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04/22/2005 9:28 PM

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04/24/2005 9:58 PM

Ranya sighed, her lips forming a single word: 'Why?' No sound escaped her lovely lips, but the irritated toss of her curly head, the tilt of her body and the tap of her foot as she leaned against the balcony, staring out into the open night, was enough to indicate that she was troubled.

Her own fellow people, according to half her blood anyway, had appeared in front of her and her lover earlier, accusing her of being a traitor. They had tried to change her mind, coax her onto their side, to get rid of her love, but she had refused. Ranya had tried to reason with them as she had so many times, but they, in all their arrogant glory, had finally lost their temper and attacked. It had been heartbreaking to watch them being blasted to bits. It was sad that they had died, and she wished there was another way...He had done his best to not kill them, knowing how sentimental she was, but in the end...

Sighing again, she turned, only to be caught up by warm arms slowly wrapping around her waist. Relaxing, she smiled, tilting her head to allow the kiss already half-started. "I'm sorry..But I had to do it..." Her lover might be a demon, but he still had a heart, and, although he didn't understand why she would cling to the very people that looked upon her with disgust, he would always acquiesce to Ranya's requests.

((OOC: haha, if you can't tell, I still haven't even thought up a name for the demon guy XD))

04/24/2005 10:39 PM

Melifektus (Lunaris) was having a good day, the sun was covered by thick gray clouds, and it was a comfortable tempature all day. He was walking down to the market to buy the groceries he needed, the breeze blowing nicely through his trench coat. He was wearing a black t-shirt underneath his coat, and a pair of black slacks, looking very casual. Suddenly a familiar scent crossed his nose. He stopped dead in his tracks, the scent of the angels was strong, suggesting a group of them, in this area it was rare that even one angel would appear, this was definetely worth looking into. Lunaris followed his nose to an alley which led to a small garden, surrounded by buildings and very private. The lycanthrope looked around and quickly leaped to a nearby ledge and then up to the top of the nearby building, his bounds taking him up a story each time.

Watching the group of angels it becomes quickly apparent that they are all angry at a female and a male.... a demon male. This was very exciting, and at the same time puzzling, for instead of doing battle immediately the one angel was opposing the group, and the demon was not attacking, a very questionable position for him to be in. There is arguing, and it appears that the lone angel is friends or lovers with the demon, Lunaris has to try hard not to laugh, it is the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard of, but at the same time it was pissing off the angels, and the demons were likely just as unhappy. Lunaris contemplates jumping down and annihilating them, for none of them were the strongest of angels, but they attack the unlikely duo first. The lycanthrope watches with grim satisfaction as the angels are slaughtered, having completely underestimated their enemy and being far too confident in their number.

Lunaris smells something odd about the girl as she and the demon begin to walk away, tears streaming down her face, then it hits him, she is only half angel. Pausing for a few moments he watches them leave, pondering what may come of this, Lunaris stands up and follows them from the rooftops, thinking it would be well worth his time to find a way to contact them in an inconspicuous manner. He follows them back to what must be there place of residence and sits outside in the shadows for awhile, watching to see who goes and leaves, but nothing interesting happens. Eventually, long after nightfall, the half angel girl walks out onto a balcony and stares out into the night.Lunaris climbs to the roof of the building next door, keeping to the shadows, and watches her. He can see her lips form into a word, why. No sound issued forth from her lips, but the irritated toss of her curly hair, the tilt of her body and the tap of her foot as she leaned against the balcony showed that she was agitated.

The demon came out to join her on the balcony and took her into his arms, kissing her as she turned. Lunaris may not have any problems spying on people or killing, but he refused to watch others show their love, especially if they were to prove as useful as he thought they may be. Should I act now to ensure that I can contact them, knowing that they are home? I doubt that an angel and a demon care to track time for sleeping the same way humans do. No time to procrastinate now though, dead angels will surely bring more, and where there is an interest of angels, demons are sure to follow, just to spite the angels.

With the ending of the thought, Lunaris walks calmly to the door of the home, thinking that if they refused to talk to him now, he would simply have to wait. He hated waiting, but over the passed two hundred years, he had learned to be patient. He brushes some dirt off of his pants and coat, and checks to make sure everything is secure and clean looking. Once he is satisfied, he runs his hands through his hair, everyone thinks his matted, nearly shoulder length hair looks dirty, when it matts together in locks of hair regardless of how clean it is. He looks around once more and sniffs the air, nothing out of the ordinary is apparent, so he turns and knocks on the door, loud enough to be heard upstairs on the balcony, but not to sound threatening. He turns halfway away from the door and waits.

04/25/2005 1:32 PM

Kefira stood in the shadows watching the strange man waiting by the door. Good luck she thought, those two were so enthralled by each other it could be an age before they noticed that he was standing there. She smirked, pointed canines showing and moved closer making sure that she was always down wind from the stranger so that he could not smell her and she just watched for no reason other than to learn. He was different she had not seen another like him. Oh sure she knew he was a werewolf and had seen many of his kind but they were young and not as strong. This man radiated strength and power. He must be one of the ancients she thought amazed.
Stood in the shadows for what seemed a long time just watching the wind tugged at her pale blonde streaked black hair tossing it in front of her face, she gave an exasperated sigh, she was beginning to get bored. Nothing was happening. Maybe if she showed herself. No! that was clear enough she did not know of his power and she did not want to endanger herself by being stupid and underestimating the stranger. Though she loved to learn she never let her curiosity get the better of her so she just stood there watching the man with her forest green eyes, waiting……

04/25/2005 3:46 PM

Atsuki, as the demon was called, had noticed the presence of the werewolf, long before the lycanthrope noticed the pair of them. As the male, by the feeling of it, did nothing to threaten them, he left him alone, finding his hands more than full by the score of angels that had been attacking him and Ranya.

Even as he held the half-angel in his arms, his eyes were alert, wondering why there were visitors at this time of the night. Before the knock came, he murmured to Ranya that they had visitors, causing her to simply blink. She had gotten used to it, as Atsuki often did that. It had been weird at first, but she'd learned to trust him..

Making their way to the front door, with Ranya safely tucked behind him, much to her protest, he opened it cordially, fixing a blank stare at the werewolf off towards the side, taking his appearance in the blink of an eye. "What business do you have with us, werewolf?" he murmured in his soft voice, his eyes sliding to the side where the girl vampire hid, before lazily moving to his visitor's eyes once more. Oh, he knew she was there. The glance had been a warning...

04/25/2005 4:27 PM

Lunaris turns his gaze from the stars to the man at the door. He grinned, not the grin of happy amusement, but more of a sarcastic smirk. "Ahh straight to the point and completely dispensing with all the formalities. I suppose thats all I should expect from a demon, your kind generally only pretends to respect others when you think your life might depend on it. But it is of no consequence is it? Your more than slightly ahh... unusual union with the half angel is enough to show that you not only disregard formalities, but spit on them and stamp them with your boot." Lunaris chuckles darkly, but realizes that this will get him no where, quickly forcing his tone to become more friendly he continues.

"As for my business with you, I suppose that I don't exactly have business per say, but more of an interest. You see, I make it my business to interact with forces from heaven and hell, in a manner you may know, depending on how old you are, or how well informed by the demon lords. But something intrigues me about the pair of you, you yourself are a full blooded, black hearted monster from hell, yet you don't have the demeanor, the viciousness of your kind, and even love a part celestial. Your wife, girlfriend, partner, whatever you want to call her, is equally as interesting as you, both being tamer versions of your kind. She gives a calmer aura than any angel I've ever met, and she doesn't have the high and mighty attitude of the Angels."

The lycanthrope pauses for a moment, realizing how much he is talking. He sighs and starts up his seeming monologue again," I know what you are, you know what I am, but I don't know who or what is behind me that you were eyeing. I only came here to express an interest in getting to know the pair of you." Lunaris pauses, and turns around to look at whoever the demon had looked at. He could see a form, but it was downwind so he could only see that it was humanoid but could smell no more information.

04/25/2005 7:08 PM

Atsuki frowned slightly at his rambling, finding it annoying. "As for formalties, you are the one who followed me here. I certainly did not invite you, and, frankly, I don't like you assuming things about me. I think you should leave..We are not part of a freak show, here for your amusements or observations, werewolf." Lunaris was just a kid that was too curious for his own good, in his opinion, and simply put, irritating.

Ranya peered out from behind Atsuki, large doe eyes studying the man. She had no prejudice in her eyes, only simple curiosity. "Atsuki-chan...You shouldn't be so mean..He didn't do anything," she said softly, speaking in Japanese. Stepping out completely from behind the taller demon, she flashed an apologetic smile, and opened the door wider, inviting him in, while she bent at the waist, bowing in the traditional custom of a true Japanese. "Sorry about him...He's a bit overprotective sometimes," she switched to English smoothly, though she had a distinct accent. Calling out to the darkness, she said softly, "Miss? If you wish, you may come in as well. Atsuki says you are harmless, so he won't hurt you..."

The house's interior was richly decorated, holding a high-class, European style of the 1800's, with the red damask chaise and large, floor-to-ceiling windows covered in black velvet, as well as the antique-like furniture. The living room was very old-fashioned, as Atsuki did not wish to modernize it, no matter how much Ranya pleaded, simply for the reason that he liked this century. 'Besides,' he'd said, 'You can do whatever you want to the rest of the house.' A winding staircase started off to one side, guaranteeing more rooms like this, possibly even better ones.

Ranya excused herself quietly, murmuring something about getting tea for the guests. Atsuki had crossed his arms, a rather foreboding expression on his face, as he stared at his 'guests', still standing in front of the door. He hadn't moved, but there was enough room to go around him. He probably wouldn't stop them from going in since his little angel had invited them, but he certainly wasn't just going to stand aside. What kind of demon would he be if he did that?

04/25/2005 7:20 PM

Lunaris only smiles as the little angel girl speaks and dissappears. Then he laughs, his eyes meeting those of the demon, who stands there looking as though he'd be sick if he walked passed him. Lunaris grins at the demon, "You know, for a demon you take orders very well. I've killed plenty of demons who would just as soon stab their brethren in the face in order to escape a public humiliation like that. But you are correct, I did follow you, and no, you most certainly aren't a show, although I wouldn't be so sure of the former part of that statement." Lunaris laughs again, still no mirth reaching his eyes, even his smile is obviously hollow.

He looks around again to view the figure that had been behind him. "Ladies first, I doubt that this thing will cross the subtle commands of his love." Turning back to the demon, with his voice ringing of genuine sincerity," The emotion is a tricky business for anyone." Lunaris looks away from the demon, waiting for the other to approach.

04/26/2005 10:01 AM

Kifira watched from the shadows when suddenly the demon and demi-angel appeared. She watched in horror was they exited the building. She knew now that she was in trouble, there was no way that she could hide from creatures this powerful and she was right as soon as the demon stepped outside he gave her a warning glance as if to say I see you don’t try anything. She cursed silently she had been a fool and now she was in trouble but strangely enough she was not under threat but even so she chose to stay hidden beneath the shadows. She listened to the conversation at hand and it was clear that the demon and werewolf would not get along but so long as the demi-angel was here the demon would not try anything, she hoped. In the time of the ancients her ancestors both vampire and shifter alike had been slaves to the demons so she doubted that she would stand a chance against them and if he did attack her...well she’d put up a damned good fight.

But then the demi-angel disappeared off into the house and suddenly Kefira became suddenly very conscious of the fact that she was standing outside with too much stronger immortals, if something went wrong, she’d be the first to suffer. But as the werewolf turned, saying, ‘Ladies first, I doubt that this thing will cross the subtle commands of his love.’ She smiled gratefully and walked in, she could not help but shiver slightly as she passed the demon, it was not out of disgust but her keen cat senses could sense his loathing of her and she feared that he would try something. But the other was right the demon did not appear likely to go against his love’s wishes.

Once inside she looked around her in awe at the interior of the house. It was beautiful, it was similar to the house that used to be one of the vampires ‘hideouts’ if that was the right word but she had not been there in many years. She stood by the staircase waiting for the werewolf to come in feeling very unsure of herself in the strangers’ house.

((sorry to call you werewolfs and demons but my character does not know your name so i can not call you by that))

04/26/2005 10:54 AM

Lunaris bows slightly as the the vampire passes him, making a subtle show that he was welcoming the stranger into the house, as if it was his own. He smirked at the demon as he passed him, not taking too great a care to pass without touching him, his shoulder bumping the demon's arms slightly. Once passed the demon he looked around, the house was very finely decorated, and he liked the old fashioned room in particular, not caring much for modern fashions. "Very nice, I can see why you wouldn't want too many unknown visitors in here. I do apologize for my interrupting your evening, but I didn't see any reason to leave without introducing myself at the very least, lest I be considered actively hostile to the pair of you."

Lunaris removes his boots and sets them near the front door, taking care not to knock dirt off of them. The lycanthrope moves into the grand room which is styled like sometime around the 1800's, he was partial to the late 1700's himself, having been the time when he still had a clan to call his own. Lunaris smiles at the vampire, the first warm smile of the night, smelling an animal scent about her, a feline it would seem He was inclined to be nicer to shapeshifters moreso than any other being he knew of, including other werewolves. He gazed around the room, the style bringing back memories of the last years of his clan, especially the few who had been into keeping up to date with fashion, who were among the first to decorate like this.

His focus slips off of the other figures, and he starts to see beyond the walls and furniture around him, fire in his eyes and cries of battle in his ears. He slowly loses himself completely from the present and his conciousness moves into memory..

04/26/2005 11:18 AM

Kefira followed the example of the werewolf and took off her own boots and placed them besides his and looked up as the werewolf smiled at her she smiled back, it was nice to see that there was someone she could relate to, if that was the right word, in the strangers’ house. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scents of the house, she opened her eyes suddenly as she felt a lapse in consciousness and she turned towards the werewolf alarmed. There was something wrong with the werewolf. He was staring at the walls with eyes that seemed to see something that wasn’t really there. She darted over to him fearing that he might collapse. She was unsure of what to do, he seemed to be almost dreaming and she was afraid to wake him lest she hurt his mind in the process so she just stood behind him holding him slightly so that if he did loose conscious he would not fall and hurt himself. She turned her head round to face the demon, ‘I think something’s wrong with him. He is seeing things that aren’t here, in a dream like state. It is as if he is here and yet not here.’ She was worried she had seen similar things before of those who had entered a dream like state were they relived they’re worst memories, they were visiting the past. And though it did no physical damage whilst in their dream-like state they were prone to act as they had in the memory and well… her train of thought ended as she blankly refused to think of what would happen. Maybe she was mistaken and it was nothing but she always liked to be sure even if others did not.

04/26/2005 11:47 AM

Lunaris smiles as a small child leaps on another, a growl issuing from the attacker and a snarl returned by the victim. With a roll the child being tackled puts his legs up and kicks the other into the air, using his own momentum against him. The first child laughs as he flies through the air and lands on his feet, almost keeping balance but falling down on his behind. Lunaris laughed, as did several of the other adults watching the spectacle.

The clan of Cognatio Lunaris was alive this summer evening, all the lycanthropes out and about enjoying the peaceful days they had found themselves in for many months. The children played, the adults played, although a little more roughly than the children, and the elderly played, even harder than the adults. It was a perfect day, and the evening was shaping out to be just as good, the feast for the harvest moon was being prepared, one of few days the werewolf clan celebrated. The sun was just setting when the first warcry was heard, many of the people's ears pricking up, and some of the elders transforming instinctively. Lunaris listend and sniffed, after a moment he realized what was about to happen. "Attack!! Children in the main hall with the den mothers!!"

The children and the group of appointed guardians, who had all transformed, moved as one towards the large building, but the angels were there first. Lunaris transformed quickly and howled this command to form their squads. He charged at the angels with a group of five lycanthropes, two transformed and three wielding their wweapons, not all lycanthropes had mastered the art of transformation at will. The six angels stood no chance as the group of guardians and Lunaris' squad hit them at the same time, but howls from the far side of the village brought them turning quickly. Demons.

Lunaris snarled visciously, knowing that there were more angels coming from another side of the town. He howled again, order all lycanthropes to the center of town, excluding the children and their guardians. As the werewolves gathered in defensible positions around the walls of their town, angels and demons poured into the center square from all side. They all halted for a moment, taking a second to register each other, but then the demons attacked the angels and werewolves alike, the angels responding in kind. Lycanthropes leaped out, eviscerating demon and angel regardless of which was which, all were enemies.

Lunaris grins at the initial strike, many angels and demons falling, and no lycanthrope mortally wounded, but then reinforcements came, from the sky and from all the sides still. They were outnumbered many times over, werewolves falling beneath the assault of their enemies, but none going down without taking atleast a few enemies with them. A howl from the main hall echoes through the town, a group of demons attempting to slaughter the children. Lunaris races for the hall, his claws catching demons and angels as he goes, many losing their throats to his charge. As he bursts into the hall he sees atleast ten demons there, and more of their corpses on the floor, a single den mother standing between the children and the demons. The demons swarm the female and laugh as they prepare to attack the children, but turn suddenly as Lunaris lets out a howl of anger. Without warning several of the demons fall to the ground dead, the children standing on their corpses, spears and swords stuck into the demons' bodies.

The remaining demons turn upon the children and in concert release massive blasts of fire, Lunaris knows that none of his clan's cubs had survived that attack. But not a single demon survived to brag about the kills, Lunaris' maw and claws ripping and shredding them as he dives, twists, and leaps among them, there weapons and blasts missing him by inches. The final demon manages to slash Lunaris across his back as he twists, causing the lycanthrope to falter, giving the demon enough time to jab. The blade pierces squarely into Lunaris' belly, but the werewolf leaps up, causing it to go further into him, his claws catching the demons head. He squeezes and the creature attempts to pull out his sword to strike again, but his hand goes limp as his skull collapses. Pulling the blade from his stomache, Lunaris gazes at the dead cubs. His eyes flash with fire and his howl echoes through the village and surrounded woods, pure rage and hatred flowing through his call and his body like a river.

Lunaris barrels out of the hall, his hands wielding his weapon which had been left in the guild hall earlier, a thick blade curving slightly, with a dark glow about it. His charges amidst his foes, very few of his allies remaining, his weapon slashing and stabbing over and over again, blood dripping from his blade, claws, and jaw as he rampages through his enemies in a frenzy. Weapons slash him but he takes no notice, usually turning upon the attacker and ending their life quickly and messily.

Lunaris loses track of time and space, only knowing the singing of his blade as his enters and exits his foes as they fall one after another. The endless sea of the murderous angels and demons was there only to be swept into death by his blade, the vision of his dead cubs filling his eyes. He would kill them all, not one of them will survive. He roars as his eyes fill with a red haze, " I will kill you all!!!

The haze clears suddenly and Lunaris finds himself back in the room of the demon and angel's house, his body completely tense and his hand gripping for his sword which is not there. He blinks, tears threatening to drip from his watery eyes. His throat is hoarse, and his mouth dry. He stares straight ahead for a moment, regaining his bearings.

04/26/2005 12:01 PM

Kefira held the werewolf gently as he raved; he drew forth an imaginary sword in an attempt to kill his invisible attackers. Her grip on him tightened as she muttered soothing words to him trying desperately to rid his eyes of the blood lust and hatred that showed clearly. Suddenly he screamed, ‘I will kill you all’ and then he returned and Kefira almost sobbed with relief, she had seen someone kill themselves whilst in this state and she feared for the man. She relaxed her grip on him and called out to the demon. ‘Is there anything you can get him to drink. I know that you probably hate us and I know that you do not want us here but could you please help.’ She then turned her attention to the werewolf. ‘It’s ok whatever you saw is over. You’ve come back that’s good it shows that you are strong. And if it helps to talk I am here I know that I am a stranger but sometimes I find that talking to a stranger is better because they do not know you and will not judge you before they here what you have to say’ she smiled weakly at him waiting…

04/26/2005 12:14 PM

Lunaris blinked a few more times, turning to gaze at the woman as she spoke soothingly to him. She spoke, "It’s ok whatever you saw is over. You’ve come back that’s good it shows that you are strong. And if it helps to talk I am here I know that I am a stranger but sometimes I find that talking to a stranger is better because they do not know you and will not judge you before they here what you have to say"

Lunaris gazed at her for another moment, then responds, his voice cracking and he coughs, then starts again," It isn't over, it will never be over. They spawn and their ranks swell faster than I can kill them. But I won't stop, I'll never stop."

Lunaris closes his eyes and then realizes that his muscles are very tired now. He looks around before speaking to the demon, " May I have a seat? The couch looks old but well preserved." He waits for the Demon to reply.

04/26/2005 9:16 PM

((OOC: Ashlah, please put use proper grammer when typing your posts...I can't distinguish if your character's speaking or thinking sometimes, & it'd be easier if you'd put quotation marks around your dialogue. Is anyone else seeing chinese characters in the text or is it just me? o.o))

Atsuki's only response to the deliberate brush of his shoulder was a slightly amused smile, that was not at all sunny. He closed the door softly behind them, the lock of the door clicking silently. Locking up was more out of habit nowadays than real fear or paranoia. They'd received too many night attacks to be so careless as to allow a stranger, or an enemy more often than not, to walk in right through the door. They had to crash through the window like a proper trespasser.

As the werewolf seemed inclined to stare at the pretty, velvet wallpaper, Atsuki didn't stop him, looking more annoyed than concerned. The demon could care less if the other did die--He was tamed, not Mother Theresa.

He had glided effortlessly towards the pair of them, raising an eyebrow at the vampire's and werewolf's closeness. Atsuki kept a few feet apart from them however, isolating himself "What do you want me to do? Only he can bring himself out of this." With that, he simply stood and waited. The werewolf seemed too full of revenge to allow himself to die this way, and even if Atsuki cared about his well-being, he wouldn't have worried.

"Go ahead and have a seat. Ranya would scold me for being a bad host if I didn't insist." He flashed a white set of teeth, that, although human in appearance, seemed at the same time feral. "As for whoever it is you wish to kill, I suggest you give up. You alone cannot fight against ranks that 'swell faster than I can kill them', as you said." He smiled again, and like Lunaris' smiles, it did not reach his eyes, at least not for this pair.

Ranya sweeped in elegantly, carrying a silver tray with a pretty set of teacups that were of course Asian in design, holding no little curve of porcelain at one side for the grip of fingers. Her blonde hair hung in curly waves around her delicately-shaped face, down to her trim, satin-covered waist. She was wearing a robe around her nightdress, having a sense of decency that was more sensitive than most.

Setting the tray down on the coffee table that was settled comfortably amongst the half-circle of seats, she immediately took notice of the werewolf's disturbed features. Her pretty face was written over with concern "Sir, are you alright? Have some tea..Chamomile tea always makes me feel better.." She offered a sweet smile, handing him a steaming cup. She poured another one for the vampire, while Atsuki and herself shared a cup. He'd moved in instinctively close to her, on the arm of the chair that she sat on, his own arm hung casually over her shoulders. "By the way, I don't believe I got your names. I'm Thalos Ranya, and this is my boyfriend Furuyama Atsuki." She spoke in English, so that they could understand.

((OOC: Notice that the last names are first...Your character's don't have to do that if they're not Japanese))

04/26/2005 10:17 PM

The werewolf accepted the cup with a slight bow, doing his best to follow what local customs he knew of, which was not many,"Thank you. I'm fine though, but thank you for your concern." Lunaris sips from his tea, taking a moment to smell it, the sensation as strong as the taste. He closes his eyes for a moment but then opens them again. He looks around, to the concerned vampire, who had odd traces of feline scent about her, and the interesting duo that had brought him here. The expression on the demon's face vastly different whenever he looked at the angel girl, his beloved.

Lunaris watches the demons face for a moment, as the expression of love and adoration changes immediately to loathing and dislike as it moves to the lycanthrope. We are one in the same yet exactly the opposite demon. You are by nature and probably for the longest time during hte beginning of your existence, a creature of death and ruthless murder, only to have your life turned around by this little angel, making you a little more tame if not peaceful. I on the otherhand grew up only fighting in defense, only to have my life turned around to become a creature of pure rage and vengeance, living only to kill those who did this to me.

Lunaris clears his throat after a moment, realizing he has not given his name. He stands and bows as he speaks "To most I am known as Lunaris... but I suppose that if I hope to gain any goodwill after my rude arrival, I shall tell you my name, " He looks at the angel,"your lover may have heard of it. I am Melifektus Droktis, Saevis Pestis, as the angels and demons have dubbed me, the raging plague." Lunaris looks down and ponders the first time he had heard the title called, he smirked very slightly, it was not a bad memory, not at all. He sits back down and looks at vampire next to him, awaiting her introduction.

04/27/2005 12:21 PM

((sorry, i will try to speak proper english))

Kefira glared at the demon as he spoke, muttering under her breathe “well excuse me for caring” and went over to stand by the corner feeling dejected. She was only trying to help. She disliked the demon intensely at that moment but she knew that it was in his nature to hate and mistrust people, she wasn’t about to say anything to offend him.

When the pretty demi-angel reappeared Kefira relaxed, here was someone who could curb that demons anger. She smiled slightly as the angel introduced herself and her boyfriend and took the steaming cup from her, smelling it when she could sense no poison she took a small sip and sighed it was delicious and it calmed her nerves slightly.

Kefira waited for the werewolf to introduce himself before she too turned to the others and said, ‘I fear that you will not have heard of me. My name is Elendor Llewellyn.’ She did not give them her feline name because it would be an insult to her people, so she just smiled slightly, in an attempt to disperse some of the negative energy. She could feel the tension in the room mount and once again she wished she had not come.

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04/27/2005 3:35 PM

Lunaris smiles at the vampiress, appreciating the help, and appreciating her attempts to lighten the mood. The lycanthrope turns to regard the couple once more, trying to decide what questions he could ask, and which ones would draw the demon closer to giving in to his anger. After a moment, and another sip of his tea, he speaks. " I'm curious, and I do hope that I'm not overstepping my boundaries again, but, how is it that a pure blooded demon and an angel of any kind become associated beyond anything but blades and hexes?"

Lunaris tilts his head slightly, hoping that they are willing to tell the story. The angel seems as though she may prove a good enough ally, and if it comes to massive enemies, assuming he doesn't try to kill me as well, the demon seems a powerful force to aid him in destroying his enemies. Atleast the angelic ones, and probably the demonic ones as well if they threaten his lover.

04/29/2005 8:03 PM

Ranya smiled at the introductions, and murmured the pleasantries that went with them, sincerely meaning it. Atsuki simply inclined his head in acknowledgement.

Ranya found the sniffing the vampiress did to her cup of tea not at all suspicious, thinking her simply smelling the scent it emitted, unlike her husband, who took note of the action immediately. It gave him more information on the vampiress than an empty name that had no meaning to him.

However, the werewolf's name made him frown and his cool eyes narrowed slightly, obviously knowing quite well who he was. He might not have been a participant of the groups that had gone to try and hunt him, but he was well-informed of the famed werewolf. "Melifektus is it? What are you doing here in this part of town?" Atsuki liked to think that the area he lived in was fairly quiet, excluding the visits of angels and demons.

At his question about how they'd met, Ranya glanced at her demon lover, the first hints of a blush rising in her cheeks, as well as a giggle to her throat. Atsuki himself looked slightly embarassed. "Well, it was a very...amusing meeting," she started, her bright eyes slightly teasing at her boyfriend. "Ranya..." he growled, a bit of a warning note in his voice. The demi-angel only grinned, and went on "He'd come to kill me actually, and I was just sleeping in my bed when I heard a terrible sound of hissing and scratching. It turned out he'd climbed through the window, only to be met by my cat. He didn't kill Shadow, that's the name of my cat by the way, and so Shadow was fighting him, even though he was at least 5 times smaller than him. It was really funny actually. You should've seen it. Shadow was on top of him, his claws dug into his skin, and Atsuki had the cutest expression on his face, so frustrated and impatient..." By that time, the demon had left the room, glaring at Ranya, and went to sulk alone.

Laughing, she told him not to be such a bad sport, but continued nonetheless "Well, anyway, as soon as I woke up, I was immediately trying to pull away Shadow, thinking Atsuki was hurting him. By the time I'd turned to check on him, he'd disappeared. A few nights later, he visited me again, but not to kill me. You could say he kind of..fell in love with me I guess. Don't tell Atsuki I told you that. He hates me telling this story." Ranya giggled, covering her mouth with her hand as if it was a white, delicate fan. "What about you? Do you have someone you love? What about Eleandor? Do you two know each other?"

04/30/2005 5:28 AM

Kefira listened as demi-angel told of how she met her love and she couldn’t help but grin. It was nice to see that demon being put down. She hated the way he made her feel small and insignificant.
Her grin widened as the demon stalked out of the room and she continued to listen to the tale.
“What about you? Do you have someone you love? What about Eleandor? Do you two know each other?” the demi-angel said and Kefira’s smile froze on her lips.
“No I don’t know Lunaris. I have heard people speak of him, but it was town gossip and so I could not tell what was the truth and what wasn’t. And as for someone I love, that depends on what you mean by love.” She sighed slightly, “but I’d rather not talk about it” she said snarling slightly. The demi-angel had struck a nerve, and Kefira felt herself close-up.
She had never had a lover if that’s what she meant. Oh sure she’d been with people but she didn’t care about any of them and most of them had ended up dead, drained of blood and life. Then there was Niko, she loved him but not in a romantic way. He was great guy, fun to be with and he made her laugh but nothing would ever happen between them.
She glared at the demi-angel. She knew that she meant well but she had began to talk of things that Kefira wanted left alone and so she shielded herself behind her mental walls.

05/01/2005 6:12 PM

Rhea walked down a grimy alley kicking the crushed beer cans out of her way when (she hears someone whistle and a man's voice say),"Hey sexy back that thing up!"

Rhea turns around (and) sees a group of about 6 men looking at her (and) shouting. (One of the men yells at her)"Yeah you heard the man come back so we can have a look at that fine ASS!!"

Rhea mummbles to herself "Tonight is not the night i have to be there in less then a hour."she keeps walking.

(Another one of the men speaks up, yelling at her as she walks away)"Hey I'm talkin to you turn around (and) look at me"

Rhea (yells back without turning around)"Fuck off you drunk, i'm not in the mood for you crap tonight!!"

(The second man yells)"Okay little missy...guys go grab her!!"

Two of the men come running to Rhea, grab her (and) drag her to leader of the pack. (The man who had given the order grins and says)"Hahaha...little missy what you gonna do now?!?!"

Rhea (grins at the man and responds)"This....!" (With that she) grabs one of the men's arms that is holding her (and) twists it (and) throws him against the wall, he slides down the wall leaving a trail of blood behinde him.

(The leader's eyes go wide and he yells to his companions),"(Oh my fuckin' god)............GET HER!!!!!!"

All but the leader (and) the last man holding her run off into the night. (The leader watches them and screams after them), " You god damn cowards!!! I'll take care of you then...hmpf...scared of a women!!"

Rhea (says,)"I aint any women baby" to which she gives a evil laugh.As the man holding her lets go she grabs his testicals (and) pulls them right off (, causing him to cry out in pain.) He falls to the ground rolling around in his own blood.

(The leader's eyes go wide at the sight),"(S)hit...."he grabs he punny pocket knife out of his pocket..shaking trying to get it open when he finally does. Rhea (laughs at the man mocking him,) "HAHAHAH....PLEASE!!!!!!!" She grabs the hunting knife to her side (and) stabs him in his gut...the cigirate in his mouth falls to the ground (and) she pulls out the knife (and) cleans it off with his shirt (and) sticks it back in the holder....she then picks upthe cigirate takes a drage (and) puts it out on skull!

Rhea (laughs and yells at the dead man,)"Night SEXY!!!!" Rhea walks into the darkness lauging evily while the two men bleed to death on the ground

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05/01/2005 9:48 PM

Lunaris smiles inwardly at the demon's eyes at the mention of his name, knowing immediately that the demon had heard of him and probably knew his reputation fairly well. The lycanthrope listens to the little angel girl as she weaves her tale, grinning widely at the embarrassment of the demon stifling a laugh as the demon leaves the room, the story being too much for him to bare. When she finishes her story she asks the pair of guests about themselves, causing Eleandor to become very tense. The vampiress tells them she has only heard gossip of Lunaris and that she does not want to talk about her love life, her mental guard going up in a heartbeat.

Lunaris ponders the question, love, what does it take to consider your feelings for another to be love. The werewolf had loved every member of his clan, their happiness was his own happiness, the pack was the glue of his life. Every member had held his love, completely and utterly, regardless of male or female. If she meant had he ever found a female he would want as his mate for life, no, he was hardly of age to settle with a mate when his clan was destroyed and since then his life has been too full of hunting and slaying to find a mate. It was not a topic that Lunaris was going to discuss, so he simply changes the topic, turning to Eleandor," So you have heard rumors of me have you? What kinds of things have you heard? I may be able to tell you what is true and what is not."

The werewolf leans back fully in the couch, relaxing himself and putting on a show of disregarding the question of love. Perhaps she has had some kind of bad experience, but one way or another she was quite upset by the topic. I guess I won't get anywhere in conversation if anyone pushes her, and I would like to know whats being said about me to those not of heaven or hell. Although vampires are considered a type of hell spawn I suppose, she doesn't seem like she would work witht them.

Lunaris glances over at the angel, hoping that she picks up on the cue to drop the subject, before turning to watch Eleandor, waiting for a response.

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05/02/2005 3:10 AM

Kefira smiled slightly at the werewolf, in thanks. He had steered the away from some painful memories and for that she was grateful.
“Well you know how rumors are. They say that you belonged to a powerful tribe that was destroyed, some say by demons, others by angels and a few say it was an army of humans though I doubt that. They say that you are searching for something. Nobody knows what, but most say you are searching for your soul. They say that at night you howl at the heavens to the angels to give it back to you. There was also a rumor at some point saying that you were one of the hounds of hell come to kill all those who disobeyed God. That was quite funny actually, people went around bearing huge crosses and wearing good luck charms. They don’t work, everyone knows that, even vampires are no longer affected badly by crosses, oh sure it burns slightly when we touch them but that is only if the wielders are pure which those humans are not. Those mortals are fools who follow a dicated faith!"

"But as for my view, I do believe your searching for something, but not for your soul, no?” she paused slightly, “Your after revenge, for every life taken from you, you will avenge threefold.”

She sighed again, “it seems that is all everyone wants.”

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05/02/2005 11:21 AM

Lunaris listens to the rumors that have been spread about him and he smiles, chuckling when Eleandor mentions that he was said to be a hound of hell. The werewolf nods knowingly upon hearing that symbols and goodluck charms don't work very well or often, except when the person qualifies, such as crosses for the pure. He tilts his head slighty, and his eyes narrow in thought when she voices her opinion of what he is searching for.

"Not everyone is after revenge, many who claim such a thing are merely searching for a way to satisfy their greed for one thing or another. But you are correct about me, I am after revenge. The rumors of my tribe are true, although those tales of their destruction are obviously modified by who tells them. Demons did destroy my clan, and so did angels..."Lunaris pauses for a moment, but continues, forcing the memories away from his eyes, " They attacked at the same time, the forces of heaven and hell. If my goal was to slay them threefold for every one of my clansman dead, then the battle would have been enough, for not a member of my clan died without destroying the attackers. Even our cubs managed to attack and take down a demon. No, threefold is too merciful for them, and I have already exceeded that. I will pay them back a thousandfold and more, I will bring their armies down, raining the angel's life blood from heaven, and flooding hell with that of the demons. I will end their existence, or die trying, able to tell my clansman they were avenged when I enter the Woods of Illiadriss."

Lunaris thinks for a moment of every rumor he has just heard, finding the hound of hell rather amusing, and at the same time insulting. The rumors of his searching for something striking a slight nerve in him, but not one he is prepared to back away from, he has been confronting that wound for centuries. It is not his soul he seeks, atleast not directly, but his mission is to protect the nobility, and the power of the souls of his clansman and himself. The howls in the night that many have heard are not calls to heaven, but challenges to the celestial and demonic beings he hunts, rage inspiring his calls. Many times it is answered by his foes nearby, but they have never expected the rage that comes with such a call, an anger that fills the lycanthrope to the core, a rage that turns Lunaris into the Saevis Pestis.

The lycanthrope takes a deep breath, calming himself before he gets too worked up, holding it in and closing his eyes. After a long moment he lets his breath out and opens his eyes, continuing in the softest tone of the night, " I am well on my way, over the centuries I have avenged each member of my clan more than twentyfold, which is how I earned my title. But tonight is not the time for my vengeance, you said it seems everyone is after revenge. What is it that you seek retribution for?"

05/02/2005 11:33 AM

Kefira listened to Lunaris speak and she was moved by his words, when he had finished he turned to her saying, “What is it that you seek retribution for?”
She smiled and shook her head, “It is not me that is seeking revenge, though I have taken it but that is petty matters, and several times I have attacked fellow vampires as revenge for exiling me but it is nothing. No I speak of those that my friend Niko and I have hunted down. Those that try to break the peace we hunt. But it is the peace of the shifters not any other race.”

05/02/2005 12:03 PM

"Then perhaps your goal to keep peace coincides coincidentally with my own goals, for those of heaven and hell break the peace you seek to preserve, almost constantly. I'm sure that you've had a run in with them, or at the very least their minions, for the minions of good usually condemn us as unholy, while those of evil do the same only to stir undue hatred, as they are prone to do whenever they can."

Lunaris turns and gestures toward the angel girl as he continues, " This pair obviously has no part in that, nor any part in whatever their people do. I will admit that I am here for purely selfish reasons, but I have found that I seem to get along with everyone here tonight. The demon perhaps not in a friendly manner, but I can relate to his attitude, if I were approached by someone in the manner I did I would most certainly be unfriendly as well."

The werewolf ceases his talking and he considers what he has just said. It is true that he could always use allies to help him destroy his prey, although he does not seek it desperately. And this pair that is likely to piss off both heaven and hell can bring many of his enemies directly to him if he stays around them, using them as bait. Lunaris rubs his chin slightly, unsure of how the either of the girls are going to take his statements.

05/02/2005 12:46 PM

Kefira stared at the floor, thinking. She didn’t want to get involved in the wars of the greater powers, and though she did what seek out the peace breakers it was not in the manner that one would expect. Or maybe that’s what the werewolf wanted. She was tired of trying to figure out the minds of others, tired of trying to see what others wanted, tired of keeping the peace. It seemed that for every evil creature she killed another took it’s place. It seemed that she was chasing an endless goal. Balance kept evil in this world just as it did good. She couldn’t destroy evil unless she destroyed good. That’s what Lunaris seemed to want but then what, what would there be left to follow, to believe in.

After what seemed an age she turned back to face Lunaris, “And then what? After you’ve rid the world both good and evil. After the wars over and you’ve destroyed every last demon and every last angel. What then? Will you rest knowing that the creatures that killed your clansmen are dead? No? Once one has a taste of revenge there is no turning back, and when it’s all over there is naught but the emptiness inside that comes from knowing that no matter what you don you can never bring the dead back. I do not admit to knowing your mind, nor your quest. Nor for that matter do I admit to knowing of revenge. But I do know of life. I know I am young, naïve I have yet to experience the things that leave their mark on a person and I suppose I have no right to tell you this. I am not asking you to forgive them. There can be no forgiveness for what they have done. I am asking you to be better than they are. Stronger than they are by letting go, before the desire for revenge completely over takes you. You said it before; you have avenged their deaths twenty fold. Can that not be enough?”

She sighed and looked out the window into the night, almost remembering something, “But what am I saying. This is your war. I have not been through what you have been through and perhaps if I had I would be doing the same thing. I can only speak from my own experiences. This is my advice, seek out those who have wronged you if it helps heal your soul but don’t forget in revenge you are taking many life’s and the friends of those who’s lives you have taken will seek revenge upon you and you will go round and round in circles getting nowhere.”

She shrugged feeling slightly embarrassed, “I know it sounds really stupid and I’m not expecting you to suddenly leap and be all like, ‘yes you have made a new man…or wolf out of me I shall instead try the life of peace and happiness,’ I am only asking that you take into account what I have said and if you still whish to seek out revenge, which I believe you will I will help you if you ask.”

((ok this is a really bad post but i was feeling all philosophical))

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05/02/2005 2:12 PM

Lunaris listens to the vampiress' speech of revenge and it's futility, his head tilted slightly as he respectfully listens. He smirks slightly as she immitates what she does not expect him to do. As she finishes his turns to look at the angel, giving her a side long glance, his face full of contemplation. After a moment he turns back, his eyes meeting those of the young girl in front of him and he holds her gaze as he speaks, "You have mistaken my war upon the forces of heaven and hell as a war against good and evil. I do not care of good or evil, for those shall always be around, in man, in the creatures of the world. I seek only to destroy two specific forces that happen to embody those ideas, nor would I wish to bring my fallen brothers and sisters back from the dead. They are with Illiadriss now, and the mother nurtures their souls, they lost their chance at life in this world, but live on in the next. The creatures that I destroy may have friends who seek revenge on me, and that will bring them to me all the faster. Demons have few or no true friends, and angels seem to view each other with a detached sort of trust or love. None of those I have ever met, until tonight, have shown more than a possible compassion for another."

Lunaris still holds the young girl's gaze, not letting them go for a moment, not blinking as he talks, " When I have killed all of my enemies, angels, demons, and any that I make along my quest, will I know peace in this life? I doubt it, I believe you are correct that I will not find anythign to fill my soul as it used to be. That insight is wise, but you are indeed young and have more than likely not experienced the kind of things that I have. So I will tell you now, that I have had nearly three and a half centuries of experience with the world, a majority of that has been in the aftermath of my clan's destruction. I have spent countless hours contemplating whether what I am doing is right or not, and even more time thinking of what completing my goals will bring."

"I am ready to accept that I may be an empty shell when I have no more enemies to kill, and the world is rid of angels and demons. I may have friends at that point that make life worth living without vengeance, and I am ready to accept that as well. You believe that I will become consumed by my revenge, I already am, and I have been for more than ten times your span of life so far. Do you really want to know what I plan for the day I decimate the last demon and angel from this world? The real end to all my pain and fury of centuries gone by? I plan to kill myself, and bring the final end to Cognatio Lunaris. I will join my family in the eternal forest of Illiadriss, who will welcome home her last surviving son of old. But only when I have done all that is in my power to destroy those responsible for sending my family to early death can I return to them. Only when I have done all that I can to honor them can I possibly face them in the eternal forest."

Lunaris' eyes grow wide and his voice louder, great emotion behind his face," I will not go willingly to my kin in disgrace that I had given up in my hunt! They will be proud of me, we will call to the glory of the Cognatio Lunaris! To the mother Illiadriss, and all creatures of the eternal forest will know that none shall ever dare to oppose us, for we are the favored of our mother!!!"

With the end of his final statement, the lycanthrope's eyes are no longer human, only the wolf showing through, his teeth bared, longer and sharper than a man's. His fists clenched and small traces of fur along his skin, his body seeming larger and more formidable than before. He finally closes his eyes, breaking the contact with Eleandor's, taking a deep breath, he lets it out, seeming to shrink as the air leaves his lips, his body returning to that of a man. He sits there, his eyes closed and his jaw clenched slightly.

05/02/2005 3:23 PM

As Rhea walked along the murky,dark alley a car starts to pull into the alley way. "Bout time you got her god!!!"

"Get in the car & shut your mouth"someone said from within.

"Fine...whatever!!!"as Rhea slid acroos the black leather seats of the black car, "BAM!" the door shut with a loud noise

"Nice car...." Rhea blurtted out

"Yes..I know...thats why i bought it" said the mysterious figure. Rhea mocks him then says

"How much i'm i getting paid again?!?!" she asked exictedly

"$100,000 american dollars"said the figure "And who i'm i killing?!?!"

"A young man by the name of Alender Osbourne...his father is Judge Anderson Osbourne."

"Why dont you just let me go after him?!?!" Rhea asked.

"Because it'll arouse to much suspion between the rest of the judges on the court...many people know that Judge Osbourne is hated by many!" said the figure.

"Well i could take em both out for 200..." Rhea started to say


"Yeah..Yeah...keep your pants on i'll do it" Rhea said annoyed

"Good heres your stop." the figure said.

The door opens & Rhea gets out & looks at a HUGE 3 story,old,victorian home.

"Heres the check for half....you'll get the other when you bring me proof he's dead." the figure said. She give the figure a dirty look & grabs the check from their hands.

"Get the job done!!" the figure said & the door slams close & the driver gets into the car & drives off.

"Well here i go again"Rhea smiled"I'll have fun with this one!!'' She then walks towards the big iron gate........

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05/02/2005 9:59 PM

Ranya bit her lip, not knowing how to respond to the werewolf's words. She was so innocent she couldn't possibly understand his feelings, but she nonetheless was sad for him. She did however, know an inkling of how he felt, as she had had her own troubles before any of this. But it was nothing compared to what Lunaris must feel. "I'm sorry.." she whispered to him, knowing it was less than sufficient, those words.

The half-angel delicately steered away from the touchy topic, and brought up something else. She would make a good host one day, when the troubles were past and she could hold dinner parties at a house that had seen many. "Are any of you hungry? You are a guest in a demon's house, so I'm sure whatever your tastes, we probably have." Food, food was a safe topic right?

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05/03/2005 1:16 PM

Kefira listened to Lunaris words, shaking her head sadly when he and the demi-angel had finished she simply said, “I have nothing to say to that. You have made up you’re mind I can see and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. But in truth I have nothing to say because many of the words I spoke were not my own rather those that have been drilled into my mind. And you echo my words when you say that I have not lived as long as you.” As she spoke she became suddenly aware of the growing thirst and her mind craved the one thing that sickened her.
But in one way you are wrong. When you speak of merely destroying two races, not good and evil in itself that is true but belief in good and evil will disappear. As I side these mortals follow a dictated faith that sates that angels are good and demons bad and when they are destroyed these mortals will cease to believe in good and evil. Maybe I am mistaken, or maybe that is a good thing, we shall see.”

She smiled suddenly, and turned to the demi-angel “But enough of that, yes food would be much appreciated though I do not mind what. I am indifferent, having no particular tastes, food all tastes pretty much the same to me I fear. However there is one thing…” she flushed slightly and started again, “I hope that you are not disgusted by my nature but at this present moment I must feed.” She tried to continue but found that she had nothing to add to this so she smiled apologetically and headed towards the door. “I shall be back soon.” She paused slightly, “Thank-you!” before she disappeared into the night

05/03/2005 2:42 PM

Rhea walked up to the door knife in hand & as she reached for the door handle Kefira walked out.

"Oh Hi!!!!"Rhea said

"Ummmm....Hi...Who are you may I ask?"replied Kefira

"Ummm.....I'am an old friend of..of..of Alenders...."Rhea said nervously

"Okay, Atsuki I havent heard that name in a loong time" Kefira Chuckles

"Yeah...so umm...wheres he at?!?!"Rhea said

"This creature is no human....she is putting off a very low energy level like a humans...but i since she is more"he said worridly

"Well probley upsatirs somewhere."Kefira said "Okay well i gotta go bye!!!" And she runs off into the night.

"God that was close!!"said Rhea to herself

Rhea walks into the house.....in the center is a big marble staircase leading upstairs. And hanging from the celeing a big crystal chandaler.

"WOW!!!! Nice..Nice..to bad he has to lose it all tonight!!"Rhea says to herself "Well where to start first"

And she starts up the stairs.

"I must get ready....this might be some fight"Atsuki said

At the top of the stairs she turns to her right...

"Where to...?!?!" she says "Oh I guess maybe the room with the name Atsuki written on it hmmmmmm...??!?!" she sayd "hahaha" she laughs

**Rhea is a deamon

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05/03/2005 8:41 PM

((OOC: I now have another rule I must put up...NO CONTROLLING OTHER PEOPLE'S CHARACTERS!! Big no no. Please don't act out other player's characters like that ever.))

05/06/2005 7:59 AM

Lunaris watches as Eleandor leaves the room and heads for the door. Then he turns back to the demi-angel, "She may not be hungry, atleast not for normal sustanance, but I would be honored to sit down with you to dinner. Whatever you prefer to prepare would be excellent."

The werewolf smiles, looks towards the front door and then towards the stairs," Will your companion be joining us for dinner or have I affronted him too much?" Lunaris' smile shifts towards a slight smirk as his eyes come back to the angel.

05/06/2005 7:38 PM

Ranya nodded at Eleandor's graceful exit, waving a small goodbye. When Lunaris turned to her, she smiled, standing up, and glancing up the stairs again as well "Atsuki-chan doesn't eat much. He usually eats only when I put effort into the meals I make, but I think that right now he might not be in a mood to do that." She grinned mischieviously as well, leading him into the kitchen. They passed through the dining room, which displayed rich splendor once again, and the kitchen itself wasn't any less different. "Pasta or pork chops?" she asked, after peering into the refridgerator.

05/09/2005 9:27 AM

Kefira paused for a moment letting the fire embrace her. She smiled, this was where she belonged, in the darkness, hunting. She snarled and closed her eyes, finding a balance between her animal self and her vampire self. It was always essential for these parts of her to feel the thrill of the chase. Though the blood was essential to her survival of her vampire self and the meat essential to her animal self it was the thrill of chasing down and killing the victim that made her hunt. She was disgusted with herself but it was her nature and she had learned to accept it.

Kefira smiled as her vampire eyes searched the darkness, she could feel the humans nearby and she pushed her human self away as she made for the nearest town.

05/09/2005 1:29 PM

Atya sat in a tree watching Kefira make her way through the forest. He had been watching the house for a while, sensing some strong presence in there - mabye a powerful demon! He stood up, following her through the branches of the trees. There had been a large bounty placed on her head because of her attacks on humans. He had been running low on money lately - it seemed as if all the demons were gone and now he was reduced simply to the weaker vampires. They, in his opinion, were much less fun to hunt.

He leaped out of the trees, landing on the soft ground with a light "thud". He would follow her for a while before letting his presence be known. Then he would attack her in front of the eyes of all the villagers. They would claim him to be a hero and would reward him with piles of money and women. And to think his father wanted him to be a farmer. He kept a distance of about thirty feet, making no sounds with his steps.

(OOC: That better?)

05/09/2005 1:51 PM

Kefira walked slowly towards the village, savoring the moments before the kill. She smiled slightly, she could make out the village in the distance but something made her stop. She couldn’t hear anything and there was nothing in front of her but the darkness and yet she could sense something was close. She couldn’t smell it. Whatever it was it was very powerful and she felt herself tense up. If it weren’t for her animal senses she would surely be dead but she couldn’t let the creature behind her know she had sensed it. She deliberately slowed her pace so that she was hardly moving at all, whoever was following her was clearly waiting for something before attacking. As she did this she probed with her mind, sending her thoughts into that of the small wildcat nearby. It lifted its head and fixed her with its yellow eyes, as she communicated to it through her mental bonds. She told it to go to the house of the demon and his lover and tell the immortals there that another was here and he appeared to be hostile.

The wildcat obeyed and ran silently to the house where it began to scratch the door before leaping into the house through the open window. There it began to hiss and howl hoping that one of the beings in the house would understand it’s call.

Somewhere in the forest the young shifter grimaced, fingering the Saber that hung at her waist she waited…

05/09/2005 1:51 PM

Kefira walked slowly towards the village, savoring the moments before the kill. She smiled slightly, she could make out the village in the distance but something made her stop. She couldn’t hear anything and there was nothing in front of her but the darkness and yet she could sense something was close. She couldn’t smell it. Whatever it was it was very powerful and she felt herself tense up. If it weren’t for her animal senses she would surely be dead but she couldn’t let the creature behind her know she had sensed it. She deliberately slowed her pace so that she was hardly moving at all, whoever was following her was clearly waiting for something before attacking. As she did this she probed with her mind, sending her thoughts into that of the small wildcat nearby. It lifted its head and fixed her with its yellow eyes, as she communicated to it through her mental bonds. She told it to go to the house of the demon and his lover and tell the immortals there that another was here and he appeared to be hostile.

The wildcat obeyed and ran silently to the house where it began to scratch the door before leaping into the house through the open window. There it began to hiss and howl hoping that one of the beings in the house would understand it’s call.

Somewhere in the forest the young shifter grimaced, fingering the Saber that hung at her waist she waited her mind was oddly calm as she drew strength from her only friend. As heir to her tribe he could connect mentally with all shifters and he was doing so right now. She could sense him with her mind and he told her what to do, how to act. With him connected to her she knew she would be safe. He was conected to all the other shifters and wild elves of which he was also related. He wouldn't let her down. Niko never let her down. This thought strengthened her and she gripped the Sabre tighter.

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05/09/2005 2:15 PM

Lunaris smiles at the angel, " I would love something to eat, I have not eaten all day, although I have no one to blame but myself for that. Pork chops sounds good, I prefer meat over anything else most of the time, but occasionally I..."

The lycanthrope stops as a scratching sound comes from the front door, stopping after a moment. The werewolf peers towards the front door and then whirls around to face the window, his hands reaching into his coat as it spins, pulling out a pair of ornate hand guns. A wildcat? What would such a creature be leaping into houses for? And acting so strange, as if distressed.

It struck the werewolf suddenly, and he spoke his thought aloud, "Eleandor. She had a feline scent to her, perhaps she sent this creature to find us... or warn us." Lunaris was no stranger to speaking with animals, so the thought of a feline girl speaking to cats was not unreasonable. "This is a very distressed little animal... I believe I will have to take a rain check on that dinner."

With that, Lunaris stalks to the door, opens it and leaves, leaving his boots behind. As he steps out into the dark night, he sniffs the cool air for some sign of what might be amiss, the girl's scent easy enough to follow, distinguishable from every other scent on the air. As he moves foreward, he places his weapons back where he had drawn them from. As he continues his walk, Lunaris listens for the sounds of cat behind him, or the sounds of anyone in front of him. The werewolf's eyes shift from those of a human to those of a beast born to hunt in the night, the shadows gathering around his body, like a cloak of the night itself.

05/09/2005 6:25 PM

The scratching caught her attention, and Ranya looked curiously at the door then Lunaris, frowning a bit at the sight of guns. As the stereotypical angel, she didn't like violence, and guns were a means to the end. What Lunaris said next however, was more interesting than a pair of guns, and her slim eyebrows climbed, obviously surprised that the girl must be a feline variation to Lunaris' wolf if she could send an animal this large and wild to them.

She nodded absently, a bit distracted by her thoughts, as the werewolf said that he wouldn't be eating dinner just yet. She closed the refridgerator door quickly, then rushed to the door after him as he went out, standing just outside "Wait! Do you need help? I can ask Atsuki to accompany you if it is dangerous."

The night wind had picked up stray strands of her blonde hair, swirling as if they were gleaming locks of spider silk, just as soft and just as beautiful, around her angelic face, eyes a deep chestnut pool of worry, with her full lips pouting with concern.

05/10/2005 7:07 PM

(If this is unacceptable, I will change it, but since Atya's flames are magical, they cannot burn him, ok?)

Atya sensed another presence. It was still fairly far off, but it at least came close to rivaling his power. He would have to make this quick if he wanted any chance at destroying this vampire. He would look for the other presence after he had a chance to recover.

He ran up at Kefira, arms extended. He screamed some words in a foreign language, and suddenly, five pillars of flame surrounded the vampire, leaving him just enough room to stand. He ran into the flames, staying just out of the reach of the vampire. He pulled out a few daggers and held four up, one in between each of his fingers. He whipped his wrist and three of the daggers hit their target. The fourth went off in some other direction, hitting a nearby tree with a soft "thud". Atya pulled out his sword and pointed it at the creature, still out of its reach, a grin on his face.

05/10/2005 10:37 PM

Lunaris continues on his walk away from the house, ignoring the angel's words, having no doubt if it came to a fight, her demon lover would end up involved. Suddenly a bright light flares up in the distance, fire! No natural fire could flare so suddenly and remain without smouldering away in a billow of smoke. The lycanthrope growls, the shadows gathering around him deeper, concealing him in a shroud of nearly complete darkness. The lycanthrope's feet move faster as he picks up his pace and turns the quick walk into a full out run.

Spine shifting, limbs reforming, his entire body growing as the muscles bulge, a muzzle growing from his face and fur sprouting as his clothes melt away, Lunaris the man fades into his lycanthropic form. Great lupine muscles carry the werewolf through the night towards the fire, taking great leaps with each step. Lunaris lets out a great howl as he runs, the unearthly sound carrying across the breezes and echoing in the night, the air seemingly refusing to let the sound die out, carrying his war cry far and wide.

05/11/2005 12:29 PM

Kefira whipped round as the flames burst around her but before she had a chance to react three daggers headed straight for her. One buried itself into her shoulder; another struck her thigh and the last whipped past her leaving a deep gash across the upper part of her arm.
Kefira glared at her attackers in disgust as she pulled the two daggers from her thigh and shoulder. The stung slightly but she was half vampire so did no real damage. Next she placed her two hands into the fires and watched as the flames danced up her forearms during bright white and blue as soon as they touched her flesh.

She turned to face her attacker fully, drawing her twin blades as she did so. She muttered some strange words and the sigils on her blade flared into life, the dragon and tiger on her blades began to move. She grinned as she leapt up into the nearby tree, waiting. As soon as she heard Lunaris’ war cry she leapt slashing with her blades. She felt them impact with his body but as they sunk in she used her own momentum to pull them out savagely, twisting as she did so and landing on her feet just ten meters away. There she swirled round on the balls of her feet and held her blades out in front of her she took up the defensive stance waiting to see what her attacker did next. In her mind she could feel Niko lending her his strengh, telling her what to do.

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05/13/2005 8:40 PM

Ranya bit her lip, standing by the door a few moments longer, long enough to hear that bone-chilling howl. She shivered on instinct, those piercing, animalistic sounds hypnotic and made her want to hide inside, safe in her demon lover's arms.

The flare of light illuminating the nightscape brought her mahogany orbs to full attention, sharp and decisive, as she raced back inside, fetching Atsuki.

Ranya dragged the unwilling demon out, her own wings exploding from her back in white splendor, as she seemed to glow a little. As she was half angel, the wings were slightly smaller, and she could never amount to the same as a full-blooded angel would.

Atsuki didn't bother with his wings, simply allowing his powers to float him upwards. It wasn't quite a power. Flying was a basic thing for demons to know how to do. After all, those myths about demonic leather wings had to hold some truth in them right?

As they flew closer to the scene, Atsuki swerved to the side, bringing Ranya along with him. She frowned as he told her not to get involved, but obeyed. It was true that they didn't know these people very well, and this was a good opportunity to observe them.

Cloaked in the shadows of a tree, they stayed hidden, Atsuki watching the fight dispassionately.

05/14/2005 10:19 PM

Atya fell to the ground under the weight of his attacker. He screamed out in pain as the blades entered through his clothes and into his flesh and muscles. The pain was unbelieveable. He had not needed more than the first few attacks to take out most demons, and because of this, he was rarely attacked back. He heard the howl on the wind, sending a slight shiver down his spine. He glanced over and saw the angle sitting in the tree, the demon in the sky, and the other two enemies closing in.

"Damnit... I need time to regroup. With pain like this, I won't be able to take out one of them, let alone four. That angel could be of some help though."

He raised up his hands and the flames, which had died down by now, reappeared in a line between him and his enemies. He pulled out another throwing knife which was much more elaborate than the first four. It had a purple handle, and the blade glowed a bright silver. A skull was engraved on the blade with several snakes marked around it. On the other side was a picture of a bat, surrounded by a circle. Outside the circle were four small blades, one at each point of the cross. The blade was also serrated on both sides, giving it that extra cutting force he sometimes needed. He was glad he had coughed up the extra twenty gold coins for it. He muttered some more words, and the blade suddenly flashed. It wasn't a bright flash, but enough that everyone there could see it. He took a second to take aim and whipped it straight. It flew towards the angel. He had let go a little early, and so it missed her torso, striking her in the ankle.

With the defence of the flames to give him some cover, he ran off into the darkness, holding his wounds. It was only a matter of moments before he had dissappeared into the forest. About a minute later, the flames dissapated, leaving no trace.

05/15/2005 2:23 PM

Lunaris closes in upon the battle ground as the second set of pillars of flame erupt from the ground. An ornate dagger flies up towards a tree, the lycanthrope's gaze following it to the angel and demon. Ignoring the pair, they could take care of themselves, Lunaris focuses on searching the area for the combatants. He finds Eleandor down and recovering from the attack, quicky regaining her senses. Lunaris picks up th scent of Eleandor's attacker, the scent trailing into the night.

With another unearthly howl, Lunaris sets off into the night, following the scent trail of the unknown assailant, moving as quickly as possible without losing the trail, not having true hope of catching the man, only hoping to follow it until they stop.

05/16/2005 5:34 AM

Atya jumped up into an extremely large tree. He jumped high into the air, using the branches as his steps. After he got to the top, he looked in the direction he had come. He could not see any of his attackers pursuing him. [i] Good. I need some fun. They are stronger than I thought, though... I need to find a way to seperate them. [/i] He pulled out two large clothes and tightly tied them around his bleeding wounds. He sat down on the branch and closed his eyes. If all went well, by the end of the week he would have a few more fresh heads for his buyers, and a few thousand more gold pieces to add to his fortune.

05/16/2005 11:54 AM

Kefira snarled as her attacker disappeared, “Coward!” she shouted, “I’ll make you suffer for disturbing my feeding. Don’t you dare escape me!” She glared around her searching for his scent. Finally she caught it but he was some way off, she smiled to herself, so he liked a chase! Well she could give him that. Yes it might make up for the time she had lost. The food he had made her loose!

Kefira looked up as the Lycan howled and bounded into the night. She growled in response, re-sheathed her blades and shifted into a Lioness. She followed the scent keeping pace with the wolf.

05/18/2005 5:50 PM

Had Ranya been a human, she probably would've gotten hit by the knife. But as it were, she was in fact unhuman, and therefore had inhuman powers. The large tree she had been sitting in made a whispery groaning sound, branches and leaves swishing around the pair. They twined about her, a leafy shield of greens and browns. One branch was bleeding a dark amber, the weapon that had inflicted its wound still embedded deep into the wood fibers. Sap was leaking from it, but the tree continued to protect the winged woman.

With a breathy whisper that was the language of the oak she was sitting in, the tree settled down, bark-lined arms of wood resuming their normal positions. Atsuki beside her was still as cool as ever, though there was the tiniest hint of ire in his eyes. He knew that Ranya could protect herself just fine, but of all the people to attack, Atya had certainly picked the wrong one.

Two different sets of wings picked up the current of the wind, one as pure and pale as the moonlight, the other as dark as the very night that Mistress Moon sought to brighten. They followed after the bounty hunter, with Atsuki in the lead, his eyes lit up with a demonic glow, seeking the one who dared try to harm his angel.

05/19/2005 7:06 PM

Lunaris stops for a moment, the scent fading from his nose, causing him to lose the trail. He hunches over and runs in a wide arc to try and find the scent trail again, finding it again close to twenty feet from where he lost it. The werewolf gives a loud hunting howl, which is answered by several packs of wolves off in the distance, and with a great bound Lunaris resumes his chase of the would-be assassin. The wolves of the forest would form a perimeter and let the lycanthrope know of humanoids passing by them, the lycanthrope's howl doing more than announce his chase.

Tree branches and shrubbery seemed only a blur to Lunaris as he runs through the forest, the whiffs of his prey's scent keeping him on track. Suddenly a chorus of wolf calls echo from off to the side and ahead of the tracking werewolf, a strange man was in their vicinity. Cutting towards the wolves, Lunaris breaks from the straight trail, the wolf calls leading him. A few minutes later he picks up the scent of the wolves who had alerted him and also the scent of a man, it was indeed his prey.

Several sets of paws begin flanking Lunaris as he barrels through the wolf pack, the wolves joining the lycanthrope in his hunt, spreading wide and keeping them all in line with short barks and growls. The man could not be too far off now, cutting across the scent trail had saved the werewolf a lot of time. Eleandor would probably follow him, and Atsuki would not let an attack on the angel go unchallenged, they would be behind the werewolf. I'm coming for you, and I'm not the only one, for your own sake you had better be either extremely strong or fleet of foot!

05/20/2005 1:55 PM

Atya opened his eyes. He looked in the direction he had come, and saw, at quite a distance, a tree withering quickly away. He must've missed that damned angel. It didn't matter though, his message had gotten across to them. He heard the howl far off in the wind, and saw the half demon off in the distance. Putting two and two together, he realized this might be a little bit overwhelming for him. He pulled out a dragonstone and flung it into the air, where it exploded, sending a beam of light straight up into space that could be seen for miles around. Moments later, a small man appeared next to him. He nodded at Atya, and with a small "poof" they were gone. There lay nothing but a small token on the ground where he had been, red hot, and nearly at melting point.

He reappeared in a large building at some other location. He sat down on a nearby bed, wiping his forehead.

"Man, those people have some tight connections with each other... Wait a minute..." He searched his cloak for something. "Damn! I must've dropped my dragonstone! It's going to take me forever to find it..."

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05/21/2005 4:52 AM

Kefira heard the answering calls of the wolves and she grinned. He wasn’t the only one who had the beasts of the forests on his side. She veered right and took another course, following the voice of the eagle in her mind, Niko had sent Starfire to her. As she ran on she could sense her attacker in front of her, she growled and quickened her pace.

As she broke through the trees she saw him but as she raced forward to attack him he disappeared. She snarled and leapt into the tree he had been in. She opened her mind and used her feline senses to search the area around her. There was nothing but the lingering traces of magick. He had eluded her again, her eyes flashed as she cursed.

In her mind Starfire was calling to her. The eagle had spotted something beneath the huge tree. Kefira looked up in alarm and followed the eagle’s instructions. She smiled to herself as she shifted back into a human. Reaching down she picked up the strange stone from beneath the undergrowth. She regarded it closely for sometime but the she heard Starfire’s urgent warning and she hastily shoved the stone into her pocket. She wasn’t ready to tell the others of her find, not yet.

She seated herself down beneath the tree’s wide branches, calling out to the creatures that approached her. “You’re too late! He’s gone!”

05/21/2005 12:11 PM

Atsuki snorted, a none too pleasant smirk lighting his intimidating features. Coward. I will have your head, sorceror. This was sent as a warning message to the disappearing man, though 'warning' was like saying a tornado was a mere breeze. The demon wouldn't waste his time chasing him down, but if he dared show his face again, there would be retribution to pay.

Ranya alighted upon the ground, floating gracefully downwards before her slippered feet touched the grass. She stood with a heaviness that didn't complement her wings, and they flexed, before folding obediently, even as they quivered slightly. Whenever Ranya flew, there was always a feeling of chains falling away, a reminder of her angelic heritage, and a sense of wrongness toward her human side. Such was the curse of being a halfling. Neither one or the other.

As Atsuki landed beside her, his own giant black wings blotting out the twinkling stars of the sky as they spread full length, before folding away into nothingness. He had no more use of them, as his prey had disappeared, and his intimidation factor was no longer needed.

The gathering of wolves and other animals made him slightly uneasy. He was -not- an animal lover, but he'd rather burn in Heaven's light rather than let his discomfort show. The animals didn't disturb Ranya. In fact, they delighted her, and she'd already approached one of the wolves, her affinity with nature allowing her to do so without getting her hand bitten off.

"Who was he and why was he after you?" The demon was staring straight at Eleandor, and it was the first time he'd fully focused on any of them. Unnerving, to say the least. If one looked long enough, perchance one could see the fire and brimstone that stocked Hell's pits.

05/21/2005 12:50 PM

Kefira watched the demon and his lover enter the clearing, she had been sitting eyes closed, her head leaning against the tree. The wildcat that had called them earlier lay at her feet. As she stood up to greet them Starfire flew down to perch on her shoulder and the wildcat Nasitra stood at her side. She watched as their wings disappeared and she looked at them with jealously. She had always wanted her own pare of wings, as a child she had dreamed of shifting into a huge bird and spreading her wings, flying up to the heavens. But it had not been so, by some twist of fate she had taken on the form of the Queen of the beats and her best friend that which she so wished to be, a golden eagle. Still she had felt no jealously towards him and he had often taken her, on his back as he flew. Not when he was in his eagle form, no he was far too small for that and she too heavy but when he was in his human form he she would climb on his back and he would spread his dark wings wide and take her to the heavens. She smiled at the memory before turning her attention to the demon who was beginning to address her.

"Who was he and why was he after you?" he asked as he fixed her with his piercing gaze. It was slightly unnerving but at the same time she found she could not tear her eyes from his. “I don’t know why he attacked me. I presume he decided to take advantage of the bounty the mortals had placed on my head after I started killing they’re own! I wouldn’t bother yourself with it. He’ll meet his end the same way he condemned his victims with a blade through the heart, I just hope its mine!”

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05/21/2005 4:28 PM

Lunaris steps around from the large tree that the man had disappeared from, back to his human form, his coat flapping slightly in the breeze, shadows playing unnaturally across his face. He kneels down and pets a wolf that comes to him, the pack leader it would seem from the dominating size of it, the lycanthrope's gaze washing over the demon, angel and shifter. A short growl and bark, issued from Lunaris, sends the alpha wolf trotting away, his pack moving to follow, sending howls into the night air, alerting the packs that the hunt was over.

The werewolf stands up , the darkness of shadow covers all but his mouth as he leans against the tree, light unnaturally forced from his form. A grin plays at the corners of his mouth, "What makes you so sure he has condemned hisvictims with blade? As far as I was aware humans still believe their superstitions to be accurate, that only a wooden stake or cross is neccesary for a vampire, or that all werewolves are fatally allergic to silver still."

Lunaris shrugs slightly, not really expecting an answer, his attention turning to the stone that Eleandor had picked up, "So what is it that you found, left behind by our friend?"

05/22/2005 12:52 PM

Kefira regarded the werewolf with mild amusement, “What makes me so sure? Well the fact that the only weapons he had were blades. You forget how close I was to him. But as for the mortal’s superstitions, they may believe in those things but that man was no mortal. Also one could tell by the way that he chose to attack me that he had no fought a true vampire before. Had he experience in such matters he would not have chosen such methods of attack!” She sneered at him feeling herself push away. She turned her attention back to the demon.

"So what is it that you found, left behind by our friend?" Lunaris said and Leo looked at him eyebrows raised. She opened her mouth as if to speak but thought better of it. Maybe she would tell him of her find later. She liked having this control, she had something he needed. No needed wasn’t the right word more desired. She smirked and waited for the demon to speak.

05/22/2005 7:05 PM

Atya sat on the bed, staring at the man who had entered the room only a few moments ago.

"You lost a dragon stone? Foolish boy... You are so worthless sometimes."

"I'm sorry master. I tried, but there were too many. I will try harder next time."

"You're lucky there will BE a next time! A mess up like that is not tolerable!" The man sighed. "Well, at least we can try to salvage some good out of this." He whistled, and a small creature appeared. "Go set up the temple room. We will be using it shortly."

The creature hopped off.

"Master, I will take care of this. You go back to your bed."

"Good idea." The man walked off. As soon as he was gone, Atya laid down on the bed, thinking of his options.

05/24/2005 7:28 PM

If Eleandor had voiced her desires of flying, Atsuki most certainly would've laughed at her. Not literally though. Demons didn't laugh.

Only just the slightest satisfied with her explanation to his questions, Atsuki stared longer into those feline eyes, without speaking. His gaze was hypnotic, and he knew it, using it to his advantage. Smirking, he finally turned away, finding what he'd wanted in those depths. "A bounty hunter is he?" Atsuki seemed to be the closest to laughter as he ever would be "Who does he plan on killing? Mosquitos? With such weak attacks, he'd probably end up injuring himself rather than actually collecting bounties. He couldn't kill even you if he tried."

Ranya, finding her source of amusement running away and howling into the night, sighed, and stayed back at her companion's side, listening with a frown. A warning gaze was sent over to the tall demon, and Atsuki only turned slightly to face her. They were silent, though they were sharing a mental conversation that couldn't be heard by the others. When it broke off, Ranya seemed satisfied, and Atsuki looked a little bit more stiff than usual. It seemed she had just reprimanded him for his rather cold response to Eleandor. The demon was in fact, tamed by the half-angel, but old habits were hard to break...

At Lunaris' mention of an object Eleandor had picked up, the pair turned as one to glance at her, Ranya with curiousity, and Atsuki with suspicion. "Did the bounty hunter leave something behind?" The angelic woman asked, earthy brown eyes filled with curiosity.

05/24/2005 7:58 PM

Lunaris frowns slightly at Eleandor, not liking her attempts to act higher than him, better than him, at all. "Did the bounty hunter leave something behind?" The angelic woman asked, further fromt he tree.

The werewolf turns to regard Ranya, "It still smells like him, and now it's coming from her. Whatever it was, she has it, perhaps the assassin was not intended purly for her. As Atsuki said, he couldn't kill her if he tried." Lunaris turns his gaze back to the girl in front of him. "Perhaps you have former dealings with this man... plans even? What made you send your cat to us? What made you, in your apparent moment of weakness, send a cry of help to people you just met tonight. I tell you now, I have dealt with assassination attempts before." The lycanthrope's eyes narrow, baring his teeth slightly, "The would be assassins didn't end up pretty."

Lunaris watches the feline-vampire's face, reading her reactions to his accusations, attempting to use her emotions to further his understanding of her motives. If you are working for them, if you are working of those working for them. I will kill you girl, I will rip your entrails from your body, and I will drink of your blood! Lunaris crosses his arms as he stares at the girl in front of him, his new suspicions steady in his mind.

(OOC: Characters can't always get along, all of the time, right? :P)

05/25/2005 10:41 AM

((yeah i work better when i'm the enemy that way my character doesn't have to impress everyone))

"Perhaps you have former dealings with this man... plans even? What made you send your cat to us? What made you, in your apparent moment of weakness, send a cry of help to people you just met tonight. I tell you now, I have dealt with assassination attempts before. The would be assassins didn't end up pretty." The werewolf said and Kefira looked at him in astonishment. How dare he, what gave him the right to throw such accusations at her. As if she would sink low enough to do such a thing. She was no fool, she knew that she was probably the weakest of the four attacking them would be frivolous.

She snarled at him, “How dare you! To think that I would sink to such levels. Assassins are the sum of the underworld, they fight without honor or justice. Killing for however paid them the most, sneaking around like the vermin they are. No! I would never associate with the likes of them” Then still fuming she whirled away and headed of into the forest. She needed to think but most of all she needed to feed and then she would consider whether or not she would return and show them the dragon stone. If they were to keep they’re lowly opinions of her she would find the bounty hunter and kill him herself by herself she didn’t need them.

Kefira lay in the tree, gazing over the surrounding woodlands. Nasitra lay at her fee, also balancing on the branch, and Starfire was perched a few meters above them, quietly preening herself. Beneath her lay the bodies of her latest victims, there were three in total. They had somehow separated from the rest of their group and Kefira had attacked them with a relish enjoying the feel of their smooth skin breaking beneath her sharp fangs. She had left them drained of all but a few drops of their life blood allowing them last few seconds of their life together, whilst she had leapt into the tall branches of the oak tree. She could feel their blood coursing through her veins and with it their identities. It was a strange concept to grasp and most young vampires didn’t come to understand it until they were much older. But blood was memory. Not past events in a person’s life but identity, who they were, how they thought!

Kefira took out the small stone in her pocket and looked at it cautiously. It was a curious object but she could feel the power emitting from it and she smiled to herself. This was her find, maybe if they started being nicer to her she would show them or they could come and take it by force! She shrugged, what did it matter now. They could come and kill her but that would be pointless, she knew that and she hoped they did to. In all fairness she held no grudge against them, not really. She disliked the angel but that was because of her angelic nature. It was more of a personal thing but she had learnt to dislike all those righteous people who tried to make the world a happier, better place they just ended up messing with nature. They couldn’t seem to accept that Lady Nature had her own way of dealing with things. The strong survived while the weak died. It had to be done; the weak got in the way, ate all the food supplies and then produced more weak babies. No! The strong were meant to survive, just as the weak were meant to perish. It was survival of the fittest.

There was also the demon, she knew he disliked her and didn’t trust her but that was in his nature so she shrugged it off. The only thing she didn’t like about him was the fact that he was letting the angel control him. It wasn’t right and she hated to see it happen.
Then there was the werewolf, she supposed she could say that she quite liked him, he had been kind to her, well more understanding or at least until he had accused her like that. Now the thought of him just angered her.

05/25/2005 5:01 PM

Atya walked out of his room and into another one. He was now dressed in a large purple white cloak. The cloak was trimmed with silver thread, which sparkled as if it had the stars themselves contained within its fibers. He walked down the hall solemnly, before turning left and entering another room. This room had a solid stone door, which he closed with a flick of his wrist. He turned and looked at the center of the enormous room. The floor was flat, except for the area near the center. The center area dipped down until it was about ten feet lower than the rest of the floor. It then leveled out and curved back up to ground level. In the center of the dip was a large obelisk with many runes carved into it. He opened a small wooden box on the floor and grabbed some powder out of it. He threw it into the air and the runes began to glow. After saying something in an ancient language, the obelisk began to glow until it was almost white. It then went back to its normal stone color. Atya left the room and went back to his room.

"Did you free it?" Asked the man who had been waiting in his room.

"Yes, it is done."


The mysterious man then took another dragon stone and crushed it in his hand. He poured the crystals into a small mug of wine. He handed it to Atya, who took it and greedily drank it down. Atya held his hands in front of his face, feeling his newly restored power flow through his veins.

"You know, you wouldn't have to do this if you hadn't taken it for your own personal use before..." Said Atya.

"Right, but then you wouldn't be working for me, would you? Don't worry, your debt is almost repaid. You shall have your original power back within the next few years." The man grinned a smug, toothy smile, his teeth slightly yellowed from lack of care. He then turned and left. Atya walked over to his dresser and took off his ceremonial robes, which he then folded carefully and put back. He put on his normal clothes and walked back out of the room.

After a few minutes of walking, he lept high into a tree and looked back at the building he had just left. From the outside, it looked like a simple cottage in a simple village. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that his house was on the largest plot of land in the village, nearly half an acre. No normal person would have ever guessed that a building nearly worthy of being called a castle lay on that ground, for it was magically sealed from any mere mortals eyes.


The gem that Kefira held in her hands began to glow. It was faint at first, but soon began to get brighter and brighter, until it looked completely white. It stayed like that for a few moments, but then went back to its normal color.

"Hello Kefira. I know you took me from the assassin. Thank you. He was a horrible owner. He constantly abused my power, with no regards as to what the concequences might be." Every time a word emitted from the gem, it would go back to that bright white color, and then fade back to normal before repeating the pattern with the next word.

05/26/2005 10:51 AM

"Hello Kefira. I know you took me from the assassin. Thank you. He was a horrible owner. He constantly abused my power, with no regards as to what the consequences might be." The stone said flashing bright white. Kefira nearly jumped with shock, “Whaaaat? How do you know my name? What are you? I mean I know you’re some kind of stone, but you can talk! Stones don’t talk!” She blinked and stared at the stone again, her mind reeling, [i] I’m talking to a stone [/i] she thought.

She brought the stone close to her face, “How do I know this isn’t some kind of trick.” She said suddenly fearful, this thing knew her shifter name, no one knew that not even Niko.

05/26/2005 5:12 PM

Atsuki personally approved Lunaris' reaction, though he didn't show it. He would've done the same thing, except if he really wanted to know, he probably would've ripped out her throat first and [i]then[/i] ask questions. Ranya started after Eleandor "Wait! I don't think you're a bad person!"

Her shouts didn't seem to affect the vampire, as she disappeared quite promptly, and she slumped, glancing over at Lunaris, and then Atsuki "She didn't seem like she was in league with tha man that attacked us earlier..."

05/26/2005 11:49 PM

Lunaris gazes at the angel after her statement. Of course she didn't seem like she was in league with him! If she is stupid enough to come after me then she had better be skilled! If I knew for sure that she was in with either of my enemies, I'd have slaughtered her already.

The lycanthrope held his thoughts in check however, not letting them show, instead deciding it would be more beneficial to remain calm. "That is exactly the point that should send off some kind of alarm, you are indeed angelic, although not in the sense that the angels have become. You prove very much your innocence, as well as your ignorance. If she were an assassin, even only a decent assassin, she would have the knowledge to keep her ties secret. She would have been long dead if she let slip her motives and connections in missions like this."

Lunaris eyes move from the angel, to meet the demon's own gaze, the lycanthrope unable to read Atsuki's reaction to any of the events of the evening. He turns his eyes from the demon after a moment to where the vampire had disappeared to, "It will not be too terribly hard to determine. If she is an assassin, she will either directly attack or run away, now that I am on to her, or she will allow confrontation and prove her innocence."

The werewolf pauses, wondering how long he should give the insulted Eleandor to allow emotions to cool before confronting her.

05/27/2005 10:41 PM

Ranya was incredibly naive, and much too innocent for this day and age. To a fault, in fact. Someone like that couldn't exist for too long in this world, and yet, she was still alive...

The demi-angel frowned slightly, pretty features doubtful "There is only so much one can make up with appearances. Atsuki for example, you wouldn't think he's a sweetheart from his looks, but he really is."

Atsuki paid attention, though didn't give a response or reaction to what was being said. However, he did say something before he decided to flutter back home now that the action was over "I suggest you talk to her soon...Wouldn't want her...disappearing, if she's really a threat." The demon had no tolerance for failed assassins especially. Atsuki was truly a cold-hearted demon of lore deep down, though an unusual one at that.

05/29/2005 7:27 PM

"How do I know this isn't some kind of trick?"

The stone was silent for a moment, as if it was thinking.

"I know! I shall bestow some of my power to you. Be wary, this is only a fraction of what I hold, and it will not last for long, but you may try and use it in any way you wish."

The stone returned to its normal color for a moment. Suddenly, a shard of the stone broke off, so that the main stone was lying next to a small, pointy shard. The shard floated for a moment before shooting into Kefira's neck. It stung her for just a few moments before the pain dissappeared. Suddenly, she felt a strange power eminating throughout her body. By now, the stone had regenerated the area where the shard had broken off, so that it was whole again.

"There... try it out."

05/30/2005 4:30 AM

Kefira felt the small shard penetrate her flesh. There was a sharp pain which lasted for a few moments, then she felt a strange power flood through her body. She laughed and sent the power into the skies. The skies lit up as the thunder roared. Rain poured from the heavens, soaking the surrounding area. The storm raged, she looked up, eyes dancing as the bolt of lightning struck her. The electricity crackled around her, mixing with her blue flames. She glowed brilliant white. Any normal human would have been killed when the lightning struck but then Kefira wasn’t exactly normal.

Eventually Kefira sent the power back to where it belonged, the light around her faded, so that only the blue flames were left. She extinguished those and looked around her. The rain was still pouring heavily but the thunder and lightning had stopped. She grinned at the stone.
“What are you anyway? Stones are not known to talk no matter how powerful they are!”

05/30/2005 12:13 PM

"What are you anyway? Stones are not known to talk no matter how powerful they are!"

"Well... Truth be told, I shouldn't really be even talking to you... but I hate that man so much... Alright, Well, long story short, I am a powerful mage. I was trapped inside this stone to aid in Atya's quest for power, and he's been using me ever since. Without me, he loses a lot of his power, and he is even weaker, since most of his power was stolen by his master as a sort of punishment for being disobedient, as far as I know."

05/30/2005 1:09 PM

[i]Atya, so he must be the assassin. This is getting interesting[/i] Kefira thought to herself. “So you mean to tell me that you were once a mage. And if you were so powerful how is that you managed to get yourself trapped in a stone? But whatever the method it is still wrong. If I can help to restore you to your former self you need only ask. I am not greedy like the assassin. I accept my lot and will not try to use you to my own means!” she smiled sadly, “If only there was a way to prove it to the others. I would never join the league of someone such as he. I have my honor can’t they see that?”

Kefira sighed but looked across the forest, determination written across her face, “I’ll show them just how wrong they were!”

05/30/2005 2:57 PM

Lunaris watched the storm's sudden eruption with more than mild interesting, correctly interpreting it as a magical occurance. The lycanthrope finds Eleandor holding a stone, and talking to it... the werewolve's eyes narrow at the thing, for it was talking back. Lunaris had climbed into a tree, and called upon the darkness around him to form a shield of shadow even the vampire's eyes could not penetrate. The bolt of lightning struck Eleandor, and for a split second the lycanthrope was worried, but that worry quickly turned into suprise when the woman sparked with electricity and glowed with fire.

The spectacle before him was slightly confusing to the lycanthrope, throwing his suspicions into doubts.There are far stranger things afoot than I would ever have guessed. And it would also seem that my survival instincts may have driven a potential all away, not that I regret my words or reaction, they have kept me alive for far too long for me to start ignoring them now.

Lunaris breaks off his thoughts when Eleandor begins to speak again.“So you mean to tell me that you were once a mage. And if you were so powerful how is that you managed to get yourself trapped in a stone? But whatever the method it is still wrong. If I can help to restore you to your former self you need only ask. I am not greedy like the assassin. I accept my lot and will not try to use you to my own means!” she smiled sadly, “If only there was a way to prove it to the others. I would never join the league of someone such as he. I have my honor can’t they see that?.....I’ll show them just how wrong they were!”

Lunaris jumps silently to the ground, and begins to circle Eleandor's position, his shadows concealing him as well in movement as it had in the tree. The lycanthrope's steps are wide, quick, and silent, the remaining winds from the storm making scents impossible to track. He speaks, his words carried to Eleandor,"And how is it that you had planned to show them anything?" Then he is gone from that position, his strides carrying him in a wide circle around the vampire.

The lycanthrope's voice comes tot he vampire from a different place now, "Running away when suspicions are about you is most certainly not the way to prove them wrong." As before, the lycanthrope moves away from his position as he speaks, his voice emminates from the shadows and trees around him it seems.

Lunaris speaks from behind a tree directly in front of the vampire, "You expect trust too easily from those too battle scarred and hunted to give that trust. Many people have lived far too long only because of suspicions and distrusting enemies who attempt to get close."

The werewolf moves quickly to his final position, right behind the tree Eleandor stands next to, "Tell me Eleandor, why is it that you seek the trust of strangers so much? What is it that drives you to try so hard to prove your value to those that you do not even know worthy of such knowledge." Lunaris steps out from behind the tree, the shadows fading back slowly, as if dissolving, as the lycanthrope continues, "For what it is worth, I know the desire for friendship, for the good-will of others, and I too have tried for that with strangers. But I learned, long ago, that most people and creatures are not worthy of that trust or friendship. So tell me Eleandor, who is hunted as a monster, as a creature unworthy of roaming the world, as something purely of evil, what allows you to be so trusting, so... warm.. in this cold world?"

Lunaris stands tall, his arms crossed, his face an indifferent statue, his gaze falling upon the vampire, scrutinizing her, waiting for her answer, judging her. The werewolve's visage accentuates his point of the cold world, his expression that of a cold and uncaring judge, preparing to sentance Eleandor based on her answers, or her silence.

05/31/2005 2:01 AM

Kefira looked up at the sound of the voice, "And how is it that you had planned to show them anything?" Her eyes searched the darkness but she couldn’t see anything but the shadows. It was the werewolf, she recognized his voice. He continued to speak, moving position after each sentence, she snarled in frustration. She couldn’t see him because of the shadows, couldn’t smell him because the wind was scattering his smell and she couldn’t hear the silent footsteps he made as he moved about in the shadows. "Running away when suspicions are about you is most certainly not the way to prove them wrong." Her eyes darted to where the sound had come from but there was nothing there. "You expect trust too easily from those too battle scarred and hunted to give that trust. Many people have lived far too long only because of suspicions and distrusting enemies who attempt to get close……… Tell me Eleandor, why is it that you seek the trust of strangers so much? What is it that drives you to try so hard to prove your value to those that you do not even know worthy of such knowledge.” Kefira watched as the werewolf emerged from the shadows to say his final words, “For what it is worth, I know the desire for friendship, for the good-will of others, and I too have tried for that with strangers. But I learned, long ago, that most people and creatures are not worthy of that trust or friendship. So tell me Eleandor, who is hunted as a monster, as a creature unworthy of roaming the world, as something purely of evil, what allows you to be so trusting, so... warm.. in this cold world?

Kefira met his gaze, “Why do you think I wanted to gain your trust? Survival! I’m no fool I know that if one of you attacked me even the angel I wouldn’t survive. It was a fine line I trod back in the demons house I could not afford to anger him. I fear you are under the impression I seek the trust and friendship of others. You are wrong I sought [i]your[/i] trust but not the trust of others weaker than me. I don’t need it because I know I can kill them easily. I did not seek your friendship I don’t need it only your trust. Friendship needs trust from both sides, trust that I am not prepared to give. You presume that because I want the trust of others that I am prepared to give my own trust to gain it. You are mistaken. In this cold world that you speak life has taught me to live the lie. The word believes me evil, let them think that. Rather they think that then know that I am not evil just cursed. I hunger after a thirst I can never quench. I can not trust lest they plunge a dagger in my heart for being the cursed creature I am.”

Kefira smirked, “You speak of not trusting mortals and immortals alike and yet you put an amazing amount of trust in the world around you. You who has made an enemy of Angels and Demons still walk into their house and drink with them. That takes an enormous amount of trust in them wouldn’t you agree but then you could say the same of me! All I’m saying is in order to understand you must first look at both points of view. You’re just leaping to conclusion based on your one sided opinion.

06/01/2005 7:25 AM

The stone glowed a little, as if it was speaking, but this time, no sound came out. Instead, thoughts began to intrude into Kefira’s mind. [i]:He doesn’t deserve your time. With my power, you could destroy him easily… Trust in me. I can help you. You will no longer need to listen to his continuous questioning. Just kill him. We can say the assassin struck again, and he was not so…lucky…this time. They will have no reason to doubt you. All you need is a little extra power and his life is yours for the taking. It’ll be quick, easy, and for him…relatively painless.:[/i] Suddenly, thoughts of anger began to emanate from the gem. Kefira could feel them, almost as if they were her own. [i]:Do it. Kill him. Attack.:[/i]

06/02/2005 6:31 PM

Ranya had no interest in following any of them, finding it all too nosy and privacy pervading. She left, shaking her head as Atsuki insisted on tailing them. Wings carried her forth on the almost non-existant current, finding the exercise tiring after this long day. Falling to bed, she tried to sleep, and instead ended up worrying.

Atsuki had gone the opposite way, finding his perch on the tree observing the scene unfolding under him very favorable. Almost as favorable as the comfort his web of illusions gave him, spinning the very stuff of darkness to match the shadows of the trees, the whip and flap of branches. He was an illusion master, and could form anything he wanted with his thoughts. As of yet, there was no one that had penetrated any of his illusions. Not even Ranya...

06/04/2005 1:08 AM

"....You’re just leaping to conclusion based on your one sided opinion." The vampiress finishes her speaking, Lunaris smirks.

The werewolf chuckles softly and gazes around into the dark," Your right, I am coming to my conclusions based upon my one sided opinions. I've come to rely heavily on my one sided opinions. You say that as if you don't do the same thing. You tell me it takes an enormous amount of trust to go into the house of an angel and a demon, when angels and demons have become my mortal enemies. It takes very little trust to consort with the enemies of my enemies, I watched angels attempt to destroy Ranya, and I watches Atsuki defend an angel. This in itself excludes both of them from the standards of either group. It took no trust on my part to enter their home, it took a little faith however. I had faith in the facts, the fact that the angel was aparently not willing to be hostile, and the fact that her demon lover was loyal to her."

Lunaris grins again, his thoughts obviously uncovering some humorous fact, "You say that you seek to gain the trust of others for your own survival, that you want it to survive, and that you do not trust anyone in return. You say that it took alot of trust for me to enter their home, but what of you? Did it take no trust on your behalf to enter their home? Or are you truly a coward and only entered because you had been bidden to, afraid to flee lest you be killed? You entered to survive, to help your chances at remaining alive, personal gain overcame your mistrust. I chose to enter their house because they will no doubt become magnets for the forces of my enemies, and to get closer to them will allow me to destroy my enemies without taking the time to hunt them out."

The lycanthrope turns and begins to walk away, headed back towards the town. "I must go now, to retrieve my most powerful weapon, I have a fealing that even my bullets will not be effective enough in the near future." The lycanthrope pauses after a few paces, and turns his head halfway to Eleandor, "I do not believe that you are in league with the assassin, for what it's worth."

Lunaris begins his walk again, his gaze returning to straight ahead of him. Perhaps I am getting too old for this kind of lifestyle. No more than a few decades ago I'd have killed her as soon as I doubted her motives. I'll be coming to rejoin you soon my brothers and sisters... we'll be together soon enough.

06/04/2005 8:46 PM

The gem was silent for a moment, as if it was thinking. Then, it began to glow again, as it had before.

[i]:He's lying. He's trying to get his weapon to kill you. He's trying to get you off guard. Go, attack him while you have the chance! While his back is turned! If you want to become powerful... If you want people to tremble in your wake... If you want to rule everything... You must trust me. Attack him, kill him, and I shall help you to obtain that which you most desire. True power.:[/i]

06/05/2005 8:43 AM

Kefira tried to listen to the werewolf but she could not hear him over the voice of the stone in her mind. [i]He doesn’t deserve your time. With my power, you could destroy him easily… Trust in me. I can help you. You will no longer need to listen to his continuous questioning. Just kill him. We can say the assassin struck again, and he was not so…lucky…this time. They will have no reason to doubt you. All you need is a little extra power and his life is yours for the taking. It’ll be quick, easy, and for him…relatively painless[/i] Kefira could feel the stone filling her mind with hatred and anger, [i]Do it, Kill him now![/i] the stone screamed in her mind and she raised her hands to her head in an attempt to block out the stones thoughts. She could see things as it saw, the werewolf looked different; the stone had taken his image and twisted it so it looked like one of the creatures from her past. She tried to scream, to cry out but no words came out. She was paralyzed within her own mind. The stone pushed harder against her, trying to bind her to its will.

[i] He's lying. He's trying to get his weapon to kill you. He's trying to get you off guard. Go, attack him while you have the chance! While his back is turned! If you want to become powerful... If you want people to tremble in your wake... If you want to rule everything... You must trust me. Attack him, kill him, and I shall help you to obtain that which you most desire. True power[/i], the stone pushed its thoughts against her and for a moment Kefira believed it. She rose to her feet, from where she had been crouched in pain, blood eyes gleaming in the darkness, the red mist that surrounded her vision cleared as it focused on the werewolf in front of her. But the mage made a mistake for as she shifted the stones voice was blocked out as her animal self took over. She snarled and picked up the stone in her jaw. It’s voice attacked at her mind but it was only a dull pain in her animal mind. She bounded over to the werewolf, still gripping the stone in her powerful jaw. She growled at him attempting to communicate with his animal side, afraid to shift back lest the mage reclaimed its control over her.

06/05/2005 11:42 AM

Interest kept him in the tree, red-tinted eyes watching the scene below him. Such drama...He could practically feed off of the negative energy here...As for that stone, it could possibly be of some use to him. Atsuki just hoped that neither of the two below him would try and destroy it..It would be such a waste of energy.

06/05/2005 5:47 PM

Lunaris turns quickly at the sound of paws coming towards him, and he squints at the feline gripping a stone in it's jaw, growling at him. It was similar to the actions of the cat in the home of the demon and angel, it's movements and sounds nearly the same. The werewolf looks around, wondering if Eleandor had sensed some danger that he had not, but there were no sounds of danger, and no scents on the air.

The lycanthrope turns back to the cat, his focus more intent upon the stone than his surroundings. "I don't have the ability to speak feline, but I do get that you are trying to warn me of something. Does it have to do with that stone? Give it to me and we'll see what we should do about it."

Lunaris reaches out and pries the stone from the feline's mouth, the cat obviously very spooked, it's jaw tight and hard to get the stone out of. Lunaris winces when his hand first touches the stone, some of it's words to Eleandor echoing through his mind as well. A constant offer of power to kill him, and that it would be easy to destroy him. It wasn't hard for Lunaris to figure out who him was, Lunaris was the only person around besides Eleandor.

Lunaris lifts the stone to eye level and glares at it as if it were a person, waiting to see if the stone changes it's message now that Eleandor does not hold the stone anymore. Lunaris had seen the beguiling magicks of the underwold, but they were slightly different than this, although the message was similar to one that demons would force upon their victims. Whatever the source, it must have affected Eleandor, or she would not have acted as she had.

06/08/2005 9:33 AM

The stone was completely silent for a moment, sensing its surroundings. It listened to what was going on around it and tried to get a hold of itself. After a few moments, it sensed, very faintly, that there was another nearby spectator. The stone penetrated his thoughts, trying to sense what he was thinking. All it could tell was that the creature was interested in getting ahold of the stone. The stone was silent for a few moments more, and as soon as they two had calmed down in the least, it sent a mental "scream" into their heads, paralyzing them, keeping them from controlling their bodies, thinking, or even reacting. The stone then sent its strongest message possible to the stranger watching them.

[i] :Get me, now, while they are stunned!:[/i]

06/12/2005 4:03 PM

Atsuki considered the message, pondering in his mind. Pro: He'd get the stone. Con: Lunaris and Eleandor might get pissed at him. There really was nothing to decide with such a pro and con. Atsuki was a demon, and demons did what benefitted themselves the most...

His illusions slid away like black silk, and he swooped down from the tree, black wings spread. Atsuki was a coldly beautiful creature, as was expected from any demon. His wings folded as he landed, and he stepped toward the werewolf, extracting the stone from his paralyzed fingers. Instead of running off with this stolen treasure, he juggled it from palm to palm, smirking in amusement. What kind of stone was this? Did it really believe it's weak, magician magic could work against him, a demon from the depths of hell? His opinion of the stone made his opinion of the other two drop even lower.

The stone did not need to encourage him to do anything. Atsuki already had an urge to kill the other two simply for being useless, but it was supressed, tempered, by his time with the angel. However, the stone could not leave the demon's hands...It had glimpsed into his mind, and there were secrets in there that he did not want to be revealed...

06/12/2005 8:40 PM

Lunaris winces as the stone sends out it's paralyzing scream, the werewolf held in his position by both the stone's power and his own determination to keep it from his mind, concentrating more on forcing the forces back than anything. The sudden movement of the demon brings the werewolf back to himself as the creature pulls the stone from his hands. A demon!! The hair of Lunaris' neck growns into shaggy fur, which spreads over his entire body, which bulges as his muscles expand and gain power. The beasts maw opens in a howl of anger, and he turns to view his next target, one of the many demons he would need to destroy.

The werewolf's fury is stolen when he recognizes the creature's visage and scent as Atsuki, the angel's demon. Lunaris stands up straight from his crouch, his eyes darting from the demon, to the stone, and back. Perhaps this stone was of Atsuki's creation, the way he passes it from hand to hand almost seems like a practiced performance, like that of a child with his favorite ball. What fun demon, such a toy is indeed intriguing.

The fur recedes back into the lycanthrope's body, his body shifting back into his human form as quickly as he had changed out of it. Lunaris looks down at his shirt, which is stretched slightly, and frowns. "You know, it's been a very long time since I had the lack of concentration to actually damage my clothing. But no matter, my clothing is of little interest, your little toy though..." Lunaris gazes down at the stone again," Is very interesting. Are you alright?"

The lycanthrope's word's are directed not at the demon in front of him, but at the feline nearby, Eleandor. If she was worried about the stone's influence before it sent out that force, I wonder how well she faired with that paralyzing wave Lunaris raises an eyebrow as he waits for a response from Eleandor.

06/15/2005 11:40 AM

Kefira slowly came out from her daze, she looked around her foggily, her vision blurred. The force had somehow forced her to shift back. Shaking her head slightly she turned to face the werewolf, “Are you alright?” he asked her but she just continued to stare at him in bewilderment. Suddenly all the day’s events came back to her in a flash. And her expression turned from that of confusion to anger and fear. It had seen into her mind, but worst of all in her opinion it knew her shifter name. It would do it no good for there was no power in knowing such things but that was her most guarded thought. If it knew that what else would it know? One thing was clear in her mind she would have to destroy the stone and to do that she needed Lunaris and Atya the assassin’s aid.

Kefira glared at the werewolf, her eyes glinted dangerously but her anger was not directed at him, when she spoke it came out low and menacing, “It shouldn’t have done that! He shouldn’t have done that!” she stopped for a moment choosing her next words carefully not sure how the werewolf would react to the thought of seeking the assassins help. “We have to destroy the stone somehow and in order to do that we need the assassins help. I am not sure as to whether or not trusting him would be a good idea and I am not suggesting that we do but we need his help. Its that simple, I am not afraid of what the demon may to with it but it knows things about me I don’t want it to know and so it has to be destroyed. Will you help me?” The last bit was more of a plea and she struggled to keep her voice emotionless.

06/18/2005 7:52 PM

Contrary to popular belief, Atsuki wasn't all-powerful...If he was, he wouldn't want the stone. His weaknesses were there. They were just carefully smoothed over.

When the werewolf seemed about to attack him, the demon frowned irritatedly, hoping he wouldn't have to...tranquilize such a large being. It would be bothersome and time consuming for sure. Relaxing minutely, he looked back at the stone when Lunaris seemed to have control of himself once more.

Stopping the juggling, he wondered why the stone had stopped speaking. Now, was he really that scary? Smirking, he tapped the stone with his nail "Don't be shy now. We're all very curious what you have to say for yourself." Atsuki didn't agree with having the stone destroyed, but the kitten could believe what she wanted for now. When the time came however...

"I am right here you know...You can at least call me Atsuki instead of 'the demon'. As for destroying it..." Here his eyebrows climbed "What if [i]we[/i] want to know what it knows about you? I still don't trust you." When Atsuki had used 'we', he wasn't including Lunaris in it. The 'we' was for Ranya and him. No one else concerned him.

06/18/2005 11:00 PM

"What if [i]we[/i] want to know what it knows about you? I still don't trust you."

At hearing this, the stone went from its normal crimson color to a light blue. :[i] How interested are you in this information? I know everything there is to know about her...but it'll cost you quite a bit. Hell, I even know a little about Lunaris. So, how about a deal?[/i]: The stone, or the thing controlling it, or whatever it was, settled in for a bit of a barganing session.

06/19/2005 11:33 AM

Atsuki patiently awaited Eleandor's response to this, while he calmly replied back to the stone in his mind. [i]Depends if I want to know about her in the first place...As for cost...I don't like to bargain with stones, so you'd better make it worthwhile.[/i]

06/21/2005 10:00 AM

"I am right here you know...You can at least call me Atsuki instead of 'the demon'. As for destroying it. What if we want to know what it knows about you? I still don't trust you." Atsuki said, eyebrows raised. Kefira looked at him for a moment, almost surprised at his sudden words, grinning slightly, “At last you give me your name. Can’t call you by your name until you give it to me even if someone else gives it for you. It’s one of those foolish rules I live by.” She walked over to him, resisting the urge to take the stone from him, “Why should you and your lover want to know about me. The stone knows nothing that will do you any good but even if it did you do not need such knowledge you could crush me here if you chose to. But you haven’t, not yet at least. No I made the mistake of seeing the stone as something wronged, now I see it brought it predicament upon itself. If you seek to control it’s power you are more foolish than I thought.”

Kefira held his gaze for a moment before turning to the stone held by the demon, her next words for it, [i]be cautious mage, you may have seen into my mind but I have seen into yours.[/i]

06/23/2005 11:39 PM

The stone once again turned red at the thought of being crushed. This was, obviously, not acceptable. The stone sat there, now red again, contemplating itself for a moment. Then, it began to glow black. It began to melt in the hands of the demon, getting smaller and smaller. Instead of dripping off of his hand, though, it began to seep into his body. Its black liquid blended in perfectly with the demon, as if it had never been there, and in a matter of moments was gone. All that was left were a few red flecks of the stone, glowing only slightly, having been seperated from their body.

06/24/2005 12:30 PM

Atsuki was actually surprised for once, and had no time to react before the stone had settled into his body. "What the--" His eyes narrowed, as he realized he'd let his guard down and let that stone do what it'd just done. Now what was going to happen?

The demon brushed off his hands, and the parts where the stone had seeped into him, but he could feel nothing. This wasn't good...

07/12/2005 9:02 AM

Lunaris' eyes go wide as the stone melts into the demon's body, if this was part of the stones magic and the demon had evoked it, it had been by accident. Lunaris was glad to see that the demon was not immune to the stone that had so affected himself. "Well now that is disturbing. Can you force it back out of you? Surely it hasn't had time to graft to you completely." Lunaris tilts his head as he waits for a response from the demon.

This really is not good, if he can't force the stone out of himself who knows what it will do. I can only hope that he will remain in control of himself.

(OOC: Sorry for the absence, just got moved and I didn't have time before everything got packed up to get online and let everyone know, only had time to post in the "Check in/out" forum.)

07/13/2005 12:41 AM

Kefira cursed silently as the stone sunk into Atsuki’s palm, snarling she leapt forward and grabbed his wrist, twisting it so as to better see his palm unfazed by his response to her action. “You fool!” she snarled, “We’d better hope you’re a strong demon otherwise that stone will control you and I do not want to see that happen.” Dropping his wrist in disgust she turned to address the both of them, “I’m starting to think my original idea was a good plan, meaning that if Atsuki can’t force the stone out then we should seek the assassins help. You can choose to see this action however you want but I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it, and we need it now. So I leave it up to you, help me to find him or find some other way to get that stone out of Atsuki’s body and destroyed.

08/02/2005 1:15 PM

Once the stone was in the demons body, it began to spread out. It became a more of a liquid that a solid, and fused with the demons blood. It began to flow through his veins, soon circulating through his entire body. Once it was in every part of his body, it began to go to work. It gathered information - all of the information. Soon, it knew everything about the demon. Strengths, weaknesses, loves, hates. It then sent a large portion of its mass to the brain. It seeped into his brain, into the memory section, to be exact. From now on, anything the demon would know, the gem would also know. It wouldn't be long before the plan would be complete. It pulsed once, sending a flash of light throughout the demons body, causing him to glow for a fraction of a second, in order to show that it was in control now. The stone was in place, and everything was going according to plan.

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