/14/2005 2:33 AM

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Leo smiled sadly at his words, “Soon, maybe but if we are to travel through the heart of these human’s lands then soon should be eventually. But comfort has nothing to do with it; I am not ashamed of what I am, it is only those around me that are.”

When Lunaris started to walk, Leo followed slightly behind, wrapped in her own thoughts, her hand placed tentively over her wound. As he turned to face her she smiled at him, indicating that everything was alright.

Though they walked at quite a fast rate, Leo still had time to gaze around her. The sun streamed in through gaps in the trees, lighting up the surrounding area causing Leo to stare in awe. It was beautiful but she knew things would not last.

07/17/2005 11:12 PM

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The sun moves high in the sky as the pair walk along the path, taking the far from the town where they had met. He had only met this girl the previous day, but already Lunaris felt as though he had known her for a very long time. The lycanthrope's eyes and nose kept a constant vigil for an herb he was looking for, which would allow Leo's wound to heal overnight. It was several hours after noon, which had been silent punctuated by small talk, before Lunaris caught the first whiffs of his target plant.

The lycanthrope halts and tries to determine where the scent is coming from... off to the left side of the path, but he gives no indication. "Leo, the plant we are about to look for smells like a broken fern in the morning dew. It has a very small hint of a minty smell, but that is hard to pick out in the aroma... Can you smell it? Can you find it?"

Lunaris waits for Leo, I wonder how keen her sense of smell is, and if she can find scents simply by verbal description. She should be able to if she concentrates.

07/18/2005 3:03 PM

Leo listened as Lunaris described the scent, shifting through her memory banks in case she had ever seen this herb he had spoke of but there was no memory of it. Slowly she closed her eyes and in her mind she was in a field of the strange herb, she could imagine its scent and she cast her leopard senses wide attempting to find it and then…..there it was. It was a distant aroma, almost like whisper in her mind but it was there. Now that she had discovered its location finding it would be easy. Grinning she opened her eyes and turned to Lunaris, “Found it!” She was clearly pleased with this as it involved using both her animal senses and her human mind; she was progressing as a shifter learning not to be either animal or human but both.

As she emerged through the trees she found herself amongst many different scents all mingled together. It took her a moment to sort through all the different smells but eventually she found the herb she wanted. She was mildly disappointed that it did not look more like how she had imagined it but that was to be expected as scent could not give a perfect description of looks. Picking it up she returned it to Lunaris, almost like a student presented something to their master. She smiled to herself at this thought; [i]was this who he was becoming? Another teacher for another lesson![/i]. But Leo shrugged off her doubts, that’s all people ever where to her, someone who nudged her slightly, putting her on a better course.

07/18/2005 6:44 PM

(OOC: sorry if I'm steering the story too much, or leading it away from your plot or anything, just let me know if I need to take a more passive role :P )

Lunaris smiles and nods as Leo offers him the small plant, but he motions for her to keep it. Bending down and picking some of the herb himself Lunaris sits and pulls out a small mortar and pestle from within his many pockets, he sets it down and pours a few drops of water into it from his waterskin. "Pluck off the leaves and grind the stem in the bowl until it's a paste, you won't have much, but you don't really need much right now. When you have the paste, spread it on your wound and cover it with the leaves, then rebind it under the bandage."

The werewolf looks around, the trees are thick in the part of the forest, the smells of several deer, squirrels, rabbits, and other small woodland creatures lay heavy on the air. 'This is an ideal place for her to rest and for her wound to heal nearly completely.'

"When you are finished rebinding that wound, I want you to sit with your legs crossed and close your eyes. Listen to the forest and the breeze, smell the world around you, and feel the crossing breezes. I am going to find us some food, when I get back I'll want to know what you find out about the area." Lunaris turns and crouches down, assuming the form of a wolf as he lowers.

After a few moments of sniffing, the wolf trots off silently into the forest. She should have some interesting insights when I return, she definetely is in tune with her animal side, but how in tune is she with the nature around her?

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