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04/22/2005 6:51 PM

Hi Everyone. Just figured i would throw some stuff out in the open and see if you like my ideas.

[b]Made RPGs'[/b]

The Lost City of Vampires- Vampire Based RPG- A lost City, filled with Vampires, and where no-one in the mortal realm can reach. Is there a life beyond blood for these immortals? It is up to you to make it so.
Demonicus- Demonic Based RPG- A world of good vs. Evil. Good may have prevailed before with various types of demons, but in this RPG, Evil rules the better good.

[b]Reality Show RPGs'[/b]

The Surreal Life- Six celebrities, One house, and a whole lot of drama. How can different people survive together with tasks they must overcome as one?
The Bachelor/ette- One lucky guy/gal gets to choose between a group of the opposite sex. Who will be the lucky woman or man? And, what is on the line?
Big Brother-We will put eight lucky people in one house, secluded from the outside world. But can these people get along without killing each other? Only time will tell.

[b]T.V. Show Series RPGs'[/b]

Charmed- Various chord Eppisodes- Episodic means there is a plotted course for the cast members. In the first eppisode, The Charmed ones must overcome their differences. Paige, the newest sister, must get over her fear of not adding up to Prue's standards. Each Halliwell has two special and unuiqe powers. But that's not all. They must keep Evil at bay in order to keep the world a more safer place.

[b]Movie/Celebrity Based Custom RPGs'[/b]

Celebrity High- What would happen if celebrities were put in a high school? Choose a celebrity you want to be, and let them wander in a world where they are already celebrities, and must go through high school together. You never know who might end up with who.

[b]Mystery & Murder[/b]

Caste De Leur- An ancient castle lies in the deep and dark woods of De Lour Lise. It has been reported that strange things occur at night. But we want to show the world that there is no such thing as fear. Unfortunately, one by one, people start to dissapear. Are they dead? Or are they simply playing games on the other house guests? I guess you will have to play in order to find out.

[b]Sorry about that. I edited.[/b]


I hope you like some of the ideas. Feedback is most certainly welcome.

[Edited by Desire on Saturday, April 23, 2005 8:38 PM]

04/23/2005 4:17 AM

Desire, the purpose of this thread is to post a more elaborate idea of an idea, with details on what the purpose of the thread is, in order for the members to decide if they are interested.

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